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         Aging & Nutrition:     more books (100)
  1. Potential for Nutritional Modulation of the Aging Process (Publications in food science and nutrition) by Donald K. Ingram, 1991-05
  2. Nutrition, aging, and health (Contemporary issues in clinical nutrition)
  3. Investing in Your Health: Successful Aging Through Fitness and Nutrition by G. Siegfried Kutter, 2000-03
  4. Sedentary Life and Nutrition (Aging) (Vol 38) by Fabrizio Fabris, Luigi Pernigotti, 1990-12
  5. Nutrition and aging: A selected bibliography by Barbara Elaine St. Clair, 1982
  6. Nutrition and Aging (Bristol-Myers Nutrition Symposic Series Vol 5) by Martha Hutchinson, 1986-12
  7. Don't Get Thin Get Healthy by Loraine Holden, 2005-06-30
  8. Human Nutrition: A Comprehensive Treatise Volume 6: Nutrition, Aging, and the Elderly (v. 6)
  9. Nutrition and aging: A selected annotated bibliography, 1964-1972 by Margaret D. Simko, 1973-01-01
  10. Nutrition and Aging (Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series: Pediatric Program)
  11. Nutrition and aging: Proceedings of the 1988 International Conference on Nutrition and Aging, held in Galveston, Texas, October 5-7, 1988 (Progress in clinical and biological research)
  12. Alcohol and Coffee Use in the Aging (Modern Nutrition)
  13. Handbook of Nutrition, Health, and Aging by Donald M. Watkin, 1983-01
  14. Nutrition, Stress, and Aging (Stress in Modern Society) by Donald R. Morse, Robert L. Pollack, 1988-01

21. American Dietetic Association Positions Index
MEDICAL EDUCATION. PUBLIC HEALTH. FANSA STATEMENTS. aging. nutrition, aging,and the continuum of care. J Am Diet Assoc 2000;100580. (Expires 2003).
Home Knowledge Center Nutrition Resources Member Log In Search Find a Dietitian (Enter ZIP)
American Dietetic Association Positions Index
ADA Positions and FANSA Statements
Updated January 2003
Position Development Information and Forms
Detail for the following positions is available in hard copy format. E-mail your request to Requests must have your name, address and position title for response. To view files with this icon , please make sure you have a copy of the Acrobat Reader. To download a copy of this free software, go to
J Am Diet Assoc 2000;100:580. (Expires 2003) Liberalized diets for older adults in long-term care
PDF Version

J Am Diet Assoc 2002;102:1316-1323. (Expires December 2005) CHILD NUTRITION Breaking the barriers to breastfeeding
PDF Version

J Am Diet Assoc 2001;101:1213 (Expires 2004) Child and adolescent food and nutrition programs.
J Am Diet Assoc 1996;96: 913. (Reaffirmed, an update paper will be published in 2002.)

22. Testimony Presented At The U.S .Administration On Aging Listening Session
The Act calls for a group of professionals in aging and nutrition to develop minimumcriteria of efficiency and quality for home delivered meal services.
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Testimony presented at the U.S .Administration on Aging Listening Session
Remarks by Jennifer H. Drzik, MS, RD, LD
Nutrition Program Manager, Maryland Department of Aging
Regarding the Development of New Regulations for the Older Americans Act
Washingtonm, D.C.
Tuesday, December 4, 2001
Hello, my name is Jennifer Drzik. I am the state nutritionist at the Maryland State Unit on Aging. As a state nutritionist, I have had first hand experience implementing the Older Americans Act, specifically nutrition services provided by area agencies in Maryland. As part of my responsibilities, I have to advise our AAAs how to provide these services while complying with the Act and assist them in implementing new regulations. Maryland has 19 area agencies serving seniors in both in urban and rural settings, making each of the AAAs unique from one another. However, one commonality of all AAAs is the nutrition program. I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you today about several components of the Older Americans Act's 2000 reauthorization and it's impact on the nutrition services provided to Maryland's seniors.
Sec 337
In my five years working as a state nutritionist I have valued the input and exchange of information with other state nutritionists. I, as I think many other states, do not have other dietetic colleagues within our agencies and must rely on support and sharing with our counterparts in other state units. Although our states have their differences, we all face similar challenges in carrying out our jobs and find great resources in each other. The Act calls for a group of professionals in aging and nutrition to develop minimum criteria of efficiency and quality for home delivered meal services. I would find a group of this nature to be very beneficial to nutritionists at the state level, not only for home delivered meals but all nutrition services.

23. The Health Library — Senior Health
aging and Sexual Health Benefits Caregiving Death and Dying Endof-LifeDecisions Exercise Grief Health Care Home Care Hospice nutrition
Diseases and Disorders Use these links to jump directly to your topic of interest: Aging Aging and Sexual Health Benefits Caregiving ... Senior Resources Senior Health: Page 2 Senior Resources Administration on Aging (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Elderweb National Institute on Aging ... State Agencies on Aging:Administration on Aging Benefits Medicare:MEDLINEplus Medicare Information Your Guide to Government Benefits and Assistance:GovBenefits Benefits CheckUp:National Council on the Aging ... Prescription Drug Discount Card Programs for Seniors:Right to Know [PDF] Aging Aging: What Is It?:Aetna InteliHealth Life Extension: Science or Science Fiction?:National Institute on Aging In Search of the Secrets of Aging:National Institute on Aging Hearts and Arteries, What Scientists are Learning about Age and the Cardiovascular System:National Institute on Aging ... Why We Age : What Science Is Discovering About the Body's Journey Through Life:netLibrary Index to Senior Health Topics Alzheimer's Disease Hearing Aids Angina Heart Attack ... Glaucoma Health Care Seniors' Health (General):MEDLINEplus Senior Health:National Institutes of Health Staying Healthy at 50+:Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Behavior, Health, and Aging:netLibrary

24. MEDLINEplus: Nutrition For Seniors
Law and Policy Elderly nutrition Program (Administration on aging). OrganizationsAmerican Dietetic Association; National Institute on aging.
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Nutrition for Seniors
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Nutrition for Seniors
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  • 25. Nutrition And Aging
    Provides information on food safety, healthy meals and snacks, children adolescents,nutrition aging, disease, pregnancy, sports nutrition, eating disorders

    Seek Wellness Homepage

    Search Seek Wellness

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T


    Health Consumerism

    Mental Health

    Pelvic Health Incontinence Men's Sexual Problems Prostate Health Center Women's Sexual Problems Conditions Centers Addison's Disease Arthritis Eating Disorders Gout ... Heart Disease Other Send us email New Incontinence Treatment Our Client List Add Us to Your Favorites Products Good For You Weight Loss Pros-Tect Men's Health Bars Zestra for Women Deferol for Climax Control Our Book Picks Diane Newman's new book: Seek Wellness at our Bookstore Nutrition Center What's New Overview Food Safety Healthy Meals and Snacks ... Resources
    Nutrition Center
    Nutrition and Aging
    Contents Antioxidants for Memory The Elderly Nutrition Program Growing Older, Eating Better

    26. Dr. Cranton's BestVitamins Catalog
    EDTA chelation therapy, nutrition, antiaging, chronic fatigue syndrome, human growth hormone (HGH), and mercury detoxification.
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    27. International Academy Nutrition And Aging
    The International Academy of nutrition aging aims to contribute, in a practicalway, to knowledge of problems concerning nutrition and aging and to the
    The Academy is involved in the following areas: research, scientific publication and distribution, workshops, training programs. On this web-site, you will find:
    its members and initiatives,
    the contents and abstracts of The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, the official journal of the Academy,
    the programs of congresses and workshops organized under the
    auspices of the Academy,
    details on the free newsletter which we distribute.
    Click here.

    Click here to find the contents and the abstracts of :
    JNHA volume 7, number 2, 2003

    JNHA volume 7, number 1, 2003
    JNHA volume 6, number 6, 2002 JNHA volume 6, number 5, 2002 ... Click here to find out the Preliminary Program as well as the list of the Accepted Abstracts. An online registration form is also available, you are cordially invited to fill it in. This minisite created on: September 5th, 2000 Latest update: March 18th, 2003

    28. New Nutritional Guidelines For Seniors 70 And Older
    New food guide pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture's Human nutrition Research Center on aging.
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    New Nutritional Guidelines for Seniors 70 and Older
    Healthy adults ages 70 and over should follow different nutritional guidelines than other people, according to a new food guide pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. The well-known food pyramid groups foods together by type and recommended number of servings per day. In general, the food guide pyramid for healthy older adults is narrower than the original pyramid, recognizing that seniors usually need less energy and therefore usually eat less. The bread, cereal, rice and pasta group forms the base of the original food guide pyramid. But the pyramid for older adults is based on at least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water each day. The emphasis on fluids is due to older adults’ reduced sense of thirst that can lead to drinking less fluid. This two-quart daily fluid intake can include juice, milk and non-caffeinated soft drinks and beverages, as well as water. However, alcohol and drinks containing caffeine can cause the body to lose fluids and become dehydrated. Dehydration can make kidney function and constipation worse. Another key difference from the original food guide pyramid is the flag at the top to indicate a recommendation for the dietary supplements calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B-12. These supplements are sometimes recommended because older adults eat less and do not absorb and process nutrients as efficiently as younger people.

    29. Aging - Health Topics And Medical News Stories
    for the aging and the University at Albany, School of Social Welfare PanAmericanHealth Organization (PAHO) Tufts University Center on nutrition Communication
    English site German site April 3, 2003

    Health Centers
    HealthandAge Network
    Primer on Aging
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    Extra Large
    About Us
    1. Our credo: "Health at Every Age" Our HealthandAge website is both a statement and an invitation.
    The statement: We believe that aging - so long considered as something unpleasantly inevitable to be ignored for as long as possible - is in fact a life-long process that already starts at birth. This ongoing process should be examined from this new angle, and the resulting information distilled into practical educational guidelines on understanding, avoiding and treating illnesses at different stages throughout life. This statement finds expression in the wide range of articles we publish on this admittedly complex subject. The invitation is addressed to all of you who visit our site, whether ordinary citizen or health professional: join in the dialogue, let us have your opinion - we value it. 2. Where do we come from?

    30. Nutrition And Wholesale Quality Supplements
    Antiaging and nutritional products, including a homeopathic growth hormone spray.

    31. Tufts Nutrition
    Established in 1981 with the mission of bringing together biomedical, social, political, and behavioral Category Reference Education Massachusetts Tufts University...... nutrition Research Center on aging at Tufts University is the world's preeminentinstitution focussing uniquely on the interaction between nutrition on aging.
    Search: School Publications External Relations Research Friedman School of Nutrition Publications External Relations Research
    Featured on Tufts Nutrition
    To Snack Or Not To Snack
    Genetics may play a role in determining why some people can avoid tempting foods until they're hungry and others can't, says Tufts Nutrition expert Susan Roberts. Find out more about the relationship between restraint towards food and obesity.
    Student Internships
    Student internships are an integral part of the graduate student's learning experience at the Friedman Nutrition School. Find out how to get involved and learn about former interns' experiences!
    Building toward the Future
    Join us on April 7 for a celebration of the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, followed by the 2003 Stanley N. Gershoff Symposium. Register now!

    32. Aging Well Village
    Health and wellness for mature adults seeking to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. nutrition, fitness, healing, medications, and safety.

    New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund

    HEADLINES You Can Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
    - People who are overweight or obese, have a family history of diabetes or have an inactive lifestyle are the most prone to diabetes. What can you do? Eating well and improving your fitness can reduce your risk of diabetes NEW! Recipes for You Try Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sweet and Sour Seashells, Tuna Salad and Chicken Marsala new recipes from Aging Well Village. More about Eating Well : Many older people have have difficulties with eating. Here are some easy ideas for Eating Well as We Age NEW! Stay Healthy - Evidence shows that some of the leading causes of death in the United States, such as heart disease, cancer and stroke often can be prevented by improving personal health habits. Here's What You Can Do To Stay Healthy NEW! Depression What Is Depression? Depression is a common illness that can affect anyone. It's not just "feeling blue" or "down in the dumps." And it's more than being sad or feeling grief after a loss. Depression is a treatable medical disorder. NEW!

    33. Upcoming Events @ Tufts Nutrition
    24, 2003 400 pm 500 pm Mezzanine Conference Room, Jean Mayer USDA Human NutritionResearch Center on aging, 711 Washington Street, Tufts Boston Campus
    Search: School Publications External Relations Research External Relations
    Upcoming Events @ Tufts Nutrition
    April 7, 2003 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    No Seminar - Gershoff Symposium
    HNRCA Seminar Series April 9, 2003 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Behrakis Auditorium, First Floor, Jaharis Family Center for Biomedical and Nutrition Sciences
    Agricultural Risk Management Policies and the Environment: An Economic Assessment
    Jay Shimshack, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Tufts University This seminar, drawing from Dr. Shimshack's research, examines the implications of agricultural risk management strategies for the environment. Particular emphasis will placed on the land-use and chemical input-use incentives induced by prominent crop insurance programs. Implications for the design of public agricultural policies will also be discussed.
    April 14, 2003 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    No Seminar - Experimental Biology 2003
    HNRCA Seminar Series April 16, 2003 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

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    35. Healing With Nutrition
    Information on nutrients and disease associations Lists nutrient and lifestyle options with medical Category Health nutrition Alternative...... nutrition Power Program, Guidelines for a nutrition Program Learn metabolism, fatigue,depression, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, aging, Free radicals
    Personal Health Lifestyles

    Amazing Experiences

  • Handsel's E-mail on AS Success
  • Amazing Chicken Cartilage Experience ...
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  • 36. Human Growth Hormone, Anti Aging Formulasports Nutrition, Health And Beauty Prod
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    37. Services And Programs For The Aging Population: Nutrition
    Services and Programs for the aging Population nutrition. Congregate Meals Congregatemeals are provided daily in group settings such as senior centers.

    about dhss services/programs career ... search Services/Programs
    Contact info:

    Delaware Health and Social Services
    1901 N. Du Pont Highway, Main Bldg.
    New Castle, DE 19720
    Phone: (302) 255-9040
    FAX: (302) 255-4429
    E-Mail: dhssinfo@
    Services and Programs for the Aging Population
    • Congregate Meals
      Congregate meals are provided daily in group settings such as senior centers. Participants in the Congregate Meal program have the opportunity to socialize while enjoying nutritionally balanced meals. As part of the program, nutrition counseling and nutrition education are also made available. This service is provided by the Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (DSAAPD). For a complete list of services provided by DSAAPD, please visit the DSAAPD services page , the DSAAPD website or address additional questions or comments related to DSAAPD and services for older Delawareans or Delawareans with physical disabilities to DSAAPD at 1-800-223-9074 or

    38. Welcome To
    Products for antiaging, immune support, nutrition, antioxidant support, weight management.
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    39. HHS - Specific Populations
    Healthy aging for Older Adults (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention); OlderWomen's Health (Administration on aging). nutrition nutrition for Seniors
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    HHS Home
    Questions? Contact Us ... Site Map
    Specific Populations
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    Birth Defects, Developmental Disabilities, Kids With Chronic Illnesses

    40. Antioxidants & Health - Reduce ADHD, Heart Disease, Arteriosclerosis
    Products for antiaging, immune support, nutrition, antioxidant support, weight management, and more
    Enzogenol antioxidants can significantly decrease your risk of suffering heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and other common diseases. Read on to learn more: LIVE BETTER LONGER AND HEALTHIER ! 60% of the Boomer Generation Should Have a Live Expectancy of over 100 Years We have very exciting news for you. (Bookmark this page now, you will want to visit us again.) Scientists and physicians have discovered the major cause of aging and degenerative disease and your best defense against these troubles. They now know how you can live better, longer and healthier, boost your energy and fight the effects of stress. In fact, some eminent physicians are predicting that up to 60% of the baby boomer generation could have a life expectancy of over 100 years. Researchers are so excited because they now have a better understanding of oxidation and how it damages every cell in your body. The great news is that they have also discovered that antioxidants can prevent and repair the damage caused by oxidation.

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