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         African Explorers General Resources:     more detail

81. 01/30/1996 - Almanac, Vol. 42, No. 18, Page 8
Internet explorers Find Africa at Penn. envision it as information about Africa forthe general public native of Sudan who is experienced in african studies and
Internet Explorers Find Africa at Penn
By Jerry Janda
Looking to make some contacts in Ethiopia? Writing a report on Togo? Searching for a Kenyan recipe? Then browse the Penn African Studies (PAS) Web Page ( . With a few mouse clicks, you can access a wealth of information on Africa. Originally planned as an academic database, the PAS page is a comprehensive source for anyone interested in Africa. Government employees, nongovernment organizations, students, teachers and others find the page useful. In fact, the Library of Congress considers the PAS page the main source for African studies. Photograph by Candace diCarlo Dr. Ali Dinar (left) and Dr. Sandra Barnes meet regularly to discuss
ways of improving the Penn African Studies Web Page
Every month, more than a quarter of a million Internauts visit the PAS site. These browsers represent nearly 80 different countries, few of which, ironically, are on the African continent. The PAS page first went on-line in March of 1993. Julie Sisskind, a graduate student, designed the page at Dr. Barnes' request. Dr. Barnes expected it to take the shape of an electronic bulletin board. But she got much more than a BBS. "I had envisioned it as information primarily for faculty and graduate students about jobs, opportunities to travel abroad in Africa, internships, language-study opportunities, fellowship opportunitiesinformation for your general, run-of-the-mill Africanist," Dr. Barnes said. "I did not envision it as information about Africa for the general public."

82. International Education Consortium Internet Resources
links to africanAmerican and african Studies pages helping arts educators and generalclassroom teachers the Americas and European explorers, conquerors, and
CSD Home RPDC Home Calendar of Events
RPDC Council
... Staff Directory
8225 Florissant Road
Saint Louis, MO 63121
Phone: 314-872-8282
Fax: 314-692-9700

LINKS [Afghanistan / Sept.11] [African Studies] [African-American Studies] [The Arts] ...
Afghanistan for Teachers

Lesson plans on Afghanistan for teachers provided by The North Carolina Geographic Alliance.
Afghanistan: Land in Crisis
Features news, interactive maps, lesson plans, photo galleries, and NGS resources. America's Crisis Asia's perspectives. Educational Resources on Afghanistan A list of educational resources focusing on Afghanistan put together by the Asian Educational Media Service. Sept. 11 Issues Site to help teachers (primarily High School) raise the issues surrounding Sept. 11. Muslim Americans Japanses American response to the treatment of Muslim Americans. The September 11 Attacks: Background and Aftermath Asia in the schools report, including the September 11 attacks - background and aftermath. African Studies Africa News This site has both graphics and sound and provides information on the fast changing continent.

83. 's Bookmarks
Sir Edwin Mawson Antartica explorers Club Medieval african American Inventorsafrican American Scientists general Princeton High School Learning Center;
Links to Curricular Themes
back to Glendale APT Page
Grade 3
Australian Folk Songs Kentucky Down Under, Links Australian Geographic: Links Kentucky Down Under ...
Explorers of Australia-John Forrest
Explorers and Exploration Explorers - Enchanted Learning
Explorers of the Millenium

Explorers of Australia-John Forrest

Canadian Explorers
Explorers Club
Medieval studies
Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction NetSERF: Medieval Science and Technology

The Middle Ages Related Resources
Inventions and Inventors

Fine Arts Science The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.

84. Rome: General Resources
about Classics programmes in african universities and adults, energetic retirees andexplorers include programs also substantial materials of general interest.
General Resources
Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"Mostly a review journal of Greek and Latin classics, the database also includes public interest articles on the classics."
TELA:Scholars Press:World Wide Web site

TELA, The Electronically Linked Academy, is the official World Wide Web site of Scholars Press and of many of our sponsoring societies, which include the American Academy of Religion, the Society of Biblical Literature, the American Philological Association, the American Schools of Oriental Research, and the American Society of Papyrologists. Scholars Press is a consortium of more than twenty organizations, and we publish books, journals, and electronic publications in the areas of religion, classics, and Mediterranean archaeology.
HISTOS:The New Electronic Journal of Ancient Histography

ACL Home Page (American Classical League)

In addition to providing electronic access to ACL documents, The ACL Home Page provides members and other interested people with resources of importance to the teaching and study of the Classics.

"TOCS-IN provides the tables of contents of a selection of Classics, Near Eastern Studies, and Religion journals, both in text format and through a Web search program. Where possible, links are given with articles of which the full text or an abstract is available online (about 6%)."

85. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Penguins - More Resources
is full of fun facts about african blackfooted penguins. this one of the best generalintroductions to of penguins with tales from early Antarctic explorers.
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Habitats Path

Special Exhibits

Focus On

Penguin FAQs

More Resources
Sea Otters

Marine Mammals


Splash Zone
Pete and Barbara's Penguin FAQ page

86. Internet Resource Guide
Government resources Federal, State, and Local resources. explorers Basic historysite focusing on explorers general History general history

87. Explorers Theme Page
How did European, african and American peoples react to Viking explorers are not dealtwith specifically Topics include general Viking information, Before the
Explorers Theme Page This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of explorers. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our 1492: An Ongoing Voyage
This virtual exhibit from the US Library of Congress addresses the following questions: What was life like in the Western Hemisphere and the Mediterranean before 1492? What spurred European expansion? How did European, African and American peoples react to each other? What were some of the immediate results of these contacts? The exhibit also examines the first sustained contacts between American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600.
[An] Adventure to the New World
Intermediate students use the Internet to complete an Explorer's Notebook in a simulated voyage to find the North West Passage. This is a two - three week Language Arts and Social Studies unit.
[The] Age of Discovery
Learn the role that the trade in spices had in the development of Western Europe and the conquest/settlement of the New World in this short horticultural article.

88. Subject Guide - African American Studies
Academic Index ASAP 1980 A general index with Africana periodical literature andAfrican Women's literature. on women travelers and explorers to Africa is
Where To? Home Hours Off-Campus Access ACLIN Expanded Academic Google Net Search Lexis/Nexis Prospector Search Library Website Skyline WebZap WorldCat
African American Studies This subject guide will lead you to a variety of learning materials in the area of African-American studies. The materials in this guide will lead you to reference books, circulating books, and Web Sites. In Auraria Library, many of these materials are kept under the call number on the second floor , but keep in mind that material about life, culture, issues, and people may be located nearly anywhere in the library musicians in the music section, writers in the literature section, mathematicians in the mathematics sections. Also remember that material about African-American issues may be written from many standpoints; it may be liberal or conservative or radical. As with information on any subject, you have to consider the point of view of the author and how that affects the value you will place on the information. Library of Congress Classification and Library of Congress Subject Headings Within each collection area, library materials are arranged and located by call numbers. The call number refers to a subject. Most of the library materials in African-American studies are assigned the call numbers listed:

89. SCS Student Sites - Social Studies
includes Civil Rights, Black History Month and african American resources links toexplorers from ancient times to the 20th century general Social Studies Sites.
Social Studies C y b e r T r i p s Student Sites #1 Including Electronic Fieldtrips
and Virtual Excursions Go to the Social Studies 2 Web Page African American History

90. Write Now, Ohio: Ohio Writing Contest
african American Experience in Ohio 18501920 is hosted in the Ohio River explorers is a cross-curricular general Ohio Links.
Download the Entry Form
Requires Acrobat Reader
History "How-To" Ohio Bicentennial ... Other Resources A History "How To" The Hunting for Everyday History is a multimedia web-based project for grades 3-5. The site contains lesson plans and materials for helping students find history in their own backyard. The Ohio Bicentennial MBK Consulting features Course Materials for the Ohio Bicentennial and the Community Memory Projects, along with other key links for teachers and students. The Official Ohio Bicentennial Website: Ohio History Links - General Rick Sowash, Heroes of Ohio
Lesson plans for teaching with Heroes of Ohio African American Experience in Ohio 1850-1920 is hosted in the American Memory Project at Library of Congress and at Ohio Historical Society Along the Ohio Trail: A Short History of Ohio Lands version for school children, compatible with 4th grade history curriculum Cincinnati Historical Society features information about the president and presidency at a site geared for school children Evolution of Ohio is an encapsulation of Ohio's History, migration, population, industry and settlement by Land Surveyor Division.

91. HS1
The africanAmerican Mosaic(Lib.Congress), african American Perspectives. general. ElectronicBooks, History, EXPLORATION Discoverers explorers Web, Eyewitness
HOURS: Mon. - Fri., 7:15 3:00 p.m.
Centrally located in the school, our two-floor facility contains approximately 20,000 volumes, periodicals, software, and twenty-five computers with access to the Internet and other electronic sources. This page will enable students, faculty and parents to use selected sites on the Web that we have found especially worthwhile for the needs of our school community.
Click on the for an alternate way to go to the RMHS main page. INDEX:

Click on the book, then on the subjects desired.
This page works best with an 800X600 screen setting.
Reading Technology Fund

African Am Sites
BASIC REFERENCES Addresses Driving Direct Associations by subject) -MapMach. -UTexas other links -Calculator Calculators Calendars ... Currency (converter) DICTIONARIES: Several per search Webster's -Dictionary web Flags Holidays ... How Stuff Works Internet Libraries -Librarians' Index -LibrarySpot -Public Lib. - School Lib.Media MOVIES: Moviefone IMDb MUSIC: (all) PRS (classical) Phone Dir Prices Quotations Reading, Town

92. T213: Resources
links to many pages on explorers, from prehistory 20022003) Categories Africa, AfricanAmericans, Asia Software, Student Projects, A general history website

93. Enlightenment & Scientific Revolution On The Web
Captain Morgan's Journal Links to online resources for maritime Check out these greatgeneral sites of the Arctic Information about Dutch explorers through the


Age of Reason

The History of Science

European, Asian/African
... U.S. History Pages The Enlightenment
The Age of Exploration,
The Age of Reason and
The Scientific Revolution
Click here for H-Net Reviews

On- line reviews of books and other multi-media sources. See especially H-SCI-MED-TECH
and H-Ideas.
Explorers on the Web Cabrillo, Juan Rodriquez Sailed to New Spain in 1542 and discovered and named San Diego Bay and Santa Barbara. Captain Morgan's Journal Links to online resources for maritime and nautical history. Cartier, Jacques (1491-1557) Looking for a passage through or around North America. Champlain, Samuel de (1597-1635) Christopher Columbus Columbus Navigation Homepage Introduction to 1492: An Ongoing Voyage Cook, James (1728-1779) British navigator and explorer. Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de (1510-1554) Cortes, Hernan (1485-1547) Dampier, William (1652-1715) Explorer, sea captain, pirate. Highly regarded map-maker and navigator. Hearne, Samuel

94. Biographies
Gap Women Writers of Color Biographical information on african-American, Hispanic GeneralBiographies. explorers - Biographies of a large number of explorers.

Resources for Students Menu
Biographies African Americans Arab Americans ... Cool Sites Site Guide Quick Search Searching the Internet Resources for Teachers The Reading Room ... Back to Library Homepage
Resources for Students

95. Zenzibar Alternative Culture Directory
world's leading writers, teachers and explorers in the of what it means to be Africanand human UFO, ghosts, conspiracy, cult, and general paranormal weirdness

96. For Kids Only: Homework
general Sites to Z; Women Adventurers; Zoom explorers Brief biographies of many explorers. MulticulturalAfrican Americans in History; Cesar E. Chavez; Eras In Black
Click picture to visit another page:
Homework search engines, subject guides, and resources Click here to find homework help sites and electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries.
General Authors Celebrities Discoverers/Explorers ... Women General Sites: FT=full text of articles is available online
(if asked to login, type in your library card number and password) top Specific Sites Authors top Celebrities: top Discoverers/Explorers top Multicultural

97. African Art On The Internet
Features a wide variety of links devoted to the study and display of ancient and modern african art.
Topics : Art Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: South African Art Photographs
Adire African Textiles - Duncan Clarke
History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles. The symbolism of images is often provided. One can purchase textiles as well. Clarke's Ph.D. dissertation (School of Oriental and African Studies) is on Yoruba men's weaving. Based in London.
London-based dealer offers for sale African coins, military medals, bank notes, documents, badges, postcards, and other historical / political artifacts. Site of David Saffery.
Africa e Mediterraneo (Roma : Istituto sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo)
In Italian. A quarterly magazine about African culture and society. Has the table of contents. Topics covered: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography) , cinema, immigration. Owned by Lai-momo, a non-profit co-operative. Contact:

98. Biography Resources
African-Americans Authors Explorers ...
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Choose A Subject 000s: Generalities 100s: Philosophy 200s: Religion 300s: Social Sciences 400s: Languages 500s: Pure Sciences 600s: Technology 700s: The Arts 800s: Literature Biography How to Write a Biography
  • Biography Maker "The Biography Maker is designed to help you convert facts into insights, dull and boring information into fascination and magic. It will help you do a good job, but you must provide some of the "steam" to make it work well."

Collective Biographies

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