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         Alberta Geography Canada:     more books (31)
  1. The Kerrobert-Oyen region of Saskatchewan and Alberta (Prairie regional studies in economic geography) by Henry R Fast, 1974
  2. A selected bibliography of Canadian water management, 1965-April 1970 by E. Neville Ward, 1971

41. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Geography (Canada)
GENERAL Geological Survey of canada; Overview of Canadian geography. GEOGRAPHICFEATURES Rocky Mountains. BY PROVINCE TERRITORY alberta; British Columbia;
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  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • Overview of Canadian Geography
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  • 42. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Geography (Canada)
    Survey of canada; Overview of Canadian geography. GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES AppalachianMountains; Canadian Shield; Columbia River. BY PROVINCE TERRITORY alberta;
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  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • Overview of Canadian Geography
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  • 43. About Alberta - Government Of Alberta
    Think of this web site as a brief overview of one of canada's most dynamic provinces. It'salso known for its sunny climate and varied geography Map of alberta.
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    Location: Alberta Government Home Ministries Contact Government News ... Home
    About Alberta
    About Alberta Home
    Alberta Advantage

    Alberta's Emblems

    Top Industries

    About Alberta Think of this web site as a brief overview of one of Canada's most dynamic provinces. For a provincial map and tourism information, visit Discover Alberta . Wherever possible we've provided links to government department web sites and other sources that provide in-depth information about our province. Culturally diverse, and politically and environmentally secure, Alberta has one of the strongest economies in North America. Located where the Rocky Mountains meet the prairie, Alberta's varied landscape provides Albertans with a quality of life second to none. It's also known for its sunny climate and varied geography Map of Alberta Alberta Advantage The breathtaking views, abundant natural resources, and skilled workforce make Alberta an excellent place to work, live and do business. It's this unique combination of benefits that we call the Alberta Advantage . Albertans are confident, enthusiastic entrepreneurs whose goods and services have gained an international reputation for excellence. The pioneer spirit rooted in the hearts of Alberta's earliest residents lives on.

    44. WWW-VL History Index - Canada
    History Topical Historical geography Canadian Confederation Maps 1667 Historyof canada's Capital Region; Historical our past The alberta Heritage Digitization
    WWW-VL History: Canadian History
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  • History
  • 45. Canadian Embassy Belgrade | About Canada | Geography
    geography west coast does have the oldest and tallest trees in canada Western Red FromBritish Columbia to just east of the alberta border the land is young

    46. DinoData Geography Alberta
    North America geography North America Dinosaurs canada Dinosaurs geography Timescale . geography. alberta. Fossilsites in alberta.

    North America Geography
    North America Dinosaurs Canada Dinosaurs Geography ... Ma Geography
    Alberta Fossilsites in Alberta
    ALBERTOSAURUS arctunguis

    ALBERTOSAURUS incrassatus

    ALBERTOSAURUS libratus

    47. Canada's Changing Geography Of Jobs & Trade
    canada's Changing geography of Jobs and Trade by trading relationship cannot existunless canada is also for example, the province of alberta's fastest growing
    David Kilgour, M.P.
    Edmonton Southeast
    Canada's Changing Geography of Jobs and Trade
    Canada's Changing Geography of Jobs and Trade
    In recent years, we have all been continually reminded about "globalization" the tendency for our lives to be affected by events outside our national boundaries. It is becoming harder to differentiate between "foreign" and "national" issues. More and more, they are blurred. Jobs for Canadians of all ages depend on our ability to penetrate global markets as well as to face successfully competitive challenges from abroad. Canadians in the past tended to focus on Europe; more recently, we turned our attention to the Asia Pacific as a major locus of global economic growth. Today we are also turning our attention elsewhere.
    Latin America
    As Secretary of State for Latin America and Africa, I am excited to be dealing with two regions of the globe that are assuming a much greater profile in Canada's international relations. In Latin America, we are solidifying our trading relationship with Mexico under NAFTA. A new bilateral trade agreement is in place with Chile. We await further developments with other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that should lead up to the Free Trade Area of the Americas after the year 2005. More and more Canadians from business, organizations, and government are travelling to Latin America to meet our neighbours ones who have for too long been viewed as distant strangers. They are finding that along with the new business relationships comes a shared sense of community a set of concerns, responsibilities, and interests that go beyond the mere exchange of goods and services.

    48. From Russia With Love - Discovery Of Canada
    geography and Nature General Facts canada is the Though most of canada's territoryis occupied by or prairies, cover Manitoba, Saskatchewan and partly alberta.

    49. Welcome To The UWO Geography Department In London, Ontario, Canada
    Dr. Cheryl Pearce Department of geography University of Wyoming and Montana and implicationsfor canada. forb encroachment onto native rangelands in alberta.

    Programs Our Department Contacts
    Dr. Cheryl Pearce
    Department of Geography
    University of Western Ontario
    London, Ontario
    Office: Rm. 2403 Social Science Centre
    Tel: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 85008
    Fax: (519) 661-3750 Research Interests
    Conservation and management of natural resources; wildlife habitat in fragmented landscapes; wetland vegetation dynamics in the tundra; analysis of natural resources with remote sensing and GIS; songbird habitat in tropical landscapes; spatial patterns of forests and wetlands in southern Ontario; invasion of introduced trees into river systems in the northern Great Plains. Selected Publications
    PEARCE, C.M. and Smith, D.G. (forthcoming, Wetlands, Saltcedar: distribution. abundance, and dispersal mechanisms, northern Great Plains. PEARCE, C.M. and Smith, D.G. 2002. Distribution and dispersal of saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima) in Wyoming and Montana and implications for Canada. Proceedings, Weeds Across Borders, Tucson, Arizona, April 29 - May 1, 2002.

    50. Canadian Databank - Geographical Information
    geography. Click on the province or territory in canada to go to theappropriate section of this page. Vancouver. alberta TopTop
    search this site: home free assessment index of topics contact info ... Essays Geography Click on the province or territory in Canada to go to the appropriate section of this page. British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba ... North West Territories British Columbia Top Government of British Columbia Home Page An extensive resource for obtaining information concerning British Columbia. British Columbia Business Service Center Links to numerous resources provided by the province to assist businesses in BC. BC Government Directory System This directory currently contains employee and organization information, such as telephone numbers and addresses, for the Government of British Columbia. CivicNet CivicNet provides a single window access to and for local Governments in British Columbia. The Canadian City Information Pages Vancouver Alberta Top Government of Alberta Home Page A comprehensive resource for those wishing to learn more about the province of Alberta.

    51. The Literature Of Southern Alberta - Links
    with more on the literature, culture, and geography of Southern alberta Views Magazinehttp// canada West Foundation http//
    Links Here are some websites with more on the literature, culture, and geography of Southern Alberta: Last Updated November 14, 2002. Alberta Literature and Culture
    Geography, Parks, Environment

    Cowboy Culture, Ranching, Rodeo

    Writers' Websites
    General Literary Links

    Alberta Literature and Culture [top] Alberta Views Magazine

    A Field Guide to Alberta Poets (article by Dr. Pamela Banting)

    Writers' Guild of Alberta Southern Alberta Artists and Artisans WordFest - Banff/Calgary international writing festival History of Calgary and Southern Alberta Glenbow Museum Library University of Calgary Special Collections Archives Society of Alberta

    52. Alberta Provincial Unit Study - Facts And Symbols
    are designed to help children learn the geography of canada and Print the Map of canadaand color each province or Print the alberta Map and fill in the capital
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    Province Unit Study - Alberta Series of Unit Studies for each of the Canadian Provinces and Territories. Province Unit Study - Alberta Related Resources Province Unit Studies
    Learn Geography

    U.S. State Studies

    From Other Guides Edmonton, AB
    Calgary, AB
    Elsewhere on the Web Province of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta These Canadian Province/Territory Unit Studies are designed to help children learn the geography of Canada and learn factual information about every province or territory. These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children. Print the Map of Canada and color each province or territory as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each study.

    53. Geography Graduate Programs In Canada
    Lethbridge Council on Graduate Studies geography Registrar's Office Information Center,4401 University Drive West Lethbridge, alberta T1K 3M4 canada Click to
    The Exclusive Corporate Sponsor of
    Graduate Schools in Canada
    Sponsoring Institutions:
    Click here for information on becoming a sponsoring institution
    General Listings:
    Carleton University
    Faculty of Social Sciences
    1125 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6 Canada
    Click to send E-mail to:
    Degrees Offered:

    M.A. - Geography;
    Ph.D. - Geography
    Concordia University School of Graduate Studies Geography Office of the Registrar, 1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8 Canada Click to send E-mail to: Phone: Fax: Degrees Offered: M.A. - Public Policy with Concentration in Geography Concordia University School of Graduate Studies History Office of the Registrar, 1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8 Canada Click to send E-mail to: Phone: Fax: Degrees Offered: M.A.; Ph.D. McGill University Faculty of Graduate Studies Geography Burnside Hall, Rm. 705, 805 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2K6 Canada Click to send E-mail to: Phone: Fax: The Department has laboratories for the analyses of soils, sediments, paleoecology, and remote sensing, as well as Geographic Information Systems. Within physical geography, research interests include development, economic,historical, polar, and urban geography. In addition, there are strong interests in development and environmental issues, such as environmental management and impact assessment.

    54. Immigrating To Canada - Geography, Climate And Environment
    geography Occupying the northern half of the North American the oldest and tallesttrees in canada Western Red Columbia to just east of the alberta border the
    Home Page History Geography Government ... Climate and Environment
    1. The Pacific Coast Bathed by warm, moist Pacific air currents, the British Columbia coast, indented by deep fiords and shielded from Pacific storms by Vancouver Island, has the most moderate climate of Canada's regions. Vancouver Island's west coast receives an exceptional amount of rain, giving it a temperate rain forest climate. Although it does not contain the diversity of species of a tropical rain forest, the island's west coast does have the oldest and tallest trees in Canada: Western Red Cedars 1300 years old and Douglas firs 90 m high.
    3. The Prairies To drive across the Prairies is to see endless fields of wheat ripening under a sky that seems to go on forever. The plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are among the richest grain-producing regions in the world. Yet, even here are surprises. If you leave the road at Brooks, Alberta, and drive north, you descend into the Red Deer River Valley. Here, in desert-like conditions, water and wind have created strange shapes in the sandstone called "hoodoos." The same forces of erosion have uncovered some of the largest concentrations of dinosaur fossils in the world.
    4. The Canadian Shield A huge inland sea called Hudson Bay extends into the heart of Canada, and wrapped around this bay is a rocky region called the Canadian Shield. Canada's largest geographical feature, it stretches east to Labrador, south to Kingston on Lake Ontario and northwest as far as the Arctic Ocean. The Shield is considered to be the nucleus of the North American continent. Its gneiss and granite rocks are 3.5 billion years old, three-quarters the age of the Earth. Scraped by the advance and retreat of glaciers, the Shield has only a thin layer of soil that supports a boreal forest of spruce, fir, tamarack and pine. The region is a storehouse of minerals, including gold, silver, zinc, copper and uranium.

    55. Northern Prairie Other Resources By Geography
    voluntary coalition of stakeholder groups whose members are interested in the conservationof native prairie and parkland environments in alberta, canada.
    Other Sites of Interest By Geographic Region
    Note : Northern Prairie does not guarantee the content or integrity of the links below as they are provided and maintained by outside parties. We believe that they may be of interest to users of this site. If you have a link that might be of interest to other users of this site, please e-mail it, along with a brief description, to with the subject line New Link
    Select from the map above or use the text links below.
    Resources pertaining to areas around the world.
    United States
    Resources pertaining to all of the United States.
    Great Plains
    Resources pertaining to the Great Plains region.
    Great Plains
    Colorado Iowa Kansas Minnesota ... Wyoming
    East of Great Plains
    Alabama Arkansas Connecticut Delaware ... West Virginia
    West of Great Plains
    Alaska Arizona California Hawaii ... Washington
    Alberta Butterflies
    Includes tips for beginners, results of butterfly counts, and other information about butterflies in Alberta.
    Alberta Prairie Conservation Forum
    A large voluntary coalition of stakeholder groups whose members are interested in the conservation of native prairie and parkland environments in Alberta, Canada.
    Contains a species list, literature sources, statistics, databases, mapping, and photos of butterflies in the SW Ukraine territory.

    56. Canadian Embassy In Beijing
    The geography of canada can be divided into seven distinct it the most moderate climateof canada's regions. Columbia to just east of the alberta border, the
    Français Contact Us Help Search ... Visa and Immigration
    Geography and Climate
    Canada is a vast nation stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and spanning a quarter of the world's time zones. Second in size only to the former Soviet Union, Canada's landscape is constantly changing with every variety of climatic regions represented except for tropical jungles and extensive deserts.
    Occupying the northern half of the North American continent, Canada has a land mass of 9,970,610 square kilometres. To the south, Canada shares an 8,892 kilometre boundary with the United States. To the north, the Arctic islands come within 800 kilometres of the North Pole. Canada's neighbour across the Arctic Ocean is Russia.
    The geography of Canada can be divided into seven distinct regions, each with a very different landscape and climate. To the west is the Pacific Coast with a coastline indented by deep fiords. It is bathed by warm, moist pacific air currents making it the most moderate climate of Canada's regions. Cities in this region enjoy comfortable and relatively dry summers and mild, wet winters.
    From British Columbia to just east of the Alberta border, the Cordillera is a region with rugged mountains, high plateaus and deep valleys. The area receives heavy amounts of precipitation (rain at lower altitudes and snow at higher ones). The valleys between the mountains receive much less precipitation and experience warm summers.

    57. Butterflies Of Canada: Canadian Geography And Butterfly Distribution
    Canadian geography and Butterfly Distribution. that cross the southern half of Canadaand two Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, alberta, and British

    Species Analyst Canada



    Canadian Geography and Butterfly Distribution
    Canada, with a land area of 9,922,335 square kilometres (almost 4 million square miles), is the second largest country in the world in area. It extends more than 5000 kilometres east to west from St. John's in Newfoundland to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and more than 4600 kilometres from the top of Ellesmere Island in the Arctic to Point Pelee in southern Ontario to the south. Most of this vast area, however, is sparsely populated, with the majority of Canada's 30 million inhabitants living in a narrow zone along Lake Ontario and in the St. Lawrence River Valley, an area that occupies less than 1 per cent of the land area. Politically, Canada was until recently divided into ten provinces that cross the southern half of Canada and two territories in the north. From east to west, the provinces are Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, and the two territories were Northwest Territories and Yukon. On April 1, 1999, the eastern half of the mainland of the Northwest Territory, and most of the Arctic Islands, was made into the new territory of Nunavut. Two life zones dominate Canada's landscape. The boreal forest, or Taiga Zone, that stretches from Newfoundland, the northern edge of the Great Plains, and the Rocky Mountain foothills northward to treeline, occupies fully 50 per cent of Canada's land mass or five million square kilometres; the Tundra Zone that stretches across northern Canada north of treeline, occupies another 25 per cent or 2.5 million square kilometres. These two life zones are the most sparsely populated parts of Canada, and have few roads to provide access for survey work on butterflies; the spotty distribution of butterflies on the maps for these areas reflects this paucity of available data.

    Travel Live Air and Car Reservations; Quickfacts on canada - geography, the people Travelcanada - Before You Go Practical Information; Travel alberta - Come and
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    Sections: Photos Travelers' Resources Various Canada Resources Museums and Galleries ...
    Universitties and Colleges
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    59. Canada Education
    University of Regina College in Regina canada. Series - Published by the Departmentof geography at the of Theta Chi, University of alberta - Fraternity at
  • Asia International
  • Click the banner to visit our sponsor. Education ... International - North America : Canada NetSearch Internation Education: Canada Web sites
  • Acadia University Homepage Albert College - School in Belleville, Ontario. Alberta Vocational College - Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Algonquin College Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology - Canadian school in Ottowa, Ontario. Arts and Science Division, Grant MacEwan Community College Assiniboine Community College - In Manitoba, Canada. Associated Canadian Theological Schools - Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Athabasca University - Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. Augustana University College - Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Bibliotheque de L'Universite Laval - Canada. Bienvenue a Patrimoine Canadien/Welcome to Canadian Heritage - A resource of the Canadian Department of C. Heritage. Bishop's University Bluenose II: Preservation Trust - Preservation of ship building and seamanship skills, Lunnenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Brandon University Brock University - University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
  • 60. UVic Geography - Lawrence D. McCann
    alberta, 1969 Ph.D., geography, University of alberta, 1972. Research HistoricalUrban geography. to the interdisciplinary interpretation of canada’s geography
    Contact Faculty Research ... Student Programs Dr. Larry McCann

    Geography Department, University of Victoria
    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8W 3P5 Phone (250) 721-7340 Fax (250) 721-6216
    E-mail: Present Position Professor of Geography (I joined the University of Victoria in 1992) Education B. A. (Honours) Geography, University of Victoria, 1966
    M.A., Geography, University of Alberta, 1969
    Ph.D., Geography, University of Alberta, 1972 Areas of Teaching and Research Teaching: Urban Geography Geography of the City (G340)
    Research: Historical Urban Geography Planning, design, and architectural history of Canadian cities
    Honours and Awards 2001, Massey Medal, Royal Canadian Geographical Society (for outstanding contributions to the interdisciplinary interpretation of Canada’s geography)
    1999, Award for Teaching Excellence, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria
    1994, Award of Merit, Association of Canadian Studies (for outstanding contributions to the development of Canadian Studies in Canada and abroad)

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