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21. Project KEEN Resources
of Agriculture Forest service alaska Region http// and NaturalResources Publications http//
KIBSD Home: Grant-Funded Educational Projects: Project KEEN: Resources Internet Science Resource Library
Earthquakes/Plate Tectonics
U.S. Geological Survey
Alaska Earthquake Information Center
Alaska Science Forum
Story of Plate Tectonics
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Bridge- Ocean Sciences Teacher Resource Center
Environmental Protection Agency Biology Learning Center Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council U.S. Global change Research Information Center The JASON Project

22. Directory Of Entomology Departments And Institutes: USA (Tony Nakazawa, Director) Website http// Health Protection USDA Forest service 2770 Sherwood
Directory of Entomology Departments and Institutes (DEDI)
Academic and Governmental Organizations
United States of America
The Directory of Entomology Departments and Institutes (DEDI) currently contains contact information for approximately 1500 entomology departments and institutes in the academic institutions and government agencies of 152 different countries. For an explanation of the content and arrangement of DEDI, please read the Introduction page. You may search for a specific department using the Index of Departments . This file contains the DEDI listing for the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas in the USA. You may go to the Navigation Page to choose a different country. To choose one of the states in this file, click the appropriate link below.
To choose a different state in the United States, click on the name of the state below. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming
[Note: Entries for this state are arranged alphabetically by city.]
Biological Control Institute
Department of Plant Pathology
College of Agriculture
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama 36849-5409

23. DHA Packet - July, 1997
Housing; Human service; Land Use and Population; Minorities and Disadvantaged; Policy onthe internet at http//
Design, Housing, and Apparel
Resource Packet
July, 1997
Permission is granted to create and distribute copies of this document for non-commercial purposes, provided that the author and MES receive acknowledgment and that this notice is included. Minnesota Extension Service, University of Minnesota, 405 Coffey Hall, St. Paul, MN 55108. (612)-625-2787.
Table of Contents
CURA/Alaska Building Science News
Bill Angell
This month Bill Angell draws your attention to a publication called CURA Update '97. CURA is the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs located on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. The wide range of topics covered in the report is reflected in the reproduction of its Table of Contents below:
  • Introduction Communities and Neighborhoods Economic Development Education Environment and Energy Housing Human Service Land Use and Population Minorities and Disadvantaged Policy and Government Special Programs
In particular, Bill notes the following listing of brief reports appearing in the "Environment and Energy" section of the publication

24. Birds Around The Village
alaska's Birds Their Identification, Biology, and Conservation, publishedin 1986 by ADF G, coop ext. service and other agencies.
This document has been OCR scanned BIRDS
A Cultural Mini-unit Birds Around the Village Author: Iditarod Area School District Donna Miller MacAlpine Grade Level: 2-3 grade Context: several weeks, preferably during spring or fall migration Region Interior Athabascan GOALS 1. Students will know the physical characteristics of birds and the reason for those characteristics. 2. Students will be able to identify birds commonly found around their village and describe the distinguishing characteristics of each. 3. Students will be able to describe the behavior and habitat of local birds. 4. Students will be familiar with traditional bird lore and stories about birds and will understand the important place of birds in the Athabascan world. The selected Alaska Content Standards for Science and Math and the Cultural Standards for Students which are addressed by this unit are identified, and the skills and knowledge which are expected as learning outcomes are listed under the standards. NOTES TO THE TEACHER The study of birds could provide year round material for students at any grade level. Since there are already so many excellent materials and even whole curricula we have provided in this mini-unit a basic outline of some of the many topics which could be covered and a list of some of the more important resources. The incorporation of the indigenous knowledge and the opportunity for students to work with local elders in learning their cultural traditions is what will make this unit different from other bird units you might use.

25. Chapter 6 National Resources: Alaska Skills For A Healthy Life
cooperative extension service University of alaska UAF, PO Box 756180 Fairbanks,AK 997756180 907-474-7246 907-474-6567 Fax Web
HOME Arts Health Language Arts ... Glossary

Alaska Skills for a Healthy Life Framework
Alaska Specific Resources Alaska Area Native Health Service Injury Prevention
3925 Tudor Centre Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508-5997
907-271-4734 Fax Alaska Health Education Consortium
P.O. Box 100563
Anchorage, AK 99510
907-258-1848 Fax
E-mail: Alaska Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
c/o American Heart Association
1057 W. Fireweed, Suite 206 Anchorage, AK 99505 907-263-2045 Fax E-mail: Web: Alaska Health Fair P.O. Box 22587 (630 E. 5 th St.) Anchorage, AK 99520-2587 907-258-1848 Fax E-mail: Alaska Council on Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse 3333 Denali Street, Suite 201 Anchorage, AK 99503 907-258-6052 Fax E-mail: Web: Alaska Health Project 218 East 4 th Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501 907-279-3089 Fax Alaska Crippled Children and Adults, Inc. 1020 Barnette St. Fairbanks, AK 99701 907-456-6124 Fax Web:

26. DSIRE: Incentives By State: Incentives In AK
Contact Richard D. Seifert cooperative extension service University of alaska Fairbanks308 Web site http//

27. Environmental Links
alaska cooperative extension http// Coordinating Group –Data from alaska Division of Management (BLM), USDA, Forest service (FS), and
Thursday, April 3, 2003
01:38:53 AKST
Anchorage Weather
Program Overview


Online Searchable Database

of National NAWQA Data
Project Team

Anchorage Area

Campbell Creek
Chester Creek Colorado Creek ... Talkeetna River URBAN GRADIENT STUDY SF Campbell nr Anchorage Campbell Creek @ C St Campbell Creek @ New Seward Highway ... @ EAFB OTHER INFORMATION Links to Environmental Info Updated 02 Apr 2003 NATIONAL NAWQA What is NAWQA? National NAWQA National Synthesis Other Study Units ... Sampling Protocols USGS National USGS USGS Water Resources USGS Alaska Water Resources Department of the Interior
National Water-Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA)
Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska
Links to Environmental Information about the Cook Inlet Basin
This alphabetical list contains the names and Internet addresses of many agencies or organizations collecting environmental information within the Cook Inlet Basin. The list is not exhaustive; the intent is to provide sites having digital data or project descriptions as starting points for additional data searches. Placement of these links on this page does not imply endorsement or maintenance of these sites by the U.S. Government but is intended for information purposes only. The Internet address information in the list was collected in January 1999 and checked most recently 14 December 2000, but addresses occasionally change. If you have trouble accessing a site using the published address, try typing the name of the organization into an Internet search engine.

28. DPR News Stories
Participants and those who paid for coop participation will be and CONTENTdm trainingto the alaska Virtual Library service Center, Lacey WA, 800342-5956 ext.
Search Training Request Information DPR Western News Stories
Digital library initiatives will be merged into Member Services and will be led by Bob Harriman. At the same time, and in response to current economic conditions the Coop participants’s fee will be discontinued and the Coop Extranet, formerly a password-protected, members-only Website, will transition to the open OCLC Website this spring.
In these tough economic times, OCLC feels it is appropriate to ease the economic burden to libraries, while continuing to offer information and education on digital and preservation issues to as wide a group of cultural heritage institutions as possible. Charter Participants and those who paid for Coop participation will be notified of these developments in the next few weeks.
Fees for workshops and consulting through DPR Outreach Services will continue at current levels. Please contact Tom Clareson, Manager, DPR Outreach Services (800/848-5878, ext. 6071 or or Amy Lytle (800/848-5878, ext. 5212 or with questions about the expanded activities of the new DPR Outreach Services Unit.

29. MedWebPlus Web Site ID 12344
A free service to help you find health sciences information quickly and easily. http// grade A.
Main About MWP Contribute to MWP Contact Us
A service of Flexis, Inc. Welcome to MedWebPlus 2.3! A free service to help you find health sciences information quickly and easily.
University of Alaska Fairbanks Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Lactose Intolerance by Bret Luick
Uptime grade: A Usage grade: Popularity: N/A Location: North America United States Alaska Fairbanks
All Diseases Diseases and Conditions Lactose Intolerance Patient Education ... Privacy statement
Powered by y-Base

30. Alaska Grown Facts
to start is the cooperative extension service in alaska The CES has district officesin throughout alaska to help extension Websitehttp//
This page is to answer those common, and maybe not so common, questions about Alaska Grown products and the agricultural industry in Alaska. Please submit your questions to the Alaska Grown Information Forum. Your question may be reviewed by local experts from the University of Alaska Fairbanks - School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, Cooperative Extension Service, Alaska Department of Natural resources Division of Agriculture. - - Online forum for Alaska Agriculture Why are Alaska carrots so big? Along with the long summer days and cool climate that Alaska is famous for, the carrots simply do not know when to quit growing. Carrot varieties that perform well in Alaska's far north climate, along with a good farm management plan, proper fertilization and adequate watering together with the 18-20 hour day lengths develop the best carrots in the world. How BIG was the GIANT cabbage at the 2001 Alaska State Fair. The 92.5 pound cabbage was grown by Seth Dinkle, a third grader from Palmer, Alaska. Seth is a third generation giant cabbage grower. His cabbage last year was even bigger, 94.4 lb., but he only won second place to Barbara Everingham's 105.6 lb. cabbage. 2001 second place went to Robert Thom, 71.4 lb., third place: Mary Evens 70.4 lb.

31. National Center For Home Food Preservation | Links
University of alaska. cooperative extension service Food Preservation Publications.Link to extension publications http//


Seasonal Tips

How do I?



University of Alaska
Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications
Link to Extension publications Use the "How to Order" link for online or mail ordering
Representative Food Preservation Publications
  • FNH-00128 Canning the Catch FNH-00221 Storing and Mailing Vacuum Packaged Fish FNH-00222 Home Freezing of Fish FNH-00223 Home Canning Smoked Fish and Home Smoking Fish for Canning FNH-00226 Canning Moose and Caribou FNH-00228 Fruit Leather FNH-00262 Making Jerky FNH-00264 Home Freezing of Vegetables FNH-00268 Botulism-a Deadly Food Poisoning FNH-00325 Smoking Fish At Home AB-00539 Complete Guide to Home Canning (for sale) G-00010 Home Freezing of Fruits and Vegetables (for sale) PNW-00183 Fish Pickling for Home Use
Free Series (PDFs)
  • Lesson #1 Back to Basics Lesson #2 Canning Overview/Equipment Lesson #3 Acidic Foods Lesson #4 Vegetables and Meat Lesson #5 Jams and Jellies Lesson #6 Pickles and Relish Lesson #7 Freezing Lesson #8 Drying
Related Publications
  • FNH-00028 Wild Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska (for sale) FNH-00068 Reindeer and Caribou Recipes (for sale) FNH-00120 Collecting and Using Alaska Wild Berries and Other Wild Products (sale) FNH-00169 Alaska Cabbage-More Than Just Sauerkraut (for sale) FNH-00260 Zucchini From A to Z (for sale) MUT-00502 Food Storage in the Home (for sale) NRAE-00007 Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables (for sale)

32. Prime And Unique Agricultural Lands And The National Environmental Policy Act (N
Box 6606 Anchorage, alaska 99502, Mr. William E. Austin State Conservationist SoilConservation service PO Box 1208 Gainesville, Florida 32601. Dir., coop. ext.
WASHINGTON, DC 20006 August 11, 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR HEADS OF AGENCIES SUBJECT: Prime and Unique Agricultural Lands and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) The accompanying memorandum on Analysis of Impacts on Prime or Unique Agricultural Lands in Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act was developed in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture. It updates and supersedes the Council's previous memorandum on this subject of August 1976. In order to review agency progress or problems in implementing this memorandum the Council will request periodic reports from federal agencies as part of our ongoing oversight of agency implementation of NEPA and the Council's regulations. At this time we would appreciate receiving from your agency by November 1, 1980, the following information:
  • identification and brief summary of existing or proposed agency policies, regulations and other directives specifically intended to preserve or mitigate the effects of agency actions on prime or unique agricultural lands, including criteria or methodology used in assessing these impacts.
    identification of specific impact statements and, to the extent possible, other documents prepared from October 1, 1979 to October 1, 1980 covering actions deemed likely to have significant direct or indirect effects on prime or unique agricultural lands.

33. Extension Housing Sites
alaska cooperative extension http// NorthCarolina cooperative extension service Family Consumer Sciences
Environmental Design
Links Directory Green Architecture and Sustainable Living Building Utility Systems

alaska cooperative extension University of alaska Fairbanks 122 Klein UNR cooperativeextension service 2345 Red 7745 Email
List Revised 12/16/02
The Master Gardener Show web site strives to present accurate and timely information as general assistance for the farmers, consumers, agriculturists, homeowners, master gardeners and other constituents of the world. If Your Master Gardener Coordinator has changed, we would like to know about it so we can update this list. Please Contact Us. ALABAMA Mary Beth Musgrove
25 Extension Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5630
phone: (205) 221-3392
E-mail: MISSOURI Mary Koening
Plant Sciences Extension Associate
I-87 Agriculture Building
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211 phone: (573) 882-9633 fax: (573) 882-1469 E-mail: ALASKA Alaska Cooperative Extension University of Alaska Fairbanks 122 1st Avenue Fairbanks, AK 99701

35. EREC Brief: Log Homes And Energy Efficiency
Available from cooperative extension service, Distribution Center, University . 90 pp., Free to alaska residents, $10.00
Log Homes and Energy Efficiency
Log homes may be hand made on-site or pre-cut in a factory for delivery to the site. Pre-cut log home kits have been produced since 1923. Some log home manufacturers can also customize their designs. Wall thickness' range from 6-16 inches (15.2-40.6 cm). However, even though such thickness sounds impressive and the log industry enthusiastically promotes the energy efficiency of log buildings there is considerable dispute as to their energy efficiency. The dispute originates from two points: The R-value of the wood and how tightly the logs fit together.
The R-Value of Wood
An R-value (Btu/ft2 /hour/oF) is the rating of a material's resistance to heat flow. The R-value for wood ranges between 1.41 per inch (2.54 cm) for most softwoods to 0.71 for most hardwoods. Ignoring the benefits of the thermal mass, a six inch (15.24 cm) thick log wall would have a clearwall (a wall with no windows or doors) R-value of just over 8. Compared to a conventional wood stud wall [3½ inches (8.89 cm) insulation, sheathing, wallboard, a total of about R-14] the log wall is apparently a far inferior insulation system. Based only on this, log walls do not satisfy most building code energy standards. However, to what extent a log building interacts with it's surroundings depends greatly on the climate. Because of the log's heat storage capability it's large mass may cause the walls to behave considerably better in some climates than in others. Logs act like "thermal batteries" and can, under the right circumstances, store heat during the day and gradually release it at night. This generally increases the apparent R-value of a log by 0.1 per inch of thickness in mild, sunny climates that have a substantial temperature swing from day to night. Such climates generally exist in the earth's temperate zones between the 15th and 40th parallels.

36. Publications And Videos From Other States
service. STATE, PUBLICATIONS, VIDEOS. Alabama, HTML, PDF, http//, Catalog only, http//
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Thousands of Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station publications* and video tape presentations are available from other states. Also check out the directory of land-grant universities which are state partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. STATE PUBLICATIONS VIDEOS Alabama HTML, PDF Alaska Catalog only Arizona HTML, PDF YES, listed with publications Arkansas HTML, PDF YES, limited number California Catalog, PDF Yes, listed with publications Colorado Catalog, PDF, HTML Connecticut No publications listed Delaware HTML Florida HTML Georgia HTML Hawaii HTML Illinois PDF, HTML YES Indiana HTML, PDF Idaho Catalog, PDF YES, See catalog Iowa PDF Kansas PDF YES, same location Kentucky PDF, HTML Louisiana PDF Maine Catalog, HTML, PDF

37. This Page Has Moved
Post Only AK Robert (Bob) Teachworth, League Board Chair alaska League Services 6424(Tom), ext. 3856505 e-mail UT Lynn
Home Governmental Affairs Regulatory Advocacy Compliance ... About CUNA
This page has moved
The page you are looking for has moved. Please read on for some tips on finding the information you are looking for. We apologize for any inconvenience. We're here to help You are currently in the main area of CUNA's website. Use the compass on the left side of each page to navigate the rest of this website. There are five areas:
  • (the red button in the middle of the compass) takes you to the CUNA "homepage" and information on Governmental and Legistlative affairs, compliance, regulatory advocacy, News Now, press releases, economics and statistics and much more. (the compass point facing North) is where you'll find schools and conferences, continuing education and training materials, eSchools, eCourses, executive development, webinars, audio conference, books, videos, trainers material and more. (the compass point facing West) where you'll find expert advice and custom research, the Environmental Scan as well as a host of survey reports that cover executive and staff compensation, fees, and the state of credit union technology.

38. Potato Growers Researchers
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM alaska Plant Materials Center HCO4/Box service 3328 Vandenberg RoadKlamath Falls, OR, 97603 541 7542619 Email
Potato Industry Researchers Potato Growers Menu
Online Potato Growers Buyers Guide

Potato Calendar

Potato FAQ

Potato Growers History

Potato Resources links

State Representatives

Subscribe ... Internet Access Directory
Select state Alaska California Colorado Deleware Florida Idaho Maine Michigan Minnesota Montana National Nebraska New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin
Potato Industry Researchers
BELKNAP, WILLIAM R. USDA-ARS, WRRC, CIU 800 Buchanan St. Albany, CA, 94710 FAX: 510-559-5775 BINNING, DR. LARRY K. Department of Horticulture University of Wisconsin-Madison 1575 Linden Drive Madison, WI, 53706-1590 FAX: 608-262-4743 Email: BOHL, DR. WILLIAM Bingham County Extension University of Idaho 132 S. Shilling Avenue Blackfoot, ID, 83221 FAX: 208-785-8062 Email: BOURGOIN, TERRY L Director, Division of Plant Industry Station 28 Augusta, ME, 04333

39. Joining Senior Corps : SCP
Senior Companion Programs Alabama alaska American Samoa Arizona The Corporationfor National service Home Page Button. Maine UNIV OF MAINE coop ext SCP Orono

40. Joining Senior Corps : SCP
Senior Companion Programs Alabama alaska Arizona Arkansas California The Corporationfor National service Home Page in Maine UNIV OF MAINE coop ext SCP Orono
Senior Companion



Senior Companion Program

Senior Companion Programs in Maine
Family Living Office 5717 Corbett Hall Room 304 Orono, ME 04469-5717 Jane Harris-Bartley Phone: (207) 581-3326 Fax: (207) 581-3212 Email: Information last updated on June 7, 2002. You can now update your own project information. Click Here to update.

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