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  1. Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations (5th Edition) by Stanley Jablonski, 2004-08-06
  2. Stedman's Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols (Stedman's Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbols) by Stedman's, 2007-12-27
  3. Jablonski's Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations with CD-ROM (Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations) by Stanley Jablonski, 2008-10-23
  4. Acronyms and Abbreviations in Government Contracting by Patricia Tobin, Joan Nelson Phillips, 1997-03
  5. The International Dictionary of Accounting Acronyms (Glenlake business reference books) by Thomas W. Morris, 1999-01-01
  6. Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary (Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations Dictionary)
  7. Handbook of BioPharma Industry Acronyms & Terms by Ronald Evans, 2008-02-19
  8. The Gobbledygook Book: Dictionary of Acronyms Abbreviations Initializations & Esoteric Terminology
  9. Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations: Abbreviations in Management, Technology and Information Science
  10. Acronyms and Initialisms in Health Care Administration
  11. Computer and Information Science and Technology Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary by David W. South, 1994-07-06
  12. Acronyms and Abbreviations of Computer Technology and Telecommunications by Tavaglione, 1992-10-30
  13. Dictionary of Medical and Health Acronyms (Wynwood Lexicon Series)
  14. New International Dictionary of Acronyms in Library and Information Science and Related Fields by Henry K. Sawoniak, Maria Witt, 1994-12

1. DR. BELAIR'S Transports Acronyms Glossary
AA Always Afloat AAAA Always Afloat Always Accessible ADCOM Adress Commission AFT Association pour la Formation dans les Transports APS Arrival Pilot Station A/S AlongSide ASPW Any Safe Port in the World ATITRA (FR) BAB Bord A Bord (Id. FIO) BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor BB BareBoat BBB Before Breaking Bulk BDI Both Dates Included B/L Bill of Lading BTC British Transport Commission BWAD Brackish Water Arrival Draft CAD Cash Against Documents CAF Cost and Freight INCOTERM) CFR CHAPGRU Cargo Handling and Port Group Cost and Insurance ( INCOTERM) CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight INCOTERM, same as CAF) CIP Carriage and Insurance paid to.... ... (INCOTERM)
Conseil National des Transports (FR) COA Contract Of Affreightment COACP Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party COD Cash On Delivery COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act COP Custom Of Port CP Carriage Paid C/P Charter Party CPT Carriage Paid To ... (INCOTERM) CPD Charterers Pay Dues CROB Cargo Remaining On Board CSTE Classification des marchandises pour les Statistiques des Transports en Europe DAF Delivered At Frontier DDC Destination Delivery Charge DDP DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid / (INCOTERM) DELY Delivery DEM Demurrage DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (duty paid) (INCOTERM) DES Delivered Ex Ship Rendu ex navire (INCOTERM) DF Dead Freight DGR Dangerous Goods Requirement DO Delivery Order DTS ECIS European Centre for Infrastructure Studies ECMT European Conference of Ministers of Transport EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

2. West End SELPA - General Information, Acronyms
General Information Acronyms,
General Information -
Acronyms Disability Definitions Contact Us Department Descriptions ... Map/Directions Acronyms are used in abundance in the SELPA. Listed below are most of the commonly used; some are probably missing, but this should at least get you started and from the long list you can see how we like acronyms. ACSA Association of California School Administrators ADHD Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder AH Aurally Handicapped APE Adapted Physical Education ARC Association for Retarded Citizens AU Administrative Unit (same as RLA) AUT Autism AWESA Association of West End School Administrators BIP Behavioral Intervention Plan CAC Community Advisory Committee CalStat California Services for Technical Assistance Training CANHC California Association of Neurologically Handicapped Children CAPS California Association of Program Specialists CARS California Association of Resource Specialists CASP California Association of School Psychologists CATS Career and Transition Services CBI Community-Based Instruction CCS CEC Council of Exceptional Children (A professional organization for parents, teachers, administrators, and others who deal with handicapped children.)

Definitions on thousands of the most current IT and Computer related words.Category Computers Data Communications Reference Glossaries...... , Internet Internet Technology Terms, Internet acronyms Lingo, Internet Applications Email. , Computing Fundamentals general Computing Terms, Standards
Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words. Search our IT-specific encyclopedia for: OR Jump to a topic: Choose a topic... CIO CRM Databases Domino Enterprise Linux IBM S/390 IBM AS/400 Mobile Computing Networking SAP Security Solaris Storage Systems Management Visual Basic Web Services Windows 2000 Windows Manageability Advanced Search Browse alphabetically:
B C D ... Z Browse for definitions in these categories: Software
Database Operating systems ...
Local Loop/Access Network
Check our most popular fast references: Every File Format in the World The RAM Guide Chat abbreviations DSL Guide ... Our latest discovery Brought to you from around the TechTarget network of sites Gartner: Mobile success hinges on today's planning News from Oracle backup and recovery News from Gartner: IM hot, grid computing getting warmer News from "Open" is a four-letter word News from March 2003: The month in review on News from Master XP permissions News from

4. Opaui Acronyms, Abbreviations, Initialisms
Directory of acronym dictionaries.Category Reference Dictionaries acronyms...... Military US NARDIC. PDF. NASA An effort to make NASAspeak understandableto the general reader, together with general spacerelated acronyms.
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The Opaui Guide to Lists of
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms
on the World Wide Web
From the Generic . . .
. . . to the Specific

5. The Great Abbreviations Hunt
A general guide in one sense, but specialized to TLAs (three letter acronyms / three letter abbreviations).



    They said it would never happen, and really, it shouldn't. But here it is anyway... the hunt for all 17,576 different three letter abbreviations or acronyms! Last updated on 23rd March 2003 . We now have listed-
The hunt goes on
Announcement list
    There is now a discussion and announcement list for this web site here - please check it out and join to show your support for the site (you're only obliged to receive one welcome e-mail).
A B C D ... See who's responsible Notes (I'll put these on a separate page soon) Airport codes : a few people've complained that the inclusion of airport codes is cheating, or that there are too many of them- so now there's a new policy; airport codes are now only listed for the abbreviations for which there is not yet a 'proper' abbreviation. If a proper abbreviation is submitted for something which is currently listed as an airport code only, the airport code will be replaced. Multiple meanings : the point of this site is to try to list one valid abbreviation for every combination of letters. There are several other sites which are aimed to listing

6. Some NMR Acronyms
Pulse sequences acronyms as well as acronyms related to general NMR.
Some NMR Acronyms
Successful Experiment / Information is hard to interpret
Do not have experiment or have not run/found in Delta Software
CAMELSPIN: Cross-relaxation Appropriate for Minimolecules Emulated by Locked SPINs.
COLOC: COrrelation spectroscopy for LOng-range Couplings.
COSY: COrrelated SpectroscopY.
DANTE: Delays Alternating with Nutations for Tailored Excitation.
DEPT: Distortionless Enhancement by Polarizaton Transfer.
E.COSY: Exclusive Correlation SpectroscopY.
E.TACSY: Exclusive TAylored Correlation SpectroscopY.
GE: Gradient-Enhanced spectroscopy.
GRASP: GRadient-Accelerated SPectroscopy. HETCOR: HETeronuclear CORrelation. HMBC: Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond Connectivities. HMQC: Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum Correlation. HOESY: Heteronuclear Overhauser Enhancement SpectroscoY. HOHAHA: HOmonuclear HArtmann HAhn spectroscopy. HSQC: Heteronuclear Single Quantum Correlation. INADEQUATE: Incredible Natural Abundance Double QUAntum Transfer Experiment. INEPT: Insensitive Nucleus Enhancement by Polarization Transfer. NOE: Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement.

7. Lexicon20
Guide to some of the terms, nicknames, and acronyms one might encounter on Though some are in general use on Usenet, most are indigenous to ASC.

8. Standards (and Cross References)
Web index, database, and search engine for Computer and Communication related Web content e.g. companies, organizations, media, projects, etc. Extensively cross referenced. gallium arsenide GATS general Agreement on Trade in Services (international) GATT general Agreement on Tariffs and Characterization (Committee) GPIB general-purpose interface bus GPL

B C D ... Z Did we miss something? Let us know! If you can't find it here, try this list. A GO TO TOP B GO TO TOP C GO TO TOP D GO TO TOP E GO TO TOP F GO TO TOP G G giga g grams g gravity acceleration GaAs gallium arsenide GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services (international) GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (international) Gbit gigabit Gbyte gigabyte GCA gain-controlled amplifier GDI graphics-drive interface GFC generic flow control (ATM) GFM graphics file manager GFSK gaussian frequency-shift keying (communications) GHz gigahertz GIF graphic image file GMSK gaussian-filtered minimum-shift keying GOPS giga-operations per second GPC Graphics Performance Characterization (Committee) GPIB general-purpose interface bus GPL graphical programming language GPRS General Packet Radio Service GPS Global Positioning System/Satellite GQFP guard-ring quad flatpack GSM Groupe Speciale Mobile/Global System for Mobile GTL Gunning transceiver logic GUI graphical user interface GO TO TOP H GO TO TOP I GO TO TOP J J joule JDC Japanese digital cellular (system) JDS Japanese Digital Standard (telecommunications) JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council JEIDA Japan Electronics Industry Development Association JESSI Joint European Semiconductor Silicon Initiative JFET junction field-effect transistor JISC Japanese Industrial Standards Committee JIT just-in-time (manufacturing, staffing, etc) JMOS junction metal-oxide semiconductor JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (video standard) JTACS Japanese Total Access Communications System JTAG Joint Test Action Group JTEC Japanese Technology Evaluation Center JTFA joint time-frequency analysis (DSP)

9. Environmental Glossary
Glossary of environmental and general science terms and acronyms.
Assistant Administrator.
Atomic Absorption.
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
American Arbitration Association.
Association of American Railroads.
American Association for the Advancement of Science.
American Academy of Environmental Engineers.
American Association of Engineering Societies.
Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Affirmative Action Plan.
Army Ammunition Plant.
Asbestos Action Program.
Alliance for Acid Rain Control.
Assembly Bill.
American Bar Association.
Association of Bay Area Governments.
towards the stern of a ship or mobile offshore drilling rig. Farther aft, than behind a named position.
the reduction in degree or intensity of pollution.
it denotes a very slight movement in the apparent position of a star. It is caused by the rotation of the Earth, between the time the light from the star reaches the objective of the telescope and the time it reaches the eyepiece.
Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions.
a wastage and loss of ice and snow from the surface of an ice-sheet or glacier that is generated by melting and evaporation. It stands for a removal of rock debris by wind action.

10. Iowa Department Of Public Health Dictionary
Alphabetical listing of terms used within the department including goverment pseudonyms, acronyms and general medical and healthrelated vocabulary.

11. Dictionary, Thesaurus Acronyms, General Information On Odin Tech - Teaches You H
Search History of the Acronym Tool This acronym tool was originally developed in 1990 as a standalone program when I was working in the Department of Computer Science, to aid in the expansion of frequently used acronyms. With the advent of web
Odin Tech
Your Internet Operating System Web Search
AltaVista NorthernLight Snap ... WebCrawler
Software Tips, Internet Tutorials, Web Reference
$20/Month Yellow Pages White Pages ... Exit PC Tips and Tricks Search our entire Tips Database of over 4,500 Tips, including Software Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts, Hardware Installation Instructions and purchasing advise as well as Application specific Tips and Tricks.
Beginners Column! The Smiley Dictionary
If you don't know what or BRB! means then you need to check out the Smiley Dictionary! It's a light fun way to introduce yourself to the language of the Web.
Quick and Easy
Keyboard Shortcuts

We have compiled an extensive Keyboard Shortcut list to help you get tasks done faster and more efficiently.
Tech Terms

Now you can talk like a real PC Tech with these commonly used Computer Terms. Even the neighborhood Computer Nerd won't be able to keep up with you now! Web Talk BTW your meeting is If you're not sure what that means then get Internet savvy fast with these Web Words. Acronym Dictionary From ASCII to SCSII you're sure to it in Odin Tech's Computer Terms Dictionary. Our Tech Dictionary includes acronyms, abbreviations, common computer terms, and not so common computer jargon.

12. University Of Alberta
acronyms (External Entities/Agencies). acronyms (general). Finance Schedule. acronyms(External Entities/Agencies). acronyms (general). Finance Schedule.

13. Military Definitions
Dictionary of acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations and general military terminology.
Military Definitions
Press a button above to access a list of definitions beginning with
the specified letter. When on the selected page, use your browser
find command located on the edit menu to find the word(s) you need
to define. When finished use your browser back arrow to return to this page. Press the index button to return to the Lexicon main page.

14. PETS: Abbreviations And Codes | General Conference 2000 - The United Methodist C
FO, Faith and Order. GJ, general Administration/Judicial Administration. GM,Global Ministries. general Agencies. GBCS, general Board of Church and Society.
Full Site Search PETS Only DCA Only
Abbreviations and Codes
See Also: Understanding Petition Numbers
Legislative Committees
CC Central Conferences
CO Conferences
CS Church and Society
DI Discipleship
FA Financial Administration
FO Faith and Order
GJ General Administration/Judicial Administration
GM Global Ministries
HE Higher Education and Ministry
IC Independent Commissions
LC Local Church
Study Groups
CPT Connectional Process Team HEM Study Commission for Matters of Health and Fitness Related to Clergy Appointment and Lay Employment
General Agencies
GBCS General Board of Church and Society GBOD General Board of Discipleship GBGM General Board of Global Ministries GBHEM General Board of Higher Education and Ministry GBPHB General Board of Pension/Health Benefits GBUMPH General Board of the United Methodist Publishing House GCCUIC General Commission on Archives and History GCAH General Commission on Christian Unity/Interreligious Concerns GCOC General Commission on Communications GCFA General Council on Finance and Administration GCOM General Council on Ministries GCRR General Commission on Religion and Race GCRR General Commission on Religion and Race GCSRW General Commission on the Status and Role of Women GCUMM General Commission on United Methodist Men PETITIONS: Main Search About Main ... About PETS Database Design - John Brawn Susan Brumbaugh Have questions about General Conference? Call InfoServ at 1-800-251-8140, 8AM-4:30PM Central Time, Monday-Friday. Email:

15. Homepage - Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging Onze Luchtmacht
Promotes and stimulates support among the general public for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF). Features the contents of a magazine, photographs, a list of acronyms and ecards.

16. Connecticut General Assembly - Abbreviations And Acronyms
Connecticut general Assembly Legislative Site, acronyms, legislation, legislature,legislative information. Abbreviations and acronyms.
Abbreviations and Acronyms Abbreviations and Acronyms A B C D ... J K L M N O ... W X Y Z A AAUP American Association of University Professors ABS Automated Budget System ACIR Advisory Commission of Intergovernmental Relations ADA Americans with Disabilities Act AENGLC Adjusted equalized net grand list per capita AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees AG Attorney General AI Annual increment ANSI American National Standards Institute APO Administrative purposes only APS Automated Personnel System Administrative and Residual Employees Union Back to Top B BA Bill analysis BAC Blood-alcohol content BESB Board of Education and Services for the Blind BGHE Board of Governors for Higher Education BOCA Building Officials and Code Administrators BOG Board of Governors for Higher Education BOSS Business Office Systems Support BSAA Board for State Academic Awards Back to Top C CADAC Connecticut Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission CAM Coastal Area Management CAP Community Action Agency CAS Central Accounting System CB Committee bill CDA Connecticut Development Authority CEAP Connecticut Energy Assistance Program CEIS Connecticut Economic Information System CEQ Council of Environmental Quality CETC Connecticut Employment and Training Commission CEUI Connecticut Employee Union Independent CGS Connecticut General Statutes CHA Connecticut Housing Authority CHEFA Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority CHESLA Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority CHFA

17. Gunnarsholt's Kennel
GSD breeders with photo galleries, show and trial results, and pedigrees of their dogs, general breed information, pedigree and IKK show acronyms, and a pedigree database of over 140,000 dogs. Iceland.

Sleppa mynd - Íslenska
English - Skip intro Home of the largest searchable German Shepherd dog pedigree database

18. Acronyms Used In SC General Assembly
Trade; USC , another commonly used acronym, stands for University of S.C. The followinglist contains those acronyms frequently used in the general Assembly.
used in the
S.C. General Assembly
An acronym by definition, is a "shorthand" method to denote a group of words or title commonly used. The acronym is usually made up of the first letter of or a symbol for every major word in the expression or phrase. "GATT" is such an acronym, which stands for G eneral A greements on T ariffs and T rade; "USC", another commonly used acronym, stands for U niversity of S C . The following list contains those acronyms frequently used in the General Assembly.
Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee
ACIR Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations
ADSAP Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program
AFDC Aid To Families With Dependent Children
AG Attorney General or Adjutant General
APIP Annual Permanent Improvement Program
BCB Budget and Control Board
BEA Board of Economic Advisors CCRS Children's Case Resolution System CHE Commission on Higher Education CIB Capital Improvement Bonds CJA Criminal Justice Academy CMHC Community Mental Health Center COLA Cost of Living Adjustment CPI Consumer Price Index CRF Capital Reserve Fund CRS Children's Rehabilitative Services DHEC Department of Health and Environmental Control DJJ Department of Juvenile Justice DMH Department of Mental Health DOT Department of Transportation DRG Diagnostic Related Group DSS Department of Social Services EFA Education Finance Act EIA Education Improvement Act FYI For Your Information GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

acronyms and terms relating to space warfare, electronic warfare, general warfare, nonlethal warfare, computers, the internet, and related technologies. Most terms have source citations. Includes links to similar sites.
( Contains acronyms, abbreviations and terms relating to the military, electronic warfare , weaponry, general warfare, information warfare special operations non-lethal weapons , computers, the Internet , emerging technology, and kindred topics. )
Developed and maintained by Joe Cyr Last update: March 24, 2003
Recepient of the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association (DESA) Patriot Award for Website Excellence 12/10/2002 ( See bottom of this page Newly-added Terms Updated DIRECTED ENERGY (DE) SELF-HEALING MINEFIELD UNIFORM CAMOUFLAGE WEBTAS SPECIAL-EFFECTS SMALL-ARMS MARKING SYSTEM (SESAMS)
SPACE TO AIR BISTATIC RADAR LEXICON Comments / Contributions GENERAL SITE INFORMATION FAQ Search Related Links Acknowledgment ... Update History EXCURSIONS Nostalgia (1914; 1930s; 1940s; 1950s. . .) Defense Industry Portals Go directly to the . . . Glossary Bibliography
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I), and related fields, and also terms related to emerging technologies relating to space, EW and other areas having military implications such as the Internet and non-lethal weaponry. Sources includes the "Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms,"

20. : - Subject Guides - Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD
general Reference acronyms Abbreviations Subject Guide maintained by TheStaff of the general Information Department, Enoch Pratt Free Library. Home,

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