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         Alaska Cities & Communities Geography:     more detail

41. USIA - Portrait Of The USA, Ch. 2
meetings still function in many New England communities today alaska, the northernmoststate in the Union, is a vast Western cities are known for their tolerance




... Contents Chapter Two
FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA Geography and regional characteristics
high temperatures on a given day in the United States to reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit (about 40 degrees Celsius). The United States owes much of its national character and its wealth to its good fortune in having such a large and varied landmass to inhabit and cultivate. Yet the country still exhibits marks of regional identity, and one way Americans cope with the size of their country is to think of themselves as linked geographically by certain traits, such as New England self-reliance, southern hospitality, midwestern wholesomeness, western mellowness. This chapter examines American geography, history, and customs through the filters of six main regions:
  • New England , made up of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
  • The Middle Atlantic , comprising New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.
  • The South , which runs from Virginia south to Florida and west as far as central Texas. This region also includes West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and parts of Missouri and Oklahoma.
  • The Midwest , a broad collection of states sweeping westward from Ohio to Nebraska and including Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, parts of Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and eastern Colorado.

42. Most Recent Natural Disasters Were Not The Century's Worst, USGS Says - Geograph
is helping build stronger, safer communities that are Several villages along alaska'ssoutheast coast were
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Most Recent Natural Disasters Were Not the Century's Worst, USGS Says Courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey Dateline: 12/30/99 Killer landslides in Venezuela and Mexico. Devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan. Massive floods along the East Coast of the United States. Nature has dealt staggering blows to the Earth and its people in 1999. But these were not the worst disasters of the century, either in the power of the events or in the loss of life and property that they caused. "The costs of natural disasters lives lost, homes destroyed, economies disrupted have skyrocketed in this century, as the world's population has grown and has moved onto areas that are vulnerable to earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, and other natural hazards," said USGS Director Chip Groat. "But there is reason for hope. By understanding how and where these natural events occur, so that we can build and live safely on the Earth, and by providing real-time information about floods, earthquakes, and other hazards, so that we can respond effectively when disaster strikes, the USGS is helping build stronger, safer communities that are resilient to natural disaster."

43. AKGenWeb Message Boards
Borough Lake Peninsula Borough is located on the alaska Peninsula, southwest Itis comprised of 17 communities, including 5 incorporated cities.
GenConnect Boards for AKGenWeb Please post queries and information ONLY to the appropriate boards. GenConnect Boards for USGenWeb 3 Aug 01 - This site, and many of the boards listed here, will be undergoing construction and refining for some time. AKGenWeb, and researchers worldwide and throughout time, appreciate your participation. AKGenWeb message boards provided by RootsWeb Please read RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) before posting to these boards. The geography and population of Alaska make quantifying demographic areas difficult. Over 70% of the land mass is politically classified as "unorganized". Boroughs, the Alaska version of Counties, number only sixteen. These message boards attempt to cover the vast area known as the "Last Frontier". Please peruse the choices below and post info or queries ONLY to the appropriate site.
"Unknown" is only if you truly don't know the location. If you have ANY idea of location, take your best guess and post to that area. As this site comes together, the many boards that Sarah and I host will contain a Welcome message defining the area covered by that board.
OK, here goes Capt.Pat's rendition of AK geography.

44. Census Materials
2,500 or more, and American Indian/alaska Native Areas metropolitan areas and somedata on central cities. nucleus, together with adjacent communities having a

General Census Material:
Statistical Abstract of the United States

Ref Docs HA 202 .U5x 1998 Statistical Abstract of Oklahoma
Ref Docs HA 581 .O542x 1997 County and City Data Book
Ref Docs HA 202 .A36 1994 (selected Data) State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
Ref Docs HA 202 .S84 1997/1998 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual
Ref Docs HF 1041 .U613 1987 North American Industry Classification Manual (NAICS) Ref Docs HF 1041 .U614 1997 1997 NAICS and 1987 SIC Correspondence Tables County Business Patterns C 3.204/3-38: Consumer Price Index (CPI) Detailed Report Periodicals (4th floor)

45. Untitled Document
on the coast of the Chukchi Sea (71 18' N, 156 40' W). No roads connect Barrow toother cities or communities. alaska natives make up 64% of the poplation.
Geography: Barrow is located in Alaska, the largest US state. It is the major town on the North Slope, an area above the Arctic Circle. The region around Barrow contains large areas of rolling uplands and coastal plains. Barrow is located sixteen kilometers (ten miles) south of Point Barrow, 544kilometers (340 miles) north of the Arctic Circle, on the coast of the Chukchi Sea (71 18' N, 156 40' W). No roads connect Barrow to other cities or communities. Airplanes are the only year round transportation option. population/schools: According to the 2000 US census, Barrow's population is 4,581. Alaska natives make up 64% of the poplation. There are three school serving the area, serving 1,118 students. Climate: Barrow has an arctic climate, with temperatures ranging from -48 to 25 dg C (-56 to 78 dg F). It is one of the coldest communities in Alaska, with an average summer maximum temperature of 2.5 dg C (36 dg F). The average winter maximum temperature is -22.5 dg C (-8.5 dg F). Only 12.7 centimeters (five inches) of rain and 50.8 centimeters (20 inches) of snow fall annually in Barrow. It is continually windy, with an average of 19.2 kph (12 mph) winds every day of the year. Plants: Several feet beneath the ground's surface is permafrost, frozen soil that never thaws and cannot absorb water. Only the toughest mosses and hardiest grasses and shrubs can survive the harsh climate. In the tundra region of Barrow, sedges, lichens, dwarf birches and willows, blueberries, and low bush cranberries can be found.

46. Sacramento County, California - Info, Facts, Communities On Key To The City
If you have information about any of these unlinked communities or have Louis, Hawaiiand alaska, in that order became one of the fastest growing cities in the
Sponsor Sacramento County California The Heart of California Index Communities The Cities and communities of Sacramento County, California *
Antelope, Arcade Arden
Citrus Heights , Clay, Cosumnes
Elk Grove
, Elverta
Fair Oaks
Florin Folsom Foothill Farms , Freeport


North Highlands Orangevale ... Rosemont , Ryde Sacramento , Sheldon, Sloughhouse, South Sacramento Vorden Walnut Grove, Wilton *This list of cities may not be complete If you have information about any of these unlinked communities or have a community not listed at all, please send it to us and we will add a page for that community. Return to top Government: Sacramento County Government Site Sacramento became the State Capital in 1854. Sacramento is the county seat and also the site of the state government for California. It is also the largest city in the county. How is the county governed? Find out on this page The County Seal Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Population: Sacramento County is the eighth most populous county in California. Other Facts: Average housing price: $129,000 (1995)

47. Books, Maps, And Other Information About Alaska
with profiles of the major communities including Juneau America's New Pastime CruisingAlaska, Mexico, Caribbean China On a Shoestring - 6 cities from Shanhai
Return to Alaska
Return to the Book Shelf
Books, Maps, and Other Information About Alaska Books


Other Resource Information
Books Frommer's Alaska 2001
- Complete, easy-to-use, and up-to-date travel information about Alaska. Detailed information for every budget in a fun, user-friendly format. Authoritative hotel and restaurant reviews that include tips for everyone. The guidebook is also filled with sightseeing information, sports, strolls and hiking info, and much more that is perfect for both the first-time visitor and veteran. You will also find a lot of off-the-beaten-track discoveries along with the major tourist highlights. Add to this the detailed, accurate two-color maps and you will just about have it all. Fodor's Alaska Ports of Call Written and updated by the country's top cruise experts, Fodor's Alaska Ports of Call gives you all the essentials for a perfect day in port. This compact guide contains up-to-date coverage of the most popular ports in the world's top cruising regions, as well as restaurants, key sights, entertainment, and shops, all easily reached from the pier. And a helpful cruise primer packed with tips and important contact information and detailed maps facilitates your travel planning. Southeast Alaska (Alaska Geographic, Vol 20, Part 2)

48. Alaska Studies Social Studies Curriculum
of the historical and current roles of alaska Native communities. w Chart the growthof alaskan cities using a variety w Construct an economic map of alaska. Studies_01.02.htm
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
148 N. Binkley
Soldotna, AK 99669
Curriculum Guides Social Studies Curriculum
Table of Contents
Spring 2002
Alaska Studies
This list may be customized for individual lesson plans and records. Alaska Content Standards (in history, geography, and government) should be recorded as they are addressed throughout the year. For your convenience, each item in the Mastery and Developmental lists on the following pages is matched to the Content Standard (in history, geography, and government) that it supports. Items that meet the Alaska Cultural Standards are marked with an asterisk (*).
Physical geography of Alaska: Land forms, climate, ecosystems, and coastal environment Alaska Natives: pre-European contact Archaeological evidence, Native economics, and Native cultures

49. New Abortion Provider Training Initiative Newsletter Spring 2002
alaska’s second and third largest cities, currently have Half of alaska’s residentsof childbearing age are scattered in remote communities and Native
Publications Fact Sheets Videos Newsletters ... Commentaries
New Abortion Provider
Training Initiative Newsletter
Spring 2002
Dear Friends, Please let us know if we can share any of our resources or expertise with advocates working to increase access to abortion care in your state. Sincerely, Susan Yanow
AAP Director NAPTI Launched in Alaska, Oregon and Washington In 1999, the Abortion Access Project launched the New England Midlevel Training Consortium. This year, we are combining the New England Midlevel Training Consortium (NEMTC) and the Family Practice Resident Training Initiative (FPRTI) as we expand our efforts to train primary care clinicians in abortion care to new regions of the country. This combined program, the New Abortion Providers Training Initiative (NAPTI), will continue to address the different legal and regulatory obstacles faced by physicians and advanced practice clinicians, while offering combined education and training events to physician/advanced practice clinician teams. While continuing our outreach and training work in the six New England states, AAP has launched NAPTI in three additional states. We are working with clinicians and activists in Alaska, Washington and Oregon to expand the scope of practice of APCs in those states. We are very pleased to welcome Debra Bufton (Oregon), Deborah Van Derhei (Washington), and Elisa Wells (Alaska), who will be coordinating NAPTI efforts to organize and train advanced practice clinicians and primary care physicians in these three states.

50. ® ... Regional:North_America:Canada:Yukon:Education
school program which integrates Biology 11, geography 12, Forests op and sites onenvironment, science and communities. The 'Yukon alaska History' section of
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  • Arctic/Northern Culture - Home Page
    Information on Arctic/Northern Culture compiled by Murray Lundberg.
    Association for Co-operative Education
    ACE is a provincial organization which helps post secondary students obtain paid employment while completing their education.
    Beringia Interpretive Centre
  • 51. Interests
    Relevant communities The following communities are also The following users are alsointerested in cities. Daniel M. Laenker; dog alaska; dontpanic001 - don't

    52. US Census Resources On The Web - Geography Terms - University Of
    subdivisions of census areas (alaska only) and Wisconsin, incorporated places includecities and villages nucleus, together with adjacent communities that have

    53. Alaska Quiz
    Southern cities Which alaskan city is farthest south? and scenic sea route to Skagway,alaska from what 26. Arctic communities Which community in alaska is
    Knowledge Master Home 100,000 Questions Academic Competition Free Questions ... How to Order
    Try previous weekly quizzes on other topics
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    Demonstrate a fearless pursuit of auk ademic auk cellence by plunging, head-first of course, into these questions. Return every week for a new quiz on another of the 14,000 topics in the Knowledge Master Library
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    Anchorage, Fairbanks Urban Alaska
    Name the two largest cities in Alaska.
    C Cash Flow
    Over 90 percent of the state revenues in Alaska are generated through ...
    A. mining
    B. its fisheries
    C. oil production
    D. state income taxes
    E. the timber industry
    Russia New Neighbors
    What country established the first settlement on Kodiak Island around 1783?
    Yukon River Great Rivers Name the largest river in Alaska.
    D The Last Laugh Eventually Alaska became the 49th state. But, when it was purchased from Russia in 1867 for more than $7 million, it was ridiculed as ... A. Drake's Folly

    54. Tourism And Recreation
    alluvial plain in western alaska washed through Performance and Strategies in EightEuropean cities. PARADISE RECREATIONAL AND RETIREMENT communities IN THE
    Tourism and Recreation
    Internet Sites
  • Information for Tourists (Servers and Directories):
    GEOG 14110 cities IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD Fall 2002 Prof. McGrath. October 28.Planned communities Principles and Applications. alaska. December 10 (Tuesday).
    Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
    Department of Geography GEOG 141-10 CITIES IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD
    Fall 2002 Prof. McGrath Schedule of Classes and Topics September 9
    First Meeting: Orientation to Course Discussion of course organization and procedures Review of LDC, MDC experience and interests of class and faculty range of languages Term paper topics, standards Some definitions and concepts Common themes in urbanization worldwide September 16 South America: Cases and Concepts September 23 South America: Cases and Concepts (continued) La Carta de Machu-Picchu: aspirations and applications La Paz: Land reform, the journey to work, and an absence of plans Guayaquil: Contrast and conflict in pursuit of solutions Caracas: Some problems and a planning approach September 30 (Outlines due) Transportation, economic development, environmental concerns The roles of international financial institutions October 7 Asia: Cases and Concepts China and Japan contrasts and constraints in development planning Tokyo, Tsukuba, Hiroshima, Osaka

    56. Iditarod
    Also links to park web pages. alaskan Links from geography linkson aurora, volcanoes, earthquakes. Includes all major cities in alaska.
    Pine River Middle School Who We Are Lesson and Projects Resources ... News Around the Middle Iditarod, The Last Great Race Iditarod Race Sites Alaska the State Teacher Ideas North to Alaska ... Student Sled Dog Race Iditarod Race Sites Iditarod Sled Dog Race Official Website - Zuma, Mushers, Rules and Policies, Vet Notes, History, Map and Mileage, Mushers' diaries, Facts and Fiction, Musher Positions and Stats, Archives, and More! Father of the Iditarod, Joe Redington Anchorage Daily News, The Iditarod - Iditarod Coverage, the Trail, the Mushers, The Last Great Race, Hall of Fame, and Great Pics! Cabela's Iditard Race Coverage - Great up to date news coverage and photos. Iditarod - Race Across Alaska - Musher Mania, Interview Gary Paulsen Explore the Trail Nome, The Iditarod Finish Line - General Information, History of the Red Lantern, The Last Great Race, Facts and Figures, Trail Map, Housing, Dog-Iditarod Daily Online Guide Iditarod Supersite - Current Standings, History, Race Rules, Musher Biographies , The Trail, Interviews, Video Race Rules - Rules of the Iditarod. The winner is determined by "the nose of the first dog to cross the finish line."

    57. Boats Ebooks (e-books) Links
    Highway, which serves as a lifeline for many coastal communities in alaska. a totalof nine boats links tiny coastal communities and large cities alike.
    Boats ebooks (e-books) links with ebook (e-book) references to the subject of boats ... Boats ebooks (e-books)
    links with ebook (e-book) references to the subject of boats ...
    Read About Rob's Great FREE Ebooks by Email Holiday to Murder Kingfisher Blue Forgotten Flame
    Read these FREE stories here Holiday to Murder Kingfisher Blue Forgotten Flame Welcome ...
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    "In this newest version of the bestselling Cruising Alaska guidebook, Larry Ludmer explores in depth everything you need to know about passenger ships plying the Alaska waterways. Unlike most cruise guidebooks, Cruising Alaska puts the emphasis on hard facts ý not pretty pictures. The expanded 5th edition gives even more details on every cruise ship, large and small, the Alaska Marine Highway ferries, and 'Explorer' boats, which can navigate the smaller inlets."
    Click on the 'Buy' buttons to confirm latest prices, availability and other information direct from the supplier

    58. Web Sites By Subject
    Net City net is a international guide to cities countries and communities aroundthe world. Kids Com - For grades 2-6 . It is an interactive geography game.
    Elise P. Buckingham Charter School
    Web Sites By Subject
    Careers Geography Art Business ... BCS Site Index/Site Search BCS Presents FIND IT BY KEYWORD
    Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Tools
    A comprehensive collection of web sites containing information for all school subject areas. Each link opens in a new page, enabling you to keep this BCS page open in the background for browsing to the many helpful links provided here. Additionally included are Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia tools, educational software links, and search engine links. Unfortunately, and outside of our control, sometimes links change, go dead, or the domains are sold to someone other than the original owner of the linked site. Although we try our best to keep abreast of these changes and keep all links updated, some may be missed. If you come across any of these please inform the Webmaster . For more information please visit the BCS Help Page and read the and information.

    59. This Week: National Study Gauges Arts Spending In Juneau 07/25
    The alaska State Council and 40,000 attendees at art events in 91 cities in 33 Communitiessurveyed ranged in population, geography and type rural to large

    Empire Front Page
    Local News Opinion Letters To The Editor ...
    View Weather Wind:
    Hi Tide:
    Lo Tide:
    Hi Tide:
    Lo Tide:

    Select Your City Anaktuvak Pass Anchorage Barrow Bethel Cape Newenham Cordova Denali Park Dillingham Dutch Harbor Fairbanks Galena Gustavus Haines Homer Juneau Kenai Ketchikan Kodiak Kotzebue McGrath Nenana Noon Paxson Petersburg Point Hope Port Alexander Pribilof Islands Seattle Sitka Skagway Soldotna St. Lawrence Island Talkeetna Unalakteet Valdez Wrangell Yakutat
    S M T W T F S
    Web posted Thursday, July 25, 2002
    African Rain provides the beat for dancing during a Concerts in the Park performance. The Juneau Arts and Humanities council has sponsored the concerts series since the early '80s. MICHAEL PENN/THE JUNEAU EMPIRE National study gauges arts spending in Juneau City ranks second in Alaska in spending By EMILY WESCOTT Out of five Alaska cities included in a national economic study, Juneau ranked second behind Homer as having the highest total nonprofit arts industry spending per capita. Information for Juneau was collected and submitted by the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. "The Alaska State Council of the Arts asked us to participate," said Sybil Davis, JAHC executive director. "Juneau Lyric Opera, Juneau Symphony, Perseverance Theatre and Juneau Arts and Humanities Council participated. This speaks highly of our community."

    60. World Almanac For Kids
    top. alaska is not divided into counties; the chief units of combining the functionsof boroughs and cities), 149 other incorporated communities, and 132
    '); else document.write(''); // This script will choose the CSS (stylesheet) to use based on browser // End > EXPLORE ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT HISTORICAL BIRTHDAYS ... home Contents
      ALASKA, one of the Pacific states, and the northernmost state of the U.S., occupying the NW extremity of North America; it is bounded on the N by the Arctic Ocean; on the E by the Yukon Territory and British Columbia; on the SE, S, and SW by the Pacific Ocean; and on the W by the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Arctic Ocean. The state includes two major island groups, the Aleutian Islands, which extend in an arc W from the SW corner of the mainland, and the Alexander Archipelago, adjacent to the SE coast of the mainland. ALASKA STATE FACTS DATE OF STATEHOOD: January 3, 1959; 49th state CAPITAL: Juneau MOTTO: North to the Future STATE SONG: STATE TREE: Sitka spruce STATE FLOWER: Forget-me-not STATE BIRD: Willow ptarmigan POPULATION (2000 census): 626,932; 48th among the states AREA: 1,700,139 sq km (656,424 sq mi); the largest state;

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