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         Agriculture Us Gov:     more detail
  1. Special Report on Diseases of the Horse, Us Department of Agriculture by Dr. D. E. Salmon, 1896-01-01
  2. Soil Taxonomy: a Basic System of Soil Classification for Making and Interptreting Soil Surveys by US Dept. Of Agriculture Soil Survey Staff, 1975
  3. Insects, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1952 by United States Department of Agriculture, 1952
  4. Australia, The Dairy Country by Australia. Dept. of External Affairs, 2009-07-23
  5. Wheat Growing in Australia by Australia. Dept. of External Affairs, 2009-05-23
  6. Viability Assessments and Management Considerations for Species Associated with Late-Successional and Old-Growth Forests of the Pacific Northwest--The Report of the Scientific Analysis Team by Commissioned By the Forest Service Scientific Analysis Team, 1993-01-01

61. US Government
The us Department of agriculture official source for economic analysis andinformation on agriculture, food, natural - us Department of
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10 results 30 results 100 results GOVERNMENT INFORMATION RESOURCES
  • 1999 Statistical Abstract of the United States - "Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf"
  • 50 States of the United States, The - official mottos, flags, capitals, photos, etc.
  • Almanac of Politics and Government - includes a wealth of information about U.S. and world politics.
  • American Currency Exhibit - Money hasn't always looked like it does today. Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's American Currency Exhibit online and watch history come alive as you step back in time to our nation's beginning. Learn how our country's rich history is closely tied with our currency.
  • American Presidents: Life Portraits - from George Washington to Bill Clinton.
  • America's Most Wanted
  • Aviation Safety Data - FAA - Aviation Safefy Information
  • Brookings Institution, The
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  • CIA
  • CSB - CIRC: Chemical Incidents Reports Center - The Chemical Incidents Reports Center (CIRC) maintained by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, an independent federal government agency. Updated throughout the day, the CIRC contains chemical incident information from throughout the world.
  • Center for the Studies of Intelligence
  • Chiefs of State - CIA Leadership Analysis
  • Citizens for Better Government
  • Congressional Email Directory
  • Congressional Record
  • Consumer Information Center - Mother lode of gov. brochures on topics a-z
  • 62. FDA/CFSAN Seafood Information And Resources
    Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry, Committee on agriculture us Houseof Gateway to government Food Safety Information; Non-FDA
    U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
    Seafood Information and Resources
    Recent Announcements Background Foodborne Pathogens and Contaminants HACCP ... Other Sources
    Recent Announcements
    Foodborne Pathogens and Contaminants

    63. U.S. Code -- Download By Title Or Chapter
    Chapter 98 Department of agriculture Reorganization ( .1MB); Chapter 99 - SheepPromotion Searchable us Code. email address—our address is
    Search USC About Database Download USC Classification Tables ... Codification
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Downloadable U.S. Code
    The following downloadable files are in text format:

    64. BISNIS - Facilitating Commercial Success In Eurasia
    us Department of Commerce's primary resource center for us companies exploring business opportunities Category Regional Asia Turkmenistan Business and to go to the website BISNIS logo Click to proceed to the us Departmentof Commerce April 811, 2003; Overview of the Georgian agriculture Sector;

    BISNIS...Facilitating Commercial Success in Eurasia
    BISNIS is the U.S. Government's primary market information center for U.S. companies exploring business opportunities in Russia and other Newly Independent States. BISNIS provides U.S. companies with the latest market reports and tips on developments, export and investment leads, and strategies for doing business in the NIS. Since opening in 1992, BISNIS has facilitated more than $3.2 billion worth of U.S. exports and overseas investments.

    Links to web sites outside the U.S. Federal Government or the use of trade, firm, or corporation names within the International Trade Administration web sites are for the convenience of the user. Such use does not constitute an official endorsement or approval by the U.S. Commerce Department of any private sector website, product, or service.

    65. Senator Mark Dayton
    Package Senator Mark Dayton today introduced a legislative agriculture package that stopimporters of foreign dairy products from circumventing us trade laws.
    Latest News
    Senate Passes Responsible Tax Relief Amendment To Budget

    In a surprising move, the Senate again voted on an amendment to the budget resolution to reduce the president's tax cut by almost $400 billion. Senator Mark The Cretin-Derham Hall Choir recently performed in the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. Dayton voted in favor of the amendment that would provide for $350 billion in tax cuts, compared to the president's plan costing $726 billion. Read More Dayton Fights for Increased Special Education Funding in Budget Resolution
    Senator Mark Dayton today fought for a budget amendment that would fund the long promised federal share of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), bringing an additional $250 million each year to Minnesota for education programs. Unfortunately, the amendment failed by a vote of 27 to 71.
    Read More

    Read Mark's Floor Speech

    Dayton Offers Support to President and Troops in Iraq in Senate Floor Speech
    Click here to read

    Dayton Starts Bi-Weekly Newsletter
    Sign up for the Washington Wire
    Dayton Presses to Save Funding for Local Law Enforcement Read More Dayton Announces Introduction of a “Computer Owners’ Bill of Rights Read More Working For Minnesota Medicare Reform, Prescription Drug Cost-Relief to Be Subject of Statewide Forums by Dayton Office

    66. US National Arboretum
    Overview, events and education programs, specialty gardens and horticultural practices, research, Category Science Institutions Botanical Gardens and Arboreta...... Agricultural Research Center of the Agricultural Research Service of the us Departmentof agriculture. Last Updated March 15, 2003 URL= http//
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    Friends of the National Arboretum

    NCA Federation of Garden Clubs

    National Bonsai Foundation

    U.S. National Arboretum Named Among the Top 10 Botanical Gardens in America The top ten botanical gardens were named and featured in a fully illustrated article in the April 2003 issue of Country Living Gardener . The U. S. National Arboretum was identified and described in this feature. Arboretum Director Dr. Thomas S. Elias attributes this to the concerted efforts by Arboretum staff and support groups over the last ten years to improve the quality of the garden displays, collections, grounds, visitor services, and outreach. The Arboretum Strategic Plan adopted seven years ago and the Arboretum Master Plan are helping to guide the development of the nation’s only federal funded arboretum. Other gardens featured in the article in addition to the U.S. National Arboretum included the New York Botanical Garden, the Missouri Botanical Garden, Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Chicago Botanical Garden, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. IMPORTANT NOTICES The R Street Gate is Now Open.

    67. Economic Research Service - USDA
    Provides economic analysis on efficiency, efficacy, and equity issues relating to agriculture, food, Category Regional North America Departments agriculture......The Economic Research Service (ERS) is the main source of economic information and research from the U.S. Department of agriculture.

    ERS provides economic analyses to support... a competitive agricultural system
    a safe food supply
    enhanced quality of life for rural Americans

    Agribusiness/Industry Concentration Agricultural Market/Trade Projections Biotechnology Crops Food Market Structures Food Safety International Agriculture Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, Aquaculture Policy Topics Rural America Trade U.S./State Facts Newsroom State Facts What's New Calendar of Releases E-Mail Updates Subject Specialists past features... USDA accessibility contact us ... advanced search

    68. State Of California
    Official state government site provides information and links for virtually every aspect of the state, including business and agriculture, education, government, health, history, culture and transportation.

    69. Vegetables
    All aspects of vegetable production are covered including factsheets, newsletters, crop updates, pest and disease control and statistics.
    Our search engine interface requires a JavaScript enabled browser. If you cannot enable
    JavaScript in your browser, then you may use an alternate interface found at the following
    web address -

    Vegetables What's Hot - Vegetables Vegetable Crops Newsletters and Crop Updates
    Related Topics
    ... (Asparagus, Okra, Culinary Herbs, Rhubarb)
    Vegetable Crops
    Vegetables - General Index Page Cole Crops Index Page Green & "Salad" Crops Index Page Legumes Index Page ...
    Newsletters and Crop Updates
    Top of Page
    Resources and Services
    Top of Page
    Stats and Facts
    Top of Page
    Insects, Diseases and Weeds

    70. California Department Of Food And Agriculture Welcomes You!
    Official site providing information about state programs and services.
    California Home Doing Business with CDFA Frequently Asked Questions Regulations ... Finalists for California's Quarter Design
    My CA
    California Department of Food and Agriculture
    1220 N Street, Sacramento, California, U.S.A. 95814

    71. Hemp
    Introduction, Licensing, Market Opportunities, Adaptation, Rotational Considerations, Varieties, Seeding, Fertilization, Weed Control, Disease Control, Insect Control, THC Sampling and Analysis, Harvesting, Storage and Handling, Economics of Production, and Additional Information.
    Navigation Path >> Home Crops Special Crops Production Information Thursday, April 03, 2003
    Introduction Licensing Market Opportunities Adaptation ... Additional Information Introduction Hemp ( Cannabis sativa ) has been cultivated for centuries as a source of fibre for rope, sail, and clothing. The seed was crushed as a source of oil, food and feed. Hemp leaves In Canada, hemp was used as a source of paper, fuel and fibre, until it was outlawed in 1937 under the Narcotics Control Act . Since March 1998, it can be produced in Canada under license with Health Canada. All producers, processors, researchers, contractors, and possessors of hemp must be licensed. Approximately 14,000 ha (34,000 ac) of hemp was grown for grain and fibre production in Canada in 1999, while 40,000 ha (100,000 ac) of fibre hemp was grown in Europe in 1998. Hemp is a tall (1.5-4 m or 5-13 ft) annual plant grown for grain and fibre. In well-structured soils, the plant can produce a 15-30 cm (6-12 in) tap root. In compacted or poorly drained soils, the plant produces more lateral fibrous roots. Leaves are palmate with 7-11 leaflets with serrated edges. Female hemp plant on left, male plant on right

    72. Alberta Agriculture, Food And Rural Development - Aquaculture
    A government sponsored source of aquaculture information, Alberta, Canada. Includes legal information, industry statistics and technical advice.
    Welcome to the Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development web site. If your browser cannot view frames, you should download a newer version.

    73. Central Science Laboratory Title Page
    Carries out research on environmentally sound food production.
    Welcome to the
    Central Science Laboratory
    Enter the Website
  • This site uses roll-over menus for navigation Visitors with less than Version 4 browsers will need to
    navigate via the Site Map link
  • Delivering Scientific Advantage
    CSL is an Executive Agency of the UK Government, founded by MAFF, now part of the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, providing a range of scientific services, applied research and technical support to a wide range of public and private sector customers. Site Map Feedback Legal Notices

    74. USDA-NASS Kids Home Page
    Farming statistics and games from the U.S. Department of agriculture.
    (Spanish Version) (Spanish Version)

    75. Ontario Ministry Of Agriculture, Food And Rural Affairs - Hemp Production
    3. Varieties 4. Soil Conditions 5. Seedbed Preparation 6. Planting 7. Climatic Conditions 8. Fertility 9. Weed Control 10. Diseases and Pests 11. Harvesting 12. Retting and Turning 13. Baling and Storing 14. Economics of Production 15. Crop Budget.......By W.J. (Bill) Baxter, OMAFRA, Gordon Scheifele, OMAFRA, and Peter Dragla, University of Guelph. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2.

    76. Ministerstwo Rolnictwa I Rozwoju Wsi
    Polska Wersja English Version

    77. USDA-FNS
    providing children and lowincome people access to food, a healthful diet, and nutritioneducation in a manner that supports American agriculture and inspires
    U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Site Map FNCS Home ... Web Accessibility Statement FNS increases food security and reduces hunger in partnership with cooperating organizations by providing children and low-income people access to food, a healthful diet, and nutrition education in a manner that supports American agriculture and inspires public confidence. Nutrition Assistance Programs Food Stamp
    Serves as the first line of defense against hunger. Enables low-income families to buy nutritious food with coupons and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.
    Child Nutrition

    Provides support for children to eat to learn and learn to eat with nutritious school meals and provides nutrition assistance for day care, after school, and summer programs.
    Team Nutrition

    Provides schools with nutrition education materials for children and families, and technical assistance materials for school nutrition service directors, managers and staff. State agency partners provide training and technical assistance to support these programs in local schools.
    WIC Program / Farmers' Market

    Improves the health of women, infants, and children by providing supplemental foods, nutrition and breastfeeding education, and access to health services. Access to fresh produce is provided through the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program.

    78. Defra, UK - Department For Environment Food And Rural Affairs - Homepage
    DEFRA. The UK Government department tasked with issues such as the environment, rural development, the countryside, wildlife, animal welfare and sustainable development. Formerly MAFF, the Ministry of agriculture, Fisheries and Foods.
    Enter the site
    If you would like to go to the UK online Citizen Portal, click here

    79. USDA Rural Development Home Page
    Provides consultations, assistance and funding opportunities for, individuals and businesses located Category Business Business Services Government Resources...... agriculture Secretary Veneman announced the approval of over $12.5 million inloan and grants to support local development of rural Alabama infrastructure
    Your browser isn't running scripts. There are scripts on this page that perform mouse-over effects to emphasize the selection of text graphics from the navigation bar. The mouse-overs turn the graphics from navy blue to bright green. However, the page also contains text descriptions of these menu items. Text Version
    Available Funds

    USDA Service Center eForms

    Formularios de Desarrollo Rural

    (Spanish Forms)
    (Spanish Publications)
    Where to Apply

    Properties for Sale

    Success Stories

    Rural Cooperatives

    Magazine 5-Star Commitment to Expand Rural Minority Homeownership Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at USDA
    March 24-May 17, 2003: Briefings on the 2002 Farm Bill
    Rural Development recently participated in regional briefings in Rapid City, South Dakota and Syracuse, New York to acquaint customers with the new opportunities available to them under the 2002 Farm Bill. Pictured, left, is John Kiechle, a farmer in and former Town Supervisor of Philadelphia, New York, who is interested in the Value-Added Agricultural Product Market Development Grant Program . Pictured, below right, are South Dakota participants in a training session.
    Agriculture Secretary Veneman announced the approval of over $12.5 million in loan and grants to support local development of rural Alabama infrastructure, including community water and local telephone systems, assist communities with the purchase of local fire trucks and fund the expansion of a childcare facility.

    80. USDA Rural Development - Rural Business-Cooperative Service Home Page
    Mission is to promote understanding and use of the cooperative form of business as a viable organizational option for marketing and distributing agricultural products. Includes USDA eForms, a library of publications, industry regulations, and a directory of field offices.
    Welcome to
    Rural Development Rural Business-Cooperative Service
    Discover RBS
    Business Programs

    Cooperative Programs

    National Rural Development Partnership
    Rural Development 2002 Farm Bill Site
    NEW! Business Programs Powerpoint Presentation Directory
    Features: Turning problems into profits. . . Alpaca co-op survives early dissension to build domestic fiber and products market, beginning on page 8.
    December 3, 2002
    Energy Meeting Webcast
    Energy Meeting Transcript: PDF TEXT
    Public Comments on the Energy Program
    * This audio/video presentation requires Real Player (Get help with Real Player.) Special Initiatives Quick Find 1890 and 1862 Land-Grant Institution Initiative ARMS Loan Guarantee Program Biobased Products and Bioenergy Program Business Information System Network [BISNet] ... Accessibility Statement

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