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         Alaska Education General:     more books (100)
  1. Buscando Alaska (Spanish Edition) by John Green, 2006-06-30
  2. Wolf River (Alaska) by Hap Gilliland, 2005-01
  3. Mdr's School Directory Alaska 2005-2006 by Market Data Retrieval, 2005-12
  4. Hands-On Alaska: Art Activities for All Ages by Yvonne Y. Merrill, 1996-08-01
  5. Alaska's Charter Schools by Gordon Castanza, 1999-05-01
  6. The Animals of Alaska (Real Readers - Upper Emergent) by John Rickus, 2008-02
  7. Rock Poker to Pay Dirt: The History of Alaska's School of Mines and Its Successors by Leslie M. Noyes, Emeritus Earl H. Beistline, et all 2002-04
  8. Conflicting Visions in Alaskan Education by Richard Dauenhauer, 1997-08-01
  9. Cross-Cultural Teaching Tales (Teaching Cases in Cross-Cultural Education)
  10. Echoes and Images (Alaska) by Peter R. Koens, Sandra Monk, 2005-01
  11. Gender Wars at John Adams High School: A Case Study (Teaching Cases in Cross-Cultural Education Series) by Paris Finley, 1990-06
  12. Cornerstone on College Hill: An Illustrated History of the University of Alaska Fairbanks by Terrence Cole, 1994-04-01
  13. Collaborative Programs in Indigenous Communities by Barbara Harrison, 2001-08
  14. Inventive Teaching: The Heart of the Small School by Judith S. Kleinfeld, 1991-12

81. Indigenous Language Links
Indigenous Language Institute/IPOLA Profiles of Native Language education ProgramsA by America Meredith Teaching American Indian and alaska Native Languages
Teaching Indigenous Languages
books conference articles columns ... home
Other Link Pages
American Indian Education American Indian-General Bilingual Education (General) ... Search Engines
Indigenous Language Links
American Indian Language Development Institute University of Arizona
Cultural Survival
Publishes Cultural Survival Quarterly
Dictionaries for endangered languages of North America
University of Arizona
Documentation of Endangered Languages
Endangered Language Fund
Gives small grants for EL work
An E-mail forum on endangered languages
Endangered Languages Homepage
LSA's Committee on Endangered Languages
Foundation for Endangered Languages
Publishes a newsletter
Hawaiian Language Center

Heritage Languages Initiative
Center for Applied Linguistics
Indigenous Bilingual Education Special Interest Group (SIG) of NABE
Indigenous Language Institute Formerly IPOLA International Clearinghouse on Endangered Languages Univ. of Tokyo Language Resources: First Peoples' Cultural Foundation Piegan Institute Researching, Promoting and Preserving Native Languages

82. International Bureau Of Education. International Activities. Databanks. World Da
alaska. Official site of the Department of education and Early Development. Generalinformation about the Department; current programmes; State academic
Official information sources on education North America Western Europe Africa South of Sahara Asia and the Pacific Central Europe and former USSR ... Middle east and North Africa General information sources Background information Statistics and indicators Databases on education systems Web resources Educational profiles National reports
North America
Canada Alberta British Columbia Manitoba ... Guam C anada Federal and nationwide sources Official site of the Council of Ministers of Education , Canada (CMEC), a co-ordinating body through which ministers consult and act on matters of mutual interest. General information about CMEC; current programmes and activities; on-line publications, reports and policy documents; school achievement indicators; statistics and indicators; press releases. A section includes links to Provincial and Territorial Departments and Ministries responsible for education. (In English and French)

83. Job-Hunt.Org: Alaska Jobs, Jobs In Alaska, Alaska Careers And Job Search Resourc
alaska Jobs Center Network; Jobsalaska Jobs in alaska education. Universityof alaska System Jobs More alaska Jobs and Careers Resources.
...your objective source of the Web's Best Job Search Resources Getting Started Online Job Search

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Specialized Job Sites Academia and Education Computers and Technology ... Hot Sites of the Week Other Job Listings Classified Ads Companies General Newsgroup Searches ... Recruiting Agencies Other Job Resources Career Bookstore revised and expanded! Societies Commercial Services Job Fairs Other Link Lists ... Resource Centers Employer Resources HR Sites Recruiting On the Internet About JOB-HUNT.ORG What's New?

84. History Resources
Sites are listed in such categories as general, World, and US History, Government/Politics,and Geography/Culture. Women in alaska’s History.
History Resources
A B C D E F ... H I J K L M N ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z
1492: An Ongoing Voyage
This site features information on Columbus's historic voyage from the Library of Congress archives. Not much on graphics, but a lot of good information here. SM
An Abridged History of the USA
This book, published online, covers a period of 207 years of U.S. History. It starts with the ratification of the Constitution and ends with the 1996 Presidential Campaign. It has some pictures and links to other sites which provide supporting/additional information. Very interesting!
Academy of Achievement
The Academy of Achievement brings you pictures and stories of "legendary achievers" of the 20th century in areas such as arts, public service, sports, and science. It’s a diverse and interesting group. There’s also a section where you can hear achievers tell how important qualities such as passion and vision have been to them. (Slow, but there is a low bandwidth version.)
The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)
The Bibliotheque Nationale de France presents this large site containing historical information of the King Charles V period. It's organized well, with access to many documents, manuscripts, and works of art. Available in English and French.

85. Special Education Service Agency
service is the Low Incidence Disability Outreach Program, which receives stategeneral revenue funding through the alaska Department of education and Early
Mission Salaries About Alaska General Job Description ... Ongoing Recruiting
The Agency
The Special Education Service Agency (SESA) is a public organization established by the Alaska Legislature to assist Alaskan school districts and early intervention programs serving students with low incidence disabilities. SESA services are generally directed to school personnel, parents and related service providers, rather than to children and students. The agency's core service is the Low Incidence Disability Outreach Program , which receives state general revenue funding through the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development . The statute establishing SESA also provides that the agency may address other special education needs in Alaska. Accordingly, the agency uses additional funding to offer several other services to schools and other service systems. Agency-wide, budgeted funds for the 1996 - 1997 program year total nearly $3,000,000. To deliver its various services SESA employs a staff of Education Specialists having advanced training and specialized experience appropriate to the age and area of disability served by each program. The specific job requirements, work calendar and length of contract vary across programs, but the base contract year is 184 days, including holidays. The majority of SESA's work is in villages, small towns and rural areas surrounding the major communities in the state; however, every school district in Alaska receives one or more of SESA services each year. Travel requirements also vary, but are generally in the 50% range. Most specialists alternate travel weeks with non-travel weeks. SESA Specialists are included in Alaska's Teachers' Retirement System and receive salary and employee benefits as negotiated through their appointed bargaining unit.

86. Higher Education Partnership Links
of education, University of alaska Board of Instruction, University of North CarolinaGeneral Administration. North Dakota Department of education, North Dakota


Links to Other Education Resources
Links to Other States' Education and Higher Education Agencies
State State Education Department State Higher
Education Agency Alabama Alabama State Department of Education Alabama Commission for
Higher Education
Alaska Alaska Department of Education University of Alaska
Board of Regents
Arizona Arizona Department of Education Arizona Commission for
Postsecondary Education
Arkansas Arkansas State Department of Education Arkansas Institutions of
Higher Education
California California Department of Education - Goldmine California Postsecondary Education Commission Colorado Colorado Department of Education Colorado Commission on Higher Education Connecticut Connecticut State Education Department Board of Governors for Higher Education Delaware Delaware State Department of Education Delaware Higher Education Commission Washington D.C

87. Wolf Song Of Alaska
A nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving an understanding of the wolf through education and Category Science Biology Mammalia Carnivora Canines Wolves...... Your generous donation assures the continuing success of our wolf education programsand projects. Please support Wolf Song of alaska, and demonstrate an
Wolf Song of Alaska is a non-political, non-profit organization committed to an understanding of the wolf through science, education and public awareness Scroll Down
Should there be wolf control in Alaska?
Tell Me About Wolf Song of Alaska About Us Matching Gift Program Gift Shop Tour Events Calendar ... Guest Register
I'd Like To Learn More About Wolves General Information Wolves in Alaska Wolf Distribution Wolves of Denali National Park ... Wolves and Native Americans Visitors to Wolf Song of Alaska
- Last Updated on Wednesday, April 2, 2003 -
Being a Member or Adopting a Wolf
Supports Wolf Song of Alaska
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Wolf Adoption
Your generous donation assures the continuing success of our wolf education programs and projects. Please support Wolf Song of Alaska, and demonstrate an awareness of the wolf by making a tax-deductible donation or contribution to our internationally-acclaimed wolf organization
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educational programs and projects of Wolf Song of Alaska
Howling Puppy
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She-Wolf Work

88. Language & Culture Links: Native American
of American Indians and alaska and help Weber State Multicultural/Bilingual EducationClearinghouse. Tribal Colleges and Universities general information about
Native American
Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian
Language and Culture Resources Also: Publishers Research Articles Web
Web Indexes see ... cradleboard's listing of sites sorted by tribe/nation Bill's Aboriginal Links links for Aboriginal resources for Canada (including Canadian law and legislation), the U.S., Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, plus international links, Aboriginal newsgroups, Aboriginal arts, and other cultural and human rights links. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet an extensive listing of Native web resources: It includes links for Culture, History, Education, Language, Health, Indigenous Knowledge, Arts, Music, Museums, Archaeology, Genealogy, Government and Legal information, Nations, Organizations, Media and more. Native American Home Pages provides links to over 150 tribal home pages , as well as native organizations, Tribal Colleges, media, and powwows and festivals.

89. Getting Businesses On Their Feet In Rural Alaska
general Business Information (staff). our new mailing address (for USPS) and phonenumber Third Sector Technologies PO Box 73490 Fairbanks, alaska 997073490

90. Alaska Travel Information & Vacation Planning Guide - In
From activities you would enjoy, to distant locations in alaska, you will find it and be able to book Category Regional North America Travel and Tourism Travel Guides...... Destination Sections. Regions, general Info, Destination Guide/Map Menu. Far North,Transportation, Choose your alaska destination from the drop down menu below.
Alaska 's Most Comprehensive Online Travel Guide
Alaska Destinations Northern Alaska Interior Alaska Southwest Alaska Southcentral Alaska ... Alaska Navigator Maps Alaska Overview Overview of Alaska History of Alaska Alaska's Economy Alaska's People ... Alaska's Wildlife Alaska Transportation Overview Alaska Highway Alaska's Road System Air Routes ... Railroad Alaska Nature Northern Lights Earthquakes Alaska's Glaciers Alaska's Volcanoes Planning Your Alaska Vacation
By Bridjette March
Click here
to read Planning Your Alaska Vacation, by Bridjette March
Alaska Features and Research Alaska Research Alaska Features Alaska History and Culture Alaska's Bird Festivals Three Days in Denali Native Boat Building Whale Redemption ... Woman of the Wilderness
Destination Sections

91. Chronic Disease Prevention | State Profiles | Alaska
alaska. to the support, development, and implementation of effective HIV educationfor school information about comprehensive cancer control in general as well
National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Chronic Disease Prevention
Announcements Contact Us
Chronic Disease Overview
... Related Links

On This Page
Fact Sheets
Funding Legislation Reports ... Statistics and Data
Fact Sheets
Cancer Burden Data
Summary data on lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer. These state-level data include the estimated number of new diagnoses and cancer deaths as well as age-adjusted mortality rates broken down by race/ethnicity and presented alongside the national averages. Heart Disease Among Men
Data on men 35 years of age and older, living in the state during the years 1991–1995, are summarized by ethnic group, number of deaths, and mortality rates. The state's national rank is also presented by ethnic group and total population. Includes general observations on regional and racial/ethnic trends. Heart Disease Among Women
Data on women 35 years of age and older, living in the state during the years 1991–1995, are summarized by ethnic group, number of deaths, and mortality rates. The state's national rank is also presented by ethnic group and total population. Includes general observations on regional and racial/ethnic trends. Heart Disease in the Total Population
Data on heart disease in the total state population drawn from the combined NCCDPHP atlases on men and women. Data on individuals 35 years of age and older, living in the state during the years 1991–1995, are summarized by ethnic group, number of deaths, and mortality rates. The state's national rank is also presented by ethnic group and as a whole. Includes general observations on regional and racial/ethnic trends.

92. U. S. State Governments
general Gateways. Western States. alaska. alaska Legislature Department of EducationDepartment of Fish and Game Health and Social Services Department of Labor
U. S. State Governments
The UCSB Davidson Library collects publications from 13 western states: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Most have been cataloged into Pegasus State publications at other University of California libraries can be found in the MELVYL Catalog General Gateways Topical Web Sites Laws and Legislation ... Western States
General Gateways
GovEngine provides quick links to agencies for each state
State Government Information Index Kathy Amen, St. Mary's University
State Government and Politics University of Michigan Source for state news from the PEW Center
States News Council of State Governments
States and Localities sites for government and public policy Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California
State and Local Government on the Net
State and Local Governments Library of Congress
Topical Web Sites
NASIRE StateSearch
Topical index to state government information on the Internet
State Directories FindLaw
Governor email directories and web sites University of Michigan
Campaign Finance Disclosure Center for Responsive Politics
Project Vote Smart
Select: State Offices for Candidates and Elected Officials
State Fiscal Conditions and Health Coverage Kaiser Foundation
State Tax Forms FindLaw
StateList: The Electronic Source for State Publication Lists University of Illinois College of Law
Laws and Legislation
Finding State Legislation: a Web Tutorial Jody Condit Fagan, Southwestern Illinois College

93. The Home Education Page
Highlights fun activities for every season. Make slime in spring or create Eskimo art in winter with links to educational sites.
The Teel Home Education Page Check out Animals of the Arctic - a great site done by kids for kids.
Seasonal Activities

Links to more great places
Alaskan Cool Places For Kids
Anchorage Area Homeschooling Resources The Aurora
-Have fun learning about the dancing lights at "N is for Northern Nights and Northern Lights" Snow Page -Activities with snow, and some snow activities without snow! All the snow activities, as well as a reading list and the Binky puppet are now available as an Acrobat (pdf) document, Snowbook.pdf (778KB) If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, it is available free at Adobe Systems. The Polar Bear and Walrus
-Learn about the polar bear and walrus, sing songs about them, see pictures, do activities, and make a polar bear puppet. Alaska -Learn about Alaska with pictures and a reading list for various age levels. Trees -Learn all about trees with activities and projects. on how to keep the kids busy and happy @ home with just kitchen ingredients!
the Learning @ Home Craft Activities guide (113 KB).

94. NARA | Digital Classroom | Conducting Research
Migration North to alaska. National History Day's 1998 theme encouragedstudents to investigate topics related to Migration in History.
Where Is...? / How Do I...? Where Is...? Hot Topics / What's New The Constitution The Declaration of Independence The Bill of Rights Genealogy Veterans' Service Records Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Access to Archival Databases (AAD) Electronic Records Archives (ERA) Archives Library Info. Center (ALIC) Calendar of Events FAQs FOIA Reading Room Information Security Oversight Office Interagency Working Group (IWG) Locations and Hours (Facilities) Media Desk Organization Chart Preservation Prologue Magazine Publications How Do I...? Use this Site Order Copies Contact NARA Visit NARA Apply for a Job Volunteer at NARA Research Online Find a Public Law Apply for a Grant Find Records Management Training April 3, 2003 Sections Digital Classroom Main Page Teaching With Documents Conducting Research Getting Started ... Growing Professionally Resources History in the Raw The Constitution Community Introductory Activity Document Analysis Worksheets ... Search in Digital Classroom National History Day Research

95. The EnviroLink Network
chemical contaminants (such as PCBs mercury and pesticides) within a (posted03/19/2003 from Grist Magazine) Senate Rejects Drilling in alaska Refuge The
advanced search
News Headlines

Bush won't challenge ban on new California offshore oil drilling
The Bush administration said Monday it is dropping its challenge to a court ruling halting ... (posted 04/01/2003 from Associated Press )
Environmental Laws Could Take A Wartime Hit
Some environmentalists say Pentagon brass and Bush administration ideologues are trying to use the war ... (posted 04/01/2003 from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
South Korea to push gas-for-peace deal with North
South Korea has proposed gas be piped from Russia to energy-starved North Korea in return ... (posted 04/01/2003 from Reuters )
Baghdad oil fires 'serious health hazard'
Two British scientists say the oil fires burning around Baghdad are a serious threat to ... (posted 04/01/2003 from BBC )
Ancient Iraqi swamp culture drained but not dead
A swath of southern Iraq has been called many things: Land of the swamp people ... (posted 04/01/2003 from Associated Press )
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