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         African Greys Parrots:     more books (55)
  1. The Essential African Grey (Essential (Howell))
  2. For the Love of Greys by Bobbi Brinker, 2001
  3. The African Grey: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Julie Rach Mancini, 1998-03-23
  4. African Greys (The Birdkeepers' Guides) by Greg Glendell, 2008-01
  5. The Alex Studies: Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots by Irene Maxine Pepperberg, 2002-04-30
  6. The Grey Parrot by Wolfgang De Grahl, 1989-03
  7. AJ THE AFRICAN GREY by Mamie Foote Ketter, 2003-06-02
  8. El Excepcional Yaco (Spanish Edition) by Carlos Canet, 2004-12-03
  9. The Faithless Parrot by Charles H. Bennett, 2010-03-01
  10. Featherland How the Birds lived at Greenlawn- George Manville Fenn by George Manville Fenn, 2009-07-16
  11. Little Birdies! by Anthony F. Lewis, 2009-07-01
  12. Breeding African Greys by Linda Greeson, 1991
  13. Pet Birds: Care and Tips by Jennifer Greene, 2010-05-14

61. Wild African Greys
to the regional map, drawn based on an exhibit from parrots of the the expanding circlesindicate the following the smallest darkest african greys, about 300 Africa/wildgreys.htm
By Jean Pattison View the full size map at the bottom of this article. Did you know that the ancestors of your Congo Grey may really be from Cameroon, and the ancestors of your Cameroon Grey may really be from the Congo? We even have Zaire Greys that were imported out of Togo.....but all in all, after all is said and done, there are really only two types of Greys: the nominate subspecies, the Psittacus erithacus erithacus and the Psittacus erithacus timneh. This article is about the origin and location of the many "variations" of the nominate Grey, more commonly called the Congo Grey. AN EDUCATION First, let’s discuss the issue of "typing," because going back to basic biology, one needs to understand the trickle down effect. Life starts at the top and can be divided into two "types:" animals and plants. Each of these are split into "types." In the animal world we find mammals, insects, birds, fish, etc.. Each of these are further split into "types." Bird "types" are split into flightless birds, water birds, perching birds, birds of prey and parrots, to name a few. Parrots are further split into "types" known as Genus. A Genus is a group exhibiting very similar characteristics. The Genus is broken down further into "types" known as species. A species is a more finely tuned group whose members share the same general characteristics. AND if that isn’t enough, these species are broken into even more "types" known as subspecies.

62. African Greys
african Grey parrots african greys live in feeding flocks and also nest in trees,they are generally shy birds. They eat different fruits, seeds and berries.
African Grey Parrots
African greys live in feeding flocks and also nest in trees,
they are generally shy birds.
They eat different fruits, seeds and berries.
They can live up to 50-70 years of age kept
in a good and healthy home.
Body length..31 to 37 centimeters
Wing length.. 22 to 25 centimeters
Tail length.. 8 to 9.5 centimeters
Normal weigh.. is 325 to 550 grams
Male has usually greater body and bigger beak. Before buying a grey you should ask yourself. Do I have enough time to spend with them or are they gone be left alone for many hours during the day cause having a grey means a life long commitment. They are extremely social birds. A grey who is left on his own and with little human contact will waste away in sadness and might end up as a feather plucker. If you have enough time patience and love for this extremely lovely parrots.. then a grey is perfect. That should not alone be the reason for buying them. They are very intelligent and have a mind like a 5 year old child. They can be thought doing various of commands.

63. African Greys - Psittacus Erithacus
african Grey parrots. pictures by Julie Lewis. For more info about african Greysas well as a host of stories, games and articles about other species visit
African Grey parrots.
pictures by Julie Lewis For more info about African Greys as well as a host of stories, games and articles about other species visit: PPACW-UK African Greys (Psittacus erithacus) by Julie Lewis Taxonomy/Origins: Subspecies: Timneh Grey Parrot
Psittacus e.timneh
Psittacus e. princeps:
Plumage Colouration: Juveniles tend toward a darker tail color to that of the adult at least untill 6months old, Juvenile eye color black untill aprox 18 weeks thereafter turning to light grey outer ring, eyes turn a pale yellow at 12 months, to a brighter yellow as the bird get older.
General plumage pale grey, but occasionally dark grey; white, bare facial area; head feathers with pale edging; abdomen feathers with dark grey edging; lower back light grey; primaries grey-blackish; tail and adjacent tail-coverts red; bill black; iris pale yellow; feet dark grey. Sexing: Some say they can sex a bird by the shape of a greys head or the overall look of the bird, I find this doubtful, and would recommend a DNA test where two blood feathers are removed from the chest area and sent for analysis, ensuring a positive resul in the sex be it female or male bird. Feeding: The diet depends very much on the bird; if the bird is a wild import our fresh foods maybe alien therefore its harder to adjust the bird into eating a health diet, I would suggest a fortified vitamin supplemented seed in this case as the bird may tend toward being a seed junkie, hand reared birds take more readily to fresh fruit and vegetables, pellets specially produced for specific birds, also egg-rearing food.

64. Breeders,parrots,amazons,african Greys,macaws,cockatoos,exotic Birds
Macaws Military $650.00 Blue/gold $750.00 Scarlet $950.00 Greenwing$1,200.00 african parrots Timneh grey $550.00 Congo grey $675.00.
" Peter with two free-flying
macaws having a bath."
Aerial view of grounds
Meet Bruno the
Grounds Security Guard.

Military $650.00
Blue/gold $750.00
Scarlet $950.00
Greenwing $1,200.00
African Parrots Timneh grey $550.00 Congo grey $675.00 Cockatoos Umbrella $900 Medium Sulphur Crested $875.00 Miscellaneous Quaker $100.00 Amazons Orange wing $450.00 Salvins $450.00 Lilac crown $550.00 Bluefront $650.00 Double yellow $650.00 Yellow nape $750.00 Yellow lored (call) "Peter , Bruno and one of the free flying macaws of Mirror Lake Exotics" "Proven Breeding Pairs" Yellow Nape $1500pr. Double Yellow Head $1500pr. Bluefront $1250pr. Orangewing $800pr. Blue/Gold $1500pr. Military $950 pr. Humidaire mod.21 incubator $500 23008 N.W.Dogwood Rd Altha , FL 32421 Phone: (850) 762-3615 Fax: (850) 762-4286 Email Us Here! It's hard to get any cleaning done with all of the "helpers" Thank you for your interest in Mirror Lake Exotics. All birds offered are hatched and hand raised on our farm and are closed banded. We guarantee all birds are healthy at time of sale.

65. Parrots Of The World
african greys The one type of bird that we pride ourselves the most onhere at parrots of the World are our baby african Grey parrots.
Please contact us at for more information and the availability and prices of these animals.
African Greys
The Amazon Cockatoos Macaws African Greys
The one type of bird that we pride ourselves the most on here at Parrots of the World are our baby African Grey Parrots . The African Grey has been known as a superb talking bird for centuries. As a modern day avian companion, the African Grey fits well into apartments and condominiums due to its small size and quiet nature. They rarely make enough noise to upset your neighbors.
The Amazon
The Amazons Parrots are what most laymen think of when you say "parrot". They are all native to Central and South America although nowadays they are all born here in the United States. Some of these birds offered for sale are now three generations removed from their wild- caught ancestors. The Amazons are universally heavy bodied with a short tail and are mostly green in color with yellow, blue or red highlights. They are extroverted clowns and wildly amusing. The main disadvantage is their blind loyalty to their favorite human companion. This trait of theirs to love one human and exclude everyone else in the family sometimes causes problems in families where other members also love the bird. This is usually solved by having the unloved members buy their own bird, causing multi-bird families!
Although all Amazon parrots have the ability to talk, the most reliable ones are the

66. : SELL: Birds/Parrots : For Sale: Timneh African Greys (babies) (Bak
CLASSIFIEDS Sell Only Birds/parrots For Sale Timneh african greys (babies)(Bakersfield, CA), Last Activity 2/6/2003 432 PM 4 replies, 31 viewings.

67. : BUY: Birds/Parrots : Congo African Greys For Sale.
Nested. CLASSIFIEDS Buy/Trade Birds/parrots Congo african greys for sale. LastActivity 2/8/2003 323 AM 1 replies, 68 viewings.

68. African Parrots
african parrots, especially african greys are highly playful and easilybecome bored, so enviromental enrichment is important. They
Birds Reptiles Small Animals African Parrots African Grey African Grey
Scientific Name -

Psittacus Erithacus Distribution -
Western Equatorial Africa Description -
Weight: 300-550 gm
Size: Approximately 13 inches in length.
Distinct Markings: Overall medium gray, edged in pale gray on head and shoulders, pale gray cheeks, large bare skin area around eye, dark gray wing tips, light gray thighs, red tail, black beek, red feet. Sub species Psittacus e. timneh has a maroon tail. African parrots are stocky, short tailed birds. Colors are greys and greens, acentuated by red, orange, or blue markings. Behavior/Aviculture -
African Greys are highly intelligent and have excellent abilities for mimicry. Some highly trained individuals are also capable of reasoning and verbal communication. Young african greys adapt readily to new surroundings and should be well adapted to many novel experiences at a young age. Adult birds are less adaptabe to unfamiliar environments, dietary changes, etc and may feather pick in response. Poicephalus are not so likely to speak and are often nervous or aggressive.

69. An Introduction To African Greys
An Introduction to african greys. by Rebecca Margison. african greys, Psittacuserithacus, are parrots that are native to several countries in Africa.

70. Mountain View Exotics African Greys
Keeping african Grey parrots By David Alderton A magnificently colorful book coveringall aspects of these fascinating birds BK16, Keeping african greys, $15.00,
African Greys
African Greys
By: Fran Gonzalez
This book expolres how to choose the right bird, housing, care, socializing your bird, behavioral problems, visiting the vet, breeding and other valuable information.
African Greys Qty:
The Grey Parrot
By: Wolfgang de Grahl
Detailed accounts of taming, talking and breeding constitute the core of this book. Also addresses issues such as selection, housing, feeding, handling and care of African Grey Parrots.
Hard Cover, 256 pages, over 80 full color photos The Grey Parrot Qty:
African Grey Parrots
By: Dr. E.J. Mulawka The information compliled in this book will interest aviculturists, pet lovers, and natural history buffs alike. African Grey Parrots Qty: Keeping African Grey Parrots By: David Alderton A magnificently colorful book covering all aspects of these fascinating birds. A great book for both African Grey owners and those considering owning an African Grey Parrot. Hard Cover, 128 pages, over 125

71. The Society For Conservation In Aviculture - African Greys
When talking abut parrots most people envisage african Grey an african Grey (pisttacus bythe natives that has become very popular to the african greys, is the
sitemap Home In-depth Aviculture Guides ... African Greys v African Greys Stress in Greys Breeding Feeding ... SCA E-group When talking abut parrots most people envisage an African Grey ( pisttacus erithacus ), or to give it its proper name the "Grey Parrot". This form of parot as the name suggests comes from many parts of Africa, ranging from the Guinea Islands, Cameroon's, Nigeria to Tanzania and Kenya. They are mainly birds of the lowland forests of Central Africa, often found in Savannah woodland and open country. In Nigeria and the Cameroon's they can be found inhabiting magroves around the coastal area. Flocks, numbering one to two hundred can often be found congregating at a preferred roosting site, usually on the very edges of forestland in the tallest trees. They are strong flyers, with shallow wingbeats and direct flight, they return to the roosting sites every night. Their loud high-pitched calls can be heard piercing the normal calm of the forest edge. They are creatures of the treetops, often finding their preferred foods of sees, nuts, berries and fruti at such a height. Visiting the groundinfrequently, mainly for a daily drink of water, they can be nervous and take flight at the first sign of any noise.

72. African Grey Parrots - The Bird Pages' Online Guide To The African Grey Parrot
Grey parrots One of the larger members of the Parrot family, the african Grey measuresabout 13 inches in length, but has a fairly short tail. african greys

African Grey Parrot Guide
About African Grey Parrots
Photo courtesy of:
Leeward Coast Aviaries
Leeward Coast Aviaries
(Hawaii) List Your Aviary!

73. Webshots Community - African Greys And More
the beautiful cat. UNITED WE STAND. SUGAR GLIDER. Community Pets Birds africangreys and More african greys, parrots, parrotlets, macaws,cockatiels, and more.
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work. Fill your screen with the splendor of 50 stunning, high quality,studio photographs of favorite parrots african greys ! Just

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african Grey parrots About african greys Monica Gonzalez african Grey FAQ - MonicaGonzalez african Grey Myths greys Are Clumsy - Bobbi Brinker; Winged
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African Grey Parrots About African Greys - Monica Gonzalez African Grey FAQ - Monica Gonzalez African Grey Myths: Greys Are Clumsy - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom - African Parrot Society Breeding African Greys - Linda Greeson; BlueQuaker Breeding African Greys - Part I - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom Breeding African Greys - Part II - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom Breeding African Greys - Part III - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom Breeding African Greys (Pairing) - Dennis Saydak; African Parrot Society Breeding Congo African Greys - Kim Thomas; Kim's Breeding The African Grey Parrot Part II - Jean Pattison; Bird Breeder Keeping African Greys - C.M.; African Parrot Society

76. Books(African Greys) - World Of Birds, Chester, New Jersey, NJ, Morris County
Conures • Finches • Lories Lorikeets • Lovebirds • Macaws Parakeets •parrots • Parrotlets • Quaker parrots • Senegals Books african greys
Book Categories
Behavior Health Amazons ... Senegals Books - African Greys An Owner's Guide To The African Grey Author:
Julie Rach
(Hard Cover, 126 Pages, 70 Color photos) Item BK-150112
Price: Description -
A book that emphasizes total care,training and companionship. You'll learn how to feed and keep your bird healthy; and how to enjoy your grey through training and activities you can do together. Addresses issues such as preventative health care, caging and nutritional requirements. The African Grey Parrot Handbook Authors: Mattie Sue Athan, Dianalee Deter
(Soft Cover, 169 Pages, Color Photos) Item BK-BBAGH
Price: Description -
Facts, advice, and fascinating insights tell you all you need to know. Subjects include purchase, feeding, speech training, grooming, recapture, and much more. African Gray Parrots Pet Owners Manual Authors: Annette Wolter
(Soft Cover, 63 Pages, 8 Full Color Photos w/Drawings) Item BK-BBAGP
Price: Description -
Subjects include feeding, behavior, health, breeding, and more. Clear enough for young bird owners. For more information, please email us:

77. African Greys
Because import of these and other endangered parrots is illegal, they have to be AfricanGreys are successfully bred in captivity and in large numbers, so the
African Greys
African Grey Parrots Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Aves Order: Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae Genus: Psittacus
Species: erathicus
Subspecies: erathicus (Congo)
or: timneh (Timneh)
The largest of the African parrots, the African Grey Congo (also referred to as "Jocko") stands approximately 13" tall. It received its name from its coloring which is chiefly a sooty grey with a light grey rump and bright red tail (its smaller sub-species - the African Grey Timneh has a more maroon colored tail feathers). It has a black bill and white mask around yellow eyes. Some Greys (such as Smokey-his neck is now entirely red!) have displayed red feathering throughout their body and are referred to as "King Jockos". The African Grey is native only to Africa and can be found from the Bijagos Archipelago of Guinea-Bissau east through the forest belt of West Africa to the Congo Basin, Uganda, and the Kakamega Forest in Southwest Kenya. It lives in rain forests, riverine forests, mangroves, and oil palm plantations. They communicate through high pitched whistles, screams and growls. They make their nests in cavities in trees and lay their eggs (usually 1 - 4) directly in the wood dust rather than actually building a nest. Like most parrots, once they select a mate, they remain monogamous with that mate for life. They wander from tree to tree depending on which is in fruit, and also raids crops such as oil-nut palms and maize.

78. African Greys
african greys. Two species of african Grey parrots, obviously native to Africa, arecommonly found in captivity the Congo with a bright red tail and the Timneh
What to Expect from Your African Grey
Is Your African Grey a Male or a Female?
In most African Greys, it is difficult to distinguish a male from a female based on physical characteristics; therefore, endoscopy or laboratory methods must be used for sex determination in breeding facilities. There may be some size or color variation between genders if the birds are from the same subspecies.
What Do Greys Do All Day?
Because of their high intelligence, African Greys are easily bored and require training. They are relatively playful and can be amused with some toys. Because they love to chew, any toys must be free of toxic metals, hooks, sharp objects or small, easily consumed components. Providing chew toys or fresh-cut branches from nontoxic, pesticide-free trees is encouraged for African Greys. Check with your veterinarian for recommendations on locally available safe trees.
Are African Greys Tame?

79. Books On African Grey Parrots
african greys Julie Ann Rach, african greys Julie Ann Rach, africanGrey parrots Paul R. Paradise, african Grey parrots Paul R. Paradise.
Books on African Grey Parrots Check out our newest best selling toy. Your Bird's Name Only available at Rockport Roost. One year/12 issues
Our Price: $13.99
You Save 71% off the
newsstand price.
This title is available for shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Bird Talk
Bird Talk includes everything you need to know to help keep your pet bird healthy and active. Get important information on bird healthcare and nutrition, step-by-step training, grooming how-tos and caging tips. Readers also enjoy colorful photos, entertaining stories, and a centerfold poster in each monthly issue.
Most of these books are available at discounted prices. You can order on a secure server through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Just click on a title and you will be transferred to the bookstore for more information about each book and easy ordering instructions. African Grey Parrots
Annette Wolter African Gray Parrot !
Annette Wolter
African Grey Parrots

Risa Teitler
African Grey Parrots!
Risa Teitler Barnes and Noble Amazon Books Barnes and Noble Amazon Books The Grey Parrot Wolfgang De Gralh The Grey Parrot!

80. African Parrots
An Introduction to african greys. by. Rebecca Margison. african greys, Psittacuserithacus, are parrots that are native to several countries in Africa.
" " Excerpt from My Human, My Slave site vetrefer articles shop
powered by FreeFind Home Free eBooks Tour ... Take a Survey An Introduction to African Greys by Rebecca Margison African Greys, Psittacus erithacus , are parrots that are native to several countries in Africa. The bird commonly called the Congo Grey is the nominate species , Psittacus erithacus erithacus, and the Timneh Grey, Psittacus erithacus timneh is the subspecies. The names refer to the country in which the birds are believed to have come. This is not always accurate, though, since the laws regarding importation caused many sellers of Greys in Africa to lie about the country of origin. Baby Greys are relatively easy to find. You have a few choices as to where to get an African Grey. You can find a breeder, purchase one from a pet store, from a private breeder, or you can adopt one from a rescue facility. If you have the time, patience, and resources to rehabilitate a bird, I would strongly urge you to adopt a bird from a rescue organization. The problem of unwanted parrots is very real.

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