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         Alabama Education Regulations:     more books (42)
  1. A PERSON-CENTERED HIGH SCHOOL.(school problems are psychological yet few schools have board-certified psychologists on staff)(Brief Article): An article from: Education by Russell N. Cassel, 2000-06-22
  2. Industry validated skill standards: the Texas response to the challenge.: An article from: Education by Jason L. Davis, 2005-06-22
  3. ARE ATTITUDES AND PRACTICES REGARDING MAINSTREAMING CHANGING? A CASE OF TEACHERS IN TWO RURAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS.(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Education by Yona Leyser, Kara Tappendorf, 2001-06-22
  4. Analysis of application of 1:3 ratio in employments of academic and non-academic staff in Nigerian Universities.: An article from: Education by Chika Josephine Aghaji Ifedili, 2006-09-22
  5. Three essential components of college teaching: achievement calibration, self-efficacy, and self-regulation.(Report): An article from: College Student Journal by Hefer Bembenutty, 2009-06-01
  6. Preparing preservice teachers for inclusion in secondary classrooms.: An article from: Education by Nancy D. Turner, 2003-03-22
  7. Impact of the no child left behind act in Alabama: a review.(educational psychology research): An article from: Journal of Instructional Psychology by Shawn H. Plash, Chris Piotrowski, 2006-09-01
  8. Phase II Storm Water Regulation And Compliance in Alabama by Patrick D. Hallett, L. Thomas Styron, 2006
  9. Alabama drunk driving & traffic law by John T Kirk, 1983
  10. College students' perceptions of equal opportunity for African Americans and race-based policy: do diversity course requirements make a difference?(Report): An article from: College Student Journal by Timothy D. Levonyan Radloff, 2010-06-01
  11. Stalking on campus: ensuring security with rights and liberties.(Report): An article from: College Student Journal by Julie Campbell, Peter J. Longo, 2010-06-01
  12. Gay with a disability: a college student's multiple cultural journey.(Report): An article from: College Student Journal by Wilma J. Henry, Katherine Fuerth, et all 2010-06-01
  13. Successful implementation of the America reads program: a case study of an effective partnership.: An article from: Reading Improvement by Cynthia McDaniel, 2002-12-22

41. Alabama State Bar
These hours shall constitute a part of the annual requirement under the AlabamaState Bar Mandatory Continuing Legal education Rules and regulations.

42. Boating Laws .com
alabama. Alaska. Delaware. Boat Registration Information Boating regulations. Florida. Obtaininga Boater education Identification Card. Boating Safety education Law.
Boating Laws .com
Boating Laws .com Boater Safety by State DNR Regulations by State

Laws and Regulations by state, click below
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming
Alabama Alaska What Alaska's New Boating Law Means To You
House Bill 108

Federal Equipment Requirements

Arizona Boating FAQ
Arkansas California Aids to Navigation
Inland Rules of the Road
Operational Law Accident Reporting ... Registration Colorado Boat Registration Boating Courses Boating Regulations Connecticut 2000 Boaters Guide Safe Boating and Personal Watercraft Class Schedules Delaware Boat Registration Information Boating Regulations Florida Minimum Required Safety Equipment for Recreational Boats Obtaining a Boater Education Identification Card Boating Safety Education Law Boating Safety Legislation 2000 Georgia Boat Registration Hawaii Boating and Ocean Recreation Permit Requirements Idaho Registering your boat Titling your boat Boating facilities Boating regulations Illinois On-line Registration Renewal 2002 Marine Inspection Report Indiana Boating Education Course Info Iowa Boating Regulations (pdf format) Kansas Boating Laws Buoy Change Kentucky New Boating Laws Safe Boater Certification Louisiana Maine Boat Laws Maryland Boating Regulations Registering a Boat Massachusetts Boating Course Contact Information Michigan Registration Personal Watercraft Regulations Rules on the Water Personal Floatation Devices Minnesota Boat and Water Safety Public Water Access Program Twin Cities Public Boat Accesses and Fishing Piers River Level Reports (seasonal)

43. DPS Divisions
Directions MapQuest New Tag Requirements 1998 New regulations, Antique Tags. alabamaDept. of education Legislative Link; alabama Department of Revenue (Tax Forms
Alabama Department of Public Safety Courtesy, Service, and Protection Since 1935 Highway Patrol
Highway Patrol Division
Alabama State Troopers
Weather Alabama Travel Info. and Weather Reports/Maps
Need Directions MapQuest
New Tag Requirements 1998

New Regulations, Antique Tags
ASAP Alabama Service and Assistance Patrol (Birmingham Metro. Area)
Alabama State Trooper Post Phone Numbers

Alabama Speed Limits Then and Now

Aerial Speed Enforcement
Construction Zone Traffic Enforcement ... Window Tint Law
Administrative Division
Administrative Division Phone Numbers Chaplains, Department of Public Safety Public Information/Safety Education Unit
A B I Investigative Division
Felony Fugitives, Missing Persons, and Sex Offenders Facts on Missing Children Unit To report missing persons, call toll free 1-800-228-7688 AFIS: Automated Fingerprint Identification System Alabama Violent Crime Response Team Call HELP Help Eliminate Law-breaking Pushers Call 1-888-765-8765 (toll free)
Driver License Division
Accident Records Unit, 334-242-4400

44. Alabama Peace Officers Standards & Training Commission
RULE 650X-4-.01 education Requirements statutory requirement of the Code of alabama,§36-21 complying with the commission's rules and regulations, must comply
  • 650-X-2-.01 Employment by a Law Enforcement Agency
  • 650-X-2-.02 Age
  • 650-X-2-.03 Education Requirement
  • 650-X-2-.04 Physical Qualifications
  • 650-X-2-.05 Character
  • 650-X-2-.06 Applicants to be Citizens
  • 650-X-2-.07 Honorable Discharge from Armed Services
  • 650-X-2-.08 Driver License RULE 650-X-2-.01 Employment by a Law Enforcement Agency. The applicant must be employed as a law enforcement officer by a law enforcement agency at the time of his/her application to the academy. RULE 65O-X-2-.03 Education Requirement. The applicant shall be a graduate of a high school accredited with or approved by the State Department of Education, or shall be the holder of a certificate of high school equivalency issued by General Education Development. RULE 650-X-2-.04 Physical Qualifications. The applicant must have the required physical abilities to perform the necessary tasks to meet the essential functions of the job as a law enforcement officer. RULE 650-X-2-.05 Character.
  • 45. Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Advocates, Attorneys,
    education/Office of Special education regulations for the School of Law Public educationResource Page ORGANIZATIONS RESOURCES BY STATE alabama Colleen R
    REED MARTIN, J.D. Chat Room I Phone Consults Manuals Shopping Cart Free Articles ... Message Board I Workshops I Audiotapes I CD'S I Videotapes email REED'S MANUALS Advanced Advocacy Strategies Using Your School's And State's Violations of Section 504 And The ADA To Get Your Child The Program They Need Under IDEA, Section 504 or The ADA Are You Ready To Play Hardball? ARE YOU REALLY READY TO ASK FOR A DUE PROCESS HEARING? Getting Your Child with Autism What They Are Entitled to Under Federal Laws Getting Control of the IEP Process - How to Use over 100 Changes the law to get what your child deserves ... CD' S: Getting an IEP Under the '97 Amendments So You Think You Need A Priva te School? Challenge the School's Improper Discipline Positive Behavior Interventions Evaluations Required by Law Can You Sue for Damages? HELP! The School Is Not Going To Serve My Child Is Your Child Getting Everything They Need In The Least Restrictive Environment Overview of the '97 IDEA Amendments So You Think You Want To Go To A Hearing - How To Prepare To Win Reed's Complete Online Order Form Online Shopping Cart VIDEO TAPES: Rights of Parents of Students With Disabilities To Access Their Children's Educational Records And The Duties Of Their School District ... home FREE Articles Shopping Cart Services Court Cases ... POWER Member Shopping Cart ARTICLES BY TOPIC:

    46. AlabamaEd: "Special Education"
    alabama Parent Assistance Center / alabama Parent Training and Special education AdvocateGreat resource. Law library covers cases, statutes and regulations.
    Special Education ADD "ADD/ADHD is one of the most misunderstood, most often overlooked normal conditions in our nation." An interesting commentary by Dr. Paul Elliot, published in the Dallas-Fort Worth Heritage. Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program ADAP provides free assistance and training in the area of Free Appropriate Public Education for children with disabilities, as well as advocacy for all persons with disabilities. Alabama Parent Assistance Center / Alabama Parent Training and Information "Involving Parents in Their Child's Education" Goals 2000 IDEA'97 Section 504 Title I And More! CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Good resource for those interested in ADD/ADHD. Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices Collaborative effort to build capacity to serve children and youth with and without disabilities in school and community settings. The focus of the project is on systemic reform rather than changes in special education systems only. Council for Parent Attorneys and Advocates Nonprofit organization of those who represent parents in special education matters. Good list of

    47. ABN - Continuing Education
    the Nurse Practice Act, regulations, professional conduct contact hours of continuingeducation are required to practice nursing in alabama, registered nurses


    About the
    ... Home Continuing Education Board-provided Continuing Education New regulations require any nurse licensed by examination after October 1, 2002 to attend 4 hours of Board-provided Continuing education for the the first license renewal. For details go here MEDCEU (the online company) contact hours no longer accepted by ABN
    The Alabama Board of Nursing no longer accepts continuing education contact hours acquired from MEDCEU. MEDCEU is an online provider of CE. If you have questions regarding this issue, please contact Katie Drake-Speer or Keith Johnson at 1-800-656-5318. New!!! Are you looking for an ABN Approved CE Provider in your city or a nearby city? If so, you should go here: CE Providers Lookup
    Providers Lists Downloads (in Acrobat PDF and/or MS Word format) The Providers List is in alphabetical order by city name.

    certificates, and relating to continuing education as may be required by the regulationsrelating thereto. respective borders the words “alabama Board of
    The Alabama Board of Optometry Administrative Code CHAPTER 630-X-1 RULE-MAKING PROCEDURES 630-X-1-.01 Promulgation of Rules and Regulations
    Adoption of Provisions of Alabama Administrative Procedure Act
    Special Notice
    Amendments to Rules and Regulations CHAPTER 630-X-2 GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 630-X-2-.01 Meetings
    Order of Business
    Expense and Per Diem of Board Members
    Payment of Other Expenses of the Board
    Hiring of Investigators
    Hiring of Personnel 630-X-2-.09 Executive Director CHAPTER 630-X-3 COMPLAINTS AND DISCIPLINARY ACTION RESULTING FROM VIOLATIONS OF OPTOMETRY ACT 630-X-3-.01 Complaints 630-X-3-.02 Notification of Accused Person 630-X-3-.03 Failure of Accused Person to Respond 630-X-3-.04 Preliminary Investigation by Board 630-X-3-.05 Confidentiality 630-X-3-.06 Determination by Board of Justification of Charge 630-X-3-.07 Responsibility of Legal Counsel of Board 630-X-3-.08

    49. Emerging Issues In Public Education
    stems from the accumulated body of rules and regulations taken together or owners,and students to create the Northwest alabama education Partnership (NWAEP). .
    Schools as Living Systems Corporations and institutions are transforming their organizational systems to make them more flexible and responsive to changing conditions. They are moving from functioning as rigid bureaucracies to envisioning themselves as living systems. They are creating fluid structures and systems of accountability that empower knowledge workers to do their best work. This often means defining the outcomes and removing the rules and procedures that may stand in the way of discovering better alternatives for new challenges. Such change frees people to self-organize within their organization and network with outside organizations to achieve results. In the drive to transform a good organization to a great one, as Jim Collins (2002) posits in his bestseller , it is essential to "get the right people on the bus." Regardless of whether the economy is weak or strong, the war for talent continues as employers seek the right people who are essential to success. Good people always have choices. The knowledge workers with the least choice in current society may be those working in public education. Federal, state, and local laws and policies, as well as public dictates, constrain the system and limit the decisions educators and school boards can make.

    50. Admission Requirements
    indicating that he/she is aware of and responsible for the alabama State Departmentof education knowledge and abilities rules and regulations required for
    Admission Requirements
    Spring Hill College undergraduate students seeking admission to a teacher education program normally complete the required lower-division courses in teacher education at Spring hill prior to being admitted to the program. In order to be formally admitted to a teacher education program, students must submit a formal written application and meet the following minimum criteria: 1. Completion of a least 60 semester hours of which at least 48 semester hours are in the general studies program. Additionally, appropriate lower- division course work in education is completed. New State Board of Education regulations mandate that the 60 semester hours of general studies include 9 semester hours of mathematics and 12 semester hours of science in the early childhood education and elementary education programs of students who began collegiate study in winter 1995 or thereafter. The above regulations also apply to a person with and undergraduate or graduate degree who enrolled at Spring Hill College to complete certification requirements in winter 1995 or thereafter. 2. At least a 2.5 grade point average in the teaching field: a 2.5 grade point average in professional studies; and an overall 2.5 grade point average, which includes all course work used to meet general studies requirements. Courses with grades below C in professional studies must be repeated and passed with the grade of C or better. Courses that need to be repeated are taken at regularly scheduled class times. See teacher education faculty adviser for further information.

    51. Education Planet History,United States History,State Histories,Alabama Lesson Pl
    North America/USA alabama (4) Home/education/K12 alabama History Learn More Aboutalabama's History-Past copy of the Voter Registration regulations which were
    Apr. 03, 2003 00:52 PST
    Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
    TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
    Found websites and other resources for ' alabama. Lesson Plans Books Software Maps ... Video More 'alabama' books Supply Online Courses Category matches for: ' alabama Home/History/United States History/State Histories Alabama (15) Home/Geography and Countries/Maps/North America/USA Alabama (3) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/Public/North America/USA Alabama (2) Home/Education/Educational Organizations/North America/USA Alabama (3) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/School Libraries/North America/USA Alabama (10) Home/Geography and Countries/Regional Resources/North America/USA Alabama (9) Home/Research Tools/USA and World News/Newspapers/North America/USA Alabama (8) Home/Education/K-12 Resources/Schools/Primary/Public/North America/USA Alabama (2) Home/Education/K-12 Resources/Schools/Primary/Private/North America/USA Alabama (4) Home/Education/K-12 Resources/Schools/Primary/Parochial/North America/USA

    52. New Graduate Provisions -- CRNA, American Association Of Nurse Anesthetists
    alabama Board of Nursing Admin. recognized accrediting agency approved by the UnitedStates Department of education and the Professional regulations, Board of
    Thursday, April 03, 2003
    Education Requirements
    Alabama - Mississippi (see below)
    Missouri - Wyoming

    State Requirements Table of Contents
    State Is there a requirement of graduation from a nurse anesthetist program? If yes, does the program have to be accredited? Accrediting Body Alabama
    Yes Yes The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs/Schools or its predecessor, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. [Alabama Board of Nursing Admin. Code, sec. 610-X-9-.02(c)] Alaska Yes Yes A nationally recognized accrediting agency approved by the United States Department of Education and the board of nursing. [Professional Regulations, Board of Nursing, ch. 44, art. 5, sec. 12 AAC 44.500(1)] Arizona Yes Yes No reference; the program must be a nationally accredited program in the science of anesthesia. [Arizona Rev. Stat. Ann., Vol. 10, Title 32, ch. 15, sec. 32-1661, subsec. A] Arkansas Yes Yes The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs or another nationally recognized accrediting body. [Arkansas Code Ann., sec. 17-87-302(a)(2)(A)]

    53. Migrant Education (MEP) Consortium Incentive Grants - ED/OESE/OME
    form consortia to improve the delivery of services to migrant students whose educationhas been Program regulations are found at 67 FR 20756. alabama, $29,803.
    Mouseover preload - not necessary for function Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside Migrant Education Home About Us Programs and Funding Publications ... OESE Home MEP Consortium Incentive Grants
    Grant Information
    Regulations Project Summaries Grant Information Program: MEP Consortium Incentive Grants (CFDA Number 84.144B) Authorization: Secs. 1303(d) and 1308(d) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (P.L. 107-110) Total Funds Awarded in FY 2002: $2,300,000 Total Number of Grantees: 39 Eligible Applicants: State educational agencies (SEAs) Program Description: Under section 1308(d), the FY 2002 MEP Consortium Incentive grants were awarded to SEAs that proposed to participate in a consortium with another State or entity and demonstrated, in accordance with section 1303(d)(3) of the ESEA, that doing so would:
  • Reduce administrative costs or program function costs for State MEP programs; and Make more MEP funds available for direct services to add substantially to the welfare or educational attainment of children to be served.
  • In addition, section 1308(d) requires that SEAs receiving grants form consortia to improve the delivery of services to migrant students whose education has been interrupted.

    54. Ed & WF Dev Sites
    Chronicle of Higher education education Department Grants Administrative regulations(EDGAR) Federal Register Licensed Occupations in alabama Mobile Training
    Career/Technical Education and
    Workforce Development Related Sites
    This page includes sites that may be of interest to educators and trainers. To suggest adding a site to this list, contact Dr. Matthew Hughes
    ACT Center - Calhoun State Community College

    Alabama College System Institutions

    Alabama State Department of Education
    U.S. Two-Year Colleges

    55. Alabama Association Of Licensed Early Care And Education
    benefit form advocacy efforts that impact alabama's child care and updates on policiesand regulations keep you Commission for Early Care and education Programs
    Join the fastest growing partnership in Child Care Management... Benefits of Membership
      Management Tools of the Trade TM
      Your membership gives you complete and FREE access to these effective management tools that provide technical assistance in human resource management. Request your free copy of this 40-page resource manual. This $79 value is FREE with your membership. Classroom Management Tools
      Receive a 10% discount on Child Development Services, Inc.'s classroom management tools and training video programs including Kidex and Infant Kidex
      Professional Connections TM , Team Work , and Caring
      For Your Children
      As a member you will receive NACCP’s quarterly trade journal, Professional
      ConnectionsTM, which keeps you on top of the hottest issues in child care! A $39
      Value FREE with membership. Each edition includes a Tool of the TradeTM.
      M EMBER SUPPORT SERVICES Membership Listings As a member, you will listed on the NACCP Website. This is a great networking tool for contacting other child care professionals across the country, as well as a nation.

    56. Emergency Medical Services - EMS Links SC DHEC Health Regulations
    Association NC Hospital Association NC Medical Society alabama Chapter ACEP TheAssociation of Emergency Physicians Continuing education Coordinating Board
    EMS Links On The Web Links to non-DHEC organizations found below are provided solely as a service to our users. Please read our dislaimer for more information.
    South Carolina Links South Carolina EMS Association
    South Carolina EMS Educators Association

    Life Reach Air Ambulance

    LP Enterprises (IST Wizard)
    Upstate EMS Council, Inc.
    State EMS Offices Alabama Emergency Management
    SW Alabama EMS

    Alaska EMS

    Arizona EMS
    Wyoming EMS
    International Links
    British Columbia Ambulance Service

    County Air and Road Ambulance Services, London
    London Ambulance Service (UK) Other States' Links N.C. College of Emergency Physicians N.C. Association of Rescue and EMS N.C. College of Emergency Physicians N.C. Emergency Nurses Association ... The Weekly Web Review in Emergency Medicine National Links American Academy of Emergency Medicine American Board of Emergency Medicine American College of Emergency Physicians The American College of Prehospital Medicine ... Return To DHEC Home Page If you have any questions or comments about the information found on this page please contact

    57. Resources And Information For Daycare Providers
    To order copies of alabama child care regulations call 334242-1425. Child CareFood Program Agency alabama Department of education Attn. State
    Sign up for
    monthly newsletter.
    Helpful Links
    Resource Links and Information for Daycare Providers. Feel free to link to this page from your daycare related site! If you work with or know of an organization that should be added here, please drop us a line! Daycare Regulations Listed by State
    NEW! Online product review site for childcare providers!
    Online classes and training for childcare providers
    Get a FREE daycare contract review when you join ProviderWatch today!

    Online childcare magazine. Click here to go there now.
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    58. PT3 Grant Management -- Additional Resources
    Department of education Discusses how alabama is responding Maryland State Departmentof education Discusses how Q What specific regulations apply to the PT3
    Keyword search:
    Glossary Resources FAQs ... "No Child Left Behind" Grant Opportunities Conference Call
    "Managing Your PT3 Grant" CD-ROM Users:*
    Click to Return to CD

    * PT3 grantees may request a free copy via e-mail while supplies last

    Included here is a transcript of a June 27, 2002, conference call featuring Chuck Lovett with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Elementary and Secondary Education and PT3 grantee panelists Tim Best (Ohio Board of Regents), Shannon Parks (Alabama State Department of Education) and Louise Tanney (Maryland State Department of Education). The one-hour conference call provides an overview of the Enhancing Education Through Technology program and several questions from PT3 grantees.
    To listen to these audio clips you will need Windows Media Player.
    < Click on the icon to download.

    Lavona Grow Introduces Speakers. Listen Chuck Lovett, U.S. Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Listen Lavona Grow - Question: What role can higher education play in the new Teacher Quality requirements? Listen Tim Best, Panelist, PT3 Grantee, Ohio Board of Regents - Question: What should universities do if they don't already have a relationship with their state technology coordinator?

    59. Laws And Regulations For The U.S. And Canada: Alabama
    Massage Magazine. Laws and regulations for the US and Canada Back. STATES ALABAMANumber of credentialed practitioners in this state 1,400. Required education/.
    Laws and Regulations for the U.S. and Canada
    STATES: Alabama Maryland Ohio Washington D.C ... South Carolina PROVINCES: Florida New Hampshire Tennessee British Columbia ... Washington ALABAMA
    Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 1,400 Phone/Web Site web site Title/Type of Credential Massage Therapist/License Required Education/ Written or Practical Exam 650 hours/Written Exam NCETMB* Used Yes Renewal Fee $100/two years *National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork- visit NCBTMB SpaMassage Alliance World of Massage Museum Site Menu ... Products
    Articles: Research News Self-care Reader Expressions ... Contact Us I Resources
    Spa Professional
    Featured Advertisers Advertise in Massage Magazine ... Contribute

    60. Library Home Search Entire Library Information Resources
    University of alabama in Huntsville. 2002, Family education Rights and Privacy Act. TenThings IT Staff Should Know About educational Records Privacy regulations.

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