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         Alabama Ptas Ptos:     more detail

1. Multistate Tax Commission Results - State: Alabama
ptas Exempt. ptos - Exempt. Those groups marked as exempt for fundraisingpurposes are exempt pursuant to Section 40-9-31, Code of alabama 1975.
Alabama Tel. No.: (334) 242-1490 Fax No.: (334) 353-7867
  • If your State exempts fundraising sales by certain groups from sales or use taxes, please indicate which of the following are exempt in your State.
  • Public Schools (K-12) - Exempt Private Schools (K-12) - Exempt School Groups (e.g., clubs, bands, teams) - Exempt PTAs - Exempt PTOs - Exempt Other (booster clubs) - Exempt Church Groups - Not Exempt Youth Sports League - Not Exempt 501 (c)(3) organizations - Not Exempt 501 (c)(6) organizations - Not Exempt Other (specify:) 1a. Are local sales and use taxes in your State applied to these groups in the same manner as State sales and use taxes are applied to these groups? YES 1b. Please set forth any comments including a list of groups not listed above whose fundraising activities are exempt from sales and use taxation in your State. Those groups marked as "exempt for fundraising purposes" are exempt pursuant to Section 40-9-31 , Code of Alabama 1975. Sales and Use Tax Rule also addresses this exemption. None of the groups marked as "not exempt" enjoy a "group" exemption. Certain individual organizations within these groups may be exempt pursuant to a special act of the Legislature. Sales and Use Tax Rule

    2. Madison County Coordinating Council For Families And Children (MC3)
    200 Westside Square Huntsville, AL 35801 Phone (256) 5330531, Ext. Fax (256) 534-6883 Report Card Education Education is a constant subject for discussion in alabama. (Please note that some schools have ptos rather than ptas and these are not included in the statistics.) showed that in alabama, "18% of all children ages

    MC3 Home
    Who We Are / Membership
    2001 Report Card

    Report Card PDF
    Briefing Paper Overview

    Briefing Papers:


    Early Child Care and Development

    Status of Teens
    ... Links 200 Westside Square
    Suite 700 Huntsville, AL 35801 Phone (256) 533-0531, Ext. 231 Fax (256) 534-6883 Email Us Report Card: Education Education is a constant subject for discussion in Alabama. MC3 sought to identify specific areas within education that have potential long-term impact on children and families. Although Madison County's composite achievement score rates are above the national average, the drop out rate and the graduation rate need to be improved, showing that we have a large and identifiable group of children who are not being reached. PTA membership and literacy levels are indications of parental involvement which is key to children's success. Although we are above the state trend in both areas, again we can do much better. (Please note that some schools have PTOs rather than PTAs and these are not included in the statistics.) The National Survey of American Families (Urban Institute, showed that in Alabama, "18% of all children ages 1 to 5 were read to or told stories fewer than three days a week," according to Linda Tilly, Executive Director of VOICES for Alabama's Children. "Children in low income families were almost twice as likely as other children to fall into this risk category. Child development specialists have long noted that reading books to children or telling stories triggers their imagination and sharpens their literacy skills."

    3. The Community Foundation Of Greater Birmingham Is A Community Foundation
    partners in this grassroots effort include Local parents and boosters currentlyat work through ptos/ptas and other Play It Again alabama, which works
    Community-wide effort
    Let's work together to put more musical instruments
    and art supplies in the hands of students
    at Birmingham City Schools

    What is this grassroots effort?
    Community-wide support so that we can put more musical instruments and art supplies in the hands of students at Birmingham City Schools. Photos show some of the community efforts, including donations collected by city school band members at an outdoor concert of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (below left) and donations by members of the Birmingham Museum of Art who attended a children's holiday party (right)
    Donations in any amount are welcome and can be made to one of two grantmaking funds at The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham . The grantmaking funds – the Musical Instrument Fund for Birmingham City Schools and the Art Supply Fund for Birmingham City Schools – were created in response to requests from individuals throughout the area who want to make donations to purchase musical instruments and art supplies. Donations so far have been used to pay for repairs to instruments through Play It Again Alabama, which had placed refurbished instruments worth some $55,000 into the hands of students as of January 2003.

    4. Untitled
    Maxwell AFB, alabama. January March 2002 years with the alabama National Guards Drug Demand campuses and school districts, ptas/ptos . treatment facilities, hospitals, scout

    5. Aerospace Education Membership
    Examples include ptas, ptos . schools, school districts, businesses, science clubs, aero clubs, public libraries, Maxwell Air Force Base, alabama 361126332. FAX 334/953-4235 or

    6. CAP Aerospace Education Application
    14 Maxwell Air Force Base, alabama 361126332 FAX 334/953-4235 or 334/953-7771 Examples include ptas, ptos, schools, school districts, businesses, science clubs, aero clubs,
    ÐÏࡱá>þÿ =Gþÿÿÿ <; UVmHnHu jU5CJ(5CJ OJQJ."Jx°èBDÄôëëâÚÔÔS„ځ$$IfT–HÖÖFÜÿ,ì <­£Íu¨ˆO <A@òÿ¡ <­£Íu¨ˆO <A@òÿ¡ < Default Paragraph Fontjfÿÿÿÿ% <Xt¡¢â=Žb•½‚±þÿÉjpq¯Ú9g¸¹Úù Iƒ›ºà / K L M N O f r † ‡ ˆ ¥ µ É Ê Ë ì      8 9 : ; <X¡¢þÿpq¸¹ƒK L M N O f r † ‡ ˆ ¥ µ É Ê Ë ì      8 9 : ; <fcN )¿Ùø$!ð¥À´´€20dµ2ƒðßÿÿ#CAP Aerospace Education ApplicationD. Charles Kowalewski, D.O.CAP Forms

    7. The Role Of The PTA - Alabama -
    alabama. the same functions as ptas, but operate sometimes referred to as ptos (parentteacher
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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    The Role of the PTA The PTA is a powerful organization affiliated with many schools across the country. Read on for information about what the PTA does at school, and how you can join the club.

    8. Fundraising Special Events / Shows / Fairs Etc. Fundraisers
    Specializes in organizing golf fundraising events. Birmingham, alabama DannyHooper Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Operation Bookworm ptas/ptos can offer
    Home Fundraising Message Boards Fundraiser Advertisers Fundraising Newsletter ... Fundraiser Link Swap
    Top Fundraising Ideas Soundscape Fundraising PackJam Fundraising JD Fund-raiser Solutions Visit our
    Fundraiser of the Month

    Fundraising by Location Alabama Fundraising Alaska Fundraising Arizona Fundraising Arkansas Fundraising California Fundraising Colorado Fundraising Connecticut Fundraising Delaware Fundraising DC Fundraising Florida Fundraising Georgia Fundraising Hawaii Fundraising Idaho Fundraising Illinois Fundraising Indiana Fundraising Iowa Fundraising Kansas Fundraising Kentucky Fundraising Louisiana Fundraising Maine Fundraising Maryland Fundraising Massachusetts Fundraising Michigan Fundraising Minnesota Fundraising Mississippi Fundraising Missouri Fundraising Montana Fundraising Nebraska Fundraising Nevada Fundraising NewHampshire Fundraising New Jersey Fundraising New Mexico Fundraising New York Fundraising North Carolina Fundraising North Dakota Fundraising Ohio Fundraising Oklahoma Fundraising Oregon Fundraising Pennsylvania Fundraising Puerto Rico Fundraising Rhode Island Fundraising South Carolina Fundraising South Dakota Fundraising Tennessee Fundraising Texas Fundraising Utah Fundraising Vermont Fundraising Virginia Fundraising Washington Fundraising West Virginia Fundraising Wisconsin Fundraising Wyoming Fundraising FUNDRAISERS



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    9. The Community Foundation Sets Up Two New Funds To Aid Local Schools
    Local parents and boosters currently at work through ptos/ptas andother school-based organizations. - alabama Symphony Orchestra.
    The Community Foundation sets up two new funds to aid local schools
    The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham recently announced the formation of two new grantmaking funds designed to assist in a community-wide effort to put more musical instruments and art supplies in the hands of students at Birmingham City Schools. If you or anyone that you know is interested in making a donation in any amount, you can choose between the Musical Instrument Fund for Birmingham City Schools and the Art Supply Fund for Birmingham City Schools. Tax-deductible monetary donations can be sent to The Community Foundation at 2100 First Avenue North, Suite 700, Birmingham AL 35203. Checks should be made payable to The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and designated for musical instruments or art supplies. In handling these funds, which will pass money directly to Birmingham City Schools, The Community Foundation is contributing its services as a philanthropic partner free of any administrative fee. IN ADDITION: Anyone may donate new or used instruments at specific times and locations to be announced, including the free Oct. 6 concert by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, set for 2 p.m. at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and the offices of the Junior League of Birmingham at 2212 20th Avenue South.

    10. The Latest PTO/PTA News | PTO Today
    To read more about the differences between ptos and ptas click here. OCTOBER 4,2002 alabama PTO's come together to bring arts to community schools.
    Check this space frequently for the latest news and notes from the PTO world. Run into an interesting PTO tidbit? email us the news or a link to: APRIL 1, 2003: NH fathers and daughters dance the night away at this "Enchanted Evening" fundraiser hosted by their PTO.
    APRIL 1, 2003: This CA elementary school celebrates Read Across America. Students dress up as their favorite literary characters.
    MARCH 31, 2003: Tennessee PTA named as Southeast regional winner in PTO Today's Parent Group Of The Year search.
    MARCH 28, 2003: This Massachusetts parent group gives their school department a gift - a $90,000 playground.
    MARCH 28, 2003: Local parent group in MA is helping students connect with soliders, "Operation Lion Share" . Students donate goods and hand written notes to send overseas to troops.
    MARCH 27, 2003: This Indiana dad finds time to be involved by joining his sons for lunch in their school cafeteria.
    MARCH 27, 2003:

    11. News Tribune - Archives 03/17/02
    offense clicks on all cylinders NCAA roundup Kent tops alabama Prep Basketball fromthe everyday objects in his life No substitute ptas and ptos fill an
    CURRENT NEWS Front Page
    Local News

    State News


    HELP General Information Contact Us Home Delivery Sunday, March 17, 2002
    Zoning ordinance could affect schools

    Man arrested for damaging police cars as Jefferson City Police Department ends party

    Council to consider seven new bills, including zoning plan

    Mueller drops out of clerk race
    Comments or questions? Contact us

    12. Loudoun Easterner Newspaper- News And Articles
    Days later, in a letter sent to school principals, ptas and ptos, Chairman ScottK He attended the University of alabama at Mobile and graduated from the
    News and Articles
    Past Articles from 2002

    Past Articles from 2001

    Past Articles from 2000

    Past Articles from 1999
    Past Articles from 1997

    November 6, 2002

    Board vs. Simpson involves State Police

    Fairfax deputy killed in hunting accident

    Mosque vandalism suspects charged
    ... Obituaries Election Night Election night––any election night––is a time to celebrate. While we have been on the losing end of more election results than we care to remember, we continue to celebrate the system. This election night, as we join the nation in watching the returns roll across the screen, a few thoughts that appear to be political truths come to mind. The returns on the transportation sales tax increase seen to prove again that just about anything with the word “tax” in it is all but doomed to failure. We are surprised that the referendum received as many yes votes as it did, although it was heavily funded. Ironically, it may have received even more support had some commuters not been tied up in traffic Tuesday evening. It was not an embarrassing loss, and the margin may play a role in future political planning. The majority seldom volunteers to approve tax increases, regardless of the reasons. We consider the outcome another victory for this theory, not for those who do not want roads. A small segment immediately claimed the outcome was a victory for “smart growth,” which in this county means dirt roads. We strongly disagree. We could point out that Congressman Frank Wolf defeated a self-styled “smart growth” candidate and leave it at that. This would not be fair. The candidate lost because he was under-funded and unknown. It is doubtful that most voters even knew of his philosophy. For any chance, candidates who oppose incumbents such as Wolf and John Warner must be serious candidates. The sales tax increase was defeated by those who do not support any additional taxes, especially under these economic conditions. If there was a coalition among conservatives and a limited number of elitist no-growthers, it will not last beyond the night.

    13. Councils Website Results :: Linkspider UK
    Montgomery County Council PTA alabama - Council dates, volunteer opportunities Organizationinformation for the Council serving ptas and ptos in Kansas.
    Councils Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Councils Linkspider UK Directory
    Search for
    Directory Tree: Top Society Organizations Education ... PTA : Councils (186) Add URL Advertise Here! Personalize Amazon ... Weather
    See Also:

    14. Suchmaschine Acoon - Webkatalog
    for the Council serving ptas and ptos in Kansas. Montgomery County Council PTA alabama Council dates, volunteer Council PTA goals, dates and ptas access to

    parent teacher groups (like ptos and ptas) help their schools with information onfundraising, playgrounds, parent involvement and more. alabama PTA; Alaska PTA;

    16. Open Directory & Pay Per Click Search Engine: Society/Organizations/Education/PT
    for the Council serving ptas and ptos in Kansas Montgomery CountyCouncil PTA alabama Council dates Council PTA goals, dates and ptas access to
    Need Traffic Search the Web Home Toolbar LinkManager bookmark ... Councils : Page 3 LINKS: Pages:
    • Irving ISD Council of PTAs
      Contains Council PTA resources, and communication links for local PTAs in North Texas.
    • Isle of Wight County Council PTA
      Council PTA officers, meeting dates and local unit presidents resource information for PTA leaders in Virginia.,1876,51842-114663-53-7364,00.html
    • Jefferson County Council PTA
      Council awards, PTA contacts, calendar, activities,and news for units in Colorado.,1876,10765-174888-11-8681,00.html
    • Johnson City Council PTA
      Council newsletter, PTA links, calendar Dates of Interest and resources for local PTA units in Tennessee.,1876,46769-151493-50-9133,00.html
    • Keller ISD Council of PTAs Providing updates for awards, workshops, and PTA links, as a resource for local unit officers and chairmen in Keller, Texas.,1876,48413-175604-51-77455,00.html
    • Kent Area PTA Council Online Council resource with links to PTAs in Kent, Covington, and parts of unincorporated south King County, Washington.

    17. Chapter9
    extraordinary efforts by civic organizations and ptas taking up Bay High School inRed Bay, alabama, makes effective The ptos in the district also created the
    CHAPTER NINE RESOURCES Finding the resources to finance, maintain, and upgrade equipment, and to provide teacher training and technical support is universally one of the biggest hurdles that schools face when it comes to technology implementation. For many, the funds are simply unavailable via the conventional means of local tax-based school financing. Despite this fact, we found schools and districts in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the nation that have somehow managed to establish exemplary technology programs. How did they do it? In a word, they did everything . While we collected questionnaire information on a number of typical sources of funds (see below), schools provided literally dozens of interesting examples of how to approach fundraising. Some fostered and rewarded grantsmanship among their faculty; others developed alliances with community groups; and still others were able to steer traditional educational funding vehicles into more direct support of technology. Many schools identified non-monetary in-kind resources such as volunteers, bartering relationships, and corporate contributions of hardware and software. The best schools (from a resource acquisition perspective) had fairly elaborate strategies and tactics that combined all of these elements. One of the areas we focused particular attention on was how schools make effective use of Federal or state technology grant programs. This is an area where there is much opportunity for creative and effective public policy, as well as for some dreadful mistakes.

    18. Society | Organizations | Education | PTA | Councils | W YellowPages Polski Port
    information for the Council serving ptas and ptos. Montgomery County Council PTAalabama - Council dates, volunteer PTA goals, dates and ptas access to online
    Web Katalog

    Polskie Firmy

    Biznes Ogloszenia
    ... Firma w Internecie Multi szukanie - mainSeek Polska - Netsprint ¦wiatowy Katalog Stron Katalog Firm Teleadreson Szukaj domeny
    Society Organizations Education ...

    19. Society - Organizations - Education
    Montgomery County Council PTA alabama - Council dates, volunteer opportunities,and PTA organization information for the Council serving ptas and ptos.



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    Anaheim Secondary Council PTA - Offering PTA training, leadership and Council online resources for local PTAs in California.
    Rainbow Council PTA - NV - board, liaisons, meetings, membership, Council PTA service projects

    20. Netscape Search Category - PTA
    alabama PTA; Alaska PTA; California State PTA; Delaware PTA; Florida PTA; Four isdedicated to helping parent teacher groups (like ptos and ptas) help their
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