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         Addition & Subtraction Math:     more books (101)
  1. Decimals: Addition and Subtraction (Power Math Series) by Connie Eichhorn, Jean Rankin, 1996-03
  2. Hooked on Math (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division) 8 Cassettes, Flashcards & Workbooks by Gateway Educational, 1991
  3. Super Sudoku Math: Addition & Subtraction Facts: 40+ Reproducible Puzzles That Motivate Students to Practice and Master Math Facts by Eric Charlesworth, 2010-03-01
  4. Musical Math: Addition and Subtraction
  5. Skill Drill Math: Addition, Subtraction, Measuring, Grade 2 by Valarie Mock, 2001-09-11
  6. Manipulative math: Addition and subtraction (Mathematics series) by Jo Ellen Moore, 1995
  7. Reteaching Math: Addition & Subtraction: Mini-Lessons, Games, & Activities to Review & Reinforce Essential Math Concepts & Skills by Bob Krech, Denise Birrer, et all 2008-08-01
  8. 100 Math, Addition & Subtraction, 2nd Grade
  9. Hands on Math: Learning Addition and Subtraction through Manipulative Activities by Kathleen Fletcher Bacer, 2005-04-27
  10. Musical Math: Addition/Subtraction by Ruth White, 1999-08
  11. Department Store Math: Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division
  12. Basic Mathematics Skills, Manipulative Math: Addition & Subtraction by Jo Ellen Moore, 1995
  13. Exploring Math (Addition & Subtraction, Unit 2) by Teacher Created Materials, 2009
  14. First-Place Math: Addition and Subtraction, Book D: Grade 2 by HSP, 2002-01

41. SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator - Mixed Addition And Subtraction
math worksheets mixed addition and subtraction SuperKids math WorksheetCreator * Now with answer sheets! Mixed addition and subtraction.
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math worksheets
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
* Now with answer sheets!
Mixed Addition and Subtraction
Create your own mixed addition and subtraction worksheets using positive and negative whole numbers.
  • Select maximum value of numbers used:
  • Select minimum value of numbers used:
  • Optional: Use one number in all problems:
    Note: If you select a value here, it must fall between the minimum and maximum values chosen above.
  • Number of problems on page:
  • Optional: Click on the "Create Answer Sheet" button on the worksheet, if desired. Note:
    • SuperKids does not store answer sheets. Print them when you create the worksheet, or they will disappear.
    • FAQ
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  • 42. Math Baseball
    Improve your math skills. Fun game teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and elementary algebra.
    Explore Our Sites... Family Education Network Home Shop at PearsonAtSchool SchoolCash PARENTS FamilyEducation MySchoolOnline TEACHERS TeacherVision Quiz Lab MyGradeBook MySchoolOnline REFERENCE InfoPlease FactMonster KIDS FEkids FunBrain FactMonster TEENS FEteens Math Baseball How to Play:
  • FUNBRAIN will give you a math problem.
  • Enter the answer to the problem and hit the "Swing" button.
  • If your answer is correct, you will get a hit. FUNBRAIN will decide if the hit is a single, double, triple, or home run based on the difficulty of the problem.
  • If your answer is wrong, you will get an out.
  • The game is over after three outs.
  • Click here if there are 2 Players One Player
    Pick the kind of game and level you wish to play. Click "Play Ball" to begin.
    Division All of the Above Choose a Level Easy Medium Hard Super Brain Algebra Style No Yes
  • 43. SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
    Make your own, printable math worksheets here for free.Category Science math Teaching Resources Books and Worksheets...... Have you ever wondered where to find math drill worksheets? addition; subtraction;Mixed addition and subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Fractions;
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    educational tools
    SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
    Have you ever wondered where to find math drill worksheets? Make your own here at SuperKids for free! Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button! A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use.

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    44. Multiplication Help
    Free downloadabe program to help teach addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.
    Do you have a third grader learning multiplication?
    (We do!!) Science Unlimited has created a program entitled "Math Exerciser". This program allows children (or adults) of any age to exercise their basic math - addition, subtraction and multiplication. It provides entertaining practice, and teaches the correct answers. This application was developed in Microsoft's Visual Basic. It is absolutely virus free. Click on MathExerciser.exe , and select "Save As". If you get a "MSVBVM60.DLL" error when you try to run it (older machines will), then email us, off the "Contact" page, and just ask for the DLL file to be emailed to you, indicating the name of the file. These files are probably also available from the Microsoft pages.

    45. Fact Controlled Addition & Subtraction
    math DITTOS 2 Fact Controlled addition subtraction for Special Learnersis a remedial, groundup reteach of addition and subtraction.
    Fact Controlled
    for Special Learners Home Multiplication Subtraction Only Division ... Contact Each regular cluster includes only three numbers. For example, cluster 17 is comprised of 2, 9, and 11 only. Students quickly learn to look for the three-number pattern. Initial instruction can be enhanced with any manipulative. After initial drill, clusters should be completed and checked before completion of the page problems. Facts are presented sequentially, omitting the zeros, from the 1+'s to the 9+'s. Subtraction facts are included with their addition complement. A few examples are included here and there, as reminders only. These are guided practice sheets. Registration fee: $10. Awarded 5 stars by ZD Net! (2468K MacBinary) released 6/15/2000 (3354K BinHex) released 6/15/2000 (2688K) released 6/15/2000 Both Mac and Windows files have been compressed with Aladdin's StuffIt Deluxe. They can be downloaded with the free utility, StuffIt Expander The MATH DITTOS 2 series requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

    46. Welcome- Kids Math Garden
    Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at various levels of difficulty with integers and decimal numbers. Timer and scoreboard are available. Requires Internet Explorer.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated

    47. Home Of The MATH DITTOS 2 Series
    addition subtractionmath DITTOS 2 Fact Controlled addition subtraction for SpecialLearners teaches addition and subtraction simultaneously using a unique
    Welcome to the home of Fact Controlled MATH for Special Learners Home Multiplication Subtraction Only Division ... Contact The MATH DITTOS 2 series is a unique, fact supported approach to teaching computation. Each page in the series presents a limited number of problems with plenty of workspace. The facts necessary to complete each problem are always presented on the page in a fact reference and practice section. The MD2 series currently consists of three "workbooks" published as computer documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. teaches addition and subtraction simultaneously using a unique "cluster" approach.
    MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION for Special Learners presents multiplication in a careful, step-by-step, fact supported approach.
    MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled SUBTRACTION for Special Learners can be effectively used for initial instruction in subtraction with fact support and word problems. It is quite effective for the reteach that older students beginning long division frequently need.
    MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled DIVISION for Special Learners , my own little venture in vaporware, has been under development...forever. Or, maybe more properly, it has been underdeveloped. BUT, there actually should be an offering ready sometime during the 2002-2003 school year!

    48. Kids Online Resources - KidsOLR, Math, Maths
    Interactive games for numbers, place values, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number lines, fractions, and arithmetic laws.

    Click Here!

    Click Here!

    49. Math Steps Level 1
    addition and subtraction Facts through 20 These basic computationalskills are crucial to your children's mathematical development.

    Addition and Subtraction Facts through 20

    These basic computational skills are crucial to your children's mathematical development. Inverse Operations
    Move children from counting by rote to understanding what the numbers tell them. Comparing and Ordering
    Help your children learn the relationships between the numbers in a number fact, and have them explore fact families. Justifying Answers
    Children need to develop confidence in their ability to solve problems. Help your children learn how to ask good questions and talk about their reasoning.
    Refresh your memory with this overview of the topic.
    Here you'll find at least two complete lesson scripts to use with your class.
    Share your ideas for ways to manage your classroom, speed learning, and handle difficulties.
    Find answers to common questions students ask. Mathematics Center Math Steps
    Education Place
    Site Index ... Privacy Statement

    Print out free math worksheets with answer keys to practice solving 52 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
    Shortcuts to:



    Free Demos
    Math Skill Builders
    series. Feel free to print and use the sample worksheets at home or school. We update these pages weekly. Bookmark this site and come back each week to get new arithmetic problems. Choose an operation for printing worksheets and solution pages:
    Whole Numbers Decimals Fraction Worksheet Generator and Decimal Worksheet Generator are now available for MacOSX! (Oh, yes, they are still available for Windows systems). Last Updated on March 28, 2003 by Chuck at

    51. MathSteps: Grade 1: Addition And Subtraction Facts To 20: What Is It?
    addition and subtraction Facts to 20. The basic addition and subtractionfacts are all the combinations of 1digit numbers (2+2, 6
    Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20
    The basic addition and subtraction facts are all the combinations of 1-digit numbers (2+2, 6+9, 8+4, etc.) and the corresponding subtraction exercises (18-9, 7-4, etc.). (See the fact chart at the end of this page.) To you, these are probably automatic. You don't need to think about them because you've memorized the answers. That immediate command is what you're striving to teach your students. There are a variety of strategies that can be used to figure out or remember facts. Addition Properties: The zero property states that zero added to any number is the same as the original number. The commutative (or order) property states that the order of addends does not matter: 3 + 4 = 4 + 3. Subtraction Rules: There are two rules for using zero in subtraction. Zero subtracted from any number is the original number (this is the counterpart of the zero property of addition), and any number subtracted from itself equals zero. Counting on and counting back: Doubles and near doubles: If you have two groups of 8 objects, you have double 8, or 16, objects. Doubles facts are usually easy to remember, and can be used to learn other facts. Since 8 + 8 = 16, and 9 is one more than 8, 8 + 9 will be one more than 16, or 17.

    52. Arithmetic Problems And Kids Math Practice Exercises Level I
    Games and activities to help kids learn skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and place value. Offers a different set of problems each time the page is loaded.
    Syvum Home K-12 SAT GRE ... Advertise here
    Kids Math SyvumBook: Level I
    Buy this SyvumBook for offline use.
    Recommended Age: 6-7 years.
    Knowledge Required of 1-2 digit numbers.
    Go To : Kids Math Level II Kids Math Level III Kids Math Level IV
    : Level I Min/Max Number : Fun Math Game for Kids to Find Smallest and Greatest Numbers Place Value : Fun Math Game for Kids to Understand Units and Tens Places ... Contact Info

    53. Riverdeep | Destination Math | MA1-1 | Using Addition Or Subtraction To Eliminat
    Session 2, Using addition or subtraction to Eliminate a Variable. Using additionand subtraction to eliminate one variable in a system of equations.

    Elementary (PreK-6)
    Middle School (6-9) High School (9-12) Destination Math ... edConnect
    To find support materials for other sessions in this course, you will need to select the module tab below and then the unit and session underneath.
    Course Mastering Algebra I: Course 1
    Unit 2 Algebraic Solutions of Linear Systems Session 2 Using Addition or Subtraction to Eliminate a Variable Learning Objectives Using addition and subtraction to eliminate one variable in a system of equations. Using multiplication and addition or subtraction to eliminate one variable in a system of equations. Overview Using the addition and subtraction properties of equality, we discover how to solve a system in one variable by elimination. Keywords elimination, system of linear equations Question 1 We identify which of four methods can be used to eliminate one variable in a given system of equations. Objectives Using multiplication and addition or subtraction to eliminate one variable in a system of equations. Difficulty Level: 1 Question 2 We identify the least common multiple of each pair of coefficients in a system of equations that will eliminate x or y by addition.

    54. Math Flash - Single, Double, And Triple Digit Addition And Subtraction Practice.
    math Flash is an easy to use flash card style program to aide students inlearning single, double, and *triple digit addition and subtraction.
      Math Flash is an easy to use flash card style program to aide students in learning single, double, and *triple digit addition and subtraction. Problems may be displayed horizontally or vertically. Round lengths are adjustable from 5-100 questions.

    version 3.0 for Mac OS X 10.1 or higher [1 MB]
    version 3.0 for PowerPC Macs running Classic Mac OS 8.6 or higher [1 MB]
    version 3.0 for Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP [ 615 KB]
    version 2.0.1 for Classic Mac OS 8.1-8.5 [816 KB] *Version 2.x does not include triple digit practice.
    Download and try out Math Flash using one of the links above. After you have decided that you enjoy this program and find it useful come back to this site and purchase your registration using one of the links below. You will receive a registration code via e-mail that unlocks your program transforming it from the freely downloadable trial version into the full product. There isn't anything (disks, manuals, etc.) to wait on to come in the mail.
    Customers from within the United States:
    Single Computer Registration:
    Version 3.x MacWin Single $9.95

    55. Lesson Planet - Math,Addition And Subtraction Lesson Plans
    subtraction' books. 0 Supplies, 0 Online Courses. Category matches for'addition and subtraction'. Home/math addition and subtraction (14).
    Grade K - 2 higher ed Search from over 20,000 online lesson plans by keyword and grade! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Apr. 02, 2003 21:22 PST Resources Other Teacher Resources Education Clip Art Grant Information Curriculum Tools Collaborative Projects ... Link To Us Teacher Discussions Click to discuss teaching topics with your peers! Pre K-6 Elem. Discussion 7-12 Sec. Discussion Ed. Tech. Discussion privacy Found lessons and other resources for ' addition and subtraction. Web Sites Books Software Maps ... Videos Find 'addition and subtraction' books Supplies Online Courses Category matches for: ' addition and subtraction Home/Math Addition and Subtraction (14) Home Math Addition and Subtraction Lesson Plans (1-10 of 13): Odd and Even Numbers - Activity - Odd and even numbers are very important concepts. This activity provides practice in addition, subtraction and counting while the student is discovering the properties of odd and even numbers.
    Grades: K-8 Add to Learninglinks Tell a friend! Card Shark Math - Activity - This is a game to reinforce students' proficiency at recalling addition/subtraction and multiplication facts. It is played in pairs with decks of regular playing cards. Students race against each other to call out the sum or product of the values of thei...
    Grades: K-8 Add to Learninglinks Tell a friend!

    56. Chalkboard Addition (Subtraction) Math Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit
    Title Chalkboard addition (subtraction) By - Julienne C. Fallen Subject - MathGrade Level - 1-2 Materials Individual Chalkboards (Can be found at dollar

    57. Incorporating Addition And Subtraction Into Everyday Life - Math
    A Lesson Plans Page lesson plan, lesson idea, thematic unit, or activity in Mathand called Incorporating addition and subtraction into Everyday Life.

    58. K-6 Subtraction Math Worksheets
    K6 subtraction math Worksheets. option ensures that all generated subtraction problemsare addition, subtraction, and Multiplication problems can be mixed on a
    MathGen Software K-6 Subtraction Math Worksheets MathGen has the following options for subtraction problems:
    • NO NEGATIVE ANSWERS - This option ensures that all subtraction problems will have positive answers. NO BORROWING - This option ensures that all generated subtraction problems are solved without "borrowing". This option is used for children who are just learning to subtract.
    Common Options:
    • Problem number ranges can be set anywhere between -9999 and 9999. Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication problems can be mixed on a single worksheet with all options available. Answer Sheets can be printed. Up to 5 versions of the worksheet can be printed. Problems can be changed manually in MathGen's edit screen mode. Both the problem numbers and problem type can be changed. Worksheets can be made with 12 problems per page or 25 problems per page. Worksheets can be saved to disk and opened later.

    Free Subtraction Problem Sample Worksheets Two Digit Sub, No Neg. Answers, No "Borrowing"

    59. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Subtraction (Math Basics)
    Lesson Plan Archives mathematics Lower Elementary math Basics subtraction.I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! addition subtraction Game; Inverse Relationship
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  • Subtraction Rhyme
  • Subtraction Two-Digit
  • Two-Digit Subtraction ... Contact Us
  • 60. ProTeacher! Addition And Subtraction Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers
    A lesson plan that uses a Dr. Seuss story to teach subtraction source. math Gamesfor Learning Centers Directions for three addition games that can be used

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    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

    Whole Number Operations Math Board - Share you ideas, strategies, and questions for making math instruction effective and meaningful for students. source
    Addition - 3-digit Numbers
    - A printable worksheet on which students add one, two, and three digit numbers, then connect corresponding dots to form a picture of a shark source
    Addition Grab Two
    - A two-player game for addition practice with printable number cards source
    - First and second graders master addition and subtraction facts through 18. Includes printable worksheets and an explanation of the approach source
    - A classroom game for reinforcing addition and subtration skills. Students try to get the highest number if adding or the lowest number if subtracting source
    Addition-Subtraction Fill In
    - A printable worksheet that asks students to solve addition and subtraction problems, then color corresponding squares to make a picture source
    Block It Game
    - Using pattern blocks, students use visualization and mental math to practice addition skills in this simple game for primary grades source
    Domino Practice
    - Students use dominoes and unifix cubes to practice addition skills. Lesson provides photographs of examples

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