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         Alabama Education General:     more books (100)
  1. Alabama Library List: An Annotated List of Books Suitable for Rural Schools, Other Elementary and Gr by Alabama Dept. of Education, 2009-05-20
  2. School code: including all laws relating to education, October 1, 1919 by Alabama Alabama, 2010-08-31
  3. Washington's birthday, Arbor day; programs and selections for their celebration, for use in the schools of Alabama
  4. Alabama teachers' professional reading course with suggestions for county and group meetings. 1919-1920
  5. Statements Required By The House Of Representatives From The Superintendent Of Public Instruction Of The State Of Alabama, Pursuant To A Resolution Of The House, Bearing Date January 29th, 1870
  6. Law regulating the examination of teachers in Alabama
  7. Schools in the Landscape: Localism, Cultural Tradition, and the Development of Alabama's Public Education System, 1865-1915 by Edith M. Ziegler, 2010-10-06
  8. Some Facts And Figures Relating To Local Taxation For Public Schools
  9. Glencoe Science 8: Alabama Edition by Ralph M. Feather, 2001-06-30
  10. Essentials of English Grammar (Alabama Linguistic & Philological Ser: V) by Otto Jespersen, 1964-01-30
  11. Oak Grove High School (Jefferson County, Alabama): Jefferson County, Alabama, Jefferson County Board of Education, James Spann, Catholic High School
  12. A Question of Justice: New South Governors and Education, 1968-1976 (Library of Alabama Classics) by Gordon E. Harvey, 2006-01-28
  13. Tradition of excellence: A pictorial history of surgical education at the Mobile General Hospital and University of South Alabama, College of Medicine and Medical Center, Mobile, Alabama by Charles Bernard Rodning, 1999
  14. Rules and regulations, program of studies, adopted text books for county high schools, July 1, 1922

41. Alabama Textbook Report - General Observations: Anderson, Norris
of origins, but it should also point out in general terms the of the State SchoolBoard and Department of education. (1995 alabama Science Textbook
Access Research Network
ARN Library Files Education or Indoctrination?
Analysis of Textbooks in Alabama
I. General Observations
During the process of reviewing science textbooks for use in Alabama public schools, members of the 1995 Alabama State Textbook Committee found numerous problems with the books submitted for adoption. A detailed examination of these problems follows. A major class of problems concerns the way in which explanations of origins are presented in the texts. It was felt by a minority (six members of the State Textbook Committee) that many of the books violate an important directive of the Alabama State Board of Education. On March 9, 1995, this Board unanimously required that the Alabama Course of Study - Science include the following amendment: "Explanations of the origin of life and major groups of plants and animals, including humans, shall be treated as theory and not as fact. When attempting to apply scientific knowledge to world problems, no social agenda shall be promoted." This statement was deemed necessary by the State Board of Education to insure that the children of Alabama receive training in how to think rather than in what to think, and that they receive good science education, not ideological indoctrination.

42. Alabama
teaching skills of 100% of the general and special Develop a collaborative partnershipwith the alabama State Department of education, selected post
Summary of 1999 Funded State Improvement Grant Applications
August 1999 ALABAMA Abstract or Conceptual Framework for State Systemic Change
Improving the Performance and Success of Alabama's Students with Disabilities The areas that need improvement for students with disabilities in Alabama can be summarized as:
  • Poor academic performance. High dropout rate. High suspension and expulsion rate. Inadequate numbers of teaching and service personnel to fill some critical positions.
To address these critical needs, the state of Alabama is submitting a proposal for a State Improvement Grant to the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). The five year project is a systems change effort at the four following goals:
  • To improve reading skills of students with disabilities. To improve the numbers of students with disabilities who drop out. To reduce suspensions and expulsions for the students with disabilities.
To reduce special education teacher turnover and increase the numbers of fully credentialed teachers. ALABAMA Basic Information
Project Title: Primary contact person:
Julia Causey Address: Special Education Services
Gordon Persons Bldg
Room 3346
50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36104-3833

43. Alabama Council For Technology In Education
alabama Council for Technology in education Northwest Region 2003 Information TechnologyTest Computer Programming general Applications Hardware
Alabama Council for Technology in Education Northwest Region 2003 Technology Fair Competition Categories Information Technology Test Computer Programming General Applications Hardware-Robotics Multimedia Projects Video Production Web Site Team Programming Challenge General Rules Students must be registered by an adult representative (with phone and email contact information) to compete in both individual and group events according to their grade levels. Any group entry must compete at the (grade) level of the oldest member of the group . Groups are made up of two but not more than four members. Projects created by larger groups are NOT eligible for ACTE competition under any circumstances. Larger groups that were mistakenly entered and judged at regional fairs will not be permitted to compete at the state fair. The ACTE Technology Fair is open to students in grades 3-12. They are grouped into five levels: Level I (grades 3 and 4); Level II (grades 5 and 6); Level III (grades 7 and 8), Level IV (grades 9 and 10) and Level V (grades 11 and 12). Students in K-2 are not eligible to compete. Projects for each category must be unique and cannot be entered in more than one category. Projects that were entered in past years and won (1st , 2nd, 3rd place) at a regional fair are not eligible, even if they are substantially changed. A hardware-robotics project must have a programming component, but that program cannot also be entered in the programming category because it is designed to control the hardware, which could not function without it. The only exception is a large, multifunctional project that has several elements, each of which could stand alone, can be entered in the respective categories. Its parts must be titled differently as well as with the common name to indicate the multiple functions and common thread.

44. Alabama Legal And Law Links. Alabama Statutes, Codes, Regulations & Court Cases.
alabama Secretary of State alabama Attorney general alabama Dept. of Archivesalabama Dept. of Economics alabama Dept. of education alabama Dept. of Ind.
LEGAL HELP: Child Support, Divorce, Wills, Traffic court, Business Advice, Lawsuits, Contracts, any legal issue...
Click here:

Where Legal Research Begins On The Web.
Alabama State Resource Page
Alabama State Constitution

Alabama State Code

Employment Laws

Premium Case Law Service
Alabama Judiciary

Alabama Opinions
Alabama State Bar AL Atty Gen Op. ... US Eleventh Circuit PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORIES Consultants Court Reporters Document Retrievers Expert Witness ... Process Servers ALABAMA STATE GOVERNMENT Alabama State Page Alabama Governor Alabama State Senate Alabama House of Reps. ... MORE AGENCIES... NON-LEGAL RESOURCES Appraisals On-line Blue Book - Autos Research - Court Docs Maps and Driving ... White Pages STATE LEGAL RESOURCES Find Legal Employees !! AL AK AZ ... Post Your Legal Resume!! CONTACT ROMINGER Advertising General Information Suggest a Link Report a Dead Link ... Link to Rominger Legal PRACTICE AREAS Bankruptcy Employment Federal Taxation Health Care ... Incorporate Online Workers' Comp MORE TO COME...

45. International Bureau Of Education. International Activities. Databanks. World Da
alabama. Official site of the Department of education. general information aboutthe Department; current programmes; online publications; legislation; links to
Official information sources on education North America Western Europe Africa South of Sahara Asia and the Pacific Central Europe and former USSR ... Middle east and North Africa General information sources Background information Statistics and indicators Databases on education systems Web resources Educational profiles National reports
North America
Canada Alberta British Columbia Manitoba ... Guam C anada Federal and nationwide sources Official site of the Council of Ministers of Education , Canada (CMEC), a co-ordinating body through which ministers consult and act on matters of mutual interest. General information about CMEC; current programmes and activities; on-line publications, reports and policy documents; school achievement indicators; statistics and indicators; press releases. A section includes links to Provincial and Territorial Departments and Ministries responsible for education. (In English and French)

46. Funding Opportunities And General Assistance
general Information about EPSCoR projects are often disseminated through the AnnualReport To The alabama Commission on Higher education FY2001 ( Download
Technical Assistance For Proposal Writing
Assistance may be obtained from NSF EPSCoR for proposal writing and preparation. Assistance may include pre-reviews, assistance with community issues, and assistance in outreach or minority programs. For more information, contact Dr. Joe Danek or Dr. Ed Abbot at the EPSCoR Foundation:
1420 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005 Joe Danek: 202-639-0713 (fax)

Ed Abbot: 406-284-6264 (fax)

Also see NSF announcement below for EPSCoR Centers Development Initiative (CDI)
Recent Call for Consulting Support Mini-Proposals (
First Awards
DOD Announcements:
FY03 DEPSCoR BAA has been posted:
Notification of awards for FY02 (2002-2003) arrived March 22, 2002.
For additional assistance, contact Dr. Daryush Ila at ILA@AAMURI.AAMU.EDU or (256)851-5866. Proposed Schedule (please confirm dates with Dr. Ila):

47. Document Library: Subject Index
alabama An Open Letter to Rex Tugwell; Gadsden education education, from PuertoRico A Guide to Adjutant general Emphasizes Importance of educational Program

Photos Features Classroom ... Search
Subject Index
Search By: Date Author Publisher/Collection Advertisements ...

African Americans
Agricultural Adjustment Administration Agricultural Labor Agricultural Policy Agriculture

48. Ask The Pros : Providing FREE Answers To All Of Your Consumer Questions
alabama. Birmingham. Arkansas. Colorado. Florida. Georgia. Illinois. Dentistry. Cosmetic Family, Cosmetic Dentistry, general Cosmetic education Instruction.

49. Community Profile: Foley, Alabama
Natural Gas. alabama Gas Corporation, Riviera Utilities. Water. Baldwin Co. Boardof education, education, 2696. Riviera Center Outlet Mall, general Retail, 1800.
Community Profile: Foley, Alabama
Community Profile Subjects General Information Location Climate Education ... South Baldwin Chamber Web Page
General Information
Community Foley County Baldwin State Alabama MSA Mobile, AL Incorporated Yes Foreign Trade Zone No Enterprise Zone No
Area of State Southwest Latitude: Longitude:
Distance From: Atlanta: Birmingham: Huntsville Mobile Memphis Nashville Montgomery Tampa New Orleans Jacksonville Return to table
Population and Income
Year Current Population 2000 Census 1990 Census City County MSA Estimated
present population
(30 mi. radius) Households in county Income: Baldwin Foley (2000) Per Capita Average Household Median Household Return to table
Mean Temperature (Fahr.): Annual January July Avg. Annual Precipitation 67 inches Altitude 74 ft. above MSL Prevailing winds N 8-9 mph Return to table
School system East Baldwin-County Schools For school year No. Teacher/Student Elementary Middle/Junior High school Vocational Tech Private/parochial Total HS Graduates/yr Enrollment Spending Per Pupil Nearest Post-secondary education Enrollment Vocational tech Bishop State Technical College Location Mobile, AL

50. Application File - General
Susan Kilgore American Studies/general education , Washington State University. RichardMegraw University of alabama. Frank Mixson Cerritos Community College.
Participant Profile Pages
VKP Participant Profile Pages
Click on the links below to view participant profiles. See Only Primary Researchers Primary Researchers for 2002-03 Lynne Adrian American Studies, University of Alabama Rina Benmayor Oral History; Latina/o Cultural Studies; Hispanic Literatures; , California State University Monterey Bay Jay Clayton Vanderbilt University Jan Connal Educational Psychology, Cerritos Community College Gloria Dickinson Africana Studies, Independent Investigators University Leona Fisher English/Women's Studies, Georgetown University Teresa Goddu Vanderbilt University Gail Green-Anderson English, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

51. General Information
education including a comprehensive general education that imparts opportunitiesfor specialized advanced education in their to the East alabama Male College
Section I: General Information Mission Statement Auburn University's mission is defined by its land-grant traditions of service and access. The University will serve the citizens of the State through its instructional, research and outreach programs and prepare Alabamians to respond successfully to the challenges of a global economy. The University will provide traditional and non-traditional students broad access to the institution's educational resources. In the delivery of educational programs on campus and beyond, the University will draw heavily upon the new instructional and outreach technologies available in the emerging information age. Vision Statement Auburn University will emerge as one of the nation's preeminent land-grant universities in the 21 st century. Central to all its functions will be the University's historic commitment of service to all Alabamians as the State becomes a part of a global society with all of its challenges and opportunities. The University will be widely recognized for the quality of its undergraduate educational programs, the effectiveness of its research and outreach programs and the broad access to the University provided through the innovative use of information technology. The University will ensure the quality of its programs through careful focusing of its resources in areas of institutional strengths. One constant will remain unchanged at the University-that intangible quality men and women called the "Auburn Spirit."

52. Alabama Association Of Regional Councils
general Contractors, Licensing Board for Geological Survey of alabama Governor'sOffice Health, Public, alabama Department of Higher education, alabama
Calendar Links Job Listings Contact Us ... Printer-Friendly Version
Government Links Alabama Administrative Office of Courts
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

Agriculture Center Board, Garrett Coliseum

Alabama Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Adoption Records

Powered by

53. CCIS: General Degree Requirements
course may be used to satisfy more than one general education requirement. Universityof alabama's Courses, Junior and Community College Courses (in alabama only
Transferring to the University If you are planning to transfer to the University of Alabama, you will need to know what the equivalents to our courses are at your Junior or Community College. Some of those equivalents are listed below.The course equivalents on this site are only valid for junior and community colleges in the state of Alabama. Area I: Composition
University of Alabama's Courses Junior and Community Colleges (in Alabama only)
EN 101 ENG 101 EN 102 ENG 102 Area II: Humanities and Fine Arts
Communication Studies Majors will need 12 semester hours consisting of at least 3 hours in Literature and 3 hours in the Fine Arts. The remaining 6 hours are to be chosen from the Humanities and/or Fine Arts.
Journalism Majors will need 12 semester hours consisting of a six hourof any literature , 3 hours in the Fine Arts, and 3 hours of COM123.
Telecommunication and Film Majors will need 12 semester hours consisting of a six hour sequence in Literature , 3 hours in the Fine Arts, and 3 hours of COM123.
Literature University of Alabama's Courses Junior and Community College Courses (in Alabama only) AGS LI/HU ENG 251 AGS LI/HU ENG 252 AGS LI/HU ENG 261 AGS LI/HU ENG 262 EN/WL 207 ENG 271 EN/WL 208 ENG 272 EN 225 EN225 (Shelton State only) EN 226 EN226 (Shelton State only) EN 227 EN 227 (Shelton State only) EN 207 EN 273 EN 208 EN 274 Humanities CL 222 ENG 277 COM 123 SPH 106 or 107 COM 210 SPH 206 FR 101 FRN 101 FR 102 FR 201 FRN 201 FR 202 FRN 202

54. - News
Automotive, Travel, Employment, education, Golf Central, House Home, Real GovernorSeeks Designs For Spirit Of alabama Medal Appeals Story Ideas And general Tips

55. EFF's (Extended) Guide To The Internet - Table Of Contents
PublicAccess Internet Providers alabama; Alaska; Alberta; Arizona; other Side ofthe Coin; FYI education and the EFF Information general Information About the EFF

56. Loma Linda University Board Of Trustees
PhD, RN, chair, department of nursing, Oakwood College, Huntsville, alabama. GarlandDulan, PhD, director, department of education, general Conference of Seventh
Loma Linda University Board of Trustees Chair: Lowell C. Cooper, MDiv, MPH, general vice president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Takoma Park, Maryland
Lowell C. Cooper, MDiv, MPH, named Boards of Trustees chair
Vice chairs Don C. Schneider, MA, president, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland Loma Linda University board members Carol Allen, PhD, RN, chair, department of nursing, Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama Donald R. Ammon, MBA, president, Adventist Health, Roseville, California Lorne Babiuk, PhD, director, Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Matthew Bediako, MA, MSPH, secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland Dennis N. Carlson, DMin, MDiv, president, Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Lincoln, Nebraska Garland Dulan, PhD, director, department of education, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland Celeste Ferguson, PhD, assistant commissioner, Missouri State Department of Education, Jefferson City, Missouri

57. DPS Divisions
alabama Appropriations general Fund FY 98; ALIS alabama Legislative Information alabamaDept. of education Legislative Link; alabama Department of Revenue (Tax
Alabama Department of Public Safety Courtesy, Service, and Protection Since 1935 Highway Patrol
Highway Patrol Division
Alabama State Troopers
Weather Alabama Travel Info. and Weather Reports/Maps
Need Directions MapQuest
New Tag Requirements 1998

New Regulations, Antique Tags
ASAP Alabama Service and Assistance Patrol (Birmingham Metro. Area)
Alabama State Trooper Post Phone Numbers

Alabama Speed Limits Then and Now

Aerial Speed Enforcement
Construction Zone Traffic Enforcement ... Window Tint Law
Administrative Division
Administrative Division Phone Numbers Chaplains, Department of Public Safety Public Information/Safety Education Unit
A B I Investigative Division
Felony Fugitives, Missing Persons, and Sex Offenders Facts on Missing Children Unit To report missing persons, call toll free 1-800-228-7688 AFIS: Automated Fingerprint Identification System Alabama Violent Crime Response Team Call HELP Help Eliminate Law-breaking Pushers Call 1-888-765-8765 (toll free)
Driver License Division
Accident Records Unit, 334-242-4400

58. Kathy Devine's Speech - Minorities In Special Education Conference
Revisions to the alabama Administrative Code (the is referred for special educationservices, prereferral be implemented in the general education program and
"Alabama State-wide Special Education Agreement" Presented
at the
Minority Issues in Special Education Conference
Sponsored by the Civil Rights Project of Harvard University Kathleen S. Devine
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice INTRODUCTION
I'm here on behalf of the United States Department of Justice to talk about a statewide special education agreement that the United States, private plaintiffs and the State Department of Education in Alabama entered into this year that addressed issues of overrepresentation of African Americans in the mentally retarded and emotionally conflicted exceptionalities and of underrepresentation of African Americans in the learning disabled and gifted exceptionalities. I. Background A. Originally, the Lee v. Macon case began in 1963 with suit against one school board by parents and children who were seeking an injunction to prevent the Macon County School Board from continuing to run segregated schools. The case was expanded in the next few years to include the Alabama State Board of Education and over 100 local school systems. At present, 82 school systems are still under court order in the Lee v. Macon cases. In 1997, Judge Myron Thompson, in the Middle District of Alabama, called up 12 of these cases against local school districts, stating that the parties should move toward unitary status. During 1997 and 1998, the parties engaged in discovery and negotiated consent decrees with what was first 12, and then was reduced to 11, local school districts. While the state was one of the defendants in each of the consent decrees, these decrees addressed local level problems.

59. Southeastern Surgical Congress - Fact Sheet
as an association of surgeons in the states of alabama, District of is to producesuperior continuing medical education for the practicing general surgeon.
    Home Information Membership Education ... Email

    SESC Information
    Southeastern Surgical Congress..........
    Connecting with the Future
    The future brings change, and healthcare is changing today at a rapid pace. General surgeons must juggle changes in medicine with a shifting healthcare environment. Today, more than ever, you can benefit from a professional organization that specializes in the clinical and socioeconomic concerns of the general surgeon. For over seventy-one years, the Southeastern Surgical Congress has dedicated its resources to seeing that the general surgeon is equipped to meet the challenges of change. Through education and representation, the Southeastern Surgical Congress is working to connect the general surgeon to the future of the profession. The Southeastern Surgical Congress strives to benefit humanity by the continuing education of its members in the science of surgery and the ethical and competent practice of the art so that the health and welfare of patients may be constantly improved. The largest regional surgical society in America, the Southeastern Surgical Congress, was organized in 1930 as an association of surgeons in the states of Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Delaware and Puerto Rico were included in 1965, New Jersey in 1978, and Pennsylvania in 1994.

60. Big Dummy's Guide To The Internet - Table Of Contents
GNU general Public License Preamble; TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PublicAccess InternetProviders alabama; Alaska; Alberta; Arizona; of the Coin; FYI education and the
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Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
A round trip through Global Networks, Life in Cyberspace, and Everything..., Texinfo Edition 2.2, February 1994
by Adam Gaffin with

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