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  1. Open Wounds: Human Rights Abuses in Kosovo by 0863 Helsinki, Human Rights Watch Staff, 1994-02
  2. Be Not Afraid, for You Have Sons in America: How a Brooklyn Roofer Helped Lure the U.S. into the Kosovo War by Stacy Sullivan, 2004-05-27

61. UNICEF Albania - Immunization
UNICEF will continue to be one of the main partners of albanian government in protectingthe lives of Albanian children from deadly vaccine preventable diseases
What we do You are in Immunization
UNICEF will continue to be one of the main partners of Albanian government in protecting the lives of Albanian children from deadly vaccine preventable diseases. Established objectives will be achieved through a well-integrated strategy of interventions to ensure good coverage rates, active involvement of health professionals, strengthening laboratory capacities and active surveillance, effective cold chain, strong political commitment towards Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), and active community participation. UNICEF is supporting procurement of basic EPI vaccines and safe injection supplies. The issue of financial sustainability will be addressed with finalization of a model proposed by UNICEF - "Ensuring vaccines for the children of Albania", by the progressive takeover of the vaccine procurement process by the Albanian government and by securing the support of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) board for Hepatitis B and Hemofilus influenze B (HiB) vaccines. A cold chain survey covering inventory and effectiveness will be carried out during September - October 2001.

62. Savage Kosovo Fighting Kills 110; 50 Serbs Kidnapped
Saturday, the albanian government warned the escalating clashes were a provocation threatening the tiny republic's sovereignty and territory and aimed at



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TABLOID NEWS SERVICES, INC. [July 20, 1998] Belgrade and Tirana accused each other of sending troops across the Albania-Yugoslavia border on Sunday as the death toll from weekend clashes in troubled Kosovo province reached at least 110. Meanwhile, Serb media has claimed ethnic Albanian separatists kidnapped more than 50 Serb workers during the weekend battle in Kosovo, while two Serbs were killed by snipers. The Serbs, working for a medical center and businesses in the town of Orahovac, were abducted by separatists with the Kosovo Liberation Army when they seized control of the southwestern city Friday, the Serb daily Jedinstvo reported. Fighting continued between Serb police and Kosovo Albanian separatists for control of Orahovac, 40 miles southwest of the provincial capital Pristina. Serb sources said police had regained control of the town center. Informed sources here said at least 110 people were killed Saturday and Sunday when the Yugoslav army clashed with hundreds of separatists trying to enter the province from neighboring Albania. The fighting occurred in the mountainous region of southwestern Kosovo, the main route for the cross-border transport of people and arms.

63. Emergency Joint G24/Consultative Group Meeting For Albania
Maintaining stability in the country while hosting the large numberof refugees is a top priority for the albanian government. He
Calendar Home Calendar
Emergency Joint G24/Consultative Group Meeting for Albania
Chairmen’s Conclusions
Representatives from 24 donor countries and 15 international organisations met in Brussels on May 26 1999. The main purpose of this meeting was to secure pledges towards meeting Albania’s additional external financing needs resulting from the Kosovo crisis, in order to enable Albania to cope with short term costs and maintain the stabilisation and structural reform process. Donors gave strong support to Albania in order to handle the emergency situation and costs arising from the Kosovo conflict while the country continues to implement the economic and institutional reforms agenda. Today’s G24/Consultative Group meeting was co-chaired by the European Commission (Directors Fabrizio Barbaso and Joly Dixon) and the World Bank (Director Ms Arntraud Hartmann). The delegation of Albania was led by the Prime Minister, Mr. Pandeli Majko, accompanied by the Finance Minister, Mr. Anastas Angjeli, the Minister of Economic Co-operation and Trade, Ms. Ermelinda Meksi, and Mr. Maqo Lakrori, State Secretary for Euro-Atlantic Integration. Delegates also noted the valuable co-ordination mechanisms established after the 1997 crisis among the core donors EC, WB, EBRD and IMF. This group liases with "Friends of Albania", which is co-chaired by the EU/OSCE. Core donors regularly monitor progress in the reform programmes agreed upon. This donor co-ordination process fits well into the broader regional framework now being established for the Balkans.

64. Internet Resources For Albanian Studies
Profiles 1999 Albania. President Government Office of the President;Information Department of albanian government; Members of the
In Japanese
Internet Resources for Albanian Studies
General Country Overview Online News Politics ... Travel
General Resources
Mailing List
Country Information Online News International Press

65. Home Page
The Albanian Economic Development Agency (AEDA) was created with theinitiative of the albanian government in August 1998. It is
purpose functions structure services ... address The Albanian Economic Development Agency (AEDA) was created with the initiative of the Albanian Government in August 1998. It is acting as a joint stock company, with the whole capital owned by the Albanian Government. Being a private company makes her more flexible in her activity, while being a 100% state owned company helps her to surpass the bureaucracy obstructs by having all the government support and necessary facilities. Purpose The purpose of the Albanian Economic Development Agency is to assist the government in its efforts to create a favourable environment for foreign and local investments. We work to encourage and facilitate international and domestic investment in Albania, a crucial activity in the light of the close link between investment and development. A greater flow of investment will stimulate economic growth and social progress by creating new jobs and enhancing the social welfare in Albania. Functions The main activities of the Albanian Economic Development Agency are:
  • Preparation, publishing and distribution of economic of economic promotional materials

66. JURIST - Albania: Albanian Law, Legal Research, Human Rights
The albanian government's human rights record was poor in many areasin 2001; however, there were some improvements. The opposition
Human Rights
Legal Profession Law Schools
Albania's unicameral assembly (Kuvendi) consists of 140 seats, 100 of which are determined by direct popular vote. The remaining seats are distributed by proportional representation. All members serve 4-year terms. The Speaker of Parliament has two deputies, who, along with 13 parliamentary commissions, legislate Albanian affairs. The President is the head of state and elected by a three-fifths majority vote of all Assembly members. The President serves a term of 5 years with one right to re-election. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and approved by a simple majority of all members of the Assembly. The Prime Minister serves as the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (cabinet), which consists of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and other ministers. Members of the Council of Ministers are nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the President. Source: U.S. Department of State

67. Kosovo
TERRORISM IN KOSOVO AND METOHIJA AND ALBANIA WHITE BOOK. Activities ofthe albanian government in the 19911994 Period. 30 September 1991.
Activities of the Albanian Government in the
1991-1994 Period
30 September 1991 In connection with the "referendum in Kosovo" and the "Resolution of the Kosovo Assembly" of 22 September 1991, the Government of the Republic of Albania stated that they "welcome and give their support to the Kosovo Assembly Resolution defining the Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent state with the constitutive right in the Federation of sovereign states/republics in Yugoslavia as a logical consequence of the Kacanik Assembly decision of 7 September 1990 proclaiming the Republic of Kosovo". 8 October 1991 President of the Republic of Albania, Ramiz Alia, addressed a congratulatory message to "President of the Kosovo Assembly" reading as follows: "The Republic of Albania recognises this decision as a legitimate one in view of the fact that the principle of self-determination derives from the CSCE and OUN documents. We also warrant that the Republic of Albania will give its full support to the Republic of Kosovo towards its being more widely recognised and accepted by the international public". 23 October 1991 The National Assembly of the Republic of Albania recognised the "Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent state on the basis of freedom and full equality with all other peoples and the Provisional Government of Kosovo headed by Bujar Bukoshi".

68. People's Daily Online
together with Meidani to achieve further progress in bilateral ties in the new century,and said he greatly appreciates the albanian government's pursuit of

English Home
Headline Opinion China ... Employment Opportunity
Tuesday, December 14, 1999, updated at 15:35(GMT+8)
China Chinese, Albanian Presidents Hold Talks
Jiang said China and Albania have just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and the traditional friendship between the two peoples have remained intact despite of the changes in their countries and in the world. In recent years, bilateral cooperation has witnessed new development, Jiang said, stressing that it is in the interest of both sides to continue to push their relationship forward. China respects the independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Albania, as well as the development course chosen by its people, and also attaches great importance to friendship with Albania based on the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Jiang expressed a willingness to work together with Meidani to achieve further progress in bilateral ties in the new century, and said he greatly appreciates the Albanian government's pursuit of the "One China" policy. Meidani said he is pleased that his current visit coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and the founding of the People's Republic of China. He congratulated Jiang on China's dramatic development under the correct political and economic policies adopted by the Chinese government.

69. OSCE Latest News Releases
The Presence works closely with the albanian government in fightingthe trafficking in human beings. It is a priority for us, said

70. IMF/World Bank PRSP Comprehensive Review: Seminar Series - Albania's PRSP: Key L
Anesti Kashta, Institute for Fiscal Education, one of the local consultants whowere contracted by the albanian government for the GPRS process, organized
A joint initiative by the IMF and World Bank Poverty Reduction Strategies and PRSPs Home Email this Page IMF/World Bank Comprehensive
PRSP Review Home External Reviews Regional PRSP Events Seminar Series ... Links to External Sites Resources Povertynet
Data Library ... Seminar Series
Albania's PRSP: Key Lessons on Participation, Ownership and Partnership PRSP Review Seminar Series, Washington DC, World Bank, November 19, 2001 (videoconference) Chair : Parmesh Shah, Participation Coordinator, SDV, World Bank Participants : Fatos Reca, Chairman and Director, Securities Commission, Gelardina Ducka, Head, Technical Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Anesti Kashta, Institute for Fiscal Education, Alfred Kocollari, Albanian NGO Forum, Albania; Michael Hoffman, Carter Centre, Albania; Daniela Gressani, Sector Manager, ECSPE, Mansour Farsad, Senior Economist for Albania, Helga Treichel, Economist, WB, Field Office, World Bank Summary of discussion Albania has emerged as a promising example of country ownership and of using participatory processes to enhance the quality of the PRSP.

71. Green Horizon - September 2002

September 26, 2002 * Volume 4 Number 15
Albanian floods wane; environmental factors may have played role

Bulgaria wants EU inspection before scheduling Kozloduy closure

New Serbian environment minister pledges focus on waste

Lithuanian president recommends new nuke plant at Ignalina

Greenpeace sues for information about Spolana cleanup

Flood damage to Czech industry estimated at CKR 11.7 billion

REC promotes its approach to encouraging sustainability

ON THE INTERNET HELCOM will post articles about Baltic marine environment REC database of links allows for topic searches; postings welcome
FOCUS ON SOUTH EASTERN EUROPE ALBANIAN FLOODS WANE; CLIMATE CHANGE, EROSION MAY HAVE PLAYED ROLE Albanian government officials decided on Sept. 24 to lift a state of emergency that was imposed a day earlier, after severe flooding around the northern Albanian towns of Lac, Lezhe, Shkoder, Diber and Kukes displaced thousands of families and cut off energy and drinking water, according to reports. Officials say the situation is now under control, and that power has been restored to some regions, according to a Sept. 25 report from the Balkan Times News. The Albanian government was seeking emergency assistance to deal with the situation, and Greece, Italy and Turkey had already offered help, according to a Sept. 25 report from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

72. BalkanWeb Reports
Almost every day several protests are performed in front of the headquarters ofalbanian government, or presidency and parliament, by citizens, mine workers
Financially Supported by: European Union, Delegation of the European Commission in Albania Open Society Foundation (SOROS)
Albania, talks for the eu agreement start
Altin Kreka
from Tirana
Date: 10.12.2002
Freedom of press The power the opposition Adhesion to new international conventions Economy ... Military tension in the country
1. Freedom of press

2. The power the opposition

3. Adhesion to new international conventions
Albanian government considered as a great success the decision to open the talks with EU on the Association-Stabilization agreement. Chris Patten, EU commissioner, reported in Tirana that the Albanian political situation had helped for the opening of the talks, and there is needed much work to sign the agreement. Albania is an active participant of the world coalition against the terrorism since it has contributed by sending troops in Afghanistan. Albanian Parliament has passed several international conventions by becoming in such a way a full member. The sole problem seems to be the clash emerged between USA and EU regarding the International Criminal Court. Albania is under way to ratify the Rome status, but on the other hand has promised to USA to sign a bilateral agreement.

4. Economy

73. Democratic Party Of Albania - 'Press Releases'
We express our deep indignation against the inhumane irresponsible standof the albanian government towards its citizens that fled to Italy.

74. ENTER - News Agency
German foreign minister appreciated the attitude of the albanian governmenttowards Kosova and FYROM. Mr. Kinkel added that Germany

75. RomNews Network Community @
roundtable held in Albania on Roma issues, local and international organizationssat down together with representatives of the albanian government to discuss

76. SEESAC - Albania
Meetings were held with representatives of the albanian government, including thePresident Elect, Dr. Alfred Moisiu, international agencies and local NGOs

in Albania www.

Recent Albanian Weapons Laws SHORT MISSION REPORT

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Henny van der Graaf, Team Leader,
Ms. Chrissie Hirst, NGO Co-ordinator
The SEESAC mission was well received and supported by UNDP Tirana. The UNDP SALW collection process in Albania
27 June 2002
  • Ms. Anna Stjarnerklint, Resident Representative, Ms. Enkhtsetseg Miyegombo, Assistant Resident Representative and Irena Dule, Programme Specialist, UNDP Tirana
28 June 2002
  • Information Manager Dr Alfred Moisiu, President Elect Gjergji Murra, Director of the Albanian Stability Pact Secretariat Col. Haxhi Asllani, Head of Arms Control Section and Major Sula, Senior Staff Officer, Weapons Department, Ministry of Defence
  • Mr Bilbil Mema, General Director of State Police, Col. Todi Grazhtani, Chief of Weapons Collection Structure and Lt. Col. Robert Korkuti, Assistant to Mr. Mema NATO / PfP Albania Cell Monthly Meeting Mr Ramazan Beka, Chairman

77. The Albanian Census Of 1918
These tables were published in 1922, supported by funds of the Albaniangovernment. Ordered by the albanian government, Seiner published
The Albanian Census of 1918 Home Project Aims Source Data Availability ... German version
The 1918 Albanian Population Census: Data Entry and Basic Analyses
The population census of 1918: its quality and importance
The general scholarly opinion is that in Albania accurate population censuses were not carried out before the census of 1945 (which was succeeded by the censuses of 1950, 1955, 1960, 1969, 1979 and 1989) the results of which have been published by the Statistical Office. The first population census conducted by the Albanian governmental administration was taken in 1923; many of its results on a macro level have been published. The next population census was taken in 1930, the original data of which is still available although not as compact stock. This census is obviously of less value than that of a population census the quality of which has been underestimated in the scholarly literature until now, namely the census of 1918 which was organized by an expert on statistics, the Graz-based Franz Seiner.
In January of 1916 almost the whole territory of Albania was occupied by the Austrian-Hungarian army with the exception of the fringes in the south of the country, which were occupied by Bulgarian, French, Italian and Greek troops. Shkodra, at that time the country's largest city, became the seat of the military administration, which left the traditional civil administrative structures unchanged.

In the sixth year of the transition, albanian government officials still havenot declared what the minimal monthly costs of living are for an Albanian.
A ndrea Stefani of the Tirana daily " Gazeta Shqiptare", rises in the 19 June 1997 issue of this newspaper the question why the World Bank participated, together with Albanian officials, in presenting the Albanian economic situation in a better light than it was. A lbania is the poorest country in Europe, but the poverty issue is still treated like a state secret within Albania. In the sixth year of the transition, Albanian government officials still have not declared what the minimal monthly costs of living are for an Albanian. A special contribution with respect to this distortion of reality and the obscuring of the truth has been made by international institutions and the World Bank in particular. T W hat is surprising is the fact that World Bank officials are collaborating in the censorship policies. To be more concrete, in January 1997, World Bank office in Tirana was prepared to publish a study on the issue of poverty, and its alleviation. The Albanian Government opposed this initiative and the report data never saw the light of publication. Considering the situation, one question can be raised: What was the effort on the part of the World Bank to veil or unveil the ugly bride? World Bank staff, foreigners advisors and Albanians, who safely left the country long before the expected turmoil, keep raising their shoulders, finding it hard to explain the Albanian mysterious impoverishment. N owadays poverty has become a tragic theme of the Albanian reality, and its augmentation can not be avoided by politicians' slogans and promises. The high inflation rate of the Albanian lek persistently discredits the official version that the minimal living standard for a family of four is equal to the social security allowances of 2,984 leks. The poverty issues instead of being in the main agendas and political programmes were simply discarded in the most senseless and brutal electoral campaign in the country. Tension and violence are artificially raised, intrigue is fabricated by politicians, leaving no time to deal with poverty. The question is: Why are international institutions interested in complicity maintaining state secrets? Does the pyramid schemes collapse not prove that complicity and collaboration in the distortion of reality, obscuring the bitter truth can produce venom that can entirely poison both state and society?

79. Untitled
of the United Nations Development Program and the UN Department for DisarmamentAffairs visited Gramsh, at the invitation of the albanian government, to help
Let's Go Out Into the World and Gather Up the Small Arms
By Mark Malloch Brown and Jayantha Dhanapala
International Herald Tribune
Paris, Wednesday, January 26, 2000 NEW YORK - Farmers and villagers in the impoverished Albanian district of Gramsh are reaping the benefits of an unusual harvest. Lured by the promise of new schools, health care, telephones, street lights and repairs to roads and bridges, they have been clearing out their lofts, basements and other more secret hiding places and hauling cartloads of firearms and ammunition to local police stations.
Last September, President Rexhep Meidani unveiled a plaque in the Gramsh town square that communities in a score of troubled nations would give almost anything to have. It commemorates the collection of more than 5,700 weapons and 100 tons of ammunition and explosives that were hoarded during civil riots in 1997.
In March of that year, the collapse of fraudulent pyramid investment schemes bankrupted thousands of Albanians who promptly attacked and looted army depots across the country. Gramsh, with four army depots and a weapons factory, became a munitions market.
After a stream of killings, woundings and weapons-related accidents, representatives of the United Nations Development Program and the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs visited Gramsh, at the invitation of the Albanian government, to help broker an agreement by which community services would be delivered in proportion to the volume of arms and munitions turned in.

80. Keesing's Worldwide Online - Hot Topics: Macedonia
Yugoslav plots with the United States and ether NATO countries against her, Yugoslavallegations of subversive activity by the albanian government among the
Home About Us Print Products Electronic Products ... Trial Overview Hot Topics: Macedonia March 1998 In Kosovo, Albanians, most of whom were Muslims, constituted around 90 percent of the 2 million-strong population. However, although Serbs amounted for only a small percentage of the population, the province was considered to be the historic Serb homeland. The current Yugoslav (and former Serbian) President, Slobodan Milosevic, had risen to prominence in 1987 on a promise to protect Kosovo's Serbian minority. The crackdown appeared to enjoy the support of most Serbs, including the Serbian opposition, which opposed Kosovo's separation from Serbia. September 1991 In a referendum held on Sept. 8 in Macedonia 75 per cent of the registered electorate of 1,400,000 went to the polls; they were boycotted by many of the Albanians who made up 25 per cent of the republic's population. Results showed that 95 per cent had voted in favour of a "sovereign and independent Macedonia with a right to enter a union of sovereign states of Yugoslavia". No immediate secession was envisaged, although this option was endorsed by the hardline nationalist Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity, the biggest party in the Macedonian parliament. On Sept. 19 the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria (which regarded Macedonians as Bulgars) and Greece held talks in Athens with Milosevic on the future of Macedonia.

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