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         African-american Studies Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Language, Discourse and Power in African American Culture (Studies in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Language) by Marcyliena Morgan, 2002-08-12
  2. Audience, Agency and Identity in Black Popular Culture (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Shawan M. Worsley, 2009-08-19
  3. Black American Intellectualism and Culture: A Social Study of African American Social and Political Thought, Volume 20 (Contemporary Studies in Sociology)
  4. Area, ethnic, culture and gender studies: African-American baccalaureate.(TOP 100 DEGREE PRODUCERS: BACCALAUREATE DEGREES)(Illustration): An article from: Black Issues in Higher Education
  5. Negotiating temporal differences: Blues, jazz and narrativity in African American culture (American studies) by Wilfried Raussert, 2000
  6. A study of African-American culture in southwest Missouri in relation to the George Washington Carver National Monument by Lori Peterson, 1995
  7. Black American Intellectualism and Culture: A Social Study of African American Social and Political Thought (Contemporary Studies in Sociology) by J.L. Conyers Jr., 1980
  8. Black expatriate writers (Studies in African American history and culture) by Robert Coles, 1996
  9. Freud Upside Down: African American Literature and Psychoanalytic Culture (New Black Studies Series) by Badia Sahar Ahad, 2010-10-07
  10. Racial Discourse and Cosmopolitanism in Twentieth-Century African American Writing (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Tania Friedel, 2007-12-03
  11. Native Sons in No Man's Land: Rewriting Afro-American Manhood in the Novels of Baldwin, Walker, Wideman, and Gaines (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Philip Auger, 2000-02-29
  12. Race, Gender, and Welfare Reform: The Elusive Quest for Self-Determination (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Vanessa Sheared, 1998-10-01
  13. Womanism, Literature, and the Transformation of the Black Community, 19651980 (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Kalenda C. Eaton, 2007-12-13
  14. African Americans and Race Relations in San Antonio, Texas, 1867-1937 (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Kenneth Mason, 1998-12-01

1. African-American Studies , University Of New Mexico
The africanamerican studies culture and Education Project brings in national andinternational scholars on culture and education to conduct semester-long
Contents Introduction Faculties Degrees Courses ... - Home Projects CULTURE AND EDUCATION SEMINARS PROJECT
Director: Dr. Shiame Okunor Affiliated faculty: Asa Hilliard III, Georgia State University
Robert Williams, Washington State University
Jack Condon, University of New Mexico
!oe Suina, University of New Mexico
The African-American Studies Culture and Education Project brings in national and international scholars on culture and education to conduct semester-long seminars on current issues in education and culture such as Testing, IQ scores, Multiculturatism, Pedagogy, etc.
The project is a cooperative effort of the Educational Foundations, Commmunication and Journalism, and African-American Studies departments. Top THE AFRICAN FIELD HISTORY INSTITUTE: SUMMER SERIES The Institute organizes seminars and lectures in Ghana, on important issues in African History, which have significantly affected contemporary Africa. Issues such as depopulation, slavery, religion (indigenous, Islam, and Christian), history (oral and western) and other issues.

2. African & African-American Studies
African and african-american studies.Category Science Social Sciences Programs and Research Centers......The African africanamerican studies Program is designed to establish coordinatedinterdisciplinary study of the history and culture, the social and economic

Undergraduate Program
New: Latino Achievement Conference Statistics
Graduate Program

Driving Instructions
Our programming theme for the 2003-04 school year will be New Orleans: History, Culture and Politics. Our course offerings, public lectures and special events will reflect that theme. Details will be available on our website in the spring of 2003. Our theme for the 2004-05 school year will be Africans in the New World: Gullah Culture and The South Carolina Low Country. Julian Abele,
architect of
Duke West Campus,
with his daughter Program Director, Charles M. Payne
Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, Thavolia Glymph
Administrative Assistant, Connie Blackmore
Administrative Intern, Meccasia Zabriskie
Duke University John Hope Franklin Center Box 90252 2204 Erwin Road Durham, NC 27708

3. African American Resources - Black Studies - Social Studies- History
africanamerican History, culture, and Black studies Resources AFRICAHOMEPAGE - Connecting a Continent to its children around the World.
Black History Quest African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Resources AFRICA HOMEPAGE - Connecting a Continent to its children around the World. AFRICAN AMERICAN ART-On the internet. AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE This site will guide you to the essentials of the African American culture. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY MAKERS AFRICAN AMERICAN IMAGES -from the 19th century AFRICAN AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY AFRICAN AMERICAN ODYSSEY - Library of Congress. AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIERS FOR LIBERTY AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE WEST AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS AFRICA SITES - A Comprehensive Guide to African Websites AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - Information for BLACKs that makes a Difference. AFRICAN AMERICAN-Commemorative Stamps listing. AFRICAN AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES AFRICAN AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS- across the United States. AFRICAN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE SCIENCES AFRICAN AMERICANS-In the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Service. AFRICAN ISSUES-U.S. Department of State ... ANCESTRY.COM Ethnic Research in Genealogy ANCIENT NUBIA - An introduction to the Nubian Civilization. This site explains Nubian culture, arts and society in the different periods of their history.

4. African-American Studies Videotape And Audiocassette Media
African American author and poet Amiri Baraka addresses his experiences at RutgersUniversity within the larger context of American political culture and racism

5. African-American Studies Scholarly Resources
Archives of African American Music and culture (Indiana University); Black Film Center/Archive(Indiana University); Black studies at the University of Missouri
African-American Studies
Scholarly Resources

6. New American Studies Web
Theory and Methodology Visual culture War and Working Class and Labor studies, 1920s1950s Political History 20th Century africanamerican african-americans and Historical Cu

7. African American Studies
Links to Websites concerning Black studies.Category Society Ethnicity African african-american Education...... africanamerican culture african-americanstudies, University of Pennsylvania Library
Internet Sources in African American Studies National Sources Directories Manuscripts Other ... UNA Sites National Sources Directories African-American Culture: African-American Studies, University of Pennsylvania Library:

African American Web Connection: Black Quest Power Resource Links: Influential African Americans of the 20th Century: World Wide Web Virtual Library: History: United States: Ethnic Studies: Manuscripts and Other Primary Sources American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology: Documenting the American South, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries: John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African American Documentation, Duke University:

8. AFAS: Web Resources
American studies Columbia University Libraries and Research Centers Amistad ResearchCenter Auburn Avenue Research Library on africanamerican culture and
Resources for Research in African American Studies
Guides to Web Resources
African American Studies Links
University of Michigan
African American Studies Web Sites
Howard University
Library Catalogs
African American and/or Black Studies Catalogs
Cornell University
Library Research Guides
African American Studies Research Guides
Yale University
African-American Studies Resources
Princeton University
African-American Studies Resources
University of Delaware
Afro-American Studies Research Guide
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Research Guide: African-American Studies Boston University Resources in African-American Studies Columbia University Libraries and Research Centers Amistad Research Center Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African American Documentation Library Company of Philadelphia ...
African American History and Culture
Collections Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection Temple University E. Azalia Hackley Collection of Negro Music, Dance and Drama

9. K-12: African-American Resources
culture Connection Programs A monthly series of programs hosted by Dr. CarolynL. Holmes, Supervisor of African and African American studies (Mrs. Dianne S
Africa Guide for K-12 Resources
K-12 Information

Multimedia Archive

Africa in the Library
Lesson Plans
African Studies Center
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA
TEL : (215) 898-6610
FAX: (215) 573-7379
K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet ©
Ali B. Ali-Dinar
African-American Resources
These are some of the resources that pertain to African-American studies. Culture Connection Programs
    A monthly series of programs hosted by Dr. Carolyn L. Holmes, Supervisor of African and African American Studies (Mrs. Dianne S. Partee, former Curriculum Specialist was the co-host during 1995 to 2002). The program highlights topics, issues and themes that reflect the diverse African and African American cultural and historical experiences.
African and African-American Resources,
    This information has been made accessible by the Reference Department of the Thomas Jefferson Library of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.This homepage supplies links to information, articles, and narratives about the State's history taken from sources such as the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, Preservation Issues by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the African American Heritage of St. Louis by the St. Louis Public Library
African American History
    Resources on African American history, art, as well as Slavery, and Civil Rights.

10. African And African-American Studies
for the Study of Religion and culture in Africa and the African Diaspora (ISRCAD)is the research arm of the African and africanamerican studies Program at

Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture
in Africa and the African Diaspora
The Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture in Africa and the African Diaspora (ISRCAD) is the research arm of the African and African-American Studies Program at Notre Dame. Its purpose is to encourage and provide support for the interdisciplinary study of the histories, religions, languages, and cultures of peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora from antiquity to the present. Through its slate of projected activities—which includes an annual colloquium, a lecture series, a research annual, a postdoctoral fellowship program, and a visiting scholars program—is hoped that ISRCAD will further enhance the intellectual climate at Notre Dame for advanced research on a range of pivotal issues related to Africa and the African Diaspora. It is also hoped that it will provide a supportive and vibrant intellectual community in which humanists and social scientists from a broad cross-section of disciplines can examine these issues. ISRCAD's activities will also help to forward the threefold of the African and African-American Studies Program: (1) to provide a disciplined and rigorous intellectual environment for the study of issues related to both Africa and the African Diaspora; (2) to promote educational and cultural events that increase public awareness about the histories, literatures, languages, and cultures of African and Afrodiasporan peoples; and (3) to provide resources that encourage and facilitate the rigorous interdisciplinary study of Africa and the African Diaspora within and beyond the classroom.

11. African And African-American Studies
solid introduction to the discipline of African and africanamerican studies andan a base for understanding contributions made by Afrodiasporan culture to the

African and African-American Studies Program
The African and African-American Studies Program was established at the University of Notre Dame in 1972. Since that time, its commitment has been threefold: (1) to provide a disciplined and rigorous intellectual environment for the study of issues related to both Africa and the African Diaspora; (2) to promote educational and cultural events that increase public awareness about the histories, literatures, languages, and cultures of African and Afrodiasporan peoples; and (3) to provide resources that encourage and facilitate the rigorous interdisciplinary study of Africa and the Diaspora within and beyond the classroom
Undergraduate Educational Objectives
The program has five major undergraduate objectives. The first is to expose students to a field of study which is rich, vital, and constantly expanding. The second is to help students gain a deeper understanding of the breadth, depth, and tremendous diversity of the African and Afrodiasporan cultural experience.

12. African-American Studies , University Of New Mexico
basis for African American studies program AfAm 103 (Fall C J 125) AfAm 125 SURVEYOF AFRICA An introductory course on Africa, its society culture policy and
Contents Introduction Faculties Degrees Courses ... - Home Course Descriptions SWAHILI I:
A foundation course for all beginning students interested in reading or speaking the language.
(Also offered as MCL 101) AfAm 101 (Fall) SWAHILI II:
Foundation course for all beginning students with minimal exposure to the language and interested in improving their reading and speaking skills.
(Also offered as MCL 102) AfAm 102 (Spring) FOUNDATION OF THE AFRICAN- AMERICAN STUDIES:
An exploration of the philosophical, political, historical. sociological, etc. basis for African- American Studies program
A course in elementary modern standard Arabic.
An introduction to communication among people from different cultural backgrounds, emphasizing intercultural relations. The class seeks to identify, honor and enhance the strengths of different cultural perspectives.

13. African American Studies
the preservation and presentation of African and African American history and culture. TheDepartment of africanamerican studies Home Page at Temple University
African- American Studies UC Departments UC Library Resources
Other Resources
  • AfroAmeric@ - "An African American oriented newspaper established in 1892. It is based in Baltimore and serves the Baltimore, Washington D.C and Richmond VA areas. This site includes marketing and business news, and several special exhibits of images and text." African American Theses and Dissertations - A searchable comprehensive bibliography of all theses written at the University of California, Berkeley on African American themes covering the years from 1907 to 1990. The African American Haven - A very comprehensive page on every aspect of African American life. The Western Journal of Black Studies - "An interdisciplinary quarterly publication concerned with research, social analysis, political commentary, literary criticism, and contemporary arts." Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire - A journal addressing a wide range of contemporary black concerns.

14. African American Themes - Teaching Resources For Martin Luther King, Jr., Harrie
During these activities, students explore the culture and contributions ofBlack Americans. Resource Sites and Pages. Misc. africanamerican studies.
Visit Network Sites ... A to Z Teacher Stuff SearchEducation EduBanners about us advertise
themes lessons tips ... E-mail to a Friend THEME INDEX featured . . .

Dr. Seuss

Seasonal Index

100th Day ...
African-American Studies Martin Luther King, Jr. Harriet Tubman Misc. / Black History Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lesson Plans and Units Being Treated Equally
Kindergarten - Lets children experience prejudice first hand, in reference to Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Classroom Grades K-6 - An excellent place to start for various ideas and activities. Scroll down for a poem for choral reading. Holiday Zone: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Grades K-3 - Arts and crafts, bulletin board, discussion, language activities, songs, and more. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WebQuest/Timeline Work through the student-created timeline to find answers to the questions. Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Who Was Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Grade K - The student will be able to: 1. recognize Martin Luther King Jr. as a great leader who worked to get equal rights for all people. 2. understand Martin Luther King Jr.'s hope that all people could live together without prejudice. Martin Luther King, Jr.

15. LSU Libraries - African-Americana
film, the visual arts and culture generally; interviews Callaloo The premier Africanand africanamerican literary journal works by and critical studies of black
African Americana
Contents General Guides Bibliographies Catalogs Exhibits
General Guides:
African American Web Connection
A large collection of African American resources covering many subjects.
American Studies Web
A bibliography of web-based resources in the field of American Studies which includes a section specifically for African Americans listed under "Race, Ethnicity and Identity."
The Amistad Research Center
One of the nation's largest repositories specializing in the history of African Americans. Contains, for the most part, descriptions of the collections (manuscripts, art, periodicals) of the Center located on the campus of Tulane University, New Orleans, LA.
"The place to find anything and everything BLACK on the Net!" A "Yahoo-style" subject directory of Internet resources.
Universal Black Pages
Extensive web connections, including events calendars, organizational connections, education, culture and more.
A bibliography to selected LSU Libraries reference resources.
African-American Women:
A Selected Bibliography of LSU Resources.

16. African American Internet Links
African studies WWW (U Penn); Amistad Research Center; Meaderings An African AmericanJournal of Politics, Art, and culture; africanamerican studies Videotape
African American Internet Links
  • Mailing and Other Resources for Black Studies On-Line Resources on African-Americans (from Arthur McGee)
  • Gophers
  • Afro Americans (UC Berkeley) Black Studies (UC Santa Barbara) African National Congress Information New York Public Library ... Emory-Atlanta University login as dobis African American Women MLK Bibliography: Martin Luther King, Jr. bibliography login as "socrates", type "select MLK" Afro American Exhibit
  • WWW
  • African American HomePage Black History Month Center for African American Studies, UCLA The Faces of Science: African-Americans in the Sciences ... Meaderings: An African American Journal of Politics, Art, and Culture , UC Berkeley The Universal Black Pages
  • Newsgroups
  • soc.culture.african.american
  • 17. ECUIP : The Digital Library : African-American Studies
    africanamerican Mosaic Covering the nearly 500 on Black History and culture, includingbooks

    African-American Studies

    Select eCUIP section... DIGITAL LIBRARY Subject Collections: Special Collections: CLASSROOM TEACHER'S LAB INFORMATION CENTER eCUIP HOME
    African-American Biographies African-Americans, Digital-Librarian AFRO-American Almanac GENERAL
    African-American Journey African-American Mosaic African American Review African-Americans, Digital-Librarian ... Jet Online ARTS
    African American Sheet Music 1850-1920 African Music Archive Chronology of African-American Arts National Museum of African Art ... Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz HISTORY
    African-American Warriors After the Civil War: Plessy v. Ferguson Black Military Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism ... USCT and Commissioned Officers of African-American Descent LITERATURE
    African-American Literature Links African-American Perspectives African-American Writers of the 19th Century Poetry and Prose of the Harlem Renaissance ... Writing Black PEOPLE
    African-American Biographies American Slave Narratives Black Inventors Buffalo Soldiers on the Western Frontier ... John George Clinkscales, On the Old Plantation

    18. KU - African & African-American Studies
    africanamerican studies. Prerequisite Four semesters of Haitian Creole or equivalentand consent of instructor. HAIT 501 Directed studies in Haitian culture.
    Languages offered in AAAS

    AAAS offers Arabic Haitian Creole Hausa Kiswahili , and Wolof . Other African languages can be offered on a tutorial basis if requested, and depending on the availability of KU faculty with that particular language competence.
    Arabic Courses
    • ARAB 100 Arabic Culture
      An exploration of Arabic culture, with some reference to the relationship between Arabic and other cultures. Normally taken with one of the two elementary Arabic language courses. This course is a compulsory co-requisite for majors and open to other students.
      ARAB 110 Elementary Arabic I
      A beginning course in classical Arabic. Essentials of grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. Not open to fluent speakers of Arabic.
      ARAB 120 Elementary Arabic II
      A continuation of ARAB 110. Not open to fluent speakers of Arabic.
      Prerequisite: ARAB 110
      ARAB 210 Intermediate Arabic I
      Further development of language skills, plus reading and discussion of literary texts. Not open to fluent speakers of Arabic.

    19. KU - African & African-American Studies
    Slavery, slave culture, and the slave trade in the US, Latin America supervised readingsin selected areas of African and africanamerican studies which will be
    Haitian Studies Courses
    Haitian Studies (and related) Courses
    • AAAS 100 The Culture of:
      The culture of the speakers of the language being studied as part of the major, normally taken with either first of second semester course of the language.
      Compulsory co-requisite for majors and open to other students
      AAAS 106 The Black Experience in the Americas
      An interdisciplinary study of the history of the African peoples of the New World, relating their cultures and institutions to the African background and to their peculiar New World experiences up to and including the 19th century. While the main emphasis will be on the U.S.A., attention will also be paid to the Caribbean and Latin America. Approaches will include demography, economics, social and political developments, literature and music
      AAAS 116 The Black Experience in the Americas (Honors)
      An intensive version of AAAS 106. Open only to students on Dean's Honor Roll or enrolled in Honors Program, or consent of instructor.

    20. Colby | Course Catalogue | African American Studies
    S, D. STRAUGHNWILLIAMS. 276s african-american culture in the United StatesListed as American studies 276 (qv). Four credit hours. S, D. GILKES.
    This page was last updated: 07/04/01 04:00:14 AM
    search the catalogue
    General Information

    Colby's Mission and Goals

    About Colby


    Information Technology
    General Regulations
    Academic Program
    Academic Requirements

    Academic Honors

    Academic Programs
    Academic Procedures Courses of Study Course Designations Adminstrative Science African-American Studies American Studies ... Women's Studies Directories The Corporation: Officers, Trustees The Corporation: Overseers, Museum ... Administration Appendices 2000-2001 Calendar 2001-2002 Calendar 1999-2000 Catalogue Director, Professor Cheryl Townsend Gilkes Program Faculty and Advisory Committee: Professors Jeffrey Anderson (Anthropology), Charles Bassett (American Studies and English), Catherine Besteman (Anthropology), Patrick Brancaccio (English and Performing Arts), Cedric Bryant (English), Henry Gemery (Economics), Gilkes (African-American Studies and Sociology), Thomas R.W. Longstaff (Religious Studies), Paul Machlin (Music), Phyllis Mannocchi (English), Margaret McFadden (American Studies), David Nugent (Anthropology), Maritza Straughn-Williams (African-American Studies and Anthropology), John Sweney (English), James Webb (History), and Robert Weisbrot (History); also Frances Parker (assistant director, library), Geraldine Roseboro (associate dean of students and director of intercultural affairs), and two student representatives Requirements for the Major in African-American/American Studies Fifteen courses selected from American studies, literature, social science, and music, including American Studies 276 or African-American Studies 276, American Studies 271, 493, English 255, 256, 343, History 131, 132, and 247; one course selected from Music 232, 238, or American Studies 282; either History 342 or 442; two courses selected from American Studies 493, Anthropology 211, 217, 231, 254, Religious Studies 356, Sociology 214, 252, 354, 355, 357, or Womenís Studies 221; and at least one course focused on Africa or the Caribbean, preferably selected from Anthropology 231, 237, 254, History 364. Course substitutions and exchanges may be made in consultation with the advisor.

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