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         Albanian Culture:     more detail
  1. Women Who Become Men: Albanian Sworn Virgins (Dress, Body, Culture Series) by Antonia Young, 2001-08-01
  2. Studies in Modern Albanian Literature and Culture by Robert Elsie, 1996-01-15
  3. Albanian Culture: Religion in Albania
  4. Studies in Modern Albanian Literature and Culture.: An article from: World Literature Today by Janet Byron Anderson, 1997-03-22
  5. Albanian Literature: Culture of Albania, Mehdi Bardhi, Gjeke Marinaj, Encyclopedia of Albanian Art, Puthja E Fundit
  6. Albanian Folklore: Culture of Albania, Zana E Malit, the Tale of the Eagle, E Bukura E Dheut, Tomor, Prende, Perendi, Verbti, Djall, Shurdi
  7. Albanian Mythology: Culture of Albania, Gjergj Elez Alia, Zana E Malit, Bolla, Xindhi
  8. ALBANIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by ROBERT ELSIE, 2001
  9. A Dictionary of Albanian Religion, Mythology, and Folk Culture by Robert Elsie, 2000-12-01
  10. ALBANIAN AMERICANS: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America</i> by Jane Jurgens, 2000
  11. Thesare te kultures popullore; Tresors de la culture populaire albanaise (Treasures of Popular Albanian Treasures) [Albanian and French language] by Feride; ill. Mehmeti, Gezim, and Refik Veseli Papleka, 1980
  12. Vengeance is Mine: Justice Albanian Style by Fatos Tarifa, 2008-04-15
  13. Illyrian Prehistorical Culture in Albania by Aristotel Koka, 1985-11
  14. Turkey in Europe by Sir Charles Eliot, 2010-04-13

81. Studies In Modern Albanian Literature And Culture; ; Robert Elsie
Elsie examines contemporary albanian literature and culture from an outsider'sperspective, bringing major albanian literary works to a wider audience.
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August, 1996
EEM #455
200 pages
East European Monographs
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Studies in Modern Albanian Literature and Culture
Robert Elsie About the Author
Robert Elsie is the author of numerous studies, including the monumental History of Albanian Literature. He lives in Olzheim/Eifel, Germany. For more information, please contact Customer Service
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82. Language, Folk Beliefs, Religion, Ethnography, Folklore, Handicraft, Monuments O
which were enriched later on by ancient albanian authors. During the period ofNational Renaissance, the interest for the traditional culture grew further.
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Language , Folk beliefs, Religion , Ethnography , Folklore, Handicraft, Monuments of Culture, Literature and Arts, Theatre, Cinematography, Sports Language The Albanian language is the official language. Albanian comprises a separate original branch in the family of the Indo-European languages. Albanian is a successor of the Illyrian language. In its lexical there are to be found borrowings from Italian, old and new Greek, Latin, Slavic languages of the Balkan and Turkish. Despite that, it has preserved its originality as a special language. Folk beliefs Folk beliefs are link with cults, the religious rites, magic practices, folk mythology and calendar, family and social life and production. Among the elements of toteism, the most important is the cult of snake as protector of the house, as a benefaction. Different belief of production motifs are interwoven with the celebrations of folk calendar, special rites, social praying, the work in agriculture and live-stock, land, moon and sun. Religion Three religions co-exist in Albania: Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim. About 60% of the population is Muslim.

83. ZUJI
culture, Polyphony is a southern albanian tradition dating back to ancient Illyriantimes, involving blending several independent vocal or instrumental parts.,1277,ZUJIAU|1763|48|1,00.html
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... Europe : Albania Albania
Culture Polyphony is a southern Albanian tradition dating back to ancient Illyrian times, involving blending several independent vocal or instrumental parts. The songs usually have epic lyrical or historical themes, and may be slow and sombre with beautiful harmonies or include yodelling when it really starts whooping up. There is little Albanian cinema, but the most notable recent film is Lamerica , a stark portrayal of post-communist Albanian life. Before written Albanian was standardised in 1909, there was very little literature. Fan Noli, who died in 1965, was the giant of 20th century Albanian literature. Many of his own works were based on religious themes, but the introductions he wrote to his translations of Cervantes, Shakespeare, Ibsen and Omar Khayy¡m established him as the country's foremost literary critic. Albania's best known contemporary writer is Ismail Kadare, who fled the country's police state in 1990. His work has been translated into 40 languages. Albanian (Shqipja) is an Indo-European language with many Latin, Slavonic and modern Greek words. It has two main forms, Tosk and Gheg, which diverged about 1000 years ago. In 1972 the Congress of Orthography established a unified written language, which is now universally accepted for both languages. Italian is useful for travel in Albania; many Albanians learned it before 1943, but others have picked it up by watching Italian TV stations or through recent trips to Italy.

84. Barbarism And The Erasure Of Culture
to strengthen albanian claims to Kosovo. By forcing Serbs to leave their ancestralhomeland, and then destroying all traces of Serbian culture, the albanians
Barbarism and the Erasure of Culture
The destruction of Sveti Anastasi
by Christopher Deliso
August 24, 2001
W hen the revered fourteenth-century Monastery of Sveti Anastasi in Leshok was blown up earlier this week, Macedonian Government Spokesman Antonio Milososki summarized the event concisely: "This," he said, "is barbarism." Milososki's simple statement captured the essence of the matter: that the destruction of such a historical and cultural treasure as the Leshok Monastery was an act that could only be described as barbaric, a thoughtless, misanthropic destruction of a unique and irreplaceable piece of the common European heritage. Yet for all its ignorance, this act meant something more than a bunch of unemployed young terrorists playing with explosives (though such individuals no doubt executed the destruction). It was a deliberate attempt to erase any trace of Macedonia's historical continuity, to wipe the presence of the past clear off the map. As such, the destruction of the Leshok Monastery was a calculated attempt by Albanian terrorists to exert their territorial dominance, by obliterating a valuable part of Macedonian heritage, a treasure of art and religion that had been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

85. Albania Vacation Guide: Romantic Albanian Cruises, Albania Honeymoons, Getaways,
Albania culture. Population 3,490,435 (July 2000 est.) Nationality noun albanian(s)adjective albanian Ethnic groups albanian 95%, Greeks 3%, other 2
The sophisticated travelers Albania vacation connection.
Albania Vacation Guide: Romantic Albania Vacations
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Albania: Culture
Population: 3,490,435 (July 2000 est.)
noun: Albanian(s) adjective: Albanian Ethnic groups: Albanian 95%, Greeks 3%, other 2% (Vlachs, Gypsies, Serbs, and Bulgarians) (1989 est.) note: in 1989, other estimates of the Greek population ranged from 1% (official Albanian statistics) to 12% (from a Greek organization)

86. Albanian Bussines Communication
albanian Business Communication. You are in ABComm Home Art , albanian Ministryof culture, Allegreto Albania, Teatri Kombetar. Kinema Millenium *, Literature
Albanian Business Communication
You are in: ABComm Home Art Albanian Ministry of Culture Allegreto Albania Teatri Kombetar Kinema Millenium Literature Modern Albanian poetry History of Albanian Literature Albanian Literature- Britannica Migjeni ... Albanian Books Online Visual Arts Some Albanian Paintings Ibrahim Kodra George Pali Gazmend Leka ... Robert Aliaj DRAGOT Archeology Albaland
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Albania Busines Communication

Noli Business Center, Suite 7, Tirana. Telephon: (+355-4) 250 520 Fax: 247 002
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bilateral cooperation in education and science, aid to the albanian language and stateagreement on cooperation in education, science and culture, the Ministry
M ap of Yugoslavia CULTURE
Belgrade,Monday March17, 2003
EDITION: Daily Politics Parties Society ... Serbian
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88. GREEN EGGS REPORT For Soc.culture.albanian
Green Eggs Report. by alice at The Green Eggs Report is a list ofURLs spotted within the soc.culture.albanian newsgroup. Up To soc.culture
Green Eggs Report
by alice at
The Green Eggs Report is a list of URLs
spotted within the soc.culture.albanian newsgroup
Up To: soc.culture
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89. Pravda.RU Deputy Alksnis Says Feeling Ashamed Of The Country
Independent online news and analytic resource.Category News Current Events Global Politics and War...... albanian terrorists are preparing invasion of South Serbia, Serb officialsstate. These days, tension was redoubled in the province.
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Apr, 03 2003 In Russian Em Portugues Former USSR Top Stories ... About Pravda.RU:Top Stories
Deputy Alksnis Says Feeling Ashamed of the Country
RF Duma deputy Viktor Alksnis spoke at a plenary session of the parliament. His speech was full of distress over the fate of the country.

Before this very session in the Duma I surfed the Internet to see what western mass media were publishing on the Iraqi war. It’s incredible, but Russia wasn’t mentioned in the publications concerning the war at all. On the whole, when it comes to the Iraqi war on the Internet, the place-name of Russia doesn’t exist at all. You can read about positions of Cameroon, Botswana and New Zealand on the war problem, but, sorry, no position of Russia as it sees the war can be found on the Internet
More details
Cuban FM Says Visit to Former Soviet Space Positive
Minister Felipe Perez Roque returned to Havana after meeting Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Belarus leaderships.

In a statement to the News Agency Prensa Latina, the Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said his visit to four former Soviet Republics (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Belarus) was very positive. According to Perez Roque, economic ties between Cuba and the former Soviet nations have been embryonic, but there is a political willingness to regain the levels of another epoch
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Dozens Feared Dead in Bolivia Mudslides
Other 400 remain missing. People desperately look for their relatives

90. Albanian Penpals - Email Pals For Exchange Of Language And Culture
albanian Penpals Members Search Results. Click on a name for more informationor to contact the member. Maria. United States. albanian. albanian.

91. Acquaformosa And Italo-Albanian Links
In 1501 the monastery of Santa Maria granted some of its lands to an albanian exilegroup of about 20 families led by the Caparello family, in exchange for
Home Family Story Family Flowcharts Documentation ... Reunion 2002 Acquaformosa Web Links Acquaformosa, Italia History:
The site of a monastery church of Santa Maria, erected 1197 with funds donated by the Brahalla family of nearby Altomonte. In 1501 the monastery of Santa Maria granted some of its lands to an Albanian exile group of about 20 families led by the Caparello family, in exchange for annual payments based on population, dwellings and amount of livestock raised on the land.
26 km from Spezzano Albanese (stazione); 500 km from Lungro
Physical Features:
Sited at 756 m. altitude in foothills of Mula range overlooking, to the east, the plain of Sibari and the vales of Esaro and Crati.
Original Founders/Early Family Surnames: 1. Aronne
2. Basile
3. Bavasso
4. Bellizzi
5. Bellusci 6. Borgia 7. Borrescio 8. Buono 9. Buscicchio 10. Capparelli 11. Chinigò 12. Chiullo 13. Cortese 14. Cucci 15. Damis 16. Daragò 17. Demarco 18. Dituri 19. Elmo 20. Frascino 21. Irianni 22. Laurito

92. Keywords | LTSN Subject Centre For Languages, Linguistics And Area Studies
albanian Home Page A comprehensive collection of resources on albanianculture, history, and language. Website written in English.

93. IPL Kidspace
com/main/ Learn about the countries of Albania and Kosova, as well as Albanianculture (people, language, music, dress, food drink, etc.) and history.
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The World Factbook: Albania Quick facts about Albania's geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and more.

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