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  1. Four American Leaders by Charles William Eliot , 2010-08-21

61. San Francisco Public Library: African American Center
Several are listed in the Ethnic studies section and the Street in the Center forAfrican and African American Art and and the email address is
San Francisco
Public Library
The African American Center is located on the Third Floor of the Main Library in the General Collections Department.
The African American Center is located on the Third Floor of the Main Library, in the General Collections Center. The Center serves as an introduction to the San Francisco Public Library's collection of materials in African American history and culture. The 400 square foot space provides a comfortable reading room for all patrons, the casual browser or the scholar / bibliophile. The Center houses selected classics from the African American Focus collection, encased in custom-designed shelving of maple, cherry and lacewood. The Focus collection emphasizes materials about the history, traditions and culture of African Americans, with special attention to the African and African American diaspora. It includes English-language materials in all formats: books, books-on-tape, videos, musical recordings, periodicals and electronic data. These resources are located throughout the Main Library from the first floor Browsing Collection to the sixth floor San Francisco History Center. And in the branches with special emphasis at the Bayview-Anna E. Waden, Western Addition, Potrero, and Ocean View libraries.

62. African-Americans, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
Authors (for Teens) African American and African Authors African American BibliographyAfrican American Genealogy African American studies African American
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Resource Guide
Library resources on African Americans can be found in the Social Sciences Department of the Main Library in Oakland.

African American Resources (Humanities)

Afrocentric Web Sites
Biographies ... Travel BOOK LISTS African American Authors (for Teens) African American and African Authors African American Bibliography African American Genealogy ... Search 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Click here to contact us Click here for directions Suggest a Site

63. Dreambook - African American Studies
Homepage URL http// Comments I likethis website. Comments Concerning Your African American studies Program
Dreambook for African American Studies Welcome to my nifty Dreambook , a free guestbook service from New Dream Network and the DreamHost If you have a minute, please add your entry to those below by signing my Dreambook Name: phil Homepage URL: Comments: cool site! Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 04:15:55 PM Name: phil Homepage URL: Comments: cool site! Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 04:15:32 PM Name: MUGU NWA ITE E-mail address: MUGU@MUGUMAIL.COM Comments: IT HSA BEEN DONE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 04:50:22 PM Name: MUGU NWA ITE E-mail address: MUGU@MUGUMAIL.COM Comments: IT HSA BEEN DONE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 04:46:30 PM Name: cynthia e. griffin E-mail address: Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 06:14:43 PM Name: phentermine Comments: Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 03:08:45 PM Name: Pierre E-mail address: Homepage URL: Comments: Many words and expressions which only a matter of decades ago were considered so distastefully explicit that, were they merely to be breathed in public, the perpetrator would be shunned, barred from polite society, and in extreme cases shot through the lungs, are now thought to be very healthy and proper, and their use in everyday speech and writing is evidence of a well-adjusted, relaxed and totally un****ed-up personality. (Douglas Adams) Tuesday, February 25th 2003 - 06:11:43 AM

64. U.S. Embassy - Lusaka
American studies. Privacy Notice Web site privacy notice. African American HistoryMonth (February, 2003); Iraq From Fear to Freedom (Publication January, 2003);
Welcome to the Home Page of the American Mission to Zambia. The home page provides a gateway to a host of information resources both from this website and others linked to it...
USAID/Zambia Issues in Focus The Mission Doing Business in Zambia The America Center Privacy Notice Peace Corps

65. The Research Libraries - Online Databases And Indexes
Your search on the subject African American studies returned 10 onlinedatabases and indexes. Location Codes ART = Miriam Ira

66. American Women's History: African-American Women
Networking Tools Associations Discussion Lists. Associations. African AmericanStudies Librarians Section http// Discussion Lists.
American Women's History: A Research Guide
African-American Women
Home Page Last Update: 1/27/2003 Suggestion Box
See also: General Bibliographies/Research Guides Black Nurses in History: A Bibliography and Guide to Web Resources [online]. Camden, N.J.: UMDNJ and Coriell Research Library, last updated 29 January 1998 [cited 15 October 1998]. Available from: Davis, Lenwood G. The Black Woman in American Society: A Selected Annotated Bibliography . Boston: G.K. Hall, 1975. Davis, Nathaniel, comp. and ed. Afro-American Reference: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Sources . Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985. 288p. Habjan, Juliet K. African American Women's Lives During the Civil War [online]. n.d. [cited 5 October 1996]. Available from:
Specific/Race/Specific/African_American_Resources/Bibliographies/cwaawbib.html Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks, et al., eds.

67. African American Studies-Astronomy
web sites www.reshall and African American studiesAfrican American studies 5B (4 units), African American Life and Culture
Resource Index Berkeley NSS ... Surveys Recommended classes
Students want to know, "What's a good class?" So those of us at New Student Services did what we couldwe asked over 1800 undergraduates for their opinions, and the following is what they said. You also might want to check out these student hosted web sites: www.reshall and Note: If the professor's name is in color, it means that he or she has received a Distinguished Teaching Award (up to five people from the entire faculty are selected each year, so this is a big deal). If you ever want to drop in for office hours check out this section on How to talk to faculty. Check the online Schedule of Classes for more information about a specific class ( Recommend a class to Resource! Fill out the recommended classes survey and suggest a class to new students. African American Studies - Astronomy Biology - Classics Cognitive Science - Engineering English - Environmental Sciences ... Public Health - Women's Studies African American Studies
African American Studies 5B (4 units), African American Life and Culture in the United States (Banks): "This class was very thought-provoking; it challenged me to look at who I am in a different light." "Although I've only been in the class for a few weeks, this class has made me look at the educational and social aspects of every day life and compare it to the material we cover in class. Lecture is very interactive. Professor Banks constantly poses questions for us to ponder and answer. Discussion can get so intense that sometimes I don't even take notes."

68. The Universal Library
African American Images. African American Perspectives. Alex Catalogue of ElectronicTexts. American Hypertexts. South Asia studies. Tarlton Law Library.
Art Books Collections Journals ... SlideShows Collections A Digitized Library of Southern Literature, Beginnings to 1920 African American Images African American Perspectives Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts ... Women Romantic Writers Back to...

69. BCALA News And Announcements
the National Association of African American studies, National Association InternationalAssociation of Asian studies to be See http// for more
Black Caucus of the American Library Association
[Click here for BCALA Midwinter Meeting information]
ALA Names Two BCALAers Honorary Members: Lucille Cole Thomas and Samuel F. Morrison!

2003 Coretta Scott King Children's Book Awards

BCALA Election Results Announced!

ALA names Josey as honorary member.

Dr. E. J. Josey was elected to honorary membership in the American Library Association (ALA) in action taken by the ALA Council at the ALA 2002 Midwinter Meeting, held January 18-23 in New Orleans. Honorary membership, ALA’s highest honor, is conferred in recognition of outstanding contributions of lasting importance to libraries and librarianship. Josey received his Honorary Membership plaque in June 2002 during the Opening General Session of the ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta.
2002 DEMCO/ALA Black Caucus Award for Excellence in Librarianship

The recipient of the 2002 DEMCO/ALA Black Caucus Award for Excellence in Librarianship will be announced during the 5 th National Conference of African American Librarians (NCAAL) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

and expressive nature of the grammar and pronunciation patterns of the African Americanvernacular has been established by numerous scientific studies over the
Whereas there has been a great deal of discussion in the media and among the American public about the l8 December l996 decision of the Oakland School Board to recognize the language variety spoken by many African American students and to take it into account in teaching Standard English, the Linguistic Society of America, as a society of scholars engaged in the scientific study of language, hereby resolves to make it known that: a. The variety known as "Ebonics," "African American Vernacular English" (AAVE), and "Vernacular Black English" and by other names is systematic and rule-governed like all natural speech varieties. In fact, all human linguistic systemsspoken, signed, and written are fundamentally regular. The systematic and expressive nature of the grammar and pronunciation patterns of the African American vernacular has been established by numerous scientific studies over the past thirty years. Characterizations of Ebonics as "slang," "mutant," " lazy," "defective," "ungrammatical," or "broken English" are incorrect and demeaning. b. The distinction between "languages" and "dialects" is usually made more on social and political grounds than on purely linguistic ones. For example, different varieties of Chinese are popularly regarded as "dialects," though their speakers cannot understand each other, but speakers of Swedish and Norwegian, which are regarded as separate "languages," generally understand each other. What is important from a linguistic and educational point of view is not whether AAVE is called a "language" or a "dialect" but rather that its systematicity be recognized.

71. African American Studies At The Newberry Library
For more information on the Newberry's resources for African American studies consultDavid Thackery's Civil War Research at Email us at
African American Studies
Corresponding with the Library's extensive holdings in American history and culture, the Newberry has a strong collection of African American materials. The Newberry's main strength in the field of African American Studies falls in the anti-slavery movement. With over 2000 books and pamphlets relating to anti-slavery, the Newberry has over 66% of the materials listed in Dumond's A Bibliography of Antislavery in America and 70% of the titles cited in Turner's Antislavery Sentiment in American Literature Some types of primary sources one might find at the Newberry relating to African American history and culture include
  • historical and genealogical society papers newspapers and periodicals county, town and state histories music materials (sheet music, songsters and hymnody)
For instance, the Newberry's Driscoll collection of American sheet music is a major source for the study of African American music and culture between 1818 and 1915. Importantly, these original sources are complemented by later published editions of primary sources, such as transcriptions of slave narratives prepared by the Federal Writers' Project (1936-38) The American Slave , portions of Stampp's microfilm set Records of Ante Bellum Southern Plantations , and selected Freedmen's Bureau Records on microfilm.

72. Mercer University Press: African – American Titles
African – American studies Birmingham's Revolutionaries Fred Shuttlesworthand the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights

Birmingham's Revolutionaries: Fred Shuttlesworth and the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights

Marjorie L. White and Andrew M. Manis, editors.
The Color of God: The Concept of God in Afro-American Thought
Major J. Jones
On Common Ground: Photographs from the Crossroads of the New South

Chip Simone
Faithful, Firm, and True: African- American Education in the South

Titus Brown
Freedom and Justice: Four Decades of the Civil Rights Struggle as Seen

by a Black Photographer of the Deep South
Cecil J. Williams. In the Hand of the Holy Spirit: The Visionary Art of J. B. Murray Mary G. Padgelek The Narrative Life: The Moral and Religious Thought of Frederick Douglass Scott C. Williamson The Orangeburg Massacre Jack Bass and Jack Nelson The Southern Albatross: Race and Ethnicity in the American South Philip D. Dillard, Randal L. Hall. Southern Civil Religions in Conflict: Civil Rights and the Culture Wars Andrew M. Manis Southern Encounters: Southerners of Note in Ralph McGill's South Ralph McGill and Calvin M. Logue, editors

73. The Official Kwanzaa Web Site - Dr. Maulana Karenga
from the Department of African American studiesTemple University. Visiting Scholarin Black studies at the 19992003, All rights
the top Welcome to The Official Kwanzaa
Web Site
Page Selector
Introduction The Founder's
Roots and Branches

Seven Principles

The Symbols

... The Commemorative Postal Stamp Founder's Message:
Sign our Guestbook
var name = "contact"; var domain = ""; document.write(''); document.write('Send E-mail'); Dr. Maulana Karenga is professor and chair of the Department of Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach. He is also chair of the President's Task Force on Multicultural Education and Campus Diversity at California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Karenga holds two Ph.D.'s; his first in political science with focus on the theory and practice of nationalism (United States International University) and his second in social ethics with a focus on the classical African ethics of ancient Egypt (University of Southern California). He also is the director of the Kawaida Institute of Pan-African Studies, Los Angeles , and national chairman of The Organization Us , a cultural and social change organization. The Organization Us which simply means us Black people, is so named to stress the communitarian focus of the organization and its philosophy, Kawaida, which is an ongoing synthesis of the best of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world. Dr. Karenga and Us have had a profound and far-reaching effect on Black intellectual and political culture. Through the teaching and practice of Kawaida, Us emerged in the 60's as a vanguard organization. Us has played a vanguard role in shaping the Black Arts Movement, Black Studies, Black Student Union Movement, Afrocentricity, rites of passage programs, the study of ancient Egyptian culture and the founding of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations, the independent school movement, and African life-cycle ceremonies, the Simba Wachanga youth movement, and Black theological and ethical discourse.

74. BCR - AFL, December 1999 - CIS History Universe
For more information about History Universe Access to African American studies,see Reference/CIS/HUFAQ1.html or visit the CIS Web site at
CIS History Universe - Access to African
American Studies Now Available from BCR
(December 1999 Action for Libraries newsletter)
By James Speed Hensinger BCR is offering a new addition to the CIS suite of databases. Subscriptions are now available to CIS History Universe - Access to African American Studies. This new web-based product provides libraries and schools with an extensive collection of information resources on African-American history, including legislation, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, reference works, biographies and articles from selected academic journals. A subscription to African American Studies provides Web access to:
  • Full text of every major law passed by Congress concerning race, from 1792 to 1994.
  • Every Supreme Court decision pertaining to race for more than 200 years, including concurring and dissenting opinions.
  • Nearly 900 biographical and reference articles on African-American history, including detailed information on people, organizations and events.
  • Selections from manuscript collections featuring documents in both image and text format giving users access to important primary sources.

75. African American Studies Resources
At most, these studies are sidebar discussions of recreate the contours of the AfricanAmerican community in http// (Cost to Advertiser
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with Robert Kennedy
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African American Studies Resources
Guide picks These links reveal the true story of America's past and present.
The African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920

African-American History

Extensive resources from's American History Guide. The African-American Mosaic "A noteworthy and singular publication, the Mosaic is the first Library-wide resource guide to the institution's African- American collections." From The Library of Congress. African-American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship Library of Congress exhibit which "explores black America's quest for equality from the early national period through the twentieth century." African and African American Resources at the Smithsonian "The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies interprets the collective knowledge of the Smithsonian and serves as a gateway to its educational resources. Through research, publishing, and staff development programs for the education and museum communities, the Center promotes the understanding and use of museums."

76. The Black Scholar
In its pages African American studies intellectuals, community activists, and nationaland international political leaders come to grips with basic issues

Need Results? Advertise in THE
BLACK SCHOLAR Founded in 1969 and hailed by The New York Times as "a journal in which the writings of many of today's finest black thinkers may be viewed," THE BLACK The entire spectrum of black political and cultural thought appears in the pages of THE BLACK SCHOLAR, represented by leading writers such as Clarence Lusane, Melba Joyce Boyd, Manning Marable, Maulana Karenga, and Henry Louis Gates. Every issue of THE BLACK SCHOLAR focuses on a subject of major concern in the African American community. Education, black political empowerment, social movements, the multicultural debate, black women's activism, the crisis of the black male, the Ebonics debate, the Million Man March, the New South Africa and many other fundamental subjects have all been probed in the pages of THE BLACK SCHOLAR, often receiving national and international acclaim. In addition, each issue also features book reviews, current books received, announcements, and classified employment listings by colleges and universities.

77. Mills College: Ethnic Studies World Wide Web Links
American Odyssey; Black Radical Congress; Guide to African American Information onthe Web AZTECA; Center for Puerto Rican studies; The Chicano
Ethnic Studies Department
World Wide Web References
Research Resources
Multi-Ethnic Studies
African American Studies
Asian American Studies
Latino Studies
Native American Studies
Professional Organizations

A list for finding relevant educational resources on the World Wide Web.Category Science Social Sciences Ethnic studies...... HOME AFRICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN INDIAN World Area studies Internet Resources URLhttp//www.wcsu toRelated Sites URLhttp//
The following list is to aid you in finding relevant educational resources on the World Wide Web on Ethnic Studies

RACE, ETHNICITY AND INEQUALITY. General Sites on Race and Inequality. Ethnic Minorities and Race Research Group. Ethnicity, Racism and the Media. Final...
Asian American Resources
This site contains extensive links to Asian American Resources on the net. Subjects include WWW Servers, Events, Magazine Info, Online Journals, Files and Individual Home Pages. Some of these links are the Filipino Club of Honolulu Community College, South...
Categories of Sites Diversity Ethnic Web Sites (General) Ethnic Groups (including women)..
Diversity Resources
Cultural Diversity Resources Developed by the Librarians Association of the ...
electronic resources for ethnic studies CD-ROM Titles in the University Library at USC Valuable for Ethnic Studies. MLA (Modern Language Association) on CD. Newsbank on CD-ROM. PsycLIT. Religion Database. Click here for access to VERONICA. WWW (World Wide Web). Diversity on the World Wide-Web by ...

79. NYPL Digital Schomburg African American Women Writers The 19th Century
Library of works written by African American women during the nineteenth century. Browse poetry, fiction, and biography by title and author.

80. JSTOR: African American Review
African American Review. (continues Black American Literature Forum) Journal Informationfor African American Review. Publisher Indiana State University
African American Review
(continues Black American Literature Forum JSTOR coverage: Vols. 26-33, 1992-1999
Please read JSTOR's "Terms and Conditions of Use" before you begin. Search this journal Browse this journal
Journal Information for African American Review
Publisher Indiana State University Moving Wall As the official publication of the Division on Black American Literature and Culture of the Modern Language Association, the quarterly journal African American Review promotes a lively exchange among writers and scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences who hold diverse perspectives on African American literature and culture. Between 1967 and 1976, the journal appeared under the title Negro American Literature Forum and for the next fifteen years was titled Black American Literature Forum . In 1992, African American Review changed its name for a third time and expanded its mission to include the study of a broader array of cultural formations. Currently, the journal prints essays on African American literature, theatre, film, the visual arts, and culture generally; interviews; poetry; fiction; and book reviews. AAR has received three American Literary Magazine Awards for Editorial Content in the 1990s.

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