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         Africa International Civil Rights:     more books (39)
  1. Human Rights in Africa: Cross-Cultural Perspectives by Abd Allah Ahmad Naim, 1990-09
  2. Protecting Human Security in Africa by Ademola Abass, 2010-06-01
  3. The Role of National Human Rights Institutions at the International and Regional Levels: The Experience of Africa (Human Rights Law in Perspective) by Rachel Murray, 2007-06
  4. Children's Rights in Africa
  5. International Migration in Africa: Legal and Administrative Aspects by Sergio Ricca, 1989-03
  6. Dictionary of Human Rights Advocacy Organizations in Africa by Santosh C. Saha, 1999-05-30
  7. Human rights: The Cape Town Conference : (proceedings of the first International Conference on Human Rights in South Africa, 22-26 January 1979)
  8. Andrew Young: Civil Rights Ambassador (Biographies in American Foreign Policy) by Andrew DeRoche, 2003-10
  9. Human Rights and State Collapse in Africa by Babafemi Akinrinade, 2009-02-05
  10. White Wealth and Black Poverty: American Investments in Southern Africa (Studies in Human Rights) by Barbara Rogers, Center, 1976-07-30
  11. Human Rights and Governance in Africa (Carter Lecture Series) by Ronald Cohen, Goran Hyden, 1993-08

41. World Affairs Council Of Northern California Rich-media Archive - Sponsored By A
26/02, Peace, Tolerance and civil Society The and Unending Wars, Donald Rothchild,Human rights, africa. 02/04/02, Global Philanthropy international Giving, Kavita Rights

42. Africa: Human Rights
rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in center contains a collectionof international human rights a particular focus on africa as well as
Africa: Human Rights
  • Aschehoug: Koigi wa Wamwere
      Koigi wa Wamwere's first literary work is an autobiographical novel about a life spent fighting oppression, poverty and serious violations of human rights in Kenya.
  • African Rights
      African Rights is an organization dedicated to working on issues of grave human rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in Africa.
  • African Human Rights Resource Center
      This human rights resource center contains a collection of international human rights materials with a particular focus on Africa as well as a collection of global International Human Rights Instruments treaties, declarations, and other materials together with authoritative citations.
  • Amnesty International: Africa
      It is a voluntary organization dealing with human rights issues for African.
  • Burundi: Breaking the Cycle of Violence
      This profile is a summary of the Minority Rights Group International Report, by Filip Reyntjens.
  • Censorship in Africa John Lawson
      Different forms of Cesorship in Africa.
  • Coalition Against Slavery in Muaritania and Sudan
      CAMAS is a human-rights organization that brings together abolitionists and human rights activists from all races, creeds, and nationalities to collectively fight for the eradication of the chattel enslavement of black Africans.

43. Our People: Burns Chair
pathbreaking conferences on contemporary civil rights issues of the ConstitutionalCourt of South africa. Bringing It Home Building international Human rights
Albie Sachs played a pivotal role in fighting apartheid and then in negotiating South Africa's new constitution. His work as a freedom fighter began in his student days at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in the 1950sdays of apartheid, indignity, and terrorwhen he became involved with the African National Congress. It was to be a life-long commitment. After earning his law degree for the University of Cape Town, Judge Sachs started a civil rights law practice in Cape Town in 1957. The author of many books (including The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter, recently published in the United States), he lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where he was born and raised. Dean Kristin Booth Glen commented, "We are delighted that Judge Sachs, an accomplished jurist, scholar, and writer will, as Burns Chair Holder, be able to share the wisdom from his distinguished career with our community." The Haywood Burns Chair in Civil Rights Haywood Burns, the Law School's second Dean, died tragically in an automobile accident in South Africa on April 2, 1996. In his memory CUNY School of Law established a Chair in Civil Rights to honor his legacy of a lifetime committed to equality and justice. The Chair is intended as a visiting position, enabling a succession of extraordinary people-lawyers, scholars, activists-to bring their experiences, wisdom and perspectives to ensure that civil rights remain part of the Law School's consciousness, and the consciousness of the large legal community that supports justice and equality. The Chair is funded by an endowment raised in Haywood's memory and a generous contribution from the New York State legislature.

44. Photos By Regions Or Topics
, africa. , Consular Affairs. , Human Resources. -, international Narcotics andLaw Enforcement Affairs. -, Miscellaneous. , Office of civil rights. -, Public Affairs.
Bureau of Public Affairs Electronic Information Office Photo Center Events Photos by Regions or Topics Africa Consular Affairs Counterterrorism Democracy, Human Rights and Labor ... Western Hemisphere
Photos by Regions or Topics
African Growth and Opportunity Act


Burkina Faso


Consular Affairs


Democracy, Human Rights and Labor East Asia and the Pacific West Timor Indonesia Singapore Vietnam ... East Timor Environment, Science, and Health Oceans HIV/AIDS Europe and Eurasia Bulgaria Georgia Iceland Kosovo ... United Kingdom Global Coalition Events Human Resources Events International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Events Miscellaneous Today’s Youth: Tomorrow’s Leaders Civil Service and Black History Series Mentoring Programs Toys for Tots Reception Honoring Congressman Benjamin A. Gilman ... Tutor Volunteers Near East Iraq Egypt Office of Civil Rights Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 2002 ; Office of Civil Rights; Washington, DC Asian/Pacific Heritage Month: Calligraphy Artist ; Department of State celebration of Asian/Pacific Heritage Month; Washington, DC Asian/Pacific Heritage Month: South Asian Dance Performers ; Department of State celebration of Asian/Pacific Heritage Month; Washington, DC

45. News-Online - Two International Human Rights Advocates Highlight UF Law School R
vital to the history of civil rights throughout the influencing United States politicstoward international black leadership William Clay, lived in africa as a
APPLICANTS STUDENTS FACULTY ALUMNI ... Contact Two International Human Rights Advocates Highlight UF Law School Race Relations Conference March 14, 2002
GAINESVILLE, Fla Internationally recognized human rights advocate and author Randall Robinson and former Jamaican cabinet minister Dudley Thompson will be featured here next week at the third annual conference on race and race relations sponsored by the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Thompson and Robinson will join with academicians and community activists from across the country invited by the law school's Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations, organizers for the event scheduled for Thursday and Friday at the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union. Several sessions during the two-day conference are free and open to the public. "Mr. Robinson is known for his strong stands on South African freedom and Haitian justice, and Commissioner Thompson was involved in the nationalist struggles of Tanganyika and Kenya," said Desta Meghoo-Peddie, acting CSRRR director. "We are honored to have two men so vital to the history of civil rights throughout the world involved in this conference." Among other featured participants are diversity consultant and author Peggy Nagae, Penelope Andrews of Albany Law School of Queens College/City University of New York, Vernellia Randall of the University of Dayton, David Brennan of Mercer University, Lorraine Bannai of Seattle University and Charles Pouncy of Temple University School of Law. Faculty members from the UF law school and other colleges and departments of the university also will be participating.

46. Alphabetic Index Of ERC
africa Bureau of africa Documents Country Background Notes africa. civilrights 1994 international Covenant on civil and Political rights.
About this index:
1. The Index doesn't include entries by country name. Please look under continents and regions, or visit the country information page
2. For all the magazines, newletters and serials, please look under "periodicals".
3. For Briefings, Releases and Statements, please visit the "Briefings and Statements" section.
4. The index doesn't include the current information on the live site. For such information, please visit the State Department Homepage , or look under specific sections of the Electronic Research Collection. A B C D ... Z A Abduction
International Child Abductions Reports
International Adoptions Reports
Bureau of Africa Documents

Country Background Notes: Africa
Arms Control Issues Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ... Arms Control Issues

Bureau of East Asia and the Pacific Documents
East Asia Country Background Notes Series Bureau of South Asia Documents South Asia Country Background Notes Series ... To the top of the page. B Biographical Information Biographies of Senior Officials Budget Budget of US State Department Briefings and Statements Business Business Guides US-Japan Investment/Buyer-Supplier Relationships To the top of the page.

47. Human Rights Web Resources Page
africa Asia Australia and the Pacific Islands Europe is an excellent introductionto Amnesty international's work, and extend the concept of civil liberties to
Human Rights
This page contains names of human rights organizations, other organizations doing substantial amounts of human rights work, and resources (such as libraries and internet-based information) of use to human rights activists and researchers. Two categories of resources are listed international and regional/national. Within the international group, resources are listed alphabetically. Within the regional/national group, resources are listed by region and by country, and within each region or country are alphabetized. For a brief description of a resource, select the bullet. To connect directly to the resource, select the title.
Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
International Human Rights Organizations and Resources
Human Rights Organizations
Amnesty International
Amnesty International/International Secretariat
Amnesty International USA
Amnesty International CD On-Line at Organic
Committee to Protect Journalists ...
Lawyer's Committee for Human Rights
PEN International Writer's Union
Physicians for Human Rights
UN and Government Human Rights Sites
The Global Democracy Network Gopher
United Nations Gopher ...
Reebok Human Rights Awards Page
Regional and National Human Rights Organizations and Resources
Australia and the Pacific Islands
Europe ...
South America
Email Lists and Newsgroups
Mailing Lists
A good source of information for Human Rights researchers is the Human Rights Research mailing list. This list is closed, which means that the list owner must approve you for membership.

48. EMPOWER AMERICA : New Role Models For Africa
broad agreement that no national or international strategy for death last year bythe great civil rights leader Dr issues crucial to subSahara africa, such as$537
ABOUT US Mission


Press Room
Support Us

POLICY ISSUES Education Reform
National Security

Social Security Reform

Tax Reform
Technology Policy

UNITED WE STAND Is our national soul any better a year later? Lesson of 9-11: Never give in to fear and hatred Teaching September 11 A 21st century response to terrorism ... VIEW ALL New role models for Africa Jack Kemp MORE HOT ISSUES: Empower America Announces: National Enterprise Zones of Choice A civil rights pilgrimage Empower America Co-Directors Condemn Offensive Comments of Congressman James Moran ... Enterprise Zones of Choice Countries are poor because their governments choose bad policies and because facets of their culture and values stifle the natural inclination of individuals to better their lot by working, saving and investing in the future. It may be true that some countries have been driven to such depths of poverty and despair by corrupt, oppressive and brutal leaders that special aid and advice from the United States are required to kick-start development that otherwise would take many years to accomplish. It is also true that America has adopted protectionist measures that not only hurt our own economy but also throw up more obstacles to the developing world's efforts to modernize. Even the positive Africa Growth and Opportunity Act of 2000 contains American domestic content rules that restrict exports of the two value-added products Africans have, textiles and agricultural products.

49. NNIRR: Immigration Resources: Recommended Links
to advance the legal and civil rights of Asian updates, and migration news alertsfor Southern africa. An independent nonprofit international networks of
National Organizations
International Organizations

Anti-Immigrant Groups
For local organizations, check out our local contacts and affiliates page. National Sites
American Civil Liberties Union

Includes extensive information on ACLU Immigrant Rights Project programs and lawsuits. American Friends Service Committee
Offers a broad overview of AFSC's many projects addressing a variety of issues in movements for social justice. Includes information about AFSC projects across the country focused on immigrant rights. American Immigration Lawyer's Association
National Association of Immigration Attorneys. Includes information about lawyer referral service.
Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum

Site for only national advocacy organization dedicated to the health concerns of Asian Pacific Islanders, including immigrants and refugees. Church World Service Immigrant and Refugee Program
Includes information on CWS programs to address conditions for immigrants and refugees. Includes FAQs about refugees. Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
Provides information about trafficking, as well as links to related articles, organizations, and research sources.

50. BBC NEWS | Africa | Nigeria Riots Toll 'passes 200'
civil rights activists said more than 20 churches and 8 mosques should be really angrywith the international press, he See also 24 Nov 02 africa Anger and
You are in: Africa News Front Page Africa Americas ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help LANGUAGES EDITIONS Change to UK Sunday, 24 November, 2002, 14:49 GMT Nigeria riots toll 'passes 200'
Thousands have fled the clashes
More than 200 people are now known to have died in violence between Christians and Muslims in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, relief and civil rights workers say. The figure which emerged after four days of disturbances linked to the now-relocated Miss World beauty contest is double the previous estimate. Churches and mosques were attacked
In addition to 215 bodies counted on the streets and in mortuaries, others were thought to have been buried by their families, Nigerian Red Cross president Emmanuel Ijewere was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency. He added that there had been more killings overnight, despite the curfew imposed on the city where security forces have been trying to contain the situation. The BBC's Yusuf Sarki Muhammad in Kaduna says the figures are credible and could even be on the low side.

51. Human Rights-Specific
El Salvador, India, Malaysia, South africa, Turkey and Amnesty international MajorHuman rights Site with American civil Liberties Union Site including Church

Human Rights-Specific
Particular Situations
  • Turkey: No Security without Human Rights, 1996 (Amnesty International)
    Extensive Review of Human Rights Issues in Turkey
    Pinochet Case (Mining Company)

    Links to Amnesty International Statements; Documents on Chile under Pinochet; Washington Post Stories; Report on Criminal Procedures against Chilean and Argentinian Repressors in Spain (Lacabe); The Disappeared in Chile; House of Lords Cases; Human Rights Watch Statements; BBC Pinochet File; 20th Century Chilean History; US Documents on Military Coup of 1973 in Chile
    Free Burma Home Page

    Includes BurmaNet News, Burma Action Directory, Interviews, Specific Questions Capacity, Search for Burma Information
    Burma Project (Open Society Institute)

    Latest News, Human Rights, Burma Resources, International Response to Burma Crisis, Facts, Related Sites, Business and Burma, Tourism, SLORC Speaks
    AfroCentric Guide to the WWW(NETLiNKS)

    Comprehensive Guide to African American and Canadian Web Resources:Forum; Directory; Events; Authors and Poets Archive; History Archive; Mailing Lists; Salute to Black Women Truth and Reconciliation Commission Web Pages of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Includes Final Report; Statements and Press Releases; News; Hearings Schedule; Amnesty Committee Decisions; Submissions; Reports; Recommended Reading (Links)
  • 52. University Of Minnesota Human Rights Library
    Contains a large collection of international human rights treaties, instruments, general comments, Category Society Issues Human rights and Liberties Official Texts...... africa University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South africa. The Graduate Instituteof international Studies, Geneva Centre for Human rights Law, Monash
    What's New Help Support the Human Rights Library
    Currently more than 10, 400 Documents) Treaties and other International Instruments Other United Nations Documents Regional Materials Bibliographies and Research Guides ... Human Rights Fellowship Information HUMAN RIGHTS SEARCH ENGINES SEARCH for documents on this site and on multiple human rights sites MIRROR SITES Africa University of Witwatersrand , Johannesburg, South Africa North America Main Site University of Minnesota , Minneapolis, Minnesota Europe The Graduate Institute of International Studies , Geneva, Switzerland South America Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos , Lima, Peru West Pacific/ Asia Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University, Victoria, Australia OTHER INFORMATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA HUMAN RIGHTS LIBRARY Online Catalog of Human Rights Education Resources Honors and Awards Training/Field Opportunities Job Opportunities ... Distance Learning Opportunities NEW!

    53. SOSIG: Map Of Politics Section
    rights of Racial Groups - civil rights of Women Immigration - - Refugees - InternationalRelations - - Foreign Relations, africa - - Foreign Relations
    Map of Politics section You are here : Home Subject Map > Politics
    in Politics



    Search in whole catalogue
    Advanced Search
    Thesauri Politics
    Church and State
    2002 SOSIG

    54. American Civil Liberties Union
    Since then, the world community has adopted other human rights treaties, includingthe international Covenant on civil and Political rights (1966), the

    Find out more >>

    Latest News ACLU Criticizes U.S. Withdrawal from Anti-Racism Conference; Says America Has Responsibility to Speak Out in South Africa
    ACLU Joins Civil and Human Rights Leaders in Urging the Bush Administration To Participate Fully in Anti-Racism Conference in South Africa

    More Int'l Civil Liberties News>>

    Related Information Press Releases

    Int'l Civil Liberties In 1948, still shaken by the horror of the holocaust, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document which by its own terms represents "a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations." Since then, the world community has adopted other human rights treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (1969), and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1981). The ACLU supports the international struggle for human rights and works to ensure that the US government abides by the civil liberties principles embedded in the various conventions, covenants and declarations adopted by the international community. In November 2001 the ACLU took strong issue with the President’s Military Order which established military tribunals as the forum for the prosecution of accused terrorists implicated in the September 11 th attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. We argued that as a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the US was obligated to adhere to its terms, and that the military tribunals envisioned by the President, which included the presentation of secret evidence, would run afoul of Article 14 of the ICCPR which provides that, "everyone shall be entitled to a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal established by law." In a letter to the Secretary of Defense, the ACLU wrote, "Responding to terrorist attacks with transgressions of basic rights under international law could exacerbate the terrorism problem and invite retaliation. We can avoid these problems by honoring our democratic principles and international legal obligations".

    55. ASIL Electronic Resource Guide Human Rights
    This chapter will attempt to provide a guide to the ever expanding area of international human rights law. headings HUMAN rights; civil rights or civil rights (international LAW).
    GUIDE HOME Human Rights
    Marci Hoffman
    Brief History

    Quick Links
    I. Introduction
    This chapter will attempt to provide a guide to the ever expanding area of international human rights law. The focus will be on the electronic sources available for this topic, regardless of the format (CD-ROM, the Web, and commercial online services). This chapter will include general tips for doing research as well as for locating necessary documents and materials. The scope of this chapter will encompass both primary and secondary sources (including documents from non-governmental organizations). The emphasis will be on English-language materials, but the availability of resources in other languages is noted. II. Brief History
    The concepts of humanitarian intervention, self-determination, and providing relief to the wounded and other victims of armed conflicts can be viewed as the roots of human rights law. Modern international human rights law dates from World War II and its aftermath. The United Nations Charter (, signed June 26, 1945, sought to acknowledge the importance of human rights and established it as a matter of international concern.

    56. Africa ICT Policy Monitor - Resources - Communication Rights
    Divides 05/18/2002, africa, Communication rights from labour unions to internationalbusinesses to governments, private businesses, civil society members, and'Communication rights'

    57. -
    From Greenpeace international. and fears about the use of religious profiling inantiterrorism efforts, civil liberties groups said From Human rights Watch. OneWorld Africa OneWorld Austria OneWorld Canada OneWorld Finland OneWorld Italy OneWorld Latin America OneWorld Netherlands OneWorld South Asia OneWorld Spain OneWorld SouthEast Europe OneWorld US AIDSChannel CanalSIDA Digital Opportunity Kids Channel LearningChannel 03 April 2003 Search for in OneWorld sites OneWorld partners CURRENT IN DEPTH PARTNERS GET INVOLVED ... In Depth



    War and peace
    Topic guides
    Capacity building

    Asia and the Pacific

    Latin America and the Caribbean ... North America Country guides Bolivia Colombia Mexico Rwanda Search tools Advanced search What's new? About OneWorld The OneWorld network has over two million indexed documents and partner pages in its archives. The In-Depth section is your gateway to this extensive resource. You can browse and filter through the Full Coverage menu. The Advanced Search is your other option to find exactly what you're looking for.
    Full Coverage: United Nations
    Annan proposes new mission to build Côte d'Ivoire peace United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has proposed the creation of a new United Nations mission in Cote d'Ivoire to help smooth progress towards implementation of a power-sharing peace accord after six months of conflict. Read more From: ReliefWeb UN OCHA Related topics/regions: [Cote D'Ivoire] [United Nations] [Peace]
    Country Guide: Rwanda
    Exile Images Introduction With seven million inhabitants occupying an area of just 26,338 square kilometers, Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa. This tiny landlocked country has experienced Africa's worst attempted genocide of the era and is still struggling to recover from the shock.

    58. Latest News - APC
    development of a network of civil society organisations accountable for the implementationof international standards. The africa Centre for Free Expression is
    INTERNET RIGHTS CAPACITY BUILDING ... ABOUT APC NEWS Latest News PRESS Releases Primers Press Releases from the APC Networks Download this press release English Originator: - (APC/UNECA)
    Date: 2002/15/02
    Country: SOUTH AFRICA
    JOHANNESBURG - The Association for Progressive Communications (APC), ARTICLE 19 and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) will be holding a five-day information and communications technology (ICT) policy and civil society workshop from November 6th to 10th, 2002 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Civil society groups have been at the forefront in advancing ICT applications in various sectors, however the purpose of this workshop is to build knowledge and expertise of civil society organizations to engage ICT policy processes in Africa. According to Emmanuel Njenga Njuguna, APC's project coordinator, "Few civil society organizations are aware of the policy developments taking place at the global, regional and national levels that can impact on their ability and potential to use ICTs as a tool in their work, let alone own or control the production and application of these technologies locally. This workshop will help build people's awareness and capacity to understand ICT policy concepts, issues, and how these impact on their work and their communities."

    59. Dudziak, M.L.: Cold War Civil Rights: Race And The Image Of American Democracy.
    to American Cold War goals throughout africa, Asia, and best analysis of how internationalrelations affected Mary Dudziak interprets postwar civil rights as a
    University Press SEARCH:
    Keywords Author Title More Options Power Search
    Search Hints

    Cold War Civil Rights:
    Race and the Image of American Democracy
    Mary L. Dudziak
    Shopping Cart Reviews Table of Contents In 1958, an African-American handyman named Jimmy Wilson was sentenced to die in Alabama for stealing two dollars. Shocking as this sentence was, it was overturned only after intense international attention and the interference of an embarrassed John Foster Dulles. Soon after the United States' segregated military defeated a racist regime in World War II, American racism was a major concern of U.S. allies, a chief Soviet propaganda theme, and an obstacle to American Cold War goals throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Each lynching harmed foreign relations, and "the Negro problem" became a central issue in every administration from Truman to Johnson. In what may be the best analysis of how international relations affected any domestic issue, Mary Dudziak interprets postwar civil rights as a Cold War feature. She argues that the Cold War helped facilitate key social reforms, including desegregation. Civil rights activists gained tremendous advantage as the government sought to polish its international image. But improving the nation's reputation did not always require real change. This focus on image rather than substancecombined with constraints on McCarthy-era political activism and the triumph of law-and-order rhetoriclimited the nature and extent of progress.

    60. Human Rights Watch: Africa
    in December, emphasized that in africa “the face violence during the tenyear civilwar in as other rebel, government and international peacekeeping forces.

    Americas Asia Europe/Central Asia ...
    U.N.: Key Human Rights Resolutions May Fail

    Several important resolutions censuring repressive governments may fail at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights this month, Human Rights Watch warned today.
    April 1, 2003 Press Release
    Human Rights in Burundi

    On February 28, to coincide with a visit to Burundi by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch released a briefing paper, "Burundi: Civilians Pay the Price of Faltering Peace Process," documenting a recent massacre of civilians by the Burundian military. After HRW released the briefing paper, Burundian authorities informed the United States that it would facilitate delivery of humanitarian aid to eastern Burundi.
    March 30, 2003 Advocacy Impact
    Uganda: Child Abductions Skyrocket in North

    Children are being abducted in record numbers in northern Uganda by the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today. The children are subjected to brutal treatment as soldiers, laborers and sexual slaves.
    March 28, 2003 Press Release

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