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         African-american Studies Military:     more books (100)
  1. Beaches, Blood, and Ballots: A Black Doctor’s Civil Rights Struggle (Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies) by M.D.Gilbert R. Mason, James Patterson Smith, 2007-06-11
  2. African Americans in the Military (Black Studies Research Sources)
  3. Bibliographic sources for African military studies: Paper prepared for the meeting of the American Historical Association Pacific Coast Branch, Flagstaff, Arizona, 11-13 August 1977 by Joseph P Smaldone, 1977
  4. African American Voices from Iwo Jima: Personal Accounts of the Battle by Clarence E. Willie, 2010-07-07
  5. The 761st Black Panther Tank Battalion in World War II: An Illustrated History of the First African American Armored Unit to See Combat by Joe Wilson Jr., Julius W. Becton Jr. (Foreword), et all 2006-07-17
  6. War and Race: The Black Officer in the American Military, 1915-1941 (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Gerald Wilson Patton, 1981-10-27
  7. The Right to Fight: A History of African Americans in the Military by Gerald Astor, 2001-04-24
  8. Black Yanks in the Pacific: Race in the Making of American Military Empire after World War II (The United States in the World) by Michael Cullen Green, 2010-10-14
  9. Buffalo Soldiers: African American Troops in the US forces 1866-1945 (General Military) by Ron Field, Alexander Bielakowski, 2008-11-18
  10. Blacks in the American Armed Forces, 1776-1983: A Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies)
  11. Slave and Soldier: The Military Impact of Blacks in the Colonial Americas (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Peter M. Voelz, 1993-03-01
  12. Black Sailors: Afro-American Merchant Seamen and Whalemen Prior to the Civil War (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Martha S. Putney, 1987-05-14
  13. African American Soldiers in the National Guard: Recruitment and Deployment During Peacetime and War (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Charles Johnson, 1992-08-30
  14. Capital and the State in Nigeria (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by John F.E. Ohiorhenuan, 1989-08-23

1. African American Resources - Black Studies - Social Studies- History
Resource provided by this educational CDROM offers a large collection of links to information about african-american history. Black History Quest. african-american History, Culture, and Black studies Resources AFRICAN AMERICAN military HISTORY. AFRICAN AMERICAN ODYSSEY - Library of Congress.
Black History Quest African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Resources AFRICA HOMEPAGE - Connecting a Continent to its children around the World. AFRICAN AMERICAN ART-On the internet. AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE This site will guide you to the essentials of the African American culture. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY MAKERS AFRICAN AMERICAN IMAGES -from the 19th century AFRICAN AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY AFRICAN AMERICAN ODYSSEY - Library of Congress. AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIERS FOR LIBERTY AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE WEST AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS AFRICA SITES - A Comprehensive Guide to African Websites AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - Information for BLACKs that makes a Difference. AFRICAN AMERICAN-Commemorative Stamps listing. AFRICAN AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES AFRICAN AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS- across the United States. AFRICAN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE SCIENCES AFRICAN AMERICANS-In the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Service. AFRICAN ISSUES-U.S. Department of State ... ANCESTRY.COM Ethnic Research in Genealogy ANCIENT NUBIA - An introduction to the Nubian Civilization. This site explains Nubian culture, arts and society in the different periods of their history.

2. ECUIP : The Digital Library : African-American Studies
A browsable and searchable digital library of materials for K12 teachers and students. Black military. Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism

African-American Studies

African-American Biographies African-Americans, Digital-Librarian AFRO-American Almanac GENERAL
African-American Journey African-American Mosaic African American Review African-Americans, Digital-Librarian ... Jet Online ARTS
African American Sheet Music 1850-1920 African Music Archive Chronology of African-American Arts National Museum of African Art ... Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz HISTORY
African-American Warriors After the Civil War: Plessy v. Ferguson Black Military Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism ... USCT and Commissioned Officers of African-American Descent LITERATURE
African-American Literature Links African-American Perspectives African-American Writers of the 19th Century Poetry and Prose of the Harlem Renaissance ... Writing Black PEOPLE
African-American Biographies American Slave Narratives Black Inventors Buffalo Soldiers on the Western Frontier ... John George Clinkscales, On the Old Plantation

3. African-American Studies Videotape And Audiocassette: Media Resources Center, UC
Eclectic catalog of video and audiocassette resources on African and African American culture held by the University of California, Berkeley. Biography of the African American labor leader, journalist, and forced Truman to integrate the military. Finally with the the path of african-american literature from the shores

  • Titles A-H
  • Titles I-P
  • Titles Q-Z
  • Performances ...
  • Indiana University Black Film Center/Archive
    Biography of the African American labor leader, journalist, and civil rights activist, A. Philip Randolph. Randolph won the first national labor agreement for a black union, The Sleeping Car porters. His threat of a protest march on Washington forced President Roosevelt to ban segregation in the federal government and defense industries at the onset of WWII and again he forced Truman to integrate the military. Finally with the 1963 March on Washington, Randolph succeeded in placing civil rights at the forefront of the nation's legislative agenda as he passed the torch to Martin Luther King, Jr. Includes music of the labor and civil rights movements. 86 min. Video/C 4127
  • Description from California Newsreel catalog
  • A. Philip Randolph web site (via WETA/PBS)
  • Achievements in American Black History: Black Religion.
    Traces the history of Black religion from its African origins. Discussion of the roots of Black religion in tribal life and beliefs, its adoption of the White church framework, and its spiritual, social, and political influence in America. 40 min. Video/C 82
    Achievements in American Black History: Early Black Cinema.

    4. UGA African American Studies
    Univ. of Georgia's Institute for African American studies posts several brief biographical sketches of key figures in africanamerican history. of the curriculum at the Institute for African American studies is devoted to creative research on the lives She was buried with military rites, with Booker T. Washington serving as
    African Americans have played a vital role in the history and culture of their country since its founding. An important part of the curriculum at the Institute for African American Studies is devoted to creative research on the lives and work of prominent African Americans and to placing them within their cultural context. On this page you will find brief biographical sketches of several key figures in African American history.
    Benjamin Banneker
    Benjamin Banneker's Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia Almanack and Epheremis, published during the years 1792-1797. He retired from tobacco farming to concentrate wholly upon his studies. He corresponded with Thomas Jefferson and urged Jefferson to work for the abolition of slavery.
    Sojourner Truth
    Sojourner Truth, a nationally known speaker on human rights for slaves and women, was born Isabella Baumfree, a slave in Hurley, New York, and spoke only Dutch during her childhood. Sold and resold, denied her choice in husband, and treated cruelly by her masters, Truth ran away in 1826, leaving all but one of her children behind. After her freedom was bought for $25, she moved to New York City in 1829 and became a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. In 1853, she helped form a utopian community called "The Kingdom," at Sing Sing, New York, which was soon disbanded following the death and possible murder of its leader. Truth was implicated in the scandal but courageously fought the falsehoods aimed at her. After the death of her son, she took the name Sojourner Truth to signify her new role as traveler telling the truth about slavery. She set out on June 1, 1843, walking for miles in a northeasterly direction with 25 cents in her pocket, and rested only when she found lodging offered by either rich or poor. First she attended religious meetings, then began to hold meetings herself that would bring audience members to tears. As she logged mile after mile, her fame grew and her reputation preceded her. Truth's popularity was enhanced by her biography written by the abolitionist Olive Gilbert, with a preface written by William Lloyd Garrison. In 1864, she was invited to the White House, where President Abraham Lincoln personally received her. Later she served as a counselor for the National Freedman's Relief Association, retiring in 1875 to Battle Creek, Michigan.

    5. Default
    Home page for africanamerican Warriors. Inequality in the military The Black Experience. By John Butler The African American in the Union Navy 1861-1865 (studies in African American History and Culture)

    6. African-American History And Studies
    africanamerican studies Resources (Princeton University Library); John Records andAfrican American History, special Records of military Agencies, Prologue
    African-American History and Studies
    Professional Associations
    Archives and Research Centers
    African American History Sites
    Contemporary Issues
    Last updated on April 1, 2003 Department of History
    Tennessee Technological University
    Box 5064
    Cookeville, TN 38505

    7. African-American Studies Scholarly Resources
    africanamerican studies Scholarly Resources Bibliographies An African American Bibliography Education Selected Sources from the Collections of the New York State Library An African American Bibliography History Selected Sources from the African Americans in U.S. military History A Bibliography Compiled by K.G.
    African-American Studies
    Scholarly Resources

    8. KU - African & African-American Studies
    Prerequisite AAAS 104 or AAAS 105 or AAAS 106 or consent of instructor;AAAS 320 studies in the africanamerican military Experience.

    • AAAS 106 The Black Experience in the Americas An interdisciplinary study of the history of the African peoples of the New World, relating their cultures and institutions to the African background and to their peculiar New World experiences up to and including the 19th century. While the main emphasis will be on the U.S.A., attention will also be paid to the Caribbean and Latin America. Approaches will include demography, economics, social and political developments, literature and music.
      AAAS 116 The Black Experience in the Americas (Honors)
      An intensive version of AAAS 106. Open only to students on Dean's Honor Roll or enrolled in Honors Program, or consent of instructor.
      AAAS 306 The Black Experience In the U.S. Since Emancipation
      An interdisciplinary study of the history and culture of Black people in America from Reconstruction to the present. Topics covered include an analysis of Reconstruction, Black leaders, organizations and movements, the Harlem Renaissance, migration, and race relations. Demographic variables covered include socio-economic class, education, political persuasion, and influence by avant-garde cultural changes.
      Lecture and discussion course in area of current interest. May be repeated once for credit toward the major.

    9. Executive Summary Report
    African Americans in the military Service.Category Society Ethnicity African african-american History...... Officer Remembers the Wac (Texas A M University military A Black African Americanin the Union Navy 18611865 (studies in African American History and

    10. African American Studies Resources Guide
    Black studies Database (CDROM) Holdings 19481986 african-american Newspapers andPeriodicals a national bibliography. Americans in US military history, 1526

    Text Collections
    Microform Sets Reference Works Online Journals
    African-American Studies Resources
    This selection of specialized resources in African-American Studies is designed to help you navigate through the wealth of information in Fondren's collections. It is not a comprehensive list. Also consult the general guide to History Resources
    Indexes can be used to locate articles by topic, title, or author. Other general indexes which may also include relevant information can be found on the page. online
    Online Indexes
    African American Newspapers: The 19th Century Full Text
    This collection of African-American Newspapers contains a wealth of information about cultural life and history during the 1800s. It also contains large numbers of early biographies, vital statistics, essays and editorials, poetry and prose, and advertisements, all of which embody the African-American experience. This database will ultimately contain the complete text of the major African-American newspapers published in the United States during the 19th century.

    America: History and Life
    Covers the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. This extensive database indexes over 2,000 journals published worldwide. In addition to covering all key English-language historical journals, this database indexes selected historical journals from major countries, state and local history journals, and a targeted selection of hundreds of journals in the social sciences and humanities. (1964-)

    11. African-American Studies: The Emancipation Proclamation
    against the United States shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and theexecutive government of the United States, including the military and naval
    African-American Studies:
    The Emancipation Proclamation
    By the President of the United States of America: A PROCLAMATION Whereas on the 22nd day of September, A.D. 1862, a proclamation was issued by the President of the United States, containing, among other things, the following, to wit: "That on the 1st day of January, A.D. 1863, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom. "That the executive will on the 1st day of January aforesaid, by proclamation, designate the States and parts of States, if any, in which the people thereof, respectively, shall then be in rebellion against the United States; and the fact that any State or the people thereof shall on that day be in good faith represented in the Congress of the United States by members chosen thereto at elections wherein a majority of the qualified voters of such States shall have participated shall, in the absence of strong countervailing testimony, be deemed conclusive evidence that such State and the people thereof are not then in rebellion against the United States."

    12. African-American Studies Scholarly Resources
    Research Center, Tulane University); African Americans in US military History A type logoff); Reference Books in the Field of African American studies held by
    African-American Studies
    Scholarly Resources

    13. College Of Arts & Sciences - 2001 & 2002 Undergraduate Catalog
    Area H Minor and Additional Courses Students majoring in africanamerican studies hours,exclusive of 1000/2000 physical education or military science courses
    African-American Studies


    Applied Linguistics and

    English as a Second Lang.
    Women's Studies Institute
    Department of African-American Studies
    962 One Park Place South, 404/651-2157

    Charles E. Jones, Chair
    Core Faculty: Akinyela, Dixon, Jones, Livingston, Presley, Umoja
    Associate Faculty: Ali, L. Anderson, Calhoun-Brown, Denard, B. Hall, Hanna, Haydon, Hilliard, Holmes, Manning, Marsh-Lockett, Rouse, D. Stewart, Tatum, F. Taylor, Vernick, Zeigler
    Degree Requirements
    Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts Major in African-American Studies
    Pre-education concentration Majors should complete the following:
  • Undergraduate Core Curriculum Areas A - E, listed in a previous section of this chapter; Area F: Courses Appropriate to the major, listed below; Area G: Major Courses, listed below; and Area H: Minor and Additional Courses, listed below if needed.
  • Alternatives are available to some core and major requirements. Please see a degree program adviser for specific guidelines.
    • Area A: Essential Skills (9) Area B: Institutional Options (4) Area C: Humanities and Fine Arts (6) Area D: Science, Mathematics, and Technology (11)

    14. Department Of African-American Studies @ Georgia State University
    in africanamerican studies must take additional courses as electives to completea minimum of 120 hours, exclusive of 1000/2000 Physical Education or military
    Department of African-American Studies
    Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility
    Georgia State University
    The African American Studies Major
    The Department of African-American Studies was founded in 1994. African-American Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African people nationally and globally. It recognizes how issues and factors in addition to race affect the lives of African people worldwide. As an interdisciplinary field of concentration, it offers critiques of knowledge presented in traditional disciplines and professions, scholarly and artistic accounts of realities of the lives of African-American, and perspectives on social change. The Department of African-American Studies provides students with the intellectual origins, concepts, research, and models of disciplines, the knowledge and skills necessary for the study of group cultures, and a curriculum that contributes to the goals of multicultural education. Faculty and courses are drawn from the department itself and from other departments/schools/institutes in the university. Presently, the Department of African-American Studies offers the Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in African-American Studies.

    15. DCPL: Internet: African American Studies
    Information Resources Go to this location African American studies. Gateway toAfrican American History http//usinfo America's first black military airmen.

    About Your Library



    Internet Information Resources
    African American Studies
    D.C. Library Resources
    • Guide to African American Art Exhibitions in 2003
      The Guide to African American Art Exhibitions in 2003 is a comprehensive selection of art exhibitions. This year will prove to be a busy and exciting one for museumgoers, particularly those interested in works created by African American artists or those who are interested in themes focusing on the African American experience.

    • This site focuses on the contributions that Washingtonians made to the cultural and intellectual movement that is often referred to as the New Negro Movement or the Harlem Renaissance.
    General Internet Resources
    • Freedmen's Bureau
      The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, often referred to as the Freedmen's Bureau, was established in the War Department by an act of March 3, 1865. The Bureau supervised all relief and educational activities relating to refugees and freedmen, including issuing rations, clothing and medicine. The Bureau also assumed custody of confiscated lands or property in the former Confederate States, Border States, District of Columbia, and Indian Territory. This site includes bureau records created or maintained by bureau headquarters, the assistant commissioners and the state superintendents of education and included personnel records and a variety of standard reports concerning bureau programs and conditions in the states.

    16. Penn Library-African American Studies
    in various areas of the military throughout history. Images of stereotypical and negativeAfrican American caricatures for scholarship in Black studies and the
    African American Studies
    I. Afro-American Studies at Penn. II. Comprehensive Web Sites III. Selected Topical Web Sites IV. Resources by Type
    I. African American Studies at Penn

    17. African American Studies Program | Publications
    The Black military Experience in Germany The Western Journal of Black studies.Vol. Claiming the heritage africanamerican women novelists and history.
    Monroe H. Little, Jr.
    • "The Black Military Experience in Germany: World War II and the Modern Era". Crosscurrents: African Americans, Africa and Germany in the Modern World . David McBride and Leroy Hopkins (eds.) South Carolina: Camden House Publishers, 1998, pp. 177-193. "Remembering Hiroshima: Cultural Politics, World War II and American Consciousness". The Western Journal of Black Studies . Vol. 21 (Spring, 1997), pp. 34-40.
    Didier Gondola
    • Mirror Cities: Migrations andUrban Identities in Brassaville and Kinshasa ) (Paris: l'Harmattan, 1997) Numerous journal articles and book chapters.
    Missy Kubitschek
    • Toni Morrison : a critical companion . Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1998.
      Claiming the heritage : African-American women novelists and history . Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, c1991. Articles in African American Review, Melus, CLA Journal and Frontiers

    18. African-American Studies (AASt)
    The effect of European partition and colonialism; African military and political PrerequisiteOne course in africanamerican studies or history, or consent of
    African-American Studies (AASt)
    The information below lists undergraduate courses approved in this subject area effective Summer and Fall, 2003 . Not all courses will necessarily be offered these terms. Please consult the Timetable for a listing of courses offered for a specific term. Introduction to African-American Studies.
    3 Hours.
    Credit is not given for African-American Studies 100 if the student has credit in any course from among African-American Studies 101, 102, 105, or 106. The African-American experience, focusing on African and African-American culture, the slave trade, slavery and emancipation in the Americas, social structure, and civil rights. African-American Politics and Culture.
    3 Hours.
    Same as Political Science 112. A survey of African-American Political and cultural activism from the Black Convention Movement of the 1830s to contemporary times. Introduction to African-American Literature, 1760-1910.
    3 Hours.
    Same as English 118. Comprehensive survey, 1760-1910, from earliest folk roots to formal literary tradition. Introduction to African-American Literature since 1910.

    19. African American Studies: Mina Rees Library
    africanamerican studies (Rutgers Univ. African American Women Writers of the 19thCentury (Schomburg Library). African Americans in the military (About).
    African-American Studies
    See also African Studies
    Affirmative Action and Civil Rights (Univ. of Colorado Libraries)
    African American Culture (annotated index of sites; College and Research Libraries News) African American History (Historical Text Archive) African American History and Studies (Academic Info) African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Links (Black History Quest) African American Inventors (Inventors Museum) African-American Issues (Black Collegian) African American Literature Book Club (in five languages) African American Male Research African American Mosaic (Library of Congress) African American Odyssey (Library of Congress) African American Organizations (African American Web Connection) African American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A. P. Murray Collection, 1818-1907 (Library of Congress) African American Research Organizations (African American Male Research) African American Review, 1976-1997 (JSTOR; CUNY users only) African American Review, 1992 to present (Academic Search Premier; CUNY users only) African-American Studies (Rutgers Univ. Libraries)

    20. African-American Studies , University Of New Mexico
    such as former slave Castles, former commercial and military Forts, Ghana AfricanAmerican studies answered to the need to demystify college and to prepare
    Contents Introduction Faculties Degrees Courses ... - Home Projects CULTURE AND EDUCATION SEMINARS PROJECT
    Director: Dr. Shiame Okunor Affiliated faculty: Asa Hilliard III, Georgia State University
    Robert Williams, Washington State University
    Jack Condon, University of New Mexico
    !oe Suina, University of New Mexico
    The African-American Studies Culture and Education Project brings in national and international scholars on culture and education to conduct semester-long seminars on current issues in education and culture such as Testing, IQ scores, Multiculturatism, Pedagogy, etc.
    The project is a cooperative effort of the Educational Foundations, Commmunication and Journalism, and African-American Studies departments. Top THE AFRICAN FIELD HISTORY INSTITUTE: SUMMER SERIES The Institute organizes seminars and lectures in Ghana, on important issues in African History, which have significantly affected contemporary Africa. Issues such as depopulation, slavery, religion (indigenous, Islam, and Christian), history (oral and western) and other issues.

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