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         Agronomy Media:     more books (33)
  1. Genetically Modified Language by Guy Cook, 2007-03-16
  2. Strawberries Under Protection (Grower Guide, Second) by Dennis Wilson, 1997-02
  3. Weed Seeds of the Great Plains: A Handbook for Indentification by Linda W. Davis, 1993-10
  4. The Good Bud Guide by Albie, 2005-07-08
  5. Practical Pruning (Practical Guides) by Ian Murray, 1992-12
  6. Developing And Extending Sustainable Agriculture: A New Social Contract (Sustainable Food, Fiber, and Forestry Systems)
  7. The World of Herbs and Spices (Ortho book series) by James K. McNair, 1978-05
  8. Growing Plants from Seed by John Kelly, 1996-08
  9. Marijuana Hydroponics: High-Tech Water Culture by Daniel Storm, 1993-02-18
  10. Elementary Soil and Water Engineering by Glenn O. Schwab, etc., 1971-01-01
  11. Nature and Properties of Soils, The (14th Edition) by Nyle C. Brady, Ray R. Weil, 2007-09-16
  12. The Great Book of Hemp: The Complete Guide to the Environmental, Commercial, and Medicinal Uses of the World's Most Extraordinary Plant by Rowan Robinson, 1995-11-01
  13. The Cuckoo in June by David Atkins, Roger Smith, 1993-09
  14. The Viking in the Wheat Field: A Scientist's Struggle to Preserve the World's Harvest by Susan Dworkin, 2009-11-24

21. Plant Tissue Culture For Home Gardners
Science Insect Pests Pasture agronomy Plant Nutrition Soil Physics WeedScience Items Needed for Home Tissue Culture media Preparation Sterilising
Taji's Homepage The menu-links below take you directly to research exhibits of other divisional groups. Select Home to return to the divisional home-page. Hort. Science Insect Pests Pasture Agronomy Plant Nutrition ... Back to Taji's Homepage Plant Tissue Culture for Home Gardeners
Introduction Items Needed for Home Tissue Culture: Media Preparation ... Transfer to Potting Mix (Acclimatisation)
Introduction Micropropagtion is an important alternative to more conventional methods of plant propagation. It involves production of plants from very small plant parts (e.g. buds, nodes, leaf segments, root segments etc.), grown aseptically (free from any microorganism) in a container where the environment and nutrition can be controlled. The resultant plants are genetically identical to parent plants. Whilst in a research laboratory such as that in the Agronomy and Soil Science at UNE we use many high tech equipment to achieve plant production through tissue culture, it is important to note that many home gardeners and hobbyists could substitute the high tech equipment and instruments with ordinary house hold items.
Items Needed for Home Tissue Culture: 1 - A sterile still air cabinet used to transfer plants. A fish tank on its side makes an ideal transfer cabinet. Any perspex or glass chamber with dimensions of 50 cm (length), 40 cm (height) and 40 cm (depth) could easily be made into a transfer cabinet.

multimedia learning and assessment program. It has its origin in simple field exercisesaimed at a central goal for students of pasture agronomy - the ability
Proceedings of the
8th Australian Agronomy Conference, Toowoomba, 1996 A MULTI-MEDIA EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM
P.G. Tow
, P. Marriott , R.S. St.John-Sweeting and D. Shelton
Department of Agronomy and Farming Systems, The University of Adelaide,
Roseworthy Campus, Roseworthy, SA 5371
Interactive Multimedia Group, School of Communication and
Information Studies, University of South Australia, Magill Campus,
Lorne Avenue, Magill, SA 5072 Summary . An interactive, multi-media learning and assessment program in pasture management is being developed, comprising a series of case studies with supporting information sections. The software was written using Macromedia Director . Each case study contains background information, a question, a list of alternative answers, feedback, and links to other sections of the case study based on user response. Resources such as graphics and video are integrated from external files as needed. Users are given case studies to conduct in the field and in the Pasture Management program. The latter extends the scope and depth of experience gained in the former, allowing users to study the consequences of their management decisions.

23. The Role Of Extension Literature And Other Communication Media In Information Tr
of the 6th Australian agronomy Conference, Armidale, 1992, The Regional Institute. Therole of extension literature and other communication media in information
Proceedings of the 6th Australian Agronomy Conference, Armidale, 1992 The role of extension literature and other communication media in information transfer Ross Hartley and David Lincoln Page: of the proceedings Note to authors
Please help us complete the agronomy collection. If your paper is archived in electronic form, you can email it to for publishing on this web site. Please use the following conventions:
  • Name the file using the format: "asa93_025smithg.doc" where 025 is the page number of the 1993 proceedings. Download the Agronomy Word template and follow the formatting guidelines. Main points include:
    • Use "styles" for headings (Title, Heading 1, 2 etc) Use the "(normal text)" character set for symbols Insert graphics in Word as jpg, bmp or gif formats rather than SigmaPlot, Excel or other graph objects
    We hope the guidelines above will help you use Microsoft Word more efficiently and assist us to automate the publishing process for future conferences.

24. Porous Media Interdisciplinary Group - J. Cushman
B. X. Hu, Ph.D. and Post Doc, agronomy. AE Hassan, Ph.D. and PostDoc, Civil and Environmental Engineering. F. Zhang, Post Doc, agronomy.
Current Students and Post Docs:
Pawan Sing Agricultural Engineering Co-major Professor Ph.D. Y. Wu Mathematics Co-major Professor Ph.D. M. Moroni Environmental Engineering Post Doc Visiting from Rome for 6 months N. Kleinfelter Mathematics Major Professor Ph.D.
Previous Students:
L. S. Bennethum Ph.D. and Post Doc Math W. Stroud Post Doc Math R. G. Smits Post Doc Math F. Alejandro Bonilla Ph.D. and Post Doc Civil and Environmental Engineering B. X. Hu Ph.D. and Post Doc Agronomy A. E. Hassan Ph.D. and Post Doc Civil and Environmental Engineering M. Moroni Post Doc Environmental Engineering, University of Rome I M. A. Murad Post Doc Math N. A. Irwin Ph.D. Chemical Engineering J. E. Curry Post Doc Physical Chemistry F. W. Deng Ph.D. and Post Doc Civil Engineering S. Mukhopadhyay Post Doc Chemical Engineering A. Achanta Ph.D. Chemical Engineering S. P. K. Sternberg Ph.D. Chemical Engineering F. Zhang Post Doc Agronomy M. Shoen Post Doc Physical Chemistry T. R. Ginn Ph.D. (Co-major with Mark Houck) and Post Doc Civil and Environmental Engineering K. K. Lee

25. Technico Pty Limited - Media Releases
media ARTICLE Monday, October 30, 2000 Sydney Morning Herald Just quietly, they're FOREYES ON POTATOES Technico Expands Planting and agronomy Operations (Read
Industry Centre Corporate Information ... Site Map
Monday, December 3rd 2001
Chambal Fertilisers announces the commissioning of the world’s largest TECHNITUBER Facility
Chambal Agritech Limited, a Joint Venture between Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited, of the K.K. Birla Group and Technico Pty, Australia, today commissioned its state-of-the-art TECHNITUBER™ facility at Manpura. Professor Prem Kumar Dhumal Hon’ble Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and the Chief Guest at the inauguration expressed his support to the project that promises to bring to the State a new concept in potato cultivation.
(Read More)
Thursday, November 23rd, 2000
Technico's global potato adventure continues to thrive (Read More) MEDIA ARTICLE
Tuesday, November 7, 2000
Australian Financial Review
INNOVATORS You say potato, they say Technituber propagule

26. Items Of Interest To The News Media For February 2001
ITEMS OF INTEREST TO THE NEWS media FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY 2001. SAC Press ReleaseNo. 01N10. Tel 01224 711068. 4.SAC Scottish agronomy Man to Chair AICC.
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SAC Press Release No. 01N10
1 February 2001
ITEM CONTACT 1. Organic Livestock Conferences: 9/10 February
Interest in two organic livestock conferences which will take place in February has been substantial, with 150 delegates already registered to attend the Edinburgh venue on 9th February and a further 100 registered for the conference the following day in Reading. The two conferences are aimed at organic livestock farmers, advisers and those involved in the ancillary industries and have been organised by the Scottish Agricultural College and University of Reading, in association with Chalcombe Publications. The title of the conferences is ‘Principles, Practicalities and Profits’ and the programme covers everything from marketing, through principles and certification, to animal health strategies and grassland, and then focuses on organic dairy, beef, sheep, pigs and poultry enterprises in turn. Venues and Times are: Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Friday 9 February 2001

27. NDSU University Relations News Media Information
Jimmie Richardson, North Dakota State University professor and acting chair of soilscience, was named Fellow of the American Society of agronomy during the

28. NDSU University Relations News Media Information
NDSU University Relations News media Information http// wasnamed Fellow of the American Society of agronomy during the

29. Agronomy & Horticulture
agronomy HORTICULTURE STUDENTS. Harriet Jones. Each explant wascultured on control media and three different media treatments.
  • Harriet Jones
    • Dine'College Shiprock, NM
        Mentor: John Hubstenberger Mentor: David Watkins Mentor: Gregory Phillips Info.on Mentor
          Research Project: Comparative Analysis of Immature and Mature Embryo Explants for Rapid Regeneration of Allium Cepa
          • Dine'College Shiprock, NM
              Mentor:Carol Potenza Mentor:Champa Gopalan Info.on Mentor
              Vacuum Infiltration apparatus

30. Moor Hall - Agronomy
Contact Us. Classroom media Support. Moore Hall agronomy. Room 351. Map.Facility Manager Tom Frank (262-0601). Classroom media Support UW Home. Hall/Moore Hall.html

About Us
Classrooms Troubleshooting Instructions ... Contact Us
Moore Hall - Agronomy
Room 351 Map Facility Manager: Tom Frank (262-0601) UW Home File last updated: March 11, 2003
Feedback, questions or accessibility issues

31. American Floral Endowment
Nutrition, Planting media (Substrates), and Water. agronomy Society Site developedby the American Society of agronomy and describes their services and for
11 Glen-Ed Professional Park, Glen Carbon, IL 62034 - Phone: 618.692.0045 - Fax: 618.692.4045 - Home Page: - Email: Nutrition, Planting Media (Substrates), and Water Agronomy Society - Site developed by the American Society of Agronomy and describes their services and for sale publications. College of Tropical Agricultural and Human Resources (Informational Databases) - Developed by the University of Hawaii and covers for-sale publications on many aspects of floriculture. Commercial Floriculture - developed by the University of Florida and covers all aspects related to floriculture programs and crops. Floricultural Books -Site developed by Ball Published and describes an extensive list of for sale books on almost every aspect of floriculture. Floriculture Information - Developed by North Carolina State University, this site has information on many floricultural topics. Individual crops can be searched.

32. Hay - Publications/Other Media; Forages Information System
Publications/Other media for Hay. Extension Haymaking on the Westside; BookIllinois agronomy Handbook; Book Improved Evaluation Methodology for Seed

33. Pasture - Media; Forages Information System
at the PlantAnimal Interface; Video Grower Application of media and Tissue BookHybridization of Crop Plants; Book Illinois agronomy Handbook; Book Impact of

34. SBRP 2000-2005 Programs
1997. Dissolution of residual tetrachloroethylene in fractional wettabilityporous media. agronomy Abstracts Soil Science Society of America 178.

35. Publications List For Dr. Abriola (MSU)
1997. Dissolution of residual tetrachloroethylene in fractional wettabilityporous media. agronomy Abstracts, Soil Science Society of America, 178.
NOTE: To return to the previous page, please use the back button on your browser.
Publications List for
Dr. Linda M. Abriola
University of Michigan associated with the Michigan State University Program
Bradford, S.A., and L.M. Abriola. 1998. Entrapment and dissolution of organic liquids in chemically heterogeneous porous media. In: IAHS Proc. Groundwater Quality: Remediation and Protection . Tubingen, Germany. Abriola, L.M., K.D. Pennell, W.J. Weber, Jr., J.R. Lang, and M.D. Wilkins. 1997. Persistence and interphase mass transfer of organic contaminants in the unsaturated zone: Experimental observations and mathematical modeling. In: Vadose Zone Hydrology: Cutting Across Disciplines , (J.Y. Parlange and J.W. Hopmans, eds.) Abu-El-Sha'r, W. and L.M. Abriola. 1997. Experimental assessment of gas transport mechanisms in natural porous media: Parameter evaluation. Water Resour. Res Bradford, S.A., L.M. Abriola, and F.J. Leij. 1997. Estimating wettability effects on two- and three-fluid relative permeability relations. J. Contam. Hydrol

36. Agronomy Forms
Long Term Usage If you need access using a Marlock keys for the media Cabinetsin the agronomy Classrooms, you will need to request a key for yourself.\Agronomy_Forms_1.htm
Questions or comments can be forwarded to Debra L. Hop Last Modified: March 31, 2003
INDEX A B C D E F ... I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z This collection of templates provides you with a number of forms frequently used at Iowa State University, Agronomy Department. The template forms were created on a PC using Microsoft Word 7.0 and Excel 7.0 (or greater) and conform to a uniform standard. You must be using these versions of the applications, or higher, to ensure the templates will function as designed. Agronomy Dept. Centennial Interoffice Communication Memo - Interoffice memo, which may be personalized by each Faculty and Staff. [Word] 3/11/02 Agronomy Dept. Centennial Letterhead – Centennial Letterhead stationary, which may be personalized by each Faculty and Staff. [Word] 3/28/02 ARS-533 - Manuscript Peer Review Form of the Agricultural Research Station [Word] Cash Advance for Travel - Travel advances are not available to university employees for routine business travel within the United States or Canada. Only graduate students should request advances for domestic travel.

37. Research In Agronomy @ CCS http// I am working primarilyon cellular automaton simulation of fluid dynamics in fractal porous media.
Dr. Michael Sukop
Agronomy Department
University of Kentucky

I am working primarily on cellular automaton simulation of fluid dynamics in fractal porous media. Generation and analysis of the media are also done on spp. I chose that computer because of the potential for parallelizing many of the codes that I use. Currently I am working on a liqiud-gas lattice-gas model. The following movie shows phase seperation on a gravity-free environment simulated with this model. The starting condition is a randomly-assigned near-uniform density less than equilibrium liqiud density and greater than equilibrium vapor density. Small spatial differences in the initial density lead to instabilities that eventually cause the mixture to separate into well-defined volumes of liquid and gas. Surface tension causes the resulting gas bubble to be completely spherical.
Cellular automata simulation of phase separation in a cubic domain (animated gif)

38. Awards:
M. Sukop, GJ. van Dijk, E. Perfect, WKP van Loon. 2000. Percolation Thresholdsin 2Dimensional Prefractal Models of Porous media. agronomy Abstracts.
Mic hael Sukop
Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Connecticut Unit-2037, 261 Glenbrook Road Storrs, CT-06269-2037
Interests: Fluid dynamics in unsaturated fractured and porous media from pore to aquifer scale, solute transport, multiphase lattice Boltzmann models, porous media, fractals, multifractals, cellular automata, percolation phenomena, stochastics geostatistics , surface chemistry
Postdoctoral Fellow, Civil Engineering (Prof. D. Or). University of Connecticut , 2002 – present Postdoctoral Fellow, Soil Physics (Prof. D. Or). Utah State University Ph.D. Soils (Civil Engineering Minor). University of Kentucky M.S. Soils. Washington State University Civil Engineering Water Chemistry. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983 – 1984 B.S. Geological Science. The Pennsylvania State University Geology. Mercyhurst College
Miscellaneous Educational Experiences
Computer Modeling Workshop, Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials/National Institute of Standards and Technology, June 11-14, 2001

39. Information For News Media - FAQs
He received numerous awards, including honors from the American Society of agronomy,the National Association of Colleges and Teachers of return to media home.
  • Main Articles Listing Announcements
    13. In Memoriam, Darrel Metcalfe, Dean Emeritus, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

    June 21, 2001
    Susan McGinley
    TUCSONDarrel S. Metcalfe, dean emeritus of the University of Arizona College of Agriculture (now Agriculture and Life Sciences), died Tuesday, June 19, of complications from Parkinson's disease. He was 87.
    Metcalfe is remembered for his dedication to students and his contributions to college administration and international programs during a time of major growth and technological development in the College of Agriculture. He served as associate dean and director of resident instruction from 1958 to his retirement at age 69 in 1982. He also served as acting director of the Cooperative Extension in 1978 and 1979, and as dean of the College of Agriculture from 1978 to 1980.
    "Darrel Metcalfe was widely known as a "students' dean", said L. W. "Pete" Dewhurst, director emeritus of the UA Agricultural Experiment Station. "His empathy for students was boundless and served students well throughout his tenure at the University of Arizona. It was significant that he always was able to help students in serious financial difficulties - sometimes from his own personal resources. The university has lost a wonderful administrator and friend, and for me, a very personal friend."
    A native of Wisconsin, Metcalfe served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946, including active duty in the invasions of Okinawa and Leyte. He came to the UA in 1958 from Iowa State University where he was assistant director of student affairs and professor of agronomy, specializing in forage research.
    agronomy – Chairman Janusz PRUSINSKI – Universityof Technology and Agriculture, Bydgoszcz, Poland. Members
    E L E C T R O N I C
    J O U R N A L
    O F P O L I S H
    A G R I C U L T U R A L
    • Franciszek KLUZA – Agricultural University, Lublin, Poland
    • Fred W.BAKKER-ARKEMA – Michigan State University, USA Andrzej CHOCHOWSKI – Warsaw Agricultural University, Poland Heinz-Dieter KUTZBACH - University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany Michael MAYNTZ – Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Skara, Sweden Gordon SPOOR - Cranfiels University Silsoe, Bedford, UK Józef SZLACHTA – Agricultural University, Wroc³aw, Poland Maria WALCZYK – Agricultural University, Cracow, Poland
    Secretary and address
    • Janina WOJTALA
    Redakcja Wydawnictw Akademii Rolniczej w Lublinie
    ul. Akademicka 13
    20-033 Lublin
    tel.: (+48 81) 445-67-11, 461-06-91, fax (+48 81) 445-66-32 AGRONOMY Chairman
    • Janusz PRUSIÑSKI – University of Technology and Agriculture, Bydgoszcz, Poland
    • Wojciech BUDZYÑSKI – Olsztyn University of Agriculture and Technology, Poland

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