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         Alberta Culture Canada:     more books (31)
  1. Frontiers of plant tissue culture 1978: Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, August 20-25, 1978
  2. Explorations in Difference: Law, Culture, and Politics (Theory/Culture)
  3. Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta: Five Hundred Generations by Susan Berry, Jack Brink, 2004-06-15
  4. Buffalo (Alberta Nature and Culture Series)
  5. Largest tipi in the World guards against loss of culture.(Calgary, Canada)(Brief Article): An article from: Wind Speaker by Kenton Friesen, 2001-06-01
  6. Banksters and Prairie Boys A Culture of Corruption in Alberta
  7. Costs and returns of overwintering bees compared with the purchase of package bees for a 2000 hive apiary in the Peace River Region of Alberta by Don MacDonald, 1982
  8. This Wild Spirit: Women in the Rocky Mountains of Canada (Mountain Cairns: A series on the history and culture of the Canadian Rockies)
  9. Mapper of Mountains: M.P. Bridgland in the Canadian Rockies, 1902-1930 (Mountain Cairns: A series on the history and culture of the Canadian Rockies) by I. S. MacLaren, 2005-12-15
  10. Culturing Wilderness in Jasper National Park: Studies in Two Centuries of Human History in the Upper Athabasca River Watershed (Mountain Cairns: A series ... history and culture of the Canadian Rockies) by I. S. MacLaren, Dr. Michael Payne, et all 2007-10-15
  11. Lifelines: Culture, Spirituality, and Family Violence by Reinhild Boehm, Judith Golec, et all 1999-12-10
  12. ReCalling Early Canada: Reading the Political in Literary and Cultural Production (cuRRents)
  13. The Boss Hill Site (FdPe 4) locality 2: Pre-archaic manifestations in the parkland of central Alberta, Canada (Human history occasional paper) by Maurice F. V Doll, 1982
  14. Global Television Network: English language, Television network, Canwest, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Southern Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, List ... Global, 2007 Canada broadcast TV realignment

61. Official Visitor Information
Official visitor information site for the communities of Banff and Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Category Regional North America B Banff Travel and Tourism...... National Park Photo Gallery Arts culture Heritage History . Banff/ Lake Louise Tourism Bureau. PO Box 1298, Banff, alberta, T1L 1B3, canada.
O fficial visitor information site for the communities of Banff and Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada's first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site . The park is a year-round protected wilderness area offering rugged alpine beauty, first-class amenities and the best powder skiing in the world. Banff and Lake Louise offer vacation possibilities as diverse as the Canadian Rocky Mountain landscape. Packages
Members Newsletter

March 28, 2003
More New Snow! ... Photo Gallery
Banff / Lake Louise Tourism Bureau
P.O. Box 1298, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1B3, Canada Phone:

62. Alberta Independent Media Centre
Independent left media reports from Calgary, Edmonton and the rest of alberta.Category News Politics Progressive and Left Indy Media...... Protest Highlights Poverty The alberta Coalition Against the very heart of nativegovernance in canada. culture, individual rights, dignity, and respect pose
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63. Bill Williams And Associates - Projects And Credits
alberta culture Edmonton; BALLET INTERNACIONAL DE CARACAS - Caracas Venezuela;'BALLET REVUE' - National Canadian Tour; BANFF CENTRE - canada; BATOCHE NATIONAL
Bill Williams and Associates
Designers and Consultants Some of our clients and project credits

64. Canada Travel Guide @
regions of canada and learn about the country's unique culture and heritage. Snowcanadareview over 40 Snowboard and Ski Resorts in Western canada. alberta.

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65. History Of Dinosaur Valley - Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Our History * Our culture. Coal miners by the thousands populated this valley,boring over forty mines to feed the hungry railways of western canada.

Our History
Our Culture
Created from decades of honest determination by pioneers dedicated to duty and unreeling resolve.
Before man even considered keeping records, our heritage was being formed by haunting, two storey high reptiles that were eventually to give way to a universal quest for energy. Coal miners by the thousands populated this valley, boring over forty mines to feed the hungry railways of western Canada. Homesteaders found rich fertile soil and families established a community. More important discoveries continued as the retreating glaciers also uncovered unique rock formations and the skeletal remains of the long-departed dinosaurs. Steadfastly, we have endured through two world wars and the replacement of coal by oil and gas. As needs changed, so has Drumheller and a new spirit guides us into the twenty first century. Like our forefathers, we are every bit as determined and capable to accept the challenges of our future.
The maturing of artistic capabilities is nurtured by discoveries of man's prehistoric past. Food for the modern mind is amply available in the Drumheller Valley. A host of local museums provide a basis for formulation of our developing culture. The arts are well represented here with talent drawn from around the world.

66. The BOW RIVER "Great Canadian Rivers"
south to Missouri, and from the albertaSaskatchewan border and the Peigan shareda common language and culture. when the Government of canada proceeded with
Great Canadian RIVERS History Ecosystem ... Economy
BowRiver Culture
The Bar U Ranch National Historic Site
To comprehend the scope of ranching in western Canada, take a drive south of Calgary to the site of one of Alberta's foremost ranching operations. From 1882 to 1950, the Bar U was one of the prominent corporate ranches in the industry, and a training ground for many cattlemen. Like the Cochrane, the Oxley, the Walrond and the Quorn, other notable ranches of the past, the Bar U helped to shape the ranching industry. Blackfoot and the Buffalo
Mountains to the west, buffalo to the east-and a Chinook-warmed, wooded valley in the middle. For at least 10,000 years, the Bow Valley offered the Blackfoot Nation of central Alberta a strategic base for their nomadic, communal lifestyle. At the height of its power, the Blackfoot Confederacy extended from the North Saskatchewan River south to Missouri, and from the Alberta-Saskatchewan border to the Rocky Mountains. Within the confederacy, the Blackfoot (Siksika), the Blood and the Peigan shared a common language and culture.

67. Images Du Canada — Rocky View (Alberta)
Translate this page bien typique de cette région, en particulier dans le sud de l'alberta. image, lesparcelles plus foncées sont des champs encore en culture, des pâturages ou
Rocky View (Alberta)
un paysage rural de l'Ouest canadien
Image agrandie
101ko jpg
Les topographie . Il est possible de distinguer les de ceux qui sont toujours en culture et la maisons de ferme , des pare-vent
Question: Pourriez-vous donner la superficie totale du territoire apparaissant sur cette image, rien qu'en la regardant? Lieu: Rocky View (Alberta) Carte(s) du SNRC 82 O/1 (1/50 000) Carte
d'emplacement: Voir une carte globale Date de l'image: 5 septembre 1991 Satellite/capteur: SPOT, mode panchromatique (PLA) pixels de 10 m Superficie au sol: Images connexes: Altona (Manitoba) Niagara Falls (Ontario) Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick) Melfort (Saskatchewan) Termes connexes de glossaire: texture d'un image teinte brillance contraste Sections connexes du cours tutoriel: Les sections suivantes des principes fondamentaux du cours tutoriel Remerciements:
Traitement d'image par RADARSAT International Inc.
Question: Pourriez-vous donner la superficie totale du territoire apparaissant sur cette image, rien qu'en la regardant? Avis importants

White, designed by Anne Pope and published by The Provincial Museum Of albertawith the assistance of the National Museums of canada and alberta culture.
This MIAC associated site is an updated digital version of the 1984 publication "Canadian Meteorites: A catalogue of meteorites found in Canada" written by Richard White , designed by Anne Pope and published by The Provincial Museum Of Alberta with the assistance of the National Museums of Canada and Alberta Culture. Permission has been granted by The Provincial Museum of Alberta to use the contents of that publication for this site. As time, permission and resources allow, it is hoped that more detail will be added to the data sheet for each Canadian meteorite, including pictures, news clippings and historical anecdotes where possible. Special thanks go to: Richard White and Anne Pope for producing the original publication; Dr. Alan R. Hildebrand, Associate Professor, Geology and Geophysics Department, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who recommended the original catalogue to me as a good read and conceptualizing the book as a website; Ron Mussieux, Curator of Geology at

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for Aboriginal Awareness Workshop alberta Region Module. and the Vitality of canada'sLinguistic Communities. of Previously Featured culture, Heritage and
Culture, Heritage and Recreation
This page features only a small selection of publications relating to this topic. Search for more publications
Aboriginal Awareness Workshop: Guide to Understanding Aboriginal Cultures in Canada
This document, published by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, is intended for federal public servants attending a series of awareness workshops. It provides an overview of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, their view of history, treaties, constitutional issues and cultural variables. The second section deals with historical, cultural and community perspectives; the third contains a glossary while the fourth and final section contains reference information. Issued by Indian and Northern Affairs
Softcover cm x 88 Pages English Free Ordering and Bibliographic Information for Aboriginal Awareness Workshop: Guide to Understanding Aboriginal Cultures in Canada
Aboriginal Awareness Workshop: Alberta Region Module
This booklet, published by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, is intended for federal public servants attending a series of awareness workshops. It provides a statistical portrait of Aboriginal peoples in Alberta, as well as a general historical and social overview of First Nations in the province. It then outlines several regional concerns such as land claims and treaty issues. The final section describes current activities such as oil and gas initiatives, financial transfers, progress on land claims, and community and economic development. A list of First Nations in Alberta is also included.

70. - Your Online Aviation Community
Dept. of alberta culture, Alta. Gov't. R Bonnycastle. Esso canada Resources, JohnCampbell. Northern Telecom (Nortel), S D Howard. Notre Dame College, MJ Khan.
E. Alan Garrett, Alberta Society of Artists (A.S.A.)*
Alan Garrett, born in 1949, was raised in the unspoiled wilderness along the shores of Georgian Bay in southern Ontario, Canada. He spent much of his youth as an assistant to his father, famous Canadian nature photographer Eric A. Garrett, developing a keen sense of observation for the timeless beauty of Canada, especially Georgian Bay and the Canadian Rocky Mountains and their surrounding landscapes. Today, many of these same images, from across Canada, are represented in his works of art. Alan's style has been compared to famous Group of Seven artist, Tom Thompson, who lived and died near Alan's childhood home Alan's superb use of color, detail and realism (known as super realism) has truly enlightened both experienced and first time art collectors. He works almost exclusively in acrylic and produces high quality reproductions from selected originals. Aside from nature, Alan has an interest in the history of aviation, and is well known for his authentic, detailed paintings of antique and wartime aircraft. As a high school student, he won the Brooke Bond Art Award (1967) and following graduation, received a scholarship to the world renowned Banff School of Fine Arts. Alan studied painting at both the Alberta College of Art and the University of Calgary. After winning numerous awards in art. design and advertising as a magazine art director. Alan retired from advertising to focus his energy on full-time painting.

71. Alberta ::
Its culture is exemplified by Stampede Fever , where every Industry alberta is hometo one of the world's 20 percent of the value of canada's annual output. Home Canadian Shopping Store Forums ... Privacy Statement
British Columbia
Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba ... Newfoundland Geography
Alberta lies between the 49th and 60th parallels as the farthest west prairie province. Proportionately, Alberta is almost the same size as Texas and lies at a similar latitude to the United Kingdom. Approximately half of the province consists of mountains and foothills. The foothills which join mountain and prairie landscapes are heavily forested areas and grasslands. Some of the province's richest deposits of sour gas and coal can be found here. The other 90 percent of the land area forms part of the interior plain of North America. Climate
Alberta has a continental climate as a result of it's location. Long, cold winters are contrasted by mild to hot summers and frequent sunny days all year round. Although cold air covers the whole province in winter, it is often heated up in the southwest by a mild wind, the "chinook," which travels through the mountains from the Pacific Ocean. Culture
Alberta is a dynamic place. Its culture is exemplified by "Stampede Fever", where every July the world famous Calgary Stampede draws thousands to the 10-day rodeo and western celebration. Nestled against the eastern edge of the Canadian Rockies, the province of Alberta is saturated in sparkling blue-green lakes, glacial mountains, rolling foothills, and prairie landscapes. From the intensity and cultural density of Edmonton and Calgary to the gargantuan mountain paradise of Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta is an experience in Canadian diversity.

72. London Arts Council, Ontario, Canada
in making leather boxes with hinged lids that he markets across canada. Whileliving in alberta, Laura worked for alberta culture managing the Board
About Us London Arts Council Board Directors Alan Cohen (President Allocations Chair) A life long resident of London, Alan serves as one of the LAC's directors and the Chair of the CAIP Cat. #2 Allocations Committee. Alan's many achievements include being the Founding president of the Downtown Business Assoc., President of the United Way, and serving on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce twice, as well as being involved in many of London's art organizations. An avid collector of both music and art, Alan continues to serve on the board of Museum London and also finds time to run two businesses from his downtown office as a consultant for Non-profit Organizations, as well as an Investment Company. Penny Eizenga
(The Grand Theatre) Over the past 10 years Penny has fulfilled her love of acting through roles with the Grand Theatre, London Community Players, and most recently, Fountainhead Theatreworks. Penny has also produced shows and is a past member of the Board of Directors of LCP. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Grand Theatre for the past two years and is involved in many committees, including marketing initiatives. Penny looks forward to the exciting times ahead for the arts in London.

73. The Provincial Health Ethics Network (Alberta, CANADA)
101 Howson Crescent, Edmonton, alberta, canada Phone (780 interpreted according tothe culture and background of the evolution of alberta's regionalized health

74. Table Of Contents
and Competitive Strategy in the Cultural Industries Adam Finn Stuart McFadyenColin Hoskins University of alberta. American Popular culture in canada.
Back to Back Issues
Canadian Journal of Communication
Volume 19, Number 3/4, 1994
Table of Contents
  • Editorial /Introduction
    Stuart McFadyen, University of Alberta
    Adam Finn, University of Alberta
    Colin Hoskins, University of Alberta
    Rowland Lorimer, Simon Fraser University

Translate this page MONTRÉAL, le 16 mars 2003 - La culture est mise fin de semaine, 80 jeunes venus duCanada, des États du Centre de traduction littéraire en alberta BANFF, le
Hollywood aime la sécurité de Montréal
MONTRÉAL, le 2 avril 2003 -
La guerre en Irak incite les producteurs hollywoodiens à préférer Montréal à des villes d'autres continents, rapporte le Journal de Montréal . La proximité, la quiétude, le taux de change avantageux et la qualité des infrastructures de tournage jouent en faveur de la métropole québécoise.
2003 s'annonce comme une année faste, avec des productions évaluées à 300 millions de dollars, prévoit le Bureau du cinéma de Montréal . Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Johnny Depp et Sharon Stone sont attendus au cours des prochains mois.
Hommage à Gaston Miron
MONTRÉAL, le 2 avril 2003 -
La Chaîne culturelle de Radio-Canada rendra hommage à Gaston Miron, à l'occasion du 50e anniversaire de la maison d'édition l'Hexagone, dont il fut l'un des fondateurs. Cette émission-hommage a pour but d'évoquer la vie et l'oeuvre de l'homme, du poète et du militant, qui fut l'une des figures marquantes de la littérature québécoise. Témoignages, archives, extraits de spectacle sont au programme. L'émission sera diffusée le lundi 7 avril, de 20 h à 23 h, à la Chaîne culturelle de Radio-Canada.
Un disque pour les enfants de la guerre
MONTRÉAL, le 2 avril 2003 -

76. The Calgary Foundation
Southern alberta Deaf Centre Fund, Agency, Health. D. Castle Endowment for the Arts,Designated, Arts culture. American Friends of canada Fund, Designated, Arts
Our Focus on Endowments Search Our Life of Funds
Currently, The Calgary Foundation administers approximately 600 Funds. The list below is sorted by alphabetically by Fund Type . If you know your fund type, please click on one of the links below.
Agency Funds

Designated Funds

Donor Advised Funds

Field of Interest Funds
Student Awards

For further information about any particular fund or family of funds, please contact our Fund Development or our Grants staff.
Fund Name Fund Type Sector Interest Alberta Legal Heritage Fund Agency Calgary Boys' Choir Endowment Fund Agency Calgary Boys' Choir Scholarship Fund Agency Calgary Contemporary Arts Society Fund Agency Calgary Registered Music Teachers Society Fund Agency Canadian Music Centre Fund Agency Chinook Country Historical Fund Agency Chinook Winds-Sweet Adelines International Fund Agency Festival Chorus Endowment Fund Agency Historical Society of Alberta Fund

77. Culture Canada: Canadian History - Exploration And Settlement
du Québec. East to West The Story of Japanese Settlement in SouthernAlberta Source canada's Digital Collections. Electric City
Search Where You Are Home History Exploration and Settlement
Aboriginal Culture and Heritage
Provincial and Territorial Information

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78. The Banff Centre - New URL
The Banff Centre is canada's only learning centre dedicated to the arts, leadership development, and mountain culture, and also provides superior conference facilities.
Our URL has changed. Please update your bookmark.
The Banff Centre
Contact Webmaster

79. Soc.culture.canada FAQ (Monthly Posting) [1/2]
soc.culture.canada FAQ (Monthly posting) 1/2
soc.culture.canada FAQ (Monthly posting) [1/2]

80. Images Canada - Picturing Canadian Culture

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