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         African-american Studies Arts:     more books (100)
  1. The New Black Renaissance: The Souls Anthology of Critical African American Studies by Manning Marable, 2005-08-30
  2. African Americans in Art (Museum Studies) by Andrea Barnwell, 1999-05-28
  3. The Black Teacher and the Dramatic Arts: A Dialogue, Bibliography, and Anthology (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by William R. Reardon, 1970-09-29
  4. The Art of the Black Essay (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Cheryl Butler, 2002-12-13
  5. Hollywood Be Thy Name: African American Religion in American Film, 1929-1949 (George Gund Foundation Imprint in African American Studies) by Judith Weisenfeld, 2007-06-08
  6. Shout Because You're Free: The African American Ring Shout Tradition in Coastal Georgia by Art Rosenbaum, 1998-06-01
  7. African Americans in Art: Selections from the Art Institute of Chicago by Colin L. Westerbeck, Art Institute Of Chicago, et all 1999-05
  8. "Keep A-Inchin' Along": Selected Writings of Carl Van Vechten about Black Art and Letters (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Carl Van Vechten, Bruce Kellner, 1979-05-24
  9. The Work of Vinnette Carroll: An African-American Theatre Artist (Studies in Theatre Arts, 8) by Calvin A. McClinton, 2000-09
  10. Transatlantic Dialogue: Contemporary Art in and Out of Africa by Michael D. Harris, Moyo Okediji, et all 2000-01
  11. The Politics of Paul Robeson's Othello (Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies) by Lindsey R. Swindall, 2010-12-01
  12. African American Studies (Introducing Ethnic Studies)
  13. Black Boston: Documentary Photography and the African American Experience by Kim Sichel, Edmund Barry Gaither, 1994-12
  14. The Dark Tree: Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles (George Gund Foundation Book in African American Studies) by Steve Isoardi, 2006-04-10

1. Coverpageforwebsite
Students pursuing degrees in African studies can take language courses in Shona and Zulu. Read about the faculty and the Black studies Library. African American and African studies at The Ohio State University is the proud product of the 1960s Black to the Bachelor of arts and Master of arts degrees. Our comprehensive
Graduate Program Undergraduate Program Courses Languages ... Alumni ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT
African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University is the proud product of the 1960s Black freedom movement. Originally established as an academic division in October 1969, Black Studies (now African American and African Studies) obtained formal department status in 1972 and today enjoys the reputation of being one of the strongest African American and African Studies programs in the nation. The primary mission of the department is to stimulate teaching and research about the Black experience in the U.S., Africa and throughout the African diaspora, and to encourge students and others to assess various strategies for advancing human progress through the examination of the worldwide struggle for Black freedom. Academic offerings in the department include courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. Our comprehensive multidisciplinary curricula include courses in literature, music, history, psychology, sociology, political science, community development and the most extensive offering of

2. California State University, Northridge
The Religious studies Department at California State University, Northridge offers a Bachelor of arts in Religious studies. The Department encourages students to draw upon a variety of fields and disciplines for africanamerican studies, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. A major will be able to interpret religious texts, think both empathetically and critically about conflicting religious claims, acquire knowledge of the history of more than one major religious tradition, apply intercultural methods to religious inquiry and analysis, and articulate a perception of one's role in society, in both career and public service options.
University Honors Program TTR Registration Information College of Humanities Career Center ... Admissions and Records The Department encourages students to draw upon a variety of fields and disciplines for their study of religion, including Anthropology, African-American Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Art and Literature. This interdisciplinary and multi-cultural aspect makes religious studies an excellent field for a general liberal arts education. The Religious Studies majorthe standard major or contract option majoris designed to provide a liberal arts education with an emphasis upon religious traditions and phenomena. The major provides an excellent basis from which to pursue careers requiring imagination, problem-solving, communication skills, and awareness of human diversity. Skills gained in this process are applicable to many other areas in the academic, business, and professional spheres. Religious Studies Department
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91330-8316
Phone: (818) 677-3392 Email:

3. K-12: African-American Resources
by Dr. Carolyn L. Holmes, Supervisor of African and African American studies (Mrs.Dianne S africanamerican History through the arts Resources includes
Africa Guide for K-12 Resources
K-12 Information

Multimedia Archive

Africa in the Library
Lesson Plans
African Studies Center
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA
TEL : (215) 898-6610
FAX: (215) 573-7379
K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet ©
Ali B. Ali-Dinar
African-American Resources
These are some of the resources that pertain to African-American studies. Culture Connection Programs
    A monthly series of programs hosted by Dr. Carolyn L. Holmes, Supervisor of African and African American Studies (Mrs. Dianne S. Partee, former Curriculum Specialist was the co-host during 1995 to 2002). The program highlights topics, issues and themes that reflect the diverse African and African American cultural and historical experiences.
African and African-American Resources,
    This information has been made accessible by the Reference Department of the Thomas Jefferson Library of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.This homepage supplies links to information, articles, and narratives about the State's history taken from sources such as the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, Preservation Issues by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the African American Heritage of St. Louis by the St. Louis Public Library
African American History
    Resources on African American history, art, as well as Slavery, and Civil Rights.

4. BU | Summer Term | Course Listings
AFRICAN AMERICAN studies. College of arts and Sciences. (Visit Department).CAS AA 310 History of the Civil Rights Movement Explores
AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES College of Arts and Sciences (Visit Department) CAS AA 310 History of the Civil Rights Movement
Explores the history of the African American struggle for racial equality and democracy from the turn of the century through the 1960's. Makes use of the most recent scholarship, memoirs, documentary films and oral history accounts. 4 cr. Tuition: $1640
Summer 1:
Tues./Thurs. 9-12:30 p.m. Teele
TelReg# 594293
Boston University

Summer Term

March 26, 2003

5. African American Resources - Black Studies - Social Studies- History
Resource provided by this educational CDROM offers a large collection of links to information about african-american history. Black History Quest. african-american History, Culture, and Black studies Resources This site explains Nubian culture, arts and society in the different periods of their history.
Black History Quest African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Resources AFRICA HOMEPAGE - Connecting a Continent to its children around the World. AFRICAN AMERICAN ART-On the internet. AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE This site will guide you to the essentials of the African American culture. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY MAKERS AFRICAN AMERICAN IMAGES -from the 19th century AFRICAN AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY AFRICAN AMERICAN ODYSSEY - Library of Congress. AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIERS FOR LIBERTY AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE WEST AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS AFRICA SITES - A Comprehensive Guide to African Websites AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - Information for BLACKs that makes a Difference. AFRICAN AMERICAN-Commemorative Stamps listing. AFRICAN AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES AFRICAN AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS- across the United States. AFRICAN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE SCIENCES AFRICAN AMERICANS-In the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Service. AFRICAN ISSUES-U.S. Department of State ... ANCESTRY.COM Ethnic Research in Genealogy ANCIENT NUBIA - An introduction to the Nubian Civilization. This site explains Nubian culture, arts and society in the different periods of their history.

6. UGA African American Studies
Read about the programs at this North Carolina school. Find faculty profiles and course descriptions. The African africanamerican studies Program is designed to establish coordinated interdisciplinary social sciences, but from the arts and professions while taking advantage of
The Institute for African American Studies has evolved at The University of Georgia as an academic program of study since 1969, though its current status dates from 1992. It is dedicated to the production of creative research on the achievements of African Americans and to exciting instruction for a diverse community of thinkers. In addition, it serves as a cultural repository and resource for the citizenry of Georgia. The Institute offers several courses in the core curriculum. Students wishing to earn a certificate or undergraduate degree in African American Studies can do so by taking the recommended courses approved by the Director. The intent is to be both intellectually exciting and rigorously challenging. Often views might seem unusually innovative. Many students of the Institute are interested in professional study and scholarly research beyond the undergraduate level. Others might begin to lay out a systematic plan for thoughtful public service.
The Role of African American Studies
Western Civilization has been a reliable means to understand world cultures for many generations, but the rapidly changing demography of the United States requires a more profound awareness of cultural resources by thinkers of color. As seekers after human truth, African Americanists should test traditional assumptions about race to help students make more enlightened choices for themselves and their civilization. The primary objective of an African American studies curriculum, regardless of race or color, is education for positive and productive citizenship. Hence, a reasonable list follows:

7. Columbia College Bulletin
Students should consider a major in africanamerican studies if they are interestedin careers where strong liberal arts preparation is needed, such as fields
African-American Studies
Departmental Information
Prof. Manning Marable
758 Schermerhorn Extension
Undergraduate Program Director
Prof. Mignon R. Moore
320M Fayerweather
Institute for Research in African-American Studies
758 Schermerhorn Extension
Institute Homepage
Core Faculty
Steven Gregory Anthropology Farah J. Griffin English and Comparative Literature Manning Marable History David Maurrasse International and Public Affairs Mignon R. Moore Sociology Samuel K. Roberts History David Scott Anthropology Sudhir Venkatesh Sociology Affiliated Faculty Marcellus Blount English and Comparative Literature George C. Bond Anthropology and International Education (Teachers College) Maguette Camara Dance (Barnard) Ann Douglas English and Comparative Literature Ennis Edmonds Pan African Studies (Barnard) Barbara Fields History Eric Foner History Winston James History Mahmood Mamdani Anthropology; Institute of African Studies

8. Quick Reference - Arts & Humanities - African-American Studies
Quick Reference arts Humanities - african-american studies. AfricanAmerican Odyssey Selected presentations and collections of

9. College Of Arts & Sciences - 2001 & 2002 Undergraduate Catalog
university. Degree Requirements. Degree offered Bachelor of arts Majorin africanamerican studies. Pre-education concentration. Majors
African-American Studies


Applied Linguistics and

English as a Second Lang.
Women's Studies Institute
Department of African-American Studies
962 One Park Place South, 404/651-2157

Charles E. Jones, Chair
Core Faculty: Akinyela, Dixon, Jones, Livingston, Presley, Umoja
Associate Faculty: Ali, L. Anderson, Calhoun-Brown, Denard, B. Hall, Hanna, Haydon, Hilliard, Holmes, Manning, Marsh-Lockett, Rouse, D. Stewart, Tatum, F. Taylor, Vernick, Zeigler
Degree Requirements
Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts Major in African-American Studies
Pre-education concentration Majors should complete the following:
  • Undergraduate Core Curriculum Areas A - E, listed in a previous section of this chapter; Area F: Courses Appropriate to the major, listed below; Area G: Major Courses, listed below; and Area H: Minor and Additional Courses, listed below if needed.
  • Alternatives are available to some core and major requirements. Please see a degree program adviser for specific guidelines.
    • Area A: Essential Skills (9) Area B: Institutional Options (4) Area C: Humanities and Fine Arts (6) Area D: Science, Mathematics, and Technology (11)

    10. College Of Liberal Arts:  African-American Studies
    College of Liberal arts africanamerican studies. Study the legacy of Africaand the African Diaspora and explore other issues concerning race and class.
    I Would Like To... Access My Student Account Apply For Admission Apply For a Job Find An E-mail Address Find A Phone Number Get Directions to Campus Learn About Greek Life Learn More About Mercer Make A Gift Request a Transcript Take A Virtual Tour View Campus Construction View Class Schedules View Fine Art Events Visit The Campus Visit The Grand Opera House Work At Mercer
    Dean's Welcome
    African American Studies Biology Chemistry Computer Science Environmental Science ... Liberal Arts Home College of Liberal Arts: African-American Studies Study the legacy of Africa and the African Diaspora and explore other issues concerning race and class. Admissions Alumni Athletics ...
    Contact Us Today

    11. African American Themes - Teaching Resources For Martin Luther King, Jr., Harrie
    africanamerican studies. African arts and Culture Grades K-4 - This unit presentsseveral lessons designed to familiarize students with Africa, its art and its
    Visit Network Sites ... A to Z Teacher Stuff SearchEducation EduBanners about us advertise
    themes lessons tips ... E-mail to a Friend THEME INDEX featured . . .

    Dr. Seuss

    Seasonal Index

    100th Day ...
    African-American Studies Martin Luther King, Jr. Harriet Tubman Misc. / Black History Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Lesson Plans and Units Being Treated Equally
    Kindergarten - Lets children experience prejudice first hand, in reference to Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Classroom Grades K-6 - An excellent place to start for various ideas and activities. Scroll down for a poem for choral reading. Holiday Zone: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Grades K-3 - Arts and crafts, bulletin board, discussion, language activities, songs, and more. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WebQuest/Timeline Work through the student-created timeline to find answers to the questions. Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Who Was Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Grade K - The student will be able to: 1. recognize Martin Luther King Jr. as a great leader who worked to get equal rights for all people. 2. understand Martin Luther King Jr.'s hope that all people could live together without prejudice. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    12. Arts & Sciences (African-American Studies - Communication)
    The College of arts and Sciences offers a minor in africanamerican Studiesconsisting of a minimum of 18 semester hours. Program Requirements
    Table of Contents AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM The College of Arts and Sciences offers a minor in African-American Studies consisting of a minimum of 18 semester hours. Program Requirements: 1. Required: any six from this list or approved upper division courses. (18 hours) AMH 3570 Afro-American History 3 hours ARH 3520 African Arts 3 hours COM 4461 Intercultural Communication 3 hours LIN 4612 African-American English 3 hours LIT 4354 Afro-American Writers 3 hours PUP 3914 Minorities in Politics 3 hours SYD 3720 Race and Ethnic Minorities in the U.S. 3 hours SOP 3724 Psychology of Racial Prejudice 3 hours SOP 3930 Psychology of Ethnic Minorities 3 hours 2. Other courses as approved For further information, contact Dr. William Wooten, Psychology Department, PH 305C,
    AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM The minor in American Studies requires at least 21 hours of approved upper-division courses. The courses include at least three hours of restricted electives from each of these three fields: literature and humanities, social sciences, and history. Other courses may be chosen from the list of approved courses which is available from the American Studies advisor. For further information, contact Dr. John Lynxwiler, FA 405, (407) 823-2227. ANTHROPOLOGY (see Department of Sociology and Anthropology) DEPARTMENT OF ART Chair: Robert T. Reedy

    13. African American Art On The Internet
    africanamericans in the Visual arts A Historical Dr. Maude Wahlman Ethnic studies,Art Department PBS Series; Museum of african-american History Detroit

    Library Homepage
    African American History Pages at C.W. Post : A Journey from Slavery to Freedom African-American Freedom Fighters African-Americans and the Old West African-Americans in Motion Pictures ... More Internet Resources
    African American Art on the Internet

    14. Wheelock College Undergraduate American Studies Major
    AST XXX. Internship in American studies*. LIT 356. africanamerican Women Writers.LIT358. arts and Sciences Home Page . Wheelock College Home Page

    American Studies
    Arts Humanities Human Development ... Math and Science
    American Studies Major / B.A. Degree Requirements:
    One survey course in American History, Literature, or Philosophy (4 credits)
    Courses used to meet this requirement may not be counted toward the focus. AST 215 Political and Social Change in America AST 220 Coming to America AST 251 Children and Families in American Society AST 260 Special Topic: Introduction to American Government Advanced: AST XXX Senior Seminar in American Studies (4 credits)* Focus (16 credits): Requirement for students beginning with the class of 2005. Popular Culture and Representation Introductory: HDS 202 Sociology of Everyday Life HDS 224 Sociology of the Media LIT 220 Film and Fiction MUS 130 American Popular Music MUS 288 Introduction to World Music Traditions Intermediate: AST 215 Political and Social Change in America AST XXX Internship in American Studies* HIS 269 The Sixties Violence in the Lives of Children and Families HDV 282 Children and the Media HUM 260 Work and American Culture LIT 248 The Harlem Renaissance LIT 322 The 19th Century American Novel: Texts in Context MUS 277 African-American Music PHL 305 Philosophies of Social Change THE 305 African and Caribbean Theatre THE 338 African-American Theatre VIS 216 Survey of Eastern Art VIS 315 Women, Art and Society

    15. Programs In African-American Studies At Princeton University
    Morgan State University, Master of arts in africanamerican studies.North Carolina A T State University, MA African American Literature.
    African-American Studies Programs in the United States

    16. NVCC 2002-2003 Catalog - Liberal Arts - AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES Career Studies
    NVCC 20022003 Catalog Instructional Programs. LIBERAL arts. AFRICAN-AMERICANstudies Career studies Certificate AL, NVCC Home Page
    NVCC 2002-2003 Catalog
    Instructional Programs LIBERAL ARTS AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES Career Studies Certificate AL
    NVCC Home Page Catalog Search Table of Contents Instructional Programs ... Next Page Purpose: The program is specifically designed for both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students who are interested in reviewing or developing in-depth understanding and appreciation of African American culture, history, and language. Other students will be able to enhance their employability in careers such as teaching or social service occupations. First Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester HIS African-American History I ENG Survey of African-American Literature I HIS African-American History II ENG Survey of African-American Literature II Total Credits/Semester Second Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester HIS History of African Civilization I HIS Topics in Cultural Ethnicity I HIS History of African Civilization II Total Credits/Semester Total credits for the African-American Studies Career Studies Certificate = 21. Prerequisites for these courses are ENG 111 and 112.

    17. African-American Studies , University Of New Mexico
    Bachelor of arts in africanamerican studies. The interdisciplinarymajor in African American studies approaches the study of the
    Contents Introduction Faculties Degrees Courses ... - Home Degree-
    Minor Course Descriptions Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies
    The interdisciplinary major in African American Studies approaches the study of the historical, cultural, and intellectual development of people of African descent from a multidisciplinary perspective. (3 hrs) Foundational
    Af Am 103 Foundation of African-American Studies (required)
    (3 hrs) Language
    Af Am 101 Swahili I
    Af Am 102 Swahisi II
    Af Am 106 Elementary Arabic I
    Af Am 107 Elementary Arabic II
    Af Am 206 Intermediate Arabic I
    Af Am 207 Intermediate Arabic II
    (12 hrs) History Af Am 284 African American History I (required) Af Am 285 African American History II (required) Af Am 388 Blacks in Latin American I (required) Af Am 396 Emancipation and Equality Hist 487 Atlantic Slavery in Comparative Perspective (9 hrs) Political Science Af Am 299 Black Leaders in the U.S.

    18. The Committee On African And African-American Studies>
    Students seeking an AM degree based upon a specialization in African or AfricanAmericanstudies may apply to the Master of arts Program in the Social Sciences
    The Committee on African and African-American Studies
    Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences , the Committee on International Relations , or the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities . The main activities of the Committee on African and African-American Studies are the coordination of graduate studies programs (including opportunities for student teaching in undergraduate courses) and the management of workshops (advanced research seminars) and conferences. For further information on the committee, contact Ralph A. Austen; Committee on African and African-American Studies; The University of Chicago; 5828 South University; Chicago, IL 60637; telephone: (773) 702-8344; fax: (773) 702-2587; e-mail: ; web page (via Social Sciences Division): This text was last revised on 7/2/2001.

    19. African American World Studies Home Page
    University of Iowa College of Liberal arts Sciences. Welcome to.africanamerican World studies. Welcome. african-american World
    University of Iowa


    World Studies

    Home Page News
    About our Faculty
    Graduate Programs
    Undergraduate Programs
    ... Contact Us
    Welcome to African-American
    World Studies
    African-American World Studies
    436 English-Philosphy Building
    Iowa City, IA 52242 Phone: 319-335-0317, Fax: 319-335-0319 email: Office Hours: 9-12; 1-3:30
    Related Programs
    Page last updated November 6, 2002 2:10 PM Contact

    20. Colby | Course Catalogue | African American Studies
    Patrick Brancaccio (English and Performing arts), Cedric Bryant (English), HenryGemery (Economics), Gilkes (africanamerican studies and Sociology), Thomas RW
    This page was last updated: 07/04/01 04:00:14 AM
    search the catalogue
    General Information

    Colby's Mission and Goals

    About Colby


    Information Technology
    General Regulations
    Academic Program
    Academic Requirements

    Academic Honors

    Academic Programs
    Academic Procedures Courses of Study Course Designations Adminstrative Science African-American Studies American Studies ... Women's Studies Directories The Corporation: Officers, Trustees The Corporation: Overseers, Museum ... Administration Appendices 2000-2001 Calendar 2001-2002 Calendar 1999-2000 Catalogue Director, Professor Cheryl Townsend Gilkes Program Faculty and Advisory Committee: Professors Jeffrey Anderson (Anthropology), Charles Bassett (American Studies and English), Catherine Besteman (Anthropology), Patrick Brancaccio (English and Performing Arts), Cedric Bryant (English), Henry Gemery (Economics), Gilkes (African-American Studies and Sociology), Thomas R.W. Longstaff (Religious Studies), Paul Machlin (Music), Phyllis Mannocchi (English), Margaret McFadden (American Studies), David Nugent (Anthropology), Maritza Straughn-Williams (African-American Studies and Anthropology), John Sweney (English), James Webb (History), and Robert Weisbrot (History); also Frances Parker (assistant director, library), Geraldine Roseboro (associate dean of students and director of intercultural affairs), and two student representatives Requirements for the Major in African-American/American Studies Fifteen courses selected from American studies, literature, social science, and music, including American Studies 276 or African-American Studies 276, American Studies 271, 493, English 255, 256, 343, History 131, 132, and 247; one course selected from Music 232, 238, or American Studies 282; either History 342 or 442; two courses selected from American Studies 493, Anthropology 211, 217, 231, 254, Religious Studies 356, Sociology 214, 252, 354, 355, 357, or Womenís Studies 221; and at least one course focused on Africa or the Caribbean, preferably selected from Anthropology 231, 237, 254, History 364. Course substitutions and exchanges may be made in consultation with the advisor.

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