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         African Violets:     more books (101)
  1. A handbook for African violet growers by Mary Margaret Odom, 1948
  2. African Violet Magazine Volume 35 Number 5 November 1982 by Grace-editor Foote, 1982-01-01
  3. African Violet: Poem for a Black Woman by James C. Kilgore, 1982-12
  4. Begonias, Gloxinias and African Violets by Harry George Witham Fogg, 1980-08
  5. The Complete Book of African Violets: All About America's Favorite House Plants and How to Make Them Bloom by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1952-01-01
  6. African violet handbook for judges and exhibitors by Ruth G Carey, 1954
  7. How I grow African violets by Ednah Daw, 1983
  8. Our African Violet Heritage; a Thirty Year Romance With African Vilolets by Anne Tinari, 1975-01-01
  9. African Violet and Gesneriad Questions Answered By Twenty Experts by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1966
  10. The African Violet by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1950
  11. African Violets - Gifts From Nature: The Series: Book One by Melvin J. Robey, 2010-02-18
  12. Insects, Pests and Diseases of the African Violet Family by Nancy Robitaille, 2005
  13. Violets and Other Tales by Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson, 2010-07-26
  14. All About African Violets the Complete Guide to Success With Sainpaulias by Montague Free, 1951-01-01

41. Growing African Violets
Classification and Varieties. african violets are available in a wide rangeof colors and types. Common Insects and Problems of african violets
PDF File
GROWING AFRICAN VIOLETS Prepared by Paul A. Thomas, Extension Horticulturist-Floriculture Once found only in the coastal woods of east Africa, African violets ( Saintpaulia ionantha) are now among the most popular indoor plants. They are easy to grow and offer a wealth of beautiful flowers. For the indoor gardener with limited space, African violets have an added attraction with sound cultural practices, they can be grown quite successfully on window sills. Proper culture and a desire for house plants are the keys to a well grown African violet like this.
Classification and Varieties African violets are available in a wide range of colors and types. You may choose from several hundred varieties depending upon the flower color, form and plant characteristics you prefer. Flower color varies from blue to violet, lavender, pink, red-violet, blue-violet, lavender-pink and white. Flowers may be single, double, semi-double, star-shaped, fringed or ruffled. Some varieties produce flowers with two or more rows of petals on one color with the rest fringed in a different color. Leaf types are described as plain, quilted, spidered, ruffled, fringed, scalloped, spooned, pointed and variegated.

42. Website Of Judy K. Schmidt
Previous Zoom Next african violets Not much of a story to this one.Had the urge to paint something from one of my own photos partly
African Violets
Not much of a story to this one. Had the urge to paint something from one of my own photos partly for fun and partly for practice, so I did, and then added the dragon in. There's also a close up of the dragon available here
Photoshop 6, Wacom Intuos2 9"x12"

43. Welcome To
Sales of and information about african violets. Includes a catalogue, photos, growing and propagation Category Regional Oceania Recreation and Sports Gardening...... Devoted to growing beautiful african violets and Gesneriads. Descriptivelist and photos. Site Updated 28 January 2003. Welcome to
1.) Standards
3.) Trailers and Species

4.) Chimeras and Yellow AVs

6.) Other Gesneriads
My Hybrids ~ New Album to Come!

Site Updated 22 March 2003
Welcome to my Internet Violet Room, do have a good look around; I hope you will enjoy browsing in my Pages, and looking at my Photo albums! I am happy to do TRADES with other growers for cuttings, rhizomes, tubers and seeds.
If interested, please contact me about this.
Because I am so busy in my life please forgive delays in my email replies. TIA :) For SALES, most of the year I am able to ship leaves at any time,
if temperatures are suitable at Your end.
Please Refer to the ORDERS and SHIPPING INFO PAGE for full details. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE AND REFRESH FOR UPDATES Hi, I'm Karen. Thank You for Visiting :) - Please Sign My GUESTBOOK and give me your Feedback, or leave your Name below in the Guestbook You are invited to a Chat in my chatroom below, just email me to arrange a time. Or Send Me A Message on Yahoo IM, hope to catch up with you Online. NB. All photos and articles on these pages are my property! This means that you are NOT allowed to use

44. African Violets
Charli Yandolino owner of UAreSoBeautiful, offers stunning photographs of her ownafrican violets and the Adirondacks on beautiful note cards and Christmas
African Violets


We offer an
On Line Proof
of your order before we ship. African Violet Note Cards, African Violet Christmas Cards
IPV located at 529 77th St Brooklyn, NY 11209 Toll Free: 888-286-0365 Fax: 800-305-6049
Family owned and operated since 1983. African Violet Collection Click on the catalog number to see
an enlargement of the image. To see enlargements of all images, click on one catalog number and then click through the Violet links in the left hand margin. To order, call us toll free at 888-286-0365 New! AV-14 New! AV-15 New! AV-16 New! AV-17 New! AV-18 New! AV-19 New! AV-20 New! AV-21 New! AV-22 AV-01 AV-02 AV-03 ... AV-10 African Violet Collection Boxed Note Cards from U Are So Beautiful A standard set of 8 blank note cards is packaged in a clear vinyl box. You can choose a set of cards with just one image, or you can select an assortment from the U Are So Beautiful collection Prices for large quantities are available. Call us toll free at 888-286-0365 or e-mail for further information. For orders of more than 50 cards, we can personalize cards and envelopes for an event, an organization or a person. Cards are 4.25” x 5.5”. They are perfect for small notes to friends and family or to give as a gift.

45. Isabell's African Violets
Welcome to På svenska »». This is a personal informational site for Africanviolets and other gesneriads, as well as related issues. Welcome!
Welcome to
På svenska
This is a personal informational site for African violets and other gesneriads, as well as related issues. Welcome!
My inventory of African violets and other gesneriads, complete with descriptions and my own pictures (where available).
This is a fairly new area of my site, where I keep a mix of things - e.g. the results of my African violet surveys.
The sites and pages in the column below are somewhat separate features, but they are all part of my "African Violet Internet Resource".
Isabell's Other Site

Isabell's Other Site
is where I keep my lists of material available for trades etc.
Isabell's Photo Albums
is a site for my photos of African violets and other gesneriads.
Saintpaulia OnLine
is my collection of links to websites and webpages related to African violets.
If you have a webpage or website about African violets, you can apply for membership in the Saintpaulia Webring. Click on the graphic above to learn more.
Isabell's African Violets This website was updated Number of visitors since 2001-02-14: var site="sm1isabells2" Isabell Olevall The above means that you cannot copy, edit or use any of my material without my permission.

46. XTRAMSN: Homeandliving: Home
Gardening. african violets from Outer Space! From Amongst the other mutationsare the wavy edges of the Space Age african violets. Optimara,,7853-2095067,00.html
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47. African Violets Of Sunnybank Brisbane Queensland Australia
african violets Unofficial and independent local neighbourhood directory or portalto locate african violets for the suburban community of Sunnybank, Brisbane
Earth Australia Queensland Brisbane ... What is this portal about? African Violets
Unofficial and independent local neighbourhood directory or portal to locate african violets for the suburban community of Sunnybank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
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Scirus Search, saintpaulia

Select a Brisbane Neighbourhood Link African Violet Society of Qld Inc. Google Search Google Search Google Search Plants International Scirus Search, african violets Scirus Search, saintpaulia
Select a Queensland Neighbourhood Link African Violet Society of Qld Inc. Google Search Google Search Google Search Scirus Search, african violets Scirus Search, saintpaulia
Select an Australian Neighbourhood Link Arthur Yates and Co Arthur Yates and Co Google Search Google Search Google Search Scirus Search, african violets Scirus Search, saintpaulia Yates Yates Garden Care
Select a Worldwide Neighbourhood Link African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets African Violets Books African Violets by Florals of Fredericks African Violets: Care and Culture African Violet Centre African Violets FAQ African Violets Forum African Violets from Aggie Horticulture African Violet (Green Pages) [Montréal Botanical Garden] African Violet Growing Tips African Violets: Perfect Houseguests African Violet Lovers African Violet Photos Archive by Steve Reed

48. Ask Extension Database, NDSU Extension Service
Starting New african violets. Date April 1989 (Revised April 1995). Africanviolets are one of our most popular indoor flowering plants.
Ask Extension
for answers to commonly asked questions.
Starting New African Violets
Date: April 1989 (Revised April 1995) Source: NDSU Extension Service Horticulturists African violets are one of our most popular indoor flowering plants. Indoor gardeners enjoy producing new plants to increase their own collection and to give young plants as presents to friends and neighbors. There are two basic ways to produce new African violets: through leaf cuttings and division of crowns. Handle leaf cuttings carefully to avoid the rotting of the leaf petiole (PET-ee-ohl) or "leaf stem." For best results, select semi-mature or moderately large leaves. Use a sharp knife to remove the petiole close to the center of the plant or the crown. Root leaf cuttings in a 50-50 mix of peat moss and perlite or vermiculite (ver-MIK-ya-light). Make sure the leaf blade sits above the rooting medium. The leaf petiole should be about one inch long, enough to hold the leaf blade in a nearly upright position. Keep the propagating material moist at all times because periods of dryness will discourage root development. Warm temperatures stimulate roots to grow quickly. Ideally, the root temperature should be around 70 degrees. Do not place the cutting in an overly bright location. Excessive light can quickly destroy the leaf blade.

49. CG Online - Gardening With Kids - African Violets
by Tina Forrester. african violets. Cloning is a hot topic these days, but growersof african violets have been doing it for years. You and your child can, too.
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RESOURCES GardenTalk: Gardeners talking to other gardeners Gardening With Kids: Projects for Children Contest Winners List of online contests Garden Clubs: Buy Books:
See our selection of gardening books Canadian Plant Hardiness Zones: Updated map Garden Info Lines: Advice from master gardeners 2003 Seed Catalogues: Canada's most complete guide to the latest seed and bulb catalogues MAGAZINE MEET THE TEAM ABOUT US SELECTED STORIES CURRENT ISSUE ...
by: Tina Forrester African Violets Surprise your child with a leaf that grows plantlets.

50. Growing African Violets - Life
Growing african violets. african violets african violets or Saintpaulia,are among the most popular houseplants. They are found in
Search WWW Search Mozone Thursday, Apr 3 Home Life Growing African Violets Channels Life Home Books Entertainment Family ... Wellness Toolbox Sign In Sign Up Help Address Book ... Winterize you Lawn Article is from our affiliate agreement with Etera Gardening
Growing African Violets
African violets or Saintpaulia, are among the most popular houseplants. They are found in a broad range of flower colors and leaf types. They grow best under fluorescent lights or in the diffuse light of a north- or east-facing window. When they refuse to bloom it is usually due to insufficient light. When they receive too much light their leaves turn yellow. African violets enjoy temperatures around 70 F during the day and in the 60s at night. They do best where they have ample humidity, at least 60%. They can be watered from below or above. Use room temperature water because cold water will spot the foliage. African violets are quick and easy to propagate. This is a fun way to share a new variety with a friend. These plants require rich potting soil that is available at your local garden center.

How To Grow african violets. My experience. Years ago my wife and I wanted to starta business. How to grow african violets, african violets; The Complete Guide.
www .PROJECTS and HOBBIES. ... com Division of Leisure Unlimited Inc. How To Grow African Violets My experience. How to grow African Violets African Violets; The Complete Guide How To Grow African Violets African Violets: Gifts from Nature Things you DON'T do to an African Violet! Don't let water get on the leaves, it'll cause dead spots. Water that is room temperature is not so bad, but I don't do it at all. Don't allow sucker plants to grow on the main stem of the plant. Don't try to grow them outside. Don't place them in direct sunlight. Don't keep them in dark areas. Don't use any other pot other than a cheap 4-inch plastic pot. Don't use peat moss. Don't keep your plants' soil wet. Don't let the plant stay dried out. Don't leave dead flowers or leaves on your plant. Don't subject them to sudden temperature changes. Don't run over them with the car. Do not, do not, do not... Then exactly what can I do?

52. African Violets Presented By Rachel's Reflections
The site provides information on african violets. The site lists growing, hybridizing and caring informat Category Regional North America Home and Garden...... last updated on Friday, September 27, 2002 0855 PM. WELCOME ..if you loveafrican violets you have come to the right place! Talk about african violets?
Rachel's Reflections
forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet
left on the heel that has crushed it." unknown last updated on
Friday, September 27, 2002 08:55 PM
WELCOME ........ if you love african violets you have come to the right place! I have a passion for gesneraids, specifically saintpaulia, otherwise known as the african violet . Here you will find pages on starting, propagating, hybridizing, growing and caring for your violets. Pictures and diagrams along with explanations in layman's terms should make this a great learning opportunity for the beginner grower.
Propagation with leaves, suckers, seeds are explained in detail with the help of diagrams and photos taken with my new digital camera. I have a collection of hybrids and enjoy trading leaves through mail. I would be willing to sell leaves to those who don't have a collection of hybrids yet to take part in an exchange. Go now use the links below and enjoy browsing through this site. Should you wish to suggest other subjects you would like to see covered on this site or ask any questions please feel free to contact me . I would love your feedback. Did you know
I list all my updates with direct links to them here
for the convenience of returning visitors?

53. About African Violets - African Violet Society Of Canada
Topics to explore in About african violets About african violets.The subject of african violets is too large for one web page.
Topics to explore in "About African Violets": Species Hybridization Propagation Culture ... Growing to Show A well grown African violet is a treat for the eyes. This is a miniature variety. Read through this entire section to learn more about growing African violets well.
About African Violets The subject of African violets is too large for one web page. We have divided the subject into smaller sections identified by links above. Clicking on the links above will take you to the information you want. The links will follow you as you explore "About African Violets" so you can easily change topics as needed. To learn about the wild plant Saintpaulia click on Species . To learn how the modest Saintpaulia was converted into the modern hybrid African violets click on Hybridization . To learn how to produce new offspring from your African violet plants, click on Propagation . You will find all other procedures and requirements for growing healthy African violets under Culture . If you have an unhealthy African violet you will appreciate the information available under . A standard outline history of African violets, their discovery in the wild, hybridization, etc. will have to be written here.

54. African Violets Antique Cars Antiques Artistic Painting Astronomy
In fact, the Arts Crafts group met to learn how to grow AfricanViolets! A champion grower did the teaching. The evening was so
Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club - Houseplants african violets
antique cars


artistic painting
House Plants
We have a member who knows more about
these subjects than you could ever imagine!
to learn how to grow African Violets!
A champion grower did the teaching.
The evening was so popular,
we are sure it will be repeated. You will leave the class with at least

55. Wolfville And Area Newcomers Club Website By David Callan
african violets antique cars antiques artistic painting astronomy aviation beachcombing bicycling bird feeding bird watching books bridge calendar camping
african violets
antique cars


artistic painting
african violets
antique cars


artistic painting

56. African Violets: The Complete Guide
african violets The Complete Guide. by Gwen Goodship, Joan Hill more like this,List Price $19.95. Average customer rating The Latest Book on african violets.
African Violets: The Complete Guide
by Gwen Goodship Joan Hill
Media: Paperback
Manufacturer/Publisher: Crowood Pr
Release Date: August, 1998
Sales rank: 98,229
Department: Book
List Price: Current Price: Availability: Check availability Buy from
Other stores: Canada UK Germany France ...
Related Products:
Growing to Show: How to Grow Prize Winning African Violets
African Violets
Complete African Violet Handbook
How to Select and Grow African Violets and Other Gesneriads How to Grow African Violets (A Sunset Book)
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Average customer rating:
The Latest Book on African Violets
This is the latest book on African Violets and it is certainly one of the most updated ones regarding techniques and products available in the market. This book shows how to propagate, cultivate/grow and show your beloved African Violets. Great ideas on type of water, soil, light, humidity to obtain great show plants. Also, it has ideas on how to prevent diseases such as cyclamen mites, crown rot, ... Great book for beginners and even for those wanting to hybridize their African Violets. N(98970) SEARCH

57. How To Care For African Violets
How to care for african violets. african violets are plants with heartshaped leaves and delicate blossoms. True to their cousin, the
How to care for African violets
African Violets are plants with heart shaped leaves and delicate blossoms. True to their cousin, the wild violet, a lot of the blooms are purple in color. However, African Violets do come in blooms of yellow, red, fuchsia, white and multi-colored. Their leaves can be dark green to multi-green. Most of the time these plants are kept inside as houseplants. They can be very stingy with their blooms if they are not taken care of properly. But, when they get the sunlight and nutrition they need they can produce a multitude of healthy blooms year round. bodyOffer(19793) The first consideration when taking care of your African Violet is light. African Violets need at least twelve hours of light a day. They thrive best with natural sunlight, so if there is a window they can sit in where sun shines through for most of the day, they will be happiest there. However, this is a difficult thing to achieve so many people resort to artificial light. Your local nursery will have plant lights of all shapes and sizes and designs. Bring a picture or your plant and the area you wish to keep it with you and the workers at the nursery can help you decide on the plant light that best suits your needs. While you are there, you might as well discuss the proper plant food with the nursery worker. There are many types of plant foods available. It is best to buy one that is specifically for African Violets. This way you are sure to give your plant the right amount of nutrients without giving it things it does not need or will harm it. There are different formulas of African Violet food, and depending on the size and type of your plant, you will need to know which one is best for your particular African Violet.

58. Where The Wild African Violets Are
Where the Wild african violets Are James R. Vonesh/University of Floridaafrican violets (Saintpaulia). By MARY SODERSTROM N the
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Where The Wild African Violets Are Source: NY Times URL: Where the Wild African Violets Are James R. Vonesh/University of Florida African violets (Saintpaulia). By MARY SODERSTROM N the moss-covered rock face in front of me, three small blue-violet flowers pushed out of a rosette of velvet green leaves. Therethey were, finally: wild African violets, lovely examples of the ancestors of one of the world's most popular houseplants. They grow naturally only in the coastal mountains and forests of East Africa, and I'd come a long way to see them. Advertisement "Th... click here to read this NY Times article...

59. African Violets
african violets are one of America's favorite houseplants, and oneof the least demanding in terms of care to grow and flower. To
University of Vermont Extension
Department of Plant and Soil Science
News Article
YOUR AFRICAN VIOLET Contact: Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor
University of Vermont African violets are one of America's favorite houseplants, and one of the least demanding in terms of care to grow and flower. To begin with, African violets prefer soils that are evenly moist. Improper watering, especially overwatering, is a primary cause of problems. Allow the soil to dry out only slightly before watering, then water from below. Flush out fertilizer salts with a thorough watering from the top at least once a month. And keep wet foliage out of the sun as the heat can leave marks. Violets are sensitive to extremes in water temperature. Water that's too hot or too cold will cause white rings on the leaves. Allow water to stand overnight to bring it to room temperature and dissipate any chlorine present. To produce constant bloom, apply fertilizer on a regular basis. But don't over do it. Slow- release fertilizers are a practical way to supply safe levels of nutrients at each watering. Violets need strong, bright light but not direct sun. Lack of light curtails blooming and causes leaves to grow upright. Too much light results in leaves that are brittle, scorched, and yellow. Under natural light, an east window is often the best in winter. Northern exposures are better during hot, summer months.

60. The Effects Of Using Hard Water To Grow African Violets
Discussion of the effects of using hard water from the tap to care for your AfricanViolets, Saintpaulia. Effects of Using Hard Water to Grow african violets.
Effects of Using Hard Water to Grow African Violets
Greg wrote: hello my name is greg and I would like to know the effects of growing plants (violets). with hard and soft water. I need to know with works better, and so forth. Thanx Greg
Hi Greg, Violets do need many of the minerals found in hard water, however, the chlorine used in public water systems can be deadly to many houseplants. I strongly recommend that you fill your watering container, and let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours. The chlorine will have dissipated by then, making it somewhat more safe for your plants. I keep several gallon milk bottles filled for watering, and use them as needed. The water will be room temperature, which is much less of a shock to the plant. It is wise to bottom water all house plants, but particularly African violets. Watering from the top can cause crown rot in violets, which is fatal. Never leave your plants sitting in water for more than a couple hours though. This can also be fatal African violets like a great deal of humidity, but not wet leaves and stems. There are many commercial fertilizers especially for violets. For the best plants, you must use one of these products, since violets have very definite requirements for pH and trace elements.

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