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         African Archeology:     more books (36)
  1. AIDS education for African-American and white school children in one state: African-American students received less.: An article from: Journal of Evolutionary Psychology by Rusell Eisenman, 2002-03-01
  2. African Tales.(Book Review): An article from: Folklore by Ruth Finnegan, 2006-04-01
  3. Manual of Egyptian Archeology by Gaston CamilleCharles Maspero, 2008-02-04
  4. Uncommon Ground, Archeology & Early African America 1650-1800, by Leland, Ferguson, 1992
  5. Black Magic: Religion and the African-American Conjuring Tradition.(Book Review): An article from: Folklore by Michael Pickering, 2005-08-01
  6. The Weans by robert nathan, 1966
  7. Cento Objets Disparus / One Hundre Missing Objects : Pillage En Afrique / Looting in Africa by Rosemary Andrade, Ndeonika Manang, 1997
  8. The intensive survey of area B of the Johnson State Office Building project: African-American historic occupation in Austin, Texas (Archeology series) by James William Karbula, 2000
  9. An Ethnoarchaeological Analysis of Human Functional Dynamics in the Volta Basin of Ghana: Before and After the Akosombo Dam (Mellen Studies in Archeology) by Emmanuel Kofi Agorsah, 2004-02
  10. For the City Yet to Come: Changing African Life in Four Cities.(Book Review): An article from: Journal of Cultural Geography by Garth Myers, 2005-09-22
  11. The pursuit of postsecondary education: a comparison of first nations, African, Asian, and European Canadian Youth.(Report): An article from: Canadian Review of Sociology by Victor Thiessen, 2009-02-01
  12. Olorgesailie: Archeological Studies of a Middle Pleistocene Lake Basin in Kenya (Prehistoric Archeology and Ecology) by Glynn Llywelyn Isaac, Barbara Isaac, 1977-06
  13. Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales.(Book Review): An article from: Marvels & Tales by Jessica Tiffin, 2005-10-01
  14. "We're Rooted Here and They Can't Pull Us up": Essays In African Canadian Women's History. (book reviews): An article from: The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology by Christina Simmons, 1996-02-01

1. Celebrating African-American Archeology And History, African American History
Links to African Research sites for World History Classes. Visual = 4 Content = 5 A5170. ArchNet african archeology Large site with connection to other resources on the net.
Annotated Links It is impossible to imagine our world without the contributions of African Americans. Be it language, art, technology, food, or music, African Americans have made a prodigious and immutable mark on American culture. The Southeast Archeological Center conducts projects that record and preserve the archeological and historical record of these contributions. The following is a sampling of these efforts.
Gabe's Cabin in NW Louisiana

In Those Days
Oral History
Beneath These Waters
Cumberland Island Archeology

Fort Benning:
The Land and the People

Popular Volume

2. Minor In African Studies
The African Studies Center at Michigan State University is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the country. Stonehenge" calendrical system, a major breakthrough in East african archeology. In addition, two MSU anthropology
African Studies Home Academic Directory Resources ... UF Home
The Minor in African Studies
Undergraduate Graduate
Undergraduate Minor
A Minor in African Studies is an ideal complement to a disciplinary major. It provides a multidisciplinary grounding in an important world area for those who want to pursue careers in a range of professions as well as for those who intend to go on to graduate school. Four different concentrations are possible, allowing students to tailor the minor to their own interests and needs. In addition to the tracks listed below, it is possible to do a general minor by taking courses from several of these concentrations. Options and Requirements Whether choosing the general minor or one of the track options, all students must take ONE of the following courses (3 credits each): HUM 2420 African Humanities; AFH 2003 Africa in World History; AFS 2002 The African Experience. Students opting for a general minor must also take four courses (12 credits) from across the disciplines; at least three of these must be at the 3000 level or above. Track One: African Languages and Literatures
(15 credits)

A two semester sequence of an African language at the intermediate level (6 credits). Summer intensive language study may also be counted toward this requirement. Languages currently offered include Akan, Amharic, Arabic, Swahili, and Yoruba. Others may become available in the future. Please inquire with the undergraduate advisor. In addition, one or more courses from the relevant offerings (see below) in African and Asian languages and literatures, English, or Romance Languages and Literatures. At least two of these courses must be at the 3000 level or above. The courses taken from the list below must total 12 credits. The following are all 3 credit courses.

3. African Archeology
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CyberPursuits About Bev Main Page Africa Australia and Pacific British Isles Egyptology Continental Europe Far East Near and Middle East North America Underwater General and Misc. Publications References Books Film and Photography Academic Museums and Libraries Organizations Fieldwork Legal Issues ArchNet Software Search Links Lists
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African Archeology
All links leave the site and open a new window Gateway to African Archaeology
The Asante Kingdom

Base d'Anthropology Physique du Niger Institut

de Recherche en Sciences Humaines de l'Universite de Niamey (France)
... Main Page

4. African Archeology
Afrika. Austrálie a Pacifik. Blízký a Strední Východ. Britské ostrovy.Ceská archeologie. Dálný Východ. Drobnosti. Egyptologie. Film a fotografie.
Afrika Austrálie a Pacifik Blízký a Støední Východ Britské ostrovy ... E-MAIL
1995 Excavations at Pokrovka, Russia
400.000 Jahre Schöningen Speere

A AegeaNet: AnthroNet
Ancient Vienne

Antiquités grecques, étrusques et romaines

Archaeologia Bulgarica
Atlantis expedition

B Backtrack Archaeology - Scottish Archaeology Online Arch. ilustrace, CAD grafika.
Balearic Prehistoric Archaeology

The Black Sea Odyssey

Bristol Archaeology Server
The British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara ... The BSR Pompeii Project C The Caesar Project Campanaio, Sicily: A Geophysical Survey 1995 Prùmysl. aktivity zemìdìl. osídlení. The "Camp de César" Carta del Rischio del Patrimonio Culturale Celts and Saxons Home Page Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Ideální projekt pro zaèáteèníky. Corinth Computer Project (3D modeling, GIS)

5. African History - Archaeology
5. Davis, "The Study of Rock Art in Africa " in A HISTORY OF african archeology, pp. 27195.**
Topics History : Archaeology Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ...
Archaeology Africa
Project of the Research Unit for the Archaeology of Cape Town (RESUNACT), Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town. Prof. Martin Hall heads the project. Involves primary and secondary schools in excavating sites . Includes a history of Genadendal, information on a walking tour of slave sites in Cape Town, extensive links to related web sites.
ArchNet - African Archaeology
A collection of archeological web sites at the Univ. of Connecticut:

6. African Archeology
A. African and AfricanAmerican Studies Library of Congress African ArchaeologyAfriacn Repatriation Movement African Studies University of Pennsylvania
Afrika   Austrálie a Pacifik   Blízký a Støední Východ Britské ostrovy   ... E-MAIL
Africká Archeologie
A African and African-American Studies Library of Congress
African Archaeology

Afriacn Repatriation Movement

African Studies University of Pennsylvania
The Asante Kingdom

B Base d'Anthropology Physique du Niger Institut
Book Review (100 Missing Objects in Africa - UNESCO)

C Ceramic Traditions of Mali Mission
CIDOC-L archives

CNN - Africa losing priceless relics

Current Research in Africa University of Calgary
D E Empires of Ancient Morocco F G The Ghana Ethnoarchaeological Project H Hijacked African Treasures I ICOM - AFRICIAN ARTIFACT TRADE ICOM - Restitution International - Enlisting Villagers as Spies Stops Smuggling of African Art J K L Leptiminus Archaeological Project, Tunisia University of Michigan Looters from hell M N Northeast Nigeria, Archaeological Research: Johann

7. ERes V4.1 ANTH179 - African Archeology (Winter 03)
ANTH179 Course Page african archeology (Winter 03) This course page ispassword protected, please enter the password (Manager, Librarian

8. African Archeology
O Projektu ARCHEOINDEX. Projekt ARCHEOINDEX. Pri tvorbe techto stránek jsemmyslel zejména na zkušenejší uživatele archeologických serveru.
Projekt ARCHEOINDEX Pøi tvorbì tìchto stránek jsem myslel zejména na zkušenìjší uživatele archeologických serverù. Zaèáteèník zde bude mít nejspíše jisté problémy naleznout to co hledá, nebo forma seznamu ARCHEOINDEX vychází z vìtší èásti z pùvodních názvù WWW. Pro výše zmínìné proto doporuèuji rubriku odkazy na stránky . Zde je pomìrnì snadné (s jistou dávkou znalostí AJ èi NJ) najít projekty podobné mému, urèené pro jejich cílovou skupinu. Tento postup byl bohužel nutný, vzhledem k objemu odkazù, které jsem se rozhodl na Index stránky umístit. K vlastní práci mnì pøed èasem pøivedla potøeba podobného produktu, pøehlednìjšího a v èeské mutaci, který na domácí pùdì v této formì až doposud chybìl. Uspoøádání: Pro souèasný vzhled a funkènost (jedná se o tøetí, doufám že poslední verzi), jsem se inspiroval nìkolika zahranièními seznamy. Vzhledem k obrovskému množství WWW stránek s archeologickou tématikou, jejich nepøetržitému rozšiøování a aktualizaci, je zhola nemožné pro jednotlivce (i pro velkou skupinu by to byl vážný problém), který navíc tráví u internetu jen asi 3 hodiny dennì, monitorovat a stále aktualizovat i ménì významné archeologické projekty na síti. Jinak øeèeno: odkazy, jež zde naleznete, aè se to vzhledem k jejich poètu zdá nepravdìpodobné, ukazují vìtšinou pouze velmi významné archeologické internetové práce.

9. Introduction To The African Studies Center At MSU
Stonehenge" calendrical system, a major breakthrough in East african archeology. In addition, two MSU anthropology
    The African Studies Center at MSU is perhaps the most comprehensive and highly ranked in the United States. Established in 1960, the Center's research capabilities, including one of the largest research libraries on Africa in the nation, have produced information about Africa for scholars of Africa, policy-makers, publishers and the media, foreign service officials, and the public throughout the country. The Center is designated as a National Resource Center on Africa by the United States Department of Education and receives a portion of its funding under Title VI of the Higher Education Act. The Center's main function is to encourage graduate and undergraduate instruction and research about African society, politics, economy, history, arts, languages, literature, health, education, and agriculture. The Center links 116 faculty on campus who have conducted research, taught, and offered development assistance in Africa. In 1987-1993, Africanists at MSU produced 82 Ph.D. dissertations on Africa, more than any other North American university. Furthermore, in three competitions 1992-94 for the Social Science Research Council International Predissertation Awards, MSU graduate students received 10 of the 28 African awards made nationally to students in 23 select research universities.

10. African Archeological Resources
A virtual online library containing all the resources you will ever need tostudy african archeology. african archeology. African Archeological Sites.
Free Photo Gallery Free Classifieds Contact Us Research the greatest African Archeological Sites. home entertainment study methods study tools ... pass us a note Archeology Books Barnes and Nobles Textbooksatcost Textbook Source ... Literary Guild African Archeology African Archeological Sites

11. African Archeology Artifacts
african archeology artifacts. Home Sweet Home. Click on picturefor larger image. african archeology Artifacts Benin Warrior Plaque.
african archeology artifacts A f r i c a Antique Artifacts Gift Ideas Tribal Beadwork Tribal Carvings Tribal Masks ... Hotels in Africa
Click on picture for larger image
Benin Warrior Plaque
Benin Leopard
Sage Statue
Benin Soldier Songye Fetish (Large) The Executioner
Maternité Recom. Reading
Songye Rain Fetish Afrikan Designs Queen's Chair 1 to 12 of 12 items Page 1 of Antique Artifacts Tribal Beadwork Lacework / Batik Pottery / Ceramics Tribal Carvings ... Refunds Policy © 2002

12. African Research By History Link 101
resources. Visual = 4 Content = 5 A5170 ArchNet african archeologyLarge site with connection to other resources on the net. Visual

African Research
Welcome to History Link 101's African Research Page. Here you will find excellent links to African Empires, Resource Pages, Timelines, and Primary Texts. History Link 101 is a site developed for World History Classes, by a World History Teacher.
Western Empires
Essay on Ghana by Richard Hooker
Visual = N/A Content = 5 A5010
The Saharan Trade Routes
One page by ThinkQuest
Visual = N/A Content = 5 A5020
Development of Mali

Visual = 5 Content = N/A A5030
Development of Songhai

Visual = N/A Content = 5 A5040
Descriptions of Timbuktu

Visual = N/A Content = 5 A5050 Timbuktu History of this major city of Mali by the History Channel Visual = 5 Content = 5 A5060
Eastern Empires
Nubia Chronology Visual = N/A Content = 5 A5080 Nubian Culture includes traditions, houses, songs, history, and more. Visual = 4 Content = 4 A5090 Essay on Askum by F.A. Smitha Visual = N/A Content = 5 A5100 Ethiopian History 9 essays including one on Aksum.

13. Gale - Free Resources - Black History Month - Activities
Nile. High School. african archeology; Black Award Winners; DeadlyOrganisms; Experiencing the Underground Railroad; Maasai Seasons.All.
Quick Title Search Press Room About Us Contact Us Site Map ... Browse Our Catalog document.write(url); Free Resources Reference Reviews Marketing for Libraries Black History Month ... Women's History Month

These activities, from Gale's Black History Month Resource Book, can make Black History Month more meaningful. The activities are arranged in general age catagories, but many of them can be used for all age groups. Click here for a printable version of all activities. Elementary School Middle School High School All
Related Links Literary Index
Glossary of Literary Terms

How to Write a Term Paper

Citing Information from Gale Databases
... The Thomson Corporation

14. Spring 2003 Courses Online
Design (ERes); Anthropology 179 African Archaeology; Anthropology179 - african archeology (ERes); Anthropology 184 - Zooarchaeology;
Courses This Quarter Previous Courses Listed by Department Previous Courses Listed by Quarter Advance Course Information ... WebCT Links Winter Quarter 2003
Spring 2003 Courses Online
Please note that IC does not offer many courses that are completely online. Course materials listed on this page supplement classroom learning (in UCSC). Links to Distance Education
B C ...

15. ASR 1990-5
Question Liberty and Property in South Africa, RL Watson (Richard B. Allen) A Historyof african archeology, Peter Robertshaw (Adria LaViolette) -Control and
African Studies Review The Journal of the African Studies Association ASR: Volume 35, Number 2, September 1992
-"The Paradox of State Power in Africa: Debt Management Policies in Kenya and Zimbabwe" by Howard P. Lehman
-"Lifeworld and System: Of Water Systems and Grain Mill Development in Rural Tanzania" by Tony Waters
-"Racism and Private Assistance: The Support of West Indian and African Missions in Liverpool, England, during the Interwar Years" by Carlton E. Wilson
-"Civil Society in Europe and Africa: Limiting State Power through a Public Sphere" by Dwayne Woods
Book Reviews:
Literature and Music:
-African Quest for Freedom and Identity: Cameroonian Writing and the National Experience , Richard Bjornson (George Hegarty)
-Language and Theme: Essays on African Literature, Emmanuel N. Obiechina, and Beyond the Boundaries: Text and Context in African Literature, Mineke Schipper (Anne Lippert)
-Journeys through the French African Novel, Mildred Mortimer, and

16. African Studies Center At MSU: Introduction
A team led by an MSU anthropology professor discovered an African Stonehenge calendrical system, a major breakthrough in East african archeology.
The African Studies Center at Michigan State University is perhaps the most comprehensive of its kind in the country. The Center coordinates teaching, research, and public service programs related to Africa throughout the university. A wide variety of courses on Africa are taught in various disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professional fields. The Center offers instruction in 25 different African languages and offers opportunities for faculty and students to teach, study, and do research in Africa. The Center also provides programs and services for about 200 African MSU students from over 30 different countries. The African Studies Center is the largest area studies program at MSU. It was designated as a National Resource Center on Africa by the U.S. Department of Education and receives a portion of its funding under Title VI of the Higher Education Act. The following are examples of current ground breaking research and development work conducted by MSU faculty:
  • Historical studies of Islam in Mali and Senegal were published recently. A highly-regarded biography of Ethiopia's Emperor Haile Selassie, as well as significant articles on the economic role of women in Southern Africa have been produced by professors in the MSU History Department.

17. Courses Concerning Africa At Michigan State University
International Development; Anthropology african archeology Anthropologyof Southern Africa Field Research Methods in Africa*; Botany and
African Studies Center: Michigan State University

    In addition to the extensive course offerings in African languages noted above, numerous Africa-related courses are taught at MSU each semester. The following is a sample across different departments [* denotes graduate courses] . A comprehensive list is available from the Center.
  • Agricultural Economics
      Agriculture in Economic Development*
    Animal Science
      Animal Systems in International Development
      African Archeology
      Anthropology of Southern Africa
      Field Research Methods in Africa*
    Botany and Plant Pathology
      Tropical Biology: An Ecological Approach*
    Community Health Science
      Clinical Tropical Medicine*
    Crop and Soil Sciences
      Crop and Soil Resources of the World*
      Issues in Economic Development
    Educational Administration
      Education, Development, and Social Change

18. Links
South african archeology http// An introductorywebsite to the Ironage sites of the northern and northwestern Transvaal .
Internet resources for Historical Research National Archives of South Africa
This resource is now available on-line and provides search facilities for records housed in the various government archives.
Mail and Guardian
An essential resource on almost any topic of recent South African culture and politics. The online database of all the articles published after 1992 is one of the most powerful research tools in the country. A necessary first stop for any researcher of South African history or politics.
Carl Uncover
is an excellent database of articles published in the most respected scholarly journals. It has a strong bias towards North American and British research, which may be an asset or a liability, depending on your political and scholarly inclination.
Mel Page's Guide to Online Citations
An invaluable resource on the tricky problem of citing online, and other, materials.

19. Faculty Index/Dept Of Anthropology@UIUC
Ambrose (PhD UCB 1984; Assoc Prof) african archeology, lithic technology, stableisotope analysis of diet, hominid evolution, evolutionary ecology; East Africa,
Full-time Faculty Part-time and Emeritus Faculty Support Staff
Anthropologists in Other Departments, Schools or Institutes
Full-time Faculty
E-mail and Office Location Nancy Abelmann (PhD UCB 1990; Assoc Prof; jt appt with Dept of E Asian Languages and Cultures and Women's Studies) Social-cultural anthropology, gender, social mobility, class, social movements, nationalism, diaspora, education, media; Korea, Japan, Asian America 389 Davenport
at Asian American Studies 1208 Nevada St
e-mail: Stanley H Ambrose (PhD UCB 1984; Assoc Prof) African archeology, lithic technology, stable isotope analysis of diet, hominid evolution, evolutionary ecology; East Africa 381 Davenport
Tu/TH 10:30-12
e-mail: Douglas J Brewer (PhD U Tennessee 1986; Prof; Dir, Spurlock Museum) Faunal analysis, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, archeology; Egypt, North America, Middle East Spurlock Museum
e-mail: Matti Bunzl (PhD U Chicago 1998; Aaron and Robin Fischer Asst Professor of Jewish Culture and Society) Anthropology of Jews and Judaism; gender and sexuality; modernity; nationness; ethnicity; history of anthropology; anthropological theory; historical ethnography; anthropology of literature; anthropology of mass media; Central Europe; North America 386B Davenport
M 1-4

20. Biological Anthropology Faculty
Ambrose (PhD UCB 1984; Assoc Prof) african archeology, lithic technology, stableisotope analysis of diet, hominid evolution, evolutionary ecology; East Africa.
Biological Anthropology Faculty Paul A Garber (PhD Washington St Louis 1980; Prof) Biological anthropology, primate behavior and ecology, primate locomotor anatomy, spatial learning, cognition; Central and South America Eugene Giles (PhD Harvard 1966; Prof Emeritus) Physical anthropological genetics, comparative human osteology, forensic anthropology; Oceania Christina Grassi (PhD U Texas, Austin 2001; Vst Asst Prof) Behavioral ecology, physiology, diet, lemurs; Madagascar Leslea J Hlusko (PhD Penn State U; Asst Prof) Human and primate paleontology, evolutionary developmental biology of the primate dentition, morphometrics and shape analysis, quantitative genetics; East and South Africa Linda L Klepinger (PhD U Kansas 1972; Prof) Physical anthropology, human osteology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology, skeletal biology and chemistry, paleonutrition Steven R Leigh (PhD Northwestern 1992; Assoc Prof) Physical anthropology, ontogeny, paleoanthropology, primate adaptation and evolution, morphometrics Archeologists with research interests in human evolution Stanley H Ambrose (PhD UCB 1984; Assoc Prof) African archeology, lithic technology, stable isotope analysis of diet, hominid evolution, evolutionary ecology; East Africa

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