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  1. Vegetable Garden Handbook (ANR-61) by Dean Bond, 1984

41. USDA Forest Service Landowner Assistance Program Coordinators
Address Director alabama Forestry Commission 513Madison Avenue Montgomery, AL Pittsfield, MA 01202 413442–8928 ext 33 FAX
USDA Forest Service Landowner Assistance Program Coordinators Forest Stewardship, Stewardship Incentives, Forest Legacy Programs
Northern Region
(FS Region 1)
(ID, MT, ND)
Glenn Roloff (Legacy)
Dennis Elliott (Stewardship)
USDA Forest Service
Federal Building
P.O. Box 7669
200 E. Broadway Missoula, MT 59807
406.329.3521 (Roloff)
406-329-3441 (Elliott) 406.329.3132 fax Rocky Mountain Region (FS Region 2) (CO, KS, NE, SD, WY- partial) Susan Gray USDA Forest Service P.O. Box 25127 Lakewood, CO 80225 740 Simms St. Golden, CO 80401 303.275.5239 phone 303.275.5754 fax Southwestern Region (FS Region 3) (AZ, NM) George Martinez USDA Forest Service Federal Building 517 Gold Avenue, S.W. Albuquerque, NM 87102 505.842.3229 phone 505.842.3806 fax Intermountain Region (FS Region 4) (NV, UT, WY - partial) Paul Ries – NV Keith Schnare –UT (2-5 month detail) USDA Forest Service th St.

42. Section09
J. Wildl. Manage.58(2)330334. 2. Armstrong, JB 1991. Control of deer damage tocrops. Circular ANR-588. Ala. coop.ext.service. Auburn University, alabama. 3.
SNA RESEARCHCONFERENCE- VOL.46 -2001 Significanceto Industry: From this preliminary data, it is clear that
annual vinca do possess some deer repellent properties. Further
developmentshould bemade in the extraction protocol, and chemical
identification should follow. Growers may find additional markets for
annual vinca not only as deer-resistant plants, but also as supply for deer
repellent manufacturers. Literaturecited: Andelt, W.F.,K.P.Burnham, and D.L. Baker. Effectiveness of
capsaicin and bitrex repellents for deterring browsing by captive
mule deer. J. Wildl. Manage.58(2):330-334. Armstrong, J.B. 1991. Control of deer damage to crops. Circular
ANR-588. Ala. Coop.Ext.Service. Auburn University, Alabama Byers, R.E., D.H. Carbaugh, and C.N.Presley. 1989. Screening of
odorand taste repellents for control of white-tailed deer browseto
apples or apple shoots. J. Environ. Hort. 8(4):185-189. Masters, R.,P. Mitchell, and S. Dobbs. 1992. Ornamental and gardenplants:controllingdeerdamage. PublicationF-6427. Oklahoma CooperativeExtensionService.

43. Steps To Marketing Timber
University of Georgia (http// ),. TimberSale and Harvesting Contracts. ANR560, alabama coop. ext. System. 6pp.
Steps to Marketing Timber
Chris Demers and Alan Long Marketing timber involves selling forest products in a competitive market to get the best return on your investment or to meet other objectives. This process requires some planning and pre-sale preparation before you advertise or talk to prospective buyers. Timber sales should be approached in a business-like manner to ensure that both the seller and buyer are satisfied with the results. Following are some important guidelines to follow when planning and conducting a timber sale.
Start with Your Objectives and Financial Situation
Timber is sold for many reasons. The most obvious reason is to convert the timber asset into money. However, the decision to sell timber should be based on the objectives you have for your land. You may harvest trees in order to: regenerate or improve the future value of a stand, reduce stand density (thinning), salvage damaged timber, maximize profits, improve wildlife habitat, or develop recreational opportunities. These types of management decisions should start with a written management plan, which outlines your objectives, identifies the steps necessary to achieve them, provides a timetable to guide management activities, and is the first step to a successful harvest.
Consider your tax situation
How you treat the expenses and income associated with your forestland for tax purposes depends on the scope and nature of your timber-related activities. If you have a small holding with occasional transactions, you would most likely treat these activities as an investment. If your holdings produce regular and continuous transactions, your forestland may constitute a business. Regardless of your tax status, it is extremely important to maintain thorough records for all management activities and costs.

alabama. Margie Klein UNR cooperative extension service 2345 Red Rock Street Las Vegas,NV. 4917030 Fax (970) 491-7745 E-mail
List Revised 12/16/02
The Master Gardener Show web site strives to present accurate and timely information as general assistance for the farmers, consumers, agriculturists, homeowners, master gardeners and other constituents of the world. If Your Master Gardener Coordinator has changed, we would like to know about it so we can update this list. Please Contact Us. ALABAMA Mary Beth Musgrove
25 Extension Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5630
phone: (205) 221-3392
E-mail: MISSOURI Mary Koening
Plant Sciences Extension Associate
I-87 Agriculture Building
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211 phone: (573) 882-9633 fax: (573) 882-1469 E-mail: ALASKA Alaska Cooperative Extension University of Alaska Fairbanks 122 1st Avenue Fairbanks, AK 99701

45. 96-15 Report
The Value and Use of Poultry Waste as Fertilizer. alabama coop ext Serv. Circ ANR244,Auburn, AL. Suwannee County extension service. University of Florida.
North Florida Research and Education Center - Suwannee Valley Comparison of Different Commercial Fertilizer and Poultry Manure Rates in the Production of Eggplant 1996-15
Robert C. Hochmuth George J. Hochmuth, Chris Vann Introduction A large poultry industry has developed in the middle Suwannee Valley region of North Florida. Broiler production in Florida increased from 75.7 million birds in 1977 to 104.2 million in 1985, and to 132.7 million in 1994. Suwannee, Madison, and Hamilton counties are among the leading broiler producing counties in Florida. Total value of state-wide broiler production in 1994 was 191.2 million (Freie and Pugh, 1994; Geuder and Pugh, 1996). Broiler production is more common in northern Florida, with a typical grower harvesting between five and six flocks annually at approximately 70,000 birds per flock (Tervola, 1996). An estimated 4,400 lbs of manure are produced for every 1,000 broiler birds (Mitchell el al., 1990), resulting in a considerable amount of poultry manure to be managed. The importance of choosing an appropriate rate of manure and of properly managing that manure has been stressed (Sims, 1986). Various equations have also been developed to estimate manure needs in order to supply crop N requirements (Douglas and Magdoff, 1991; Mathers and Goss, 1979; Pratt et al., 1973; Sims, 1986). Factors affecting appropriate manure-application rates include: crop N requirement, N mineralization rate, N content of the manure, method and timing of manure application, prior and subsequent leaching and volatilization losses of N, and previous cropping history. Crop N requirements for vegetable crops in Florida have been summarized by Hochmuth and Hanlon (1995).

46. NACAA Other Links
alabama cooperative extension service University of Alaska Safety Council FarmSafeSpooner Ag Research Station, Wisconsin UC coop ext, San Joaquin

47. CSREES - Diversity And Pluralism - Institutional Diversity Contacts
alabama, Philip W. Brown Auburn University alabama coop. extension Louisiana, Ann Berry Louisiana coop. ext.

Funding Opportunities
State Partners Program Information Legislation/Budget ... Related Links
Diversity and Pluralism
Institutional Diversity Contacts Alabama
Philip W. Brown
Auburn University
Alabama Coop. Extension System
Athal Pierce
Tuskegee University
No e-mail address available Alaska Peter Stortz
Palmer Research Center
University of Alaska No e-mail address available American Samoa Mrs. Jack Uhrle American Samoa Community College Extension Program No e-mail address available Arizona Francis Becenti Acting President Dine College James A. Christenson, Director University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

48. SCTCSA-2002 -- Participants, USDA/ FSA, Florence, alabama, USA Teresa Hice Vienna, Vienna,Austria Leonard Kuykendall (, AL coop. ext.
Home Participants Home Program Call for Papers Publication Guidelines ... Links
Randy Akridge (, Brewton Experiment Field, Brewton, Al, U.S.A.
Fred L. Allen (, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, U.S.A.
Earl Allen , Allen Farms, Gaston, NC, U.S.A.
Merle Anders (, University of Arkansas, Stuttgart, AR, U.S.A.
Winford Andrews (, USDA-NRCS, Eutaw, AL, U.S.A.
Randall Armstrong (, Auburn University, Florence, AL, U.S.A.
Dana L. Ashford (, USDA-NRCS, Clinton, NC, U.S.A.
Richard C. Aycock (, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Alexandria, LA, U.S.A.
Mike Baker (, Monsanto, Knightdale, NC, U.S.A.
Kip Balkcom (, USDA-ARS, Dawson, GA, U.S.A.
James S. Bannon (, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn University, AL, U.S.A.

49. Garden Regional Links, Gardening Tips, Organic Gardening, Flower Gardening, Vege
alabama (alabama coop extension System). center for the environment) (Cornell coop extension). Vermont http//
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Regional Extension Service Links
Land-grant universities should host the state extension services that conduct and support the master gardener programs in the U.S. Also listed are some Canadian sites. Alabama
(Alabama Coop Extension System) California
(University of California) Florida
(Univ of Florida master gardener site) Georgia (Univ of Georgia Coop Extension Service) Illinois (Univ of Illinois Extension) Indiana (Purdue) Iowa (Iowa State University extension) (Iowa State University horticultural dept) Maine (Univ of Maine Coop Extension Service) Maryland

50. Auburn University - Department List
00692, Engineering Administration. 00693, alabama MicroElectronics Ctr. 01257,N. Ala. Regional ext Office. 01259, CES - Army. 01260, Ala coop ext Serv.
Department Listing
Auburn University
Department List Department Department Name Adm-Agriculture Biosystems Engineering Research Electronics Spr Facl Animal Sciences Instrument Facility Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Ctr AU Res Inst Fac - AURIF Gen Biology Horticulture Admin - Agi Experiment Station AAES - Outlying Units Poultry Science Research Information Research Data Analysis Research Operations Entomology and Plant Pathology Animal Health Research Office of Intl Agriculture Intl Ctr Aquacult Environment Architecture Design Constructn School of Architecture Admin - Fine Arts Art Band Building Science Industrial Design Human Subjects Music Theatre Communication Disorders Chemistry Debate English Foreign Language Geology and Geography History Journalism Mathematics - Coordinator Minority Drop-In Center Mathematics Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Religion Sociology Communication - Journalism Comm Disorders Center-Governmental Services Liberal Arts Liberal Arts - Admin Admin - Accounting Accounting Economics Auburn Utilities Research Ctr Finance Management Marketing Div of External Affairs-ATAC Small Business Dev Ctr Ala Incubator Center Adm Business Biological Sciences Educational FLT Coop Ctr for Educ Leadership Learning Resources Center Truman Pierce Institute Adm - Education Advanced Mfg Tech Center Asphalt Tech Ctr Aerospace Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Center for IMPACT Info Tech Peak Mechanical Engineering Ctr - Material Process Graduate Outreach Program Textile Engineering Eng Outr Cont Ed (EOCE) Engineering Media Services

51. Directory Of Entomology Departments And Institutes: USA
Email (Mike Koch) Website http// Health Protection USDA Forest service Post Office Box
Directory of Entomology Departments and Institutes (DEDI)
Academic and Governmental Organizations
United States of America
The Directory of Entomology Departments and Institutes (DEDI) currently contains contact information for approximately 1500 entomology departments and institutes in the academic institutions and government agencies of 152 different countries. This file contains the DEDI listing for the states of California, Colorado, and Connecticut in the USA. For an explanation of the content and arrangement of DEDI, please read the Introduction page. You may search for a specific department using the Index of Departments . You may go to the Navigation Page to choose another state or a different country. To choose one of the states in this file, click the appropriate link below.
To choose a different state in the United States, click on the name of the state below. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming
[Note: Entries for this state are arranged alphabetically by city.]
Plant Protection Research Unit (PPRU)
Western Regional Research Center (WRRC)
U.S. Department of Agriculture - ARS

52. NEAFCS State/Territory President Affiliates
Revised 4/12/02. alabama. Denise Shirley 714 Greensboro Ave. FAX719589-3676. Florida. Marilyn Simmons Levy Co. ext.
National Extension Association
State Affiliates
State names link to their president's address - State president names link to their email. Alabama Denise Shirley Alaska Linda Tannehill ... Mary-Margaret Gaudio CSREES Delaware Mary Wilcoxon Florida Marilyn Simmons ... Minnesota Phyllis A. Onstad Mississippi Kay Emmons Missouri Rebecca J. Travnichek ...
Washington DC
Dolores Langford Bridgette West Virginia Kay Davis Wisconsin Rita Straub ... Darlene Moss Revised 4/12/02 Alabama Denise Shirley
714 Greensboro Ave. # 536
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
205-349-3870 ext. 288 (O)
205-752-2349 (F) Alaska Linda Tannehill (12/02)
43961 K-Beach Road, Suite A
Soldotna, AK 99669-9728
Office: 907-262-5824 FAX: 907-262-3939 Home: 907-283-4877 Arizona Ruth Jackson 4341 E. Broadway Road Phoenix, AZ 85040-8807 602-470-8086 Ext. 361 FAX: 602-470-8092 Arkansas Linda King Carroll CES 909 B Freeman Switch Berryville, AR 72616

53. Program And Staff Development Committee
L. Smith Associate Director alabama CES 104 Briley Assistant Specialist NutritionCoop ext Program PO Organizational Development MSU extension service Box 9660
Program and Staff Development Committee Anyone can use the following address to send a message to everyone on this list: Alabama LaVerne Blount
District Extension Coordinator
Southwest Alabama Regional Off
PO Box 1096
Selma, AL 36702
Carolyn W. Reedus
Extension Head Personnel
PO Box 967
Normal, AL 35762
Jannie Carter
Extension State Program Leader PO Box 967 Normal, AL 35762 James L. Smith Associate Director Alabama CES 104 Duncan Hall Auburn University Auburn, AL 36849-5615 334-844-5324 Fax: 334-844-5345 Arkansas Irene K. Lee Family Life Specialist University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff PO Box 4966 Pine Bluff, AR 71611 870-543-8530 Fax: 870-543-8166

54. Family And Consumer Science Committee
Jannie Carter extension State Program Leader alabama A M University PO Box 967 Normal,AL 35762 256 Specialist, Home Economics Southern University coop. ext.
Family and Consumer Sciences Committee Anyone can use the following address to send a message to everyone on this list: Alabama Eunice A Bonsi
Interim Assoc. Admin.
1890 Extension Programs
Tuskegee University
200 Extension Bldg.
Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088
Martha R. Johnson
Extension State Program Leader
Auburn University
107-A Duncan Hall
Auburn, AL 36849-5616 334-844-5541 Fax: 334-844-5544 Jannie Carter Extension State Program Leader PO Box 967 Normal, AL 35762 Arkansas Lynn Russell Interim State Leader-FCS Cooperative Extension Service P.O. Box 391 2301 S. University Little Rock, AR 72203 501-671-2100 Fax: 501-671-2294

55. David Oi's Curriculum Vitae
Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology Agricultural ResearchService, US Department of Agriculture 1600 SW 23rd Drive alabama coop. ext.
David H. Oi
Research Entomologist - IFAHI Research Unit

Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology
Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture
1600 SW 23rd Drive
Gainesville, FL 32608 Telephone: 352-374-5897
Fax: 352-374-5818
  • Biological control of imported fire ants with emphasis on the use of insect pathogens. Development of integrated pest management strategies to control pest ants.

EDUCATION Ph.D. University of California, Riverside Entomology M.S. University of Hawaii, Manoa Entomology B.S. University of Hawaii, Manoa Horticulture
Affiliate Faculty, Auburn University, Department of Entomology, Auburn, Alabama Entomologist/Insectary Supervisor, Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp., Hilo, Hawaii SIGNIFICANT INVITATIONS (last 5 years) Southeast Pest Management Conference, Gainesville, Florida, May 7, 2001. "Household Ants". National Pest Management Assoc. 4th Annual Southern Conf., Tunica, Mississippi Feb. 9, 2001. "Fire Ants".

56. Resume - John M. Beck
Beck, J. M., Using GIS To Evaluate Potential Critical Nonpoint PollutionSources in alabama’s Fish River Watershed. WQ05-00. Ala. coop. ext.
John M. Beck 1043 Cornstalk Lane
Auburn, AL
Home: (334) 501-1458 Work: (334) 844-3937
Education: Masters of Science: Major: Agronomy and Soil Science Minor: Environmental Studies Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. Graduated December, 1995. Bachelors of Science: Major: Geology Minor: History. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Graduated August, 1992. Work Experience: Aug 97 - Present
Research Associate III - Water Quality and GIS Agronomy and Soils Department, Auburn University , Auburn, Alabama Provides technical expertise in developing, coordinating, and leading Agricultural and Water Quality related geospatial research and extension education projects. Collects, manages, analyze sand interprets data that can be used by hydrologic models and GIS to predict transport of non-point source pollutants from agricultural land. Coordinates equipment, material, data, and labor support needed for the laboratory. Troubleshoot problems with geospatial hardware/software systems, computer hardware/software systems and supervises two to three employees. Work involves limited supervision and requires frequent independent judgments concerning budgets, technical questions, documentation, and assignment of work to subordinates and students. Helps support and assist in the preparation and submission of grant proposals. Presents research conclusions in formal publications and presentations at national and local levels.

57. 2003 ESP Chapter Presidents
S ALPHA PI alabama SHIRLEY L. WHITTEN Walker County 970-491-5108 E-Mail Georgetown,DE 19947-9575 Phone 302-856-8525 ext.
2003 ESP Chapter Presidents
S ALPHA PI - Alabama SHIRLEY L. WHITTEN Walker County Extension Office 1501 North Airport Road Jasper, AL 35504 Phone: 205-221-3392 Fax: 205-221-3393 E-Mail: W ALPHA GAMMA - Alaska HOLLIS HALL 3511 Kreb Drive Fairbanks,AK 99709 Phone: 907-479-0617 Fax: E-Mail: W KAPPA - Arizona ED MARTIN Maricopa Ag Center 37860 West Smithenke Road Maricopa, AZ 85349-3010 Phone: 520-568-2273 Ext. 244 Fax: 520-568-2556 E-Mail: S ALPHA IOTA - Arkansas BILLY MOORE Extension Alternative Agriculture Specialist 6883 South Hwy 23 Booneville, AR 72927 Phone: 479-675-5585 Fax: 479-675-2940 E-Mail: W ZETA - Colorado DALE LEIDHEISER 133 Aylesworth NW Fort Collins, Co. 80523 Phone: 970-491-1152 Fax: 970-491-5108 E-Mail: NE ALPHA CHI - Connecticut NORMAN BENDER 111 Poppy Lane East Lyme, CT 06333 Phone: Fax: E-Mail: NE MU - Washington DC ANNA MAE KOBBE SOAGRIBG RM 3905 1400 Independence AVE SW Stop 2225 USDA Washington DC 20250-2225 Phone: 202-720-2920 Fax: 202-690-2908 E-Mail:

58. Related Weed Science Websites (12/14/98)
alabama, Auburn Univ. http// Utah, Utah State U. http// Virginia,Virginia Tech, http//
You will leave the WSSA web site when you click on any of the below listed sites
Governmental And Regulatory Links
Non-profit Organizations

59. State Coordinators
Please send any update information to Marianne Riofrio at Agent/CEDH Rutgers coop. ext., Bergen Cty. Of Vermont ext.
State Master Gardener Coordinators STATE MASTER GARDENER COORDINATORS Please send any update information to Marianne Riofrio at: ALABAMA Mary Beth Musgrove
25 Extension Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5630
phone: (334) 844-5481
E-mail: MONTANA Bob Gough
P.O. Box 173120
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT. 59717-3120 phone: (406) 994-6523
E-mail: ALASKA
Univ. of Alaska, 1302 21 st Ave. Tanana Chiefs Conference Region Fairbanks, AK 99701 phone: (907) 452-8251 ext. 3248 fax: (907) 459-3936 E-mail: NEBRASKA Susan Schoneweis Extension Coordinator - Home/ Environmental Horticulture Univ. of Nebraska- Lincoln 377 Plant Science Lincoln, NE. 68583-0724

60. Toxicology Report On Sorghum Ergot From USDA
Prague) and a slight modification of Dr. Richard Shebly's (Auburn Univ., Auburn alabama)extraction and hplc (C.) Kansas samples via Dr. DJ Jardine (coop. ext.
Toxicology and Mycotoxin Res. Unit; R.B. Russell Agric. Res. Cntr.; Athens GA.
General Report: Comparison of Ergot Alkaloids in Sorghum from: Texas, Kansas, and Georgia. (J.K. Porter, C.W. Bacon, F.I. Meredith) Outlined is the analytical data surrounding the alkaloid analysis of sorghum samples from Texas, Kansas, and Georgia. Other mycotoxins (Fusarium) and cross comparisons to come as soon as the analyses are completed. The primary alkaloids identified so far via hplc with UV detection and tlc (with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde spray indicator; developing solvent systems of Porter et al.) and using standards received from Dr. Miroslav Flieger (Acad. Sci. Czech Republic, Institute Microbiology, Prague) and a slight modification of Dr. Richard Shebly's (Auburn Univ., Auburn Alabama) extraction and hplc procedures are: dihydroergosine, dihydroelymoclavine (also known as dihydrolysergol), festuclavine, agroclavine, and other unknown clavines (via gc/ms).
Analyses to date:
  • Kelly Green Dihydroergosine (2.124 ppm) Dihydroelymoclavine (9.214 ppm)
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