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         African Violets:     more books (101)
  1. African Violets: In Search of the Wild Violets by Reinhild Raistrick, 2006-01
  2. The complete book of African violets by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1951
  3. How to Select and Grow African Violets and Other Gesneriads by Theodore James Jr., 1987-01-01
  4. African Violets, Gloxinias, and Their Relatives by Jr. Harold E. Moore, 1957
  5. How to Grow African Violets by Carolyn Rector, 1981-08
  6. The colourful world of African violets by A. G. W Simpson, 1986
  7. African Violets and Other Gesneriads for Modern Living by M. Jane Coleman Helmer, 1978
  8. Floral Design Concepts With African Violets and Other Gesneriads by Ruth J. McCoy, 1985-06
  9. African Violets by No Author, 1976
  10. An easy guide to African-violets by William L Meachem, 1956
  11. African Violet Variety List: Complete Edition 4,996 Names by Carolyn K Rector, 1957
  12. African Violets and Related Plants (Wisley Series) by Bill Wall, 1991-03
  13. African Violet Magazine Volume 33 Number 4 September 1980 by Grace-editor Foote, 1989-01-01
  14. African Violets by Sunset Books, 1984-08

21. DIY Article
DIY Ask DIY Episode ADI301 Caring for african violets Caringfor african violets From Etched Mirror, Drawer Repair, Room,2058,6226,00.html
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Newsletter ... Episode ADI-301 Caring for African Violets
From " Etched Mirror, Drawer Repair, Room Divider and more... " Episode ADI-301
Figure A
Figure B
Figure C
Figure D
Figure E
Figure F
Figure G
Figure H Q: How do I transplant and care for an African violet? A: (from Jessie Mack Burns, Ask DIY Gardening expert) Well, taking care of an African violet isn't difficult, although many people seem to think it is! Just follow these simple guidelines to keep your African violet healthy and beautiful! African violets are actually different from the wild violets (also known as Johnny jump-ups) often found growing randomly in yards and gardens. The nursery-grown varieties have large, well-defined leaves and aren't always "violet" these beauties come in a variety of vibrant colors, from pure white and pale shades of lavender to bright fuschia and royal purple ( figure A Once you've purchased your plant, you'll want to find a two-part container whose inner pot has an unglazed bottom ( figure B ). By filling the outer pot with water and replacing the inner container, you allow moisture to be absorbed through the porous areas as the violet needs it.

22. Self Watering Pots, Two Piece Dip Crocks & Candle Crocks From WindyFarm Pottery
african violets pottery. Ceramics for flowers and plants.

23. DIY Article
DIY Gardening and Landscaping Episode DIG118 Caring for african violetsCaring for african violets From After They Bloom Episode DIG-118,,2058,799,00.html
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Newsletter ... Episode DIG-118 Caring for African Violets
From " After They Bloom " Episode DIG-118
African violets come in a wide range of colors and shapes
Figure A
African violets (Saintpaulia) are probably the most popular indoor houseplants in the world. You can create beautiful arrangements with their blooms, and they're not as fussy as you may have believed, says Charlie Nardozzi of the National Gardening Association. Members of the gesneriad family, African violets require bright light but no direct sun. They should be fertilized with a product designed for African violets (follow package directions for frequency), and they need annual repotting with an African violet potting mix. Because these plants don't like cold water on their leaves, bottom watering is advised. Pour lukewarm water into the saucer, and replace the pot. The water will be wicked into the soil in 20 to 30 minutes. Never allow African violets to sit in water longer than 1 hour. You can place several plants in a water-filled tray at one time. Provide humidity by placing the pots on a shallow tray filled with gravel ( figure A ) and adding water to the gravel.

african violets (Saintpaulias) and Gesneriads. Online catalogue, photographs and growing advice.
Updated 26.2.2003 Here are some Gesneriads in my collection . . . I hope you enjoy them
Chirita Diane Marie Chirita loggangensis Now in flower... Chirita tamiana - young plant in bloom
My plant for the AVI Project No. 2 Gesneriad Seed - Chirita Achimenes mexicana - a beautiful species Episcia Tricolor Gloxinia lindeniana Gloxinia purpurescens seedling with aerial plantlets Kohleria "Connecticut Belle" Kohleria Sciadotydaea hybrid seedling in 2 1/2" pot Niphaea oblonga Mini Sinningia Pink Imp, S. Xanadu, S. Paper Moon in Planter
Same planter, 6 months later... Mini Sinningia "Doll Baby"
Sinningia seedling - Purple blooms Sinningia seedling - Dwarf Mixed Hybrids Mini Sinningia seedling - Pink fls Sinningia Apricot Bouquet X Self Sinningia cardinalis Innocent Sinningia leopoldii - in bud VARIEGATED Sinningia seedling Sinningia speciosa seedling - Small's Dwarf Mix Mixed gessie seedlings with white Smithiantha Smithiantha and Sinningia seedlings Streptocarpus "Black Magic" Streptocarpus "Gloria" S. Strawberry Crush x Self - different from mother plant and with banana throat

25. GLP African Violets
african violets. Search Barnes for african violets Books.Toronto African Violet Society Situated in midtown Toronto.
For your shopping convenience! Garden Gardens Alive! Internet Gardening Club LandscapeUSA ... Past Articles African Violets
for African Violets Books Toronto African Violet Society
Situated in mid-town Toronto. We meet monthly to promote the growing of the African Violet. Guest speakers and a monthly newsletter for members.
How to grow perfect African violets
Always wanted to have gorgeous African violets, but never had much success? This site will tell you everything you need to know.
Russian AV Club Pic Gallery

Stampede City AV Society

Swedish African Violet Society

Heritage AV Society, Ontario

- history, president's message, club photos, meetings, and more.
The Kiwi Violet Room

" - An International email list for African Violet and Gesneriad enthusiasts around the world
African Violet Society of America
concerning the culture, showing, propagation, grooming, and buying of African Violets. Aggie Horticulture African Violet Page African Violet Stuff by Dan Lineberger! NCSU Room of Saintpaulia A look at Kenichi Okishita's Violet Page in Japan The Bay State African Violet Society of Massachusetts founded in 1959 University of Nebraska African Violet Guide Caring for African Violets Rob's Mini-O-Lets Unusual show quality african violets and gesneriads.

26. African Violet Catalog, Album With Lots Of Pictures, Snapshots, Photo's
Details for starting, growing, trading, and hybridizing african violets.Category Home Gardens Plants House Plants......african violets 2001 forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet left on the heelthat has crushed it. author unknown. Just talk about african violets?
African Violets 2001
forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet
left on the heel that has crushed it." unknown
Thunder Bay area please call 475-3580 for an appointment to view. ATTENTION PLEASE: I will not be selling anymore african violets or leaves. I leave this list online for those who want information or pictures of these african violets. Next spring I hope to have a few leaves and babies for sale for Canadian residents only
Enter album here

Would you like to give advise? A sk questions?
Trade african violet leaves?
Just talk about african violets?
Play vr-Bingo? It's all here at my mailing list! Everyone is welcome to join! Subscribe to VioletReflections Once you have found your violets visit Rachel's Reflections to learn how to care for them It's a user friendly site with loads of how to pictures. Rachel's Reflections Please report broken links here next

27. The Gesneriad Reference Web
Provides photographs and information about this diverse plant family. Included in the family are african violets and Gloxinias.
Welcome to the Gesneriad Reference Web! The primary start page for the Gesneriad Reference Web uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Please navigate to the alternate start page, at . You may want to bookmark that page if you will be visiting again.

28. Cloning African Violets
Consists of a classroom propagation article written by a teacher that emphasizes sterile techniques Category Home Gardens Plants Propagation...... I have my students propagate african violets by tissue culture, andthey are usually amazed at how quickly one plant becomes many.
This article was published in The Science Teacher April, 1987.
Doug Lundberg
More information on Plant Tissue Culture
Mention cloning and many people think of a movie about 12 identical humans born as adults with telepathic abilities or The Boys from Brazil. But for plant scientists and horticulturists, cloning is hardly so sinister. The everyday practice of propagating plants with leaf cuttings is technically cloning, as are the venerable nursery techniques of grafting and taking stem cuttings.
Relatively new is the idea that single plant cells can, given the proper conditions, grow into stems, roots, and leaves – into whole new plants. Such tissue culture is commonly used to commercially propagate plants such as ferns, orchids, lilies, strawberries, and raspberries. This clonal propagation produces many genetically identical offspring in a short time.
With tissue culture, scientists can start with a plant that possesses the trait desired (whether that trait is disease resistance, high yield, or hardiness) and can generate quickly an unlimited number of identical plants possessing that trait. This is a crucial advantage in a world waiting for more nutritious, hardier, and more productive crops. Classroom propagation
In my activity, my students clone the African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha), a member of the Germinancae family. Tissue taken from a leaf is coaxed with hormones into forming buds, which eventually develop into plantlets complete with petioles and leaves. The African violet is our plant of choice because the number of plantlets formed during the cloning process is higher than most other plants [8]. Under ideal conditions, one leaf could be cultured and divided and cultured again into 5,000 to 8,000 small plantlets in only 8 to 14 weeks. To successfully clone African violets, you will need a laminar flow hood, biological containment hood, or aquarium, an autoclave or pressure cooker, long tweezers, cellophane wrap, bleach and liquid detergent, sterile petri dishes, and 70 percent ethanol. For each student, supply about four test tubes (25 x 150 mm), plastic caps or cotton, and some test tube racks.

29. Self Watering Pots And Planters For African Violets And All Your House Plants.
Sells self watering planters and pots for most all house plants including african violets, yellow african violets, and herbs.
self watering pots house plants african violet care water gardens flower garden catalogs sea glass
Water-Well Planters
25840 Chardon Rd
Richmond Hts., OH 44143 Fax: (216) 731-3449 For a mail order
brochure please call or
email us:
Gardening Products for Indoor and Container Plants
Grow Healthier house plants
using self watering pots
Our Water-Well self watering pots take the guesswork out of when and how much to water your house plants. You can use our self watering pots for most all house plants including African violets, yellow African violets, herbs and all other flowering house plants. We carry various self watering pot styles, colors, and sizes all available in our flower gardening catalog
Sea Glass Decorative Accent Glass
Our sea glass are a perfect combination and unique flavor compliment to all your house plants, african violets, hydroponics watering system, or our wonderful self watering pots. Your yellow african violets will look extraordinary with our sea glass! Our sea glass come in a variety of vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes. You can find all our sea glass, self watering pots, gardening containers and your hydroponics needs in our secure on-line flower gardening catalog
Hand Crafted Terra Cotta Bird bath
Birds will love these terra cotta bird baths. Hand crafted, they come in two styles and sizes. In addition to our terra cotta bird baths, we also have a spectacular selection of gardening containers, self watering pots, water garden and hydroponics needs in our complete on-line

30. African Violets By Florals Of Fredericks
Garden Bazaarafrican violets by Florals of Fredericks. We supply everythingfor the African Violet enthusiast! Email
African Violets by Florals of Fredericks We supply everything for the African Violet enthusiast! We carry recent hybrids, old favorites, pots, soil, fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides, and accessories. Our master hybridizer and Avsa judge has over 40 years experience with African Violets and other Gesneriads.
  • Mailorder
  • Retail (storefront)
Product Lines:
Catalog Request
Contact Information: Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1416
Franklin, NC 28744
USA Email: Phone:
Fax: Web Page URL: GardenWeb's Garden Bazaar Home Page Directory Submissions

31. Davidson Greenhouse & Nursery, Inc.
Online shopping for Exotics, african violets, cacti, herbs, house plants, topiary, and tropicals.

32. Alannahs Flowers
A mail-order specialist for african violets, Gesneriads, Begonias, Streptocarpus, Geraniums, and other Category Shopping Home and Garden Plants Tropicals and Exotics......A source for african violets and Geraniums Tropical House Plants. AfricanViolets Standards, miniatures, semi-minis, and Saintpaulia series.

African Violets
Saintpaulia Species Miniature Violets Gesneriads ... E-mail
Welcome to our Greenhouse for 2003 2003 Feature Catalogue
Click a choice on the menu on the left to view that category.

African Violets
- Standards, miniatures, semi-minis, and Saintpaulia series. We've added lots of new and interesting varieties to our 2003 list. Be sure to check out the African Violet Society of America, Inc. on their website - . They are offering a very interesting software program called "First Class", which is a database containing the names and descriptions of over 14,000 African Violet cultivars and species, as well as over 2,000 photos. Just go to the AVSA wesite and select "avsa store" for details. This is a fantastic program and is very inexpensive ($25.00 for members and $35.00 for non-members) Geraniums - This year's list consists of over 150 varieties, including Fancy-leaf, Miniature and Dwarf, Scented, Angels, Rosebuds, Unusuals, and Hartsook's Unique.

33. Africa Violets
african violets. Standardsize Series 2003 List. Starter plants $4.25each Fresh-cut leaves $1.50 each ( or as marked ) Please note

African Violets
Saintpaulia Species Miniature Violets Gesneriads ... E-mail African Violets Standard-size Series
2003 List

Starter plants $4.25 each Fresh-cut leaves $1.50 each
( or as marked )
Please note: minimum order is $25.00 plus shipping.
We have divided the African Violet list into five alphabetical sections. Browse through the various sections by clicking on below groupings. A - E F - J K - O P - S ... Societies / Publications

34. Good News
Quebecbased grower sells a variety of african violets.
Good news, we have moved You can now find Bloomlovers at the following address

35. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Miniature African Violets At
Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Miniature AfricanViolets. Miniature african violets, Miniature african violets.
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Flowers Gifts All Categories Advanced Search Home Gifts Flowers
Miniature African Violets
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miniature african violets
Red Envelope
Showing 1 deal Marketplaces Store Rating 646 store reviews Search "Buy it Now" for Miniature African Violets at eBay Search for Miniature African Violets at eBay Featured Resources Additional information on Miniature African Violets and other products. 1-800-FLOWERS Same-Day Delivery. Fresh Flowers from $24.99 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Send flowers for $29.99 Guaranteed fresh for 7 days. Save 30 - 55% off retail prices! FTD Flowers Same Day Del. 10% Off - Type In The Promotional Code "Coupon" When You Check Out.

36. Violets In Vogue
Mailorder supplier of african violets and Gesneriads including rare varieties and new releases.

37. African Violets: Perfect Houseguests
african violets Perfect Houseguests by Susan Ward ( Watering.The fastest way to kill african violets is to overwater them.
Vegetable Seeds
- Seeds for Salads (greens)

- Beans

- Beets

- Brussels Sprouts
... Pocket Garden Seed Collections Each collection includes 5 varieties of seeds in individual glass topped tins, a booklet covering complete growing instructions and tips, and seedling markers.
Heirloom Tomatoes
Gourmet Salad

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Chamomile Times RELATED TOPICS Controlling Houseplants Insects Easy-Care Houseplants Houseplants: Beauty and Clean Air Clivia ... Garden African Violets: Perfect Houseguests by Susan Ward My Aunt was known as the African Violet lady... and no wonder. Her entire living room was crammed with plantstands festooned with madly blooming African Violets. The room was filled with the delicious peaty scent of damp earth and a soothing swath of pink, blue and purple blooms. My Aunt's obsession was not unique; many people let their affections for

38. GLP African Violets
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39. Heyne's Garden Centre - African Violets
Email. More details Opening hours etc etc. fact sheets african violets INTRODUCTION WHYGROW african violets? Have you ever attended an African Violet show?

An Introduction to Vegetarian

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Garden Clubs ... Garden Societies GARDEN HELP FLowers Fruit Tree Protection Hanging Baskets Mulching ... Vegetables GARDEN PROBLEMS Chewing Pests European Wasps Fungus Diseases General Pests ... Sap Sucking Pests GENERAL INFO Asthma and Gardening Coastal and Seaside Plants Fire Retardants Garden Planning for the Future ... Selling a House LAWNS Lawn Diseases Planting Lawns Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Weeds in the Lawn PLANTS African Violets Asparagus Azaleas Bonsai ... Strawberries STARTING FROM SEED Why Plant Seed Flowers and Vegetables Growing Your Own Produce Planting Seed WATER MANAGEMENT Cleaner Plant Production Mulches Water Collection Watering Systems WEEDS Garden Weeds Lawn Weeds WILD LIFE IN YOUR GARDEN Birds Frogs Lizards Possums ... Spiders HEYNE'S SITE Fact Sheets Plant Lists Garden Tips History ... Location Maps HEYNE'S GARDEN CENTRE (BEULAH PARK) 283-289 The Parade Beulah Park South Australia Ph (08) 83322933 Fax (08) 83324332 Email More details : Opening hours etc etc HEYNE'S GARDEN CENTRE (KLEMZIG) 216-220 North East Road (PO Box 74) Klemzig South Australia 5086 Ph (08) 8369 1085 Fax (08) 8369 2096 Email More details : Opening hours etc etc fact sheets - African Violets INTRODUCTION The African Violet (or its botanical name Saintpaulia) was dicovered in Africa. Cultivation became so popular that in the year 1946 The African Violet Society of America was formed with a nation wide membership following.

40. African Violets
african violets. african violets are among the easiest to grow and most rewardingof all indoor plants. Choose a bright location for your african violets.
African Violets
African violets are among the easiest to grow and most rewarding of all indoor plants. Most houseplants with showy blossoms have very high light requirements; others will bloom only after you cover them every night for many weeks. African violets bloom off and on year round...particularly the newer varieties...with very little effort on your part. Choose a bright location for your African violets. An east, west, or even south-facing window is fine during the shorter days of fall and winter. In summer, the light from a west or south-facing window will probably be too intense, and it will be too hot, as well. During those longer days of spring and summer, keep your African violets in a north or east window. You could also reduce the light and heat in brighter windows with the use of sheer curtains. If you don't have enough space by your windows, African violets can perform equally well under fluorescent lights. Regardless of their location, keep your African violets' soil slightly moist at all times. Water thoroughly whenever the soil surface feels dry to the touch. Then discard whatever excess water collects in the saucer or tray beneath the plants. Otherwise the water wicks back into the soil, keeping it soggy and setting the stage for root rot. Fertilize your African violets regularly, using an extremely dilute houseplant fertilizer with each watering. Or you may apply one that's mixed half-strength, once a month.

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