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         Afghanistan Cooking:     more detail
  1. Afghan Cuisine: Cooking for Life : A Collection of Afghan Recipes (And Other Favorites) for the Novice Afghan and Non-Afghan Cook by Nafisa Sekandari, 2003-03-27
  2. Afghanistan Cuisine by Said Z. Hofioni, 2008-08-30
  3. Curry Club Indian Vegetarian Cookbook by Pat Chapman, 1997-08-28
  4. Afghan Food & Cookery: Noshe Djan by Helen Saberi, 2000-01-01
  5. Noshe Djan: Afghan Food and Cookery by Helen Saberi, 2000-06-29
  6. Camels and caravans: from Afghanistan to the vegan table.(Recipe): An article from: Vegetarian Journal by Zel Allen, 2010-01-01
  7. AFGHANISTAN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by ALESSANDRO MONSUTTI, 2001
  8. France: The Beautiful Cookbook by Scotto Sisters, 1989-10-18

1. Afghanistan Cooking Recipes
Afgan Cooking. Here are links to some Afgan Recipes, HappyCooking! ). Afghan Cooking. BACK to Recipes Page
Afgan Cooking
Here are links to some Afgan Recipes, Happy Cooking! :)

to Recipes Page

2. Gentle Strength Magazine
After returning to the United States, Cat taught afghanistan cookingat the New York School of Cuisine from 19791981. From 1985
Gentle Strength Magazine
Community News Oct. 2002
Gentle Strength Cooperative

Cat Parenti started cooking when she was ten years old reproducing by smell and taste the meals she watched her father prepare from memory. Cat has traveled to many countries including Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North Africa. After returning to the United States, Cat taught Afghanistan cooking at the New York School of Cuisine from 1979-1981. From 1985-1990, she conducted Afghan cooking fundraisers for the Afghanistan Foundation. In addition, for several years, Cat taught multi-ethnic, multicultural vegetarian cooking for the City of Scottsdale leisure classes. From 1990 to the present, she prepared the Multinational, Multi-Ethnic Vegetarian Cookbook for publication. Other publications include A Healthy Lymph System and A Taste of Afghanistan, both of which can be obtained at She has also authored many articles published by various newspapers in the Valley. To lend even greater health-oriented insights into her cooking expertise, Cat is a complementary health care practitioner licensed in massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, color therapy and metabolic analysis. Her classes are designed for the student to develop creative cooking abilities and to understand that the use of herbs and spices is beyond taste in that they actually create health within the body.

3. Afghanistan Online: Cooking/Food
Afghan recipes adapted to the western kitchen.Category Home cooking World Cuisines Asian Afghan......THE cooking SECTION IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION. PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER. THANK YOU.Appetizers. Bolaanee. Zardak wa Kismish. Sambosa. Main courses. Qabuli Palow.
Main courses
More recipes and pictures will be added soon
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4. Afghan INteractive Bookshop
Look at our Selection and also search for other Books, Videos, Audio andmore about afghanistan, cooking, Language, Islam and Women and more..
Look at our Selection and also search for other Books, Videos, Audio and more about Afghanistan, Cooking, Language, Islam and Women and more..
Our affiliation with makes it easier for you to search for Books and BUY them online. Afghan Bookshop Women's Bookshop Afghan Bookshop Islamic Bookshop Travel Bookshop ... Central Asia/Mideast For inquires or help you can contact us at

Click here to see our popular weekly report: Afghan Bestsellers Afghan Network Store
New Publications
The latest perspectives on Afghanistan, books published between 2001-2003 Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers
(M. Nazif Mohib Shahrani) Afghanistan: The Land That Was
(Roland Michaud) Prisoner's Of Hope
(Heather Mercer, Dayna Curry)
(Hiromi Lorraine Sakata) The Extraordinary Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History The Arming of the Mujahideen
(George Crile) No Room for Error: The Covert Operations of America's Special Task Unit from Iran To Afghanistan
(Benjamin F. Schemmer, T. Col Carney)

5. Margarita's Favourite Recipes
cooking international food alphabetically menus from afghanistan to Argentina, and other international recipes.
Margarita's Favourite Recipes

Dinner Ideas


I love to cook - probably like you - and I like to try new dishes. I'm lucky enough to live close to a wonderful library with tons of great cookbooks and I've also been very lucky in finding cookbooks with lots of good recipes. Here are some of my favorite dishes, things which are rather easy to make and extremely savoury. I have a preference for hearty food and dishes from less well-known cuisines. I hope you enjoy them!. If you are looking for something a little bit different to cook, also check out my International Recipes , delicious recipes from around the world and my Party Recipes

6. Afghanistan Online: Culture
Kabul Museum (Ancient Art); cooking/Food; Music; Poetry; Proverbs; Short Wisdom Stories;Traditional Holidays/Events; Traditional Clothing; Mullah Nasruddin Jokes. Back.
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7. Afghanistan Food Recipes
Here are afghani asian food recipes and information on food culture, cooking utensils, food history, country information. afghanistan. Time and Date in afghanistan. Main afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Burma Cambodia China India Indonesia Japan Korea Laos
Time and Date in Afghanistan

8. Food/Cooking Of Afghanistan
This page contains information about the Afghan Culture (poetry, arts, cooking, holidays, clothing, jokes, etc. Kabul Museum (Ancient Art). cooking/Food. Music. Poetry. Proverbs. Short Wisdom Stories
Food/Cooking of Afghanistan
St. Stephen Middle School
November, 2001 Food/Cooking Afghanistan Flag If you want more information about Afghanistan you can go to our class website. Afghanistan Dessert - Firnee (Afghani Custard) Afghanistan Dessert - Yogurt Sauce Afghanistan - Beef Kebab Afghanistan - Qaubili Pilau WOW Afghanistan Food!!!! Introduction "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats forever" During Ramadan the people in Afghanistan eat dates (large prunes) and they drink water once a day at night. Ramadan lasts for one month. If you want some Afghan recipes you can visit The Afghanistan Cooking Channel web site.

9. WorldRover - Cooking And Recipes For Afghanistan
afghanistan. International cooking and Recipes Search afghanistan;Collected Recipes Ethnic Recipes - Recipes from all over the world.

recipes guides history ... discount cookbooks
Cooking and Recipes of the World
Browse our listing below of reviewed sites for cooking from around the world including recipes of Afghanistan. You can also view our listing of cook books or other country information to assist in your food needs. This site will be updated frequently with new world cooking sites and we encourage you to submit your international food or cooking recipe resources to us.
  • International Cooking and Recipes Search - Afghanistan
  • Collected Recipes: Ethnic Recipes - Recipes from all over the world.
  • Absolute Recipes - International - Collection of international recipes from such countries as Korea, Mexico, China, and Germany.
  • RecipeSource: European Recipes - Recipes indexed by country.
  • Latin American Recipes - Low-fat recipes published by the National Cancer Insitute.
  • Recipe Archives: Asian - Large number of Asian Usenet recipes.
  • Arabian Dishes
    Thanks again for visiting worldrover's listing of the best reviewed recipe sites for the nations of the world. If you have a Afghanistan resource or link you would like added to this page please let us know. Additional cooking and food questions should be directed to the specific sites above.
    (international recipe and cooking sites added frequently)
    recipes home
    free clip art web search: cook books discount cookbooks
  • 10. Cooking And Recipes Of The World
    Welcome to worldrover's listing of food and cooking of nations and nationalitiesof A to G afghanistan Albania Andorra Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia

    recipes guides history ... discount cookbooks
    Cooking and Recipes of the World
    Welcome to worldrover's listing of food and cooking of nations and nationalities of the world. The country listing's below contain reciewed links to the best international cuisine and recipe sites on the net. If you are unable to find a particular recipe or food you can also try our Recipe Search . This site will be updated frequently so please email us your questions. Free Internet Access A to G



    Antigua and Barbuda

    H to P


    Hong Kong
    Hungary ... Portugal Q to Z Qatar Romania Russia Rwanda ... Zimbabwe The countries above are listed in alpahbetical order and include links to reviewed recipe and cooking sites on the net for countries of the world. If you have have a country recipe or cooking idea please contact each individual cooking site directly. You may also look for new world and country food using the Recipe Search from Thanks for visiting. home recipes guides history ... discount cookbooks

    11. Solar Cooking News
    When you're wounded and left on afghanistan's plains And the women come out to cut up what remains Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains An' go to your Gawd like a soldier. Rudyard Kipling N. Security Council Resolution 1333 imposing sanctions on. afghanistan Ahmadshah Massoud, commander of afghanistan's. United Front in
    The Solar Cooking Archive Solar Cooking News To be notified when page changes: March February January

    12. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Afghanistan Online: Cooking/food
    MetaSearch results for afghanistan online cooking/food (1 to 20 of 76), AfghanChicken. afghanistan Online cooking/Food. Afghan cooking Channel. Online: Cooking/Food&br

    13. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Food Shortage In Afghanistan
    More like this. afghanistan Online cooking/Food This page containsrecipes and photographs of various Afghan foods.. http//www Shortage in Afghanistan&brand=

    14. Solar Househould Energy, Inc. - Solar Cooking
    with SCI, like many other Americans, have become eager to provide assistance tothe people of afghanistan, and are convinced that solar cooking would be both
    by Dr. Barbara Knudsen, Partner, Solar Household Energy, Inc.
    November 2001
    What is solar cooking anyway? Put simply, the sun's energy is captured by devices which maximum its heat for transfer to a black cooking vessel. Devices are of many and varied types, from low cost folded cardboard cookers (resembling small sized tanning booths), to wood or plastic boxes with glass covers and reflectors to capture sunlight, to round concave shiny reflectors which concentrate sunlight on an overhead pot. Cost vary from very inexpensive, a few dollars for the cardboard version, to hundreds or even thousands of dollar for large concentrator models. Cookers are available commercially in many parts of the world for individual households or for
    larger scale institutional or community use. Individuals associated with SCI, like many other Americans, have become eager to provide assistance to the people of Afghanistan, and are convinced that solar cooking would be both helpful and thankfully received. Numerous studies on fuelwood saving made possible by solar use suggest that more than half of usual fuelwood consumption can be saved. In the emergency situation presented in Afghanistan currently, that proportion would surely be higher. Media attention has focused on the inequities of life for the women of Afghanistan, and both legislative measures and feminist pressures are strongly urging that women be included in all plans for the future of that nation. Freeing women from the terrible burden of the last years, thus allowing their education, political participation, economic opportunity, and civil/human rights is crucial to the future of the country, but those reforms will occur over time, and on the calendar of Afghans, women and men alike. The problem posed in this document is an immediate and extremely pressing issue, to be addressed NOW.

    15. Afgan Women's Association International-Solar Project
    Solar cooking Project. There is a dire shortage of fuel for cookingin afghanistan and where refugees are in Pakistan. Either fuel

    16. Women Making History Today |
    female aid workers targets of rogue violence After a French aid worker was rapedsome Western women consider leaving afghanistan. From cooking to controversy
    Welcome More Stories: Work The Arts History Literature ... RSS
    From cooking to controversy, Arab women can tune in A new Arab TV station – the first to target a female audience – hopes to reach women in remote villages as well as cities. By Catherine Taylor
    Special to The Christian Science Monitor BEIRUT, LEBANON From his no-frills offices, Nicolas Abou-Samah is preparing for a revolution. His weapon is satellite television. His mission: empowering women of the Middle East. But it also will be first station in the region to target a female audience and will air "anything and everything to do with women," Mr. Abou-Samah says. "We want to be controversial," says Abou-Samah. "We will discuss the difficult issues that face many women in the Middle East, as well as Muslim countries like Pakistan and Malaysia." The new station's signature program, "Too Daring," will run every day at 8 p.m. Each episode will feature a woman who has challenged the region's code of female conduct and a panel of guests who both oppose and support her decision. Leila Bazzi-Jarrouje, who will direct the show, has herself defied stereotypes: She is a Shiite Muslim married to a Christian Maronite. Ms. Bazzi-Jarrouje is also the executive producer of Lebanon's National Broadcasting Network.

    17. The Comforts Of Cooking With Grandma |
    The Home Forum Stories for 02/10/2003 'Dees ting afghanistan,' he said The comfortsof cooking with Grandma Sunny gifts on a wintry day Correction Love and

    John Gould columns


    Articles on Christian Science

    The Home Forum Stories:
    for 04/03/2003
    We reap the harvest of almost-spring

    An Indian daughter defends her choice

    How my chocolate aversion was chipped away
    The diamond ring that wasn't mine ... more projects... An invitation to readers The Home Forum would like to be a part of a healing conversation during this time of war. We're asking you to consider: What from your experience might help to comfort, enlighten, uplift, or empower your fellow travelers? We encourage you to send us relevant personal experiences, poetry, quotations, or excerpts, or suggestions for reprinting. Please send your submissions by Friday, April 11. E-mail the Home Forum . Please include your contact information, including a daytime phone number. You can also join in an immediate sharing. Drawing the line between asylum seekers and safety Tougher asylum laws have some human rights advocates concerned the Bush administration may have gone too far. Most-viewed stories: (for 04/01/03) Allies resume push on Iraqi front line New find in 'smoking gun' search In Iraq, a battle for the moral high ground

    18. Cooking Up Some Peace
    Women of afghanistan. As I walked into the kitchen, I was deeply moved by the cooperativeand fun atmosphere of American and Afghan women cooking together in
    March 2, 2002 Home Contents Back Issues free e-newsletter!
    Cooking up some peace
    by Leslie McIntyre Having this event and being able to talk about how the hatred of women causes war and violence in the world as well as raise money for Afghan women was an accomplishment in the service of the Goddess. Combining feminist spiritual truth and wisdom in the political arena is necessary if we are to facilitate change. It is a risky, awesome and necessary thing to do. We plan to continue this work as a new nonprofit, Women of the Earth (WE). Contact me for more information: Leslie's February column is called Where was Changing Woman?

    in this area of the world, there is still an abundance of sunshine, which is conduciveto solar cooking. The ovens will be used in northern afghanistan at the
    Afghanistan Up Date August 1, 2002 To date 5 VILLAGER SUN OVENS have been shipped to Afghanistan. These ovens were donated by the cooperative efforts of 142 Rotary Clubs from the U.S. and Canada. Two of the ovens are still in transit and should arrive later this month. A VILLAGER SUN OVEN has now been set up at a girls' school for 2900 students in Aibak, and another at a school on the outskirts of Kabul.
    Ed Artis and Walt Ratterman of Knightsbridge International complete the unloading and setup of a VILLAGER SUN OVEN , donated by Rotary International, in Kabul, Afghanistan. A SUN OVEN has now been set up at a girls' school for 2900 students in Aibak, and another at a school on the outskirts of Kabul.
    Pictured are two members of the German military, Ed Artis, Anita from Mercy Corps and Walt Witman. The German Army assisted in unloading one of the ovens when a forklift was required and transported it to Mercy Corps. Afghan women at the school in Kabul make the first batch of tradition "pillau" bread, to feed their children at class.

    20. Solar Cooking Documents In The Solar Cooking Archive
    afghanistan Continuing War in afghanistan Intensifies Demand for Solar Cookers. BurkinaFaso Report on Solar cooking Activities in Mali and Burkina Faso; Egypt
    The Solar Cooking Archive Solar Cooking Documents
    (Items marked were added in the last 30 days) Documentos en Español Aquí
    Frequently Asked Questions

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