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         Africa International Trade:     more books (100)
  1. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Meat and Meat Preparations in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Meat and Meat Preparations Research, The Meat, et all 2000-12-29
  2. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Rice in the Husk or Husked in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Rice in the Husk or Husked Research, The Rice in the Husk or Husked Research Group, 2001-01-05
  3. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Bacon, Ham and Other Dried, Salted, and Smoked Swine Meat in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Smoked Swine Meat Research Group, 2000-12-29
  4. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Live Animals Chiefly for Food in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Live Animals Chiefly for Food Resear, The Live Animals Chiefly for Food Research Group, 2000-12-29
  5. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Buckwheat, Millet, Canary Seed, and Grain Sorghum in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Millet The Buckwheat, Millet, Canary Seed, The Buckwheat, et all 2001-01-05
  6. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Prepared and Preserved Meat, Edible Offals and Fish Extracts in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Edible The Prepared And Preserve, The Prepared, et all 2000-12-29
  7. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Frozen Fish Excluding Fillets in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Frozen Fish Excluding Fillets Resear, The Frozen Fish Excluding Fillets Research Group, 2000-12-29
  8. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Fresh Milk and Cream in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Fresh Milk and Cream Research Group, Cream Research Group, et all 2001-01-02
  9. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Live Fowl, Ducks, Geese and Poultry in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Ducks The Live Fowl, Ducks, Geese The Live Fowl, et all 2000-12-29
  10. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Meat, Meat Offals and Blood Sausages in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Meat Offals And Bloo The Meat, Blood Sausages Research Group, 2000-12-29
  11. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Prepared and Preserved Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Crustaceans The Preparations Of Fish, The Prepared, et all 2000-12-29
  12. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Malt Extract and Preparations of Flour for Infant Food in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Malt Extract and Preparations Of Flo, The Malt Extract, et all 2001-01-05
  13. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Semi-milled or Wholly Milled Rice and Broken Rice in South Africa (World Trade Report) by The Semi-Milled or Wholly Milled Rice an, The Semi-milled or Wholly Milled Rice, et all 2001-01-05
  14. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Bakery Products, Bread, Biscuits, and Cakes in South Africa (World Trade Report) by Bread The Bakery Products, Bread, Biscuits, The Bakery Products, et all 2001-01-05

81. InfoManage International
international trade, 27, 29, Mon Feb 03, 2003 1030 pm cybertex international Organizations,30, 30, Wed Mar 12, 2003 717 am africa, 8, 8, Thu Feb 20, 2003 725 am

The Hoax of Equal Opportunity and Prosperity
In Belgium the richest 50% owned 90.8% In France the richest 50% owned 96.3% In W. Germany the richest 50% owned 79.2% In New Zealand the richest 55.5% owned 99.9% In Ireland the richest 30% owned 97.4% The shocking truth is that the poorest 50% of the citizens of Western societies share little more than the elite's table scraps, with the evidence pointing to often even less than 5% of the total wealth. The New York Times reported that a recent study found the top 1% have increased their share to about 35%, whereas the share of wealth COLLECTIVELY belonging to the bottom 90 % had dropped to about 34%!! However, a similar study carried out by the University of Michigan estimated the richest 1% now own 50%, and the bottom 90% get to share only a meager 16% of the nation's total wealth!! This latter study translates into the fact that the top 1% may now own three times as much as the bottom 90% own collectively!! Africa AFBN Health/Medicine Legal ... Video Latest Posts From Selected Forums Date Parkinson's treatment shows hope Mar 31, 03

82. Eldis - Trade Policy
OECD Education and Skills (2003) As international crossborder industry, the articleasks if trade in education impact of diamonds in South africa Have NGOs
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GUIDE CONTENT Trade policy home Trade policy websites Meet the editor CONTRIBUTE Add your research SUBSCRIBE Get news via email
SITE CONTENT Home page What's new Resource guides Web sites ... About Eldis Eldis is funded by Danida, NORAD and SIDA, and hosted by IDS More...
Welcome to the Eldis Trade Policy Resource Guide The latest from Eldis on trade policy issues
Image: Institute of agriculture trade policy Eldis Feature
Weaknesses in the current global agriculture trade agreement 31 March 2003:
WTO members must revise the current multilateral negotiations for agriculture and address issues such as export subsidies, market access and special treatment for developing countries. The report released by the Institute for Agricultural Trade Policy examines the weaknesses in the Agreement on Agriculture and it reveals that WTO will not suceed in helping farmers until it addresses market power by transnational corporation. More...

83. Second US-SSA AGOA Forum
Minister JK Cuttaree, Minister of Industry and international trade at The ClosingCeremony Of The Second USSub Saharan africa trade And Economic Cooperation
DOCUMENTS 17th January 2003 Recommendations 16th January 2003 15th January 2003 14th January 2003

84. OECD Observer: Africa
resources, reduce costs and improve capacities in trade. a company judging the wholeof africa by what a news conference after the third international Forum on
April 3, 2003 All Articles

Front page



FORUM 2003


- General

- Business
Society ... Resources HOT TOPICS Aging Biotechnology Corruption E-commerce ... 21st century COUNTRIES OECD - General - Australia - France ... World Back Issues Previous issue Browse articles by date About us Contact Us ... Links Index ifToggle(584); Unusual circumstances for launch of African Economic Outlook 2003 Published on: March 07, 2003 The 2002/2003 edition of the joint African Development Bank/OECD Development Centre African Economic Outlook (AEO) was launched at OECD Headquarters in Paris on 3 March in unusually dramatic circumstances. The launch was initially planned for the fourth International Forum on African Perspectives which should have been held by the two institutions on 3-4 March in the premises of the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. (255 words) More . . .  Published on: September 12, 2002 Ministers from Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa were guests of honour at the OECD ministerial council in Paris on 16 May, 2002 when they met to discuss financing development in general and ways forward for OECD – NEPAD co-operation in particular. All agreed that NEPAD was a promising initiative that had to be advanced. Several areas were considered, including: (157 words) More . . . 

85. WOA--Action Alerts
the Washington Office on africa has joined with the africa Faith and Act in the lightof the recent Interfaith Statement on international trade and Investment.
Earlier statements, reports, position papers and action alerts from WOA on Economic justice: Trade Action alerts appear as a separate listing at the end.)

86. Africa IT Events. International Computer And Telecom Tradeshows In Africa
(1999), 2022, '99 international Telecom Exhibition, 12, CAPE ELECTREX INSTRUMENTATION, South africa, Cape Town, 2000), 9-12, CAPE INDUSTRIAL trade SHOW,South
News. Business. Events. Career. Directory. Shopping. Forum. Awards. Library. Add URL Advertise Home
Global IT Events Center
Africa Asia / Pacific Europe Middle East Latin America ... North America Month Days Event Country City Web Contact Jan Feb Mar Mozambique Maputo Aitec +27 11 792-4140 Info smart Africa South Africa Johannesburg Computer Faire Durban South Africa Durban Apr '99 International Telecom Exhibition South Africa Johannesburg Uganda Kampala Aitec +27 11 792-4140 Business to Business Computing South Africa Johannesburg Ocean Media, +27 11 466-2299 May Africa 2000 South Africa Johannesburg South Africa Cape Town CAPE INDUSTRIAL TRADE SHOW South Africa Cape Town Computer Faire South Africa Gauteng Jun Kenya Nairobi Aitec +27 11 792-4140 PRO-AV: The Professional Audio Video Broadcasting Exhibition and Conference South Africa Northgate, Gauteng Jul Aug Business Software Africa South Africa Johannesburg

87. International Business & Technology: World Level: (tm)
Technology World Level Business, trade Technology of international Informationinternational Business Technology Country Level africa Business
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88. Ministers And Secretaries Of State
to foreign affairs and international trade the Minister for the Canadian internationalDevelopment Agency of State (Latin America and africa) (La Francophonie

89. How To Order Watson-Guptill Publications
646) 6545500 Fax (646) 654-5487 international trade Ordering Canada East North africa international Publishers Representatives PO
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To purchase our publications via USPS mail, please use the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which precedes the price in each listing. Dates of publication, prices, titles, and manufacturing specifications of all books are subject to change without notice.
Address all domestic orders to: Watson-Guptill Publications Distribution Center
575 Prospect St., Lakewood, NJ 08701 Customer Service (800) 451-1741 (Trade only) Domestic Trade Ordering Watson-Guptill Publications 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

90. Trade In Agriculture, Fisheries And Forestry
timeseries records covering international statistics in Production - trade - FoodBalance Pacific/Oceania North America africa international Latin

News and Events

WTO MTN Highlights

Outcome: WTO Doha Conference

FAO's Role
UN Organizations Other International Organizations and Bodies
Regional International Organizations and Bodies

91. Logo US Commercial Service Home
traderelated services; market research, trade leads, trade show directories, company directories.Category Business international Business and trade Information...... From this site you can access a global listing of trade events, international marketresearch, and practical tools to help with every step of the export process
U. S. Commercial Service
Find Int'l Partners
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The U.S. Commercial Service Your Global Business Partner The U.S. Commercial Service offers valuable assistance to help your business
export goods and services to markets worldwide. From this site
you can access a global listing of trade events, international market research, and practical tools to help with every step of the export process. Let the U.S. Commercial Service help your business prosper in today's global economy. Hot Topics From left is U.S. Ambassador Frank L. Lavin, Edwin Balchin, Director of GC Asia Dental Pte Ltd, Olivia Cheng and Commercial Service Director General Maria Cino. Roaring onto the Shores of Singapore Long known as the "Lion City," Singapore has traditionally served as a focal point of age-old trading routes. With the help of the U.S. Commercial Service, another internationally minded company has forged an inroad into this thriving center of commerce and industry. While participating in the inaugural "Asia Now" program, Olivia Cheng, President of the Santa Monica, California-based World Medical Trade Organization (WMTO) signed distributorship agreements for Vizilite and OralTest , two oral cancer-screening products.

See news releases and information on hearings and investigations, from the US international trade Commission.
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News Release: Section 337 Certain Power Amplifier Chips
Commercial Availability: Certain Apparel of Certain Cotton Velvet Fabrics
Commission Vote: Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solutions from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine
Commercial Availability: Corduroy Fabrics
More of What's New...
APEC Capacity-Building Workshop

Call for Participants

U.S. Trade and Investment with Sub-Saharan Africa
... Harmonized Tariff Schedule (2003 - Rev. 1) DataWeb
(January 2003 data now available) EDIS On-Line TODAY'S EVENTS Commission Vote (11:00 a.m.): Ball Bearings from China More from This Week... Privacy Statement Delivery and Pick-Up Policy Freedom of Information Act

93. Trade Partners UK - Homepage
UK companies looking to conduct international business will find a wealth of advice, contacts and useful links here. Includes sector profiles.

94. World Bank Trade Publications
Contains much information specifically relating to WTO as well as on broader issue of international tradeCategory News Current Events WTO Debate......Objective of international trade Research Work in the World Bank. This websitefocuses on recent and ongoing research on international trade in the Bank.
Search Index Feedback WB Home ... WTO 2000 working papers What's New The Post-Doha Agenda Trade data:
Import tariffs

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Trade, Production and Tariffs
Trade Blocs research report Papers in foreign language Conferences Cours pour l'Afrique francophone par l'enseignement a distance China's accession to the WTO ... Africa Music/Intellectual Property Conference What's New Trade related projects Glossary of t rade related terms Feedback RELATED SITES WBI courses Other WB trade links WB Research website

Objective of International Trade Research Work in the World Bank trade website the World Bank disseminates and provides training in best practice and cross-country experience in the area of trade policy.

95. LLRX -- Guide To International Trade Law Sources On The Web
Revised Guide to international trade Law Sources on the conducting research in international trade, often the first step treaties. Since international trade is such a complex
Navigation Advanced Search Law Pro Links LLRX Buzz LLRX Top 10 Meta Links Newstand Research Guide Resource Centers - Document Delivery - Comparative and Foreign Law - International Law - Intranets/Knowledge Management - Marketing - Search Engines
Guide to International Trade Law Sources on the Internet
By Marci Hoffman
Editor's Note: Please refer to the updated version of this article at You will be automatically redirected to that page shortly. Marci Hoffman University of Minnesota Law Library . In addition to her reference and research expertise, Marci also teaches a seminar on foreign and international legal research . She often lectures on international and foreign legal research and Anglo-American legal research; is one of the Faculty Advisors for the Minnesota Journal of Global Trade; and works closely with the students on International Moot Court. Marci is the author of an extensive Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law, 6 Minn. J. Global Trade 200 (1996), along with Prof. David Weissbrodt. Marci and Prof. Weissbrodt also designed and maintain the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library on the Web . She is also the editor and an author of the ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law (Posted December 1, 1998; Archived January 1, 1999)

96. UNCTAD.ORG >> Digital Library >> Digital Library

97. Energy Division
US China Joint Commission on Commerce and trade (JCCT States continues to be a leadinginternational supplier of the 1990s in Asia- Pacific, africa, and South
Energy Division
Search Energy Division Home Energy Statistics Energy Links Energy Division Internships ... Contact Energy Division
Activities and Research
Electric Power


Oil and Natural Gas
The Americas


Mideast/North Africa
The Energy Division, International Trade Administration
Electric Power Trade Mission to Vietnam and Thailand July 2003
Hurry! The application deadline is April 15!
Oil and Gas Equipment and Services Trade Mission to Kazakhstan October 2003
The Foreign Projects Database is back! This database tracks worldwide projects in the power, oil and gas, water and environmental sectors. The Energy Division of the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration monitors trade policy issues and develops appropriate interagency strategies to remove foreign trade barriers; leads bilateral and commercial energy working group activities with key foreign nations; and offers trade promotion services through trade missions, conferences, and trade shows. The Division’s work focuses on the following energy sectors:
Power Generation and Distribution
While a fully competitive U.S. market is vital to us, equally critical to the future of U.S. companies is their ability to compete successfully in rapidly expanding global power markets. Accordingly, the Energy Division recommends and advocates USG policies that enhance the competitive position of U.S. companies doing business in the international power markets. The Energy Division’s 1999 and 2000 business development missions to Mexico and Brazil further highlighted to government and industry representatives of both countries that U.S. power generation products, goods and services can help meet their growing demand for electricity. This sector is also supported by the Electric Power Working Group of the U.S.- China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT).

98. International Trade Administration - Home Page
Export resources to assist US businesses to participate fully in the growing global marketplace.Category Business international Business and trade Services......Click here to go to, international trade Administration(ITA) Click here to go to home page of ITA, trade Statistics, State
International Trade Administration (ITA)
Trade Statistics
State Export Data Site Help ... Export America Magazine ITA's Key Links Press Releases
Preliminary Determination in the Countervailing Duty Investigation: Dynamic Random Access Memory Semiconductors (DRAMS) from the Republic of Korea (04/0103).

Text of Remarks by Under Secretary Grant Aldonas On Competitiveness of the Caribbean In An Open Economy (03/31/03).

Senior Bush Administration Trade Official to Visit Puerto Rico March 29-April (03/28/03).

Steel Imports for February 2003 Decreased 34.6 Percent from January 2003 (03/25/03).
Report to Congress - Appendix (12/31/02 - pdf file).

Click here for more press releases. Upcoming Trade Missions

99. USITC Trade Database
415, US trade and Investment with SubSaharan africa. on the tariff data, contactInternational Economist, Office of Tariff Affairs and trade Agreements, Terry
Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb January, 2003 trade data are now posted.
2003 Tariffs Enhanced Sub-Saharan Africa data

DataWeb News Release STEEL 201 Frequent Questions ... ITC TRADE DATAWEB Direct access to trade data; customized reports; instant answers.
  • Version 2.5! Now has trade balance by HTS, SITC, and NAICs! U.S. imports and exports by your list of products or one at a time. Example: enter Quick Query, select all commodities, Chile, 6-digit aggregation, sort by value, and get the top 10 values, all other, and totalinstantly Lookup for HTS/SIC/SITC/NAICS/End-Use descriptions. Review DataWeb fine print. Commodity Translation Wizard Translates between HTS codes and those for SITC and NAICS classifications.



100. WildNet Africa - CITES - Issues - Convention On International
WildNet africa Issues - CITES - Convention on international Tradein Endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora and Fauna (CITES).

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