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  1. Abbreviations and acronyms in healthcare: when shorter isn't sweeter.(Continuing Cursing Education Series): An article from: Pediatric Nursing by Ivy Fenton Kuhn, 2007-09-01
  2. Beleaguered 105th Congress launches battle of the acronyms. (new legislation comprised of acronyms)(Washington Notebook): An article from: National Underwriter ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by Mary Jane Fisher, 1997-04-28

1. GenealogyTips: Appendix D -- "Miscellaneous Geography Terms" Abbreviations And A
Abbreviations acronyms miscellaneous Geography Terms. Blvd boulevard Co County Dst District Ft Fort Ln lane Rd
Abbreviations and Acronyms Found in Genealogy:
As you consult this online appendix, keep in mind that the use of periods and capitalization may not be consistent in all sources. The abbreviations and acronyms are provided as a guideline only, not as a definitive reference. Also note that there are many abbreviations that can mean more than one thing; to avoid confusion or misinterpretation, itÂ’s a good idea avoid using these in your citations. Genealogy Terms: [ A B C D ...
Irish Counties, by Chapman's Codes

[Miscellaneous Geography Terms] [ Computer Terms Blvd
Dst District
Ft Fort
Ln lane
Rd road
Saint; street
Ste Sainte Twp Township Genealogy Terms: [ A B C D ... Irish Counties, by Chapman's Codes [Miscellaneous Geography Terms] [ Computer Terms Tell a friend about this page! Pamela Rice Hahn Thank you for visiting

2. DOD Dictionary Of Military And Associated Terms
Miscellaneous Section Acronyms In the chat world there are hundreds of chatroom acronyms. Here you can find a list of the acronyms used daily.
From this page you can browse the DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. The DOD Dictionary and the Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations master data base are managed by the Joint Doctrine Division, J-7, Joint Staff. All approved joint definitions are contained in Joint Publication 1-02, "DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. As amended through 09 January 2003.
Browse DoD Dictionary
A B C D ... Z

3. Info Node: (dir)Top
VERA Virtual Entity of Relevant acronyms miscellaneous Development AllegroThe Allegro game programming library. ARM95 Ada 95 reference manual.
Enter node (file) or (file)node The list of major topics begins on the next line. Miscellaneous
The Linux Cookbook.
C library for accessing CD-ROM book.
C library for accessing CD-ROM book(Japanese).
Utility for getting font data in a CD-ROM book.
Utility for getting font data in a CD-ROM book(Japanese).
Utility for getting CD-ROM book information.
Utility for getting CD-ROM book information(Japanese).
Efile a catalog file in a CD-ROM book.
Efile a catalog file in a CD-ROM book(Japanese).
Utility for compressing and uncompressing CD-ROM books.
Utility for compressing and uncompressing CD-ROM books(Japanese).
The GNU troff document formatting system.
The definitive compendium of hacker slang (menu). The Debian menu system
GNU Readline Library API
The GNU Task List.
Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms
Miscellaneous: Development
The Allegro game programming library.
Ada 95 reference manual.
The GNU assembler.

4. List Of Miscellaneous Acronyms Compiled By Steve Bain
A glossary of miscellaneous technical acronyms. ELearning Center. miscellaneous acronyms. Acronym.

catalog request
datasheets e-learning center online tutorials: WebMon Quickstep Easybuilder documentation: MultiPro software and peripherals tech notes FAQs ... RMA page Customer Care
E-Learning Center
Miscellaneous Acronyms
Acronym Description ASCII American standard code for information interchange AIM Automated Instrument Manager AM/FM Automated mapping/facilities maintenance; see also FM/AM ATM Asynchronous transfer mode; a communications standard bps bits per second CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple-access, with collision detection; a communications method used widely, most often for Ethernet; see TCP/IP DBF data base format; data base file DCS Distributed control system; computers and I/O that control the real world in real time DMS Document management system DNI desktop network interface; see NIC EIMS environmental information management system ERP Enterprise Resource Planning FDDI fiber distributed data interface; a communications standard for networks FIM facilities information management FM/AM AM/FM; automated mapping and facilities management

5. Glossary Of Discrete Semiconductor Acronyms And Miscellaneous Designations
Home Glossary acronyms and miscellaneous Designations, Glossaryof Discrete Semiconductor acronyms and Misc. Designations AQL
Home Glossary Acronyms and Miscellaneous Designations
Glossary of Discrete Semiconductor Acronyms and Misc. Designations
- Acceptance Quality Level
AMBA - Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (internal bus of ARM CPU)
- 32-Bit RISC CPU core designed by ARM Ltd., UK
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode. A network technology for both local area networks and wide area networks that supports real-time voice, video and data.
BGA - Ball Grid Array(IC package)
Bluetooth - Commemorates a Danish king of the 10th century who unified Denmark and Norway. Nowadays, Bluetooth unifies communication devices with computing devices wirelessly.
Bluetooth SIG - Bluetooth Special Interest Group
CMOS - Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. A technology that creates integrated circuits that use less power than those made with other MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) or bipolar processes.
CMOS FET - Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET CPU - Central Processing Unit. The brain of any computer system consisting of data registers, computational circuits, a control block, and I/O (input/output).

6. Buy The Best-Selling Book Encyclopedia Of Wireless
Buy the BestSelling Book Encyclopedia of Wireless Telecommunications INSTANT EXPERTISE IN WIRELESS TELECOM Here's the perfect resource for professionals and students to gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of the latest wireless breakthroughs

7. Automobile Acronyms - Miscellaneous - Http://
Star Wars vs Titanic. Sunbathing. Automobile acronyms. Cheap HMO. Mating Bulls Proverbs. Kisses. Remember When. Automobile acronyms. Calling All Girls!
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NYC Water Supply
4 guys ... Hehe Java!!! Introduction Terminology The History FAQ JoKeS Pot Oreo Burned Out Bad Pick up lines ... Acme Wisdom Pokemon Pokeasexuals Written Crap Quotes Poetry Proverbs Kisses ... Remember When Automobile Acronyms var AdLoaded = false; var bsid = '11616'; var bsads = '6'; var bsloc = ''; var bswx = 468; var bshx = 60; var bsw = '_blank'; var bsb = 'FFFFFF'; var bsf = '0000FF'; var bsalt = 'off'; Calling All Girls! Free Cartoon Dolls! E-Commerce $49.99/year! Click Here for Details Graphics Gallery! Graphics Gallery and Search Animated GIFs Photos Icons Clip Art AUDI Accelerates Under Demonic Influence Always Unsafe Designs Implemented BMW Beautiful Mechanical Wonder Big Money Works Bought My Wife Brutal Money Waster BUICK Big Ugly Indestructable Car Killer CHEVROLET Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time DODGE Darn Old Dirty Gas Eater Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere

8. - Miscellaneous/Acronyms
_, miscellaneous Section acronyms. In the chat world there are hundreds ofchatroom acronyms. Here you can find a list of the acronyms used daily.
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Miscellaneous Section : Acronyms
In the chat world there are hundreds of chatroom acronyms. Here you can find a list of the acronyms used daily. Unlike most emoticons, where you can tell what they means just by looking at them, many acronyms have to be memorized to an extent. The Acronym List Acronym Meaning AFK Away From Keyboard ASAP As Soon As Possible AKA Also Known As Before BAK Back At Keyboard BBL Be Back Later BRB Be Right Back BTW By The Way BTSOM Beats the S#%t Outta Me CUS See You Soon CYA See Ya EMSG Email Message FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FUBAR F#%ked Up Beyond All Recognition FWIW For What It's Worth FYI For Your Information GAL Get A Life GMTA Great Minds Think Alike HUA Head Up Ass IAE In Any Event ICN I See Now IMHO In My Honest/Humble Opinion IOW In Other Words Just To Let You Know JASE Just Another System Error J/K Just Kidding / Joking JMO Just My Opinion Later LMAO Laughing My Ass Off LOL Laugh/ing Out Loud LTNS Long Time No See MSG Message NFW No F#%ing Way NOYFB None Of Your F#%king Business OIC Oh, I See OTOH On The Other Hand Person To Person (Chat) PIA Pain In the Ass PMSG Private Message PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In QT Cutie ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing ROFLMAO ROFL My Ass Off RTFM Read The F#%king Manual!

9. ARM Acronyms And Abbreviations
Home page for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, DOE's largest global change research program. Ask a Scientist. miscellaneous. acronyms / Glossary. Calendar
About News People Directory Site Map ... Ask a Scientist MISCELLANEOUS Acronyms / Glossary Calendar Contacts Image Library ... Privacy and Security Notice
ARM Program Acronyms/Glossary
ARM Glossary A B C ... Z A Acronym Definition AAO Adjacent Arctic Ocean A-ARCS Arctic Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Station AATS Ames airborne tracking sunphotometer ABL atmospheric boundary layer ABLE Argonne Boundary Layer Experiment ABRFC Arkansas Basin Red River Forecast Center ACARS Aerodynamic (Research Incorporated) Communication and Recording System ACE Aerosol Characterization Experiment ACROS airborne cloud-radiation observing system ACSYS Arctic Climate System Study ADA anomalous diffraction approximation ADAS ARPS data analysis system ADEOS advanced earth observing system (Japan Space Program) ADM angular dependence model AEBR aerosol extinction-to-backscatter ratios AEC ARM Experiment Center AER Atmospheric Environmental Research, Inc. AERI atmospheric emitted radiance interferometer AERI-ER extended-range AERI AERI-X high resolution (0.1 cm

10. - Miscellaneous
miscellaneous Section. Choose Your Destination For the AMATEUR chatter. Chatroomacronyms has compiled a huge list of common acronyms used in
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Miscellaneous Section Choose Your Destination:
For the AMATEUR chatter Chatroom Acronyms has compiled a huge list of common acronyms used in chatrooms. These acronyms make online chatting faster and somewhat more humorous. Click here to view the list, and perhaps print it if you feel it's necessary. Emoticons Archive also has a rather big archive of common emoticons used in chatrooms. As the word implies, these little symbols are used to show emotion. Click here to view the website's Emoticon Archive. For the ADVANCED chatter IRC - There are alternative ways to log onto the Chat Network. Many users log onto the chats via their own IRC clients. Find all the appropriate information here on how to log onto the Chat Network with the IRC clients Ircle, mIRC, or BitchX.
Chatrooms 8Ball-Email Refer ... Contact Misc. Rules Help

11. VinceNet: Miscellaneous Pages

12. Mike Taylor - MUNDI - Info: Miscellaneous/background_info/acronyms
MUNDI Info miscellaneous/background_info/acronyms. 5th June 2001Up MUNDI acronyms - 17/06/1988 (taken straight from games
MUNDI - Info: miscellaneous/background_info/acronyms
5th June 2001 [Up] Home Site Map Search ...

13. Miscellaneous Links
Computing glossary*; VERA acronyms; Vermilion Catholic High School, Cybertalk;BuyinGuide; French Jargon; Click NCSA). miscellaneous. The Anthony
Web site lists and catalogues
Most of the Web is composed of lists of pointers to other lists of pointers. Here's another list of pointers to various lists of pointers for you to point to from your list. :-) The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
Site lists
Reference works

14. Miscellaneous
Indexed list of files. miscellaneous. Newsletters. acronyms. News and Media

15. BusyBits -- Item - Encyclopedia Of Wireless Telecommunications
Technology Frequencies Miscvellaneous Significant Years/Dates Symbols and CommonSyntax A Access Applications Computers/Software miscellaneous acronyms B Base

16. Ready Reference: Miscellaneous Dictionaries
Ready Reference miscellaneous Dictionaries. TITLE Acronym Dictionary.DESCRIPTION A searchable index for acronyms of organizations.

A Portal Designed for Librarians to Locate Internet Resources Related to Their Profession.
A Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians Since 1994.
About Add or recommend a site Report broken link ... Advertising
and catalog and internet (both terms); catalog or internet (either term); "catalog internet" (exact phrase)

Ready Reference:
Miscellaneous Dictionaries
TITLE: Acronym Dictionary DESCRIPTION: A searchable index for acronyms of organizations. KEYWORDS: acronyms, organizations, institutions
TITLE: Acronym Finder DESCRIPTION: "Look up 130,000+ acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings. A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military."Title screen. KEYWORDS: acronyms, computer, technology, telecommunication, military
TITLE: Acronym Lookups DESCRIPTION: A keyword searchable meta-index for acronyms, including NASA, health-related and military acronyms.

17. Early Edition FAQ
Return to Complete Table of Contents. 9.0 miscellaneous. 9.1 acronyms. Internetusers in general have developed their own shorthand for ecommunications.
9.1 Acronyms

9.2 Early Edition "Drinking Game"

9.3 The Opening Sequence

9.4 Alternate Titles for Early Edition
9.5 Early Edition Conventions
10.1 Acknowledgments
Return to Complete Table of Contents 9.0 MISCELLANEOUS 9.1 Acronyms Internet users in general have developed their own shorthand for e-communications. There is a comprehensive list of e-shorthand and emoticons (those little smiley faces made up of keyboard characters to indicate emotion) that can be found at the website here: Another smaller, yet Early Edition skewed list can be found here: For anything not covered in either of those sites, the general thing to keep in mind is that fans of a particular series will most often make acronyms out of the episode titles (DWAR for "Don't Walk Away Renee," etc.), out of the character names (GH for Gary Hobson), or out of the actor names (FS for Fisher Stevens). Keep those things in mind, and you shouldn't have any troubles. [Back to Top] 9.2 Early Edition "Drinking Game"

18. : Miscellaneous Downloads
Geek acronyms, rodtrent, miscellaneous, 12/2/2002, 1.3 kb. For those not familiarwith the online acronyms for communicating, or want to keep a list handy.

19. Dr. P's Misc. Dog Training Info
miscellaneous information and resources related to dog training.Category Recreation Pets Dogs Directories...... miscellaneous INFORMATION RESOURCES. Contents. acronyms Terms Acting AssociationsCareer Information Articles Programs Schools Other Commercial Products



Career Information
Acting Associations

20. Miscellaneous Links
Glossary*; MDA Computing glossary*; VERA acronyms; Vermilion CatholicHigh School, Cybertalk; BuyinGuide; French NCSA). miscellaneous. The
Web site lists and catalogues
Most of the Web is composed of lists of pointers to other lists of pointers. Here's another list of pointers to various lists of pointers for you to point to from your list. :-) The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing . Please let me know if you find others.
Site lists
Reference works

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