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         Africa International Civil Rights:     more books (39)
  1. The International Law of Human Rights in Africa: Basic Documents and Annotated Bibliography
  2. Words Into Action: Basic Rights and the Campaign Against Global Poverty
  3. International Law and Conflicts: Resolving Border and Sovereignty Disputes in Africa by Justice M. Mbuh, 2004-05-05
  4. South Africa: Human Rights and the Rule of Law
  5. Protecting Human Rights in Africa: Roles and Strategies of Non-Governmental Organizations (Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights) by Claude E., Jr. Welch, 1995-12
  6. Africa and the Development of International Law by T. Elias, 1988-11-14
  7. Cultural Transformation and Human Rights in Africa
  8. Behind the Red Line: Political Repression in Sudan by Jemera Rone, Human Rights Watch, 1996-05
  9. Uganda : Scars of Death -- Children Abducted by the LRA by Human Rights Watch Africa, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH STAFF, 1997-09
  10. International Affairs Review: Vol. 15,No. 1, Spring/Summer 2006
  11. Emancipation without Abolition in German East Africa, c. 1884-1914 (Eastern African Studies) by Jan-Georg Deutsch, 2006-11-15
  12. Islam's Black Slaves: The History of Africa's Other Black Diaspora by Ronald Segal, 2003-02-13
  13. Pursuing Justice and Peace in South Africa
  14. Emigration Dynamics of Developing Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa (Emigration Dynamics in Developing Countries , Vol 1) (v. 1)

1. American Civil Rights Review Home Page
Offers an extensive collection of human rights documents and a guide to related organizations. Includes a list of job opportunities. Library. HUMAN rights DOCUMENTS AND MATERIALS africa University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South africa establishment of an international human rights database to commemorate
American Civil Rights Review
Speaking Out For The New Civil Rights Movement
By Supporting And Increasing The Influence Of America's Constitutional Infrastructure Civil Rights/Human Rights SUPER-NEWS Search
Access Daily Happenings in Major NEWS Sources
USA Af-Am Civil Right HUD Human Rights ... Archived WWW News Lists350K+
USA DNC RNC Klan Aryan Politics ... Matt Hale
USA Gay Rights Women's Rights Abortion Minorities ... Senior Citizens
AFRICAN GENOCIDES South Africa Rwanda C.A.R. Congo ... Africa
MORE GENOCIDES Kosovo Bosnia Russia Sri Lanka ... HIV
HOLOCAUST Israel Palestine ADL JWC ... Skinhead
USUAL SUSPECTS DNC RNC Klan Aryan Politics ... Free Speech Civil Rights/Human Rights Web Resources on ACRR See Civil Rights in Complete Perspective - Pro and Con - Only The Truth Rules
Civil RightsPositive Articles and Opinions Civil RightsNegative Articles and Opinions The Great Civil Rights Document Archive of ACRR Americans Discuss Civil Rights Sound Bytes for School Discussion Groups ... Or Just Read Some Letters We Have Already Received From Our Readers Welcome. Number of Hits On Our Web Site Including Yours... Starting Point This is Mr. Diversity.

2. U Of M Human Rights Library: International Human Rights Instruments
the Mass Media to Strengthening Peace and international Understanding, to on September8, 2001 in Durban South africa. on the Granting of civil rights to Women
International Human Rights Instruments
UNITED NATIONS DOCUMENTS AND INSTRUMENTS U.N. CHARTER , June 26, 1945, 59 Stat. 1031, T.S. 993, 3 Bevans 1153, entered into force Oct. 24, 1945.
Declarations of acceptance of Charter obligations (information available by U.N.subscription)
THE INTERNATIONAL BILL OF HUMAN RIGHTS Universal Declaration of Human Rights , G.A. res. 217A (III), U.N. Doc A/810 at 71 (1948).
Chinese Russian Other Languages ... International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights , G.A. res. 2200A (XXI), 21 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 16) at 49, U.N. Doc. A/6316 (1966), 993 U.N.T.S. 3, entered into force Jan. 3, 1976.
Current ratifications available by U.N. subscription
ratifications from U.N.H.C.H.R. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights , G.A. res. 2200A (XXI), 21 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 16) at 52, U.N. Doc. A/6316 (1966), 999 U.N.T.S. 171, entered into force Mar. 23, 1976.
Current ratifications available by U.N. subscription

3. Australian Human Rights And Civil Rights
international Organizations. Human rights and Governance in africa public attitude surveys on democracy, markets and civil society in africa.'. The site includes sample surveys and
Australian Human Rights and Civil Rights
This page has been set up by Victor Perton MP to provide reasonable access to papers and hotlinks relating to human rights. It focuses on Australian issues and matters but also contains a compendium of international links. Please tell us what you think of the page and suggest any changes you'd like to see Contents Australian Issues Aboriginal Affairs Bill of Rights Equal Opportunity Law ... International Human Rights Links
Human Rights in Australia (General
United States State Department Report on Human Rights Practices in Australia 1999 - US embassies gather information throughout the year from a variety of sources across the political spectrum, including government officials, jurists, military sources, journalists, human rights monitors, academics, and labor activists. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission , Australia. HREOC administers federal legislation in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination, social justice and privacy. This includes complaint handling, public inquiries, policy development and education and training. Australia's Report Under The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

4. American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Joins Civil And Human Rights Leaders In Ur
set to open Friday in Durban, South africa. to tackle a myriad of international issuesinvolving others, the Leadership Conference on civil rights, the NAACP

5. Human Rights Watch / Defending Human Rights Worldwide
Center for civil Society international provides information about its programs and projects aimed at building a peaceful, pluralistic Eurasia. Middle East and North africa. Southeast Asia international attention to the human rights situation in Uzbekistan more. civil Society international. 2929 NE

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3 April 2003 Rwanda: Youth Still Suffer from Genocide, War
(New York, April 3, 2003) Rwandan children still suffer the devastating consequences of the 1994 genocide and the war that preceded and followed it, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. U.S. Using Cluster Munitions In Iraq U.N.: 'Who's Who" of Human Rights Abuse West Africa: Stop Trafficking in Child Labor (Report) ... More News Releases
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Geneva, 28 March - 3 April

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Support our Emergency Work on Iraq PUBLICATIONS HRW World Report 2003 Clickable World Map Recent Reports: Uganda Ukraine Kenya Nigeria ... Ethiopia Afghanistan: Cluster Bombs More Publications CAMPAIGNS Child Abductions in Uganda ... Press Contacts

6. International League Of Human Rights
Campaigns on international human rights issues. The site presents recent human rights news, and contains Category Society Issues Advocacy Organizations...... by Ms. Kakuna Kerina, ILHR's africa Program Director professionals, indigenous NGOs,and civil society institutions Like the international League for Human rights
823 UN Plaza Suite 717
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-661-0480
Fax: 212-661-0416

The International League for Human Rights has worked to keep human rights at the forefront of international affairs and to give meaning and effect to the human rights values enshrined in international human rights treaties and conventions. The League's special mission for 60 years has been defending individual human rights advocateswho have risked their lives to promote the ideals of a just and civil society in their homelands. League Gives Defenders' Award
League Visit to Sierra Leone Turkmen Leader Should Mark His Birthday by Introducing Rule of Law ...
Belarus Updates Archive

7. Africa ICT Policy Monitor - Hafkin Prize
in the national, regional, and international ICT policy main regional framework addressingAfrica’s development has lacked adequate civil society involvement.
Mobilising African Civil Society around the importance of ICT policy for the development of the continent
Policy resources
Statistics Newsletter Countries: Africa Cameroon Egypt Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nigeria Rwanda Senegal South Africa Tanzania Tunisia Uganda Zimbabwe International Regional All countries Themes Access Censorship Communication rights e-Commerce ... All themes Workshop statement English French
Draft Action Plan

Participants list

Press release

Information for participants [MSWord]
Building an Inclusive Information Society in Africa
Statement of the Addis workshop of African Civil Society organisations, November 2002
Introduction The ICT policy and civil society workshop was held in Addis Ababa from 6 to 8 November 2002. It was organized by the Association for Progressive Communication (APC), Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), and Article 19. Eighty-two African civil society representatives drawn from twenty-five countries, regional and international organizations (UNECA, UNESCO and the ITU) participated in the workshop to strengthen the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in national, regional and global ICT fora. Preamble The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) received a clear mandate from the UN Secretariat to outline a clear vision of the way human kind wants to build societies free from poverty, oppression and imbalances of all kind and exclusion from the benefits that can be derived from information and communication technologies and their fair utilization.

8. Today's Headlines
Lula da Silva, From AntiSlavery international. More about Argentina, civil rights,sexuality Experts confirm unsafe sex main cause of HIV in africa A group

9. International Human Rights Law Group
Capacity Building for civil rights and Social and PostConflict Situations internationalAdvocacy Advocacy Inheritance rights in africa international Advocacy
Search Sitemap Home About IHRLG ... International Advocacy HEADQUARTERS
1200 18th Street NW
Suite 602
Washington DC 20036
202.822.4600 tel
202.822.4606 fax
About IHRLG Welcome ... Web Coordinator

10. International Human Rights Law Group
country Nigeria staff our africa staff in US Public Interest Group, InternationalCenter for on Women, Leadership Conference on civil rights and InterAction.
Search Sitemap Home About IHRLG ... International Advocacy HEADQUARTERS
1200 18th Street NW
Suite 602
Washington DC 20036
202.822.4600 tel
202.822.4606 fax
Program Updates There are no entries for this section. Program Team
Meet our in-country Nigeria staff Africa staff in Washington IHRLG IN NIGERIA Building the Legislative Advocacy Capacity of Civil Society Organizations In 1996, IHRLG convened the first of a series of consultations between Nigerian activists and South African parliamentarians, officials and community leaders who had led the fight to overthrow apartheid. The consultations enabled South African activists to share mobilization tactics learned in the struggle against apartheid to help Nigerian civil society leaders develop a strategy for addressing the difficult situation they faced at that time. In 1998, we organized a follow-up consultation in Accra, Ghana, which coincided with a period of escalating state repression, lending great urgency to the discussions. In December 1999, IHRLG organized a legislative advocacy workshop in collaboration with Human Rights Monitor in Kaduna, which brought together a diverse group of civil society leaders and media experts to investigate the positive and negative role the media has played in advancing a human rights agenda for Nigeria, and envision useful strategies for expanding relationships between civil society and the media within the new democratic environment.

11. Directory Of Human Rights Resources On The Internet
Amnesty international Group 134; Amnesty international Leicester UK local of theProvince of Southern africa (Anglican); civil rights League (Nigeria);

12. African Studies - Human Rights
Index of international organizations from Columbia University.Category Society Issues Advocacy Organizations africa...... June 1996 Report on NGOs in africa (English version for Human rights, Stockholmand the international Human rights Women in the Aftermath of civil War West
International Organizations
Human Rights and Governance in Africa
A B C D ...

13. International Coalition Of Historic Sites Of Conscience | Contact Information
Square Cape Town 7905, South africa Tel 2721 NATIONAL civil rights MUSEUM MemberPage Coming Soon Member FUNDERS The international Coalition of Historic Site
Member Sites Contact List:
Coming Soon:

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

Japanese American National Museum

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

National Civil Rights Museum
Member Since: 1999
Sandra Prosalendis, Director
P.O. Box 10178, Caledon Square
Cape Town 7905, South Africa Tel: 27-21-461-4735 or 8745 Fax: 27-21-461-8745 E-mail: ELEANOR ROOSEVELT NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE Member Page Coming Soon Member Since: 2001 Ms. Sarah Olson, Superintendent 4097 Albany Post Road Hyde Park, NY 12538 Tel: 845-229-9116 Fax: 845-229-0739 E-mail: Web Site: GULAG MUSEUM Member Since: 1999 Victor Schmiroff, Director 17 Sibirskaya Street, 3rd Fl.

14. -
Daily human rights news service with background on all major global justice issues and links to NGO Category Society Issues Human rights and Liberties News and Media...... More about africa, United States, conflict, consumption / consumerism More aboutBolivia, civil rights, economy, poverty Food From Consumers international. OneWorld Africa OneWorld Austria OneWorld Canada OneWorld Finland OneWorld Italy OneWorld Latin America OneWorld Netherlands OneWorld South Asia OneWorld Spain OneWorld SouthEast Europe OneWorld US AIDSChannel CanalSIDA Digital Opportunity Kids Channel LearningChannel 03 April 2003 Search for in OneWorld sites OneWorld partners CURRENT IN DEPTH PARTNERS GET INVOLVED ... Current
International news
Special Reports
Iraq Conflict

Southern African Crisis

Climate change

Corporate accountability


Trade master
Editorial International criminal justice after Djindjic's assassination What's new? About OneWorld
Today's news
Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa to send troops to Burundi Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa will send 3,500 peacekeeping troops to Burundi, under the aegis of the African Union, the countries' defence ministers announced this week. Read more From: United Nations' Integrated Regional Information Network Related topics/regions: [Central Africa] [Burundi] [Ethiopia] [Mozambique] ... Annan proposes new mission to build Côte d'Ivoire peace United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has proposed the creation of a new United Nations mission in Cote d'Ivoire to help smooth progress towards implementation of a power-sharing peace accord after six months of conflict. Read more From: ReliefWeb UN OCHA Related topics/regions: [Cote D'Ivoire] [United Nations] [Peace] More international news
Special Report: Iraq
UNICEF seeks $166 million The United Nations Children's Fund appeals for $166 million to support urgent humanitarian aid for children and women.

15. Internet Rights - APC
of its work will be to lobby for civil society participation APC More africa Southafrican of communications is slammed by Privacy international as leading
INTERNET RIGHTS CAPACITY BUILDING ... ABOUT APC APC INTERNET RIGHTS (IR) HOME CHARTER NEWS FROM APC ACTION URGENT ACTION RAPID RESPONSE NETWORK CAMPAIGNS PRESS RIGHTS IN... AFRICA EUROPE LATIN AMERICA ISSUES ACCESS CENSORSHIP GENDER GOVERNANCE ... OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE APC and IR Internationally in EUROPE POLICY MONITORS in AFRICA ... CONTACT US PRESS RELEASES BRIEFS Internet Rights HOME CAMPAIGNS ALERTS AFRICA ... LATIN AMERICA CAMPAIGNS: Communication Rights in the Information Society The Communication Rights in the Information Society ( CRIS ) campaign aims to ensure that communication rights are central to the information society and the upcoming World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS The Right to Communicate enhances human rights and strengthens the social, economic and cultural lives of people and communities. The "information society" that interests CRIS and APC is based on principles of transparency, diversity, participation and social and economic justice, and inspired by equitable gender, cultural and regional perspectives.

16. Human Rights Watch: Children's Rights - International Legal Standards
Americas. Asia. Europe/Central Asia. Middle East/N. africa. United States. GlobalIssues, Arms. international Covenant on civil and Political rights (ICCPR).

Americas Asia Europe/Central Asia ... Links to Related Organizations
International Legal Standards
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Child Labor Slavery Convention Protocol amending the Slavery Convention Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery ILO Convention 138, Minimum Age ... More International Law and Child Labor... Child Soldiers The Draft Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflicts The ILO Convention 182 concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and Relating to the Protection of Victims f International Armed Conflicts Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergency and Armed Conflict ... Children in Armed Conflict and Displacement: The Convention, Treaties and International Agreements (CRIN Webpage) Juvenile Justice UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice (Beijing Rules) UN Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty UN Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (Riyadh Guidelines) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Orphans and Abandoned Children United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illnesses and the Improvement of Mental Health Care International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

17. Human Rights
to the development of a human rights jurisprudence for africa. Una organización civil,sin fines de lucro que international Committee of the Red Cross A private
WashLaw Web ForInt Law Foreign and International Law
Human rights
see also Gay rights GypsiesCivil rights Freedom of religion Freedom of the press ... Women's rights Human rights

18. The Birmingham International Festival Salutes Canada.
24, 2003, the Birmingham civil rights Institute (BCRI host their third joint internationalconference, Transformative year will be South africa's Institute for
Addressing the Concerns of the Indigienous Peoples Worldwide
An International Conference
Offered in conjunction with the Birmingham International Festival's Salute to Canada
April 22-24, 2003 Sheraton Birmingham Hotel/Medical Forum
2101 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North
Birmingham, Alabama
On April 22-24, 2003, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI), the Birmingham International Festival (BIF) and The Birmingham Pledge Foundation will host their third joint international conference, "Transformative justice: This Land is My Land, Too! Addressing The Concerns Of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide." Also joining in the partnership for a second year will be South Africa's Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. This international meeting will take place in Birmingham, Alabama. "Transformative Justice: This Land is My Land, Too!" is scheduled to coincide with the Birmingham International Festival's 2003 Salute to Canada. The Festival is the oldest organization in America to celebrate the cultures of other countries. Its annual salutes further the joint mission of our three organizations to present in Birmingham significant international programs that address themes of justice and reconciliation in civil and human rights issues.

19. Hieros Gamos - Law And Legal Research Center
A comprehensive guide to law and government worldwide with legal links, seminars, free databases and Category Society Law Legal Information Resources...... international LAW. Latin America Europe, AsiaPacific africa,Middle East. Agriculture,Aviation, Banking, Bankruptcy, civil rights, Communications, Criminal Law
Law Firms Worldwide - 250 countries Deutsch Italiano Law Firms in North America
#1 Legal Research Center Home Law Firms Experts/Consultants Law Practice ... Contact Us UNITED STATES LAW Federal Government


States' Law

INTERNATIONAL LAW Law for 230 countries
United Nations


European Union
Other Organizations
LEGAL ASSOCIATIONS Lawyers' Associations Legal Associations Professional Assoc. Foundations Assoc. BAR ASSOCIATIONS U.S. Bar Associations National State Local ... Middle East LIFE STYLE Buyer's Guide Autos Health Center Personal Finances ... Law Business Center Which type of corporation is best? Considering E-Commerce? Buying a business? Need a loan for your business? Starting a Business E-Commerce Legal Stuctures Financing your Business ... 70 Areas of Practice - Laws for more than 70 areas of practice. Advertising Agriculture Aviation Banking ... Law Student Center Everything you should know from choosing a Law School to your Bar Exams. Pre-Law Study Material Law Schools Exams Graduate Schools ... Legal Employment Center The complete source of information to plan your career Employment Career Center Recruiters/Employers Changing Job ... Law Consumer Center Consumers rights are becoming increasingly important around the world. Do you know yours?

20. Human Rights Interactive Network
US civil rights and Community Action Domestic organizations individuals, visit theAmnesty international website woman in the former Yugoslavia, africa or South
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead
Bookmark this site now for future reference. Human Rights Interactive Network presents:
Human Rights, Globalization
and Disaster Relief
The Internet Citizen's Guide and Directory

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