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         Alaska Cities State Studies:     more detail
  1. Paving Alaska's Trails by Claus M. Naske, 1986-11-10
  2. Village Journey: The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission by Thomas Berger, 1986-06-01
  3. Jail needs assessment survey: An on-site study of small jail conditions in twelve of Alaska's small cities and villages : Barrow, Bethel, Craig, Dillingham, ... Kotzebue, Metlakatla, Nome and Yakutat by Ross V Soboleff, 1972
  4. State capital relocation alternate plan and estimate of cost by Benjamin Branche Talley, 1979
  5. Yearning Wild: Exploring the Last Frontier and the Landscape of the Heart by R. Glendon Brunk, 2001-11-01

41. FAS, Health And Social Services, State Of Alaska
Many cities and towns have drug abuse facilities that operate at for women who arepregnant in alaska priority admission to state approved treatment

Alaska's ... Women at Risk
Treatment Services for At-Risk Women
Page 1 - Alcoholism as a Disease
Page 2 - Indicators of Possible Alcohol Use

Page 3 - Identifying the Pregnant Woman Who Drinks

Page 4 - Woman, Alcohol, and Pregnancy
Page 6 - Identifying Treatment
Women, Alcohol and Pregnancy
"I am an alcoholic woman and I am terribly afraid about what I have done to my baby." Alcoholism is not well understood in the general population , let alone the differences in how alcoholism may differ in men and women. Over the past decade, however, research on alcoholism has increased, and although many questions remain, a better idea of the problem is coming to light. As more conclusions from numerous research studies are shared, it is apparent that: The physiologic effects of alcohol use in women are more devastating than in men. Women are more susceptible the detrimental physiologic effects of alcohol with more rapid intoxication and more rapid development of liver disease.

42. Press Release 01-225- State Of Alaska, Health & Social Services
of Anchorage is one of 120 large cities to receive and receipt of urgent healthinformation throughout the state. http//
For Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 4, 2001
The terrorist attacks of September 11 have heightened public interest and awareness of the potential for terrorist attacks of all types, prompting some to question whether our nation and our state are prepared for attacks involving chemical and biological substances. The answer is that Alaska and other states have taken many steps in past years to prepare for such an attack, but common sense dictates that these be reevaluated in light of the recent attacks. "Federal, state, and local governments have been preparing for several years to prevent and respond to potential acts of bio-terrorism and chemical terrorism," said Major General Phil Oates, commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and Alaska National Guard Adjutant General. "Several years ago, local, state, and federal agencies realized that the United States was vulnerable to chemical and biological terrorist attacks." Oates said. "Experts recognized that chemical and 'germ' warfare research, developed by the U.S., U.S.S.R. and other countries prior to 1973, had become available to terrorist organizations. This concern was heightened after the fall of the Soviet Union, and there was suddenly a stockpile of all types of weapons there for the taking."

43. Finger Lake Library
Libarary System; online encyclopedia; SLED state Library Electronic Achievement;USA Citylink Visit a City Links to 2,000+US cities. alaska.

44. History United States - Lesson Plans Webquests
A Divide state A Divided state by Kathy Lesson Plans alaska (68, US History) All Materials Handout Chinatowns (L cities Students learn that the
History United States
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Lesson Plans, Webquests, and Worksheets.

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45. AT&T Learning Network - Alaska Resources
NWS), alaska state Information Weather forecasts for the state of alaska com Weatherinformation and forecasts for major cities in alaska provided by the
Alaska's Flag The blue field is for the sky and the forget-me-not, the state flower. The North Star is for the future of the state of Alaska, the most northerly of the Union. The dipper is for the Great Bear, symbolizing strength. he in cooperation with The forget-me-not,
Alaska's state flower INDEX:
State Capital in Juneau
State of Alaska Online
The official website for the State of Alaska. Includes state facts and symbols, services, departments, legislature, and news. Also includes community, business, job, and education resources.
Governor and Lt. Governor's Homepage Anchorage Daily News
The Web version of the largest daily newspaper in Alaska.
DCRA Alaska Community Database
Developed by the State Department of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA), this website is an excellent source for information on Alaska cities and towns. A visitor to the site has the option of viewing and printing a summary report, or a detailed customized report, on the Alaska community of their choice. A summary report presents a one-page overview of the most frequently requested information. A Kodiak Brown Bear detailed report presents in-depth data for a community and can be customized to include any or all of the following types of information: location, population, taxes, climate, history, culture, demographics, utilities, schools, health care, economy, transportation, and major contacts.

46. City & Borough Of Sitka Related Links
library links reference Office Of The Governor state of alaska Official website forstate Government state of alaska Web Site, Southeast cities A guide
Mt Edgecumbe by Mary Martin Sitka Page Advancing Our Youth Promoting a healthy environment for children and teens's Sitka Outdoor Guide
An abbreviated outdoor tour from
Island Institute
a private non-profit organization providing local impact studies
Local Weather
by the Weather Underground KCAW FM, local PBS Radio Station A local Public Broadcasting network
Sawmill Cove Industrial Park
, Former Mill Site Available for Commercial Use
Sitka Conservation Society
Conservation and environmenal issues
Sitka Soup
, a community weekly newsletter Sitka Pictures , a private site with nice Sitka pictures
Sitkans Against Family Violence
A resource dedicated to assisting victims of abuse
Sitka Rotary Club
Local chaper of the Rotary Club
Emil Sitka Biography
Interesting biography on historical figure Sitka Lutheran Church An excellent local website from the Lutheran Church
Sitka Spruce - Alaska's State Tree
Interesting facts about the Sitka Spruce Sitka Summer Music Festival An annual music festival for gifted young artists Sitka Through Four Seasons Guide Just as the title says Sitka's World War II History Page The Causeway Story Sitka's WWII Involvement UAS Adult Education Local Resource Guide in Acrobat format, an excellent local guide

47. Native American Resources
alaska's cities, Towns, and Villages http// alaska Department of EducationRolodex School Districts on the Internet http//
Native American and Alaska Native Resources
Most of these links are broad-based and will get you started in locating a variety of Native American resources. The sites and addresses provided here are divided into two groups. Group one includes broad-based Native American resources. Group two is comprised of links with a direct focus on Alaska Native resources. Either group will lead you to hundreds of additional sites. Have a useful search!
Broad-based Native American Resources
A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation A TOP 5% OF ALL WEB SITES AWARD WINNER! This site provides information on legends, art, powwows, and the tribes which comprise the Great Sioux Nation. A Guide to Pow Wows Here are two files distributed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction(OPI) that provide an excellent source of information on Pow Wows. These files are Portable Document Files (.pdf), and you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed to read them.

48. NIMH - Mental Health At The Frontier: Alaska
sent away from their villages to cities or even mental illnesses and comorbid substanceabuse in alaska. of the population and geographic areas of the state.
Mental Health at the Frontier: Alaska This conference was the fourth in an NIMH series on rural mental health research and offered a grant-writing workshop, seminars on current mental health research, breakout discussion groups and a town meeting designed for Alaskans to give NIMH the benefit of their views as the Institute sets priorities for future research efforts. It also was an opportunity for Alaskans to learn about recent NIMH supported research findings and ways for Alaskans to access NIMH resources. Over 200 people from a variety of backgrounds including consumers, family members, providers, civic and state officials, and researchers attended the conference. The Mayor of the City of Anchorage, Rick Mystrom opened the meeting with supportive and encouraging welcoming remarks. In addition, Karen Perdue, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and Patricia Cochran, Director of the Alaska Native Science Commission made opening remarks to the attendees. Staff of Senator Ted Stevens' office, who had actively encouraged NIMH to go to Alaska to get a better idea of its unique features, participated throughout the conference, as did staff of Governor Tony Knowles. Alaska's many ethnic and racial groups were also represented at the meeting.

49. Alaska Division Of Community And Economic Development: Office OfTourism
and a challenge to rural cities, towns, counties economic benefits of tourism throughoutthe state and the alaska Visitor Expenditures and Opinions, Summer 2001.
Tourism Planning
Odin Brudie
Power Point Presentations for Tourism Planning Tools for Tourism Planning Alaska Community Tourism Handbook Tourism Funding Handbook Alaska Community Database Alaska Economic Information System ...
Guiding Alaska Tourism, Alaska Recreation Wilderness and Tourism Association

The Guiding Alaska Tourism (GAT) initiative promotes responsible tourism that is environmentally, economically, and socially sound. GAT achieves this by providing tools, technical assistance and information to assist Alaskans in guiding tourism growth. Community Tourism Assessment Handbook, Western Rural Development Center
A nine-step guide designed to facilitate the process of determining whether Tourism Development is right for your community. Rural Tourism Marketing Handbook
Created by Western Tourism Development Associates for California Tourism, this book is intended to help you get started promoting your community to tourists through an easy-to-follow primer on tourism marketing. This publication is available online in the Business Section of California Tourism's web site.

50. Alaska
the open land, wonderful wildlife, fascinating history and modern cities, alaskais one alaska, This WebQuest can be adjusted to work for any state, country or
Task Process Resources ...
The Alaska tourist board has selected your team to encourage visitors to Alaska. Find information and present it so visitors will want to experience Alaska.
Your team has four members and each team member will find information. Each team member will write a report on their area of expertise. The information will be presented to the public to encourage tourism.
  • Historian: Many people travel to learn about the past. Find information about Alaska's past that may interest tourists. Social Activities: Many people travel to other places to experience different cities. Information about cities in Alaska will help tourist know about the cities they can visit. Is a city in Alaska like other cities? Paparazzi: Famous people have always been an interest to tourists, report on famous people from Alaska. Outdoor Adventure: Alaska is known for the great outdoors. They go see for the adventure but also to see animals. Write about the animals they will see. Alaska Facts: Facts are intriguing to people, as a team, find facts on Alaska.

51. Dan's Alaska Links
cities SunriseSunset Twilight alaska cities Climatologies alaska Tide Predictionsalaska-Polar Links Images (maps used in the state-wide public
Alaska Links
Anchorage Fairbanks ... Home
Last Update: August 16, 2002
Live Outdoor Cams
Alaska Weather Cams FAA Cams for pilots (25 locations, each has multiple cams)
Flight Cam
more pilot cams
Anchorage: Touch N' Go Systems AlaskaCam

Anchorage: ACS Webcam

Anchorage: Chugach Mountain Cam

Anchorage: Lake Hood Cam
Fairbanks: Live at NFO
view of Chena River from the BLM North Field Office
Fairbanks: Arctic Cam

Fairbanks: Alaska Climate Center
Girdwood: Chair 5 Restaurant Gulkana: Weather Cam ... Juneau: Live Cams from the Juneau Public Library Ketchikan: Live EarthCam Ketchikan: Rainy Day Web Nome: Front Street NomeCam Palmer: Alaska Screensavers ... Valdez and Juneau Harbors: Current Weather Cams (National Weather Service) Visual Satellite Image of Alaska
Recent (Not Live) Outdoor Cams and Photos
Juneau: Cool Juneau Photos a new photo every other day; the site includes more than 300 archived photos top
Alaska Community Database Online This page has incredibly detailed information about more than 350 Alaska communities top
Location Map Chamber of Commerce 5 Day Weather Forecast Tide Prediction Chart ... People Mover (city bus information) Local Links Live Cam Anchorage Daily News (newspaper) Alaska Outdoor Journal (magazine) Anchorage Museum of History and Art The Imaginarium Alaska's only hands-on Science Discovery Center Alaska State Trooper Museum

52. AMS Online Weather Studies
US Data, alaska - Data, Hawaii - Data. Meteograms for Selected cities, StateSurface Data - Text, Available Stuves for Selected cities, Upper Air Data - Text.
Learning Files Surface Satellite ... User's Guide To View on desired selection.
Learning Files
Daily Weather Summary
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Supplemental Information
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Online Learning Activity
Activity A Activity B Act. A Ans. Form Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Act. B Ans. Form Chapter A, B, and C Activities
Previous Week's Learning Files

Learning Files
Surface ... User's Guide
Pressures Temperatures Radar Latest Radar Animation ... User's Guide
Infrared - Latest Latest IR Animation Infrared - 00Z Infrared - 12Z ... User's Guide
Upper Air
500 mb - Data 300 mb - Data Stuves for Selected Cities Upper Air Data - Text ... User's Guide
12 Hour 24 Hour 36 Hour 48 Hour ... User's Guide
Pacific Weather User's Guide Glossary Blank US Map ... User's Guide The On-Line Weather Studies Project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DUE-9752416. Meteorological products provided via the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training COMET American Meteorological Society
URL: onlinewx/index.html

53. The Teacher's Corner - Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans
Grades 35 Students practice and review knowledge of major US cities. state AlphabetBooks. L Is for Last Frontier An alaska Alphabet (Alphabet Series) by
Home Previous Thematic Units State Studies Lesson Plans Math Music Physical Education Reading ... Writing Thematic Units CURRENT UNIT: Earth Day PREVIOUS UNITS Unit Index Seasonal Items April Events May Events Spring Easter ... Bulletin Boards Teacher Resources Classroom Management Librarians Pen Pals Teacher Tips ... Web Sites The Teacher's Lounge Daily Factoid Educational News Message Board Newsletter - Get it! ... The Corner's Contest Book Nook Children's Professional Teen/Young Adult Awards The Finish Line TTC's Award Winners Win Our Award Credits Carry our Banner Graphics Sign our Guestbook Sponsors ...
Time Saver Top Sites
State Studies You will find various Web Sites on the top portion of this page.
Further down, you will find Lesson Plans .
At the bottom of the page, you will find Books that you can order directly from!

54. Story: Alaska Breaks New Ground - Dec 20, 2002
Over the course of five years, alaska will invest $92 million to bring new communicationservices to the state's handful of cities and scores of remote villages

55. Story: Beyond Boundaries - Feb 14, 2003
couldn't. At least 17 state agencies and entities are involved in the ALMR projectalong with the alaska Municipal League, consisting of 29 cities and eight

56. Alaska Links
smallgreenbullet.gif (873 bytes) alaska state Division of Tourism. gif (873 bytes)alaska's cities, Towns, 873 bytes) The Nature Conservancy, alaska Chapter.
Exhibits Newsletter Valdez Information ... Links
Alaska Links
Please follow the links below for more information on Alaska and Alaska destinations. Government Parks Native Groups Tourism ... General information
State of Alaska Home Page Governor Tony Knowles Alaska State Division of Tourism Alaska State Library Return to the top of this page
Alaska National Parks Visitors Park Guide Aniachak-Chignick National Park Bering Land Bridge National Park Denali/Mt. McKinley National Park Glacier Bay National Park Katmai National Park Kenai Fjords National Park Klondike Gold Rush National Park Kobuk Valley/Noatak/Cape Krusenstern National Park Lake Clark National Park Sitka Historical Park Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Yukon-Charlie River National Park Return to the top of this page
Native Groups
Aleut Corporation Eklutna Village Historical Park Alaska Native Knowledge Network Return to the top of this page
Alaska State Division of Tourism Alaska Visitors Association Destination Alaska Alcanseek Return to the top of this page
Chronological History of Alaska Prehistory of Alaska Senator Bob Bartlett: Architect of Alaska Statehood Return to the top of this page
Alaska Tsunami Warning Center Alaska Marine Conservation Council Alaska Outdoor Guide Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Alaska Boreal Forest Council Alaska Outdoor Registry Alaska Natural Heritage Program Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

57. Summary
May 22, 2001 – Ketchikan, alaska. Utah – The Clean cities group in Salt Lake Cityshowed the greatest energies for ethanol options in the state, keeping an
Executive Summary BBI International very much enjoyed the opportunity to organize and conduct the 2001 EWS. As in 2000 and 1999, it was strikingly clear how each state has its own niche opportunities, needs and aspirations. It was a dynamic process in which we had the opportunity to take part. Six new workshops were held in the 2001 Series and support was given to the 2000 (and even the 1999) Series states to encourage continued activities. The location and dates of the 2001 EWS workshops were: January 11, 2001 – Boise, Idaho May 10, 2001 – Salt Lake City, Utah June 4, 2001 – Raleigh, North Carolina August 24, 2001 – San Juan, Puerto Rico August 29, 2001 – Des Moines, Iowa October 11, 2001 – Baltimore, Maryland In 2000, the workshops were held in Portland, Oregon, Columbus, Ohio, Golden, Colorado, Indianapolis, Indiana, Albany, New York, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Columbia, South Carolina and Austin, Texas. In 1999, the workshops were held in Fairbanks, Alaska, Raymond, Mississippi, Madison, Wisconsin, Rapid City, South Dakota, Birmingham, Alabama, Lansing, Michigan, and Waterville, Maine. A second workshop was held this year by three of the 2000 states: May 8, 2001 – Portland, Oregon

58. NewsDirectory: City Governments
Links to over 1900 official US city government sites, sorted by state and telephone area code.Category Regional North America Government Municipal Government...... Browse by state Alabama alaska Arizona Arkansas See also County Governments stateGovernments. All Subjects
eLibrary Home City Governments Browse by State
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming
See also:
County Governments State Governments

Newspapers Magazines Television
Politics and Government Magazines Online at

Online Research
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59. Perkins Coie Municipal Resource Center
state of alaska; state of California; state of Colorado; state of Oregon; stateof Washington; National League of cities. Municipal Finance Municipal Securities

60. Department Of Women's Studies, Washington State University
Moorhead state University (MN) Women's studies; St. Olaf College (MN) - Women'sstudies Program; University of Minnesota (Twin cities) - Women's studies
Washington State University Home
College and University Women's Studies Programs Alabama Arizona California Colorado ... INTERNATIONAL Alabama Arizona California
  • California State University, Chico - Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies California State University, Long Beach - Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies California State University, Northridge - Women's Studies Department California State University, San Marcos - Women's Studies Program Claremont Colleges (CA) - Women's Studies Program Mills College (CA) - Women's Studies Program Occidental College - Women's Studies Program Pitzer College - Gender and Feminist Studies Pomona College (part of Claremont Colleges, CA) - Women's Studies

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