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         Afghanistan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. War movies - not our style; Few references to Afghanistan in Canadian popular culture.(Focus): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-11-29
  2. Russia in Afghanistan and Chechnya: Military Strategic Culture and the Paradoxes of Asymmetric Conflict by Robert M. Cassidy, 2003
  3. Afghanistan: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture by Donald N. Wilbur, 1962
  4. MUJAHIDIN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World</i> by Amin Tarzi, 2004
  5. Pashtun People: Demography of Afghanistan, Demographics of Pakistan, Pashtun culture, Pashto language, Islam in Afghanistan, Islam in Pakistan, Pashtunwali, Pashto media
  6. Tribes, races & cultures of India and neighbouring countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Nepal and Tibet
  7. Afghanistan: A quarterly of art, literature, history and culture
  8. Preliminary notes on Hazara Culture (the Danish Scientific Mission to Afghanistan 1953-55)
  9. Republic of Afghanistan Annual 1977
  10. Recovering the Frontier State: War, Ethnicity, and the State in Afghanistan by Rasul Bakhsh Rais, 2009-04-16
  11. Law in Afghanistan: A Study of the Constitutions, Matrimonial Law and the Judiciary (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia , No 36) by Mohammad Hashim Kamali, 1997-08-01
  12. Magic and Mayhem: The Delusions of American Foreign Policy From Korea to Afghanistan by Derek Leebaert, 2010-09-07
  13. Cultures of the Hinkukush: Selected Papers from the Hindu-KushCultural Conference, 1970 (Beitrage Zur Sudasienforschung, Bd. 1) by Denmark 1970 Hindu-Kush Cultural Conference Moesgard, Karl Jettmar, et all 1974-06
  14. Women at War: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Conflicts by James E. Wise, Scott Baron, 2006-09-21

61. Afghanistan : Society And Culture
afghanistan Society and culture, afghanistan Society and culture homepage, afghanistan Society and culture web, afghanistan Society and culture net
Home Add Site Change URL NewSites ... Search A S I A C O , T H E A S I A S E A R C H E N G I N E
Afghanistan : Society and Culture
Afghanistan : Society and Culture
Human Rights




  • Afghan Community In Australasia
    The Official Homepage of Afghans in Australasia.
    URL: Last modified 27-Mar-1999
  • Welcome to the largest Afghan community in the United States- the San Francisco Bay Area. URL: Last modified 5-May-1999
  • Welcome to the largest Afghan community in the United States- the San Francisco Bay Area. URL: Last modified 5-May-1999
  • Afghanistan Today Online information about Afghanistan. Organized in directory listing. URL: Last modified 27-Mar-1999
  • Afghanistan's Web Site To invite Afghans to express their opinion about issues. URL: Last modified 27-Mar-1999
  • Afghanistan-France News by AFRANE and the CEREDAF (France, Paris) about Afghanistan in French. URL:

62. Afghanistan : Society And Culture : Organizations
afghanistan Society and culture Organizations, afghanistan Society andculture Organizations homepage, afghanistan Society and culture
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Afghanistan : Society and Culture : Organizations
Afghanistan Society and Culture : Organizations

63. - Afghanistan: Treasure Chest Of Early Asian Culture - March 2, 2001
while processing this directive. afghanistan Treasure chest of earlyAsian culture. By Hope Ngo writer. (CNN) When Taleban

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Afghanistan: Treasure chest of early Asian culture
By Hope Ngo writer (CNN) When Taleban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar ordered the destruction of statues that he says are "un-Islamic", he also turned his back on a culture that is unique because of its geography. For centuries, Afghanistan was a key stop on the legendary Silk Routes that linked east and west. Its mountainous terrain sheltered travelers whose caravans carried Chinese silks and Indian ivories. The Silk Route was also fertile ground for traveling Buddhist monks in search of converts. One historian notes: "In the early centuries of the Christian era, Eastern Afghanistan was full of lively Buddhist monasteries, stupas and monks." Islam was not introduced to the region until at least the ninth century. It was around the fourth or fifth centuries that monks are believed to have carved the Buddhas of Bamiyan. One of the statues stands at 58 meters, while the other is at 38 meters. The larger of the pair is considered the world's largest stone statue and the tallest image of the buddha.

64. Afghanistan Society And Culture
Photos Facts Afghan Sweden Online A great information site about Afghanistanin English, Swedish, Farsi and Pashto languages. Islam, map, culture etc.
Society and Culture Afghana! - Help Find this:
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See also Afghana! Afghan Poets
See Also Afghana! Personal Sites
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See also Afghana! Language See also Afghana! Ethnic sites See Also Afghana! Photos Facts Culture
  • Afghan Culture Association - Limoges (France) based Afghan web site dedicated to preservation of Afghan culture and historic heritage. Gran Hewad - General facts on culture Afghan Network iNteractive - Biographies of famous Afghans, Ethnic groups, Ancient coins, musical instruments, language, cooking, rulers, superstitions, poets, information on major cities, etc.

65. Afghanistan Asian Culture Information
Afghani Riddles//Afghani Parables Afghan culture Cultural Life In AfghanistanAfghanistan has a rich cultural heritage covering more than 5,000 years.
Afganistan Human Rights Report
Afghanistan Superstitions Afghanistan Religion Afghani Riddles ... Afghani Parables Afghan Culture Cultural Life In Afghanistan Afghanistan has a rich cultural heritage covering more than 5,000 years. Because of almost complete isolation from the outside world, however, little in art, literature, or architecture was produced between the 16th and early 20th centuries. Because most Afghans live outside the cities, their mode of living can be described as that of a peasant tribal society. Kinship is the basis of social life and determines the patriarchal character of the community. Religion plays a very important role. Archaeological research carried out since 1922 has uncovered many fine works of art of the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. A revival of the traditional arts and an interest in new forms of expression have given a new dynamism to artistic creation. Of the new painters, some draw direct inspiration from the Herat school of the 15th-century Timurid period; others are influenced by Western styles. Through government initiative, some of the old monuments of architectural value are being restored and redecorated. The School of Fine Arts was established in Kabul in the 1930s. In architecture, the traditional Timurid techniques are preserved, particularly in the design of the exterior walls of mosques or tombs. Handicrafts include the world-renowned Afghan carpets and copper utensils.

66. Language & Culture Links: Afghanistan
afghanistan. The culture of afghanistan An extensive collection of photographs,references, and information on the culture and traditions of afghanistan.
Afghanistan resources for Afghanistan and Pashto and
(Farsi dialect) languages Language Resources A Look at the Languages Spoken in Afghanistan Information regarding the languages used in Afghanistan. Includes alphabets and dictionaries.
DARI: Dari Alphabet The written alphabet with phonetic guides to pronunciation.
Dari Language
A brief explanation of the origins of Dari. Farsi Pronunciation Guide Listing of consonants and their sounds. Voice of America Dari Language Services News updates and webcasts in Dari.
Pashto Alphabet
The Arabic alphabet with additional Pashto letters. Pashto Language Materials Information and links on learning Pashto from the Center for Applied Linguistics Pashto Software Digest Listing of software available in Pashto, including Pashto/English dictionaries.
Educational Resources Afghan Proverbs Seven proverbs from Afghanistan that would be a useful resource for lesson plans on Afghan culture, or comparing American and Afghan culture. Nutritional Materials in Farsi Informative diagrams and pamphlets designed to provide basic nutritional information in Farsi.

67. Pravda.RU Group Of Russian Representatives Sent To Afghanistan
Pravda.RUCulture, More details Pravda.RUBest articles on thisweekCulture, 2001.11.15 JEWISH CULTURAL CENTRE OPENS IN MOSCOW.
Nov, 17 2001 Forum in English Former USSR Main Accidents ... About Pravda.RU:Culture
Pyryev's cinema career began as early as in 1925, in the era of the "great silent". In his first satire comedy pictures Stranger Woman and Bureaucrat influence of Pyryev's illustrious actor's past was well sensed. Pyryev had acted under directing of such geniuses as Eizenshtein and Meyerkhold.
More details
Monday, November 19 is the 290th anniversary of the birth of the prominent scholar and public figure Mikhail Lomonosov.
More details
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Boris Bolotin and Lebanese Minister of Culture Ghassan Salameh signed a programme on cultural cooperation between Russia and Lebanon for 2001-2003 in Beirut on Friday.
More details
Valentina Matvienko, Russian deputy prime minister, called Russian cinema "a grand national property." Mrs. Matvienko spoke before participants in the 5th Congress of the Russian Union of Filmmakers, which opened in the Central House of Cinema in Moscow.
More details
"Taurus", the film by Russian director Alexander Sakurov which portrays the last days of Lenin's life, was banned after two performances at the international film festival in Calcutta. The festival's organisers were obliged to take the step following severe protests by youth organisations from the Indian Communist Party (Marxist) which rules in the state of West Bengalia.

68. Pravda.RU Taliban Laboratories In Afghanistan Produce Up To 1,000 Tons Of Narcot
1003 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF KOREAN culture TAKES PLACE IN VLADIVOSTOK A fairof SouthKorean goods opened in Vladivostok (the Russian Far East) in the
Oct, 01 2001 Former USSR Main Accidents World ... About Pravda.RU:Regions of Russia
Of the 37 points of the plan for the rehabilitation of areas in Yakutia (republic in Siberia), which were hit by floods last May, 34 have been carried out
More details
All those who have remained in the areas of Yakutia that were hit by the flood should be provided with jobs, said President Putin of Russia during the Moscow-Lensk TV link in the Kremlin on Monday
More details
The bulk of buildings and installations damaged by the spring flood in Yakutia have been restored, or rather rebuilt anew, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, summing up the results of a Moscow-Lensk telelink.
More details
When summing up the results of a tele-link between Moscow and Lensk today, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he had demanded that all the financial documents relating to the Lensk reconstruction work be presented to him. The region in Yakutia was hit by wide-spread flooding in May.
More details
Russian Emergencies Minister and chairman of the government commission on eliminating the consequences of a flood in Yakutia (Siberia) Sergei Shoigu has personally inspected all construction sites in Lensk, RIA Novosti was told in the ministry's press service on Monday.

69. News From Soc.Culture.Afghanistan
Subscribe the Messages from the Usenetgroup Soc.culture.afghanistan and get themin your local mailbox. Home Soc Soc.culture Soc.culture.afghanistan,

Soc Soc.Culture Soc.Culture.Afghanistan
Discussion of the Afghan society.
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70. Afghanistan: History And Culture
afghanistan History and culture
Afghanistan: History and Culture Other Related Information: Afghanistan
Other Related Information: History
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71. The Culture History Of The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan
The culture history of the Islamic Emirate of afghanistan. HartfordWeb Publishing is not the author of the documents in World History
The culture history of the
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Hartford Web Publishing is not the author of the documents in World History Archives The history in general of Afghanistan The history of superstition in Afghanistan
Taliban Declares Harshest Ever Mass Censorship Campaign
Feminist Majority Foundation, The New York Times, 10 July 1998. The Taliban Minister for the Prevention of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue in Afghanistan declared that all television sets, videocassette recorders, videotapes and satellite dishes must be removed. The communications ban comes at a time when human rights and women's rights activists in the west have stirred political opposition to the Taliban's severe oppression of its citizens.
Afghan Schools on Verge of Collapse
By Thalif Deen, IPS, 29 December 1998. Afghanistan's educational system, battered by nearly 20 years of warfare, is on the verge of collapse. Under the present rigidly Islamic Taliban regime, Afghanistan has virtually barred girls from schools and female teachers from working. The adult literacy rate is 47 percent for men and 15 percent for women.
Taleban ban communal bathing
BBC News Online, 13 August 2000. The ruling Taleban authorities in Afghanistan have closed all the communal bathhouses for men in the capital, Kabul. The Taleban say hygiene as well as modesty was suffering, and the baths will be converted into individual cubicles. Women's bathhouses were closed in 1996, when the Taleban took over Kabul.

72. Afghanistan Online Directory / Travel Media Culture Society And Afghan Life !A!F
afghanistan Today comprehensive online resource about afghanistan andAfghans, covering society, culture, history, politics and more.
Afghanistan -Web Search

73. Art Culture In Afghanistan
Living in afghanistan Art culture. Afghan Network culture Afghan Networkculture - Extensive coverage of the culture and art of afghanistan.
Living in Afghanistan
Index for Afghanistan
Countries Directory Escape from America Magazine Afghanistan Tribal Arts -
Afghanistan Tribal Arts Based gallery of Afganistan's Large and varied Online selection of antique and semi-antique Afghanistan.
Afghan Network: Culture - Afghan Network: Culture Extensive coverage of the culture and art of Afghanistan.
Afghan Poetry - Afghan Poetry This page contains a selection of poems and a list of classical and contemporary poets.
Ahmad Zahir Songs - Ahmad Zahir Songs This page contains songs by Ahmad Zahir, a popular singer of the past.
Archeology - Archeology Ongoing efforts to rescue the collections of Afghanistan's National Museum.
Ariana Afghan - Ariana Afghan Designed to help Afghan youth establish links with their culture and each other. Poetry and arts sections illustrate contemporary and classical works.
Contemporary Afghan Farsi Poetry - Contemporary Afghan Farsi Poetry This is a webpage oncontemporary Dari/Farsi/Persian poetry in Afghanistan. Itcontains poems from contemporary Afghan poets like Khalili, Naweed, Shaiwan, Aasi, Shaker, Ashqari, Bakhtari etc. All poems are in farsi and in gif format. ~ Maps Of Afghanistan - Including City Maps ~ Maps of Afghanistan ~ A large number of differing Afghanistan maps, including city maps

74. Country Guide / The Times Of Central Asia
TO AND IN How to get there , Railroads , Roads , Ports , Airfields , Women ofafghanistan , culture Arts , Traditional Costumes Of afghanistan , Names
Daily news from Central Asia!
Thursday, Apr 03, 2003
Country Guide: Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan ... Uzbekistan TCA projects: CA Desktop CA Currency Community Inside TCA: Registration Advertise Our banners Contact us ... Site Map
GENERAL INFORMATION: Facts at a Glance Flag Description National Anthem Country Map ... Add Link COUNTRY PROFILE: Geography Environment Mountains Water Resources ... Ariana Afghan Airlines TO AND IN: How to get there Railroads Roads Ports ... English-Farsi Dictionary
Latest Afghanistan News
  • Pak-Afghan Bilateral Trade Gets a Boost
  • NATO Looking for Upgraded Role in Afghanistan
  • Fresh Fighting in Afghanistan
  • Russia Ready to Restore Transport Connection with Afghanistan ...
  • Rockets Fired At U.S. Base in Afghanistan
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  • 75. Afghanistan: Afghan Culture, History And Media
    Travel Directory Asia afghanistan Afghan culture,History and Media Add URL Search Travel Notes.

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    Travel Notes Asia Afghanistan Afghan Culture, History and Media Add URL
    Asia @
    Travel Notes Afghanistan


    Afghan Culture Afghan Cooking Channel
    Traditional recipies from Afghanistan. Afghan Music
    Collection of Real Media files by Afghan musicians. Afghan Musical Instruments
    Traditional instruments which are mostly used in folklore music but are also utilized in modern Afghan music today. Afghan Photo Gallery
    From the grinning boy in Afghan traditional clothes, to the horrors of war, nowhere will you find a truer picture of Afghanistan. Afghan Recipies Cook up an Afghan delight with appetizers, main courses, desserts, and the miscellaneous nans and sauces. Dunya-e Jawanan Magazine Photo-documentary magazine about Afghan people. Hidden Land of the Hindu Kush Nuristan lies in the Hindu Kush mountains of northeastern Afghanistan, spanning the basins of the Alingar, Pech, Landai Sin, and Kunar rivers. It is the homeland of a unique group of Indo-European-speaking tribal peoples, now called Nuristanis. Afghan History Afghan History Chronology of Afghan history from 50,000 BC to the present day.

    76. Bomis: The Regional/Asia/Afghanistan/Arts And Culture Ring
    Bomis The Regional/Asia/afghanistan/Arts and culture ring. 4. afghanistan@ culture. Extensive coverage of the culture and art of afghanistan.
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    Greeks Of Afghanistan
    Greeks Of Afghanistan Ariana Afghan Online - Afghan Arts Magazine Designed to help Afghan youth establish links with their culture and each other. Ariana Afghan will display poetry and arts sections which will illustrate contemporary and classical works. Afghan Magazine "Dunya-e Jawanan" An Afghan Magazine with emphasis on Afghan youth living in the West. Afghanistan @ Culture Extensive coverage of the culture and art of Afghanistan. Sponsor sites
    Arts And Culture At BizRate
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  • 77. Sunday Morning - 10/11/2002: Re-building Culture In Afghanistan
    1105 Sunday 10/11/2002 Rebuilding culture in afghanistan Summary A localspecialist in the woven treasures of the Silk Road is Alexandra Copeland.

    Australia Talks


    Book Talk

    Book Reading
    The Space

    11:05 Sunday 10/11/2002
    Re-building Culture in Afghanistan

    A local specialist in the woven treasures of the Silk Road is Alexandra Copeland . She and her husband, Leigh, are renowned dealers and collectors of Central Asian textiles.
    Since Alexandra bought her first handmade rug in Herat, Afghanistan, in 1972, she and Leigh have made 35 extensive visits to the region, but those visits have been curtailed by war and politics in the last 10 years. Just before leaving for her latest trip to Pakistan, she spoke in her inner Melbourne studio to Julie Copeland about the various regional styles of weaving - linked by what was the Silk Road across Central Asia. And Julie Copeland speaks to Professor Rafi Samizay , another exiled Afghani intellectual, who is currently Professor of Architecture at Washington State University. He will be returning to his home town, Kabul, along with a group of engineers, planners and architects, to play a vital role in rebuilding the city’s culture. Christopher Kremmer spoke with Julie earlier this year about his wonderful book on the vital, historic thread they weave throughout Islamic Central Asia. Part of the proceeds from the sales of Chris’s book

    78. Soc.culture Newsgroups: Part 1
    soc.culture.afghanistan Discussion of the Afghan society soc.culture.african Discussionsabout Africa things African soc.culture.african.american Discussions
    Show Newsgroups on the web. I will use my Newsreader. (Newsville members only: Login required.) (Only groups available through your news provider can be read.) soc.culture newsgroups: part 1
    through italian afghanistan - italian japan - zimbabwe Groups having less than 10 articles at the time of this listing are listed separately

    Discussion of the Afghan society


    Discussions about Afro-American issues
    African-American perspectives.

    Albania and Albanians around the world soc.culture.algeria From A to Z about Algeria soc.culture.arabic soc.culture.argentina FAQ All about life in Argentina soc.culture.asean Countries of the Assoc. of SE Asian Nations soc.culture.asian.american soc.culture.assyrian Assyrian culture, history, language, current diaspora soc.culture.asturies soc.culture.australian Australian culture and society soc.culture.austria

    79. 1Up Travel > Afghanistan > WARFARE AND CIVIC CULTURE In Afghanistan
    afghanistan. WARFARE AND CIVIC culture. The SovietAfghan war has causedgrave injury to the civic culture of afghanistan. The destruction

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    Travel Reservations and Bookings
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    Country Studies - Guide Afghanistan
    Country Studies Guide
    For List of Countries,Go to Main Page
    Afghanistan Afghanistan WARFARE AND CIVIC CULTURE
    The Soviet-Afghan war has caused grave injury to the civic culture of Afghanistan. The destruction and disruption wrought by the magnitude of the lethal technology employed was exponentially greater than that of any previous invasion in the past. In addition to extensive ecological damage, including the vicious destruction of Kabul that dwarfs anything previously experienced, the war stretched taught the fabric of the society, threatening to undermine its confidence. National traits once honored hallmarks of Afghan character were jeopardized. Tolerance for others. Forthrightness. Aversion to fanatics. Respect for women. Loyalty to colleagues and classmates. Dislike for ostentation. Commitment to academic freedom. All were compromised.

    80. NIC - Soc.culture.afghanistan
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