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         African-american Studies The Sciences:     more books (100)
  1. Beaches, Blood, and Ballots: A Black Doctor’s Civil Rights Struggle (Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies) by M.D.Gilbert R. Mason, James Patterson Smith, 2007-06-11
  2. Awake, Arise, & Act: A Womanist Call for Black Liberation (African American Studies/Women's Studies) by Marcia Y. Riggs, 1994-11
  3. A Companion to African-American Studies (Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies)
  4. Hollywood Be Thy Name: African American Religion in American Film, 1929-1949 (George Gund Foundation Imprint in African American Studies) by Judith Weisenfeld, 2007-06-08
  5. African-American Studies Core List of Resources by Akilah Shukura Nosakhere, M. Elaine Hughes, et all 2005-02
  6. Engaged Surrender: African American Women and Islam (George Gund Foundation Imprint in African American Studies) by Carolyn Moxley Rouse, 2004-02-20
  7. Electoral Politics Is Not Enough: Racial And Ethnic Minorities And Urban Politics (Suny Series in African American Studies; Suny Series in Urban Public Policy) by Peter F. Burns, 2006-06-01
  8. Aaron Henry: The Fire Ever Burning (Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies) by Aaron Henry, Constance Curry, 2000-02-25
  9. Leading Issues in African-American Studies by Nikongo BaNikongo, 1997-08-01
  10. The Evolution of African American Studies by James L. Conyers, 1994-12-20
  11. An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy (Black and African-American Studies) by Gunnar Myrdal, 1996-01-31
  12. Politics In The New South: Representation Of African Americans In Southern State Legislatures (Suny Series in African American Studies)
  13. Repairing the Breach: Keys Ways to Support Family Life, Reclaim Our Streets, and Rebuild Civil Society in America's Communities (Report of the National Task Force on African American Men & Boys)
  14. The Transformation of Plantation Politics: Black Politics, Concentrated Poverty, And Social Capital in the Mississippi Delta (Suny Series in African American Studies) by Sharon D. Wright Austin, 2006-07-01

21. African American Studies Program
in one of three concentrations social and behavioral sciences, humanities/arts mustbe taken in related courses (ie, nonAfrican American studies’ prefixes).

22. UG Catalog African-American Studies
africanamerican studies, a comprehensive study of the african-american people'sexperience, combines the approaches of the humanities and the social sciences.
African-American Studies

1223 University Hall
Fax: (312) 996-5799
Head of the Department:
Darnell Hawkins.
Director of Undergraduate Studies:
James Hall. African-American Studies, a comprehensive study of the African-American people's experience, combines the approaches of the humanities and the social sciences. Students may take African-American Studies to enhance their knowledge and/or pursue it as a major to provide a well-rounded approach to understanding problems through the African-American example. The major also imparts skills in critical thinking, research methods, theory building, analysis, and written and oral expression. Training in African-American Studies is useful for graduate work in literature, American studies, law, history, sociology, social work, government, business, journalism and employment in the public sphere.
Major in African-American Studies
For the Bachelor of Arts, 33 semester hours, in either Option I or Option II, as distributed below. In addition to the specified course work below, the student must fulfill certain other course requirements to be awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences. For additional graduation requirements and information on admission and academic regulations in the college, see

23. African-American Studies
to africanamerican studies; Electronic Journals in the Humanities and Historyfrom Butler Library; Electronic Journals in the Social sciences from Lehman
African-American Studies
Resources at Columbia University
Resources on the Internet
Electronic Journals

Last update: 05/21/01

24. College Of Arts And Sciences -- Alabama State University
africanamerican studies Minor. The Minor in communities. Eighteen hoursare required for a Minor in african-american studies. Required Courses

25. Nonfiction / Social Sciences / Special Groups / African-American
The New York Times Book Review, Andrea Lee Graham has made a major contributionboth to africanamerican studies and to the larger American picture.

africanamerican studies. african-american studies exposes students to theexperiences of african-american people and others of African descent.

Click here to see the Department's own web site.
AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES concentrations offered: historical studies cultural studies social-behavioral studies degrees offered B.A.; B.S. Department location 132 Nightingale phone Department chair: Kwamina Panford e-mail: Head advisor and advisor for Experiential education Kwamina Panford cooperative education coordinator: Lester Lee Office: 377B Holmes Phone: 617-373-3407 e-mail: Transferring to the major: Same as college standards (pages 43-45). Acceptance into the major will be based on students meeting the department’s criteria for admission and availability of space in the programs. Progress in the major: same as college standards Additional Information Dept/Program site Requirements for the major in PDF Back to... Majors List Undergraduate Programs We are constantly updating our site. If you have any Questions /Comments/ Suggestions click here LAST_MODIFIED: 2002/Aug/04

27. African - American Studies
sciences Three hours in the humanities to be selected from Anthropology, History,Political Science, and Sociology courses in the africanamerican studies
African - American Studies Home
Information about Major

Information about Minor

Contact Information

Major in African-American Studies: The interdisciplinary major consists of 30 hours of core courses and 6 hours of electives. Requirements for the completion of the major include: African American Studies 101: Introduction to African American Studies African American History: History 279-280 African History: History 253-254 African American Humanities: Three hours in the humanities to be selected from English, Fine Arts, Music, Dance, and Religious Studies courses in the African-American Studies Program. African Humanities: Three hours in the humanities to be selected from English, French, Humanities, Music, and Religious Studies courses in the African-American Studies Program. African American Social Sciences: Three hours in the humanities to be selected from Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology courses in the African-American Studies Program. African Social Sciences: Three hours in the humanities to be selected from Anthropology, History, Political Science, and Sociology courses in the African-American Studies Program.

28. Undergraduate Record, Chapter 6: College Of Arts And Sciences
Overview AfroAmerican and African studies (AAS) is an in the humanities and socialsciences selected from exposure to African and african-american history and
6: College of Arts and Sciences General Information Academic Information Departments and Programs Faculty ... Women's Studies
Program in Afro-American and African Studies
Course Descriptions Overview Afro-American and African Studies (AAS) is an interdisciplinary program in which students examine various aspects of the black experience. The major consists of two core course requirements and seven area courses in the humanities and social sciences selected from the AAS Course Offering Directory , available in Minor Hall 108. The AAS program provides both a solid liberal arts education as well as broad exposure to African and African-American history and culture. Faculty The Afro-American and African studies faculty comprises professors in departments grounds-wide who teach courses directly related to topics in Afro-American and/or African studies. Departmental offerings vary from year to year, but currently these departments include: anthropology, art history, drama, economics, English, French, government and foreign affairs, history, linguistics, music, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, Slavic and sociology. Each year the AAS program also supports the teaching of special AAS seminars by visiting scholars. The current steering committee for the AAS undergraduate program is as follows, with departmental affiliation: Scot French, Director of the AAS Program; Reginald Butler, history; Ellen Contini-Morava, anthropology; Scott DeVeaux, music; Gertrude Fraser, anthropology; William Johnson, economics; Adria LaViolette, anthropology; John Mason, history; Tejumola Olaniyan, English; Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton, religious studies; Benjamin Ray, religious studies; Milton Vickerman, psychology; and Melvin Wilson, psychology. These faculty are available as advisors to AAS majors and minors.

29. American Studies @ The University Of Virginia
Regional studies. Social sciences. Science and Technology. The Yellow Pages AmericanIdentities africanamerican; Arab-American; Asian-American; Jewish-American;
Gender Literature Philosophy ...

The Yellow Pages American Identities

30. Directory Of Majors
Languages and Literatures 014 africanamerican studies 013 African Literature 050American studies 060 Ancient Anthropology 073 Applied sciences in Engineering
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African and African-American Studies
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African and African-American Studies

31. Useful Databases For African American Studies
Covers the works of 54 africanamerican poets writing Provides biographical and criticalstudies written by arts and humanities, social sciences and mathematics





Afro-Americana Bibliographic Unit Selected Networked Databases (Restricted to University of Illinois users.)
  • African American Newspapers (19th Century) Alternative Press Index Citations are drawn from alternative, radical, and left publications, that report and analyze the practices and theories of cultural, economic, political, and social change. A bibliographic reference to the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. A multidisciplinary database covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities. Black Drama-1850 to Present Black Drama provides access to English-language plays written by black authors from North America, the Caribbean, and Africa between 1850 and the present. There is a concentration of materials from the Harlem Renaissance, modern African American authors, and 20th Century African playwrights.

32. Washington University In St. Louis - Facts & Figures
Accounting; advertising; africanamerican studies; African studies history; Asianstudies; biochemistry; bioengineering biological/physical sciences; biological

33. College Of Arts And Sciences (African-American And African Studies)
MINOR. A minor in africanamerican and African studies consists of a minimum of18 semester COLLEGE OF ARTS AND sciences UNCC CATALOG UNC Charlotte
Department of African-American and African Studies
Chairperson and Frank Porter Graham Professor : Azevedo; Associate Professor : Ojaide, Ruiz; Assistant Professors : Crawford, Walker; Adjunct Assistant Professor : Davis The goals of the Department of African-American and African Studies are:
  • To provide and preserve knowledge with purpose and direction about the aggregate experience of peoples of African descent by offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in African-American and African Studies and courses in the field to the University community and the public.
  • To foster intercultural understanding, expose and correct biased scholarship, and dispel myths and stereotypes through course content, programs, exchanges and cultural interaction.
  • To provide a cultural background (through courses, advising and other meaningful activities) supportive to students, particularly African- American students, in moving toward personal growth and self- awareness.
  • To provide general and specific academic skills to majors and non- majors through courses and activities that promote research, writing, reading and effective communication.
  • To promote an African-American and African perspective that will foster a political consciousness about the common bond uniting blacks in the diaspora and the African continent.
  • 34. Books / Nonfiction / Social Sciences / Special Groups / African-
    Loved Psalms, Gospel Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the africanamerican ChurchGwendolin How the Other Half Lives studies Among the Tenements of New York

    35. Open/Closed Sections From The Spring 2003 Timetable Of Classes For College Of Li
    African and africanamerican studies, Undergraduate (000-699). Communication studies,Undergraduate (000-699 Division of Biological sciences, Undergraduate (000-699
    Opened/Closed section listings from the Spring 2003 timetable of classes College of Liberal Arts and Sciences This information was last updated: 04/02/03 at 7:20:07 This information is subject to change without prior notice. Please check back often for more information. For information on the status of sections which satisfy principal and non-Western Culture
    requirements, click here Department Course Level African and African-American Studies Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) American Studies Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Anthropology Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Chemistry Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Classics Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Communication Studies Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Division of Biological Sciences Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Division of Government Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) East Asian Languages and Cultures Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Economics Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) English Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Environmental Studies Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) European Studies Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) French and Italian Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Geography Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Geology Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Germanic Languages and Literatures Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) History Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) History of Art Undergraduate (000-699) Graduate (500-999) Honors Program

    36. African Studies Center - University Of Pennsylvania
    Ali B. AliDinar, Ph.D. ASC Web Editor School of Arts sciences 647 Williams 215)898-6971 Fax (215) 573-8130 African studies WWW 1994 Category Science Social sciences Programs and Research Centers



    2003 Spring Courses

    Undergraduate Program
    ... Professor Lee Cassanelli
    ASC Director
    Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.

    ASC Web Editor
    647 Williams Hall
    University of Pennsylvania,
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305 Phone (215) 898-6971 Fax (215) 573-8130 "African Studies WWW" African Studies Association Country-Specific Pages Bulletin Board K-12 Resources ... Black/African Resources

    37. College Of Arts And Sciences—African American Studies
    Professor of African American studies and History, College of Arts and sciences. VisitingProfessor of African American studies, College of Arts and sciences.
    African American Studies
    The Graduate Program
    MA in African American Studies

    Interdepartmental Program
    The following list reflects the 2001/2002 faculty. Director Ronald K. Richardson Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Myung ja Kim
    Allison Blakely
    Professor of African American Studies and History, College of Arts and Sciences. BA, University of Oregon; MA, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    Myung ja Kim
    Visiting Professor of African American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences. BA, Seoul (Korea) National University; MA, Columbia University; PhD, Sogang (Korea) University
    Ronald K. Richardson
    Associate Professor of African American Studies and History, College of Arts and Sciences. BA, MA, PhD, State University of New York, Binghamton
    Associated Faculty
    Lawrence A. Breiner
    Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences. AB, Boston College; MPhil, PhD, Yale University
    Irene Gendzier
    Professor of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences. (Comparative Politics), AB, Barnard College; MA, PhD, Columbia University
    Shahla Haeri
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences. BA, Boston State College; MA, Northeastern University; PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

    38. AfricAm@ Cal
    University details the degrees offered by this department. Includes overviews of the curriculum and faculty. Social sciences Division. Graduate Diversity Outreach Office
    The Department of
    A frican A merican S tudies
    University of California, Berkeley
    660 Barrows Hall #2572 Berkeley, CA 94720-2572 Voice: (510) 642-7084, FAX: (510) 642-0318 e-mail:
    Text Only Version of This Page
    W elcome to W orld W ide W eb Pages for A frican A merican S tudies at UC B erkeley
    General Information

    39. H-Afro-Am Discussion Network
    H-Net discussion group dedicated to providing an exchange of information for professionals, faculty Category Science Social sciences African American studies...... Am, a member of HNet Humanities Social sciences OnLine. professionals, facultyand advanced students, in the field of African American studies (also called
    home news about search ... contact us
    General Information
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  • 40. Carter G. Woodson Institute
    Academic unit is named after an early researcher in africanamerican history. Learn about the African studies discipline, degrees, courses, and research opportunities.
    Images from the Holsinger Studio Photograph Collection, Special Collections Digital Center, University of Virginia Library W elcome to the World Wide Web home page for The Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies at the University of Virginia. The Institute was established in 1981 in response to student and faculty demands for a more coherent African-American and African Studies program and a more aggressive program of minority recruitment at the University. It is an interdisciplinary teaching and research center drawing the majority of its faculty and students from the humanities and social sciences. GREETINGS FROM THE DIRECTOR AAS COURSE OFFERINGS (SPRING 2003) WOODSON FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS

    "Carter G. Woodson: Teacher, Historian, Publisher," by Charles H. Austin (1943)
    Office of War Information, News Bureau; Courtesy of

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