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         Algae Botany:     more books (100)
  1. Biology of the Red Algae
  2. Freshwater algae from India by Nellie Carter, 1978
  3. Freshwater Green Algae of the British Isles: Interactive Key to the Commoner Genera and Species by B.A. Whitton, etc., 2002-09
  4. A Textbook of Botany: Algae, Funghi, Bacteria, Nycoplasmas, Viruses, Lichens Vol 1 by S.N. Pandey, P.S. Trivedi, 1998-11-16
  5. The marine algae of New Zealand: Part 1. Myxophyceae and chlorophyceae (The Journal of the Linnean Society of London : Botany) by V. J Chapman, 1956
  6. The algae of Commonwealth Bay (Scientific reports / Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914.Series C, Zoology and botany) by A. H. S Lucas, 1919
  7. Marine algae (Botany of New South Wales) by A. H. S Lucas, 1914
  8. Cryptogamic Botany: Algae and Fungi v. 1 by Gilbert Morgan Smith, 1984-03-01
  9. Textbook of Botany: Vol. I: Algae, Fungi, Bacteria, Virus, Lichens, Mycoplasma & Elementary Plant Pathology by P. S. Trivedi, S. N. Pandey, 1982-12
  10. The fresh-water Cyanophyceae of Iceland. The aërial algae of Iceland (Botany of Iceland) by Johannes Boye Petersen, 1928
  11. Marine algae (Natural history report. Botany / British Antarctic) by A Gepp, 1917
  12. Contributions to the Queensland flora [Fresh water algae] (Queensland. Dept. of agriculture. Botany bulletin) by F. M Bailey, 1898
  13. Botany for Degree Classes: Algae by B.R. Vashishta, 1987-05
  14. Tilden index algarum universalis: Algae bibliography collection by Josephine Elizabeth Tilden, 1976

81. Slides-Prepared - Page 3
botany SLIDES BlueGreen algae. ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION, EACH. B5, Blue-Green algae,wm. 6 or more kinds, $2.40 Qty. B10, Anabaena, wm, $2.40 Qty. B20, Gloeocapsa,wm,
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82. Botany: Chapter 21 Web Exercises
Chapter 21 algae algae Visit the People's Use of algae web site for informationabout how algae affect you. What forms of algae provide useful products?

83. Marine Botany Staff
History. algae have been cultured at Marine botany since the establishmentof the institute in 1955. A collection of planktonic microalgae
Staff Courses Publications GUMACC ... Plankton DB
List of strains
The list of strains and comprehensive information about strains is maintained as a database. Click on the button to see the list of strains.
Scientists from GMF Non profit organisations Others Two 10 ml tubes with culture Free of charge 500 SEK + shipping 1000 SEK + shipping
Large quantities of culture is supplied after special arrangement. Shipping:
Shipping cost:
Actual cost of shipping will be carged.
How to order
We prefer signed orders sent by regular mail or by fax. Please make sure that your VAT-number, shipping address, invoice address and E-mail address is included. A confirmation of the order with expected shipping date will be sent back to you.
Send orders to:
Marine botany, Botanical institute
Box 461
Fax: +46 31 773 2727
If you have questions you should contact: Monica Appelgren Phone: +46 31 773 2704 E-mail:
Algae have been cultured at Marine botany since the establishment of the institute in 1955. A collection of planktonic microalgae to be used as standards for HPLC-analysis (HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography) of photosynthetic pigments has been maintained since 1992. This collection has subsequently been enlarged. In 1999 GMF started to support the collection and it was named GUMACC. Previously GMF supported a culture collection at Lund University 1989-1998. That collection (LAC = Lund Algal Collection) was moved to Kalmar and is now known as KAC.

84. Algae Web Links
General botany. Web Links. algae. 1) This site is from the Universityof Hawaii and written by Dr. Celia Smith. There are numerous
General Botany
Web Links
1) This site is from the University of Hawaii and written by Dr. Celia Smith. There are numerous chapters with diagrams, photos and fairly good, but simple explanations. If you look at only one of these, look at this one. Chlorophyta 2) This site is from the University of California, Berkeley. You will have to look around a bit, but find the section on "Introduction to the Chlorophyceae." Much of this site is "under construction." Introduction to the green algae 3) This site is from State University of New York at Stony Brook, and has a pretty good overview of kelp forests. This is a very good site if you have interests in marine ecology. Kelp Forests 4) This site is from Ohio University. The page has a table with photomicrographs of members of the Chlorophyta. There are self quizzes and other information at the general site. Algal photomicrographs 5) This site is from the National University of Ireland, Galoway. There are numerous links including nutritional values of algae, industries related to algae, and more. Seaweeds
Last modified on December 19, 2000

85. Botany WWW Sites
botany WWW Sites Major botany Links Resources on the WWW Jobs and Career Sites Some Sites of Special Interest From Dr. Peter Wilf, Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan
Botany WWW Sites
Some Sites of Special Interest Kid's Educational Sites Botanical Image Sites Societies ...
  • AGRICOLA Web Access - powerful literature search for plants [database is free]
  • PubMed - MedLine access to authors, titles and abstracts [database is free]
  • Plant Nomenclature Database
  • Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database
  • CSUBIOWEB - Steve Wolf's science links site
  • Scott's Botanical Link of the Day and Botanical Links - Subject Index
  • Internet Guidepost for Plant Production - Extensive botany and agriculture WWW site
  • World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Botany part of the W3 World-Wide Web Virtual Library
  • BioAgMed INFOMINE - Encyclopedic site, searchable by keywords or index directories
  • The Mining Company's Botany site - Links to lots of sites
  • Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
  • Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages
  • Why Study Plants?
  • Florida Plants Online - information about sustainable agriculture in addition to everything you wanted to know about Florida plants!
  • Cal's Plant of the Week - from OU's greenhouse
    Jobs and Career Sites:
  • 86. Marine Botany Intro
    Introduction to Marine botany at Hopkins Marine Station of StanfordUniversity. Marine botany and the study of seaweeds in their
    Marine Botany Syllabus Students Marine Flora ... Glossary
    Introduction to Marine Botany
    Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University
    Marine botany and the study of seaweeds in their natural habitats can be a physical and intellectual delight, melding the pleasures of field and laboratory studies at the seashore with new computer and communication skills. Winter quarter at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, California, provided an opportunity to try a less traditional approach to the study of marine botany. Each student selected an alga to research and report on using drawings, micrographs, video and animations. The resulting electronic publication illustrates our path of inquiry.

    87. Marine Botany References
    Marine botany Bibliography. Abbott, IA, and GJ Hollenberg. 1976. Marine algaeof California. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, USA.
    Marine Botany Syllabus Students Marine Flora ... Glossary Marine Botany Bibliography Abbott, I.A., and G.J. Hollenberg. 1976. Marine algae of California . Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, USA. Blanchette, C. A. 1994. The effects of biomechanical and ecological factors on population and community structure of wave-exposed, intertidal macroalgae. Oregon State University. Bold, H.C. and M.J. Wynne. 1978. Introduction to the algae . Prentice-Hall, Inc, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA. Chapman, V.J. 1964. The Algae . St. Martin's Press Inc., New York, New York, USA. Denny, M.W. 1995. Predicting physical disturbance: mechanistic approaches to the study of survivorship on wave-swept shores. Ecological Monographs Denny, M. W., et al. 1985. Mechanical limits to size in wave-swept organisms. Ecological Monographs Denny, M.W. 1988. Biology and the mechanics of the wave-swept environment. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Fritsch, F.E. 1945.

    88. McGraw-Hill Higher Education | Integrative Biology
    You are here MHHE Home Integrative Biology Home algae/Phycology.

    89. Marin Botany - Section Marinbiology Og Limnology - Biological Institute
    Moreover, marine botany involves other professions because the occurrence of algaethroughout the year and their geographical distribution is determined by
    UiO - web pages UiO - persons WWW - Google About The University Academics Student Life University Library ... RESEARCH - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Biology Biological institute Divisions Academics ... Research: Marine botany - Norsk
    Marine botany
    Research groups: Miscellaneous: Algae are the basis for almost all life in the sea, and thereby the foundation for resources such as the fish and crustacean we harvest from the sea. Our research, and the teaching we offer, includes all sides of algae's biology. Moreover, marine botany involves other professions because the occurrence of algae throughout the year and their geographical distribution is determined by physical and chemical factors. Thus, factors such as current, tide, temperature, salinity, nutrients and light are important parts of our investigations in the field. Algae are responsible for 40 % of the total photosynthesis in the world. Each cell is self-contained as long as it has access to nutrients and light. The picture above shows an electron micrograph of a thin section of an alga cell. The chloroplasts absorb light and use the energy to build up organic material. The cells also have metabolism, and thus it is equipped with mitochondria for oxidative phosphorylation (make energy, ATP). The"Golgi-complex", a structure that package and distribute proteins and lipids, also manufactures cellulose used to construct the cell wall. Microalgae may have flagella's (one or two tiny beating hairs) for motility. The nucleus contains DNA.

    90. Botany 3100 Home Page
    botany 3100 Survey of NonVascular Plants California State UniversityStanislaus Fall 2000 Dr. Steven J. Wolf. Instructor Generated
    Botany 3100
    Survey of Non-Vascular Plants
    California State University Stanislaus
    Fall 2000
    Dr. Steven J. Wolf
    Instructor Generated Materials Lecture notes (password protected)
    Course Syllabus

    Data Generator for Capsule Lab

    (Introductory Biology/Botany)
    Measures Converter

    Geologic Time Scale

    Search the Botany 3100 Web Site
    CSUBIOWEB Fun Stuff: Plant Photos Mountain Bike Page Lab Materials First laboratory exercise (September 13) Use of the microscope (September 20) Email Student email addresses Virus Scan Use the free PC-Cillin HouseCall service. Let the program install itself, check the drive box(es) and click the scan button. Web Resources Botanical Glossaries Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names Internet Directory for Botany Land Plants Online Protista Algae Home Page - Smithsonian Institution Algae - Internet Directory for Botany Diatom Home Page Dictyostelium ... Tree of Life, Charales Fungi Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands Fungi - Internet Directory for Botany Macrofungi of Costa Rica Medical Mycology ... Tree of Life, Fungi Lichens Fun with Lichens Lichen keys on the Internet Lichen Information System Bryophytes Bryophytes - Internet Directory for Botany Bryophytes Home Page Images Botanical Images from Internet Directory for Botany.

    91. Botany Stock Photography
    botany Stock Photography from All photographs are copyrightSteven Holt, Marilyn Moseley LaMantia or Brenda Moseley/
    Nature Stock Photography Stock Prior ... The Aigrette Stock Side
    Stock Photography from
    var em = "Botany"; var em1 = ""; var em2 = "?subject=I am interested in an image on"; var links = ''; document.write('' + links + "") //> Click here for a page with larger images or click on individual images for a larger image and more detailed information Veggies
    Zinfandel Grape Image # 8338

    Sunflowers And Dandelions

    Sunflower Image # 9944
    ... The Aigrette Stock Side Aigrette
    93559 Easy Creek Ln.
    Coos Bay, OR 97420 (541) 267-2803 Ph./Fax
    var em = "Botany"; var em1 = ""; var em2 = "?subject=I am interested in an image on"; var links = ''; document.write('' + links + "") //> E-mail
    var em = "Botany"; var em1 = ""; var em2 = "?subject=I am interested in an image on"; var links = 'I Need This Image!Or I want to comment;'; document.write('' + links + "") //> We can scan and transmit images or ship images or scans overnight via Federal Express or UPS using your account number. If you are not on a tight deadline, we can also ship slides via certified priority mail. To cover the costs of our time and equipment, we do charge an additional scanning and transmission fee for sending high resolution publication quality jpeg or tiff images. Scans are also available on zip disks at a similar cost.

    Marine Botany -
    Lecture Schedule
    Laboratory Syllabus Reading Assignments Reserve Materials ... Dunton Home Page JUNE Taxonomy of Algae, Seagrasses and Marsh Plants OBJECTIVES
  • To appreciate and understand the morphological, reproductive and physiological diversity of the marine algae, seagrasses and marsh plants. To recognize the common marine algae, seagrasses and emergent vascular plants of the southwest Texas coast through the collection and identification of specimens and the preparation of a herbarium collection.
  • MATERIALS IN FIELD Booties / ratty shoes Sunscreen Collection bucket Snorkel and mask Bathing suit MATERIALS IN LABORATORY Personal notebook 2 forceps 2 dissecting needles Water dropper Glass slides Glass cover slips Small dish of seawater Pencil Compound microscope Dissecting microscope Herbarium press Edward’s identification key Kim wipes Paper towels Glossary of taxonomic terms Large gray tray Bucket of fresh seawater Razor blade
    Isolate a single species of algae (or plant) in a small container of seawater.

    93. Marine Biology: Plants
    Agarweed; Brown filament algae; Bull kelp; Coralline red algae; Cord grass; Crustosecoralline algae; Southern sea palm; Spongeweed; Surf grass; Tar spot algae.
    Marine biology: Plants
    Please make a selection:

    this database.

    94. HK University Theses Online
    LOCATION, CALL NO. Special Collections, M.Sc.73 T1. Year 1973. Pagination 7,iv, 132 p. Language English. Dept/Program botany. Degree Master of Science. Plant ecology

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