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         Algerian Government:     more books (45)
  1. Answers to the Questions Raised By a Journalist of El Moudjahid, Official Newspaper of the Government of the Algerian Democratic and People's Republic. May 29, 1975 by Il Sung Kim, 1975-01-01
  2. French and Algerian Identities from Colonial Times to the Present: A Century of Interaction by Alec G. Hargreaves, 1993-03
  3. Answers to the questions raised by a journalist of El Moudjahid,: Official newspaper of the Government of the Algerian Democratic and People's Republic, May 29, 1975 by Il-sŏng Kim, 1975
  4. Algeria National Football Team: Fédération Algérienne de Football, Front de Libération Nationale, French Colonial Empire, Tunisia, Government of France, Algerian War, Bulgaria National Football Team
  5. The Algerian Civil War by Luis Martinez, John Entelis, 2000-03-15
  6. Identity in Algerian Politics: The Legacy of Colonial Rule by J. N. C. Hill, 2009-05-30
  7. Unbowed: An Algerian Woman Confronts Islamic Fundamentalism (Critical Authors and Issues) by Khalida Messaoudi, Elisabeth Schemla (interviewer), 1998-05-01
  8. The International Dimension of the Failed Algerian Transition: Democracy Betrayed? (Perspectives on Democratic Practice) by Francesco Cavatorta, 2009-05-15
  9. Northern Ireland and the Algerian Analogy: Suitable Case for Gaullism? by Hugh Roberts, 1986-12
  10. France and the Algerian Conflict (Leeds Studies in Democratization) by Camille Bonora-Waisman, 2000-12
  11. The Post-Colonial Society: The Algerian Struggle for Economic, Social, and Political Change 1965-1990 (American University Studies. Series Xxi, Regional Studies, Vol 14) by Mohamed H. Abucar, 1996-05
  12. Algerian Crisis Policy Options for the West: Policy Options for the West (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) by Andrew Pierre, William B. Quandt, 1996-03
  13. Non-Alignment and Algerian Foreign Policy by Assassi Lassassi, 1988-09
  14. Algerian Reflections on Arab Crises (Middle East Monographs) by Ali El-Kenz, 1992-02

1. Algerian Government Arrests Opposition Supporters
algerian government arrests opposition supporters, Algeria, Politics. Algeriangovernment arrests opposition supporters Algeria, Politics, 11/7/1997.

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Algerian government arrests opposition supporters
Algeria, Politics, 11/7/1997 While the political crisis between the government and the opposition parties is growing worse, the Algerian government started to arrest the opposition's supporters in order to weaken the popular support for the opposition.
Meanwhile, the Algerian government promised to submit its human rights report within 3 months to the UN Human Rights Committee. This report will enable the Committee to check the commitment of the Algerian government with the International Charter of the Civil and Political Rights. The charter which was signed by Algeria prohibits torture, murder, and the random arrests.
The UN Human Rights Committee had requested that Algeria submit this report after opposition bodies stated that the Algerian government applies diverse types of torture in prisons and that it runs random arrests. Some of the Algerian officers had applied for political asylum to France lately and confirmed that there are various types of torture in the Algerian prisons. Previous Stories:
Journalist sentenced to 22 months imprisonment in Algeria

Opposition freeze participation and challenge orders

Algerian crisis over said Zeroual

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2. Algeria: Society, Politics & Governance: National Governance: Ministers In Gover
Former algerian government Minister. Attaf, Ahmed. Former Algerian Minister
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People in Ministers in Government in Algeria
  • Aslovi, Leila
    • Former Algerian Government Minister
    Attaf, Ahmed
    • Former Algerian Minister
    Belkhadem, Abdelaziz
    • Algerian Government Minister
    Benarous, Zahia
    • Former Algerian Government Minister
    Benhabyles, Saida
    • Former Algerian Government Minister
    Benyahia, Muhammad Seddik
    • Former Algerian Minister
    Bessaïh, Boualem
    • Former Algerian Minister
    Bouchemla, Fatma Zhora
    • Algerian Government Minister
    Bouchouareb, Abdesselam
    • Government Minister, Algeria
    Boudiaf, Mohammed
    • Former Chairman of the High State Council of Algeria
    Cheriet, Boutheina
    • Algerian Government Minister
    Dembri, Mohamed Saleh
    • Former Algerian Minister
    Farès, Abderrahmane
    • Former Chairman of the Provisional Executive, Algeria
    Gnechi, Said
    • Algerian Political Leader
    Ibrahimi, Ahmed Taleb
    • Former Algerian Minister
    Kafi, Ali Hussein
    • Former Chairman of the High State Council of Algeria
    Khelil, Dr Chakib
  • 3. Online NewsHour: Algeria's Continued Violence -- January 22, 1997
    a conflict between Muslim fundamentalists and the algerian government, and problems stemming from France's colonial rule,
    January 22, 1997
    TRANSCRIPT Violence sparked by a conflict between Muslim fundamentalists and the Algerian government, and problems stemming from France's colonial rule, continue to extract a price from this African nation. Charlayne Hunter-Gault speaks with two experts on the conflict and the nation's underlying history. A RealAudio version of this NewsHour segment is available. Browse the NewsHour's coverage of Africa. External Links Facts and links about Algeria. CHARLAYNE HUNTER-GAULT: This car bombing in downtown Algiers on Sunday was the most dramatic evidence of renewed violence in this nation of 28 million people, mostly Arab and native Berber tribesmen. The car bomb killed at least 42 people and injured 100 others. More bombings and killings yesterday and today raised the death toll in the last two weeks to 150. Violence in Algiers has been on the increase since 1992. That year Algeria held its first free election since it gained independence from France 30 years before in a long and brutal struggle. The Fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front, or FIS, won a stunning victory in the first round of the vote. But the army-backed government canceled the second round and installed its own president. In response, the Islamic militants mounted a terrorist campaign, massacres, decapitations, slaughter in the villages, and bombings in the city. Government-sponsored militias have used their own tough methods, including air raids and torture in their efforts to crush guerrilla groups. Journalists, foreign workers, priests, and nuns have been murdered by Islamists in the bloody conflict.

    4. Militants Massacre Civilians, Algerian Government Says
    CRAIG R. WHITNEY, Militants Massacre Civilians, algerian governmentSays, New York Times, August 30, 1997. PARIS One of the
    CRAIG R. WHITNEY, "Militants Massacre Civilians, Algerian Government Says," New York Times, August 30, 1997
    PARIS One of the worst massacres in almost five years of war between the military-backed authorities in Algeria and their militant Muslim opponents took the lives of at least 98 inhabitants in hamlets south of Algiers overnight, the Algerian government said Friday. Witnesses and hospital workers told journalists that as many as 300 might have been killed in a night of carnage when armed attackers moved in and slit the throats of men, women and children, leaving the heads of some of the victims on their doorsteps after they left. Algerian journalists who went to the scene, in the village of Rais near Sidi Moussa, an Islamic stronghold that has been the site of many smaller killings in the past, reported seeing scores of burned bodies, some of them decapitated, lying in the streets Friday morning. The authorities blamed the Armed Islamic Group, a militant organization spawned after the army's cancellation of an election in early 1992 that the now-banned Islamic Salvation Front appeared certain to win. The civil war that followed has killed an estimated 60,000 people. What happened in Sidi Moussa overnight may have produced the highest single toll of the conflict, which continues day after day, week after week, with car-bombings, assassinations and mass killings. On Thursday, two bombings, in the port city of Oran and in Algiers, took 18 lives. On Tuesday, 64 people were reported killed in another massacre in the mountain hamlet of Beni Ali, 40 miles south of the capital.

    5. Algeria Mail Archive Has The Algerian Government Resigned?

    6. An Emergency Meeting For The Algerian Government
    An emergency meeting for the algerian government, Algeria, Politics. Your source for Daily News about the Arabic world. 300 persons and displacing almost 5500 families. The algerian government is due to draw an emergency plan to mobilize

    Today's Front Page
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    An emergency meeting for the Algerian government
    Algeria, Politics, 11/12/2001 Algerian prime minister Ali Bin Fles has summoned his government for an emergency meeting on Sunday after the floods invading the country resulted in killing 300 persons and displacing almost 5500 families.
    The Algerian government is due to draw an emergency plan to mobilize the central government and the local government in an attempt to ensure shelter, food and relief items for the victims of the floods and maintaining the damaged roads and utilities On the other hand, the Algerian minister of the Interior Nour eddine Yazid Zarhouni urged the international community to provide urgent aids, noting that his country is facing a national catastrophe following the heavy rainfall and the storms blew on the country last Friday and Saturday.
    Worthy mentioning that rains invaded the roads, uprooted trees and downed electricity cables as well as resulted in destroying several houses and displacing many Algerians. Previous Stories:
    Bin Bella calls on the US to give up current policies

    Butaflika calls for dealing with the Palestinian issue seriously

    King Mohammed congratulates Algerian president on national day

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    7. BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Algerian PM To Form Government
    The outgoing prime minister, Ali Benflis, is to form a new government after his party wins Thursday's parliamentary election. under a system of proportional representation which, the algerian government said, was to prevent a repeat of electoral
    You are in: World: Middle East News Front Page World ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help LANGUAGES EDITIONS Change to World Saturday, 1 June, 2002, 21:12 GMT 22:12 UK Algerian PM to form government
    The voting rate slumped to 2% in the Berber capital
    President Bouteflika of Algeria has asked the outgoing prime minister, Ali Benflis, to form a new government after his party was declared the winner of Thursday's parliamentary election. Mr Benflis' party - the National Liberation Front, which has been in government ever since independence - won just over half of the 389 seats in the national assembly. The biggest party in the outgoing parliament, the National Democratic Rally, won only 48. Correspondents say that to many Algerians, the new government will be little more than a reshuffle within the ruling establishment. Political throwback The BBC's Peter Hiett, in Algiers, says that as the political dust settles, the picture that is emerging bears a strong resemblance to the Algeria of the 1980s. On his own: Many Algerians backed the opposition's poll boycott
    The FLN - the party that won the independence war - is now in firm control of civil government and the armed forces.

    8. Alg003 Algerian Government Prohibits Mass Demonstrations
    Algeria algerian government prohibits mass demonstrations

    Algerian government prohibits mass demonstrations Related items News articles

    22.08.2001 - Algeria "must investigate" killings

    19.06.2001 - Algerian government prohibits mass demonstrations

    04.05.2001 - Need to invesigate Algerian security forces

    24.04.2001 - Protests against defamation provision in Algiers
    18.10.2000 - Cherifa Ait Benamar about women and trade unions in Algeria
    afrol Algeria

    Algeria News

    Algeria Archive
    Algeria Index Page ... News - Africa Documents Algeria: Five journalists missing (Reporters Sans Frontières, 1 Febr. 2001) In Internet UN Commission of Human Rights Algeria Interface afrol News, 19 June - Tension still is high in several zones of the Algerian Cabilia province, the region that has been marked by grave confrontations between the Berber people and local government over the last weeks. Central government has decreed the immediate cessation of all types of events. The Council of Ministers publicly lamented the last incidents of "sabotage and vandalism" against public and private property in a broadcasted message to the Algerian people. It however confirmed its firm determination to react forcefully against any further incidents of this character. Despite of the call for tranquillity made by the government, tension kept high in the Cabilia province and threatens to extend to the entire country, according to press reports.

    9. French, Canadian, And Algerian Government
    French, Canadian, and algerian government (Gouvernement) Site du gouvernement du Canada Canadian Parliament Homepage Government Profile Algeria French Embassy Homepage
    French, Canadian, and Algerian Government
    Site du gouvernement du Canada
    Canadian Parliament Homepage Government Profile - Algeria French Embassy Homepage

    10. Afrol New: Algeria And US Discussing Terrorism And Sahara
    In the fight against Muslim fundamentalists, the US could not get a better ally thanthe algerian government, with its years of experience and its established

    Algeria and US discussing terrorism and Sahara
    Related items News articles

    05.12.2001 - "Somalis fear US attacks"

    29.11.2001 - Attacks on Somalia openly discussed

    19.11.2001 - Sudan and Somalia fear becoming "next Afghanistan"

    14.11.2001 - 'La Belle' verdict favours Libya
    17.02.2001 - Algerian terrorist leader speaks out
    afrol Algeria

    Algeria News
    Morocco Archive Western Sahara Archive ... News - Africa Documents Algeria: Five journalists missing (Reporters Sans Frontières, 1 Febr. 2001) In Internet Amnesty International Algeria Interface afrol News, 8 November - Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on his visit to the United States has met with President George Bush and other US officials to review US-Algerian relations on to key issues - the fight against terrorism and the Western Sahara conflict. In the fight against Muslim fundamentalists, the US could not get a better ally than the Algerian government, with its years of experience and its established intelligence. Algeria, on the other hand, is grateful for the renewed US and European interest in fighting terrorism, including the round up of Algerian oppositional groups abroad. Further, Algeria wants to sell its cooperation by achieving stronger support for the Sahrawi against Morocco and more US investment in the Algerian oil and gas sector. President Bouteflika, on his weeklong US tour, has met with US officials and managers in Washington, Philadelphia and the US oil capital Houston. On Monday, Bouteflika met with Bush in the White House.

    11. BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Algerian Government Clarifies Stance On Abortion
    The algerian government says it has issued directives to hospitals, authorising them to carry out abortions on women who have been raped by Islamic militants.
    CATEGORIES TV RADIO COMMUNICATE ... INDEX SEARCH You are in: World: Middle East Front Page World ... AudioVideo
    SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobiles/PDAs Feedback ... Low Graphics Thursday, 23 April, 1998, 15:46 GMT 16:46 UK Algerian government clarifies stance on abortion
    The Algerian government says it has issued directives to hospitals, authorising them to carry out abortions on women who have been raped by Islamic militants. The health minister Yahia Guidoum,said he had based his decision on the 1985 Health Act which allows the termination of pregnancy if the woman's mental or physical well-being is in danger. The religious authorities in Algeria have not yet reacted to the announcement, and a BBC correspondent in Algiers says their stance remains ambiguous. Hundreds of women are believed to have been raped after being kidnapped by suspected Islamic militants who have been fighting the government since 1992. From the newsroom of the BBC World Service Top Middle East stories now:
    Israel reopens talks with Palestinians
    Arab ban proposed in Jewish areas Iran court slaps ban on dancer Israel 'okays El Al sale' ... Egypt reclaims stolen antiquities Links to more Middle East stories are at the foot of the page.

    12. UN Report Supports Algerian Government's Efforts To Fight Violence
    UN report supports algerian government's efforts to fight violence, Algeria,Politics. Your the Arabic world.

    Today's Front Page
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    UN report supports Algerian government's efforts to fight violence
    Algeria, Politics, 9/17/1998 A report published by the UN has condemned the acts of violence committed by extremists in Algeria and called upon the international community to support the Algerian government in its efforts to combat it.
    "Terrorism has been condemned outright by the international community and is illegal under international law. Algeria deserves the support of the international community in its efforts to combat this phenomenon," the report said. However, it cautioned that, "Efforts to combat terrorism must take place within the framework of legality, proportionality, and respect for the fundamental human rights of the Algerian population."
    The report, prepared by the UN fact-finding committee following a two-week visit to Algeria, stressed that the government's efforts to fight terrorism should be conducted within the course of honoring legitimacy and respecting the basic human rights of the Algerian people.
    The report added that the forces in charge of enforcing the law, security and self-defense should be subjected to higher standards of control so as the Algerian people and the international community as a whole would be confident that law is enforced in Algeria.

    13. Djazair-Belgium Network
    of editorial titles includes "Imazighe and the algerian government " by M. Ferkal (posted below); "Chronicle of
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    The Djazair-Belgium Network - Documents Imazighe and the Algerian government by M. Ferkal translated from the original French by Chiraz BenAbdelkader
    The following is an editorial from the latest issue of the Imazighen review ASS-A, released October 9, 1998. This Special Issue 001/98, is dedicated to "arabization." Copies can be obtained from the head office of Tamazgha Tamazgha at B.P. 02 75660 Paris-cedex 14 - France. E-mail : for further information.
    A shortened list of editorial titles includes: "Imazighe and the Algerian government," by M. Ferkal (posted below); "Chronicle of arabization in Algeria," by Mustapha Hadj-Arab; "Federalism: the solution of the future, an interview with Amar Ouerdane"; "Algeria between life and arabization," by Hakim Smaïl; "Siam Mahdi is no longer with us," by Saïd Chemakh; "Dancers of the night," by Abbas Hamadène; "Assassination of Matoub, grief and attempts to recover," by Tewfik Yanis; "Towards linguistic autonomy for Kabylie" (from Le Monde ), by Salem Chaker; "Morocco: arabizing gently," by Moha Mokhlis; and "Jeggren lezzayer s ta<r'abt," by Nacira Abrous.

    14. Editorial Imazighe And The Algerian Government
    World Amazigh Action Coalition. EDITORIALS. EDITORIAL A Point of View. Imazigheand the algerian government. by M. Ferkal. Imazighe and the algerian government.

    15. Amazigh Cultural Assocation In America (ACAA) Declaration
    the Kabylia region, the Amazigh (Berber) population, the first inhabitants of NorthAfrica, are denouncing and condemning the algerian government’s lack of

    16. Algeria Interface - Politics
    More Search. ILO CALLS ON algerian government TO RESPECT LABOUR RIGHTS.The International Labor Organization has urged the Algerian

    17. Algeria Interface - Business
    Talks suddenly became a regular occurrence in 2000 and 2001 as thealgerian government decided it wanted to seal a deal. Commerce

    18. Boutros Boutros-Ghali: "I Support The Algerian Government" - Middle East Quarter
    Boutros BoutrosGhali I Support the algerian government - Middle East Quarterly- September 1997. Boutros Boutros-Ghali I Support the algerian government .
    All Words Any Words

    About the Forum

    Middle East Quarterly

    MEF Wires
    ... Contact Editor
    Boutros Boutros-Ghali: "I Support the Algerian Government"
    Boutros Boutros-Ghali served as secretary general of the United Nations for five years, 1992-96. Born in Egypt in 1922, he was educated at the Universities of Cairo and Paris, and taught at Columbia University. After a career as a law professor (primarily at the University of Cairo) and a journalist (primarily at Al-Ahram al-Iqtisadi ), Dr. Boutros-Ghali served as Egypt's minister of state from 1977-91 and then as deputy prime minister. Dr. Boutros-Ghali has long been identified with the Arab-Israeli peace process. His political career began in November 1977 when he was appointed minister of state without portfolio just three weeks before Anwar as-Sadat made his dramatic visit to Jerusalem. And when, on the eve of that trip, the foreign minister Isma'il Fahmi resigned, Boutros-Ghali accompanied Anwar as-Sadat as acting foreign minister. He participated in the Camp David talks and the other negotiations that led to the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Daniel Pipes interviewed him in New York on May 30, 1997. THE PEACE PROCESS Middle East Quarterly : In 1975 you wrote an important article entitled "Palestine in the Year 2000" in which you examined the possibility of peace with Israel and proposed that the "State of the Hebrews" should become the Hong Kong of the Middle East: a demilitarized state subordinate to the wishes of its neighbors.

    19. Arab-Israeli Politics Media Archive 1997: Algerian Government Opposes UN Task Fo
    Algerian Government Opposes UN Task Force
    Lisa Breyer
    Mon, 3 Nov 1997 09:25:01 -0600 (CST)
    The Algerian Department of Foreign Affairs and the President, Liamaine
    Zeroual, released a statement today condemning the "invasion of UN
    peacekeepers" into the violent situation in Algeria. The government
    insists that the issue is one of national security and that they are
    taking steps to secure what security they can. They claim that the
    current regime is "not an oppressive actor," but has taken a "number of
    goodwill efforts" to solve the current violent situation.
    The statement made clear that the Algerian government did not see the
    Islamists as interested in non-violent solutions, but that the majority of
    Algerians supported the government's actions. The release mentioned that the president won the 1995 elections by 61% of the vote, and "it is clear from these numbers that the Algerian people not only want a secular government but they are also pleased with the actions" of the current regime.

    20. Algerian Government Wheat Buyers To Visit Kansas
    algerian government WHEAT BUYERS TO VISIT KANSAS. One of North Africa’slargest wheat buyers will visit the Wheat State May 1014, 2000.
    ALGERIAN GOVERNMENT WHEAT BUYERS TO VISIT KANSAS One of North Africa’s largest wheat buyers will visit the Wheat State May 10-14, 2000. U.S. Wheat Associates is bringing a group of Algerian wheat buyers to Kansas to improve its understanding of the U.S. wheat industry. Algeria bought 576,200 metric tons (21 million bushels) of U.S. wheat during the 1998-99 marketing year. A majority, 59 percent, was Hard Red Winter. In terms of all U.S. wheat classes, Algeria is the 13th largest customer and is the eighth largest HRW buyer and has for the current marketing year, accounted more than half of HRW sales to North Africa. The six visitors are directors with the Algerian Office of Cereals (OAIC) . The team, sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission, is coming to gain a better knowledge of American wheat quality and availability, and improve relations with major American suppliers. U.S. Wheat Associates also hopes the visit will provide team members better knowledge of price/quality relationships. The visit is also expected to show the team members how the American Phytosanitary (plant health) inspection system operates. The team will gain insights based upon meetings with grain exporters, grain traders, federal grain inspectors, USDA officials, farmers and wheat researchers.

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