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         African Culture General Resources:     more books (23)
  1. Kenya Coast Handbook: Culture, Resources, and Development in the East African Littoral
  2. Human Suffering: A Challenge to Christian Faith in Igbo/African Christian Families (An Anthropological and Theological Study) by Obioma Des Obi, 2001-09-01
  3. Culture, Ecology, and Politics in Gabon's Rainforest (African Studies (Lewiston, N.Y.), V. 65.)
  4. Settlements, Trade, and Polities in the Seventeenth Century Gold Coast (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) by Ray A. Kea, 1982-10-01
  5. The African Religions of Brazil: Toward a Sociology of the Interpenetration of Civilizations (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) by Roger Bastide, 2007-05-04
  6. We Want Jobs: A History of Affirmative Action (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Robert J. Weiss, 1997-02-01
  7. The North African Environment at Risk (State, Culture, and Society in Arab North Africa)
  8. The African American Experience In Cyberspace: A Resource Guide to the Best Web Sites on Black Culture and History by Abdul Alkalimat, 2003-12-20
  9. African Fables, Book II: That Teach About God by Eudene Keidel, Eudene ÊKeidel, 1999-03
  10. The Kaiser Index to Black Resources, 1948-1986: From the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture of the New York Public Library by Ernest D. Kaiser, 1992-05
  11. Learning for Living: A Catholic Contribution to the Culture of Learning & Teaching in South Africa by Catholic Institute of Education, 1998-12
  12. African American History and Culture on the Web: A Guide to the Very Best Sites by Elaine L. Westbrooks, Eric Acree, et all 2004-02-28
  13. The Hip-Hop Church: Connecting with the Movement Shaping Our Culture by Efrem Smith, Phil Jackson, 2005-12-15
  14. Resource for Vintage Black Movies & Videos by Fred Hawkins, 2000-09-24

1. LSU Libraries - African-Americana
general Guides african American Web Connection. A large collection of african American resources covering many the visual arts and culture generally; interviews, poetry, fiction
African Americana
Contents General Guides Bibliographies Catalogs Exhibits
General Guides:
African American Web Connection
A large collection of African American resources covering many subjects.
American Studies Web
A bibliography of web-based resources in the field of American Studies which includes a section specifically for African Americans listed under "Race, Ethnicity and Identity."
The Amistad Research Center
One of the nation's largest repositories specializing in the history of African Americans. Contains, for the most part, descriptions of the collections (manuscripts, art, periodicals) of the Center located on the campus of Tulane University, New Orleans, LA.
"The place to find anything and everything BLACK on the Net!" A "Yahoo-style" subject directory of Internet resources.
Universal Black Pages
Extensive web connections, including events calendars, organizational connections, education, culture and more.
A bibliography to selected LSU Libraries reference resources.
African-American Women:
A Selected Bibliography of LSU Resources.

2. K-12: African-American Resources
Everything Black general resources for africanAmerican businesses, eduction,events, news, entertainments, history and culture, sports, etc.
Africa Guide for K-12 Resources
K-12 Information

Multimedia Archive

Africa in the Library
Lesson Plans
African Studies Center
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA
TEL : (215) 898-6610
FAX: (215) 573-7379
K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet ©
Ali B. Ali-Dinar
African-American Resources
These are some of the resources that pertain to African-American studies. Culture Connection Programs
    A monthly series of programs hosted by Dr. Carolyn L. Holmes, Supervisor of African and African American Studies (Mrs. Dianne S. Partee, former Curriculum Specialist was the co-host during 1995 to 2002). The program highlights topics, issues and themes that reflect the diverse African and African American cultural and historical experiences.
African and African-American Resources,
    This information has been made accessible by the Reference Department of the Thomas Jefferson Library of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.This homepage supplies links to information, articles, and narratives about the State's history taken from sources such as the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, Preservation Issues by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the African American Heritage of St. Louis by the St. Louis Public Library
African American History
    Resources on African American history, art, as well as Slavery, and Civil Rights.

3. African Studies Center - University Of Pennsylvania
January 1999 Vol. 60 No. 1 african American culture Some sites you should bookmark by Elna L. Saxton and Jo McClamroch This site provides general information such as contact numbers to file discrimination complaints, a



2003 Spring Courses

Undergraduate Program
... Professor Lee Cassanelli
ASC Director
Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.

ASC Web Editor
647 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305 Phone (215) 898-6971 Fax (215) 573-8130 "African Studies WWW" African Studies Association Country-Specific Pages Bulletin Board K-12 Resources ... Black/African Resources

4. African-American History And Culture
Georgia african American. History and culture. general resources.Though some of the following websites are national in scope, they
Georgia African American History and Culture General Resources
Though some of the following websites are national in scope, they carry useful information about Georgia African American history and culture.
African-American History and Studies (Tennessee Technological University)
The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture
African American Perspectives (Pamphlets in the Library of Congress from 1818-1907)

African American Web Connection
... Universal Black Page Network

Resources on Black Georgians
African-American Historical and Genealogical Resources Available from Georgia's Secretary of State
African-American Women Associated with Atlanta Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum Atlanta Black Crackers Baseball Team ...
Freedmen's Bureau Online: Georgia Records (selected)
Georgia African-American Authors
Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum (Savannah)
Gullah Encyclopedia
Gullah History and Language
Project SugarGullah People
Elizabeth Johnson Harris Life Story, 1867-1923
PBS "Africans in America" Web pages related to Georgia

5. African Philosophy Resources: General African Studies Resources
High school presents a collection of links to africanAmerican museums, publications, and histories in celebration of Black History Month. History Black History Month. culture. general Information. Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies Good collection of resources on african American History and culture!
Table Of Contents African American Resources African Philosophers Associations Bibliographies ... Philosophy in the World's Religions
African Philosophy Resources
General African Studies Resources
There are many general African Studies sites - some of the best are listed here.

6. Africans In America | Teacher's Guide | General Resources
general resources, Teacher's Guide Contents. sources, manuscripts, photographs, music,and other documents about african American history and culture.
General Resources Teacher's Guide Contents
In addition to the materials recommended for each program unit, the following books Web sites films , and organizations provide additional historical background. See also Eric Foner's resource list
For Teachers

Aptheker, Herbert, ed. A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States . Vol. 1. New York: The Citadel Press, 1951. Hundreds of primary source documents from 1661-1910. Carnes, Mark C., ed. Past Imperfect: History According to the Movies . New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1995. Sixty historians look at how Hollywood has depicted history. Franklin, John Hope, and Alfred A. Moss, Jr. From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans , 7th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994. An in-depth history of African Americans. Fredrickson, George M. The Black Image in the White Mind: The Debate on Afro-American Character and Destiny, 1817-1914 . Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 1971. An exploration of the development of notions of race. Gates, Jr., Henry Louis, and Nellie McKay, eds.

7. 20th Century Decades: General Links
Chico High School provides this guide to study resources and articles about US history during the 20th century. african American resources. Ads, Art, Photos and Images. Biographical Famous People. Chicano/Latino resources. general and comments about the culture and history of each time
20th Century History By the Decades
From the Chico High School Library
General 20th Century Resources
Covering Multiple Decades
Or go directly to these decades: You may go directly to these sub-sections on this page below: African American Resources Ads, Art, Photos and Images Chicano/Latino Resources General Collections ... Wars and Military
General Collections of Resources Covering Many Decades and Subjects American Memory
This is a set of different digital collections of information based on a wide range of topics and themes in American history. You may search all collections from a single searcher, or you may browse and search the individual collections. Includes a huge number of books, documents, photographs, images, music, souncs, and films. Well worth getting to know, especially the Learning section, which ncludes exhibitions, curriculum, and learning aids related to primary sources. The National Archives
A digital collection of documents and images related to the U.S. government. Many are official documents that are preserved in their original form, and are made available to the public here in digital format. Also includes exhibitions, curriculum, and learning aids related to primary sources. American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century Decades
This outstanding collection of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century has sections for each decade. Includes images and comments about the culture and history of each time period, as well as recommended in-print readings. The pages are prepared as pathfinders by the Reference Librarians at Kingwood College (Texas). These provide excellent cultural and historical background as you use these resources.

8. South African Internet Resources
Provides links, including educational, government and politics, commercial, general, economy, finance, labor, and issues. Email. Embassies. general. Government. Graphics. Issues. Jobs Department of Arts, culture, Science and Technology
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Please upgrade

9. Afrol Index Pages: African Links
Links categorized by topic and country.Category Regional Africa Guides and Directories...... culture Art. african culture. Media Events Organisations CountrySpecific resources african culture, general. Subcategories
Welcome to your African portal. - african online services Your guide to Africa and the Internet afrol INDEX pages! Welcome to the afrol INDEX pages ! This is your window to the www orld. Here you'll find all possible links about Africa and subjects that might interest you. Our categorization follows two parallel structures: subject categories and countries. Countries are of higher priority, meaning that if you look for links about Namibian cooking, you should go directly to Namibia, and look for culture, gastronomy there. However, you'll find the same links in culture, countries, Namibia. On this page - you'll find "Jumps" to country index pages and main categories.
» Next, there is an Index Site Map , linking you to all categories and subcategories.

10. Education First: Black History Hotlist
A large site with many links about Black History Month, slavery and history, leaders, news, poetry.Category Society Ethnicity Events Black History Month...... general resources American Legacy Magazine Celebrating african-Americanculture and History; african American culture Directory

Black History Month
Leaders News Poetry ... General Resources
Introduction The following resources come from all over the Internet. Some are provided by companies like CNN Interactive while others are the products of university scholars or amateurs. Use these sites as the raw material for your own study of African-American history and issues. Remember to read critically and look for hidden agendas, bias, or errors that might creep into the Web pages. If you'd like a more guided learning experience, go to the main Black History Month Web site.
Black History Month
Slavery and African American History
The African-American Mosaic:
A Library of Congress Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture
Other Slavery Resources

11. South African National Cultural Heritage
and intangible cultural heritage all in website. Raises general issuesabout culture and history, as well as provide a resources.
"The Things That One Treasures" Information Introduction
Advisory Committee

Principle of Partnership

Needs Assessment
... Newsletter Dec 2002) Colloquium July 2002 - Grant Writing Workshops January 2002 - "Education and Heritage" - Johannesburg November 2000 - "Living Heritage: Oral History, Practice and Policy" - Cape Town July 2000 - Summer Institute - Michigan State University November 1999 Report Additional Resources Oral History


... archive
General Resources
RLG Cultural Materials Initiative

RLG attempts to improve access to primary sources and cultural materials—those rare and often unique works held largely by institutions for education and research such as RLG's members. In the Cultural Materials Initiative , the organization has applied collective experience and capabilities to creating a Web-based, integrated collection of electronic representations of such materials.

12. South African National Cultural Heritage
oral interviews that preserve the knowledge, experiences, and recollections ofleaders in many fields of history, politics, and culture. general resources.
"The Things That One Treasures" Information Introduction
Advisory Committee

Principle of Partnership

Needs Assessment
... Newsletter Dec 2002) Colloquium July 2002 - Grant Writing Workshops January 2002 - "Education and Heritage" - Johannesburg November 2000 - "Living Heritage: Oral History, Practice and Policy" - Cape Town July 2000 - Summer Institute - Michigan State University November 1999 Report Additional Resources Oral History


... archive
Oral History
Oral History Research office

This site has a collection of audiotaped and transcribed oral interviews that preserve the knowledge, experiences, and recollections of leaders in many fields of history, politics, and culture. While the focus is national political history, there are also collections on China, Argentina, and the Middle East. The archive holds approximately 7,000 interviews, filling 7,000,000 pages of transcript. Indiana University Oral History Research Center

13. AdmiNet - Africa
List by Countries general resources Francophone resources Black culture Arab resourcesafrican Art, culture african cooking Questions about Africa Thanks.

We spread information throughout the world AdmiNet World Africa List by Countries
General Resources

Francophone resources

Black culture
List by countries
General Resources
Francophone Resources

14. Africa Links And General Resources - Academic Info
Government Sites ; Nigeria Constitution ; general Links ; Archival Edo Nation Historyand culture of the Edo The Electronic african Bookworm A Web Navigator
Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
African Studies Links We Need Your Help
Please take a minute to make a $10 tax-deductible donation. Academic Info is made possible by the generous financial support of users like you.
Academic Info
19-143rd ST SW
Lynnwood, WA 98037
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African Studies Internet Resources

"Electronic resources from Africa are organized by region and country. All materials are arranged to encourage an awareness of authorship, type of information, and subject. The scope of the collection is research-oriented, but it also provides access to other gopher and web sites with different or broader missions." Includes online library catalogs, maps, electronic news archives, bibliographies, and more.

15. American Religion - American Religions - Academic Info
Portals general resources. American religion, student projects, regional studies,africanAmerican studies Study of Religion and American culture The Center
Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
Religion in America
Humanities Religion Religion in America
American Studies
Religion We Need Your Help
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Academic Info
19-143rd ST SW
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The Religion in America Gateway is sponsored by How would you like to sponsor this page?
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Email us at for details. Table of Contents Related Subjects Religion in Canada Church and State Rock Art Buddhism ... American West - Religion In The News
PBS - Frontline - Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
(Aired September 3, 2002) "What did America see on Sept. 11? And how did it affect our notions of God, evil, and the potential for darkness within religion itself?" American Religious Identification Survey "What do adults say in America today when asked about their religion? How many belong to a church, temple, synagogue, mosque or some other place of worship? How many change their religion in the course of their lives? What is the mix of religious identification among American couples? These are among the many probing questions in the first large-scale national survey of religious identification conducted among Americans in the twenty-first century, and summarized in this report."

16. Social Fabric: Web Resources
general information on Yoruba culture. 21st Century Yoruba Lots of informationabout Yoruba people everywhere. Links. african Art resources.
Web Resources
Please bookmark this site so that you can come back after exploring these sites. Also, don't forget to sign the guestbook and fill out a survey before you leave! Skip to a topic:
African Textiles

Ghana and Ashanti

Nigeria and Yoruba

African Art (general)
Museums with African Textiles
African Textiles
  • Adinkra info on the history and symbolism of adinkra cloth. From the Republic of Ghana page (listed below).
  • Kente info on the history and symbolism of kente cloth. From the Republic of Ghana page (listed below).
  • Kente Bibliography Further reading on Kente cloth.
  • Davi Lojo Info on weaving traditions and modern cloth production. Also contains a few educational activities.
  • Adire African Textiles Actually has information on a number of different types of African cloth. The gallery has African textiles for sale.
  • Adire Cloth At the Museum for Textiles. A short page about adire cloth.
  • History and Significance of Kente Cloth A detailed description of several types of kente cloth, along with a general history of the cloth.
  • Meanings of Symbols in Adinkra Cloth A history of adinkra and explanation of symbols.

17. African Studies: Tanzania
Links to Tanzanian resourcesCategory Regional Africa Tanzania Guides and Directories...... african Studies Internet resources home. WWW Virtual Library. Tanzania. general resources,Politics, and Human Rights. Education, History, culture, and Languages.
African Studies
Internet Resources
African Studies Email:
African Studies Internet Resources home WWW Virtual Library ... Department home

Last update: 08/19/02

18. Useful Links By Harvard Comm. On African Studies
Web directoryCategory Regional Africa Guides and Directories...... general resources 2002 Summer Cooperative african Language Institute on the Web;South african Languages; Kalahari BAKA Videos for Hausa language and culture;
African Studies Links
Links to Africa and Non-Harvard Sites These links were created by Dr. Rita Breen of the Harvard Committee on African Studies as entry points for the vast resources available on the web for the study of Africa. The premier site for African Studies is still the Africa site of the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Also of interest is the site of the African Studies Association (US). Africa News Research Resources (academic subjects) African Studies Programs Study, Work and Travel in Africa
Africa News Links

19. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: United States History - General
Author New York Public Library Subjects african americans, united states culture,united states history general, women writers DeweyClass
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
United states history - general
A-Z Index Titles Descriptions
  • American History
  • American Memory
  • Between a Rock and A Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops 1820 - Present
  • Biography of America ...
  • Women and Social Movements in the United States 1775-2000 Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments: American History
    Offers original articles and features about the history of the USA, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject-specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include African-American history, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, the American West, 18th Century America, government, Hispanic America, historical documents including the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and the Consititution, inventors and inventions, labour history, libraries and museums, military history, notable individuals such as Martin Luther King and Thomas Jefferson, Native Americans and 20th Century America.
  • 20. Sociology Internet Resources
    Comprehensive index of resources for culture, race and ethnicity, criminology, women's studies, family, Category Science Social Sciences Sociology...... Scholarship Page Caribbean Cultural Center (NY) african Diaspora Institute GypsyLore Society The Patrin Romani (Gypsy) culture History general resources.
    Site developed by J. Bannister
    Recognition Awards
    Western Connecticut State University
    Department of Social Sciences
    WCSU List: Sociology Internet Resources
    Scroll down for complete list, or select by topic:
    Women Family Criminology ... Other WCSU Lists
    Please report non-working links.
    Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
    SocioRealm: Cultural Studies on the WWW
    WSU: What is Culture?
    For more culture resources, see WCSU List: Anthropology
    For resources on world cultural regions, see WCSU List: World Area Studies
    SocioSite Index: Sociological Subject Areas
    Sociology Links By Subject
    Georgetown U.: American Studies Web One World Supersite Keele U.: Online Newsletter: MEME Organizational Behavior: Administrative Science Quarterly Paul Starr's Internet Resources: Communications Amr. Comm. Assoc.: Conflict and Communication L. Krempel's Gallery of Social Structures Clearinghouse: Social Sciences and Social Issues National Aging Information Center National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information U. Wis.: Poverty-Related Resources National Coalition for the Homeless D. R. Quammen's

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