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         African Violets:     more books (101)
  1. The Purple Violet of Oshaantu (African Writers Series) by Neshani Andreas, 2001-10-30
  2. The new complete book of African violets by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1963
  3. How to grow African violets (A Sunset book) by Sunset Books (edit.), 1978
  4. Our African violet heritage: A thirty year romance with African violets by Anne Tinari, 1975
  5. Growing to Show, How to Grow Prize Winning African Violets - 1987 publication by Pauln Bartholomw, 1987
  6. African Violets *Leaflet 1 *Counted Cross Stitch) by Lilija Allison (Designs), 1982
  7. African Violet and Gesneriad Questions Answered by 20 Experts
  8. African Violet Magazine Vol 8 No 4 June 1955
  9. African violets (Circular / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service) by John R Culbert, 1966
  10. How to grow African violets: Effective and easy methods for novice and experienced growers by Ronn Nadeau, 1984
  11. GSN Gesneriad Saintpaulia News [ Vol. 25 No. 1, Jan/Feb 1988 ] African Violets and Other Gesneriads (Cover: Magnolia, Vol. 25 No. 1) by GSN, 1988
  12. African Violets by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1951-01-01
  13. African violet the perfect houseplant.: An article from: Prairie Garden by Bonnie Batchelor, 2006-01-01
  14. African Violets, Gloxinias

61. Growing And Repotting Calla Lilies And African Violets
Repotting Calla Lilies, african violets, and other House Plants. Clickto learn more March 8, 1998 Vallery Dietrich wrote I received
Repotting Calla Lilies, African Violets,
and other House Plants
March 8, 1998 Vallery Dietrich wrote:
I received a beautiful Cala Lily from a friend. Yellow blooms. I have only had it for about two weeks. It is still thriving with new leaves forming. However, it is twice as tall as the container and the stems near the soil are turning yellow. Do I repot and how? Do I cut the blooms back at any time? I have an African Violet that I am sure needs repotting. The roots are coming above the soil. I am reluctant to repot/divide because I have killed plants before. Help! Thanks Vallery Dietrich, Outer Banks, NC
If your lily has become root bound, it is easy enough to move it to the next larger size pot by simply removing it from its pot and potting it up. Unlike many plants it is not necessary to loosen or disturb the roots, just place it in the pot and add sufficient soil to fill it to within 3/4 of an inch from the rim. When they are grown in pots Calla lilies (Zantedeschia species) should be kept constantly wet and should be given a weak solution of liquid plant food every 3 weeks while they are showing signs of new growth. Grow them in a sunny window at a temperature of about 70 degrees F. Remove the flowers when they begin to fade. When the plant has finished blooming, allow the foliage to mature and gradually reduce watering until the leaves have all died back. Allow the tubers to rest for two or three months in the dry pot. The tubers of the yellow calla lily (Zantedeschia elliottiana)

62. African Violets Fertilizer
About Us, Dealer Locator, Contact Us. 38-10 - african violets Fertilizer. Aboutfertilizers. Green Plants. Cactus and Succulents. african violets. Bonsaï. Orchids.
About Us Dealer Locator Contact Us African Violets Fertilizer About fertilizers Green Plants Flowers Plants Cactus and Succulents ... Vegetables PURE African Violet fertilizer wilgive your gloxinias et saintpaulias a lush foliage and a constant and abundant flowering. Conception: Les Beaux Jardins

63. African Violets Rebel's Rebels Violets
Rebel's African Violet Page. Welcome to My Web Page!!!! For informationabout the African Violet Society Of Minnesota, click HERE.
Rebel's African Violet Page Welcome to My Web Page!!!! Welcome to the Rebel Violet Page.
Please look at and enjoy my collection of hybrids.
I will be adding new photos as plants come into bloom.
This is the culmination of 15 years of hybridizing.
- Ruth Bann Click HERE to view my Photo Gallery. For information about the African Violet Society Of Minnesota,
click HERE To see the 2002 Spring AVSM( African Violet Society of Minnesota )show,
click HERE Anyone wanting to buy Rebel Plants may
contact the Bluebird Greenhouse at:

4821 - Jesse Drive
Apex, North Carolina 27502
You may also buy Rebel Plants from: Pat Hancock 7132 Shurz Road Middletown, OH 05042 Other sites you might be interested in are: Visit the African Violet Society of America's web site. Visit my son David's web site to see BWCA pictures. Visit my friend Barb's web site. Visit my friend Dolores's web site.

64. African Violets, African Violet Photos, African Violets Images, African Violets
African Violet photos images archive african violets saintpaulia african violets,africanviolet,AFRICAN VIOLET,violet,VIOLET,catalog,saintpaulia,ionantha,house
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Please SUPPORT the African Violet Society of America Photo credits posted if known
Goto the Photo Archives Leaves on Internet the Info, Tips, and Hints Tillandsia Page Goto the African Violets Photo Index of the AVSA Magazine.
to other Great African Violets pages E-mail me at:

65. Information About African Violets
Information about african violets and Self Watering Planters. Beautiful handmadeceramic dual potted planters provides evenly moist soil. african violets.
African Violets
African Violets
Jones, H. C.
The African violet ( Saintpaulia ) is an excellent flowering house plant which will grow and flower under low light intensities found in the average home. Where there is insufficient natural light, they can be grown and flowered successfully entirely under artificial light. Large numbers of different varieties, types and colors available, and the ease with which they can be propagated make this an excellent plant for interior decoration of the home. African violets require about 1000 foot-candles of light for 8 to 12 hours per day for best growth and flowering. However, lower light levels for longer periods of time are also satisfactory. Often, it is possible to tell from their appearance whether light levels are satisfactory. If light is too low, leaves are usually deeper in color and thinner than leaves on plants receiving higher levels of diffused light. Unless light is extremely low, plants may grow well but will flower poorly or not at all. In such instances, supplemental artificial light is helpful in promoting flowering. Excessive light levels cause leaves to be pale or yellowish green, much lighter than normal and some leaves may show dark areas where they have been shaded by other leaves. Growth at high light levels is slowed and plants become more compact, however, although flowering may continue freely for a while it will eventually decrease due to chlorophyll destruction.

66. Country Livin' Creations Self Watering Planters For African Violets
Self Watering Planters for african violets and other house plants. Beautifulhandmade ceramic dual potted planters provides evenly moist soil.
Welcome to Country Livin' Creations
Country Livin' Creations' Favorite Web Site Links! Go Visit them You'll like them! Site Listings below: The Violet Barn - Robs Violets - Click Here Puzzles N Things Neat wooden toys and puzzles
Florals of Fredericks

Commercial greenhouse specializes in African Violets and related gesneriads,
plus soil, pots, fertilizer, pesticides and growing supplies. World wide
shipping approved.
African Violets by Fredericks

800-771-0899 (Orders)
828-349-4832 (Information) 828-349-0923 (FAX) Country Livin' Creations P. O. Box 5023 Corning, CA 96021 E-Mail: Web Design by Webmaster:

67. House Plants: African Violets
african violets. An extremely popular houseplant, african violets are rare in thatthey bloom continuously if properly maintained. FERTILIZING african violets.
About Us
Lawn Care
Garden Care
Fertilizer University ... Site Map
Contact Us
Other House Plants
AFRICAN VIOLET Facts COLORS White, pink, lavender, purple LIGHT Bright light, but not direct sun. A window with eastern exposure is best. SOIL Light and airy to accomodate fine, hairlike roots. WATER Keep evenly moist. Do not allow to dry out. Use room temperature water. Water that is too cold can damage leaves. pH HARDINESS The main cause of problems with African violets is overwatering. USES Popular indoor plant TIP
An extremely popular houseplant, African violets are rare in that they bloom continuously if properly maintained. They have fuzzy, heart-shaped leaves with smooth edges that grow compactly around the flowers, giving the plant a bouquet effect. Leaves are plain or scalloped and green, bronzed or variegated. Flower colors include pale lavender, purple, violet, pink, white, blue, magenta, pink, coral and white. The flowers are about an inch wide. Some are ruffled or fringed, others are bicolored. All have a bright yellow stamen in the center. Standard-size plants grow up to a foot tall. An extremely popular houseplant, African violets are rare in that they bloom continuously if properly maintained.

68. Cape Cod Violetry - African Violets
Mail order supplier of quality african violets, pots, fertalizersand growing supplies for more than 25 years. Cape Cod Violetry.
Cape Cod Violetry
S ince 1971, Cape Cod Violetry has offered the highest quality fresh cut African Violet leaves and plants. We offer over 400 varieties that we classify as:
  • Saintpaulia Species
  • Original Hybrids
  • Cape Cod Violetry Hybrids
  • Unusual Striped Blossom Varieties
  • Unusual Striped Blossom Variety Trailers
  • Green Blossom Varieties
  • Yellow and Ivory Blend Varieties
  • Miniature and Semi-Miniatures
  • ... and Many More!

W e also carry a complete line of growing supplies including "Elisa's African Violet Rings", manufactured by Cape Cod Violetry , "DYNA-GRO" liquid nutrient formulas, "Schultz-Instant" plant foods,"Peters Fertilizers", insecticides, plastic pots from 1-1/4" to 10" diameter, self watering planters, and potting supplies. For our full line catalog send $2.00 to:
Cape Cod Violetry
28 Minot Street
Falmouth, MA 02540
Visit a few of our favorite sites on the WEB.
African Violet Society of Amercia
Bay State African Violet Society

African Violet World


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69. African Violets - Saintpaulia
Growing african violets Quick tips, light requirements, fertilizer,watering, and propagation. Lovely! Types of african violets.
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African Violet: Saintpaulia Quick Tips Watering Propagation Free Violet Clip Art ... Further Reading
Types of African Violets Micro-miniature : less than 3 inches across
: 3 to 6 inches across
: 6 to 8 inches across
: 8 to 16 inches across Large : over 16 inches across Quick Tips - Select the right pot size for the type of violet you've chosen, and always choose a plastic pot. - Keep miniatures constantly moist but not soggy - Use tepid water - Don't wet the leaves - Water smaller pots from the bottom - Fertilize regularly for constant bloom M ost African Violets will bloom constantly if given the right amount of light and nourishment. Bright, filtered light (12 hours per day) is best for constant flowering; artificial lights are widely used by collectors and novice growers. Light from an east window works from September to March, and a north window from March to September. If you grow them in a kitchen window (as I do) beware that cold window panes can damage leaves. Direct sun in winter may keep them flowering prolifically, but summer sun will burn them.

70. Growing African Violets In Colorado Garden - african violets. african violets When Smallis Beautiful. Most importantly, african violets are not violets at all.
a Colorado weekly online magazine March 30, 2003 Free Subscription Search About ... Garden African Violets
African Violets: When Small is Beautiful
By Niki Hayden A shrinking violet may describe a timid and shy individual, but when it comes to African violets, it’s just one of many inaccuracies. Despite their small size, lavish blooms come in brilliant colors with velvety petals. Leaves may be pink and green striped, wavy or fringed. A few can be downright loud and gaudy. Most importantly, African violets are not violets at all. They’re members of the flashy gesneriad family, which includes gloxinias. They do come from Africa, discovered near Lake Tanganyika by a German explorer in 1896, Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire. But current day African violets no longer bear much resemblance to those species plants. Although associated with Victorian décor, they weren’t truly popularized unto the 1920s, when a California greenhouse began to sell them widely. "Some writers have suggested that the popularity in growing African violets coincided with fluorescent lighting," says Doug Crispin, enthusiast and owner of The Violet Showcase in Denver. Violets require about 12 hours of consistent low-level light—perfect candidates for fluorescent bulbs. Most indoor gardeners set up two grow lights in an out-of-the-way place like a basement. The triumph is bringing their violets upstairs when they are studded with flowers. Barbara and Doug bought their shop in 1978 when they supplied violets to the store. As teachers returning home after a stint in the Peace Corps, both discovered few openings in their profession. "We turned a hobby into a business," Doug says, and they have provided African violets and plenty of advice for beginners ever since.

71. 5100 African Violets
5100 african violets. Because of their ease of propagation and ability to flowerthroughout the year, african violets are the most popular houseplant.
5100 African Violets Because of their ease of propagation and ability to flower throughout the year, African violets are the most popular houseplant. African violets must receive the right amount of light to flower properly. If they are not getting enough light, the leaves become thin and develop long stems. They will usually have normal leaf color but will not bloom. If the light is too intense, growth is less vigorous and more compact. Leaves become pale or yellowish green. Often the leaves show darker areas where they have been shaded by other leaves. Flowering is decreased. The night temperature for African violets should be between 65 and 70 degrees F. The day temperature should be 10 to 15 degrees higher than the night temperature. Leaves on plants exposed to low temperatures will first turn dark then appear water soaked and finally die. Plants that are grown on a window sill can be damaged by low temperatures. The soil mixture used for growing African violets should be loose and porous so that it has good drainage. Set small plants in a 2 1/4 or 2 1/2-inch pot. As the plants grow larger, shift them to a 3-inch and later to a 4-inch pot. Establish a definite schedule for watering African violets. The amount of water will vary with the conditions under which the plants are grown. As a general rule, water the plants when the soil surface feels dry to the touch but before it becomes hard or the plants begin to wilt. The water should be room temperature; cold water will cause spots to develop on the leaves. Apply enough water each time to thoroughly saturate the soil. Throw away excess water draining through the bottom of the pot.

72. African Violets
Return to the Gardening in Oz Forum Post a FollowUp african violets.Posted by auzziecarmel Vic. Follow-Up Postings RE african violets.

73. WANTED African Violets Any Kind
WANTED african violets any kind. Posted by msmuddy QLD central (My Page) on Thu,Jan 9, 03 at 2257. FollowUp Postings RE WANTED african violets any kind.

74. Garden Watchdog: Advanced Search
Welcome to the Garden Watchdog Welcome! This is the Garden Watchdog, the mostcomprehensive and authoritative guide to mail order gardening in existence.
Garden Watchdog: Advanced Search
You may restrict your search by location (state and/or country), category, and name. State: Other/Undefinable Alabama Alaska American Samoa Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District Of Columbia Federated States Of Micronesia Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Marshall Island Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Northern Mariana Islands Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Palau Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming - Provinces - Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon Territory Country: United States Afghanistan, Islamic State of Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra, Principality of Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaidjan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia, Kingdom of

75. African Violet And Greenhouse Supplies
african violets Supplies. African Violet Books White African Violet Pots.Heavy plastic, the best available for african violets of all sizes.

Greenhouse Supply
African Violet Books:
Growing to Show by Pauline Bartholomew (1996) The bible of show winners, this 112 page instruction book tells you exactly how to time your violets to perform at show time. It also discusses many of the latest growing techniques and accessories. A very practical book. (4th edition) Stock#313910 (1 lb.) Out of Stock! African Violets: Gifts from Nature by Melvin J. Robey (1988) A splendid big book with complete historical, cultural, propagation, and hybridization information about the African violet and its relatives. The 100 year development of this hobby plant is well documented here. A total of 192 photographs (42 in color) plus many illustrations help visualize the subject. Sixteen chapters, a glossary, and index are included. Stock #381567 (3 lb.) White African Violet Pots Heavy plastic, the best available for African violets of all sizes. The 3.5 and 4 inch pots have wide, rolled rims to protect the leaf stems (petioles) from sharp edges. #300482, 2 1/4" 25 pack,
#300483, 2.5", 25 pack

76. Psybersquare African Violets
One day the patient mentioned that her one remaining pleasure was growingand tending to her african violets. What are YOUR african violets?

77. CBS News | Have No Fear Of African Violets | March 14, 2003 21:37:50
Email This StoryE-mail This Story Printable VersionPrintable VersionHave No Fear Of african violets NEW YORK, March 15, 2003 (CBS/AP), U.S. World Politics ... CBS News i-Video March 14, 2003 21:37:50 Living HealthWatch Leisure Series ...
Section Front

E-mail This Story Printable Version
Have No Fear Of African Violets
NEW YORK, March 15, 2003
(CBS) There's something about African violets that can intimidate even the most experienced gardener.
The Saturday Early Show.
The African violet is a tough little plant and can often live happily and easily for decades. It is also inexpensive and makes a great gift that will last a very long time.
The Saturday Early Show asked Stephen Orr some questions about caring for the African Violets and some common misconceptions of the plant:
African violets have a reputation as being difficult to grow. Is that really the case? No, they're not hard to grow. In fact, they are hard to kill. The trick is making them happy enough to re-bloom regularly. How many different types of African violets are there on the market today? There are hundreds of varieties, with new ones being bred every year. Some of the different types are: Standard (variegated, ruffled, etc.), Miniature, Trailing, Chimeras (with unique color patterns and combinations). Are African violets related to regular violets?

78. African Violets
african violets. african violets African Violet Connection A mailgroup dedicated to people that grow and show african violets.

General Gardening


Organic Gardening


African Violets African Violet Connection
A mail group dedicated to people that grow and show African Violets. African Violet Society of America
International organization. Information about African violets and other gesneriads. African Violets
From Aggie Horticulture. Common Diseases of African Violet Oakville African Violet Society Rob's Mini-O-Lets
Unusual show quality african violets and gesneriads. Room of Saintpaulia Photographs of the saintpaulia which I grew, the exhibition in Japan, and the appearance of the contest. The African Violet Society of America The Humako group saintpaulia, chimera, taita, opti ballet, genvar

79. Mother Millennia - African Violets - Thelma Foster
african violets Are My Inheritance by Thelma Foster November 1994 This is a memoirwritten for my children and heirs. But oh how the african violets loved it!
African Violets Are
My Inheritance

Thelma Foster
November 1994
This is a memoir
written for my
children and heirs
How my mother would smile, if she knew of my African violet activities!
She always enjoyed flowers, and grew them in flower beds and pots everywhere possible. I remember huge gladioluses, delphiniums, dahlias, and zinnias. She and her friends exchanged dahlia roots and gladiolus tubers just as my friends and I exchange and share violet leaves and plants.
In 1970 Mom and Dad moved to Golden West Manor, in Boulder. Their corner apartment had a southern and western exposure, chosen specifically because my mother always felt cold. Even with this warm exposure, she kept the thermostat set at 80 to 82 degrees, making it very uncomfortable for others. But oh how the African violets loved it! They were the envy of her friends and neighbors. She gave them leaves. Time after time, she asked me to take baby plants. I always declined, citing lack of knowledge and a well-lighted place for them. In 1978 she and I went to a local flower shop to choose a Mother's Day gift for her. She chose a very sad African violet, because she felt it needed her help, and passed up the healthier, happier ones. (In 1994 I still have that plant, Ballet Lisa an unusually fine bright pink variety.) When she died in 1983, I inherited the violets. I felt inundated by violets, and gave away many, but kept Ballet Lisa which I frequently propagate and share with other growers, who are interested in keeping the exceptionally good, older varieties going.

80. Gallery Renee Denise - African Violets
African Violet Plants, Candles and Hand Painted Jewelry. Plants. Candles. Setof 2 votive candles, 2 X 2 1/2 . African Violet Blossoms $ 9.00 for set of 2. Violets.htm
African Violets


Italian Posters

World War II Posters
Norwegian Rosemaling

African Violets African Violet Plants, Candles and Hand Painted Jewelry Plants Thanks for looking at our site. You have come to the right place for healthy and vigorous plants. We ship leaves, and starter plants. Please return after April 1, 2003 when we will again start shipping. Candles Set of 2 votive candles, 2"X 2 1/2" African Violet Blossoms $ 9.00 for set of 2 Set of 2 votive candles, 2"X 2 1/2" Geranium Blossoms $ 9.00 for set of 2 Candle, 3"X 2 1/2" African Violet Blossoms $ 8.00 each Candle, 3"X 2 1/2" Geranium Blossoms $ 8.00 each Candle, 6"X 2 1/2" $ 11.00 each African Violet Blossom $ 11.00 each Hand Painted Jewelry Pair of Earrings $ 30.00 Pin $20.00

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