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         Alaska Boards Of Education:     more books (42)
  1. Information on regional resource centers: A preliminary study for the Alaska State Board of Education by Kathryn A Hecht, 1981
  2. A foundation for Alaska's public schools: Report of a survey for the Alaska state board of Education by Erick Le Roy Lindman, 1961
  3. Alaska school districts, the State Board of Education and declining revenues by Ernest E Polley, 1987
  4. Guide to Secondary Schools: Alaska, Oregon, Washington
  5. A manual for Alaska school boards by Mary Halloran, 1976
  6. Alaska (Minorities in higher education) by Judith Kleinfeld, 1988
  7. Minorities in higher education: The changing North : Alaska by Judith Kleinfeld, 1988
  8. A guide for new school board members by William K Pennebaker, 1971
  9. The schoolhouse farthest west: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska by V. C Gambell, 1901
  10. School boards and Native studies (Wise owl series) by John Tetpon, 1974
  11. A school to serve the people: Guidelines for community control of Bureau of Indian Affairs school operations by Warren I Tiffany, 1971
  12. Methodism in Alaska and Hawaii; new patterns for living together by William Vernon Middleton, 1958
  13. Where polar ice begins, or, The Moravian mission in Alaska by S. H Gapp, 1928
  14. Methodism in Alaska and Hawaii by W. Vernon Middleton, 1958

1. Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Explore Alaska: Three Scavenger Hunts
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... Social Science Lesson Planning Article L E S S O N P L A N N I N G A R T I C L E
Explore Alaska: Three Scavenger Hunts
Education World celebrates Alaska's 40th anniversary with scavenger hunts for students across the grades. Students explore an "Alaska" Web site in search of answers to ten grade-appropriate questions. In recognition of the 40th anniversary of Alaskan statehood, Education World introduces your students to some of the best Web sites for learning about Alaska. Challenge your students to answer the questions in one of three grade-appropriate scavenger hunts. Choose the hunt that's best for your students, whether they're in grades 1-3 grades 4-6 , or grades 7-12 Answer Keys are provided.) And, while you've got your students focused on their study of Alaska, don't forget to check out this week's Education World CURRICULUM story, Happy Birthday, Alaska!

2. Association Of Alaska School Boards
Approved The Board of Directors of the Association of alaska School boards developedits annual list of Priority education Issues at a board meeting on Nov.
NEW 2003 Membership Directory About Us Contacts Calendar ... Online Forms SEARCH
NCLB Policy Implications for Alaska School Districts

AASB Policy Implications
School Board Standards
Are you asking the right questions?
A PowerPoint presentation by Norm Wooten, NSBA Director (Kodiak Island, Alaska).
AASB Leadership Conference, Baranof Hotel, Juneau, February 22, 2003.
Norm Wooten's Presentation (Here)
Powerpoint Presentation Windows OS please allow time for download. Apple MacOS "Save Page AS", you will see computer code save this file, give it a file name with the extension (.ppt) then open through Powerpoint. Legislators Downplay Cost Study
"I don't have high hopes for the new district cost factor study," said House
Speaker Pete Kott. "I suspect it is going to be one of those studies collecting dust on the shelf." I don't see it happening this year, agreed Sen. Gary Wilken, Both Wilken and Kott addressed school board members, superintendents and students at the annual AASB Early Legislative Fly-In on Feb. 24, 2003, Baranof Hotel, Juneau. Rep. Carl Gattto, freshman chair of the House Special Committee on Education, shares morning coffee with school board members. Both Rep. Gatto, a former school board member in Mat-Su Borough School District, and House HESS chair Rep. Peggy Wilson, spent the early morning on Feb. 24 visiting with board members at the AASB Legislative Fly-In, Baranof Hotel, Juneau.

3. No Child Left Behind
alaska Department of education Early Development, school districts and other educationentities. The following are websites that will assist school boards
About Us Contacts Calendar Board Standards ... Useful Tools SEARCH
No Child Left Behind
The following are websites that will assist school boards and administrators as they relate to the responsibilities of school districts under the No Child Left Behind Act.
Association of Alaska School Boards/NCLB RTF DRAFT Policy on Parent Notification
RTF DRAFT Parental Notification Letter
(In conjunction with the National School Boards Association)
Timetable and Frequently Asked Questions for School Boards

Policy Guidelines for Local School Boards

Notification and Reporting Requirements for Local School Boards

No Child L eft Behind
What School Boards Need To Know
Powerpoint Presentation Windows OS please allow time for download. MacOS Control Click to download to disk. National School Boards Association/NCLB Webpage The NSBA website contains the following PDF publications, and many more not listed here: Resources and Information from U.S. Department of Education October 4, 2002

4. The Virtual Schoolhouse's Guide To State Departments Of Education
State boards of education. Click on the name of the state to go to that state'sDepartment of education web site. Alabama; alaska alaska's Statewide Library
State Boards of Education
Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site.

5. Alaska Department Of Fish And Game — ADF&G Home Page
The Special education Service Agency (SESA) is a publicly funded agency which provides assistance to alaskan school districts and early intervention programs serving students with low incidence disabilities. Spring 2002 alaska Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI) Newsletter make and use Play boards and Position boards for infants.
Administration ...
Contact Us
Mission Statement


State Directory
Restoring the McGrath

Moose Harvest
Wings Over Alaska

Birding Program
Steller Sea Lion Issues

Southeast Sustainable

Salmon Fund Alaska's Salmon Fishery MSC Certified Invasive Species Plan Atlantic Salmon, Invasive Threat Wild Rainbow Trout Initiative Taku River Issues ... Wildlife Viewing in Alaska
Sport Fishing Regulations Sport Fishing Emergency Orders Hunting Regulations Hunting Emergency Orders ... Crewmember License Fee Regulation Changes CFEC Permit Fee Regulation Changes Subsistence/Personal Use Fishing Board of Game Board of Fish
Online License Purchasing General License Fees Hunting Guide Requirements ... Limited Entry Permits (CFEC)
Habitat Permits Hunting Permits Online Drawing Permit Application Permit Hunt Results ... Limited Entry Permits (CFEC)
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Federal Aid
Alaska's Salmon Management Alaska's Commercial Salmon Fishery Alaska Fishery Research Bulletin Alaska's Sustainable Salmon Fisheries Policy (31KB -PDF) Atlantic Salmon White Paper Marine Protected Areas: Public Process Recommendations Sport Fishing Publications Sport Fish Currents Newsletter-PDF The Alaska Hunting Bulletin Tribal Consultation Policy

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US State Departments and boards of education. Alabama Alabama State Departmentof education http// alaska alaska Department of education http

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U.S. State Departments and Boards of Education ... European Education Associations U.S. State Departments and Boards of Education Alabama Alabama State Department of Education Alaska Alaska Department of Education Alaska State Board of Education Arizona Arizona Department of Education Arkansas Arkansas Department of Education California California Department of Education Goldmine California State Board of Equalization Colorado Colorado Department of Education Connecticut Connecticut Department of Education Delaware Delaware Department of Education

7. Mission Of The Department Of Education & Early Development
local school boards to adopt culturally responsive school and community standards.8. Continue a productive partnership with the alaska education Coalition
Alaska State Board of Education
Beliefs, Purpose, Goals and Objectives Beliefs
  • All children, given adequate opportunity and support, can learn. High standards, which set high expectations, produce high achievement. Results matter. We can teach for results and build accountability for results. Financial support for schools must be equitable.
  • Purpose It is the policy of this state that the purpose of education is to help ensure that all students will succeed in their education and work, shape worthwhile and satisfying lives for themselves, exemplify the best values of society, and be effective in improving the character and quality of the world about them. (Alaska Statute 14.03.015) Goals There are five major goals that support the mission:
  • To have clear, rigorous, credible standards and assessments. To have a credible system of academic and fiscal accountability for students, professionals, schools and districts. To have highly qualified school professionals who have met rigorous and credible standards and assessments. To have schools in which students, staff, families and communities are active partners in learning.
  • 8. Alaska Department Of Education & Early Development - Text Version
    boards and Commissions alaska State Council on the Arts Postsecondary EducationCommission alaska Student Loan Program The Professional Teaching Practices
    Welcome to Text Version of the
    Back To Graphic Version Department Address
    801 W. 10th Street, Suite 200, Juneau, AK 99801-1878, Telephone: (907) 465-2800, Fax: (907) 465-3542 In the News
    U.S. Department of Education Peer Review Panel

    and the Murkowski Administration Review the Alaska State Accountability System

    Dept. Proposes Closing Correspondence School - Press Release
    Seven New Members Appointed to the Alaska State Board of Education - Press Release
    Competitive Grants

    Alaska Consolidated State Application Accountability Workbook Summary , Jan. 2003 - PDF
    Proposed District Cost Factor Report Released Volume I and II

    Report Card to the Public
    - Look up school-level information and school's scores. Governor Murkowski's FY04 Budget and Investment Plan Our Department Commissioner Alaska's Vision and Goals for Education Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) - vocational school in Seward, Alaska Alyeska Central School - statewide correspondence school Directory of EED Officials - PDF Early Development - Alaska Children's Trust, Americorps, Head Start Program

    9. Guide To K-12 Students On School Boards Of Education
    the Canadian province of Ontario aimed at permitting greater student input into educationpolicymaking The alaska Association of School boards released The
    Campaign for Meaningful Student Involvement Home Campaign Info Materials ... Network
    December 2002 Students on Boards of Education Resource Guide -First Edition- Compiled by the Campaign for Meaningful Student Involvement A program of The Freechild Project PO Box 6185 Olympia, WA 98507 Description A multi-topic resource guide promoting Student Voice, Participation, Engagement, Involvement, and Representation on Local, District, Regional, and State Boards of Education. Includes research, examples, and other resources for students, educators, administrators, and concerned community members who support validating student voice in school decision-making by including students on school boards. Introduction STUDENT participation on boards of education is a small part of a much larger movement towards meaningful student involvement throughout education. Since the 1960s this effort has waxed and waned, according to the will of school officials and the sincere interest of students involved. Today that tide is turning, and students across the US are calling for deepened engagement in the decision-making that affects them on all levels - in the classroom, in the auditorium, and in the boardroom. In Washington state the Seattle Young People's Project is calling for two students - one male, one female - to be elected to the school board through popular vote among students. These students would ideally represent the diversity and power of young people throughout the district. The Washington State Resource Guide is being created to support the work of these young people in their struggle, as well as the adults who ultimately choose the fate of student voice on the school board.

    10. Office Of The Commissioner, Health And Social Services, State Of Alaska
    GOVERNOR'S COUNCIL ON DISABILITIES AND SPECIAL education PO Box 240249 Anchorage,alaska 995240249. Phone (907) 269-8991 Fax (907) 269-8995.
    431 N. Franklin Street, Suite 200
    Juneau, AK 99801-1121
    Phone: (907) 465-3071
    Fax: (907) 465-3079 Richard Rainery
    Executive Director
    The Alaska Mental Health Board is composed of 12 to 16 members appointed by the Governor, at least half of whom must be mental health consumers or family members. The Board is the state planning and coordinating agency, for purposes of federal and state law, relating to the state mental health program. The primary purpose of the Board is to help ensure an integrated comprehensive mental health program by planning and advocating for the service needs of persons with mental illness in the state.
    P.O. Box 110608
    Juneau, Alaska 99811-0608
    Phone: (907) 465-8920/
    Fax: (907) 465-4410 Pam Watts

    alaska PTA Promoting the education, health and safety of Arctic Science JourneysRadio; Association of alaska School boards The Association of
    12:29 AM Alaska Airlines
    Alaska's Marine Highway

    Alaska Museums

    Alaskan Southeaster
    Youth Football

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    Alaska Education
    Education Student Loans
  • Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) a uscomhriendly, comprehensive career information and planning software program designed to help teens and adults explore career and educational opportunities in Alaska and throughout the U
  • Alaska Dept of Education lots of info on this site. Check the Rolodex for links to all Alaska School Districts
  • Alaska Elderhostel Catalog Statewide
  • Alaska History Toolbox Alaska Studies Teacher's Toolbox; a place to start your internet search for resources to help teach Alaska related subjects to your students.
  • Alaska Private and Home Educators Association Supporting and helping Alaskan parents perform their God-given responsibility to train their children through home and private education.
  • 12. Educational Links
    Alabama Association of School boards Association of alaska School boards of Schoolboards Connecticut Association of boards of education Delaware School
    Ohio Senate and House of Representatives
    U.S. Department of Education

    Education Information Center

    Ohio Department of Education
    STRS Member site
    National School Boards Association
    Alabama Association of School Boards

    Association of Alaska School Boards

    Arizona School Boards Association
    Nebraska Association of School Boards

    Nevada Association of School Boards (No site at this time.)
    New Hampshire School Boards Association
    New Jersey School Boards Association New Mexico School Boards Association New York State School Boards Association ... Pennsylvania School Boards Association Rhode Island Association of School Committees (No site at this time.) South Carolina School Boards Association Associated School Boards of South Dakota Tennessee School Boards Association Texas Association of School Boards Utah School Boards Association (No site at this time.) Vermont School Boards Association Virginia School Boards Association Washington State School Directors' Association West Virginia School Boards Association ... Wyoming School Boards Association
    Ohio Senate and House of Representatives Ohio School Funding
    OSBA Home page rev 1/03

    13. Alaska State Statistics
    alaska's Governance Structure This State Profile was produced by The National Associationof State boards of education (NASBE) 277 South Washington Street

    Governance Structure Number of State Board Members
    Length of Term
    : 5 years
    Selection Process : Appointed by Governor
    Selection of Chief State School Officer: Appointed by the State Board of Education, with approval by the Governor Official Role of Chief on State Board : Executive Number of students enrolled in grades K-12 Number of teachers Number of schools Number of school districts Student/teacher ratio Average teacher salary High School graduation rate Average daily attendance Percentage of teachers with advanced degrees Average SAT score (verbal/math) Percentage of graduates tested Average composite ACT score Percentage of graduates tested Student per Internet-connected computer (2001) Percentage of students living in poverty Federal contribution to school revenue Share of total revenue State contribution to school revenue Share of total revenue Local contribution to school revenue Share of total revenue Per Pupil Expenditure 1. 1998-99 school year.

    14. Alaska Education -- I Love Alaska Guide
    is a nonprofit organization representing school boards in alaska teaching and administrativevacancies in alaska and the (369); National education Association of

    Ask about advertising here!

    W W W . I L O V E A L A S K A . C O M Education

    15. Jason's Weg Page Has Moved!
    A Buyer's Market education in the New Economy, The State education Standard,The National Association of School boards of education . Then What?
    This page has moved You should be redirected to Jason Ohler's new website within 10 seconds, which is at
    Click here if this page doesn't automatically redirect you there.

    16. About Jason Ohler
    alaska State Teaching Certificate, Secondary education, since 1984. Published byNASBE (The National Association of School boards of education).
    Abbreviated Vita: Recent Highlights
    • Director, Educational Technology Program, University of Alaska Southeast, since 1986. This program offers a teaching endorsement, pre-service and in-service training, and educational technology infusion in teacher education programs. The Program is committed to the creative, effective, and socially responsible use of technology in education. The Program works with school districts, government, and community groups throughout the state to improve educational technology programs for students, educators, and citizens of Alaska. Recent efforts have focused on development and implementation of a master's level online educational technology endorsement through the Professional Education Center
    • Keynote speaker. Topics include Art as the 4th R, Education and the New Economy, Techies are From Mars and Teachies are from Venus, Taming the Technology Beast, Technology/Human Transformation and Marshall McLuhan, and others.
    • Educational technology planner, facilitator, project manager.

    17. NMSBA Other School Board Web Sites
    Association of alaska School boards To assist school boards in providingquality public education and preserving local control.
    Events Calendar
    Organizational Structure Staff Legislative Update ... Home This list is complete of all associations who have web sites. If you are aware of a state that is not listed here and does have a site, please write the web master with that information and she will include it on this page. Thank you. National School Boards Association - Excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership. Association of Alaska School Boards - To assist school boards in providing quality public education and preserving local control. Arizona School Boards Association - To advance public education by providing leadership and assistance to local school district governing boards serving children and communities in the State of Arizona and promoting lay control of public education in the United States of America. Arkansas School Boards Association - To promote better educational opportunities for all children in the State of Arkansas.

    18. BiblioLine Thesaurus - Tree Hierarchy
    to search this tree) go to instructions 3 alaska NATIVES 3 tree) go to instructions6 STATE DEPARTMENTS OF education 6 STATE LICENSING boards 4 SOCIAL

    19. Colorado Association Of School Boards CASB
    Alabama Association of School boards; Association of alaska School boards; CaliforniaSchool boards Association; Connecticut Association of boards of education;

    About CASB
    School Boards Advocacy Conferences ... Site map
    Helpful Links
    Colorado School Accountability Resource Guide (click to download)
    Colorado and Regional Links
    National Education Organizations
    National Education Media
    Other State School Boards Associations

    20. Boards And Commissions: List Of Boards And Commissions
    List of boards and Commissions Fact Sheets Roster Community Service Commission,alaska Fact Sheet Disabilities and Special education, Governor's Council on home common questions board application ... vacancy list List of Boards and Commissions: Fact Sheets, Rosters and Websites
    Accountancy, Alaska State Board of Public - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Aerospace Development Corporation Board of Directors, Alaska - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Aging, Alaska Commission on - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Agriculture and Conservation Board - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Air Quality/Small Business Assist. Compliance Advisory Panel - Fact Sheet Roster
    Alcoholic Beverage Control Board - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Advisory Board on - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Fact Sheet ... Website
    Arts, Alaska State Council on the - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Assessment Review Board, State - Fact Sheet Roster
    Aviation Advisory Board - Fact Sheet Roster Website
    Balance of State Workforce Investment Board - Fact Sheet Roster
    Bald Eagle Preserve Advisory Council, Alaska Chilkat -

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