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         Alaska Boards Of Education:     more books (42)
  1. Information on regional resource centers: A preliminary study for the Alaska State Board of Education by Kathryn A Hecht, 1981
  2. A foundation for Alaska's public schools: Report of a survey for the Alaska state board of Education by Erick Le Roy Lindman, 1961
  3. Alaska school districts, the State Board of Education and declining revenues by Ernest E Polley, 1987
  4. Guide to Secondary Schools: Alaska, Oregon, Washington
  5. A manual for Alaska school boards by Mary Halloran, 1976
  6. Alaska (Minorities in higher education) by Judith Kleinfeld, 1988
  7. Minorities in higher education: The changing North : Alaska by Judith Kleinfeld, 1988
  8. A guide for new school board members by William K Pennebaker, 1971
  9. The schoolhouse farthest west: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska by V. C Gambell, 1901
  10. School boards and Native studies (Wise owl series) by John Tetpon, 1974
  11. A school to serve the people: Guidelines for community control of Bureau of Indian Affairs school operations by Warren I Tiffany, 1971
  12. Methodism in Alaska and Hawaii; new patterns for living together by William Vernon Middleton, 1958
  13. Where polar ice begins, or, The Moravian mission in Alaska by S. H Gapp, 1928
  14. Methodism in Alaska and Hawaii by W. Vernon Middleton, 1958

61. Education: Issue Resources
National Governors' Association National PTA National School boards Association National StateDepartments of education Alabama alaska Arizona Arkansas
Initiatives Economic Development Education Health Care Homeland Security ... Workforce Development Education Overview Policy Papers Issue Resources Issue Resources National Resources
American Association of School Administrators
American Council on Education

American Federation of Teachers

Center on Education Policy
The Thomas B. Fordam Foundation
Government Resources
House Committee on Education and the Workforce

New American High Schools

United States Department of Education
Educational Journals and Other Publications
American Journal of Education
Comprehensive Legislative Update on Education EdSource Education Week ... The Gadfly (online bulletin of education news) State Departments of Education Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming © The Public Forum Institute 2003

62. Parent Involvement - National Standards
alaska On June 13, 2001 The alaska Department of education and Early Development Itstated that ALL local and regional boards of education were required to
April 03, 2003 Partners for Student Success
Building Successful Partnerships

National Standards

Reflections Program

National Standards Statewide Alaska Connecticut Delaware
... Tennessee Alaska:
On June 13, 2001 The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development endorsed the National
To the Top
Connecticut's State Board of Education adopted a state policy on School, Family, Community Partnerships on August 7, 1997 based on the National PTA's National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs. Connecticut's General Assembly passed a law in 1997 (Public Act 97-290) which was intended to foster meaningful partnerships among schools, families, and communities to enhance student learning. It stated that ALL local and regional boards of education were required to develop, adopt, and implement written policies and procedures to encourage parent-teacher communication by September 1, 1998. The Connecticut Department of Education along with community partners including the Connecticut PTA, put together a packet to help local boards of ed comply with the law. The packet contained a sample policy, the six standards in detail, an overview of the law, and procedures and agreements that had been developed in school districts around the country, as models for communities to use. This policy and law impact 1,068 public schools including 645 elementary, 163 junior HS/middle schools, 163 high schools, and 17 vocational/technical schools, serving 545,619 public school students.

63. 11/7/01 -- Fine Lines: School Boards Clash Over New District Maps -- Education W
The states covered as a whole by Section 5 are Alabama, alaska, Arizona, Georgia,Louisiana The National Association of State boards of education posts a

64. Education & Computer Connection
This education site has a thematic, multicultural, interdisciplary unit for students on immigration.Category Society Issues Immigration...... Public School Administration Resources. alaska School Districts. Wyoming Public Schools.State Regional education Agencies. State boards of education.
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65. Remarks To The Governor's. Commission On Tolerance
To a large extent, school boards even hold the an example of how local control isworking in alaska. The State Board of education Early Development defines
Our Commissioner Remarks to the Governor's Commission on Tolerance by Shirley J. Holloway September 28, 2001 Thank you Chairman (Chuck) Eddy for the opportunity to address the Tolerance Commission. And let me extend that thank you to all members of this commission.
We have made great strides with this movement, which we call the Quality Schools Initiative. But we are not where we want to be. We have not reached our goal, but we are making progress.
Local Control
Two more rural districts have indicated they will ask for the same waiver.
Local control also plays an important role in other decision-making areas. Each local school board hires its own teachers and administrators. If you as a parent want to influence a hiring or firing decision, you must work with your local school district and the school board. Each school board hires its own chief executive officer or superintendent. The state does not control that decision, nor does the state supervise such personnel. That again is a local decision.
Each local school board decides which teachers to transfer between schools and when.

66. Open Meeting Laws Sunshine Laws Education School Board School Boards University
David H. Shoup, Esq., Tindall, Bennett Shoup, Anchorage, alaska. 4.10.2. Stateeducational Institutions. State boards of education are often within the
Open Meeting Laws 2d
A national treatise
covering all 50 states
Open Meeting Laws 2d is an invaluable reference tool. My office refers to it whenever there is an open meetings question, it saves days of research. Summary Table of Contents About the Author Email the Author Order Information ... Home Page
  • the governing bodies of public institutions of higher learning,
  • departments within a university,
  • search committees for new deans, teachers and the like,
  • the admissions committee of such an institution,
  • other committees,
  • the faculty, acting as a collegial body. Tenure hearings may or may not be required to be open, either by including or excluding the tenure hearing specifically, by including or excluding the body that conducts the hearings or by deeming tenure hearings to be within the exception permitting executive sessions for personnel matters.
  • athletic associations and councils,
  • nonprofit corporations operating for the benefit of a public university or college or the public schools,
  • student government associations and organizations, and

67. Contact Information And Web Sites
550 West Seventh Avenue Suite 1500 Anchorage, alaska 995013567, http// Boardof Nursing License Certification and education 4330 S
NURSING REGULATION Boards of Nursing Contact Information and Web sites
What Boards Do
Contact Information and Web sites Complaints Policies
Click on any link below to obtain specific state board of nursing information. Alabama Louisiana Pennsylvania Alaska ... Oregon
Contact Information and Web Sites Alabama Board of Nursing
770 Washington Avenue
RSA Plaza, Ste 250
Montgomery, AL 36130-3900 Phone: (334) 242-4060
FAX: (334) 242-4360
Contact Person: N. Genell Lee, MSN, JD, RN, Executive Officer Web Site: Alaska Board of Nursing
550 West Seventh Avenue Suite 1500
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3567

68. Home Discussion Boards Trading Education Upcoming Events Market
34.66%, 0.39%. 12) Worthington Inds (WOR), 61.28%, 18.23%, 44.63%,+ 0.89%. 13) alaska Air Group,Inc. (ALK), 86.42%, 32.10%, 58.47%, +1.88%. 14
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  • 69. NurseWeek
    State boards of Nursing. Licensing 3601 C Street, Ste 722 Anchorage, alaska, 99503Go to Web New York State Board of Nursing State education Department Cultural

    Education Marketplace

    Featured CE

    Employer-Sponsored CE

    Clinical Library
    CE Resources
    State Boards of Nursing Alabama Board of Nursing
    RSA Plaza, Ste 250
    770 Washington Ave.
    Montgomery, Ala., 36130
    Go to Web site
    Alaska Board of Nursing
    Div. of Occupational Licensing 3601 C Street, Ste 722 Anchorage, Alaska, 99503 Go to Web site Arizona State Board of Nursing 1651 E. Morten Ave., Ste 150 Phoenix, Ariz., 85020 Go to Web site Arkansas State Board of Nursing University Tower Building 1123 S. University, Ste 800 Little Rock, Ark., 72204 Go to Web site California Board of Registered Nursing 400 R Street, Ste 4030 Sacramento, Calif., 95814 Go to Web site Colorado Board of Nursing 1560 Broadway, Ste 880

    70. NASW Continuing Education
    Community Cares HIV/AIDS for alaska Natives (1/2 hour). Association of SocialWork boards Council on Social Work education

    71. Alaska Division Of Community And Business Development - Local Boundary Commissio
    Safety, Director of the North Slope Higher education Center, Socio He is a memberof numerous boards of directors, including the alaska Association of
    The Local Boundary Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor. One member is appointed from each of Alaska's four Judicial Districts. The Chairperson is appointed
    at-large. Kevin Waring, Chairperson At-Large Anchorage First Judicial District, Juneau Second Judicial District, Barrow Allan Tesche, Member, Third Judicial District, Anchorage Ardith Lynch, Member, Fourth Judicial District, Fairbanks
    For more information about the Local Boundary Commission, contact: Dan Bockhorst
    Division of Community and Business Development
    Department of Community and Economic Development
    550 West 7th Ave., Suite 1770, Anchorage, AK 99501-3510
    Phone: 269-4559 FAX: 269-4539

    72. Status Of Finance Constitutional Litigation - July 1999
    State ex rel. boards of education v. Chafin, 1988. TOMBLIN V. GAINER,1997. alaska, MatanuskaSusitna Borough v. alaska, 1997.
    site index Status of Finance Constitutional Litigation - July 1999
    Table of Contents
    Introduction Litigation Status ...
    The supreme court has not rendered a decision

    Plaintiffs won at the supreme court level or the supreme court approved a trial court decision for plaintiffs: Alabama Opinion of the Justices, 1993 Ex Parte James, 1997 Arizona Shofstall v. Hollins, 1973 Roosevelt Elem. School Dist. 66 v. Bishop, 1994 HULL V. ALBRECHT, 1997, 1998 Arkansas Dupree v. Alma School District, 1985 Tucker v. Lake View School Dist. No. 25, 1996 California Serrano v. Priest, 1971, 1976 Connecticut Horton v. Meskill, 1977, 1985 JOHNSON V. ROWLAND, filed 1998 Kentucky Rose v. Council for Better Education, 1989 Massachusetts McDuffy v. Secretary of Education, 1993 Montana State ex. Rel. Woodahl v. Straub, 1974 Helena Elementary School District No. 1 v. State, 1989, 1990 New Hampshire CLAREMONT SCHOOL DISTRICT V. GOVERNOR, 1993, 1997, 1998 New Jersey Robinson v. Cahill, 1973 Abbott v. Burke, 1985, 1990, 1994, 1997, 1998 Ohio Board of Education v. Walter DEROLPH V. STATE, 1997

    73. Civil Division, Alaska Department Of Law
    on public school system and education issues, child to and represents the state departments,boards, and commissions that regulate alaska’s lands
    Department of Law – Civil Division
    Scott J. Nordstrand
    Deputy Attorney General – Civil Division
    Alaska Department of Law – Civil Division 1031 W. 4th Avenue, Suite 200 Anchorage, AK 99501-1994
    The Civil Division of the Department of Law provides legal counsel to the executive branch in all civil actions. The division defends and prosecutes civil litigation to which the state is a party; handles legal matters for and provides legal advice to the governor, executive branch agencies, and – upon request – the legislative and judicial branches; reviews regulations prepared by executive agencies, drafts legislation for introduction by the governor; and reviews all legislation before it is acted upon by the governor. It accomplishes this work through its eleven sections, located in its Juneau Anchorage , and Fairbanks offices. The division is also responsible for interpretation and enforcement of the Executive Branch Ethics Act (AS 39.52)

    74. PhysicianBoard: Physician Licensing Boards
    See also Physician Specialty boards. alaska Occupational Licensing Department ofCommerce and Economic of Health New York State education Department Div.
    Physician Licensing Boards Alabama

    Alabama Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Medical Licensure Commission
    State of Alabama
    PO Box 887
    Montgomery, AL 36101
    Alaska Occupational Licensing
    Department of Commerce and Economic Development
    PO Box 110806 Juneau, AK 99811 Arizona Arizona Board of Medical Examiners 1651 E. Morten, Suite 210 Phoenix, AZ 85043 Arkansas Arkansas State Medical Board 2100 Riverfront Dr., #200 Little Rock, AR 72202 California Medical Board of California 1426 Howe Ave., Suite 52 Sacramento, CA 95826 Colorado Board of Medical Examiners 1560 Broadway, Suite 1300 Denver, CO 80202 Connecticut 150 Washington St. Hartford, CT 06106 Delaware Board of Medical Practice State of Delaware PO Box 1401 Cannon Bldg., #203 Dover, DE 19903 DC DC Board of Medicine 614 H St., NW Room 108 Washington, DC 20001 Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Technology, Licensure and Testing Norhtwood Center 1940 Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399 Georgia Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners Geogia State Medical Board 166 Prior St., SW

    75. Links To State Education Agencies
    Alabama. alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. Florida









    76. CCSSO Map Of States
    The Council of Chief State School Officers links to state boards of educationCategory Reference education K through 12 Professional Information......bulletAlabama bulletAlaska. American Samoa. bulletArizona. bulletDelaware. bulletDistrictofColumbia. bulletDept.of Defense education Activity. bulletFlorida.
    Alaska American Samoa Arizona ... Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee ... Wyoming Council of Chief State School Officers One Massachusetts Avenue, NW Suite 700 Washington, DC 20001-1431 voice: 202.408.5505 fax: 202.408.8072

    77. Association Of Alaska School Boards
    NEW 2003 Membership Directory About Us Contacts Calendar Board Standards Employment Publications Bookstore Advisory School boards Links Survey District Map Email District Map Websites Site Map Useful Tools Online Forms SEARCH 2002 1 2002 -2 2001

    78. State Departments Of Education
    State boards of education. Click on the name of the state to go tothat state's Department of education web site. Other education
    State Boards of Education
    Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site. Other education-related administrative bodies for that state are listed below.

    79. Alaska Education - Alaska Web Directory
    alaska education Resource Directories School Districts, Universities, education Resources, Distance education, Financial Assistance Resource Directory alaska School Directories alaska Cooperative Extension, UAF. *alaska Department of education Early Development Services (DFYS). alaska education - The Guide to Southeast alaska

    80. NBCC
    please contact the offices of those state boards of education for information ALASKAMs. Olivia Orsborn, Licensing Examiner Board of Professional Counselors
    Please check with individual state licensure boards for specific information about application procedures and any additional requirements. If you have achieved a passing score on an NBCC examination, contact your state board to determine if you are exam-exempt. Some states may accept alternative national certification examinations as satisfying the written exam component of state credentialing requirements. Contact individual states if you have questions regarding equivalent examinations. Information for school counselors: If you are interested in endorsement as a school counselor in the states of Washington and Maryland, please contact the offices of those state boards of education for information on how the NCE is used as a part of the certification process. Click on a state below to go to that board's official contact information.

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