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         African Zoos:     more books (65)
  1. Bushbabies: Young African Wildlife, a Visual Celebration by Nigel Dennis, Roger de la Harpe, 2002-12-01
  2. The Kruger National Park: Wonders of an African Eden by BHB International, Nigel Dennis, et all 1997-07
  3. South African Eden by James Stevenson-Hamilton, 1993-09-30
  4. Baboons: Survivors Of The African Continent (BBC/Discovery Channel) by Louise Barrett, 2001-01-01
  5. Baby African Animals by Kelly Doudna, 2008-07
  6. An African Game Ranger on Safari by Don Cowie, 2006-03-31
  7. Safari Lodges - Southern African (Spanish Edition) by Peter Joyce, 1998-02
  8. Guide to Southern African Game and Nature Reserves by Chris Stuart, Tilde Stuart, 1995-05-01
  9. Southern African Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide by Mike Unwin, 2003-01
  10. Where is the American Negro going?: Looking up man in the zoo's who's who by Thomas Kirksey, 1937
  11. Ultimate African Wildlife by Nigel Dennis, 2006-02-05
  12. African Savanna (One Small Square) by Paul Giganti, 1999-10
  13. Guide to East African Game and Nature Reserves by Chris Stuart, Tilde Stuart, 1996-10-01
  14. International Zoo Yearbook : Vol 23 : Birds of Prey by Mike Corbishly, 1984-01-01

41. Zoos, Zoological And Wildlife Parks, Ontario, Canada - Jus4fun In Ontario
Explore areas such as the awardwinning african Savanna, the largest indoor Gorilla wonderthe Toronto Zoo, one of North America’s top 10 zoos, was recently






Balloon Rides

Boat Tours
Helicopter Tours Houseboats ... Zoos LEISURE TIME Attractions Festivals Historical Sites Museums ... Wine Tours FOR THE SPORTS FAN Adventure Tours ATV Adventures Auto Racing Canoe/Kayaking ... Snowshoeing WHERE TO STAY Hotels/Motels Resorts Cottages Camping ... Hostels ADVENTURES Balloon Rides Boat Tours Helicopter Tours Houseboats ... Zoos LEISURE TIME Attractions Festivals Historical Sites Museums ... Wine Tours FOR THE SPORTS FAN Adventure Tours ATV Adventures Auto Racing Canoe/Kayaking ... Snowshoeing Zoos/Wildlife Parks Go Wild at the African Lion Safari! This drive through wildlife park is home to over 1,000 exotic birds and animals roaming freely in large Game Reserves! Use your own vehicle or take a guided tour on our air-conditioned Safari Tour Bus (additional charge). View live bird and animal shows, two nature tours, Misumu Bay Wet Play (seasonal, height restrictions apply) and Pets' Corner. Open April 26 to October 13, 2003. Call for hours of operation. 1-800-461-WILD (9453) or (519) 623-2620.

42. Blackpool Zoo - The Height Of Excitement
Federation of zoos Members with african Elephants Loxodonta africana. Collection.Male. Female. 3. 15. NonFederation zoos with african Elephants. Blair Drummon. 0.3.
Tel: 020-7586 0230 Fax: 020-7722 4427
Zoos recognise that welfare standards, which have been evolving rapidly over the last 10 years, need to be continually reviewed. The guidelines define and recommend current best practice in all aspects of elephant welfare including nutrition, breeding, training and keeper safety. These guidelines are to be circulated to members of the Zoos Forum*, for consideration. It is hoped that the Forum, which includes representatives from leading animal welfare organisations, will endorse the guidelines and it is widely expected that zoos throughout Europe will adopt them. The document is the result of extensive consultation over a three-year period with all UK elephant collections, and brings together the expertise of zoo managers and keepers, veterinarians, zoo biologists, nutritionists and educationalists and others. The publication contains mandatory procedures with which all Federation zoos must comply.

43. The Parrot Pages - Avian Link Center - Zoos
The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Pretoria. The National Zoo israted as one of the top zoos in the world. african LION SAFARI Online
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The Parrot Pages - Avian Link Center
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Acrylic Bird Cages...
we will build acrylic habitat displays for zoos and other educational centers that have limited budgets. Submit your proposal... ...
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Honolulu Zoo...
Aloha!  E Komo Mai ("Come In") Arriving this Fall: 2 new male cheetahs Trek through the African Savanna where you become a part of the animals' habitat.... 278 pages found, 37 links found, 532 score
The Preservation Station - home to the US Barbary Lion Project...
Help Us Raise Money for the Barbary Lions! Click on the Lollipop Below!    JUDAH AND SARABI SELECTED FOR DNA TESTING BY WILDLINK!!... 28 pages found, 28 links found, 135 score
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Acrylic Bird Cages...
we will build acrylic habitat displays for zoos and other educational centers that have limited budgets. Submit your proposal... ...

44. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On African Safari Wildlife Park At
zoos Aquariums Advanced Search. african Safari Wildlife Park, africanSafari Wildlife Park. Overall
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African Safari Wildlife Park
Overall rating:
Reviewed by 2 Epinions users - Write a review No Prices Available View Details Read Reviews Subscribe to reviews on this product
View Details Address
267 Lightner Rd
Port Clinton, OH 43452 Open May - September Contact Information Phone Web Site More Information

    The Midwest's Only Drive Thru Safari!
    Open Memorial Day thru Labor Day.
    See the Giant Eland, the largest antelope on Earth!
    See the Warthogs, the UGLIEST animals on Earth.
View manufacturer web site Return to top Featured Resources Additional information on African Safari Wildlife Park and other products. All Inclusive Guest Ranch Dude Ranch offering premier horseback riding vacations Thomson Family Adventures Worldwide vacations for families traveling with children. Cheap Travel Deals Package Rates including Air, Car and Hotels - Book Travelocity! Help Member Center Privacy Statement Site Index ...

45. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Wildlife Parks Zoos
We found 17 results for Wildlife Parks zoos Aquariums. Animal Park 1 review CompareWildlife Safari Wildlife Safari 3 reviews Compare african Safari Wildlife

46. African Conservation Foundation - Campaigns And Petitions - Stop Import Of More
Two zoos - the San Diego Zoo in California and the Lowry Park Zoo in Florida are planning to import from Africa a total of eleven elephants, to live out the rest of their lives in captivity. This plan is in the works even though there are 300 elephants in captivity already in the United States. , the same park that took in dozens of baby elephants in 1994 after their families were slaughtered in a cull at Kruger National Park in South Africa. It would be a cruel irony if the same traumatized orphans who were relocated to Hlane to live out the rest of their lives in peace and freedom end up being traumatized yet again captured, shipped overseas, and condemned to live the rest of their lives in tiny, barren zoo enclosures. No elephant should be removed from the wild for public display.
Let the directors of these zoos know that importing elephants from the wild for public display is unacceptable.

47. Zoos And Sanctuaries
Library zoos Your gateway to all things zoo related on the Internet! Welcome toSafari West! SAFARI WEST provides a unique opportunity to see african animals
Home Page Ontario Curriculum Teacher Resources Libraries ... Themes
Zoos and Sanctuaries
** There were too many individual zoo sites to be able to list them all here individually. To get a complete listing, check the listings for Global Zoo Directory, ZooLinks and The World-Wide Web Virtual Library : Zoos.

  • African Lion Safari is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation. The manner of exhibiting animals is completely different from the traditional approach; that is, the visitor is caged in the car , and the animals roam in 2 to 20 hectare (5 to 50 acre) reserves.
  • Alderville Endangered Animal Sanctuary

  • For more than 20 years the Endangered Animal Sanctuary has been taking in and caring for animals that have been injured, abandoned, or mistreated. Read all about it here.
  • Cat Tales - Endangered Species Park

  • A wonderful site with oodles of information!
  • Chester Zoo
    Endangered Animals Program

  • The North Carolina Zoological Park participates in eight Species Survival Plan programs: lowland gorilla, southern white rhinoceros, Grevy zebra, Bali mynah, chimpanzees, elephants, cranes, and red wolf.
  • Friends of the Prairie Learning Center

  • This center on the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge has information on the plants and animals of the prairie, as well as info on restoration and preservation of prairies.

    48. European Association Of Zoos And Aquaria - EAZA
    Pan african Sanctuary Alliance. The Pan african Sanctuary Allianc (PASA)presents twelve sanctuaries (the majority of african sanctuaries
    Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
    The Pan African Sanctuary Allianc (PASA) presents twelve sanctuaries (the majority of African sanctuaries) and its membership is likely to grow further. PASA provides a network through which African sanctuaries can join forces to lobby, fundraise, exchange information and promote their work. The alliance also provides the means through which international standards can be formulated, such as veterinary and housing protocols, to ensure as high as possible a standard of work is achieved by all sanctuaries. Click here to download the whole document

    49. European Association Of Zoos And Aquaria - BUSHMEAT CAMPAIGN VI
    Petition. to the European Parliament and african leaders We, the undersigned,ask the leaders of african countries to make a commitment

    50. Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Subject Guide To Selected Internet Resources
    african Art Organizations Galleries african Art Organizations Libraries africanArt Organizations Museums african Art Special See zoos and Aquariums.
    Subject Guide to Selected Internet Resources
    Search All Internet Resource Pages
    Browse Internet Resources Pages by Subject Area
    Aeronautics. See Also Space Sciences
    Aeronautics: Smithsonian Institution Resources
    Aeronautics: General
    Aeronautics: Art
    Aeronautics: Education
    Aeronautics: Organizations: Associations, Societies
    Aeronautics: Organizations: Libraries, Archives
    Aeronautics: Organizations: Museums
    Aeronautics: Organizations: U.S. Government
    Aeronautics: Other Resources
    African Art
    African Art: Smithsonian Institution Resources
  • African Art: African Artists
  • African Art: African Artists: By Geographical Region
    African Art: Bibliography African Art: Electronic Discussion Groups African Art: Exhibitions African Art: General Resources on African Arts African Art: Journals African Art: Organizations African Art: Organizations: Booksellers African Art: Organizations: Galleries African Art: Organizations: Libraries African Art: Organizations: Museums African Art: Special Topics
    American History
    American History: Smithsonian Institution Resources American History: General American History: Political History Resources
  • 51. Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Internet Subject Guide - Zoos And Aquaria.
    zoos and Aquariums Bibliography Agricola The National Agricultural Library'sbibliographic database; african Elephant Database; Canadian Wildlife Service
    Subject Guide to Resources in Zoos and Aquariums
    Zoos and Aquariums: Bibliography

    52. Switch Now And Save The Earth While You Surf!
    Grimm and Mitchell want people thinking about traveling to South Africa to send emailto the South african Tourist Board (SATOUR) stating Most zoos sell their
    w Home Check Mail Tech Support Suggestions/Feedback ... Download EcoISP
    Action Alerts
    Archived Articles

    Nevada Desert Grazing

    Windfarm on Cape Cod

    Chemical Security

    Snake River Dams

    Species on the Brink
    Alabama Carnivorous Plant
    Bactrian Camel Endangered Shrimp Farms Harm Mangroves Malaysian Tigers Spared ... West African Gorilla Sanctuary Resources at Risk 4,000 Acre Ranch America Losing Farmland Lake Tahoe Restoration African Transfrontier Parks ... Coral Reefs Under Seige Good News PA Hotels Certified Green Solar Array in Brooklyn Habitat for Rare Species Moon Trees Across America ... UK Certifies State Forests Action Alerts Vegan Anti-Whaling Ship Hawaiians and Johnston Atoll Alternative to Petroleum Space for Peace ... Climate Change Action Get Outdoors Tallgrass Aspen Park Mountain Lion Country The Worth of a Bird in the Hand From the Redwoods to the Sea ... Secret of Kartchner Caverns South Africans Try to Put a Lid on Canned Hunts LYDENBURG, South Africa , April 10, 2002 (ENS) - Trapped behind an electric fence, the lion is no match for the wealthy trophy hunter. The gun is fired, the animal crumples - another canned hunt is over, all but the stuffing and mounting. The target lions confined in fenced areas - the cans - are captive bred, often hand fed and familiar with people. They do not show the natural tendency of lions to flee from humans. These tame targets are often drugged at the time of the canned hunts. The hunters are guaranteed their trophies and the game ranches their fees, reportedly up to US$100,000 per trophy.

    53. African Wild Dog (Cape Hunting Dog)  (Tri-colored Dog)
    Their ears are large and pointed upright. Temperament. The african WildDog is not a domesticated dog. They live in the wild and in zoos.
    African Wild Dog
    (Cape Hunting Dog) (Tri-colored Dog) African Wild Dogs in their natural habit.
    Photos taken in the Okawango Delta in Botswana in 1998.
    Photo Courtesy of Bernadette Pronunciation African Wild Dog
    Description The African Wild Dog has spotted coloration on their coat. It is sufficiently unique that no two animals have the same pattern. They have very good eye site and, unlike other canids, they hunt only by sight and not by scent. Their body is thin and strongly muscled with long, thin legs. Their ears are large and pointed upright. Temperament Height, Weight Length of body is 30 - 40 inches (71 - 85 cm.)
    The tail is 12-16 inches (31-41cm.) long.
    Weight: 44 to 60 pounds (20.5 - 27 kg.)
    Health Problems Living Conditions The African Wild Dog live outdoors. They are an undomesticated breed living in Africa and in zoos. Exercise This wild dog has great endurance; on the final part of the hunt they can reach speeds of up to 37 mph. Life Expectancy About 10 years. Grooming Origin The African Wild Dog is considered an endangered species. They can be found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert in areas of semi-desert to mountainous and in zoos. Group Recognition African Wild Dog Books Running Wild : Dispelling the Myths of the African Wild Dog African Wild Dogs in their natural habit.

    54. Elephant Free UK Goals
    Evidence suggests that zoos at present offer little hope for the preservationof either the african or the Asian elephant species.

    RSPCA Report
    Elephant Free UK!
    The Born Free Foundation's short-term and long-term aims are as follows:
    Addresses used on this page
    SHORT-TERM 1. Make all urban zoos elephant-free!
    London, Bristol and Edinburgh Zoos have recognised that the conditions in urban zoos do not provide elephants with adequate conditions. The Born Free Foundation would like to see other zoos such as Dudley and Blackpool follow London's example and move their elephants (2 African elephants and 4 Asian elephant respectively) to larger, more tolerable, parkland enclosures. ACTION: Write to Dudley Zoo and Blackpool Zoo politely asking them to consider following the example of London Zoo and seek a more tolerable existence for their elephants. 2. Improve the welfare of captive elephants

    55. African Savanna Animal Facts National Zoo/ FONZ
    words describing herds of quagga (Equus quagga) roaming South african plains. In1861, the last wild quagga was shot. Several survived in zoos for another 20

    56. African Wild Dog Info
    Rarely seen in North American zoos, the african wild dog is known by severalcommon names including Cape hunting dog, painted dog and painted wolf.
    Rarely seen in North American zoos, the African wild dog is known by several common names including Cape hunting dog, painted dog and painted wolf.
    The numbers of African wild dogs has shrunk precipitously in the wild, due to loss and fragmentation of habitat, diseases such as distemper and rabies, and their destruction by humans as a "pest-control" measure in an effort to protect livestock. Historically ranging over much of the African plains, this often maligned animal calls the scrubby savanna home in limited enclaves located in sub-Saharan Africa. Viable populations now live in Tanzania, northeastern South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and small areas of Namibia, Angola and Zambia, in national parks and other protected areas.
    Currently fewer than 6,000 exist in the wild.
    View a video clip of the African wild dogs greeting one another. They are very vocal animals, using chirps and twitters to communicate. Lo-Speed Hi-Speed Mpeg SPREAD THE WORD!!

    57. Animal Fact Sheets
    To enhance the captive breeding of african elephants, zoos are working toward constructingmore facilities capable of handling aggressive african bull elephants
    back African Elephant
    Loxodonta africana Classification and Range
    The African elephant, the largest living land mammal, belongs to the family Elephantidae, which includes only one other smaller relative, the Asian (or Indian) elephant. African elephants once ranged from south of the Sahara Desert to northern South Africa. Today, African elephants are now mostly confined to parks and reserves. Habitat
    African elephants are native to a wide variety of habitats including semi-desert scrub, open savannas and dense forest regions. Their habitat ranges from sea level to 16,000 feet (4,877 m).
    If you like this animal and find it particularly fascinating you can adopt it Head/Body Length and Shoulder Height
    Adult length: 18-24 feet (5.5-7.3 m)
    Adult height: 10-13 feet (3-4 m) (2.5-3 m)

    58. Museums And Zoos
    african Wildlife and Conservation Guide to Internet Resources About AWC. Museums andZoos American Museum of Natural History. Archeological Institute of America.
    African Wildlife and Conservation
    Guide to Internet Resources
    Home Organizations - Libraries - Slide Libraries Video Resources Universities Online News ... Read Today's African Environmental Headlines - Search AWC - Email AWC - Add URL New Links Organizations Alphabetically C ategory
    • Funding Organizations Communit y C o nse r vation Species Protection
    Research Wildlife Libraries Multimedia Resources News
    • Online Publications Magazines
    National Parks and Reserves
    • Alphabetically By Country
    Opportunities Species Information About AWC
    Museums and Zoos
    American Museum of Natural History Archeological Institute of America Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Cleveland Museum of Natural History Connecticut State Museum of Natural History Denver Museum of Natural History Friends of The National Zoo Hillwood Museums and Gardens Houston Museum of Natural Science Mattatuck Museum Memphis Brooks Museum Milwaukee Public Museum Minneapolis Institute of Arts Missouri Botanical Garden Morris Arboretum Museum of Culture and Natural History Museum of Science, Boston

    59. Zoocheck Canada Inc. - Zoos In Ontario: An Investigative Report - Appendix C - A
    with three main areas a safari park with mainly african animals, a birds A jointcheetah conservation programme is being undertaken with other Canadian zoos.
    African Lion Safari
    Cambridge, Ontario
    31 July 1995
    Species Observed Baboon (30+), Ring-tailed lemur, various monkey species Bengal tiger (4), African lion (6+), Cheetah (3), Black bear (9), Otter Asian elephant (7), White rhinocerous (3), Rothschild's giraffe (5), Bactrian camel (5), Eland (12+), Nilgai (12+), Zebra (12+), Fallow deer (50+), Sika deer (100+), Elk (30+), Llama (6+), Mouflon sheep (15+), Barbary sheep (40+), North Amercian bison (40+), Yak (40+), Pygmy goat (12+), Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig (3) Ostrich (6+), Rhea (8+), various raptor species, various parrot species Accommodation This zoo is a mixed collection with three main areas: a safari park with mainly African animals, a birds-of-prey collection and show, and performing Asian elephants. The parrots are housed in modern enclosures with some enrichment. The burrowing owls are in a very small cage too close to the public. Many of the raptors are tethered on perches. The animals in the safari park have barns and sheltered areas into which they are ushered at night and during the winter, but these were not inspected.

    60. PETA's Animal Times >> The African Slave Trade
    Never, ever support circuses, zoos or safari parks that imprison elephants. Actorand comedian Richard Pryor asked South african President Nelson Mandela to
    Sheryl Lee Takes a Swipe at Animal Acts Blood on His Hands PETA Calls Truce in Pepper Pie War Kicked, Cursed, and Butchered Alive ... Frightened to Death T As we go to press, the South African supreme court is reviewing the case. The elephants remain at the warehouse, under the control of the mahouts. The trunks of two of the babies were mysteriously cut, nearly severing one of them. Another elephant has been blinded in one eye, apparently by a whip.
      Dr. Pallo Jordan, Minister for Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa; fax: 011-27-12-323-5181 World Wildlife Fund, ave. du Mool-Blanc, CH-1196, Gland, Switzerland;
      tel.: 41-22-364-91-11;
      fax: 41-22-364-53-58.

    The Washington Post The Pretoria Star and The Observer (U.K.).
    PETA's Animal Times Sheryl Lee Takes a Swipe at Animal Acts Blood on His Hands PETA Calls Truce in Pepper Pie War Kicked, Cursed, and Butchered Alive Please Don't Eat Babe How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend The African Slave Trade Catch-and-Release Isn't Kind Frightened to Death People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
    501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510; 757-622-PETA

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