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         Agriculture & Forestry Libraries:     more books (100)
  1. Forests, People and Power: The Political Ecology of Reform in South Asia (The Earthscan ForestLibrary)
  2. Cost of Living by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, 2009-10-21
  3. Vocational Education by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, 2009-10-21
  4. Forests in Landscapes: Ecosystem Approaches to Sustainability (The Earthscan ForestLibrary)
  5. Degraded Forests in Eastern Africa: Management and Restoration (The Earthscan ForestLibrary)
  6. The Decentralization of Forest Governance: Politics, Economics and the Fight for Control of Forests in Indonesian Borneo (The Earthscan ForestLibrary)
  7. Keepers of the Forest: Land Management Alternatives in Southeast Asia (Kumarian Press Library of Management for Development)
  8. The Politics of Decentralization: Forests, Power and People (The Earthscan ForestLibrary)
  9. Policy That Works for Forests and People: Real Prospects for Governance and Livelihoods (The Earthscan ForestLibrary) by James Mayers, Stephen Bass, 2004-08
  10. Trees, People and Power (Earthscan Library Collection: Natural Resource Management Set) by Peter Utting, 2009-10
  11. Saving the Tropical Forests (Earthscan Library Collection: Natural Resource Management Set) by Judith Gradwohl, Russell Greenberg, 2009-10
  12. Controlling Tropical Deforestation (Earthscan Library Collection: Natural Resource Management Set) by Alan Grainger, 2009-10
  13. Forest Quality: Assessing Forests at a Landscape Scale (The Earthscan ForestLibrary) by Nigel Dudley, Rodolphe Schlaepfer, et all 2006-10
  14. The Forest Service (Westview library of federal departments, agencies, and systems) by Michael Frome, 1984-02

41. Grants For Nonprofits : Sciences
foster innovative enterprises in agriculture and forestry in the of the US Departmentof agriculture agencies working in the Michigan State University libraries
GRANTS FOR NONPROFITS: Sciences A compilation of web pages and books of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to science.
Web Sites
Books Additional Subjects: Aged Animal Welfare Business Development Children and Youth ... World Relief Web Sites Agriculture Grants from the State of Michigan
see Building Better Rural Places
Federal Programs for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, Conservation, and Community Development

When farmers, entrepreneurs, and others in agriculture ask for sources of funds, grants, money, resources, assistance, etc, this is a great place to send them. Original Authors: Romana A. Vysatova and Laurie S.Z. Greenberg; revised by George Kuepper and Karen McSpadden, National Center for Appropriate Technology; edited by Margaret Krome, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. January 2001.
(Last checked 08/02/02) Charles A. and Anne M. Lindbergh Foundation

A foundation dedicated to furthering Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's shared vision of a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation. Lindbergh Grants are made in the following categories: agriculture; aviation/aerospace; conservation of natural resources - including animals, plants, water, and general conservation (land, air, energy, etc.); education - including humanities/education, the arts, and intercultural communication; exploration; health - including biomedical research, health and population sciences, and adaptive technology; and waste minimization and management. A Jonathan Lindbergh Brown Grant may be given to a project to support adaptive technology or biomedical research which seeks to redress imbalance between an individual and his or her human environment. Grants are made to individuals as well as educational and publication programs. [Health; environment; education; science]

are the University libraries, the Mississippi Agricultural and forestry ExperimentStation, the MSU Extension Service, and the College of agriculture and Life

scinews mednews biznews ... contact
Mississippi State University
Project Seeks to Preserve History of Rural Life
Library: LIF-ART
Description: From documenting long-vanished activities such as local canning clubs to developing oral histories, a new Mississippi State University effort is preserving an important part of the rural past.
Mississippi State University
Maridith Geuder
Project seeks to preserve history of rural life STARKVILLE, Miss. From documenting long-vanished activities such as local canning clubs to developing oral histories focusing on the state's farm economy, a new Mississippi State University effort is preserving an important part of the rural past. The newly formed Consortium for the History of Agricultural and Rural Mississippi, housed in Mississippi State's Mitchell Memorial Library, is collecting historical materials related to agriculture, forestry and rural life. Initial CHARM partners are the University Libraries, the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, the MSU Extension Service, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

43. KSU Libraries -- Computerized Indexes For Agriculture
Electronic coverage at KSU libraries is 1985 to the environmental science, food science,forestry, genetics and covering only some 220 agriculture and biology
KSU Libraries have a number of computerized indexes available that provide information on agriculture topics:
  • AGRICOLA is a computerized version of the bibliographic database of the U.S. National Agricultural Library. This index includes all aspects of agriculture. It covers 1970 to the present and is updated quarterly. It contains citations to journal articles, government documents, state experiment station and state extension service publications, books, reports, conference proceedings, and some theses. Many of the older records do not include abstracts. Access is Restricted! An unrestricted web version of AGRICOLA is also available.
  • BIOSIS covers all aspects of biological science, including: botany, zoology, microbiology, clinical and experimental medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, and related areas. It includes information on agricultural topics. Information is drawn from some 9,000 journals from more than 100 countries. Electronic coverage at KSU Libraries is 1985 to the present. It is updated quarterly. Access is Restricted!

44. Agriculture Subject Guide
include apiculture, aquaculture, crops, forestry, markets and UVM libraries Home Library Hours UVM
Agriculture Subject Guide
Major Reference Works
Indexes, Abstracts, and Full-Text Databases

Electronic Journal and Electronic Text Collections

Recommended Web Sites
Style Manuals
Major Reference Works
Agricultural Handbook
REF S 411 .A37 1988
Agriculture: A Glossary of Terms, Programs, and Laws
Agriculture Factbook

DOCS A 1.38/2: Black's Agricultural Dictionary REF S 411 .D245 1985 Dictionary of Agriculture : From Abaca to Zoonosis REF S 411 .L55 1995 Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science (4 volumes) REF S 411 .E713 1994 Encyclopedia of American Agricultural History REF S 441 .S36 Encyclopedia of Soil Science REF S 592 .E52 REF TX 349 .M2 Practical Handbook of Agricultural Science REF S 501.2 .P73 1990 State of Food and Agriculture (latest volume) REF S 401 .U6 A317 United States Department of Agriculture, Yearbook of Agriculture (53 volumes) DOCS A 1.10:
Indexes, Abstracts, and Full-Text Databases
Agricola [Remote access - UVM Only] Agricola

45. Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG): Collection Assessment Report
the Agricultural Sciences are scattered across a number of libraries as a of theaffiliated colleges in the Faculty of agriculture, forestry and Horticulture
University of Melbourne collection assessment
Liz Wakefield
December 1996
To evaluate the Agriculture collections throughout the University of Melbourne library. To identify areas of the collection which need improvement in currency and scope. To lay the foundation for a collection management policy for the Agricultural Sciences area.
The collections were assessed using criteria laid down in the Australian Conspectus Manual
  • List checking Shelf checking Evaluation by academic staff
Nature of the Discipline
Agriculture, including Veterinary Science, is essentially a practical professional course of study at the University of Melbourne. Considerable research is undertaken within the Faculty but a substantial amount of this is carried out in the field and in the laboratory. For research study, therefore, journal literature has the greatest prominence and monographic material is mainly geared to a postgraduate study level. The Library aims to collect sufficient core monographic material to support teaching, and basic texts in other areas to support general inquiries. As with other sciences, the major journal literature in the agricultural sciences is increasingly available in English language editions, as are conference proceedings and technical report literature. There is currently little, if any, demand for foreign language material. Overseas students are well accustomed to studying in English.

46. Forestry Library
agriculture Network Information Center, forestry AgNIC, University of a guide to qualityforestry and natural Databases Library Catalogs libraries Search Engines
Forestry AgNIC is a guide to quality forestry and natural resources information on the Internet with over 1500 links.
Reference Resources Full Text Resources Associations/Organizations Reference Resources
Statistical Data and


Online Databases
Government Agencies Conferences Subject Divisions United States


Related Sites AgNIC Home Page
Other AgNIC Sites
Maple Syrup
NOVAGate Plant Science Rangelands ... Plant Information Online (restricted)
Ask a Question
Forestry Library University of Minnesota Twin Cities University Libraries ... Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Jean Albrecht, Compiler Laura Morales ( , Technical Support Last revised: February 11, 2003 The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

47. Clemson Undergraduate Admissions -- College Of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Scie
agriculture agriculture Applied Economics Agricultural Economics forestry ForestResource. book colleges and departments libraries tiger athletics If
Welcome from President Barker
Online Application
PDF Application
Visit Us!
Calhoun Honors College
Libraries and Computing Facilities
Minority Opportunities Study Abroad Opportunities Student Life
Memorial Stadium

Cooperative Education

Living on Campus
Undergraduate Catalog
Imagine tasting food for a living. In Clemson's Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, testing the taste, texture and nutritional value of foods is part of the class curriculum. You'll learn to meet consumer demand for products that are safe, healthy, convenient and flavorful. Agriculture
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Education
(Grad. Only) Biology Biosytems Engineering Entomology (Grad. Only) Environmental Toxicology (Grad. Only) Food Science and Human Nutrition Food Technology (Grad. Only) Horticulture Turfgrass Packaging Science Plant Physiology (Grad. Only) Forestry Forest Resource Life Science Biochemistry Biological Sciences Botany (Grad. Only)

48. Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries
are to promote international cooperation in forestry and forest Service of the USDepartment of agriculture and one of 4 national libraries in the United
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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries Agriculture Network Information Center
Description: The Agriculture Network Information Center [AgNIC] is a distributed network providing access to agriculture- related information, subject area experts, and other resources. It was established by an alliance of the National Agricultural Library, land-grant universities, and other organizations committed to facilitating public access to agricultural and related information. Access Policy: Unrestricted access American Fisheries Society Description: The American Fisheries Society [AFS] aims to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals. Access Policy: Unrestricted access Animal Health Information Specialists Description: Access Policy: Unrestricted access Britain and Ireland Association of Aquatic Sciences Libraries and Information Centres Description: The Britain and Ireland Association of Aquatic Sciences Libraries and Information Centres [BIASLIC], founded in Plymouth in 1969, brings together librarians and information workers in marine biology, oceanography, fisheries, aquatic ecology and freshwater scientific and technological research.

49. UW Libraries - Forest Resources Library
forestry libraries or libraries with forestry Collections. Columbia Ministry of forestryLibrary Electronic Library Services) National agriculture Librarythe
Forest Resources Library Room 60 Bloedel Hall, Box 352112, Seattle, WA 98195-2112 Phone (206) 543-2758
Forestry and Forest Products Internet Resources
The following Internet resources and World Wide Web sites have been collected for their relevance to forestry and forest products issues and information. Most of them are comprehensive sites that link to a number of other sites in related disciplines and subjects. Additional Internet resources are included in specific subject guides. Please contact Carol Green if you find other pertinent sites.
Sites for Searching
The UW Libraries Search Helper will get you started on your Internet exploration. The following searching tools will help you focus on the forestry and forest products information. Yahoo - A Guide to WWW: forestry listings A classified list of chosen sites, not as comprehensive as some searching tools, but more selective. WWW Virtual Library: Forestry From the Finnish Forestry Institute, almost one stop shopping for forestry-related Web sites. The most comprehensive and up-to-date list of forestry links, this site is especially good for European resources. Be sure to check out their "What's New in this Collection" category.
General Forestry Sites
The University of Minnesota's Forestry Library's Bibliographies:
The Forest History Society Library
maintains a searchable bibliography focusing on North American forest and conservation history, and

50. WSU Libraries Science Agriculture And Engineering Databases
Washington State University libraries Article Indexes/Full Text/ the world literatureon all aspects of agriculture including forestry and nutrition
Washington State University Libraries
SCIENCE, AGRICULTURE AND ENGINEERING indicates full-text resources Use the CONNECTION HELP button on the Article Indexes page if you are an authorized user and cannot connect to a database. DATABASE DESCRIPTION ACCESS
ACM Digital Library
  • The collection of electronic journals, conference proceedings and newsletters published by the Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1960-present
  • Full text
WSU all including Distance Degree Program
Agri2000 Ag Info/Documentation Sys for America
  • Enables simultaneous searches in the databases developed by national and international research and/or educational institutions of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Everyone Agricola
  • Index to all types of materials (articles, books, government documents, media, and objects) relating to all aspects of agriculture
  • Dates vary, as early as the 1600's
  • Updated monthly
WSU all including Distance Degree Program

American Chemical Society Publications
  • Full text of most ACS journals and several other ACS publications
  • Dates of coverage vary for each journal
  • Choose Web Editions or use buttons in Subscriber section
WSU all including Distance Degree Program
American Society of Agricultural Engineers Technical Library
  • Contains over 15,000 pages of journal, meeting paper, conference, standards, and reference book material produced by American Society of Agricultural Engineers

51. Library
We lend and borrow from libraries in Slovenia and all over the world AGRISforestry- International bibliographic database of agriculture and forestry
Teja Koler , M.Sc., Head Librarian The Forestry Library was established in 1948. Today it is a professional unit of the Slovenian Forestry Institute, the Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources of the Biotechnical Faculty and partly of the Slovenian Forest Service. It is a specialist and university library. It is the only information centre providing scientific and technical literature in the field of forestry in Slovenia. The Forestry Library is also the main repository of sources for the study of Slovenian forests and forestry history. The library is an information service for all of our users Exchange of information takes place between students, scientists and the library staff.
Head Librarian: Teja KOLER-POVH, M.Sc. Librarian: Marija Dolores KEREC-KOVAÈ
Opening hours
Monday - Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday CLOSED
The forestry library has many different catalogues - tools helping the library user. Classical - card catalogues: Autor/title catalogue, card (1948-1997)

52. University Of Minnesota Libraries > Articles And More > Agriculture, Biology, An
This index covers agriculture in its broadest sense, including crop the urban forest;planning and management; and urban forestry programs. University libraries
Agriculture, Biology, and Ecology
Subject Listings: Agriculture, Biology, Ecology
A lock icon ( ) means you must authenticate yourself as a University of Minnesota affiliated user to access the resoucre. All other resources are available to all users.
There are 39 Agriculture, Biology, and Ecology indexes Don't know where to start? Try Biological Abstracts or a more specific subject AgEcon Search full text
Coverage: 1993 - present (varies by school), updated monthly.
This index covers agricultural economics.
It includes bibliographic citations plus full text of staff/working papers from several universities and U.S.
more information
Coverage: 1970 - present, updated monthly.
Covers agriculture, animal husbandry, animal and human nutrition, forestry, plant pathology, plant science, human ecology, agricultural economics, rural sociology.
more information
Coverage: 1975 - present, updated quarterly.
This international multilingual database covers all aspects of agriculture with emphasis on developing countries, nutrition, rural sociology, advisory work, extension and education, and administration. more information ArticleFirst Coverage: 1990-present OCLC ArticleFirst includes bibliographic citations from over 12,600 serials, covering science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities and popular culture.

53. Washington And Lee University, Libraries - Databases
BioAgIndex, S, agriculture, Biology, forestry, Ecology journal index. LibraryLiterature, S, libraries and librarianship literature index.

54. Washington And Lee University, Libraries - Databases
Technology, McGrawHill. AGRICOLA, C, agriculture, forestry, AnimalScience Journal Index (1970-), FirstSearch. Agricultural Abstracts,

55. Hope College Libraries: Natural Sciences Databases
Databases. Natural Sciences Databases. AGRICOLA Materials relatingto all aspects of agriculture, forestry and animal science. American

hope home page

library home page

research options

joint archives

Choose a database CQ Databases Encyclopedia Brit FirstSearch InfoTrac JSTOR LexisNexis OED Oxford Reference Project Muse Science Direct Database Lists
Complete A-Z List

Full-text Databases
Subject Area Lists

Natural Sciences Social Sciences ... Periodical Titles Indexed by Various Databases Natural Sciences Databases AGRICOLA - Materials relating to all aspects of agriculture, forestry and animal science American Chemical Society Publications - Searchable, full-text access to ACS journals Applied Science and Technology Abstracts (ASTA) - Citations on management, careers and employment, and financial trends in the scientific and technological fields - Leading publications in agriculture, biology, forestry and ecology

56. Hope College Libraries: A-Z Database List
Agricultural Index agriculture, biology, forestry ecology; zoology, ecology;some agriculture veterinary HopeCAT - Hope College libraries online catalog;

hope home page

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Full-text Databases
Subject Area Lists

Natural Sciences Social Sciences ... Periodical Titles Indexed by Various Databases Complete A-Z Database List A B C D ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z A B C

57. Forestry Library
are automatically members of all libraries of the The forestry Library serves thestaff, lecturers and students of the Faculty of agriculture and forestry

58. Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries Sector
by helping to make agriculture more productive implemented by the Agricultural Forestryand Fisheries Laboratories and workshops, libraries, offices, research
Introduction Research Management Human Resource Research Facilities ... Strategic Plan
As part of Government’s efforts to improve the agricultural sector through well-targeted research, the National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) was initiated in 1991. It was designed to create an agricultural research system whose impact would be evident by helping to make agriculture more productive, alleviate hunger and poverty, generate employment, and improve the natural resource base of the country. It was also established to formulate a long term National Agricultural Strategic Plan (NARSP), support its implementation and ensure improvement in research management and research linkages and develop research skills of present and future scientists within the National Agricultural Research System (NARS). The NARP was implemented by the Agricultural Forestry and Fisheries Sector (AFFS). Research Management Development
This entails the development of processes and institutional arrangements to improve how research is conducted and managed in Ghana at the national, institute, and programme levels. It was also to ensure that research priorities are linked to the national development objectives and also to develop a National Agricultural Research Strategic Plan. Attainment of Objectives:
  • A structure, such as the National Agricultural Research Committee (NARC) was established as the apex body responsible for agricultural research policy. It has, however, been designated as the Agricultural Research Policy Co-ordinating Committee (ARPCC). The functions of ARPCC covers agricultural research policy formulation and setting broad macro priorities in the allocation of resources to agricultural research. It is now to be replaced by a similar body with members of the "Council" of CSIR. The Committee is to be chaired by the MOFA representative on the Council.

59. The Laurentian Forestry Centre Libraries In Quebec
SPECIALIZED DATABASES forestry Images The Source for Forest Health, Natural Thissite from the United States Department of agriculture provides standardized
Home Reference Scientific sites Suppliers ...
Library catalogue

Scientific sites / New
Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources
T he mission of the CSANR is to develop and foster agriculture and natural resource management approaches that are economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially acceptable.
The Last of the Last: The Old-Growth Forests of Boreal Europe
Provided by the Taiga Rescue Network, this report offers a collection of maps and background information covering the ecology, conservation status, and land use history of European boreal forests as gleaned from GIS data, satellite imagery, ground inventories, and other research.
NRCS Technical Resources

Provided by the Natural Resource Conservation Service of the US Department of Agriculture, the Technical Resources Web site includes a large list of freely available tools and information to aid various types of research.
Two Dendrology Resources from Virginia Tech
The Meanings of Latin Names
ID It The dendrology Web pages at Virginia Tech offer "tree identification fact sheets on approximately 800 species of trees, as well as lots of other tree information."

60. Agriculture Subject Sources
publications in agriculture, biology, forestry, and ecology by the US Departmentof agriculture; print series These include public libraries, publicly funded
Subject Sources - Agriculture
Off-campus access to library resources is available to all current MSU faculty, staff and students.
Please log in using your last name as your username and the last 4 digits of your social security number as your password.

Full text available Databases available Agricola - Provides resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural products, alternative farming practices, food and nutrition, agricultural trade and marketing, rural information, and animal welfare. Materials date from 1970 to the present. No full-text online available.. ASTA - Applied Science and Technology Abstracts - Indexes leading publications in English; emphasis on technology, including bio-applications in agricultural technology, the food and food industry; Full text on-line not available. Biological and Agricultural Index - Indexes leading publications in agriculture, biology, forestry, and ecology, including Agribusiness and economics; Full-text on-line not available.

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