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         African Art:     more books (102)
  1. African Art (Third Edition)(World of Art) by Frank Willett, 2003-02-17
  2. African-American Art (Oxford History of Art) by Sharon F. Patton, 1998-06-25
  3. Man Ray, African Art, and the Modernist Lens by Wendy A. Grossman, 2009-10-28
  4. Contemporary African Art Since 1980
  5. African Art (Taschen Basic Genre Series) by Stefan Eisenhofer, 2010-10-01
  6. A Force for Change: African American Art and the Julius Rosenwald Fund
  7. African Art: A Century At The Brooklyn Museum by William C. Siegmann, 2009-09-09
  8. African American Art and Artists by Samella Lewis, 2003-03-18
  9. Collecting African American Art: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Houston Museum of Fine Arts) by John Hope Franklin, Alivia J. Wardlaw, 2009-03-24
  10. Material Journeys: Collecting African And Oceanic Art, 1945-2000 by Christraud M. Geary, Stephanie Xatart, 2007-01-01
  11. African-American Artists, 1929-1945: Prints, Drawings, and Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series) by Lisa Gail Collins, Lisa Mintz Messinger, 2003-02-08
  12. African Culture and Melville's Art: The Creative Process in Benito Cereno and Moby-Dick by Sterling Stuckey, 2008-11-19
  13. Grass Roots: African Origins of an American Art by Dale Rosengarten, Theodore Rosengarten, et all 2008-09-30
  14. Uncommon Beauty in Common Objects: The Legacy of African American Craft Art by National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center (U. S.), 1993-06

1. RMC Page
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2. African Art Museum. Tribal Masks And Statues Of Africa.
Department within the Smithsonian Museum presents its exhibition and program calendar. Get contact and ticket details.
AFRICAN ART MUSEUM On-line reference to the artistic styles of Africa African art is masks and statues or sculpture not arts be it Africa in mask. Tribal sculptures to statue, bronze carvings. Museum collection of statues. Why craft, tribes, tribe rather figures, but ritual objects. Gallery of wood and wooden dolls, ethnic groups and people. Curated by Dr. Ilya Raskin and Yuri Raskin Welcome to the collection of African tribal art featuring over 1,200 artifacts from 100 ethnic groups. Items on display include wooden and bronze statues, masks, religious, ritual and domestic objects, furniture and weapons. Learn about art, culture and history of each ethnic group. Start your museum tour by clicking on the tribe name below: Ababua Ababwa Achanti Adouma ... Dan -Gioh Dekese Dengese Dogo Dogon ... MAPS We gratefully acknowledge many excellent publications on African art used for the creation of this museum. Please visit our MUSEUM STORE featuring 500 museum quality tribal African artifacts at affordable prices Each item is carefully authenticated, photographed and described. Every purchase will help to improve and enlarge this museum and to enhance the popularity of African art.

3. African Art On The Internet
Features a wide variety of links devoted to the study and display of ancient and modern african art. The Africa Store. Sells african art, home accessories and gifts (masks, statues, paintings, batiks, baskets, candles,
Topics : Art Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: South African Art Photographs
Adire African Textiles - Duncan Clarke
History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles. The symbolism of images is often provided. One can purchase textiles as well. Clarke's Ph.D. dissertation (School of Oriental and African Studies) is on Yoruba men's weaving. Based in London.
London-based dealer offers for sale African coins, military medals, bank notes, documents, badges, postcards, and other historical / political artifacts. Site of David Saffery.
Africa e Mediterraneo (Roma : Istituto sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo)
In Italian. A quarterly magazine about African culture and society. Has the table of contents. Topics covered: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography) , cinema, immigration. Owned by Lai-momo, a non-profit co-operative. Contact:

4. Modern African Art: A Basic Reading List Compiled By Janet L. Stanley
A basic reading list.
~ Begin ~ Modern African Art:
a basic reading list
A Work-in-Progress Compiled
Janet L. Stanley
National Museum of African Art Library
Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Comments: Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Washington, D.C.
March 1, 1998
Updated: February 23, 2000

5. Welcome To Ethnographica
Like many other arts with folk or religious origins, oriental carpetsand african art appear to transcend their utilitarian function.
Explore Ethnographica Ethnographica Entrance ETHNOGRAPHICA is a place to explore the tribal arts of Africa and the great tradition of hand-knotted carpets and textiles of the Orient. Like many other arts with folk or religious origins, oriental carpets and African art appear to transcend their utilitarian function. At their best they display some of the overriding qualities of all great art an aesthetic power and a dynamic expression of the cultures which produced them. Objects of extraordinary beauty were, and in some instances, are still being produced by so-called primitive peoples. It is the creative force and vitality found in these works that fascinates the casual viewer and gives immeasurable pleasure to the seasoned collector. This is art in a pure form, art that provides a glimpse into the lives, traditions, and cultures of peoples that are fast changing as western technologies and lifestyes are adopted. Ethnographica is proud to share some of the rare and extraordinary objects held in museums as well as fine pieces held privately. Bookmark this page

6. National Museum Of African Art || Smithsonian Institution
The National Museum of african art, Smithsonian Institution,features african art from antiquity to the present.

7. Current Exhibitions
A Personal Journey Central african art from the Lawrence Gussman Collection. Baule,Baule african art/Western Eyes through May 9, 1999
Current Exhibitions Ethiopian Icons:
Faith and Science
January 31-October 5, 2003
Sublevel 1 Lobby This exhibition focuses on the icon, an art form associated with the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Ethiopian Icons reflects two voices, those of the curator and the conservator, as they explore the unique imagery of icons from the museum's collection that have recently undergone technical analysis and conservation treatment.
African Artists on the Move
s January 31-November 30, 2003
Point of View Gallery
... Journeys and Destinations explores the important histories of migration and the negotiations of artistic, cultural, personal and group identities among African artists who make up the growing and significant diaspora of practicing artists now living in Europe and America.
December 6, 2002-March 16, 2003 Images from Central Africa, 18851960 examines how widely disseminated images by Euro-American photographers created and perpetuated ideas and sentiments about the peoples of central Africa who lived under colonial rule. Among the featured photographers is Casimir Zagourski (18831944), one of the most successful practitioners whose evocative works are highlighted in the exhibition. In addition, the exhibition explores the role Africans played in the photographic encounters. In some instances they were active participants, "performing" for the cameras and developing strategies to meet the photographers' demands. Africans also frequented photographic studios and took up photography to demonstrate their modernity.

8. African Art: Aesthetics And Meaning
University of Birginia exhibition site emphasizing the formal aesthetic aspects of the objects and Category Society Philosophy Philosophy of Art......african art AESTHETICS AND MEANING. An Electronic Exhibition Catalog.Bayly Art Museum University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia
An Electronic Exhibition Catalog
Bayly Art Museum
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia
January 25 - August 15, 1993
Benjamin C. Ray
Department of Religious Studies
Guest Curator
  • Introduction
  • Elements of the African Aesthetic
  • The Exhibition
  • Bibliography ... Bayly Art Museum Maintained by:
    Last Modified: Wednesday, 03-Jun-1998 23:22:19 EDT
    University of Virginia / Charlottesville, Virginia / 22903
  • 9. A Piece Of Africa
    Company is dedicated to providing unknown artists from Africa a gallery through which they are able to showcase their works. Read a primer on african art history.

    10. Exhibitions
    New York's Museum for african art.Category Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal Africa......

    11. African Art Home Page
    New York City museum is devoted to the arts of the people of Africa.

    12. Michael C. Carlos Museum: Permanent Collection: Sub-Saharan African Art
    SubSaharan african art permanent collection page for the MichaelC. Carlos Museum. Permanent Collection Sub-Saharan african art

    Permanent Collection
    : Sub-Saharan African Art Made from different kinds of materials, the objects in this collection bear evidence of uses in a variety of contexts, both religious and secular. There are figures from personal or family shrines, such as Igbo Ikenga shrine figures, complemented by those used in community shrines, such as the Mambila bark painting . There are examples like the exquisite beaded bowl figure from the Kom kingdom of the Cameroon Grassfields, used by royalty to hold kola nuts for their guests. The collection also includes a wide variety of masks and costumes danced in masquerades which carry religious and cultural significance for participants, including the audience. The works demonstrate important aspects of the worldviews and aesthetic values of their cultures of origin. Beaded Bowl Figure Cameroon, Grassfields, Kom, Laikom. ca. A.D. 1900. Wood, beads. 28 x 14 x 12 in. (70.6 x 35.3 x 30.5 cm). Gift of William S. Arnett. 1994.3.3 Shrine Figure, "Mami Wata" Nigeria, Ibibio, Annang. 20th century A.D. Wood, kaolin, pigment, paint. 34 1/4 x 24 x 10 in. (87 x 61 x 25 cm). Gift of William S. Arnett. 1994.3.9

    13. African Art Lesson Plans
    Elementary art lessons for creating masks, shields and Kente placemats, plus links to information Category Arts Education Educators...... Activities and Procedures. 1. View and discuss a presentation of ancientafrican art. 2. Explore African maskmaking by viewing pictures.
    Ancient Africa LESSON PLANS FOR MASKS SHIELDS AND "KENTE" PLACEMATS plus Ancient Africa Links These elementary art lessons can be utilized in studies of art history. Students can learn about the various tribal masks of Africa and the ceremonies in which they were used. Purpose Students gain a greater perspective of other traditions and beliefs. They gain experience in exploring several media. Objectives 1. Students cooperate with each other. 2. Students learn to manipulate a variety of media. 3. Students explore traditions of African cultures. 4. Students increase creativity by making something new and different. 5. Students' feelings of self-worth will increase.
    Resources / Materials PICTURES OF AFRICAN MASKS, FACE PATTERNS, POSTERBOARD OR OTHER HARD PAPER, PAINT, BEADS, BEANS, VARIOUS UNCOOKED PASTA, FEATHERS, RAFFIA, YARN AND ANY OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY FIND APPROPRIATE Activities and Procedures 1. View and discuss a presentation of ancient African art. 2. Explore African mask-making by viewing pictures. 3.Create a preliminary drawing of mask.

    14. African Art. Tribal Masks, Sculptures, Statues, Bronzes.
    African tribal arts dealer. Photographs and descriptions including some information on cultural signific Category Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal Africa......african art at affordable prices. Large collection of museum qualitytribal masks, sculptures, and bronzes. african art COLLECTION.
    AFRICAN ART COLLECTION Museum quality African art at affordable prices African art is masks and statues or sculpture not arts be it Africa in mask. Tribal sculptures to statue, bronze carvings. Collection of great furniture. Why craft, tribes, tribe rather figures. More than 400 authentic African tribal masks, sculptures, statues and bronzes collected by Yuri and Ilya Raskin Browse through the ethnic groups below. Hyperlinks indicate that you can purchase artifacts made by this group. INDEX OF ETHNIC GROUPS Ababua Ababwa Aduma Adyo ... Atye Ayemba Azande Babambe Baboa Babuye ... Bobo Boboa Boki Boyo Bsande Buluba ... Furniture REREre RECENTLY ADDED ITEMS MARCH 19 BENIN MARCH 29 MAKONDE We strive to provide deeper public appreciation for high quality African art and to make it accessible to all collectors. High quality masks, carvings, statues, fetishes, animal figures, ritual objects and bronzes displayed here will add beauty to any home and value to any collection. In addition, an ever-growing demand for rapidly disappearing original African tribal art makes it a sound investment. As long-time experienced collectors, we carefully select and authenticate every artifact. Shown here are original, high quality, hand-crafted pieces made of wood or bronze which can be yours at a fraction of gallery prices! Years of traditional use added distinction to many of them. We guarantee the authenticity of every item and your complete satisfaction. We make every effort to research and document the history of each artifact.

    15. Teachers' Guide To African Art
    GETTING STARTED. An effective method for approaching african artis through child oriented questions. We have divided this guide
    We hope that you find this guide useful and welcome any suggestions or comments you or your students may have. We thank you for your active participation in helping to further your students' development of cross-cultural understanding and involvement in art and museums. G ETTING S TARTED An effective method for approaching African art is through child oriented questions. We have divided this guide into four main sections or questions that may be presented separately or together. Each section is accompanied by appropriate vocabulary and suggested projects. The four sections are:
  • "What should I know about Africa?" An introduction to African geographic, regional, cultural, and topographic diversity. Vocabulary: Savannah, rain forest, plains, ethnic groups, Sub-Saharan, non- sedentary/sedentary
  • "How was this object used? What purpose did it serve?" A discussion of object's functions and contexts. Vocabulary: functional, initiate, raffia, context, "out of context," masker, masquerade, ancestor, fertility
  • "Why does this object look the way it does?"
  • 16. Osmanart
    Somaliaborn physician and painter. Gallery of works, exhibitions, publications, awards, personal profile.Category Arts Visual Arts Painting Painters Contemporary O......Contemporary african art The Merka Art Gallery. Please feel free to signthe guestbook and tell me what you think of my art! Personal Statement.
    Contemporary African Art The Merka Art Gallery Please feel free to sign the guestbook and tell me what you think of my art! Personal Statement
    Welcome to Merka art Gallery and thank you for dropping by. My name is Mohamed Buwe Osman, a native of Merka, Somalia- an ancient historical town 40 miles south of Mogadishu. It is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and stunningly colorful orange dunes which are reflected in most of my paintings.
    Africa gave me the blessing of exposure to the inspiring world of contemporary art. While attending Medical School in Europe, the beautiful culture enriched my curiosity in Classical Art. North America provided me with unlimited opportunities of enjoying not only the practice of medicine but as well as Art.
    My paintings are reflective memories of past experiences. They express the unexporessed and yet meaninglful concepts of life, the most precious gift to us by our Creator.
    My daily care of patients inspires me. It influences my creative skills. It teaches me everyday the true meaning of

    l ife, the gift of living and being surrounded by beautiful people, the joy of rediscovering the mysteries of the non replicable Art- creation of the Universe

    17. Religious Studies/Art History 345
    Materials for a University of Virginia course on african arts, with images, bibiliographic information, Category Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal Africa......african art and the Web Museum An Undergraduate Course, University ofVirginia Spring Semester 1998. Woodward, african art(Yoruba objects).
    African Art and the Web Museum
    An Undergraduate Course, University of Virginia
    Spring Semester 1998
    Benjamin Caleb Ray Course Description: Each student will design an exhibition of African art for presentation on the World Wide Web, incorporating the results of the student's study of African art. The exhibitions will contain an introductory explanation of the exhibit's theme, a map of Africa locating the societies whose art objects are represented, images of selected African art objects, relevant field-context images, descriptive labels, and other explanatory textual materials. The images students will use are taken from collections at the Bayly Museum of the University of Virginia , the Fowler Museum of Cultural History , the Hampton University Museum Monday and Wednesday classes will be devoted to illustrated lectures on African art; Friday computer lab sessions will be used for computer instruction, digital image processing, and Web page construction. The course includes the following curricular components: a brief history of African art studies; African ritual and cosmology; analysis of African art exhibition catalogues; library research on selected art objects; the exhibition of African art in museum contexts; training in Web skills and image processing. The special challenge of the course is to create exhibitions of African art that attempt to be true to the objects themselves while placing images of them in a cultural environment of educational value to the exhibitor and the viewer alike.

    18. African Art
    Exhibiting quality contemporary paintings from the African continent.

    19. Tamarin
    A gallery of african art. Periodic exhibitions and an excellent collection of links to other sources.Category Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal Africa......english, Francais. Design webmaster Tamarin Art Inc.

    Tamarin Art Inc.

    Tamarin Art Inc.

    20. Art And Life In Africa Online
    Art and Life in Africa Online contains information about african artand Culture. Chapter Material Recontextualizing african art.
    Art and Life in Africa Online contains information about African Art and Culture. Some of the material on this site has been adapted from similar material developed for the Art and Life in Africa CD-ROM being produced at The University of Iowa. Additionally, some material is specific to this site (and not found on the CD), as noted below. Links to further resources on the web have been added where appropriate.
    Chapter Material Recontextualizing African Art
    The Art and Life in Africa CD-ROM contains 11 chapters recontextualizing African Art in all aspects of life in Africa. The abbreviated online version of Key Moments in Life is accessible and serves as an overview to the contents of the remaining chapters contained on the ALA CD-ROM.
    • Ancient Africa Arts of Healing Abundance Cultural Exchange Death and the Ancestors Divination Education/Initiation Everyday Endeavor Governance and Social Order Key Moments in Life (updated January 25, 1999) Sacred Spaces
    Essays on African History (developed exclusively for ALA Online)

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