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         Africa International Civil Rights:     more books (39)
  1. Financing Public Services in the New South Africa. (International Horizons).(adapted from article in)(La Follette Policy Report): An article from: Government Finance Review by Andrew Reschovsky, Howard Chernick, 2001-12-01
  2. Partitioned Africans: Ethnic Relations Across Africa's International Boundaries, 1884-1984
  3. Prohibited Persons: Abuse of Undocumented Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees in South Africa by Human Rights Watch Africa, 1998-03-01
  4. Policing to Protect Human Rights: A Survey of Police Practice in Countries of the Southern African Development Community, 1997-2002 by Amnesty International, 2002-07-09
  5. Human Rights and Development in Africa by Claude E., Jr. Welch, 1984-07
  6. Angola: Arms Trade and Violations of the Laws of War Since the 1992 Elections : Sumario Em Portugues by Human Rights Watch Staff, 1994-11
  7. Kenya: Taking Liberties (An Africa Watch report) by Africa Watch Committee, 1991-08
  8. Report of the African Commission's Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities: Mission to the Republic of Niger, 14-24 February 2006 by International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, African commission on Human and Peoples Rights, 2009-02-28
  9. The Unbreakable Thread: Non-Racialism in South Africa by Julie Frederikse, 1990-11
  10. Contested Land in Eastern and Southern Africa (Oxfam Working Papers Series) by Robin Palmer, 1997-12-01
  11. White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and North Africa's One Million European Slaves by Giles Milton, 2005-05-09
  12. State Violence and the Right to Peace: An International Survey of the Views of Ordinary People, Volume 3: Africa and Central and South America by Kathleen Malley-Morrison, 2009-10-30
  13. Prepared statement of Goler Teal Butcher on behalf of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: In testimony before the House Foreign Affairs ... Washington, D.C., February 9, 1982 by Goler Teal Butcher, 1982
  14. Cleaning the Face of Morocco: Human Rights Abuses and Recent Developments/North Africa by Virginia N. Sherry, 1990-08

21. International
United Kingdom *Europe *Canada *Australia *africa *Asia *South Leadership Conferenceon civil rights. international Freedom of Expression Exchange Alert Service.
F lorida S tate U niversity
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22. Amnesty International (South Africa) - Working To Protect Human Rights Worldwide
The South african coordinating structure of Amnesty international. Shares the objectives of the internati Category Society Issues Amnesty international Country Sections...... a reparations program, as has been urged for so long by civil society organizationsin South africa, Amnesty international and Human rights Watch said.
@import "/aisa.css";
Amnesty International
South Africa
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news - latest
South Africa: Government should compensate victims of the past and end impunity
Joint statement by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch New York/ London: The South African government should urgently implement outstanding recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said in a briefing paper released today. "President Thabo Mbeki should use the opening of the 2003 parliamentary session tomorrow to announce a program of reparations for victims and to renounce any possibility of a further amnesty," the organizations urged. In their briefing paper, Truth and Justice: Unfinished Business in South Africa , the two organizations also called on the South African government to ensure swift public release of the two outstanding volumes of the TRC's report and to strengthen the unit responsible for prosecutions of apartheid-era crimes. "There can be no further justification for the government to delay implementing a reparations program, as has been urged for so long by civil society organizations in South Africa," Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said. >>

23. Migration
protects and promotes the civil rights of Latinos Expertise/interests internationalhuman rights and issues in subSaharan africa; international human rights
Journalists Press Releases Media Contacts
Focus/Topics Environment HIV/AIDS Population Trends Reproductive Health 2000 Census Education Employment Family Planning Fertility Gender Health Income/Poverty Marriage/Family Migration Mortality Older Population Policy Race/Ethnicity Urbanization Youth
Regions Asia/Pacific Europe Latin America Middle East North America Sub-Saharan Africa
PRB Sites Ameristat MEASURE Comm PopNet PRB
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Cynthia Buckley
Professor, University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center
1800 Main Building
Austin, TX 78712-1127
Phone: 512/475-8641
E-mail: Expertise/interests: Population change and rural development in the Russian Federation and Central Asia (aging, migration, and refugees).
Mary Diaz
Executive Director
Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
122 East 42nd St., New York, NY 10168-1289 Expertise/interests: Refugees and displaced persons. Contact Mary Diaz though Diana Quick, Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator. Phone: 212/551-3087; fax: 212/551-3180; e-mail:

as Coordinator of the Disabled international Support Effort Vietnam, Palau, Guam,South africa, Japan, Bosnia national disability and civil rights organizations
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)
Berkeley,CA and Washington, DC

Edited by Silvia Yee and Mary Lou Breslin
Afterword by Arlene B. Mayerson
Transnational Publishers, 2002
Theresia Degener and Gerard Quinn
This volume describes the extraordinary success of the international political movement of people with disabilities to include disability as a human rights issue. The authors are renowned disability rights attorneys, university professors, and activists who practice, teach, and work internationally.
The collection begins with a survey of international, comparative, and regional disability law reforms. It sets the stage for the Principles, an exploration of theoretical problems and issues that must be addressed if disability legislation is to have the desired impact. Topics include the challenge of defining disability; the role of prejudice in conceptualizing rights-based laws; theories of equality as they relate to disability; the dissonance between social welfare and civil rights approaches to disability; and the use of international human rights and other laws to challenge institutionalization and advance community integration.
ORDER INFORMATION November 2002. ISBN 1-57105-240-2. 493 pages/paperback. $50.00

25. Artists For A New South Africa
ANSA is a nonprofit organization founded and supported by artists, activists and others dedicated Category Society Issues Human rights and Liberties...... continues to work to increase international awareness and philanthropists, artistsand youth to South africa;; in efforts to further civil rights and social
A New Message from the Board
MARCH 28 - APRIL 11, 2003 at:

Find out more...

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Internet Explorer Users only E-mail a friend about us!
Who We Are Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA)
is a non-profit organization founded and supported by artists, activists and others dedicated to furthering democracy and equality in South Africa and civil rights in the U.S. Originally called Artists for a Free South Africa (AFSA) and founded in 1989 by Alfre Woodard, Blair Underwood, Danny Glover, Mary Steenburgen, CCH Pounder, Robert Guillaume and other artists, activists and friends, ANSA's initial goal was to support South Africa's quest for freedom. ANSA now works to help eradicate the inequities that are apartheid's legacy, while strengthening the bonds between our two nations and addressing related issues of social justice here in the U.S. ANSA is also helping to combat the AIDS pandemic, which is spreading more rapidly and affects more people in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. As the situation in South Africa has changed, ANSA has altered its focus to respond to the pressing needs of each new phase. With the approach of South Africa's first democratic elections in 1994, ANSA concentrated on voter education, working alongside grassroots organizations to help reach millions who had never before been allowed to cast ballots. In one of history's great triumphs, apartheid was replaced by a stable multi-party democracy and the world's most far-reaching Bill of Rights. Yet in many ways, the real work of alleviating the suffering and solving the problems created by centuries of discrimination has just begun.

26. Dissertations
An Evaluation in the Light of international Human rights Norms and civil rights Litigationin the in a PostApartheid South africa (1993) (unpublished LL
ND Law School CCHR Center for Civil and Human Rights

Dissertations are available at both the Center for Civil and Human Rights and the Notre Dame Law Library and can be checked out from the library Abiola Atinuke Akiyode, Human Rights and Disabled Persons in Africa (1999) (unpublished LL.M.. dissertation, University of Notre Dame). Jacqueline Cassette, The Tension Between the Right to Sex Equality and the Right to Culture in the South African Interim Constitution - An International Law Perspective (1995) (unpublished LL.M. dissertation, University of Notre Dame). Lebugang Y. Chirume, A 'Difference' Approach to Contemporary Feminist Analysis -Incarcerated Mothers as a Case Study (1993) (unpublished LL.M. dissertation, University of Notre Dame). Aurora Ciuca, Analysis of Domestic Violence in the United States and its Applicability to the International Arena (1996) (unpublished LL.M. dissertation, University of Notre Dame). Maha El-Taji, The Palestinian Refugees and the Middle East Peace Process (1996) (unpublished LL.M. dissertation, University of Notre Dame). Patricia Galvao Ferreira, Human Rights Education: The Responsibility of Governments and International Organizations (1999) (unpublished LL.M. dissertation, University of Notre Dame).

27. Alum Visits Before International Conference
full citizenship and the role of the courts in the civil rights era, said Scott,also a member of the board of directors of the Constituency for africa, a non
IU law graduate to talk about importance of an independent judicial system.
By Heather Allen/
Campus Editor Who: Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Kellam Scott What: "Judicial Independence: Lifeblood of the Civil Rights Era and Today's Emerging Third World Nation States" When: 7:45 p.m.,Feb. 17 Where: LS 116 On his way to the National Summit on Africa's Dialogue and Celebration of Africa in Washington D.C., Justice Gregory Kellam Scott, a 1977 honor graduate of the law school will return to his almamatur to discuss with law students importance of roles they will have as future lawyers in maintaining American freedoms. "The real power of the American judicial system still rests with the people...and the people are represented by lawyers," said Scott, who was also a visiting professor at the IU School of Law-Indianapolis. During "Judicial Independence: Lifeblood of the Civil Rights Era and Today's Emerging Third World Nation States," the Colorado Supreme Court justice will draw analogies from the American Civil Rights experience and the struggles within emerging African nation states. "In looking at African nations, those countries with a strong judiciary system are also countries that provide great liberties to their citizens...analogies certainly can be drawn to the integration of African-Americans to full citizenship and the role of the courts in the civil rights era," said Scott, also a member of the board of directors of the Constituency for Africa, a non-governmental organization that seeks to increase American's understanding of America's foreign policy regarding African nation states.

28. Privacy International -South Africa
strong criticism by industry and civil rights groups Privacy international, submissionto the Justice Portfolio Committee the Republic of South africa, May 1996.
South Africa
Privacy and Human Rights 2000, South Africa, September 2000.
Freedom of Information and Privacy
The South African Parliament approved the " The Promotion of Access to Information Act " (formerly named the Open Democracy Bill) on January 21, 2000. The bill allows any person to access almost all information held by government bodies. It also allows individuals to access their records held by companies and others. The Parliament is now considering a new act on Privacy and Data Protection which is required by the Constitution. South African History Archive (SAHA) update of The Promotion of Access to Information Act, February 2002.

29. WILPF - Women's International League For Peace And Freedom
Founded in 1915, group works to achieve world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic Category Society Issues Peace Activism and Peace Work Women...... Issues africa, Women's rights, civil Liberties, Death Penalty, Drug Policy, MidEast.WILPF international. WILPF at the UN. Reaching Critical Will. PeaceWomen.
WILPF HOME Become a Member Donate to WILPF Jane Addams Peace Association, Inc. U.S. WILPF Branches History Sponsors WILPF in Washington ... Contact WILPF Campaigns: UFORJE Corporate Power/People Rights, Disarm Cuba Issues: Africa Women's Rights Civil Liberties Death Penalty ... PeaceWomen Search this site Sitemap Email Webmistress NATIONAL
Uniting for Racial Justice
Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights
Abolish Corporate Personhood action
(new actions/events)

Dismantling the War Economy

WOMEN and CUBA: Building a U.S. Women's Movement to Normalize Relations with Cuba ISSUE
Africa Committee CEDAW/ Women's Rights Civil Liberties Abolishing the Death Penalty ... Middle East Committee WILPF HEADLINES Actions, Statements, Events, Resources

30. The Role Of The Media In International Politics
night graphic news footage of the civil rights struggle was effect of all this oninternational politics has Economic sanctions against South africa by many
The Broadcast Media's Growing Role
in International Politics
by Ron Whittaker B ecause of satellite links which now enable broadcast news organizations to originate live programming from any part of the globe, the entire world is becoming one, giant sound stage for television news. As a result, Marshall McLuhan's reference to the post-television world as being a single "global village" is gaining new credence and Shakespeare's famous line, "all the world's a stage," has taken on an interesting new twist in meaning. But, beyond the philosophical dimensions of global television communications there are some dramatic, political implications. Even before today's worldwide satellite links were possible, the growing effect of broadcast news technology on national and international politics was becoming increasingly evident.
A Quick Look Back
B ecause television is a closeup medium and a medium that seems to most readily involve emotions, it is most effective when it is revealing the plights of people. It was probably the appalling footage of the Nazi death camps that first demonstrated the power of motion pictures and television to affect the collective consciousness of a world audience.

31. Maximiliano Herrera Human Rights Site -freedom, Democracy, Civil Rights And Libe
Personal site dedicated to the promotion of the freedom and the democracy around the world. Includes Category Society Politics Democracy...... countries ranked according their political freedoms and civil rights. Against TortureGlobal Movement for Children -international Institute of Channel africa.
Maximiliano Herrera's Human Rights Site
The Maximiliano Herrera's Site is dedicated to the promotion of democracy and freedom worldwide. It is a NONPROFIT site. NEW! MIRROR SITE AT WWW.MHERRERA.ORG
Maximiliano Herrera's Human Rights Site is dedicated to the promotion of democracy and freedom worldwide. The Editor and his collaborators are always working on improving and upgrading our human rights resources and documents. We hope to provide a useful service to everyone who is interested in politics and human rights. The site includes these pages: Electoral Calendar , which is a full, complete and updated list of the past and next elections around the world, including presidential, legislative and local elections.It also includes popular referendums. It was created in 1999 and during the following months has improved and now it is recognized as one of the best electoral calendars on the WEB. Freedom in the World is a list of all the independent countries ranked according their political freedoms and civil rights. It was created in 1997 and it is often updated. It also includes an internal link to Freedom in the Territories which ranks the non independent territories.

32. DOS/International Information Programs: Site Index
Promoting Trade and Investment in africa (EJ); The civil rights Movement and the Legacyof Martin Luther and antitrust policy, US international Antitrust and
Site Index
IIP is "International Information Programs," the Department of State office that maintains this Web site. Items in italics are publications of IIP and its predecessor, the former United States Information Agency. "EJ" stands for "Electronic Journal," our periodic, on-line publication. If you are working in a Windows system, you can do a simple text search of this page by holding down the control key and entering " F ". For Mac users, hold down the
Apple key and enter " F ". A-E F-J K-O P-T ... U-Z Africa Americas Archives Arms Control Arts, U.S. - Arts and culture Asia-Pacific Asia, South Balkans - See Southeast Europe Biotechnology Burma Caribbean ... China Cities - Livable Communities: Improving Life in the World's Megacities Civic education (CIVNET) The Civil Rights Movement and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

33. Human Rights/Civil Rights: People Who Make A Difference
Justice, Constitutional Court of South africa and anti Sané, Secretary General,Amnesty international (no bio of State for Democracy, Human rights, and Labor
Research Gallery: Public Education; Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley
Kofi Annan,
UN Official
Kritaya Archavanitkul,
Thai Human Rights Activist
Ronald V. Dellums,
former Congressman
Shari Eppel,
Zimbabwean Activist
Tom Farer,
International Lawyer and Policy Analyst
Richard Goldstone,
South African Judge
Anita Gradin,
Swedish political leader
Roy Gutman,
William Haglund,
Medical Anthropologist Thelton Henderson, U.S. District Judge
Judith Herman,
Psychiatrist Brenda Hollis, War Crimes Prosecutor Alice Karekezi, Rwandan Activist Ahmed Kathrada, South African Activist Gerald Nagler, Swedish Human Rights Activist Peter Neufeld, Attorney Sadako Ogata, UN Official Gilles Peress, Photographer Samantha Power, Writer Hernan Reyes, International Red Cross Official Albie Sachs, South African Judge and Activist Amnesty International Official John Shattuck, U.S. Diplomat Wole Soyinka, Nigerian Writer and Activist Eric Stover, Activist Sir Brian Urquhart, former UN Official Wei Jingsheng, Chinese Activist Alexander Yakovlev,

34. Students E-Mail Albie Sachs: Civil Rights
Albie Sachs EMail Exchange Institute of international Studies, UC Did the civilrights movement in America give you hope for a freer South africa in the
Albie Sachs E-Mail Exchange : Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley

Albie Sachs's E-Mail Chat with High School Students
Survival Issues Facing South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Upbringing ... Looking Back E-mail exchange with Doug Woodbrowns's world history course at Marin Academy in San Rafael, California April, 2000
"We read the news eagerly and identified unconditionally with those who were demanding their basic rights." How much do you think the United States Civil Rights movement was influenced by the South African movement, seeing as the South African movement began first? Matt Did the civil rights movement in America give you hope for a freer South Africa in the future? Andrew During your years involved in politics, what degree of awareness did you have about the occurrences in the U.S. and the American civil rights movement? Jenna and Erin I came into politics in my late teens during the 1950s. This was a time when the Cold War was at its most vicious. We followed events in the USA very closely. Paul Robeson, the singer, was a great hero to many of us. We had pictures of him on our walls, and I used the fact that I could sing with a bass voice, "I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night" to join in our sing songs. We also use to play Pete Seeger and a friend of mine could even recite all the words of "Talking Union." Come to think of it, Robeson's song, "I am an American,"

35. Australian Human Rights And Civil Rights
Set up by Victor Perton MP to provide reasonable access to papers and hotlinks relating to human rights.Category Regional Oceania Issues Human rights and Liberties...... formerly the Victorian Council of civil Liberties to work on development projectsin africa. rights Review a new, interdisciplinary, international journal to
Australian Human Rights and Civil Rights
This page has been set up by Victor Perton MP to provide reasonable access to papers and hotlinks relating to human rights. It focuses on Australian issues and matters but also contains a compendium of international links. Please tell us what you think of the page and suggest any changes you'd like to see Contents Australian Issues Aboriginal Affairs Bill of Rights Equal Opportunity Law ... International Human Rights Links
Human Rights in Australia (General
United States State Department Report on Human Rights Practices in Australia 1999 - US embassies gather information throughout the year from a variety of sources across the political spectrum, including government officials, jurists, military sources, journalists, human rights monitors, academics, and labor activists. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission , Australia. HREOC administers federal legislation in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination, social justice and privacy. This includes complaint handling, public inquiries, policy development and education and training. Australia's Report Under The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

36. Human Rights And UN Events
for Tolerance 20 November africa Industrialization Day Social Development 7 December- international civil Aviation Day 10 December - Human rights Day 29
Human Rights Conferences,
UN Decades and UN days/weeks (Issues of special interest for the OHCHR are bolded
(Issues of potential interest for the OHCHR are bolded and in italics)
World Conference on Human Rights World Conference on Racism and Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
International Decades and Years
1990s International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction
1990s Third Disarmament Decade
1990-1999 United Nations Decade of International Law
1990-2000 International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism
1991-2000 Fourth United Nations Development Decade
1991-2000 Second Transport and Communications Decade in Africa
1991-2000 United Nations Decade against Drug Abuse
1993-2002 Second Industrial Development Decade for Africa
1993-2002 Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons 1993-2003 Third Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination 1994-2004 International Decade of the World's Indigenous People 1995-2004 United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education 1997-2006 United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty 1999 International Year of Older Persons 1999 Centennial of the First International Peace Conference 2000 International Year for the Culture of Peace 2000 International Year of Thanksgiving 2001 International Year of Volunteers 2001 United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations 2001 International Year of Mobilization against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance

37. OHCHR-> World Conference Against Racism: Durban, South Africa (2001)
30 Room 3, Durban Exhibition Centre, South africa. with Riz Khan on CNN international,moderates a Reverend Jesse Jackson civil rights Advocate, President and
United Nations International Roundtable
5 September 2001, 13:30
Room 3, Durban Exhibition Centre, South Africa Riz Khan
, former host of "Q&A with Riz Khan" on CNN International, moderates a high-level interactive roundtable discussing racism and media coverage, and the role of the media in promoting human rights and fighting racism. Roundtable panelists include:
Mary Robinson
Secretary-General, World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance Reverend Jesse Jackson
Civil Rights Advocate, President and Founder of Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
Harry Belafonte
Actor, singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Aidan White
General Secretary, International Federation of Journalists Abid Hussain
United Nations Special Rapporteur on the protection and promotion of the right to freedom of opinion and expression Maria Victoria Polanco
President, World Association of Community Radio

38. Human Rights
of human rights materials with major focus on africa. Statewatch database the Stateand civil liberties in Symposium on Women's international Human rights The
Research Guide to International Law on the Internet
Treaties and Documents WWW Sites Foreword: If you need to know how you can organize your Internet navigation in the area, consult Locating Human Rights Resources (Helen Sheehy) . You will not find a collection of documents and/or links, but could be informed about the strategies to access to human rights resources (e.g. legal documents, statements from government agencies, position papers from human rights groups).
Treaties and Documents
African Charter on Human and People's Rights (Trinity College) American Convention on Human Rights (Tufts University) Bosnia Peace Agreement - Human Rights Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women Convention on the Political Rights of Women (U. of Minnesota) Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide (Tufts University) Convention on the Rights of the Child (Internet Wiretap) Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (Trinity College) Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees (Trinity College) Convention Related to Intercountry Adoption (Tufts University) Draft Declaration of Principles on Human Rights and the Environment (1994) FWDP Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous...

39. Malawi: Editor Hurt In Civil Rights Riot
international Poets against the war; Ukraine Bill Malawi Editor hurt in civil rightsriot; Malaysia States Total Information deadlock; africa Panafrican Big
indexindex latest news the magazine search ... discussions
Index on Censorship at You are here: Index on Censorship home page indexindex 27 January 2003 Most Active Discussion Topics indexindex A chronicle of censorship
Latest updates
  • Iraq: RSF presses for inquiry into TV station raid
  • Tonga: Five charged for TV debate on Taimi ban
  • International: More journalists jailed, fewer killed
  • Romania: Missing journalist's body found ...
  • Armenia: Kocharian accused of election fraud Index Index is a chronicle of censorship and free expression abuses in some 70 countries worldwide. The full record can be found in the current issue of Index on Censorship now available. Subscribe here Malawi: Editor hurt in civil rights riot. Penelope Paliani-Kamanga, deputy chief reporter for the "Daily Times", Malawi's oldest daily, was shot in the knee by a rubber bullet On 27 January by Blantyre anti-riot police, who fired shots to disperse demonstrators. Members of civil society were demonstrating against the tabling of a bill in Parliament aimed at allowing President Bakili Muluzi to serve a third term in office.
    Parliament sat on 27 January for a two-day extraordinary session to change the constitutional limitations of presidential terms in office. Kamanga told the National Media Institute of Southern Africa (Namisa), MISA's Malawi chapter, that she and several other journalists were covering the demonstrations when police fired shots at her.
  • 40. Maximiliano Herrera Human Rights Site -freedom, Democracy, Civil Rights And Libe
    materials Ashoka works in support of individuals around the world engaged in socialchange/human rights activity international Institute of Peace. Channel africa.
    GUESTBOOK ABOUT THE EDITOR CONTACT THE EDITOR LINKS ... Maximiliano Herrera Human Rights Site MIRROR SITE is located in a free based server. Their pages like Freedom in the World and World Rank are updated more often. -Institutions and organizations Amnesty International is a very important reference about human rights. Human Rights Watch also contains a lot of useful documents and human rights reports. Freedomhouse has very complete reports about human rights, as well as political, religious, labor and press freedoms. CIA World Factbook An annual report made by the CIA in which you can find every kind of general information about all the countries United Nations NATO IMF WORLD BANK ... Moody's offers economical rates and stats. OSCE World Trade Organization International Labour Organization International Committee of the Red Cross ... The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library is the largest online collection of International Treaties, Human Rights Documents, Bibliographies, links, and other human rights resources. The Changemakers is a site of articles on social change enterprises around the world with a complete Library collection of human rights materials Ashoka works in support of individuals around the world engaged in social change/human rights activity.

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