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         Africa Government General:     more books (100)
  1. New Africa; An Essay On Government Civilization In New Countries (1903) by Edouard E. Descamps, 2010-09-10
  2. Developmental Local Government: A Case Study of South Africa by J. W. De Visser, 2004-11-23
  3. The story of the Congo Free State; social, political, and economic aspects of the Belgian system of government in Central Africa by Henry Wellington Wack, 2010-08-16
  4. Agricultural Commercialization And Government Policy In Africa (Monographs from the African Studies Centre, Leiden) by J. Hinderink, J. J. Sterkenburg, 1987-01-04
  5. South Africa Foreign Policy and Government Guide
  6. Overcoming Historical Injustices: Land Reconciliation in South Africa (Cambridge Studies in Public Opinion and Political Psychology) by James L. Gibson, 2009-07-20
  7. The Ju/'hoan San of Nyae Nyae and Namibian Independence: Development, Democracy, and Indigenous Voices in Southern Africa by Megan Biesele, Robert K. Hitchcock, 2010-10-15
  8. Democracy in Senegal: Tocquevillian Analytics in Africa by Sheldon Gellar, 2005-09-17
  9. The Investment Climate in Brazil, India, and South Africa: A Comparison of Approaches for Sustaining Economic Growth in Emerging Economies (Wbi Learning Resources) by Qimiao Fan, Jose Guilherme Reis, et all 2007-12-07
  10. The New South Africa by Guy Arnold, 2000-11-18
  11. Slavery and Colonial Rule in French West Africa (African Studies) by Martin A. Klein, 1998-07-28
  12. Institutions and Ethnic Politics in Africa (Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions) by Daniel N. Posner, 2005-06-13
  13. The Military and Politics in Africa: From Engagement to Democratic and Constitutional Control (Contemporary Perspectives on Developing Societies)
  14. Privatization of Parastatals:: Implications for Socio-Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa by George B. Samah, 2007-03-01

41. DBMD - Cholera - General Information
FAQ on cholera from the Centers for Disaease Control.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Bacterial Cholera...... The cholera epidemic in africa has lasted some of the international government activitiesand is Disease Listing general Information Technical Information
Cholera Frequently Asked Questions In January 1991, epidemic cholera appeared in South America and quickly spread to several countries. A few cases have occurred in the United States among persons who traveled to South America or ate contaminated food brought back by travelers.
Cholera has been very rare in industrialized nations for the last 100 years; however, the disease is still common today in other parts of the world, including the Indian subcontinent and sub-Saharan Africa.
Although cholera can be life-threatening, it is easily prevented and treated. In the United States, because of advanced water and sanitation systems, cholera is not a major threat; however, everyone, especially travelers, should be aware of how the disease is transmitted and what can be done to prevent it. What is cholera?

42. SAS Helps National Treasury Of South Africa Meet Hiring Goals
According to Ismail Mamoojee, accountant general at the Office of the NationalTreasury of South africa, South african government has a strong corporate

43. Nations Online :: South Africa - Suid Afrika
africa government Information and Guide to the government of South africa The Parliamentof South africa South african Consulate general general information
This page is part of One World - Nations Online
One World - Nations Online
Countries and Nations
keywords: South Africa, South African news papers, tourist information for South Africa, South Africa tourism, South Africa Map Note: Links will open in a new browser window.
South Africa ( Suid Afrika ) Country Code: za
Flag of South Africa Background:
After the British seized the Cape of Good Hope area in 1806, many of the Dutch settlers (the Boers) trekked north to found their own republics.
The discovery of diamonds (1867) and gold (1886) spurred wealth and immigration and intensified the subjugation of the native inhabitants.
The Boers resisted British encroachments, but were defeated in the Boer War (1899-1902). The resulting Union of South Africa operated under a policy of apartheid - the separate development of the races.
The 1990s brought an end to apartheid politically and ushered in black majority rule.
(Source: CIA - The World Factbook) related countries: UK Netherlands
border countries: Botswana Lesotho Mozambique Namibia ... Zimbabwe Official Sites of South Africa South Africa Government Information and Guide to the Government of South Africa The Parliament of South Africa South African Consulate General General information about South Africa, New York

44. India Book : Government : Embassies : South Africa: Consulate General Of India I
India Book government Embassies South africa Consulate general of India inJohannesburg , India Portal, Indian Channels, India Links,India site, Indian

45. | Disaster Response
HPPCEast africa Email list for news and general announcements related to East africa.Open to HPPC members, other NGOs, and US government and UN officials at
this site
all member sites
Disaster Response Committee (DRC)
About Us DRC Services Resources and Links ...

Inside InterAction Global Partnership Campaign International Development Disaster Response Refugees Gender Equality Media About Us Buy Publications Monday Developments Disaster Response Committee Email Lists DRC email lists are used to disseminate news reports, meeting announcements and summaries, and other information of interest to Committee members. An email list may be created at the suggestion of a Committee member or Disaster Response Unit (DRU) staff. DRU staff will send out an email message to the DRC email list to assess interest in an email list. If at least ten DRC members express interest in a topic-specific email list, the email list will be established.
Inclusion on an email list will depend on the purpose of the email list. Email lists that are established primarily to disseminate news reports on a particular crisis will be open to DRC members, other NGOs, and US government and UN officials at the discretion of DRU staff. Other email lists that carry more sensitive information may be limited to DRC members or members of a working group.
  • To request inclusion on a list, please submit your subscription request at the link below, or send an email to a DRU staff person indicating your name, organization, phone number, email address, and the list to which you wish to be added.

46. N - Economic History
Demography, Education, Income and Wealth africa; Oceania 1913 N400 - EconomicHistory government, War, Law, and Regulation general, International, or
EconLit Subject Descriptors N - Economic History
N - Economic History
- Indicates new or changed listing N000 - Economic History: General
N010 - Development of the Discipline: Historiographical; Sources and Methods
N100 - Economic History: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Growth and Fluctuations: General, International, or Comparative
N110 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N120 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N130 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: Europe: Pre-1913
N140 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: Europe: 1913-
N150 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: Asia including Middle East
N160 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: Latin America; Caribbean
N170 - Economic History: Macroeconomics; Growth and Fluctuations: Africa; Oceania
N200 - Economic History: Financial Markets and Institutions: General, International, or Comparative

47. SABCnews General
home/south africa/general warned that the high temperatures experienced across Southafrica over the opening today in a bid to urge the government to implement
Thu, Apr 03 2003 Johannesburg 08:22 SEARCH ADVANCE SEARCH CATEGORIES SOUTH AFRICA Crime/Justice Education General ... FEATURES SABC WEBSITES SABC 1 SABC 2 SABC 3 Fokus ... Channel Africa Other Langs Chinyanja English French Portuguese Silozi Swahili FIND A BUSINESS Software Downloads In order to play audio and video clips you will require Real Player. Please note a free version is available at RealPlayer
south africa ... Four killed in Midrand collision April 03, 2003, 06:11 AM A couple and their two children were killed in a collision between a Nissan bakkie and 4x4 in Midrand last night, Johannesburg metro police said.
Hansie crash investigation not completed (Apr 02 2003 15:45) The investigation into the aircraft crash in which Hansie Cronje, the disgraced former Proteas cricket captain, and two flight crew were killed in June last year has not yet been completed.
Two killed, 46 hurt in Mpumalanga truck smash (Apr 02 2003 15:45) Two women were killed, and 46 people were injured near Piet Retief in Mpumalanga, when a truck overturned today, Eastern Highveld police said.
Cosatu condemns arrests, state violence in Zimbabwe

48. Participatory Election Project (PEP)
general Background Information. o Freedom Front. o government by the People GreenParty. o Inkatha Freedom Party. o USAID South africa Development Objectives.
Country Case Study: South Africa
1994 Elections

49. Tagish's Directory Of UK Central Government Web Sites
UK Healthcare Providers Telematics and the Information Society World Governmentbullet Worldwide Host Country South africa Embassy Indian Consulate general. of India/1DA6FC703E57DDA3
UK Government UK Party Political Links UK Universities UK Healthcare Providers ... World Government Worldwide Embassies Technical Links
Embassies Worldwide: Contact Details Host Country: South Africa Country of Embassy: India Embassy: Indian Consulate General Address: No. 1, Eton Road,
Corner Jan Smuts Avenue,
Parktown 2193
Postal Address
P.O. Box 6805 Town/City: Johannesburg Postal Code: Telephone: + 27 11 482-8484/5/6 (PABX)
+ 27 11 482-8489 (Commercial)
+ 27 11 482-3046 (Administrative)
+ 27 11 726-1776 (Cultural Centre) Fax: + 27 11 482-4648 (Administration/Commercial)
+ 27 11 482-8492 (Visa/Consular) E-mail: Information on Visas, Overseas Missions, etc., are often available via the Country's Ministerial Department that is responsible for external affairs. Below are links to the website of the appropriate Ministry for the Country of the Embassy and for the Host Country, where such is available. Foreign/External Affairs Information for: India Foreign/External Affairs Information for: South Africa Below are links to additional government websites for these countries, including Ministries, Regional Institutions, etc, courtesy of Gunnar Anzinger's excellent Governments on the WWW Website (except for the UK) .

50. Tagish's Directory Of UK Central Government Web Sites
Healthcare Providers Telematics and the Information Society World government bulletWorldwide Host Country South africa Embassy Indonesian Consulate general. of Indonesia/3D511EEDDF37
UK Government UK Party Political Links UK Universities UK Healthcare Providers ... World Government Worldwide Embassies Technical Links
Embassies Worldwide: Contact Details Host Country: South Africa Country of Embassy: Indonesia Embassy: Indonesian Consulate General Address: 59-61 Loop Street, 8001
P.O. Box 10129
Caledon Square, 7905 Town/City: Cape Town 8001 Telephone: Fax: E-mail: WWW Site (If Available): Information on Visas, Overseas Missions, etc., are often available via the Country's Ministerial Department that is responsible for external affairs. Below are links to the website of the appropriate Ministry for the Country of the Embassy and for the Host Country, where such is available. Foreign/External Affairs Information for: Indonesia Foreign/External Affairs Information for: South Africa Below are links to additional government websites for these countries, including Ministries, Regional Institutions, etc, courtesy of Gunnar Anzinger's excellent Governments on the WWW Website (except for the UK) .

51. Senior Executive Programme For Africa Harvard Business School Executive Educatio
obtained from being involved with my country's government as well in strategy andoperations. Craig Cloete general Manager, Nedcor Ltd., South africa.

HBS Working Knowledge

Access a wealth of resources and data that reflect the intellectual capital of the School as well as insights from industry leaders worldwide.
  • Advanced Management Program
  • The General Manager Program
  • Program for Management Development Specialized General Management:
  • Senior Executive Program for the Middle East
  • Senior Executive Programme for Africa
  • Families in Business: From Generation to Generation
  • Owner/President Management Program ...
  • Finance for Senior Executives Focused Financial Management Series:
  • Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquistions: Creating Value in Turbulant Times
  • Doing Private Equity Deals: From Business Plan to Term Sheet
  • Financial Innovations: Raising Capital and Managing Risk
  • International Managerial Finance: Creating Value Across Borders ...
  • Women Leading Business: Innovation and Success Corporate Governance Series:
  • Audit Committees in a New Era of Governance
  • Compensation Committees: Preparing for the Challenges Ahead
  • Making Corporate Boards More Effective
  • Business Marketing Strategy ...
  • Managing the Supply Chain: The General Manager's Perspective
    Senior Executive Programme for Africa
    March 9 - 21, 2003
  • 52. The Scout Report -- Volume 7, Number 34
    agencies in all three branches of the government as well and other activities of interestto the general public. Two from PBS Flash africa http//
    The Internet Scout Project The Scout Report [In this Issue: General Interest] ... Verso] September 14, 2001 Volume 7, Number 34
    Table of Contents
    Printable version The United States Government Manual 2001/ 2002 [.pdf]

    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) released the latest edition of the United States Government Manual on the US Government Printing Office Website September 5 (last year's edition is discussed in the September 15, 2000 Scout Report ). The 693-page manual covers agencies in all three branches of the government as well as "quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees." Agency descriptions include main officials, the agency's purpose and history, its activities, and a section entitled "Sources of Interest," which gives information such as employment, publications, and other
    activities of interest to the general public. Each section of the document is available in text or .pdf format. [TK]
    [Back to Contents]
    Two from PBS [Flash]

    53. Government Publications And Maps: Foreign Governments
    Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia Governor general; of Solomon Islands; Contactinformation for government and list and Trade. Somalia; South africa Ministries and
    International Documents
    This website is in the process of being updated. It provides links to the official websites of national governments. The Government Publications Departments does not collect the documents of foreign governments so this page was created as a way to access that information. The country name links to official government portals or homepages and the list below the names links to legislative and executive branch institutions. Websites published by individuals or organizations that are not governments are not included. Countries are organized alphabetically, loosely following the structure of The World Factbook . Territories and colonies of other countries are listed separately if the home rule government has a website. Whenever possible links go to websites in the English language. When there is no English translation of a page it is indicated in one of two ways. Either the name of the institution is in its native language, or a note is included in parentheses. Countries without official government websites are also listed and will be linked if websites become available. If you have any questions or suggestions please email them to

    54. Kenya Page
    nationals, and diplomats through much of East africa, RVA is one Rights Kenya Resourceson human rights, government , news and general resources on Kenya;
    Kenya Page
    Other On-Line Resources Related to Kenya
    • Kenya
        The index has been created by The Norwegian Council for Africa, as part of its comprehensive effort to strengthen the knowledge of Africa and African affairs. The projects has been developed in cooperation with the information company Gazette, and wit h financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Kenya (Karen Fung)
        Resources represents part of Karen Fung's "Africa South of the Sahara Electronic Guide". It covers: news, history, geography, etc..
    • African Regional Centre For Computing (Kenya)
        The African Regional Centre for Computing (ARCC) is a registered non-profit, research organization whose main object is to promote the development and usage of computing and communications technologies in Africa with an initial focus on Kenya and its environs.
    • KenyaWeb [Gunnar Hillgartner]
        Comprehensive information on Kenyan histoy, economy, government, tourism, business, education, and etc.

    55. International Law - General
    Serbia; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Ukraine; general Resources; Window to africa onthe Internet Links Headings are Business; Education; government; Health; Media

    International Law - General
  • Key Resources on the Internet for International Law Research(Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
    A Concise Guide by a Leading Authority:Selected Major Sites; International Organizations; Selected Other Sites; Books and Library Catalogues; Journals and Periodical Indexes; Major Newsgroups; International News Services; Directories; Research Guides
    International Law In Brief (ASIL)

    Recent Developments in International Law
    LibInfo (D'Angelo Law Library)

    Constitutions; Comparative Law; Laws of Foreign Countries; Treaties; U.S. Foreign Affairs; European Union; United Nations; Other International Organizations; War Crimes; Human Rights; International Trade; Intellectual Property; International Law Journals
    ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law

    Explanatory Guide to Research, with Links. Initially covers United Nations; Human Rights; International Environmental Law; International Criminal Law; Lists, Newsgroups, Networks; Treaties
    What's On Line
    Articles from the ASIL Newsletter since 1998 International Law in Brief (ASIL) Very Useful Analytical Abstracts of Significant International Law Documents available by Weekly Free Subscription Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases (N.Y.U. Law Library/Roznovschi)
  • 56. Foreign, Multl And International Governments Organizations' Offices
    Embassy of Republic of Venezuela Consulate general of the of Kuwait Embassy of Republicof South africa Multi and International government Offices in Japan.
    Current News Government Society Nature/Environment ... Institutes for Research on Japan
    Foreign, Multi and International Governments Organizations' Offices
    Foreign Government Offices in Japan
    The Royal Embassy of Cambodia
    Embassy of India
    Embassy of Korea
    Embassy of Mongolia ...
    The Royal Thai Embassy
    North America
    Embassy of the United States of America
    Central/South America
    Embassy of Argentina
    Embassy of Republic of Colombia
    Embassy of Republic of Ecuador
    Embassy of United Mexican States ...
    Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Tokyo
    Embassy of Austria
    Embassy of Czech
    Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark
    Embassy of Finland ...
    Royal Norwegian Embassy
    Embassy of Australia
    Embassy of New Zealand
    Middle East/Africa
    Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt
    Embassy of Ghana
    Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran
    Embassy of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ...
    Multi and International Government Offices in Japan
    APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange
    ASEAN Center
    Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
    EU-Delegation of the European Commission in Japan ...
    International Labour Organization (ILO), Tokyo Branch Office

    57. The Country & People Of Mauritania
    Culture general resources, heritage, art, literature Organizations government,ministries, overseas missions, embassies Middle East, North africa, Arab and
    Special Arab Files This page contains links to sites in Mauritania and Mauritania related sites.
    For Middle East, North Africa, Arab and regional information visit Arab Countries Mauritania History
    Settled by Berbers in the 1st millennium A.D., the region was the center of the ancient empire of Ghana (700–1200) and later became part of the empire of Mali (14th–15th cent.). By this time the Sahara had encroached on much of Mauritania, limiting agriculture and reducing the population. In the 1440s Portuguese navigators established a fishing base, and from the 17th cent. European traders dealt in gum Arabic along the southern coast. France gained control of S Mauritania in the mid-19th cent., declared a protectorate over the region in 1903, and made it a separate colony in French West Africa in 1920, but did little to develop the economy. Nationalist political activity began after World War II, and Mauritania gained full independence in 1960.
    A Muslim state was created in 1961 under Makhtar Ould Daddah as president. His rule was troubled by ethnic tensions between the Fulani and the Arab-Berber group, by economic problems aggravated by the severe drought in the Sahel, and by worker-student protests. The military deposed Ould Daddah in 1978, and military governments subsequently ruled the country.
    A 1975 agreement with Spain and Morocco giving Mauritania control over the southern third of the Spanish (Western) Sahara ignited a conflict in the former colony. The Polisario Front, a pro-independence guerrilla group backed by Algeria, waged war against Mauritanian troops until 1979, when Mauritania renounced its claims to the area and signed a peace treaty with the front. Slavery was only officially abolished in 1980, and racial unrest erupted in the late 1970s and persisted into the 1980s, aggravated by government repression of black Mauritanians.

    58. Search The Internet
    the african Diaspora (175) africa Caribbean; Central United States) Foreigngovernments general Legal Web Search Tools government and Historical
    @import "";
    Need Help? Ask Librarians Online
    Featured Link
    War in Iraq
    Web resources, from NYPL.
    Caribbean; Central and Latin America Europe North America ... Site Map

    59. Constitutional Court Of South Africa
    of South africa. Printer friendly version. Constitution, Chapter 6 103150 Provinces.Chapter 7 151-164 Local government. Chapter 14 231-243 general Provisions.

    60. OECD Observer: Africa
    discuss financing development in general and ways a new – and more informed –look at africa. Niger and Senegal non-government organisations representing
    April 3, 2003 All Articles

    Front page



    FORUM 2003


    - General

    - Business
    Society ... Resources HOT TOPICS Aging Biotechnology Corruption E-commerce ... 21st century COUNTRIES OECD - General - Australia - France ... World Back Issues Previous issue Browse articles by date About us Contact Us ... Links Index ifToggle(584); Unusual circumstances for launch of African Economic Outlook 2003 Published on: March 07, 2003 The 2002/2003 edition of the joint African Development Bank/OECD Development Centre African Economic Outlook (AEO) was launched at OECD Headquarters in Paris on 3 March in unusually dramatic circumstances. The launch was initially planned for the fourth International Forum on African Perspectives which should have been held by the two institutions on 3-4 March in the premises of the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. (255 words) More . . .  Published on: September 12, 2002 Ministers from Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa were guests of honour at the OECD ministerial council in Paris on 16 May, 2002 when they met to discuss financing development in general and ways forward for OECD – NEPAD co-operation in particular. All agreed that NEPAD was a promising initiative that had to be advanced. Several areas were considered, including: (157 words) More . . . 

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