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         African Greys Parrots:     more books (55)
  1. African Grey Parrots: Everything About History, Care, Nutrition, Handling, and Behavior (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Maggie Wright, 2001-05-01
  2. African Grey Parrot Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks) by Mattie Sue Athan, Dianalee Deter, 2009-06-01
  3. A New Owner's Guide to African Grey Parrots (New Owners Guide) by Nikki Moustaki, 2004-06
  4. Training African Grey Parrots by Risa Teitler, 1979-06
  5. African Grey Parrots by Edward J. Mulawka, 1984-03
  6. The African Grey Parrot (About Pets)
  7. African Grey Parrots...Getting Started (Save-Our-Planet Book) by Helmut Pinter, 1994-11
  8. The Adventures of an African Grey Parrot: Livingstone in Space by Patricia Johns, 2003-10-31
  9. African Grey Parrots by Paul R. Paradise, 1979-07-20
  10. African Grey Parrots by Dr. Edward J. Mulawka, 1983
  11. African Grey Parrots by W.T. Greene, 1993-04
  12. The Adventure of an African Grey Parrot: Livingstone on Safari by Patricia Johns, 2003-10-06
  13. Friendly Feathers: Life with Pierre, an African Grey Parrot by Fran Smith, 2008-05-01
  14. Conversations with Cosmo: At Home with an African Grey Parrot by Betty Jean Craige, 2010-04-20

1. Parrots - African Greys
Parrots African Greys Welcome to our Link Directory. If you are interestedin having your web site's link placed in our link directory
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2. Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine - Managing Stress In African Grey Parrots
frican Greys Parrots. HI there My name is Sandra, and I'm from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. And I like Parrots

Pet Bird
Magazine, Ezine
January 1999 Magazine
Article III - Managing Stress in African Grey Parrots
    by Bobbi Brinker
    Many of the behavior problems seen in Greys result from not permitting the bird to be a bird - or from a failure to understand and accept that Greys are prey animals from a wild world beyond our knowing and have little in common with familiar domesticated animals. Greys are exotic beings from a strange land. They don't understand our customs or our language. It is up to us, as guardians of a treasure, to treat them with the same care and courtesy one would offer a well-loved and welcome human visitor in our homes. We should be grateful they love and trust us; that they care enough about us to want to communicate with us in our own language; that they permit us to love them. We should rejoice when their wild instincts are overcome by the love they feel for us. I have observed wild caught Greys in a pair or breeding situation and find that they are not aggressive. They do feel fear (justified) when the presence of humans intrudes. However, when closed circuit cameras are used to observe them, the birds fail to show aggression. They play, give and take food from one another, and groom and interact with each other in a non-aggressive manner. Aggressive behavior is, however, seen in breeding Greys who have been companion birds. Companion Greys, domestic and imported, are taught to be aggressive by humans. Some reasons for aggression in companion Greys may be:

3. Parrots For Sale - Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys
Breeders and suppliers of hand reared baby parrots suitable for pets and adult pairs of birds for Category Regional Europe Business and Economy Home and Garden......parrots for sale baby parrots - macaws - african greys - amazons - cockatoos. parrotsfor sale - baby parrots - macaws - african greys - amazons - cockatoos.
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Many of our baby parrots are bred by ourselves and are lovingly hand reared in a family environment.Our adult stock is personally selected and all surgically sexed birds come with sexing certificates.
Before you buy a baby parrot some thought must be given to it's requirements. They need a lot of attention and should really be adopted as a member of the family. They can live for many years so a lot of commitment is needed to look after these beautiful, intelligent creatures. When you are sure a parrot is right for you now you have to decide on which one. Most parrots will learn to talk but some are more talented than others.African Greys are widely recognised to be the best mimics but most Amazons, Cockatoos', Macaws and even some of the smaller species will all master a few simple words or phrases.
So if you are looking for that special pet or for your breeding stock
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4. Grey Play Round Table, TheResource For Lovers Of The African Grey Parrot Feature
A lighthearted look at greys by Maxilla Evans. Young RED african Grey parrots Information and pictures on several
Learn here about our
Magazine and African Greys Visit The Grey Place SM
A retail center for you and
your African Grey!
Now 2 sections to better serve your question and answer needs! Nutrition Advice for Your African Grey
General Advice for Your African Grey

Tune to our Grey Ways expert advice board. Dr. Alicia McWatters will answer any nutrition questions and Maggie Wright will answer any other Grey related questions.
Click here to read about the Camelot 2001 Conference!
Click here to find out

5. African Greys, Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Exotic Baby Birds
african greys, parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, and exotic baby birds. Ourbreeders Exotic african Grey babies make tame and lovable family pets.'')
African Greys Congo Parrots are becoming the Most Popular Pets in America African Greys are excellent companion birds with what seems to be an unending ability to learn and mimic speech and all sorts of noises. Second to none in their talking ability, this portable little parrot is intelligent, affectionate and eye catching beautiful in shades of Grey with a blood red tail. Life span 40 years or more. Congo African Greys African Greys are intelligent, affectionate, and their talking ability is second to none. Cockatoos Macaws Amazons Conures ... Back to Homepage
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6. Judy Leach's Parrots
Breeder of macaws, cockatoos and african greys offers a glimpse into her nursery. Find educational links, and learn about available birds.

7. Amazons, Macaws, African Greys, Parrots, Cockatoos, Exotic Baby Birds
Macaws, african greys, parrots, Cockatoos, Amazons, and exotic baby birds.Our breeders Exotic Amazon babies make tame and lovable family pets.'')
Amazons Double Yellow Head Amazon
Parrots are becoming the Most Popular Pets in America
Amazons make good affectionate pets, the majority will learn to talk and some will even sing entire songs. Intelligence varies, as with humans, but most are quite clever and with training they can learn to perform a number of tricks. Life span 30 to 50 years. Amazons
Green Cheek Amazons
Yellow Nape Amazon Amazon Parrots are comical, playful, and friendly.
Red Lored Amazon
Lilac Crown Amazon Cockatoos Macaws African Greys Conures ... Back to Homepage
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8. Bignest Aviary Home To African Greys And Macaws
Bird Breeder Specializing in african greys, Cockatoos, Meyer Red Bellied parrots Talking Ability Excellent. Noise Level african greys are Relatively quiet Congo african Grey / Citron Cockatoos / Meyers parrots / Red Bellied parrots
3450 CR 355
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9. Afrian Grey Parrots
Recommended Book (Ratings 5 out of 5) Keeping african Gray parrots. For otherbooks on african greys http//
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The Real Macaw Enchanting movie about a clever macaw that "saves the day" - any parrot lover will love it. For Tips on for you, please go to the Pet Bird Care page. I already knew this one - Did YOU?: Scientific Evidence that Birds are Aware, Intelligent and Astonishingly Like Humans
AFRICAN GREYS (Psitta cus Erithacus): neuroses as a result. African Greys are great for either multi-bird households, OR in a household where there is nearly always somebody at home, to provide the African Grey with the opportunity to be "part of the flock". From my experience, they are non-aggressive even to smaller species. Although, of course, don't place them discriminately with smaller birds. They may be territorial in the beginning, or even bullying the little ones. Caution is always advisable when placing birds in close proximity. For more information, visit these websites:

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caws For Sale
Cockatoos For Sale Cockatoos Macaws ... Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots

african greys love peanuts, but they should be shelled before you give them to yourbird as they are often Congo african Grey parrots are easy to handrear
AFRICAN GREY PARROT BREEDER, breeders of african grey parrots, african GREY parrot all kinds of hand fed hand raised baby pet african grey parrots for sale!
AFRICAN GREY PARROT BREEDER, breeders of african grey parrots, african GREY parrot all kinds of hand fed hand raised baby pet african grey parrots for sale!
AFRICAN GREY PARROT BREEDER, breeders of african grey parrots, african GREY parrot all kinds of hand fed hand raised baby pet african grey parrots for sale! African Grey Parrot Video Kiki and Friends
African Grey Parrot Characterists Talking Loudness Size Personality Good With Children Excellant, The Best Talking Parrot. Quiet Medium 12 - 20" Shy, usually bonds strongly with one person or one sex. Usually Not
Behavior and Personality Congo African Grey Parrots are very common and are one of the most popular and most frequently bred parrots in the United States. Since they are happiest left alone, they make good pets for people who live in quiet homes, particularly in homes without children. But since they are extremely intelligent, they require many toys and some interaction to prevent behavior problems.

12. Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine - Stress In African Grey Parrots And Other Birds
supports this. african greys produce larger clutches (three, fouror five eggs) than many other species of large parrots. If all

Pet Bird
Magazine, Ezine
December 1998 Magazine
Article III - Stress in African Greys and Other Birds
    by Bobbi Brinker
      Stress can cause major behavioral problems with any bird, but it is of even more concern with African Greys. Greys are sensitive to the moods of humans and the ambiance of the human environment because they are genetically vulnerable. The habitat where they evolved is, for the most part, on the margins of forested areas. We often see Greys foraging on the ground in nature films. Surely birds that are ground foragers must be more alert to danger and more aware of what is behind and around them. It pays in terms of staying alive to be aware of their surroundings and to be sensitive to the watching eyes of a predator. Jean Pattison, the African Queen, made a quite original observation that supports this. African Greys produce larger clutches (three, four or five eggs) than many other species of large parrots. If all these eggs hatched and the babies lived to adulthood, Africa would soon be covered in African Greys. In nature, species with a high death rate produce many more young than those which have fewer predators and a lower death rate. Might it mean that predation and a high death rate in Greys require larger clutches to ensure the survival of the next generation? Parrots are prey animals. The unique responses by prey animals to outside stimuli are very different than the responses of predators such as humans, dogs or cats. Being part time ground feeders, Greys are even more at risk than many other species of birds. It is almost impossible for humans, as predators, to understand the stresses which prey animals experience. Actions by a pet owner, which are similar to those of a predator in the wild, can unintentionally trigger high levels of stress in a bird.

13. BirdsnWays - Articles & FAQs On Pet Birds, Pet Parrots & Exotic Bird Species
Links to full-text articles on every aspect of greys, including breeding, selection, care, housing, Category Recreation Pets Birds Species parrots african greys...... Species Related Articles african greys About african Grey parrots Monica Gonzalez;It's a greys World Adolescent african Grey - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom
    The Library
    Species Related

~ SPECIES ARTICLES ~ African Greys


... Search for Specific Articles

14. Hand Reared African Grey Parrots - Wonderful Pets
23986 Fax 01420 23078 Click here to email us. The Links Page Web Author Kate Price. hand reared african greys - african grey parrots.
Hand reared African Grey Parrots
The African Grey Hand reared African Grey Parrots - a pet for life Hand-reared African Grey Parrots can make wonderful, lively, intelligent pets, but it is important to make sure that they are hand-reared and cuddly-tame. It is always advisable to find Greys that have been hand-reared in small numbers so that they have had a lot of human attention at a very early age - this will ensure that the birds are completely tame and will have a wonderful life in any home they go to. To make sure that these birds are completely suitable as pets, much time is spent with them ensuring that they are so tame that they can be picked up and cuddled. It is very important that all the conditions are correct when these birds are moved from where they are hand-reared to their new environment. The greys can be moved when they are about twelve weeks old as long as they have been completely weaned. To help you bond with your bird we provide some hand rearing formula so you can give them one evening feed for a short while, a procedure which benefits bird and owner. This, together with all the advice you could need from Rob Harvey, and also the correct diet to keep the bird in peak condition, will ensure that you have the right parrot and the knowledge of how to care for your new pet . I f you are looking for a hand-reared parrot as a pet, remember that this is a major decision and you must make sure that you have all the information, advice and equipment necessary before you decide to take on a bird which could be a loving pet for over thirty years! If you are interested in an African Grey Parrot as a pet, then please contact Rob Harvey who will beglad to recommend breeders.

15. Parrots - African Greys
parrots african greys. Home Page visual sexing theory in african Grey parrots If you have DNA surgically sexed greys, please take a look at this site.
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Parrots - African Greys
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visual sexing theory in African Grey Parrots ...
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Other important links.
African Grey Parrot...
Sales and information page...
Field Studies of African Grey Parrots. in the Central African Republic. Diana L. May. Department of Psychology, Psychobiology Program. University of... ...
Jane and Jing's Animal Communication Page...
Jing and I are both animal communicators. I'm a human and she's an African Grey parrot. We work together, helping and teaching other humans to be able to talk to their animals telepathically. Jing of...

16. Breeding African Grey Parrots
The complex personality of an african Grey cannot traditional approach for raisingbaby parrots is its My approach to rearing baby greys includes providing
An article from The Grey Play Round Table®; Thank you for visiting An Innovative Approach to Rearing African Greys
By Pamela Clark
This is an exciting time for companion parrot lovers because the field of aviculture is changing so rapidly. As older ideas give way to newer practices, there grows to be greater diversity of methods used by breeders in the areas of weaning and socialization. Small scale breeders are often recognized as doing an excellent job in socializing babies because their lower production allows them to attend to each bappie with more care.
Avian behavior consultants are teaching us that certain rearing practices do impact the personality of the parrot and its long-term success in the home as a companion bird. It does matter if baby Greys are abundance weaned before going to their new homes. It does matter if they are given flying experience prior to being gradually clipped back. Hand-fed birds often struggle with behavioral problems, such as plucking, which are rarely seen in wild-caught birds. I believe that wild-caughts have been able to develop "inner resources" upon which they are able to draw on in times of change, such as when the "family flock" leaves on vacation.
As a small scale breeder of Congo African Greys, I have done extensive research into which breeding and rearing practices will produce birds that retain the best of their wild counterparts, and at the same time, can live happily in a domestic environment.

17. About African Grey Parrots ~ Grey's World's Version
throughout the body they are known as Red Factor greys . The Timneh african GreyParrot is a dark grey bird with The CAG and TAG as a baby parrots will have
About African Grey Parrots by Monica Gonzalez HOME
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Date last edited: The African Grey Parrot comes from a broad area of Central Africa. P.e. Erithacus being the nominate race, the Congo African Grey. P.e. Timneh more commonly called Timneh African Grey. Given the appropriate nutritional requirements in a nurturing home, African Grey's can have a lifespan of 50-70 years. The Congo African Grey Parrot is a medium grey bird with shades of light grey on the body. The feathers on the head have brushed white edging. The eye area is of bare white skin. A solid black beak and bright red tail are the finishing touches to this magnificent parrot. Young CAG's have dark grey tips on their tail feathers. They are also known as the "Red Tailed Grey". They vary in size from 12-14" from beak to tail, also can vary in weight between 400-650 grams depending on the frame of the individual bird. Greys from Nigeria usually have dark grey wings. CAG's from the Congo region are, on average, larger in size. On occasion you might see a Grey with red feathering throughout the body - they are known as "Red Factor Greys".

18. Parrot Articles ~ It's A Grey's World Educating On The African Grey Parrot
Different Strokes for Different parrots NEW. Toweling Friend or Foe. Why You Can'tPunish A Parrot. Talking Intelligence in african greys. Feather Plucking.
It's A Grey's World Article Selection Home SPECIES SPECIFIC ARTICLES

19. African Grey Congo Parrot Congos Greys Parrots Africans
SUPER PARROT SAMPLER SCREEN SAVER CDROM 62 Images of Parrotsof all types and sizes, including Congo Timneh african greys.
CONGO AFRICAN GREY PARROTS The African Grey Congo is among the most intelligent, beautiful, and graceful birds in the world. I will admit that my opinion of these birds is biased a bit by the fact that my first "big" bird was a Congo Grey who melted my heart with her gentle loving ways... To celebrate the Congo Grey, we have selected a number of of our very best Congo Grey images from our photo files and we are pleased to offer them to you in a number of special products designed just for African Grey Lovers... Click on Pictures
for details on each Image Title Click Picture or Link Below
for details on each image
"Kissing Congo's"
Image # G01
"Kissing Congo's"
" Grey on Green "
Image # G02
" Grey on Green "
"Grey Fall Colors"
Image # G03
"Grey Fall Colors"
" Outside in Palms "
Image # G04
" Outside in Palms "
" Baby Love "
Image # G05
" Baby Love "
" I Love My Congo "
Image # G45
" I Love My Congo "

greys, and many of the great new images are found on this new title featuring 22full color portraits of elegant Congo charming Timneh african Grey parrots !
22 TIMNEH AND CONGO AFRICAN GREY IMAGES IN ALL ! While our first Greys title featured all Congos, this program features a mixture of both Timneh AND Congo Grey’s. Just the thing to bring a smile to a Grey Parrot lovers face, even while stuck at work all day without any real Greys... Created by photographer Eric Ilasenko, who shoots birds regularly for BIRD TALK, BIRDS USA, YOUR WORLD OF BIRDS, Calendars, and Pet Books. ** You may also be interested in our new "SUPER" AFRICAN GREYS title that gives you more than twice the Grey images( 50 ! ), and combines both our Grey titles into one huge title at a special value price. A perfect gift item for the Grey lover in your life, including yourself ! HOW TO ORDER THIS SOFTWARE TITLE FORMAT ORDER CODE # PRICE CD-ROM TAG-CD CD-ROM - $ 24.95 BY DOWNLOAD TAG DOWNLOAD Choose your order options by clicking the link of your choice below... ORDER
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