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         African Explorers General Resources:     more detail

61. Scotch College Senior Library - A-Z Index
general resources Acid Rain african Americans Aid and Museums Australian explorersAustralian History general resources Australian Literature
Internet Sites A-Z Index
A-Z Index of Topics
A B C D ... Z
Aboriginal Art
Access to Law - Australia

Accounting - General Resources

Acid Rain
Australian Sports
Baroque music and art


Castles - Medieval

CFCs - chlorinated fluorocarbons ... Cyclones
Debating Deserts Desertification Dictionaries, thesauri and language tools ... Drugs in Sport
Earthquakes Ebola Economics Economics - general resources ... Explorers
Family history Famous artists and their works Famous Physicists and their discoveries Federation - Australia ... French Revolution
German Geography Glaciers Global conflicts - UN peace keeping ... Greenhouse
Health and fitness History Holocaust studies Homefront - Australia, World War II ... Human genetics, biotechnology
Indonesian Information Technology Information Technology - General Resources Intelligence Tests ... Italy - Tourism and hospitality
Japanese feudalism Judaism and Holocaust Studies
King Arthur Knights Kokoda Trail
Landmines Law - Australia, access

62. Scotch College Senior Library - History Index
african Americans American Indians American Civil War. Bushrangers Convict SettlementExplorers Federation of Classical Civilisations general resources.
Internet Sites History Index
History Index of Topics
Ancient History - General Resources Ancient China
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece
... World War II
Maintained by the Library and Information Centre
Developed by the Library Web Team
Last Updated June 27, 2002

63. African History: General
and kingdoms in Central and Eastern Africa, European explorers and missionaries in AfricanHistory for Beginners. because this text is a good general survey of
Web Resources Print Resources Media Resources Africa Access
Mega-site of reviews of K-12 materials and African literature. Search for history or history of a specific time period or country.
Reviewed by Merry Merryfield, April 2002. Africa History: University of Pennsylvania
Mega-site with many links to other sites on African history such as Africa Update Africa Research Central Directory: African History The Estevanico Society ... World History Archives: Africa Archives (Haines Brown) , World History: Africa as a whole . This is a great site to begin your search for resources on African history.
Reviewed by Merry Merryfield, April, 2002. Africa South of the Sahara
Historical overview from ancient times to independence. Focuses for the most part on political and military events, kingdoms, etc. Has a few links to special topics.
Reviewed by Merry Merryfield, April 2002.

64. General South African Christian Resources
general South african Christian resources.
If you would like your resource or web page to be listed here for free, click here to fill in our on-line form Please report all broken links to - please put details of the link in the body of the email before sending it. General Youth Links - a page of links for the youth of South Africa South African Statistics - a page of links to Internet-based SA statistics on a variety of topics Click here for links to Generation-specific sites Partner website:
General South African Christian Resources
Other link pages
Youth (Children, Teens and Young Adult) Ministry Resources

65. Eighteenth-Century Resources -- History
Maps and discussions of world explorers from antiquity to Ignatius Sancho AfricanMan of Letters (Brycchan of Modern Historiography (Italy) general site on
Eighteenth-Century Resources History
This page, edited by Jack Lynch of Rutgers Newark, is part of the larger collection of Eighteenth-Century Resources on the Net.
General Resources

66. Other Resource Links
general Museum Computer Network A nonprofit organization Who's Who in african ArtA directory 12,000 authors, scholars, travelers, explorers, field collectors
Susan Lerer, ASA: Art Appraisals
Ethnographic Art Resource Links
General Online Resources
ABZU Regional Index: Egypt
This is an index of resources for the study of Ancient Egypt including: Archaeological Sites, Art, Egyptological Institutions, Museums and Collections, Papyrology, and more... American Indian
Part of RAIN (Regional Alliance for Information Networking), this site contains links to online resources about the Native American Chumash people and culture. Art and Life in Africa Online
Presented by the University of Iowa, this is a Web-based portion of a project dedicated to education about African art and culture. Artifacts - Web Ring
This site has more than 15 related links to American Indian Art and Artifacts sites on the Web. ArtNet
The art world network on the Web, this is a gateway to many art-related online resources: magazines, exhibitions, galleries, antiques, ancient art, auctions, art sales, museums, art services, and more... ArtScene
The guide to art galleries and museums in Southern California.

67. Oil & Gas North Africa
the strategies which North african explorers are adopting 2002, the second PanNorthafrican oil and SAROST; Abdelhafid Feghouli, Deputy general Manager, Human
The Organisers
Press Information Venue Travel/Accommodation Booking Enquiry Form Exhibition Press Information
Press Information PRESS RELEASE
CALL FOR PAPERS PUBLISHED FOR OGNA 2002 5 March 2002 The interdependence between North Africa and Europe, with North Africa as a significant energy supplier and Europe as a major consumer will be the focus of October's Oil and Gas North Africa 2002 Conference (OGNA 2002) with its theme Europe's Energy Needs - How Will North Africa Deliver? The OGNA 2002 conference, being held alongside the OGNA 2002 exhibition in Tunis 3-5 October will reflect, very specifically, the key factors which are shaping, and will continue to shape, the energy market in North Africa and Europe including, the liberalisation of the European energy market; the strategies which North African explorers are adopting to ensure that European energy needs will be met; and the fact that North African energy supplies are fundamental for Europe's security of supply.

68. Biography Collections: Special Collections: Australians And New Zealanders
Special Collections: Australians and New Zealanders
The Aerodrome
A very well presented tribute to the Aces and Aircraft of World War I. Listings of flying aces of all nationalities are catergorized by the aces, the aircraft, the medals, etc. Mini-biographies are available as well as other source material in some cases, such as military records, citations of honors, and more.
Anzacs - Officers died at Gallipoli
This site began as a tribute to the hundreds of Australian and New Zealand officers who died at Gallipoli, Turkey, during WWI., but it has grown to honor all those who participated in the ill-fated, heroic campaign. Much information to be found.
Archives of Australia
Australia and the Great War

The Australian and New Zealand Victoria Cross Web Site

Australian Explorers
Bright Sparcs Home Page - Australian Scientists
"A register of over 3,000 people involved in the development of science, technology and medicine in Australia, including references to their archival materials and bibliographic resources."
Christchurch Local History Files
Convicts of the 'Lady Juliana' 1790

Convicts To Australia ... A Guide to Researching Your Convict Ancestors

69. The Zula Bryant Wylie Library Of Cedar Hill
dedicated to the biographies and accomplishments of african American explorers inscience a broad variety of subjects, including general interest, multi
The Zula Bryant Wylie Library Search for Books
Magazine Articles and Other Online Materials

Internet Resources

Children's Internet Site


Children's Internet Site These sites are intended for children's use with parenting monitoring under the age of 12, or may be used by children/young adults over the age of 11 if there is a signed agreement on file by the parents. Games: Cartoon Network - games, shopping, and websites of your favorite cartoon network character.
Fun School - games for ages preschool to 6th grade
Games Galore games for kids with a beginner level and an advanced level
Sesame Street - the characters from the show.
Sites for Elementary Students An Electronic Zoo - links to real and fictional animal sites
Awesome Clipart for Kids site created by a teenager with original images.

70. Third Grade Resources
Animal Adaptations Environmental Impact/ Endangered, general Student Resource ExplorersWebQuest. Civil Rights Museum Kid's Domain african Games Philadelphia
Third Grade Resources
Live Oak
Animal Habitats
Animal Print Outs

Animal Adaptations

Environmental Impact/ Endangered

General Student Resource Page Third Grade Tech TEKS Page Third Grade TEKS Page
Learn to make web pages with Front Page

Teach me More Explorer Links
Marco Polo Biographies Sites: The History Place Lives, Leif Erikson Zoom Explorers ... Explorers WebQuest Black History
Faith Ringgold - Biography
Take a Stand - Rosa Parks
Welcome to The National Civil Rights Museum
Kid's Domain African Games ...
African American in History
Rocks/ Soil /Minerals Brain POP - Rock cycle Greek / Roman Myths The Encyclopedia of Mythica Earth Quakes/ Volcanoes
Volcanoes Online - Your Ultimate Guide to Volcanoes on the Net
Volcano World The Premier Source of Volcano Info on the Web
Simple Machines Levels and Slopes Patience, it takes awhile to load

71. Social Studies Resources
general History Sources. the World Bellingham, Washington Public Schools list of explorerswho have A Century of africanAmerican Arts Based on a PBS documentary
Noble Street Charter High School
Social Studies Links
Click on your topic of interest: News Geography History Travel ... General References

72. African Studies In Duke University Libraries
Fifteen separate pages starting with general history, with University of PennsylvaniaAfrican Studies http//www and Women Travelers, explorers and Missionaries
duke libraries catalog databases ask a librarian ... contact us
Collection Description Research Guides Databases and Indexes Electronic Journals ... U.S. / South Africa: 1800-Present Helene Baumann

022 Perkins Library Box 90195
Perkins Library
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708 Collection Description In 1988 it was estimated that Duke Libraries adds about 1000 monographs annually to its collection of approximately 37,000 monographs on Africa (in all fields). Duke also subscribes to about 175 periodicals. This relatively substantial collection grew out of Duke's long-standing interest in the British Commonwealth, which included Eastern and Southern Africa as well as Ghana and Nigeria. The collection is especially strong in history, economic development, political science, public policy, religion, art and music. Based on research and teaching interests in the Romance Studies Department and the Program for Literature, Francophone and English African literature (including English translations) have gained in significance and are now actively collected. Continue.

73. Africana Studies
and african Women's literature (african Women's Database to Africa (Women Travelers,explorers and Missionaries Contains general inf., news and country specific
Mondo Articles Reference Subject ... Home
Africana Studies
Mondo - Colgate Libraries' Online Catalog Periodical Indexes and Abstracts Periodicals useful to Africana Studies
Resources selected by Colgate Libraries
University of Pennsylvania African Studies WWW
This well maintained and comprehensive site offers a large number of links including country specific pages including Nigeria and Uganda . An excellent place to start.
Africa Guide InterActive
Maintained by the Yale Program in African Languages, this site provides access to a rich selection of sources including news, environment, arts, travel, development, and Islam.
Africa South of the Saharaselected Internet resources
Links to Internet sites provided by Stanford University Libraries. Select by topic or region.
Africa Resource Center
A very useful collection of citations and full text materials on all subjects related to Africa and the African Diaspora.
Africa Research Central
Africa Research Central is a gateway to the archives, libraries, and museums with important collections of African primary sources. The focus is on repositories in Africa, but there are also links to the web sites of institutions in both Europe and North America.

74. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Exploration (Special Subjects)
Exploration; Roman Exploration; Other. african EXPLORATION Portuguese AntarcticExploration; Northwest Passage; explorers. GLOBAL CIRCUMNAVIGATION general;
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  • 75. | Black Spark Home Page
    Were the ancient Egyptians black? Did Egyptian explorers land in Greece some 4,000years ago? Ancient african Kingdoms. general Archaeology.
    ... Home SEARCH SITE YOU CAN HELP DISCUSSION FORUM Exchange views with Richard Poe.
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    ARTICLES BY EMAIL Click here
    to receive Poe's writings by e-mail.

    Black Spark, White Fire Did African Explorers Civilize Ancient Europe? Were the ancient Egyptians black? Did Egyptian explorers land in Greece some 4,000 years ago? Did they plant colonies, establish royal houses and teach the arts of civilization to Europe's savage tribes? Did the secret rites of their temple cults later resurface among the Knights Templar and the Freemasons? These questions have long been a source of furious controversy, much of it centered around the issue of race. Ask most African-Americans whether the Egyptians were black, and they'll say yes. Ask most whites and they'll deny it. Like the O.J. Simpson trial, the Afrocentric debate draws a bitter line between blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives. In Black Spark, White Fire , Richard Poe seeks to transcend the passions and politics surrounding this subject. He examines the issues objectively and reaches conclusions that some may find startling. Based upon seven years of research, including in-depth interviews with leading scholars and scientists

    general American History. resources for classroom teachers. Little explorers PictureDictionary Kids can click on a letter to display words and pictures.
    Compiled by The Professional Development Team at TCCSA Thematic Units Education Search Engines On-Line Magazines First and Last Day of School Ideas ... KidLinks
    Themes At this site teachers can find MANY resources for MANY different thematic units Unbelievable source of thematic units, lesson plans and webquests SCORE Cyberguides are wonderful ideas for extending and/or enriching your literature books at each grade level. They are aligned with outcomes and easy to follow-updated constantly.
    INFOhio's state-funded resources free to all Ohio's K-12 students and teachers
    Username and password required for home access; see your school library media specialist. This is an EXCELLENT site with many links covering the various curriculum topics and grade levels l back to top
    Educational Search Engines
    This is a GREAT educational search engine. Just click on the area of curriculum and then type in a search term. back to top
    On-Line Magazines
    National Geographic for Kids U.S.Kids

    77. WebSmart Homework Help
    general Sites The african American World african Online Statistics Census Bureau'safrican American Statistics explorers 1492 An Ongoing Voyage Alexander the
    Search Home
    Homework Help
    One-Stop Homework Help : Try These Sites First! (Or try: Science Math Literature Countries ... Music and Art
    History African American History Native Americans Prehistoric Humans Ancient Cultures ... Explorers
    African American History (See also African American Biography
    General Sites
    Slavery Amistad ... Civil Rights General Sites
    The African American World
    African American History from About.Com

    AFRO-American Almanac

    Black Facts Online
    Universal Black Page
    The Amistad Case
    Africans in America: Journey through Slavery
    American Slave Narratives: an Online Anthology

    Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project

    Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives
    ... Slavery and Abolition
    Underground Railroad
    The Life of Harriet Tubman National Geographic's Underground Railroad Site National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
    Jim Crow Laws
    The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
    Little Rock 9, Intergration 0? (part of Black History on the Web)
    Civil Rights
    National Civil Rights Museum Online
    Census Bureau's African American Statistics

    78. History
    of the Renaissance and general information The and navigation information Discover'sWeb all explorers. Wigmaker, Blacksmith Colonial african-American Life
    5th Grade History Page Vikings Medieval Times The Renaissance Explorers ... Teacher Resources Help!!!
    Please help us keep this page up to date. If you find an interesting site, please send the URL to:

    General History Links History Online
    - search over 20,000 biographies
    Social Studies for Kids

    The History Net

    The History Place

    The History Channel
    - Biographies, history and good enrichment site to search Vikings The World of the Vikings
    Vikings in North America Viking Facts and Myths ... The Viking Home Page
    Links to everything about the vikings Viking Heritage Viking Voyage 1000 Viking Longship Viking Theme Page ... The Viking Network - Music, information on daily life, and online projects Viking Quest The Battle of Hastings - Complete description of the battle and more. Viking Resources and Links Medieval Times Medieval Fiefdom Medieval Index The Battle of Hastings - Complete description of the battle and more. Ian's Land of Castles - very good castle information with other links Annenberg exhibits collection - life, clothing, food, defense and more Knights, Chivalry, and Tournaments

    79. The Story Of Africa| BBC World Service
    White explorers European explorers shared some of the European travelers hugely increaseda general understanding of sources of two of african's great trading
    Contact Us Help Text Only HOME ... INDEX
    White Explorers

    European explorers shared some of the reasons for travelling round Africa with Muslim fellow travelers, but had others peculiar to the time. They went in search of:
    fame and celebrity, and
    people to convert to Christianity
    European travelers hugely increased a general understanding of geography, climate and resources. Some accounts of the people were objective (as far as an outsider can be objective), others were willfully misleading. All the information these travelers brought back - wrong and right - contributed to devising an imperial strategy for controlling Africa.
    For Europeans the golden age of travelling was the early 19th century. The first half of the century was dominated by a desire to establish the sources of two of African's great trading arteries, the Niger and the Nile respectively.
    The sort of men who undertook journeys across regions which were unknown to Europe were in the main strong willed, eccentric, sometimes cruel and prejudiced.

    80. Africa, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
    general Sites on Africa. Literature Database) and african Women's literature (africanWomen's Database bibliography on women travelers and explorers to Africa.
    Select Library Area: Article Search Ask a Librarian Branches Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Renew a Book Request a Book Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site Web Resource Guide
    Subject Search:
    Web Site Catalog Internet Search
    Database Search

    Events Search

    Resource Guide:
    ... Africa
    Library resources on Africa can be found in the Social Sciences Department of the Main Library in Oakland.
    Pittsburgh Resources
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Fast Forward
    In May of 2002, Lori Shontz, Post-Gazette Sports Writer, and Martha Rial, Post-Gazette Photographer, published an excellent series of 5 articles on the rise of Kenyan Women Runners called "Fast Forward". The advantage to viewing these on the website, is that the photos are in color and you can also access audio files.
  • The rise of Kenya's women runners
  • The pioneers who led the way
  • Crazy Catherine, on top of the world
  • Lornah and her camp for girls ...
    African Studies Certificate

    This is a multidisciplinary undergraduate certificate program that offers students opportunities to take courses in many areas of the African experience including history, social organization, politics and gender. Requirements consist of 27 credits: 9 credits of core courses and 18 credits of Africa-related electives.
    University of Pittsburgh: Department of Africana Studies
    Offers several courses on Africa and provides a large selection of links on African and African American topics.
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