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         Alaska Libraries:     more books (105)
  1. Alaska (The Bilingual Library of the United States of America) by Jose Maria Obregon, 2005-08
  2. Songs and Legends Alaska Library Network Cassette Catalog 2 by Alaska Library Association, 1974
  3. Alaska [ATB ALASKA] [Library Binding]
  4. Many Nations: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Indian and Alaska Native Peoples of the United States
  5. Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska.Modern Library Edition by Rockwell (1882-1971). Illustrated By the Author Kent, 1930
  6. Gold hunting in Alaska (Northern history library) by Joseph Grinnell, 1983
  7. Alaska, the embattled frontier (The Audubon library) by George Laycock, 1971
  8. Alaska (From Sea to Shining Sea) by Barbara A. Somervill, 2002-03
  9. Alaska place names pronunciation guide (Elmer E. Rasmuson Library occasional papers) by Tom Duncan, 1975

81. LibDex - The Library Index
University of alaska Fairbanks Elmer E. Rasmuson Library. Consortia ChukchiConsortium Library; Haines Cooperative libraries. Government Klondike Gold Rush
XML in Libraries
Edited by Roy Tennant

Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2002
Available from: Amazon UK Barnes and Noble
Geographic: Countries: USA: Alaska

82. USA Libraries From Alabama, Alaska, Arizona And Arkansas. Use This Forms To Find
Search books in USA libraries from Alabama, alaska,Arizona and Arkansas, bytitle or by author. USA libraries (Alabama, alaska, Arizona, Arkansas).
USA Libraries (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas) Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Other countries Search in libraries from
Alabama: Title:
Select the Library:
Alabama Public Library Service Auburn University Birmingham Public Library Mobile Public Library Troy State University University of Alabama in Hunstville Formulario1=document.forms.length; Or go to their main search page:
If you don't find what you are looking for, try in AMAZON.COM: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Toys Electronics
Search in libraries from
Alaska: Title:
Select the Library:
Capital City Libraries Formulario2=document.forms.length; Or go to their main search page:
Search in libraries from Arizona: Title:
Author: Select the Library:
Arizona Health Sciences Library Arizona State University Arizona Transportation Research Center InterMARC Demonstration Northern Arizona University Pima Community College Tucson-Pima Public Library University of Arizona Yuma County Library District Formulario3=document.forms.length;

83. BCR - Workshop Calendar - Alaska
Currently, no onsite workshops are scheduled in alaska. Staff in alaska's libraries,however, have several options for attending current workshops.
W o r k s h o p s b y S t a t e
Alaska Workshops
Currently, no on-site workshops are scheduled in Alaska. Staff in Alaska's libraries, however, have several options for attending current workshops.
  • Your library (or you and your colleagues from nearby libraries) may want to set up on-site or consulting workshops , if enough people can be found to pay for the cost of a trainer to travel to your state. See the Workshop Descriptions section of the BCR Web site for a list of workshops currently being offered.

  • In addition, some of you may receive training vouchers from BCR as a "thank you" for hosting BCR workshops and seminars on a regular basis or for prepaying your BCR subscriptions each July. These vouchers can be used to bring a BCR trainer to your library or another nearby location at a reduced rate.
    To schedule an on-site OCLC workshop, contact BCR's Regan Harper . To schedule an on-site Internet/Web or reference service workshop, contact BCR's Michael Sauers
  • BCR trainers are sometimes able to schedule a series of workshops in conjunction with a state's annual library conference. Contact either Regan Harper or Michael Sauers to determine whether BCR is attending the conference being held in your state this year.

84. U. S. Depository Libraries WWW Home Pages
University of alaska, Anchorage, Library University of alaska, Southeast, Library. OrangeCounty Law Library Pepperdine University libraries Redwood City Public
U. S. Depository Libraries WWW Home Pages (GPO and PTO) Compiled by: Lily Wai University of Idaho Library, Moscow, ID 83844-2353
Last updated January 30, 2003
  • Superintendent of Documents Home Page
  • Locate a Federal Depository Library in your state
  • Depository Selection and Directory (via Documents Data Miner)
  • U. S. Patent and Trademark Office Home Page ... U.S. Territories Alabama
    Alabama Public Library Service
    Auburn University Library
    Birmingham Public Library
    Jacksonville State University Library ...
    University of South Alabama Library
    Alaska State Court Law Library
    University of Alaska, Anchorage, Library
    University of Alaska, Southeast, Library
    Arizona State University Library - Government Documents
    Arizona State University Library - Map Collection
    Arizona State University Library - Patents
    Arizona State University - Ross-Blakley Law Library ...
    University of Arizona Library - Patents
    Arkansas Tech University Library
    Harding University Library
    California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Library
    California State University, Bakersfield, Library
    California State University, Chico, Library
    California State University, Fresno, Library ...
    University of Southern California Libraries
    Auraria Library
    Colorado College Library
    Colorado School of Mines Library - Government Publications
    Colorado School of Mines Library - Map Room ...
    University of Colorado, Boulder, Library - Regional
  • 85. KinderStart - Arts And Entertainment : Libraries : State Listings : Alaska
    Juneau Public libraries The Juneau Public libraries are a divisionof the City and Borough of Juneau, alaska. The libraries are
    KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... State Listings : Alaska
    Web Pages

    The following links are in English

    86. Alaska Genealogy Libraries & Archives
    Juneau, alaska Division of State libraries, 8th Floor, State Office Building, LibraryCatalog. Juneau, alaska Historical Library and Museum, 395 Whittier Street.
    Pasco County Genealogical Society, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2072, Dade City, Florida 33526-2072 Members: If you have visited any of these libraries, please let us know. We would like to add more information for each location to assist in each of our research efforts. Also, if you know of other genealogy libraries anywhere in the country, we will add them to the list. Please note for Latter Day Saints Web Link: The web site for LDS does not specify holding locations of reference material. Search LDS Library Catalog Family History Center Locator ALASKA City Library/Archive Web Link Anchorage University of Alaska Library, 3211 Providence Drive, Room 261. Telephone: 907.786.1845 Fax: 907.786.1849 Archive Catalog Web Site Juneau Alaska Division of State Libraries , 8th Floor, State Office Building Library Catalog Juneau Alaska Historical Library and Museum, 395 Whittier Street. Telephone: 907.465.2901 Web Site Juneau Alaska State Archives, 141 Willoughby Ave. Ph: 907.465.2270. Fax: 907.465.2465.

    87. Greg's Column
    Powell's recommendations for effective leadership, however, she's retiring thismonth, which is good news for her, but a real blow to alaska's libraries.
    Greg Hill's Weekly Column
    December 9, 2002
    A neat little book recently crossed my path in a used book store titled "Thereby Hangs a Tale: Hundreds of Stories of Curious Word Origins." It was here I learned that the word "library" comes from "liber," the Roman word for the inner bark of trees used for making paper. Latin languages still reflect this, such as the Spanish word for books, "libros." The inner bark of beech trees was preferred in ancient England, and "boc" was the Old English term for "beech," thereby leading to our word "book." Another story from "Thereby Hangs a Tale" concerns Cardinal Richelieu> everyone knows how he controlled the French King Louis XIII and was the power behind that throne. Well, when Louis XIII and Richelieu died a few months apart in 1643, the five-year-old Louis XIV succeeded the throne. Obviously, the time was right for another strong power behind the throne to emerge, and it did, in the form of the Queen mother and her principal adviser, Cardinal Mazarin. Mazarin died when Louis XIV was 22, Louis quickly firmed up his control of all aspects of his government, and this included revamping his army. Traditionally, armies were hired when war threatened and were laid off afterwards, and, like present-day Afghanistan, soldiers worked for their immediate commanders rather than king and country. Louis appointed a nineteen-year-old military genius, Francois Michel le Tellier Louvain, as his war minister, and Louvain established the first modern standing army, the Royal Regiment. Louvain wanted this regiment to be a crack outfit, and he chose as its commander another military innovator, one Jean Martinet. Martinet invented things like pontoon bridges but became famous for his rigorous, even brutal, drills and practice techniques.

    USA alaskalibraries ~ Link - Division of State libraries, Museums Archives;USA alaska-Localities ~ Link - Matanuska-Susitna Borough ~ GenWeb;
    Discovering Family Histories - USA
    States Page 1 - A-I
    HOME PAGE MENU Search Engine Site Map ...
    on Current Directory
    GoTo: [ History - USA USA States
    • USA Alaska- Link - Alaska USA Alaska-Genealogy Link - CyndisList USA Alaska-Genealogy Link - Klondike Weekly Magazine ~ has archives USA Alaska-Genealogy Link - Roots-L RootsWeb Resources USA Alaska-Genealogy Link - RootsWeb Resources USA Alaska-Genealogy Link - State of Alaska Online USA Alaska-Genealogy- Organizations ~ Link - Genealogical Societies ~ AlaskaGenWeb USA Alaska-Libraries ~ Link USA Alaska-Localities ~ Link Matanuska-Susitna Borough ~ GenWeb USA Alaska-Records ~ Link - FHC (LDS Family History Centers) Locations USA Alaska-Records-Repositories ~ Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics ~ Link - NARA USA Arizona- Link - Lawyer's Guide to the Internet USA Arizona-Genealogy ~ Link - RootsWeb Resources USA Arizona-Genealogy-Organizations ~ Link - Lake Havasu (Arizona) Genealogical Society, Inc. USA Arizona-Genealogy-Organizations ~ Link - (The) Family History Society of Arizona USA Arizona-Genealogy-Organizations ~ Link - (The) Northern Arizona Genealogical Society Link USA Arizona-Geographics ~ Link USA Arizona-Libraries ~ Link - University of Arizona Library USA Arizona-Localities-Mesa-Genealogy-Organizations ~ Link - (The) Genealogical Workshop of Mesa USA Arizona-Localities-Yuma (City)- Records ~ Link - Yuma Family History Center USA Arizona-Records-Lookups ~ L ink - Arizona Search Angels

    89. YASIG Links To Libraries With Teen Websites - Alaska
    alaska. We have not identified any public libraries with teen web pagesin this state. If you have information regarding one, please
    We have not identified any public libraries
    with teen web pages in this state. If you have information
    regarding one, please send the link to Terri Clark
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    Back to Main Page

    90. Redirection
    libraries TOC. LibCat list of libraries in alaska. TOCTOC Index Search The FAQ Add a Link Comments About Us. © 2003 Piper Resources.

    91. - USA Alaska Listings For Stock Shots/Film Libraries
    Heroic Cinematography! Home Services USA alaska Stock Shots/Film libraries Any Credits. New! Try Also (for Stock Shots/Film libraries in USA alaska).
    Home Services USA Alaska New! Equipment shop for Stock Shots/Film Libraries : new and used traders in Accent Alaska/ Ken Graham Agency ; Professional photographer in Alaska with 20 years experience. Shoots 35mm, 6x7, 6x17 panoramic and 4x5 systems. Also owns a premiere Alaskan stock photography agency representing 78 photographers with 275,000 images on file. *On Dangerous Ground (FF); *Naked Gun 33 1/3 (FF); *Windows to the Sea (CC); (Orgs: ASMP PP of A NANPA Artistic Stock Footage ; Now you can preview clips, online, from our diverse and extensive library. Preview our online clips including: Scenics, Exotic Locations, Animals, Waterfalls, Alaska, The Caribbean, Police Actions, Drugs and Gangs, FX Elements, Winter in Yosemite... Alaska Stock Agency ; 35mm Stock footage of subjects like Alaska Range Anchorage, Alaska Aurora Borealis Avalanches Bald eagles Bears Big Dipper Bore tides Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park Canada geese etc. Toklat Video Productions ; Alaska's first digital video studio, brings you Alaskan scenery and wildlife video with unsurpassed quality. Check out our royalty free stock footage, digital quality at analog prices. Toklat Video Productions is a full service video studio. Try Also (for Stock Shots/Film Libraries in USA Alaska Related: Archiving/Storage Clearance Rights Specialists Digital Archive/Showreels Online Stock Shots/Film Libraries in NorthWest USA Stock Shots/Film Libraries in All USA Other services in USA Alaska Limit Credits to: Any programme type

    92. Depository Libraries For Selected States Or Area Codes
    Federal Depository libraries in Selected States. alaska. 0016A alaska CourtSystem alaska State Court Law Library 303 K Street Anchorage, AK 995012099. AK

    93. Division Of Libraries, Archives, And Museums
    Email the Webmaster at Image EED HomeButton Click to go to EED Homepage .
    E-mail the Webmaster at:

    94. Division Of Libraries, Archives, And Museums
    Email the Webmaster at
    E-mail the Webmaster at:

    95. AkASL - Library/Informational Literacy Standards
    alaska Association of School Librarians (AkASL) Library/Information Literacy Standards Student Content Standards for
    Alaska Association of School Librarians (AkASL)

    Library/Information Literacy Standards
    Student Content Standards for
    School Libraries
    Go directly to document Send comments to committee
    During the 1998-99 school year, the Department of Education and the Alaska State Library collaborated to sponsor the writing of content standards for Alaska students in the essential area of library/information literacy. A working group of educators from around the state wrote the content standards to reflect the knowledge, abilities and attitudes every Alaskan student should develop in this area. The standards follow the already published Alaska Content Standards in format and language, but delineate the unique skills required to be informationally literate. On Dec. 10, 1999 the State Board of Education voted to adopt the Library/Information Literacy Standards into regulation. These standards now join the original 10 core curricular areas as a major focus for educational programs in Alaska. We expect the Library/Information Literacy Standards to appear in the next reprinting of the Alaska Standards booklet.
    Working Group
    Mike Williams, AK Board of Ed. member

    96. About UAF Libraries
    Information about libraries at UAF.

    Rasmuson Library

    Rasmuson Library Elmer E. Rasmuson Library Biosciences Library Mather Library SLED
    Prospective Students
    Current Students Visitors ... Contact Us This page was last modified by

    97. Alaska State Court Law Library Locations And Hours
    alaska State Court Law Library Locations and Hours. If there access Rev.28 June 2002 © alaska Court System You
    Alaska State Court Law Library Locations and Hours
    If there is no law library in your community you may contact Anchorage Law Library staff at 907-264-0585 to request copies of specific items. Anchorage Law Library
    Library Information

    303 K Street
    907-264-0585 (Reference)
    907-264-0733 (FAX) Sunday Noon - 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Barrow Law Library
    1250 Agvik Street
    Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    May need to contact Clerk's Office to gain access Bethel Law Library
    204 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway
    Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    May need to contact Clerk's Office to gain access Dillingham Law Library 715 Seward Street Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm May need to contact Clerk's Office to gain access Fairbanks Law Library 101 Lacey Street Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Staffed Homer Law Library 3670 Lake Street, Suite 400 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm May need to contact Clerk's Office to gain access Juneau Law Library Dimond Courthouse 4th and Main Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Staffed Kenai Law Library 125 Trading Bay Drive, Suite 100

    98. Reading On The Run Links To Books, Book Stores, Used Bookstores, Libraries, Auth
    Reading on the Run / Public libraries Alabama Birmingham Birmingham Public LibraryAlaska Juneau Juneau Public Library. Arizona Phoenix Phoenix Public Library.
    Reading on the Run / Public Libraries Alabama

    Birmingham Public Library

    Juneau Public Library

    Phoenix Public Library
    Scottsdale Public Library
    Tucson-Pima Public Library
    Fort Smith

    Fort Smith Public Library
    Little Rock Central Arkansas Library System California Anaheim Anaheim Public Library Berkeley Berkeley Public Library Long Beach Long Beach Public Library Los Angeles Los Angeles Public Library San Francisco San Francisco Public Library Colorado Boulder Boulder Public Library Denver Denver Public Library Connecticut Danbury Danbury Public Library Delaware Dover Delaware Public Library District of Columbia Washington, DC District of Columbia Public Library Florida Fort Lauderdale Broward County Library Miami Miami-Dade Public Library Orlando Orange County Library System Georgia Atlanta Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Hawaii Honolulu Hawaii State Public Library System Idaho Boise Boise Public Library Illinois Chicago Chicago Public Library Evanston Evanston Public Library Indiana Indianapolis Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Iowa Des Moines Public Library of Des Moines Kansas Kansas City Kansas City Public Library Kentucky Lexington Lexington Public Library Louisville Louisville Free Public Library Louisiana New Orleans New Orleans Public Library Maine Bangor Bangor Public Library Maryland Baltimore Baltimore County Public Library Massachusetts Boston Boston Public Library Cambridge Cambridge Public Library Michigan Detroit Detroit Public Library Minnesota Minneapolis Minneapolis Public Library Mississippi

    99. ARLIS Home
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