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         Alaska Cities & Communities Geography:     more detail

21. City Information Directory - Alaska
PPS has worked with over 1000 communities throughout the to be the most beautifulof southeast alaska cities. to facts about people, business, and geography.

Select a Directory . . . Virtual Directory Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Alaska
City Information Directory Home City Information ADD YOUR SITE Select A City or County ALL CITIES Akiachak Alakanuk Anchor Point Anchorage Anderson Angoon Aniak Barrow Bethel Chevak College Cooper Landing Cordova Craig Delta Junction Dillingham Eagle River Emmonak Fairbanks Ft. Yukon Galena Gambell Glennallen Haines Homer Hoonah Hooper Bay Juneau Kake Kenai Ketchikan Kiana King Cove King Salmon Kipruk Kodiak Kotzebue Kwethluk McGrath Metlakatla Mountian Vil Naknek Nenana Nikishka Ninilchik Nome Noorvik North Pole Nulato Old Harbor Palmer Petersburg Pilot Sta.

Incorporated places, eg, cities, villages, and so forth; alaska Native Regional Corporations(ANRCs). a large population nucleus and nearby communities that have
CENSUS GEOGRAPHY Understanding the geographic components of the census is crucial when we are using census data. Since many of our planning and programming decisions are based on political or legal definitions of a region or area, we need to be aware of the geography by which census data is reported. For example one can estimate population denominators for city-based data (a political area) using the census but in order to examine the city by smaller geographic areas statistical area data must be examined (e.g., block, census tracts, etc.). Political and statistical areas are not subsets of each other. Although a large city may be composed of multiple census tracts, tracts near the city borders would overlap those borders. Special algorithms must be developed when attempting to combine data from political and statistical areas. One area of geography not considered census geography are postal codes or zip codes. The Census Bureau does report data in STF3 by zip code but does not collect data by this geographic level. In addition zip code level data is reported at least a couple of years post release of other censes data. Following is a description of the political and the statistical areas as defined by the Census Bureau.

23. AkLA Census Tutorial Week 7: Understanding 2000 Census Geography: Basic Terms An
constitute tribes, bands, clans, groups, villages, communities, or associations alsobeen changes to our cities and boroughs you don't live in alaska, some of
AkLA Census Tutorial Week 7: Understanding 2000 Census Geography: Basic terms and comparability to 1990 Census data
================UNFINISHED BUSINESS================= Last week, I asked why Summary File 1 would answer the question, "How many Koreans live in Anchorage?" but not "How many Russians live in Anchorage?" The answer is that Summary File 1 contains race data and not ancestry data. As I explained back in Week 3, Korean is a subcategory of the "Asian" race category. Only the race categories of American Indian and Alaska Native; Asian; and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander are subdivided. Hispanic origin is subdivided into Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Other Hispanic. As we know from Week 3, Hispanic is not a race, but an ethnic group. Descent from Russia, or from any other country or group I didn't name back in Week 3 is considered by the Census Bureau to be an ancestry group and not a race nor an ethnic group. Ancestry is a sample data question and the first time we'll see it reported will be in Summary File 3, due out June to September *2002* =============NEW BUSINESS: CENSUS GEOGRAPHY============== Last week, I asked you to look at the release schedule available at []. If you haven't done so yet, please do it now. Pay close attention the column marked "Lowest Level Geography." Ask yourself two questions:

24. FAU Libraries Media Center - Videographies, Geography
VH 5691 alaska, Voices from the Ice Summary A nature VIDEO Subject geography SeriesSUPER cities. changes on the lives of students and their communities.
FAU Libraries
Media Center - Videographies, Geography

Summary: Florida Atlantic University's (FAU) College of Social Science recruitment video. 091 Min. VIDEO 1992 Subject: ANTHROPOLOGY, ECONOMICS, GEOGRAPHY, CRIMINOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY VH 4161 Africa: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt
Summary: Tunisia, a diverse nation of open-minded people, is also predominantly Muslim. Women, however, share equal rights with men and hold jobs from police officers to airline pilots. In Libya, the UN is attempting to stamp out the killer screwworm fly before it spreads throughout Africa, southern Europe, and Asia. A third segment documents Egypt's ongoing struggle to balance its growing population with limited resources and land mass. 031 Min. VIDEO 1996 Subject: GEOGRAPHY, ECONOMICS, SOCIOLOGY Series: OUR DEVELOPING WORLD VH 5690 Alaska, Denali Wilderness
Summary: Alaska's Denali National park is the backdrop for a year round struggle for survival. Wolves, grizzlies, moose and caribou are depicted in dramatic life and death sequences in this snowy, desolate environment. 030 Min. VIDEO 1993 Subject: GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT VH 5694 Alaska Portrait
Summary: Go on a journey that spans more than 1, 500 miles from the craggy faced fjords and glaciers of Southeast Alaska to the fragile Arctic tundra of Alaska's North slope. 040 Min. VIDEO 1993 Subject: GEOGRAPHY

25. About The USA - Travel & Geography > Regions Of The United States
function in many New England communities today and Outside the cities, the regionis a land The West alaska Colorado California Hawaii Idaho Montana

Travel to the United States

The Regions of the United States New England The Mid-Atlantic The South The Midwest ... The West Americans often speak of their country as one of several large regions. These regions are cultural units rather than governmental units formed by history and geography and shaped by the economics, literature and folkways that all the parts of a region share. What makes one region different from another? A region's multicultural heritage as well as distinct demographic characteristics like age and occupation also make regions different and special. Within several regions, language is used differently and there are strong dialects. There are also differences in outlook and attitude based on geography. E-Texts Megalopolis The Bypassed East New England
Maine Massachusetts New Hampshir ... Vermont
New England has played a dominant role in American history. Until well into the 19th century, New England was the country's cultural and economic center. The earliest European settlers of New England were English Protestants who came in search of religious liberty. They gave the region its distinctive political format town meetings (an outgrowth of meetings held by church elders) in which citizens gathered to discuss issues of the day. Town meetings still function in many New England communities today and have been revived as a form of dialogue in the national political arena. New England is also important for the cultural contribution it has made to the nation. The critic Van Wyck Brooks called the creation of a distinctive American literature, in the first half of the 19th century, "the flowering of New England." Education is another of the region's strongest legacies. The cluster of top-ranking universities and colleges in

26. Alaskan Memories - Geography And History
McGrath, Bethel, Flat, and Ophir were communities of some live in the larger villagesand cities now choose they play a large role in alaska's economy through
A laskan Memories
A travel report Geography and History A laska
Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia
T he last American frontier, Alaska is the largest of the states in size and the second smallest in population. Nearly everything about this 49th state is big. Its Mount McKinley is higher than any other peak in North America. Its Yukon River is one of the longest navigable waterways in the world. Huge animals still thrive in its open spaces Kodiak, grizzly, black, and polar bears; moose, caribou, musk-oxen, wolves; otter, walrus, seals, humpback and killer whales. A laska is a land of spectacular contrasts smoking volcanoes and frozen tundra, hot springs and ice floes, creeping glaciers and virgin forests. This vast, raw, and rugged land thrusts a chain of volcanic islands more than a thousand miles southwest into the Bering Sea. Reaching beyond the international date line, the land area originally spanned four time zones. It juts northward far into the Arctic Circle, and to the south its Panhandle extends for miles between the Pacific Ocean and the Canadian Rockies. T he Stars and Stripes have flown over Alaska since March 30, 1867, when the vast land was purchased from Russia for 7.2 million dollars. In 1959 Alaska became the first new state since New Mexico and Arizona had achieved statehood in 1912, which was also the year Alaska was incorporated as a territory the first step toward statehood.

27. San Antonio Public Library: Geography: Countries (United States)
west and southwest, Pacific coast, alaska, Hawaii, and page is an alphabetical listingof communities within that and longitude of various major cities in the
Country Index
Physical Geography
For other countries, please return to COUNTRY INDEX
Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters, 1980-1999
The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) lists the "42 weather-related disasters [that have occurred] over the past 20 years in which overall damages/costs reached or exceeded $1 billion." If you cannot access this pdf file, you can view this same information at this World Wide Web site or you can get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader
A Brief Guide to State Facts
- For each state, this site provides nicknames, the capital, motto, flower, bird, tree, song, and the date and order the state entered the union.
Climatic Extremes and Weather Events
This site from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) provides links to excellent information covering the following topics: U.S. hurricanes, U.S. heavy rainfall, U.S. temperature extremes, U.S. tornadoes, U.S. local storm reports, climate of 1999, El Niño / La Niña, global climate change, and much more.
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
- Each state listing at this site contains maps (color and black-and-white) showing topography, counties, and satellite images. The links also go to other web sites with more information.

28. Wayne Community Schools Lesson Plans
alaska's Climate Zone (Grades 68); All Around the communities (Grades 3-4); COMPARINGCULTURES (Grades 1-5 Fun With Pacific Northwest cities And Towns (Grades9-12
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  • Fun With Pacific Northwest Cities And Towns
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  • Geo-Trip (Grades 5)
  • Good Apples (Grades 3-6)
  • The Identification, The Mapping, And The Personification Of Countries Involved In World War II
  • 29. Geography And Environmental Studies Courses
    the impacts of tourism on regions, communities and landscapes be placed upon theevolution of cities, the social The primary focus is on Canada and alaska.†.
    Wilfrid Laurier University - 2002/2003 Undergraduate Academic Calendar Faculty of Arts
    Geography and Environmental Studies Courses
    Introduction to Geography and the Environment The interrelatedness of world environmental problems is studied by examining some of the basic concepts of cultural, economic, physical and resource geography. Relevant concepts, applications and techniques are investigated in laboratory sessions. 2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours Principles of Economic Geography A review of factors influencing patterns of economic activity and kinds and levels of development. A study of the spatial aspects of economic activity sub-systems, involving both theoretical and empirical approaches. Prerequisite: * (or permission of the department). Exclusion: Introduction to Cultural and Historical Geography An introduction to basic concepts of cultural and historical geography through an examination of spatial patterns and processes of past and present cultural groups. Prerequisite: * (or permission of the department). Exclusion: Physical Environments The study of the processes and relationships within the ecosphere through an empirical evaluation of energy and moisture circulation, materials availability and the ecosystemic properties of world biomes. (Physical Geography)

    30. Canadian Regional Geography :: :: Canada's Portal
    that reaches north into the Yukon and alaska. are home to Canada's two largest cities,Montreal and and the majority of isolated communities have electricity Home Canadian Shopping Store Forums ... Privacy Statement
    Canadian Regional Geography
    The Pacific Coast

    The British Columbia coast is indented by coves and protected from storms by Vancouver Island. It has the most even, comfortable climate of any Canadian region. Vancouver Island's west coast is rained on frequently as a result of the coastal layout, which gives it a temperate rain forest climate. Because of this, the island's west coast has the oldest and tallest trees in Canada: Douglas firs 90 meters high and Western Red Cedars 1,300 years old. The Cordillera
    From British Columbia to the Alberta border the land is rugged, agressively styled with mountains and plateaus. Here the Rocky Mountains, the Coastal Mountains and other ranges run north to south. Canada's highest peaks are in the St. Elias Mountains, an extension of the Cordillera that reaches north into the Yukon and Alaska. The British Columbia interior is topographically convoluted, it varies from alpine snowfields to massive valleys where hot and dry conditions are typical.

    31. Mapping The Geography Of Risk
    are missing from their communities or if basic layers (highways, state boundaries,cities, rivers and alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana
    Home News Free GIS Discuss ... Federal Lands Knowledge is Power: Explore the
    hazardscape of potential toxic risks
    where you work, live and play Jump to pollution maps of your state:

    Alaska American Samoa Arizona ... Wyoming New Toxic Release Inventory Data Released important note about data EPA released the Toxic Release Inventory ( TRI ) data files on May 23, 2002. The data includes some exciting new additions. Read more about Dioxin, Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) chemicals and other additions to TRI data for 2000. NO MAPPING OR GIS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!
    Each map comes bundled with easy to follow instructions, state boundaries, highways, lakes, rivers, cities and Arcexplorer, a free and easy to use map viewer. One Good Reason for Knowing More About Chemical Facilities in Your Neighborhood
    In Reflections on Homeland Security and American Federalism Click here for entire report ) Pietro S. Nivola, Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute says: Yet, the chances that a terrorist attack could turn any U.S. nuclear installation into a Chernobyl are practically nil. Concern would be better directed at hardening other sites, like commercial chemical plants. (About as many people died in 1984 when methyl isocyanate leaked from a plant in Bhopal, India, as perished in the World Trade Center.) You can find out more about the risks chemical facilities in your neighborhood pose by clicking here and requesting a copy of the executive summary of the Risk Management Plan (RMP).

    32.   Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences
    the conservation and management of invertebrate communities of exposed current workby Milner in alaska, by Gerrard and species movements within cities to data
    University Fast Find Site Index Schools / Departments Telephone Directory Email Directory Useful Contacts Frequently Asked Questions Directions / Maps Acronym Directory Vacancies
    The School About the School Earth Sciences DEHRM CERT ... Studentships People Other Staff Postgraduate Students Taught Programmes Undergraduate Postgraduate Short Courses Research Research Themes Human Geography SSRU UMRG ... Earth Sciences Resources Map Library Research Facilities Intranet Alumni Alumni Pages SEARCH GEES SITE SITE SEARCH Hydroecology Research: Examples of Current Research Riparian Hydroecology
    Researchers: P. Angold, M. Bickerton, C. Bradley, D. Lawler, G. McGregor, I. Morrissey, G. Petts, J. Sadler Several recent and current research programmes focus on the hydrology, geomorphology and ecology of riparian zones:
    • The CEC-funded programme investigates the interaction of floodplain accretion; flood duration, timing and predictability; vegetation competition and succession; litter production; and invertebrate community response within riparian zones across Europe.
      Research, mainly funded by the

    33. Alaskan Cities, Alaska Cities, Cities In Alaska
    alaska cities covered in detail including shopping, accommodations and what to alaskais large, and extremely diverse and its communities reflect this
    Alaska cities covered in detail including shopping, accommodations and what to see and do. Hotels Car Rentals Air Tickets Hot Deals ... Click here for help in planning your trip to Alaska "Alayeska" The Great Land the natives called it - with good reason. Alaska is the last state where a man can travel 600 miles in a straight line and never cross a barbwire fence.
    Alaska is large, and extremely diverse and its communities reflect this diversity. Its differences in climate, people, geography, and economy are as great as those between the Rocky Mountains and the Middle West, or between Massachusetts and California.
    Alaska can be divided into six regions: Southeast Alaska, South-central, the Interior, Western Alaska, Southwest Alaska and the Arctic.
    Bell's Guide gives detailed information on each community, including in-depth, accommodations, camping, fishing, visitor attractions and what to see and do. You may click on the links at the top of the page to visit each community, or click on the button below to order your own copy.

    34. Education Planet ,maps,socialstudiesplanetGeography And Countries,Regional Resou
    A wealth of information on alaskan cities, communities and villages produced fromthe alaska Department of Community Regional Affairs Community Database
    Apr. 03, 2003 01:30 PST
    Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
    TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
    Found websites and other resources for ' alaska. Web Sites Lesson Plans Books Software ... Maps More 'alaska' books Videos Supply Online Course Category matches for: ' alaska Home/History/United States History/State Histories Alaska (13) Home/Geography and Countries/Maps/North America/USA Alaska (2) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/Public/North America/USA Alaska (1) Home/Art and Music/Visual Arts/Art Museums/North America/USA Alaska (1) Home/Environment/Ecology/Parks/National Parks/North America/USA Alaska (6) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/School Libraries/North America/USA Alaska (4) Home/Geography and Countries/Regional Resources/North America/USA Alaska (13) Home/Research Tools/USA and World News/Newspapers/North America/USA Alaska (5) Home/Education/K-12 Resources/Schools/Primary/Public/North America/USA Alaska (6) Home/Education/K-12 Resources/Schools/Primary/Charter/North America/USA

    35. Alaska Local & Borough Government
    assistance, and financial support to alaska communities in the The alaska MunicipalLeague is a member organization of the National League of cities.
    Resource index Government The nearest corollary in Alaska to the county form of government found in most other U.S. states are boroughs, of which Alaska has 16 (including unified municipalities). Alaska has 149 incorporated cities, including 12 home rule cities, 21 first-class cities and 116 second-class cities. In addition, there are 246 federally recognized tribal governments and one federal Indian reservation. (See Alaska Native tribal governments
    See also:
    Alaska Natives Alaska Native tribal governments
    Legal research
    Government ... Government-related associations
    Borough governments
    Alaska has 16 boroughs (including unified municipalities, created when when a borough and all cities located within it unite in a single unit of government, as has happened in Anchorage, Juneau, and Sitka), which act much like counties in other states. There are two classes of boroughs, both of which have mandatory powers of education, land use planning, and tax assessment and collection. Both classes have separately elected borough assemblies and school boards. The major difference between the first and second-class boroughs is in how they may acquire other powers. Additionally, there are 11 census areas in the state which have no borough government due to sparse population.
    • Aleutians East Borough
    • Municipality of Anchorage . The Municipality of Anchorage is a unified home rule municipality created in 1975 through the unification of the governments of the City of Anchorage and the Greater Anchorage Area Borough, making Anchorage one of the largest municipalities in the nation, encompassing nearly 1,955 square miles from Eklutna in the north to Girdwood and Portage in the south. As a unified government, the Municipality of Anchorage is responsible for services provided in other areas by both a city and a borough (or, in other states, by a city and a county). This site provides a complete guide to Anchorage's local government, including the

    36. Gary Thurlow
    Greater Anchorage Area Borough; nd 7. The alaska Road Commission 5. cities and Counties 9.communities of the West Feedback from Richard Ross (Transportation
    GARY THURLOW COLLECTION BOX AND FOLDER LIST BOX 1 Series 1: Personal Papers; n.d., 1930, 1956, 1970, 1987-1988, 1992, 1994-1995.
    1. Statements of Personal History and Qualifications; 1992.
    2. Birth Certificate - Gerald Clive Womack; Feb. 24, 1930.
    3. Report of Separation from United States Air Force; 1956.
    4. Divorce Decree - Gary and Janice Thurlow; July 10, 1987.
    5. Marriage Certificate and Vows - Gary and Janice Thurlow; Dec. 29, 1987.
    6. "Summer Jobs"; n.d.
    7. Certificates of Completion - University of California Extension Courses; 1970.
    8. Personal Correspondence; 1992, 1994.
    9. Business Correspondence; 1995.
    10. Letter (13p.) from Gary Thurlow to Anchorage School District Auditors; Oct. 27, 1990. 11. Billing for Services Performed for the City of Chignik, Nov. 1-30, 1988; 1988? 12. Document re: Lake Louise Area Petition for Detachment [includes cover letter to Gary Thurlow from Mat-Su Borough Manager]; 1995. 13. Vision: 2020 - Alaska Statewide Transportation Plan - Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; March 1, 1995. 14. Alaska Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan - An Integral Part of Vision: 2020 - Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; March 1, 1995.

    37. History United States - Lesson Plans Webquests
    Lesson Plans alaska (68, US History communities Chinatowns and Chinese communitiesin America CitiesUS History/geography/Contemporary Studies lesson
    History United States
    Return to

    Lesson Plans, Webquests, and Worksheets.

    Categories History

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    (+23 WebQuests!) Environment Geography Health (+27 WebQuests!) History Holidays Journalism Language (+173 WebQuests!) Languages Literature Mathematics (+93 WebQuests!) Music Physed Reading Science (+375 WebQuests!) Social Studies (+399 WebQuests!) Thematic Webquests (+146 WebQuests!) Math Worksheets ClassBuilder Gradebook
    Grading can now be more convenient with ClassBuilder! Maintain a gradebook, build exams, create lessons, and more. Version 2.0 now includes Palm Support! Sites for Teachers Ranks some of the popular educational sites. Lesson Plans Spelling Worksheets Vocabulary Worksheets Algebra Worksheets ... Spelling and Vocabulary History United States History United States Lessons! A "Revolting" Alphabet A Dictionary of Independence describe how Sam Houston helped Texas gain its independence from Mexico. With the class, brainstorm to add other words to the list on the board, including words that can be illustrated by examples from state history. Div... A Divided State > A Divide State A Divided State by Kathy Dowd Time: 1860 Place: Shenandoah Valley,Virginia Setting: The Walker family plantation Scene 1 Clarissa Walker, the nine-year-old daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Caleb Walke...

    38. About Alaska - Organization - Denali Commission
    communities, The alaska Constitution allows for the formation of first class cities,In 1997 there were 21 first class and 114 second class cities.
    About Alaska (continued) Geography Communities Population Organization Governments Corporations Economy
    Regional Governments
    Alaska's large physical size, small population, and uneven distribution of population together rise an interesting geographic problem: How to efficiently provide people with goods and services. Alaska laws and the state constitution allow for several types of local government. In 1997, about one-third of Alaska was made up of 16 organized boroughs, units of local government that are similar to the counties found in many other states. The remaining two-thirds of the state , made up of large areas of sparsely populated land, is considered a single "Unorganized borough" It is subdivided into Regional Educational Attendance Areas (REAA's) that administer schools.
    Alaska boroughs and REAA's are shown on this map, as are three Unified Home Rule Municipalities, organized boroughs that include all cities within them as a single unit of local government. The Alaska Constitution allows for the formation of first class cities, In 1997 there were 21 first class and 114 second class cities.
    Traditionally governing bodies often coexist with these governments. There are more than 200 federally recognized tribal governments in Alaska. All but five of them are associated with particular villages.

    39. CSISS Classics - Joel Garreau:
    The Empty Quarter most of alaska, Nevada, Utah Meanwhile, communities in the EmptyQuarter are organized was the emergence of edge cities surrounding older
    Edge Cities and the Nine Nations of North America
    Joel Garreau: Edge Cities and the Nine Nations of North America
    By Nina Brown
    Background Garreau, Joel (1948-) Joel Garreau, a journalist for the Washington Post , is the author of two popular books: Edge City: Life on the New Frontier (1991) and The Nine Nations of North America (1981). These books, based on observations Garreau made while traveling throughout North America as a journalist, analyze the social and political forces Garreau believes are transforming the geography of contemporary American communities. His ideas have found a ready audience in both academic and nonacademic settings. Both books are fixtures in college classes in anthropology, geography, demography, and urban planning. In addition to writing for the Washington Post , Garreau is senior fellow at the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. Innovation In his first book, The Nine Nations of North America
  • The Breadbasket: Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and northern Texas as well as southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada Dixie: southern and southeastern U.S. states, including most of eastern Texas and Florida to the city of Fort Meyers
  • 40. ProTeacher! Fifty United States Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In G
    for students to locate the names of alaska's cities source. to teach students aboutalaska's Unagan, Russian and discuss issues in their own communities source.

    [Click Here]
    to search tens of thousands of ideas
    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

    Social Studies
    Geography Fifty States ... Lessons By State Alaska Alaska Mini-Unit - Students explore the state of Alaska through learning about geography, making tundra pudding, exploring Inuit culture, and more source
    Alaska Unit
    - Twelve printable worksheets about Alaska's history and geography inlcude information, activities, a map, and answer keys source
    Arctic Animals of Alaska
    - Students use geography and research skills to make a guide to the many types of animals living in Denali National Park. Lesson is designed for internet research, but adaptable source
    N is for Northern Lights
    - An online story with activities including art projects, science experiments, and dramatic play source
    North to Alaska
    - A lesson plan with a printable activity sheet in PDF format. Students use an atlas to locate Alaskan landmarks and label them on a map source
    Alaska Animal Maze
    - Students complete a printable maze depicting a moose, a brown bear, a polar bear, an arctic fox, and more source
    Alaska Flag
    - A flag to color, information, and questions to answer

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