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         Agriculture Us Gov:     more detail
  1. Special Report on Diseases of the Horse, Us Department of Agriculture by Dr. D. E. Salmon, 1896-01-01
  2. Soil Taxonomy: a Basic System of Soil Classification for Making and Interptreting Soil Surveys by US Dept. Of Agriculture Soil Survey Staff, 1975
  3. Insects, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1952 by United States Department of Agriculture, 1952
  4. Australia, The Dairy Country by Australia. Dept. of External Affairs, 2009-07-23
  5. Wheat Growing in Australia by Australia. Dept. of External Affairs, 2009-05-23
  6. Viability Assessments and Management Considerations for Species Associated with Late-Successional and Old-Growth Forests of the Pacific Northwest--The Report of the Scientific Analysis Team by Commissioned By the Forest Service Scientific Analysis Team, 1993-01-01

41. Biotechnology - Office Of International Information Programs, U.S. Department Of
Presents speeches, articles and links on biotechnology policy, regulations, and science. The page Category Regional North America Departments agriculture...... Food Code from the Food and agriculture Organization of is produced and maintainedby the us Department of International Information Programs (
Global Issues Updated 7 March 2003 QUICK SEARCH POLICY Official Texts
Fact Sheets


Government Agencies

Food Safety: Regulating Plant Agricultural Biotechnology in the U.S.
Electronic Journals
May 2002
Biotechnology: Food Security And Safety

October 1999 RESOURCES FAQ about Biotechnology English
Regulations/Agreements U.S. Regulations
Int'l Agreements
Events Calendar Biotechnology Public Diplomacy Calendar Websites International sites Industry Associations Union of Concerned Scientists Yahoo News Full Coverage ... Threatens Africa's Hungry BIOTECHNOLOGY EVENTS CALENDAR Of Note Currently Underway Looking Ahead March ... June By Charles W. Corey Washington File Staff Writer "Misinformation about the so-called dangers posed by biotechnology is threatening lives in Africa," and the European Union is "partly to blame for the situation," charged U.S. Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa). In a March 5 speech to the Congressional Economic Leadership Institute (CELI), Grassley said, "By refusing to adopt scientifically-based laws regarding biotechnology, the EU has fed the myth that biotech crops are somehow dangerous. Ironically," he added, "the European Union itself has approved some biotech crops as safe. At the same time, the European Union has refused to end its moratorium on biotech authorizations, a situation that has led other countries to assume that biotech products are somehow dangerous."

42. Dept Of State/International Information Programs: U.S. Government Reports
INDEX. White House, Department of State. Department of agriculture,us Trade Representative. Department of Justice, Department of Defense.

A collection of recent major reports by U.S. Government departments and agencies on subjects of interest to the U.S. Department of State, International Information Programs' overseas clients. We do not seek to capture all reports by all departments and agencies.
White House Department of State Department of Agriculture U.S. Trade Representative ... National Library for the Environment The White House Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce National Library for the Environment
(Congressional Research Service Reports)
U.S. Department of Defense

43. The U.S. Agency For International Development
"usAID is an independent federal government agency that conducts foreign assistance and humanitarian Category Society Issues Economic Foreign Aid From us...... Foreign Aid in the National Interest More than ever, us foreign policy toward It includesincreases in basic education and agriculture, two priority areas for
In English This is USAID Organization
US Higher Education

Search USAID
USAID is the government agency providing U.S. economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide
for more than 40 years. This site was last updated
02-Apr-03 07:43:02 EST
U.S. Wheat Heads for Iraq Assistance for Iraq
The U.S. government is acting quickly to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Iraq. The U.S. will provide 610,000 metric tons of food, worth over $300 million, to feed the people of Iraq. In addition, a contract has been awarded to administer the port at Umm Qasr and grants have been issued to strengthen the country's health system. Read more Rebuilding Afghanistan
During the past two fiscal years, the U.S. government has provided $780 million in assistance to Afghanistan. See how it is being used.
Read more
Healing Children in the West Bank
This photo essay shows how USAID is working to help boys and girls face their problems so that they can focus on school, and on being children! Read more FrontLines This month's issue features articles on Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq, the USAID FY03 Budget, MCA legislation, the President's Digitial Freedom Initative in Senegal, new careers of Foreign Service Nationals, how Haskell Indian Nations University is bringing indigenous people together, and more...

44. SBA: List Of Government WWW Servers
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Agricultural Genome InformationServer (AGIS) agriculture, us Department of (usDA) Home Page Air Force
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45. FirstGov -- State Workers
Education, jobs, resources for schools, training… agriculture and Environment. FirstGov™ is the us government's official web portal.
Skip to Content Skip to Government Search Skip to Reference Skip to Customer Survey ... For Kids Search Federal/State Federal State Both Search a State All States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut D.C. Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Territories American Samoa Guam Mariana Is. Marshall Is. Micronesia Puerto Rico Virgin Is.
Advanced Search
Agencies A-Z Index Federal Branches ... More
Select a Topic Online Services Federal State/Local: Agriculture Disasters Economic Dev. Education/Jobs Environment Grants Health/Family News/Networks Safety/Law Statistics Technology Tribal America Responds to Terrorism Free E-mail
April 3, 2003
State and Local Employees
Federal, state and local governments work closely to strengthen the delivery of services to American citizens. As a state or local government employee, this is your resource for information, and services that will help you in your job.

46. WSDA - Washington State Department Of Agriculture Home Page - WSDA
Information on products and their content of heavy metals, along with fertilizer laws and label requireme Category Home Gardens Soil and Additives Fertilizers...... Washington State Department of agriculture 1111 Washington Street SE PO Box 42560Olympia, WA 985042560 (360) 902-1800 TDD(360) 902-1996, Send us E-Mail
Washington State
Department of Agriculture WSDA Home
Welcome to the
Department of Agriculture
WSDA serves the people of Washington State by supporting the agricultural community and promoting consumer and environmental protection.
Our Major Goals
  • Protect and reduce the risk to public health by assuring the safety of the state's food supply. Ensure the safe and legal distribution, use, and disposal of pesticides and fertilizers in Washington State. Protect Washington State's natural resources, agriculture industry, and the public from selected plant and animal pests and diseases. Facilitate the movement of Washington agricultural products in domestic and international markets.

Washington State
Department of Agriculture

1111 Washington Street S.E.
P.O. Box 42560
Olympia, WA 98504-2560
(360) 902-1800 TDD(360) 902-1996
Contact Us
Hot Topics
Exotic Newcastle Disease West Nile Virus Citrus Longhorned Beetle Clopyralid in Compost ... Gypsy Moth
From the Heart of Washington Metals in Fertilizers

47. Untitled Document
is maintained through an interagency partnership with the Food and Nutrition InformationCenter, National Agricultural Library, us Department of agriculture.

48. DPR Pesticide Links
Hotline; us Food and Drug Administration (FDA) FDA Center for FoodSafety Applied Nutrition. us Department of agriculture (usDA)
California Home DPR Home About DPR Annual Progress Report ...
DPR Site Index

Department of Pesticide Regulation Pesticide Links State and Federal Government Links Links to outside DPR's site will open in a new browser window.

49. Manitoba Agriculture And Food Home Page - Manitoba Agriculture And Food
The Government of Manitoba role is to sustain and enhance the economic and personal wellbeing of Category Regional North America Manitoba Government Departments...... section and get the facts on investing in the different Manitoba agriculture sectors Ifyou have any comments or suggestions on our Web site, please contact us
Features 4-H
Agriculture Statistics

Business and Economics

Crown Land Leasing

About Us About Us
Organizational Chart

Understanding Agriculture

Grow in a Growing ...
Proud of our Agri-Food ...
Quick Links
Did you know that toothpaste is made from corn and eggs? Click here. Consumer Search through our Calendar of Events and Fair Dates for a listing of activities in your area. Learn more about Manitoba Agriculture and Food by browsing through the section. If you're looking for recipes, we have some great ones in our section. Visit the Business and Economics section and download Farm Plan . The Manitoba Farm and Rural Stress line provides support, counselling and information over the phone to those affected by farming, agriculture and rural living. For the most comprehensive facts on Manitoba oilseeds and cereals visit our and your complete guide to Manitoba livestock commodities is in the Livestock Section.

50. EPA - The National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
Easyto-understand information about compliance commonsense, flexible approaches that are both Category Regional North America...... The Ag Center was created by the us Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)with the support of the us Department of agriculture (usDA).
National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Ag Center Ag Center Home Sectors Animals Crops ... Site Map Highlights
Animal Feeding Operations
Agricultural Worker Protection Standard Sign Up for News Service Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship (LPES) Curriculum ... Update on EPA's Report on the Environment The National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center is the "first stop" for information about environmental requirements that affect the agricultural community. The Ag Center was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Through this web site and other channels, the Center offers comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about compliance commonsense, flexible approaches that are both environmentally protective and agriculturally sound. The Center also provides information on reducing pollution and making good use of the latest pollution prevention technologies.

51. Welcome To The USDA Office Of The Chief Information Officer Website
requirements of the us Department of agriculture Quality of and the AdministrativeOffices of the us Courts. Disclaimers http//
document.write(""); document.write(month + myweekday + ", " + year + ""); // End > USDA SEARCH


New to OCIO Site
TSO Services

to the Office of the Chief Information Officer. The USDA's OCIO supervises and coordinates the design, acquisition, maintenance, use, and disposition of information and information technology (IT) by USDA agencies. provides participants the tools and techniques needed to manage IT projects effectively with an emphasis on the issues encountered in managing within the USDA Capital Planning and Investment Control process and other Federal requirements mandated by the Clinger Cohen Act of 1996. New Site Section 508 Micro-Purchase Exemption Extended to October 1, 2004
The Civilian Agency Acquisition Council and the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council (Councils) have agreed on an interim rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to extend the electronic and information technology ( Section 508 ) micro-purchase exception to October 1, 2004.

52. U.S. Department Of Agriculture/U.S. Department Of The Interior
us Department of agriculture. us Forest Service. us Department of the Interior. Thispage is URL http//
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Fish and Wildlife Service
National Park Service
These Federal agencies, in cooperation with other Federal, State, county, and municipal cooperators, provide fire protection for life, property, and natural resources. They maintain lookouts, aerial detection, and fire prevention patrols, engines, crews, helicopters, dispatchers, fire suppression overhead, and firefighting equipment. Technical assistance in fire behavior, smoke management, fuels management, prescribed fire, fire research, infrared systems, equipment development, fire training and prevention is also available. The Forest Service has the lead, with assistance and support from the other agencies, for Emergency Support Function 4Firefightingin the National Response Plan and for providing cooperative fire protection to the 50 States, and 6 Territories and Commonwealths.
  • Maintains the National Interagency Coordination Center in Boise, Idaho, for rapid deployment and logistical support of personnel, aircraft, and equipment for responding to wildfires and other disasters.
  • Maintains 12 strategic geographic area coordination centers to provide the equipment, personnel, and aircraft mobilization needs for rapid deployment and logistical support in responding to wildfires and other disasters.

53. WINDOWS\DESKTOP\Senagweb\animalw
handling by large livestock and poultry operations, and require those operationsto follow waste management plans approved by the us Department of agriculture.
December 1997
Report Compiled by the Minority Staff of the
United States Senate Committee
for Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA)
Ranking Member
Over the past few years, I have heard increasing concerns in my home state of Iowa about the potential for animal waste pollution from intensive livestock and poultry operations. The concentration of animal waste from larger and larger operations has led to more complaints about odor, greater challenges for animal waste management, and a growing public opinion that more environmental protections are needed. I was surprised to learn that nationwide 130 times more animal manure is produced than human waste five tons for every U.S. citizen and that some operations produce as much waste as a town or even a city! As animals become increasingly concentrated in certain regions of the country and on larger operations, there is not always enough crop land to use all of the manure as fertilizer. These increasing concentrations of manure mean that the risk of water pollution from waste spills, runoff from fields and leakage from storage facilities is also increasing. Furthermore, Federal regulations do not address the handling, storage, land application or disposal of manure. In fact, the Inspector General of the Environmental Protection Agency recently reported that "Federal regulations inadequately protect water quality from animal waste."

54. Agriculture Department
BSB. Bahasa Brunei Version. About us, Director of agriculture (Dr.HajiMohamad Yussof bin Haji Mohiddin). Agricultural development
Welcome to Department of Agriculture
Latest News New Marketing outlet and auction centre operated by SETENAGA, Selayun, Jalan Tutong, BSB.
Bahasa Brunei Version
About Us
Director of Agriculture

(Dr.Haji Mohamad Yussof bin Haji Mohiddin)
Agricultural development has always been a key factor in sustaining national food supply and agri-food production. Acknowledging that there are needs to further strengthening agricultural development, a strategic framework has been in placed to facilitate the transformation of traditional agriculture into commercially viable agribusiness. This will focus on increasing the productivity and quality of primary agricultural production as well as developing the agri-food processing. In recent years, agricultural production has increased both in terms of quantity and in quality. In the production of broiler chickens and table eggs, Brunei Darussalam has already achieved 100 percent self-sufficiency. However, a small quantity of chicken meat is still being imported to support the fast developing food processing industry. Chicken output in 2002 recorded nearly 14,000 metric tonnes with a value of almost B$60 million. While the production of table eggs for that same period was slightly over 105 million eggs, valued at about B$17 million. In ruminant production, output of buffalo meat notched slightly over 203 metric tonnes with a value of nearly B$2.2 million last year. Cattle and goat production were relatively negligible; therefore, Brunei Darussalam is still dependent on imports of livestock for slaughter. In 2002, the total value of import was about B$16.8 million with an equivalent of some 3,517 metric tonnes of beef, 347 metric tonnes of buffalo meat, and 34 metric tonnes of mutton.

55. Current Research Information System (CRIS/USDA)
CRIS is the us Department of agriculture's (usDA Initiative (NRI), Initiative forFuture agriculture and Food or questions Last update
CSREES CRIS Home Search Menu Forms Assistance ... Search CRIS Now Welcome to the Current Research Information System ( CRIS ) web site. CRIS is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's ( USDA ) documentation and reporting system for ongoing and recently completed research projects in agriculture, food and nutrition, and forestry. Projects are conducted or sponsored by USDA research agencies, state agricultural experiment stations, the state land-grant university system, other cooperating state institutions, and participants in a number of USDA-administered grant programs, including Small Business Innovation Research ( SBIR ), National Research Initiative ( NRI ), Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems ( IFAFS ), and Integrated Pest Management ( IPM CRIS is a part of Information Systems and Technology Management ( ISTM ), Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service ( CSREES ), and is located in the Waterfront Centre in Washington, DC.

56. Nutrition And Your Health: Dietary Guidelines For Americans
us Department of agriculture. of Health and Human Services and agriculture, was releasedon May 30, usDA's gateway to nutrition information; www
Nutrition and Your Health:
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
The fifth edition of Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans , a joint publication of the Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture, was released on May 30, 2000. [The Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files is a free download Development of the Dietary Guidelines is coordinated by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion , HHS, and the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion , USDA.
Ordering Information for Printed Copies
Single copies of the Guidelines and Using the Dietary Guidelines are available from the Consumer Information Center. Order online or call 1-888-878-3256 (M-F, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time).

57. OIT: Agriculture Home Page
The emerging us biobased products industry combines expertise and technology fromthe agriculture, forest products, and chemical industries to create plastics
Skip Main Navigation Links Search:
Welcome! The emerging U.S. biobased products industry combines expertise and technology from the agriculture, forest products , and chemical government agencies , the Agriculture Industry of the Future is guiding the development of a viable biobased products industry. Through participation in OIT's Industries of the Future process, the U.S. biobased products industry has
  • Set a vision for the future
  • roadmap
  • Developed a portfolio
  • Accelerated progress toward major technology breakthroughs



Industrial Materials for the Future (IMF) Program Annual Review Meeting- Golden, CO
March 17, 2003
DOE is extending the open date for the FY 2003 Industrial Sensors and Automation solicitation to April 16, 2003.
February 28, 2003
New Plant-Wide Assessment Request For Proposals
DOE is requesting proposals from industrial facilities for plant-wide assessments. Cost-shared funding of up to $100,000 will be awarded to assess plant energy efficiency and identify opportunities for energy reduction in industrial facilities.
January 14, 2003

58. AccessIndiana - The Official Web Portal For The State Of Indiana
Taxes BulletFinance. agriculture BulletEnvironment. Travel BulletTransportation. LocalCity and County Web sites Federal Firstgov Home Page.
Agency Listing Policies var dir = location.href.substring(0,location.href.lastIndexOf('')); var url = location.href.substring(dir.length,location.href.length+1); document.write("Text Only") Contact Webmaster Help Site Map News ... Tourism Recreation Labor Employment Education Training Licensing Permits Family Health Safety Taxes Finance Agriculture Environment Travel Transportation Law Justice Public Assistance In Your Neighborhood
What's So Great About Indiana?

Screen Saver Contest

Featured Sites
Legislative Information

Who's Your Legislator?

General Assembly

Apply, Renew, or Verify Health and other Professional Licenses Renew Driver License or Vehicle Registration I-File
Filing your Indiana return doesn't have to be taxing
In the News O’Bannon radio address to Hoosiers available to stations and online More news from the state ... Disability Resources Bobby Section 508 Approved Connect with Government State

59. Agricultural Chemical Use
United States of America Washington, DC, us Geological Survey be made for the Censusof agriculture, herbicideuse page is http//
U.S. Geological Survey
Spatial Data in Geographic Information System Format on Agricultural Chemical Use, Land Use, and Cropping Practices in the United States
By William A. Battaglin and Donald A. Goolsby This is an electronic version of U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 94-4176. To view the figures, you will need an external viewer for ".gif" images. To see the tables, you will need a PostScript viewer. The original report contains examples of data documentation, and instructions for ordering the data. This version includes direct links for on-line viewing of the actual documentation and for on-line retrieval of the data sets.
Table of Contents

60. Cristel.nal.usda.gov8080/
and technology Department of agriculture (usDA), Natural Service (NRCS) Delivers authoritative of the Interior, us Geological Survey (usGS

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