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         Albanian Culture:     more detail
  1. Women Who Become Men: Albanian Sworn Virgins (Dress, Body, Culture Series) by Antonia Young, 2001-08-01
  2. Studies in Modern Albanian Literature and Culture by Robert Elsie, 1996-01-15
  3. Albanian Culture: Religion in Albania
  4. Studies in Modern Albanian Literature and Culture.: An article from: World Literature Today by Janet Byron Anderson, 1997-03-22
  5. Albanian Literature: Culture of Albania, Mehdi Bardhi, Gjeke Marinaj, Encyclopedia of Albanian Art, Puthja E Fundit
  6. Albanian Folklore: Culture of Albania, Zana E Malit, the Tale of the Eagle, E Bukura E Dheut, Tomor, Prende, Perendi, Verbti, Djall, Shurdi
  7. Albanian Mythology: Culture of Albania, Gjergj Elez Alia, Zana E Malit, Bolla, Xindhi
  8. ALBANIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by ROBERT ELSIE, 2001
  9. A Dictionary of Albanian Religion, Mythology, and Folk Culture by Robert Elsie, 2000-12-01
  10. ALBANIAN AMERICANS: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America</i> by Jane Jurgens, 2000
  11. Thesare te kultures popullore; Tresors de la culture populaire albanaise (Treasures of Popular Albanian Treasures) [Albanian and French language] by Feride; ill. Mehmeti, Gezim, and Refik Veseli Papleka, 1980
  12. Vengeance is Mine: Justice Albanian Style by Fatos Tarifa, 2008-04-15
  13. Illyrian Prehistorical Culture in Albania by Aristotel Koka, 1985-11
  14. Turkey in Europe by Sir Charles Eliot, 2010-04-13

41. Albania Links
Albanian Web Ring, Email list and links to other sites. Albanian WorldWide Web Home Page, An introduction to albanian culture and politics.
= Albanian = English = French = German = Italian
Central Government, Ministries and Agencies
Political Parties and Politicians Institutes and NGOs Regional Sites ... Miscellaneous Sites
Central Government, Ministries and Agencies Central Government Site Comments Parliament Discusses committees, parliamentary rules, parties and more. President Press releases and a biography of the president. The site is also accessible through an alternate URL Ministries and Agencies Armed Forces Information about the branches of the military. Bank of Albania Includes banking legislation and economic data. Central Electoral Commission Legal information and election results. Committee on Women and the Family Responsible for implementation of policy and promoting equal opportunities. Department of Information Economic Development Agency Promotes investment in Albania and discusses privatization, insurance, banking and other issues. Forest Service Limited information is available in English.

42. The Albmuzika Trust - Helping Albanian Music
music, musical events and instruments to help the Christian musical education ofthe people of Albania and to help promote the albanian culture through the
History - How did the project start... Albmuzika Trust is an project-fund which started its function in 1996, and its main aim is to provide music, musical events and instruments to help the Christian musical education of the people of Albania and to help promote the Albanian culture through the world. Christian Concert of musicians gathered from different churches of Albania.
Dinamo Stadium - Tirana, 1993 Since the country has opened its doors, the churches have had to rely on music translated from other cultures, mainly England and the U.S.A. But the time has come for a country with such a rich cultural background, to have its own voice in the international music scene. This is where Albmuzika will concentrate its work; The fund attempt to provide the Albanians with music that is composed by themselves and to let the rest of the world know of such a tradition and culture! The fund was started as an idea from Ralf GJoni , and backed by The International Church of Tirana , but has in these last years become more recognised by European Organisations in Finland, Holland, UK and the USA which are involved in Christian music.

43. Albanian Melbourne
transition from totalitarianism. But I was crestfallen at the stateof albanian culture in its homeland. Though exhilarated by the
Albanian Melbourne
Changing radio stations can change your life. One afternoon I chanced upon a frequency transmitting music unlike any I’d heard before. West and east were tautly combined in a haunting refrain. From the west came a mandolin-like instrument strumming a languorous rhythm, from the east a melancholic male voice soaring over the guitar. It was as though someone had laid a Muslim call to prayer over a Hungarian dance tune. I had no idea where this music came from, so I rang the station. "We’re Albanians," a man said. He invited me in to meet them. Singer of the Year . Soon after he arrived in 1987, he was working at a plastics factory in Footscray, and saving what he could for his family in Kosovo. He invited me to an Albanian function in Epping, a dinner in honour of a dignitary from the Democratic League of Kosovo. The local ALP candidate and I were the only non-Albanians there. Moving through the crowd, I was asked a lot about my academic connections. Their leaders sought some one to give them access to Melbourne University, believing this would give them political credibility in Australia. They were a hearty crowd. Greetings were accompanied by emphatic handshakes, prolonged eye contact and a shower of cigarettes. After a plate of

44. Search Europe
Prayers in Albanian. (Added Wed Mar 28 2001); The arberisht homepage avery complete site about albanian culture, language, villages in Italy.
Home Search Home Society And Culture ... Ethnic > Albanian
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  • Sites:

  • - Sceintific, academic, historical and education. (Added: Tue Feb 02 1999)
  • abelard public education site
    - general educational resource including documents on the turing test, theory of colour, emu, loud music and hearing damage, tv violence and children, and history of abelard le pallet. (Added: Sat Dec 04 1999)
  • A website devoted to Çamëria, an Albanian area of Greece
    - A website devoted to Çamëria, an Albanian area of Greece (Added: Wed Mar 28 2001)
  • Clan cyberesh
    - mailing list for Albanians in Italy (Added: Wed Mar 28 2001)
  • Prayers in Albanian. - Prayers in Albanian. (Added: Wed Mar 28 2001)
  • The arberisht homepage - a very complete site about albanian culture, language, villages in Italy. Hosts pages from Albanian organisations. Links (Added: Wed Mar 28 2001)
  • Albanian immigrant and cultural resource in Greater Boston - Albanian immigrant and cultural resource in Greater Boston (Added: Sun May 05 2002)
  • Albanian Canadian Community Association of Toronto - Albanian Canadian Community Association of Toronto (Added: Mon Sep 16 2002)
  • La casa degli albanesi d'Italia - La casa degli albanesi d'Italia (Added: Tue Oct 15 2002)
  • Bota Shqiptare - Albanians in Italy - Bota Shqiptare - Albanians in Italy
  • 45. Untitled Document
    I will present three selected (and anonymised) cases in which I was asked to commenton albanian culture and, in particular, to to explain Albanian traditions
    Return to Abstracts menu Making a Difference?: The anthropologist as 'cultural expert' in legal cases Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers I will present three selected (and anonymised) cases in which I was asked to comment on Albanian culture and, in particular, to "to explain Albanian traditions of violence" in criminal and asylum cases involving Albanians both from Kosovo and Albania in different West-European countries. In one case, 'tradition' was used by the Kosovar Albanian offender to justify homicide and a court requested an anthropological commentary; in another, police used anthropological considerations to track down the culprit of gang murder; in the last, a Kosovo Albanian woman's claim for asylum was rejected, but she was able to launch a promising appeal on the basis of an adjudicator's mistake and the anthropologist's insights. I will use this material to raise the following issues. - Dilemmas of anthropologist, de-constructivist theory in coping with essentialist assumptions and expectations, which may unite both the international officials' and the Albanian clients' ways of thinking.
    - The problem of representing 'traditions', particularly 'traditions of violence' which may be part of cultural continuities, discursive re-constructions, or expressions of the social life of re-inventions.

    46. Home : Country Focus : Albania : Society And Culture : Organization
    Links Saadi Shirazi Cultural Foundation Devoted to the developmentof Persian and albanian culture. Publishes and .(En/Albanian).
    Home Search Options Home : Country Focus : Albania : Society and Culture : Organization Country Focus : Albania : Society and Culture : Organization Home Add a Site Modify a Site What's New ... Advertising info Inside Home Translation/Interpretation Services
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    founder and its Advisory Board, a deep national vision rooted in the premise thatthe preservation, consolidation and promotion of albanian culture should be a
    CULTURAL FOUNDATION VELIJA SUPPORT FOR THE NATIONAL CULTURE Founder and President VEBI VELIJA Director MIRA MEKSI Everything for All our energies and resources should be devoted to securing the future of our nation and to strengthening our cultural values so that they can withstand the passage of time and rise in the face of adversity. I believe that a nation can survive on little food, but never on little culture. Therefore, to secure our future as a nation, we must facilitate the creation of a vibrant cultural nucleus. This is my philosophy which i hope will guide the programs of this Foundation Vebi VELIJA VEBI VELIJA Founder and President VELIJA Foundation Born in 1948, in Gradec of Gostivar (Macedonia), Vebi Velija studied economics in Belgrade and Zagreb and went to establish himself in the hotel business in Croatia and Austria. He has been present in Albania since 1990 and has established businesses in the fields of real estate development, tobacco and cigarette production, financial services, express package delivery, and petroleum. He figures in the 10-th publication of "WHO’S WHO " in European Commerce and Industry.

    minister of culture in the year 1999); Ganka SamoilovaCvetanova (minister of culturein the year 2000-2001); Victims albanian culture in FYROM (Macedonia).
    Shoqata e Botuesve Shqiptarë
    Tel: ++ 389 02 600 036/ 622 346; 044 21 975/ 044 330 317 E-Mail:
    Azam Dauti

    President, Albanian Publishers Association in Macedonia To:
    (Education and Culture Department);
    UNESCO (Education and Culture Department);
    European Commission (Education and Culture Department);
    OSCE (Education and Culture Department);
    International Hague Tribunal (Education and Culture Department) Foreign Embassies in R.Macedonia Skopje, 4.04.2001 EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL GENOCID AGAINST ALBANIANS IN MACEDONIA (1991-2001) An Introduction with the school books on Albanian language and Albanian cultural activities in Macedonia (FYROM) Subject: INDICTMENT against all previous and present Macedonian Governments of FYROM Macedonia, Signatory country of all International Conventions and Documents for Protection of the Freedom and Civil Rights in different fields, particularly signatory of the Conventions and Documents regarding the Protection of the Cultural and National Identity in EDUCATION and CULTURE Submitted by: Albanian Publishers Association, with its office in Skopje, Macedonia

    49. Albania  (vocabulary - Quiz - Resources)
    Albania proper. 6. True / False Lik Dukagjin’s 15th century honorand blood code continues to influence albanian culture. 7. True
    Area Studies / South Central Europe Albania / Vocabulary - Quiz - Resources Vocabulary Quiz Resources
    Basic Facts Religion in Albania Vocabulary, Quiz, Resources Women Holidays Customs Bektashi. A dervish order Muslim group, an offshoot of the Shi'a branch, found in parts of Albania. It is a tolerant group, which incorporates elements of pagan and Christian thought and practice. Besa. Albanian pledge to keep one’s worda solemn obligation. Dervish. Members of Muslim ascetic orders who may participate in ecstatic observancesdancing, whirling, chanting or shouting. Dowry. Money, goods or property a woman brings to her husband at marriage. Dukagjin, Lik. 15th century Albanian leader who formalized a legal code based upon honor and blood, including the importance of one’s extended family ties. Gegs. Ethnic Albanian subgroup who live north of the Shkumbin River. Gegs are primarily a mountain people. Gusle. One stringed musical instrument used to accompany epic poetry in mountainous Balkan regions. Hoxha, Enver.

    50. Balkan Languages Sites
    Internet Resources Home. Albanian Home Page. A comprehensive collection of resourceson albanian culture, history, and language. Website written in English.
    Internet Resources has moved
    Internet Resources for Language Teachers and Learners collection is no longer being maintained on this website. The collection can now be found on the CALL@Hull site, a private project of Fred Riley who was previously the Centre's Web Developer/Programmer. To avoid broken links no documents have been moved or deleted, but naturally their content will become steadily obsolete over time, so please change your bookmarks and links to the new location. You can also find a useful database of languages-related Internet sites at the LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in the Weblinks section. Internet Resources CALL Database Reviews LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics, and Area Studies ... CALL@Hull
    Balkan Languages
    Internet Resources Home Albanian Home Page. A comprehensive collection of resources on Albanian culture, history, and language. Website written in English. Albanian Language and Literature. Albanian resources and links. In Albanian, English, and German. ARIADNE'S HELLENIC - GREEK NEWS . Daily news from Greek radio stations and news agencies. Text in Greek, English, Russian, and German, as well as audio clips of news in Greek and English. This site makes extensive use of inline images.

    to commit suicide after the rape. In albanian culture rape is consideredas shame worse than death. For the VICTIM, of course !
    HIGH CHURCH OFFICIAL FROM VATICAN SPEAKS OUT AGAINST THE “MORNING AFTER” PILLS which are a part of the reproductive kits UN distributes among Albanian women who had been raped by the soldiers of the Yugoslav Army. Vatican objects, worried that the usage of these pills would lead to the pregnancy termination. Vatican claims that there is a distinction between “the violence that the victims were subjected to and the fact that a new human being has been conceived”. Such Christian (un)concern for the raped women is almost understandable, (although unacceptable), when one remembers that it comes from the men who have sworn to celibacy, have no personal knowledge or experience of parenthood or husbandry, and no possibility to know how a raped victim feels like even if she doesn't get pregnant. These men, who live in the sanctity of their untouchable and secure homes, debating mostly about what others should or shouldn't do, feel they have right to give lessons to people belonging to another culture and belief system. It is strange how little of Christian compassion has been shown for the victims of brutal violence. Are the Church officials interested at all in the suffering of the raped women?

    52. New Page 1
    Republic of Albania. It will also be a mirror to the albanian cultureand history, economy and politics. Special place is dedicated anglisht.htm
    21 February, 2003 The idea of establishing an national private satellite television, serving as an alternative for providing information and culture for the Albanian community all over the ëorld ëas put forëard by the Cultural Foundation VELIJA. This is the most serious investment in Albania concerning electronic media. The guarantied audience due to the content of the program and its geographic size, being the only TV channel that will offer 24 hour of programs in Albanian language covering 9 million of viewers Advertising time will not exceed the 2 minutes, making so the advertising time efficient. The prices will be favorable and comparable to those of TV channels in Kosovo and Macedonia. During the first year, for the longtime contracts, promotional packets will be offered with symbolic prices. ALSAT program will be transmit again (with non-satellite) for the local channels in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, which programs are in debit

    53. Kosovo: Burned Books And Blasted Shrines
    years. As such they were filled with artifacts and documents andwere regarded as symbols of albanian culture in Kosovo. Barely

    Crimes against culture
    KOSOVO: BURNED BOOKS AND BLASTED SHRINES Interview by Cynthia Guttman, UNESCO Courier journalist.
    The ruins of the kulla of Jashar Pasha, burned in May 1999 by Serbs.
    You spent three weeks in Kosovo in October 1999 documenting damage to cultural heritage. What were your main findings?
    Kosovo’s 600-year-old Islamic heritage suffered large-scale devastation during the “ethnic cleansing” operations. More than one third of the region’s 600 mosques were destroyed or seriously damaged. A standard technique was to pack the base of the minaret with explosives so that the stone spire would collapse onto the building and smash the dome. We found racist anti-Albanian and anti-Islamic grafitti inside, Korans with pages ripped out and smeared with feces, and crosses carved into the mosques’ mihrabs [prayer niche]. Valuable collections of Islamic manuscripts were burned. The 500-year-old mosque and historic centre of Vucitrn was set afire and completely bulldozed by Serb paramilitaries. Of Kosovo’s four well-preserved Ottoman-era urban centres, only one, Prizren, escaped such devastation.
    The other great loss are the kullas —stone mansions typical of Albanian residential architecture. They tended to belong to the more prominent Albanian families and had been in the same hands for 150-200 years. As such they were filled with artifacts and documents and were regarded as symbols of Albanian culture in Kosovo. Barely ten per cent of the region’s 500 kullas survived the war. All this demonstrates that the damage was clearly not collateral. It was very intentional.

    54. TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents
    Albania. CULTURE. The Lonely Planet talks about albanian culture.To Country Main Page To TDS Home Page Travel Document Systems
    The Lonely Planet talks about Albanian Culture
    To Country Main Page
    To TDS Home Page
    Travel Document Systems
    Washington DC Office
    925 Fifteenth Street N.W.
    Suite 300
    Washington, D.C. 20005
    Voice: 1-800-874-5100
    Local: 202-638-3800
    Fax: 202-638-4674
    San Francisco Office
    One Embarcadero Center Suite 500 San Francisco CA 94111 Voice: 1-888-874-5100 Local: 415-773-2829 Fax: 415-773-2834

    55. Albanina HC: A New Case Of Violence By The Macedonian Police
    These distinguished representatives of the albanian culture were kept by the policyin the vicinity of Kertchovo, where they were maintained for several hours
    International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
    Wickenburgg. 14/7, A-1080 Vienna, AUSTRIA
    Tel. +43-1-408 88 22
    Fax +43-1-408 88 22-50
    APPEALS AND STATEMENTS PUBLICATIONS PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES ... OTHER APPEALS AND STATEMENTS OF THE AHC A New Case of Violence by the Macedonian Police The AHC turns back once more to the remarks formulated to the address of the Macedonian police regarding its brutal behavior at the damage of Albanian citizens travelling to Macedonia in a legal way. The AHC received a visit by Mr. Xhevair Spahiu, a well-known poet who is at the same time member of the Board of this Committee, to bring to its knowledge the complaint of a group of personalities of culture who went to Tetovo to take part in a cultural activity dedicated to the national poet Naim Frasheri, one of the leaders one of the Albanian Renaissance of XIX century. These distinguished representatives of the Albanian culture were kept by the policy in the vicinity of Kertchovo, where they were maintained for several hours and submitted to a real interrogation. The Albanian writers called this act as "an arrest of the Albanian language". The AHC has got its own experience with the Macedonian police, when its representatives have been kept at the border for the simple reason that they have brought books in Albanian, which were even sequestered. This Committee has received more than one evidence of this brutal behavior. The latest case is all the more serious that this violence is still continuing when a new atmosphere could be expected in the Macedonian-Albanian relations in Macedonia itself after the signature of the Ohrid agreement, providing for a new regulation of the coexistence between the majority and the minorities, the Albanian population reaching almost one third of the whole population of this Republic. The same was to be expected towards Albanian citizens going there and bringing with them messages of peace and good cooperation.

    56. RIFAH
    area. Certainly, original albanian culture could not resist such apowerful influence of so many different civilizations. Having
    Nizami Genjevi
    History of Azeri nation has deep roots and begins from the earliest times, when tribes, speaking different languages, lived in the territory of Eastern Transcaucasia and Northern Iran. The Kura river was separating our ancestors into 2 major groups: Albanian speaking and Persian speaking. With rise and fall of great empires of Ancient and Middle Ages inflamed streams of Persians, Arabs, Mongols, and finally Turks filled this area. Certainly, original Albanian culture could not resist such a powerful influence of so many different civilizations. Having accepted and inherited various cultural values, including such fundamental values as religion, music, and most important, language, the Azerbaijani nation was formed on the basis of its original culture. The most basic identifying sign and value of every historically formed nation is its language. Unlike other cultural values, language is perceived and actively employed by every member of national society. The Azerbaijani language is related to the Turkic group of languages and it is a part of Turkic language belt from Bosporus to Uygurstan (Sinkiang). During long centuries of Turkic conquests solitary Turkic language was established in all this vast territory. In the process of settlement and dynamic interaction with the local languages and culture the original Turkic language suffered inevitable transformation in different regions. In accordance with certain peculiarities of local languages, culture, and level of interaction, the Turkic language acquired specific features, it became melodic in Azerbaijan (including contemporary Northern Iran), European in Turkey, etc. As the result of this acclimatization the solitary Turkic language transformed into a group of languages with each having its specific features.

    57. Culture
    The sponsors have not approved nor disapproved the contents of this page. Send comments to Copyright © 1998

    58. Albanian Sites Directory
    Guide to culture, history, media, education and government.

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    59. Index
    Personal website containing information about albanian people and culture.
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    60. Albanian Land Of The Eagles
    Includes information on albanian history, culture, and government.

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